Prep Football Playoff Preview and Pick Six

The semifinals of the high school playoffs are Friday, Allen Waddell and Brad Luminais join the show to about the the games on Friday plus preview the championship games next week from the private schools. Then we make out picks in college football and the NFL.


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Yes indeed often run into our three. Welcome to the shin dig double covered Seth and Christian Tim's a Merck and master control. Are too proud guys including Al Adel ran illuminate stepping into the radio right now what is going on Seles. A US save me here on having a meltdown. I'd hear that news. Are here on having a meltdown while leads to Tennessee some Mike tubes. There go hi how big reality. No it isn't a great course it. You gotta get Mike Leach a lot of credit he has changed a lot with the big play a lot of defense up there on upping your degree or higher and. I'm looking forward Evan Moore arts and yet he. I. Pirates and big goods and Palin and a wedding advice is the last month what I just said Allen Brad. Who are you to the high school football so my final action here and if you most I just said. Who's a personality in the SEC. There is not might lead to early spring of that. Or less less he's behavior quote and he's gone totally to give equal. Quotes that in a lot. Among the things we'll have many moments and then the likely yeah and estrogen. Palestine let's start with a five basic image are cloudy semi final series of games. West wrote to you on Zachary also Acadia and a posting condolence on the west Monroe in Sacramento look at this and I'll and I'll I'll so well they'll add talent he would go on to an Allen. We look at this one is number one less than roe vs Zachary a bit of a surprise there's so it's a cakewalk what's been. I don't think that little or Sheen is Zachary is the program they want Beijing which a couple of years ago when god. Brewer and is quietly you know probably one of the top spot coaches state what he's on. Cap and certainly done a factory or that it Mobo and you before getting there Asia's tremendous. McCain accused of making the playoffs are on a reply radar. All year long for the category years and you know I think question early certainly talent all the label. Committed Alabama aren't sure quarterback I think that you are a dual purpose app we actually don't play at the next level I think Zachary certainly yeah as Euro. They were on this week or tomorrow night an in rubble and there were Europe. The other again they Katie and I add on builder sees me on the attic Indiana guys Honda that ten seed kind of a Cinderella I guess. In this bracket by it's mostly Obama talks are you have to Allen Brad seat Honda bill mechanism pretty competitive out there. Home video it too early law and feed into areas of our. And after that. I mean bet on it he's been there they've reached at that actually the law they averaged over forty point. And it has been written off that is being undefeated coming in scene that we well. Spoke about throughout this he in this game one testing today. And me on they'll be in week. And it got him an eight. G-7 the legal earlier this year. I mean he has lightning fast but you know your brain on it and it is gonna pound unit epic good ground game. You know let title when he fourteen today are looking to get another trophy and Kate. And narco state the world going to be. Like. Iran and its coo coo Williams it'll simply diversity. And leader in high school football in the replay of game you were out there are rushing. And eleven touchdowns this guy's absolutely especially electric heat are bad guys I mean holy life and the lack. Now includes live look at that and how radical. Anchorage or. Well real quick sentence art. Why isn't then Google Williams getting more attention. On the Kansas knows why they are isn't LSU wise and LSU all over this. Idol and it is funny. I think it is tight but I went down like me tell you that turn it on holding back there and it would but aren't required or a little bit I mean he the Kuwaiti. Florida State party are. I mean that you have to I think he is your slot receiver I gotta you can put them back is not an accurate but in college. But I think he's got Roger weeks and and in return on legal ordered. What's unique about. What coach. Urged. Saw boat with him if he'd been a lot of talk well you know so he's back. Asia's smaller guy. He is special lecture the global art is art called lassie got a great guy outstanding. You look at it last aired populist and don't watch you work the price mission eagle and seen. Alec I know there's a lot of SEC coaches and recruiters who listen to our show in nine don't take our forward forgo watched the felt. This kid should be playing big time college football not that you know kansas'. Not big time football they play they're in the big twelve she played in the SEC I nation he should