Is "President Mitch Landrieu" realistic?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, April 16th

Tommy talks to Ed Chervenak, Professor of Political Science at UNO, about the possible future political aspirations of Mitch Landrieu.


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Associated Press story talking about. Democrats maybe find in a presidential candidate. From the steps of City Hall. That may be. It's very it's ever happened before but maybe they would turn doomed may years currently in. And give them a shy to say human shop and they like be viable candidates are becoming presidential candidates Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti. The mayor of a Louis's new loans may of course. Mitch land drew. A mayor from San Antonio may be one from. South Bend, Indiana a couple of names in New York to him including build the Blas CO. Did indeed Ed Sherman act our friend joins us right now you know professor of political science my alma mater and I always like to close and quote Clancy Dubose. Who's said the UNL is built the middle class of new loans and I think he's right good morning professor. Marc Morial I'm wells are new. I'm well. I guess I guess this starts with. The Democratic Party and situation there in before we get specifically to. To mayor Lander or any other mayor. This never happened is on Santa dry a mayor going to the Oval Office. That's correct we never seen anyone go directly from City Hall into the White House. So what's changed in terms of the situation where now it's even being mentioned. Well when we look at our president they typically. Have been governors and their. It throughout their career you know that residing in the governor's mansion as a steppingstone to the White House. For Democrats however the bullpen is pretty ten they don't have sixteen. Democratic governors out there and none of them really kind of stepped out there and say they want Roland former president. And so mayors of these big cities. Feel that they have the executive experience necessary. To be able run for a house in the you mentioned Gil Garcetti mayor of Los Angeles well. There are many people live in Los Angeles to live in the entire state of Louisiana. Well again damages in her for a second you said. Guilty his name is Eric is Gil Rihanna I'm. Very there at the DA yea is that his father you know Warner. I don't know. Jerry's been anyway Eric Garcetti Carriker city councilor Nancy to. Is basically saying that government city as large as many of the states. In the country and so I think I can bring that executive experience. The local level and make it work at the national level. Is it a function in a sign and enter singer Mindy go from dumb and Eric Garcetti to the mayor of South Bend, Indiana because. There's a there is a big difference in terms of cities I guess writer does it come down to the the the size or the metropolitan. Make up pop how would you do in the end Simms and it is an on apples and oranges if you talk about that. It's I mean certainly decides that would make a difference. But. In terms of the responsibilities. All mayors deal with quality of life issues that in other ones on the ground. Dealing we'll put all the nuts and bolts of making sure that city government operates that transcript picked up streets clean. Being with crime. You know dealing with with so water quality things of that nature and so they help pretty much in the same responsibilities. What the mayors of the big cities there today is look. We have. Real executive authority over huge metropolitan area. I think that they're gonna say that gives and the advantage. What are some of the pluses and minuses. That would affect admits went through awning national. Stage in I guess even though I had everything comes down the fundraising. And did those kind of things and then name recognition and etc. etc. That you took the nail right on the head it does come down the name recognition. That's an even though he's he's been out. There. On the number of television shows promoting his book. People don't really know who he is. Maybe within some of the elite democratic circles he's you know gaining the name recognition. But he would really have to break out. In terms of just being a local politician and you know start raising money. Start thinking about it exploratory committee. But we don't see that happening if if we seed which planned to travel to Iowa or New Hampshire. And we might be in the sanctity serious about presidential. In terms of the anatomy of a presidential campaign does it start with name recognition. Among the donors and then from that you get name recognition among the voters he care about name recognition. Unless it's with these you said the people of Iowa the people of New Hampshire etc. Bullets we at the start because the the presidential primary start in Iowa New Hampshire and so you wanna get there early insert building organizations start getting your name out there. And of course you need to start calling fundraisers skipped in the know who you are. Because you know that's basically. Money is the mother's milk of politics yet run a campaign unless you have money. And then that with the money then you consider doing advertising think that your name out there to the general public. And you can't just call I would think a big donors say Yana and I know you don't know me but. My name's immensely Andrew you can Google me feel like there's some candy intermediaries there I guess righted Yemen set to have a sponsor well you have to be. The part of the Democratic Party organizations. Into the the ones with the fundraising less. The Atlantic introduced its people. The big bucks who can finance your campaign so yet to make the connections. Within the party. Both the state level on the national level it is could convince people to contribute money to your campaign is in ill. Fun you know people who contribute money there duplicate that individuals and I can throw money. After candidate that they think can win. Yea you boy M year it goes my next question about electability. A lot of times you hate to see it comes on a beauty contest but it does in no way am I attempting to demean the mayor's looks or. Wait terrorism cells or anything like that he was obviously electable because he was elected I think for the first time in the city's history. But both the majority of agri African Americans and whites. Some day it does is does that factor in a national politics at all and what about his. I don't know if they do Q factors like ability etc. etc. It would certainly be a factor in the democratic primary because you're dealing with a diverse constituency it's going to be both. And white liberals and African Americans and so the mayor has a you know pretty proven track record of being able to reach out and build those biracial coalitions and so that's probably. One thing and factor in his favor. This may be a dumb question but you know edits never sub me before has there ever been any research to show that. And again I don't mean as well Maryland drew a anybody. If Bernie Sanders for example then when it comes to movie star good looks looking presidential etc. That maybe Democrats are more willing to take somebody Indo or except somebody not out of central casting. Anna be more concerned with. Perhaps the policies then are the Republicans are my make himself up. Well you know one I think class and I talked with students about presidential politics that tellem and it is everything that. If you cannot come across in the positive manner. On television particularly. He can become president. And I know that sounds trite. But unfortunately it's true. You know he. Like to point example Bill Clinton it purses Bob Dole in 1996 where Bob Dole was an extremely experienced candidate. You know years of service to the country at war veteran. But when he stood next to Bill Clinton. He just didn't look presidential and so. Do you make the same a case with John McCain and Barack Obama. You could make the same case. But the context was much different in 2008 that no matter who the Democrats. Ran that Democrat was gonna win because of economic situation that the country was casing and it was just a very difficult environment for Republicans. So bottom line looking in the the Sherman act crystal ball's been handed down from. Generation a generation DC Maryland drew making a presidential run. He continues to downplay. That question he's been asked many times and he says that's just not something that is not thinking about but. He certainly has left the door open you know maybe if someone asked him to be on the ticket as vice president and I think that he would refuse to. Thank yet I appreciate your time have a good day you know. Thank you to Ed Sherman act professor of political science at UNL.