be he leaves he's replaying for a premier power program he relation. Foray we've got a big one here in the city actually to ones that two games locally. But the big one over Berman stadium guys Brad you're going to be can't play by play us on with. Tony. Yet color but not great chance these teams met earlier in the evening carpet and Victor Ortiz. And or fictional at seven years recruit would be in the bell. And it is then have opened an apple and a good thing is now not out opposite that Brack. They lost Utley. But. Watch out for all our outlook are probably arguably maybe the best team in the state I had occasion aside but. How worried they might wanna be looking forward. And championship knowing that noble battle on the other side. And look be that quarterback Andre what could play. He's from the 16100 yard touchdown this year he's he's pretty good good good. Nick Jones and my boy lobbyists are great. You'll. You want. Either either great receivers well he's got it drove the ball around age thing and it. Both coaches bright brown and Jerry he'll actually call our law. Which chill coat need coaching east then again. It along part. And you have funnel that mean we call it don't play by Apollo. And your share price tracks and right now as that in some of the things in the funny could have that name defeat via. Hey Alan Alan G would Dell at RC that Allen's you don't want to Alan Dell and also Brad illuminate the W all Esquire. That I play game of the week for the LC to open four ball round and also co host the Aussie to bull but football ground up as Alan Dell coach Lew Bauman. Will be out in lakeshore and rein in. I'm Ashley valley sure all yearlong Allen is an up and coming program in mandate they've they've had one regular season may have just go to the dome is against ranked. Mano probability of all gonna trying to figure out it was program in the school new lake shore as ever got to the dome. I mean it is the school that wasn't tiger that not that long ago. It it's a growing community in street Tammany parish is a lot. Those student probably used to that they would normally in the attendance knowledge broke broke out currently short. And this one of the story in the I mean thirteen. That you're absolutely demolished you know not one of the good double teams. I mean would still have spoken on the McCarty they're going to be very well prepared. Week in lake shore just caught on now. Right between the lot of them are on a one of the better. In the Bullock and great players but a lot of really good players that are. If you agree. But they're gonna put a lot of great match to get there wouldn't talk about shall all year long we actually exceed what Arafat. The market yet either one of these games and challenge call or little. We either go first. I have are is under is wondering you mentioned it there this is their rise is been. So unbelievably fast are they picking off athletes from Saint Paul smartly Christians from programs like that. Our hot out I how did this hit built so quickly. Well we'll school was the big. School and they'll. So that is they were gonna you know and that in the community there's a lot of new. Families that are moving over artists Tammany parish. And it just grew up and there's a lot of people I mean. A lot of population there very well coached. Again it's a tremendous ride and they're doing more upper class Action League and it cut spore. Total pro football and our guys that. Alan you would go on tour Alan Dell brand illuminate the W we will Esquire was suddenly come back. Team in the break down the semi final action they'll take place tomorrow the Allstate Sugar Bowl crystal ball out of with the always voice easier Seth. Allen Brad tomorrow at 7 o'clock right here on W to growing investment account. 38 to fourteen at Dallas Cowboys take you now Washington Redskins. On Thursday night football one week from tonight it's saints and falcons. Right now though how would Delano radio alone brand illuminate part of our outstanding. Press crew that don't get things under way tomorrow at 7 o'clock for the semi finals in prep football. Catholic Baton Rouge John Curtis and division one fellows I was looking at the playoff run for Taliban rouge either when he guys can jump in here. But I think it took down some giants and maybe. They be guys shut out Shaw they shut out saying are they. 312 games. I looked at. Currently Procter. And gain some people up to a and school. And offensively. But they block the bird sucked out at a picnic but the bad here he is standing right on you go back and look at how they please. Over the last half of the season. Arguably you know price might even steal classification. And going to beat it give yourself which is 21 in the plan out. Lost one hole like ten years and voters are tablet until the last three years. Is this and I was thinking about this this week. The five year history of the selects division in the split is that the biggest upset we've seen. There. You know maybe I think I think jet would be cart might be right back into the title. Close. I would say what topic in Egypt when Bryant in Egypt the wind out there are. I I mean I'm paying Alan. I mean look he's Agile and even into law or order from last year's championship team I mean. At the beginning that Alan I mean we all got together Tony and Lou and we did our little preview an epic we felt pretty much said look I mean he won't go on me. It could return pretty much played Pete so. I think that was the biggest shocker we're you know. You keep thinking about it got in the big shocker John occurred it has never wanted to be one Leon got one. Well it's the first Italian back to win and that's image of for at least one freshman class. To a senior class exactly guess again broke last year right Nydia fried it and writers. The U graduate seniors would be if we could be the first the Korea. So that all of a lot occurred at an and I said to be India they get this is. And I this year to a doctor Curtis and got it shall like next next Saturday when they'd be two or make a replica. It's doing about workers this year and out of the it and while lot this year. You know come. The senior all America does perfection but it. Allen's point Catholic has been very good at Wendy's. And and that matchup well that happened. And gently. That you're very good discipline defense that put it on the football it should be it will be interesting match. Yes so let's give the small schools some love guys in one day we got a local. A school here to New Orleans west Saint John they're the ones see their plan and a semi final Saint Helena ally and you know that program very well. They upset Emil last week on the road very any semi final can't would the ruse up there onto the tank barreling up SATA one name bracket. Small schools these divisions these classifications can be pretty fun to watch here in the semi finals and arm of the championships next week. The thing. You know whenever the split. It would not honestly for years now so it not let the schools the big winners you know the smaller schools. Other small holes schools and. You know yes sure really can change. Really host Saint Helena it adult of people have achieved the speed limit he'd done years. I'm sure a lot of great talent and Brett Jeanne. Utley gave me get Amy was staging which you gave it to make it illegal. Thrilling game against those guys they have out there that are really good air on our red river last week. Pretty ugly but a lot of really good small school program I think that's what they separate our state eight across the country that some schools. My only have a hundred boys enrollment. I have a career or division one athlete in those collapses at some of these small. It and look. So notebook source movement in the upper part of the problem I'm led the fever are for less job. This is a program that plate championship in the past. And it and chant get back there and played down 188 championship. A group all got the steamroller. Vehicle you order a lot back running back pretty much. Does the bald chick you know tackles. An interception on defense last week in any wind to the other side all rush underneath dark. I mean he's got to do everything one comes with what McDonald's would be able to play on this year. What they got beat important but not. Loads or beaten awarded eighteen about being its sort failed you beat so that we need so which about it but I think routine blood sport. And what they don't mean to evenly matched teams and epic could be good games. Hang out Al Adel analogy would on Twitter also brand illuminate the WO. Esquire on Twitter clinically game of the week for the LC Tubal pro football roundup Allen cohost the also issue won't drop the ball run up with. Send Dunlap a coach Lou valve and knocked talented group of prep reporters and one of the division two fellows of weekend. Dell south university lab in the superdome and Dell sells the program it's been put him on teams this year in particular in the post and hung 52 on archbishop Hannan. An 820. On saint Thomas More nanny as remain close in a playoff would docile. From a the statement that start out earlier maybe that even Oakland Asian army is there. And they have been the most impressive team ops penalized this year Julien alms. They had 245 pound placed quarterback in Ottawa. Almost like some power singling sites they keep the ball away from their big physical output to deepen our. They they shortened the game of all all take place in two weeks. I think it is the most intriguing matchup there are. Equal over back surgery that could be Catholic I batters earlier this year. But I think it's going to be great matchup. That now what did you about it Apollo and so much but meant Libya regularly. Go ahead and say I will bit more. Experience that one out fourteen and in Baghdad the it cheers when it a point I mean gone does that managed well. You hundred dollar and protect our last week. And he does he run wild and I think that that that fell one remember years ago EJ weight championship. I think the cavaliers a lot guys that really proud predicting back airplanes or title and I think they show that they've changed. All right guys as we wrap it up here I want you to give me one bit. Scheme underdog team who could pull upsets. Maybe two upsets if you're talking about a public school on her way to a state title what's school could we be talking about. As the Cinderella is this year horsing championship trophy don't. Argue. Are all our. And I say that the goes. I'll shut down tonight and I'll watch this game again like it and you know I think Catholic I'd like the it's not that team in division three cab ride you're right here in debt and antlers. Basically Newman last week watching mandate to match. I'd hear it 49 points midway through the third quarter on excellent undefeated. Team. They went for 500 in the resort last week against human. And it deep and like now they point it looked at your year to scoreboard and they were. You're 03 minutes left in the game and New York. Nobody agree keen they have achieved each category. I apple expect him to. To compete but we don't buy it department pick it up on the go with the Tampa longer. I don't want Ron Allen obvious o'clock here so get Allen after our CBS news update you guys who hold for about sixty seconds or hang out talk and a football playoffs and playoff addition obviously still semi finals in the state. And that is one through five and also. Classifications as well Alan Waddell I analogy would dealt closely LC two more pro football roundup and also Brad illuminate at the dividend will Esquire on. Twitter play by play man gave the weekly LC Tubal pro football roundup the get underway tomorrow at 7 o'clock will be as it was them coming back at our CBS news update phone lines open as well a final four. 26018 semi tech's 878 semi said the crushing here on double coverage on. Says DR I meant you okay. No I Mike Leach. Now pay there's still time Bristol and I just hate it I tweeted I it's we did the damage you president. Author of the time guys forget. He's gone on to its policy and the money there because once it was in three mil year. And I mean Tennessee obviously has the money that is one on. Welcome back double coverage here wrap up our conversation and Al Adel on brand illuminate Allen the ash is set pastor before the CBS news update who should be. One of these upset teams are you know who's gonna pull off not saying this sentiment in the semi finals are hosting our she's me hoisting a state championship trophy in the dome next week. Is upon bill. I certainly being on bill is one of those candidates Gershon I mean they're gonna placating and it's weak and it's but it would be Katie air and then next week of these elections are accurate down it could be one of the greatest arms. Really in body football history and it wouldn't be so rarely achieved or talk about. Going up on the road be rusty and single and in the coming into it on the 38 seniors at the visual quarterback it is one run. And then going over there could be at Davidson on it traditionally. I hope that happens can I want our state. To be a policy cuckoo Williams on the superdome pool I mean it will be that special to watch this guy Roland. It's almost like keep our top election excellent walker Robert you are or. It is Kaplan. A lot of people talk about them in the re. And at that point and there's really upset at that point the fourteenth that would what was they're all really good mobile but Kaplan came down here last week and put it on game. Thirteen that they've played a Katy Perry and we want to 1712 game they're physical they were on the ball. I think Kaplan who went up to create state title and Eric it would appear you know pre season. Al Adel an analogy would telcos the Allstate Tubal prep football roundup in. Brand lemonade act the Debbie Google Esquire play that plea game of the week fields to Tubal for the ball and guys will be fun albeit an audience a moment thanks much for the time night. Right. For sure as Jimmy's gonna get the moment and I know you're stoked about about this time a year particular. I really social get my mind obviously tomorrow's going to be great knives first of all likely see a sign any contract with Washington is safe supposedly there. And it's a big game we've got the obviously the pro football playoffs here hands. Our zags played Creighton in a ranks games so it's going to be three great you eat and I love to have you polled by apologized via iPad you have you have enough. I'll tell you exactly what I'm going to be doing on re watching prep scores coming on our screen on abbey in zagged down game on the TV to your top left there. And yeah. Via your junkie and Dave in mobile what's going on you're on WW well. Actor and that. I wanna talk about that. They're at different. Yeah. Oh Cam Newton doctor. Art track and in and out at the board. Who the ball. Our you. Okay please do you know. I think. In games like he'd been. Because. It. I mean. An enemy that Hitler. You do it. Dave did you call sports talk earlier. Yeah sergeant Lewis yeah me going. Mexico oil being egged awkward moment. A couple of if you're out. Now they don't like. Yes this evidence it's tough three and thank you can say Tampa probably this year. Well I guess the jets jets and temporary thing get those two they see one to win one or the other. Other three games but I would do Dave I'm not really and again I could look like absolute fool. It happens a lot mile like absolute full but it hasn't yet this season with the saints I hope I continue on that round ides diplomacy. This can be a monster problem for them this match up so well right now. Talent alliance and the you know the deficiencies the saints have to the strengths of Carolina it's just matches up so well for the saints. It's I can't I can't believe the Christian this line is only warning half yeah I did it's it's crazy to me that added weight to look like that is that is at least three point. I think so I would agree that I think I'll become who'll pick in the seats but that's a whenever a pick six public about a few moments you here are. I get has yet again as people vote ego about it do. I don't sleep. A bit. That's up short week though because I am against Carolina ready even if they do you manage a double digit victory sending in beat up in the trenches ideally what you want the next two games in a -- to still be in good position if you split these next two games. Yeah which is a major still religious and release it. You only got Jacob Meyer. I see it being built in lobbying. We're up at the site he's the matrix and he's a Major League. Pitcher. Into Iraq. The key you yeah yeah. You really want he one of another war weekly award offensive player of the week again this week and it's that is what an offense aren't there his and her. Our. Yeah. Oh yeah the rest of the NFL should takes a phone call day. But much better nickname Christian then you came on the matrix yes out matrix is grades will he came over that he described his ability to make these lines as the matrix that's fine and the matrix is awesome. On March. Law you still only about the march don't pay Jim Anderson used the march agency and city willingness or domestics. The saints to Edmonton c'mon I was seems Twitter like he saints I can Twitter account bits and into Saturday the day if the saints tweet it it's official. Pick six on its way next double coverage here on WW well. Time for our pick six here our weekly pick six segment and our standings for the year on 33 and 33 right at 500 about average or should be. Said Dunlap is possibly out ahead by five games 3020. Timmy group to ten games and five on him at twenty in the third win. Allen three and three lastly what I do last week. Examine our. It's trial and owns three of the NFL set I was three you know in cultural law. I. I don't. What that would do what I go wrong last week. Good. If the browns. Well listen rounds I don't know like what was I doing first of all I don't aim I think to see visa business. It's an email or whoever haven't yet TCU. Oklahoma the sooners thereby seven. Says view. You leadoff Beck is your first place he had I think this is upset alert I talked about this is Ralph Michael's yesterday you know it always intrigues me in championship week. The game that nobody is talking about is always the one you typically see that's closer than expected in a lot of times upsets in those games so. I TCU are here at least against the spread again seven points in a revenge game give me the horned frogs TCU. Another men's jail odds are good and boomer sooner give it to me. Oklahoma auntie and the sooners and seven point another. Rematch if you will a revenge game. In the SEC title game can Georgia avenged a loss to Auburn earlier the tires are favored by two in the SEC title game. Over Olga and waigel said. That a guy. Man this is tough Auburn injury issues their quarterback dealing with it. I hate picking this today because if it was Saturday and I would know. I'd be much more on this but if you if I don't think Georgia here I'm gonna take Georgia and they've had the extra week. And not an actual week but I should say you know and they're gonna have to play Alabama last week so that a new beat up last week so give me to join. I always want more dangerous team still alive for the final four give me the Auburn Tigers. I think that that win over all over Alabama last week was a huge boon to their confidence and they are rule right now how one alternate points you why does nobody think George you know on the skin. I don't know that I just think that. Almost too good right now that there Roland. Police say summer I was the last. Time march shows week's limited this mailing gotten into a game too much everybody's just forgets the begging got out and mainly because of the two early scores by Auburn and now one. Completely took Georgia out of their offensive rhythm and what they typically like to do. In that football game so I do it. If Auburn look at they jump on Georgia again early he had could end at the same if they don't I really like Georgia in this game I just do I really I really really do. I wouldn't say it just dislodged just I watched Miami Clemson. Meant. Claims it's clear by nine points. I don't Miami and a pretty gross loss to Pitt. The Torah which he's going to be back. They're gonna cover commute your keys to cover up the wind cover now a Clinton. Like Clinton and Clemson given nine. But it rule out appointment roller general Timmy. The cover over the like some mean to you both have Miami. Seth has Clemson any NFL Panthers and saints a black and gold. Favored by four and a half he heard Seth and I talked about earlier I think we're gonna concur. And agree on this pick the saints should be favored by we will be comparable to a 66 and a half. Giving New Orleans yeah I had set the line at seven or seven and a half in the scams on all over the sensor. Rick. There are relative and yet. As rob minds explain the saints are money against the spread and I'll never forget Tim's ever in week two proudly proclaiming your make a lot of money this year Benton against the saints. Not so much vikings that falcons you are a Minnesota Vikings fans this week. Make no mistake about it. Obviously an NC my swing states has never root for the falcons but they're favored. By three points or Minnesota. In a Mercedes-Benz superdome means Mercedes-Benz stadium I should say I'll never get that right. I'm with the fight he's been a defense is way too good I know Atlanta's hot. But missile defense I think as the recipe to slow down I think an offensive without does that start to gain instant gain some traction you'll know. Exactly how this game's gonna go in the first ten minutes of the falcons can put up a couple of scores on their first two possessions this one's gonna get ugly. There really is because I don't think the vikings even with case he you know who's playing extraordinarily well lease for himself. In his time at the Helm of that team. But I don't think he can come back it's obvious they can't put up the points and I had just have been on the falcons' offense is drawn again they're gonna score on the first couple possessions that's gonna open it up. I like the falcons here I can see this on double digits in in this vikings Ron come to an end. I think it though while. He skiing and any VP conversation content. You said it anatomy. Eagles against Seth Doan laughs hawks. In Seattle. Adults attending one in five and half points on the road. I can't see I know I know I know the Eagles are good perhaps the best team in the NFC. But I can't see them five and a half over Seattle on a sales banged up Q hawks Eagles regularly that you human talks to. Well here's the thing Seattle is not in need as big of oh an underdog is this at home in the Russell Wilson harassment since 2010. And they've lost exactly to prime time games can I don't they were good house regional high today. I I was dumbfounded by this that. Also Wilson's account for 94% of their their touch stones well they I believe they have 25. Touchdowns he has when he forum or they might have 26 yes 45 and you Israeli has all but one of their touchdowns this race. He is gonna see is they should have good is but it shows you that they don't have enough supporting cast around. No they do it's it's needed ammunition for a stumble I know and I'll say they. Think about how good they could be to add more sports Caster. Jimmy Gramm's lead in the bottom of the NFL in receiving touchdowns to know that look I'm an ex the second everything you have here this is way too much in Seattle do I think the Eagles a better Xenia do. This is in Seattle in primetime on Sunday night I watts. It's a lot of output and it's crazy don't underestimate a mean that the Seahawks kind of feel like their backs against the and against the wall so they have to I talked about it they have to win one of these games here I have to go to Dallas went. We have to win at home against fill in some like that mean got to beat the rams there's going to be a desperate Seattle team at home and at animates this. Welcome to the noise is Carson and Lance you find out about you in man offense a lot aunts and an activity. He picked it then hagel stood the Seahawks to cover. Would blow would be Pete Carroll. Like you'd that would be such a Pete Carroll thing to rally his team there down the deaths in on defense will lose some guys. And then. Put up I think you're a good performance against what we all consider to be a top team in the NFC it just wouldn't surprise is the Seahawks beat this so. Here's another stat for Seattle if you don't get a bet this game OK in the last four years. Pete Carroll is entered December. Six and 67. And 57. And five. And in eight and 21 year they're Super Bowl year but this is not a team that has just been great the first you know two thirds of the season it's when they get to December. As when they're the best team in football record wise in the Pete Carroll parents felt. This is an unusual Benson and 74 entering December watch out watch out for the hawks and don't I don't think they're the best team I think the Eagles are gonna win this conference or the saints. Whoever gets that game at home but. I really I think those are my two picks but. This is weird line I can get over the slime as and we got an app for Philadelphia. Have we decided with sponsors going to be further that the loser let's take six and now we didn't because you just he got such a horrible start in monitor that. Yeah Walter forgive me the opportunity to take a punishment I think it's an attention had to shave his head. Boys are you behind. No I'm I'm ahead I'm at 3333. Tim is twenty and thirty. While you can pick something else for me. Achieve something else know. Now no I mean ski but but the point being is that. He too got to got another positive for me and that's the issue and make it something else I don't care about that alludes to it created a felt users. Sure that's it's you wish. I'm gonna see Crist and Eric at now that saints camp would be too much and thought answers you've written nine out how to do a fan of the pro with deuce and without answers. If I was picks and parents of the Getty accounts on me but I am not lose and that yeah you're way ahead you're 32 what do you think you're safe it's really two horse race now. To not finish in the cellar between me intends and it's going to be upset. There's metro area overnight sale while it would be out at. We're going to be a mock me the address here there would make really good to be had 7123 veterans boulevard for. Are at Dollar General for hearts volleys and induced loss for the fans and pros so. Collapse we got a great moment is and coming up the organ state athletic director. Come on blocker whose higher food is new coach who's. I don't know the most generic sounding name coach namely over here Jonathan Smith does because I may not the only ex offensive coordinator for the Washington Huskies. Wrapping it up next show double covered southern Christian on WW well. John Smith. Sells lay just. Drew name Jonathan Smith your new coach of the Oregon State Beavers never gonna hear from the athletic director there. Mr. ready for sure it's excellent older on TV easier aged him regularly and always remain silent. Debbie the issue anchor yes I don't thing our domain on treatment not a bail usher for Daughtry has written. I'm saying you looks like it looks more richer on TV. Okay. Day's are he's got a news age. Now higher I don't I'm I'm 33 I'm 33 he's younger than me. There must militaries and between us and we're narron out via I will wrap up here on double coverage man exciting night for you guys in the prep crew tomorrow. All over the semi finals an inch to the C honestly. Pump pulled critics also Maja an unknown and good friend of mine known for awhile kind of tough task of there and Acadia and I hope the tigers get it done and join me in me introduced tomorrow at Dollar General a tough on venerable war for hearts for the holidays. Went off our power on vet so will be out there for a seven come say hello to Deuce McAllister each autograph picture picture taken with the saints' all tea time leading rusher. Can be fun it's going to be real fun tomorrow before the public school semi finals in the next week. And as it is in the superdome all one week this year Thursday through Saturday like I'm Gary you know little play by play action on Saturday nights you like that elected the former though especially just from a selfish media standpoint because previously. We were covering the news that private school championships and more able to go watch these public school semi finals at first time in four years were able to do that. Devils who play by play next weekend hopefully again. My son went on a high school I that ties that that school so mother mallet to kids in New York on bill. So I would love to call eight hi I'm bill states' image of game. Tim Zimmer any big plans for the night meant commute so until Thursday night you know you you know you go turn up. Somewhere in camera. Looks for Tanzim around they get there. Somewhere out there out how wanna hear the report on Tuesday that it tends got a jealous look in a smile on his face he might be up to some tonight. A beverage place during eliminate. Now what your drink of choice. Crown a code all right Seth triggers are actually Scranton coach and my standard content. On simple man. Of course like ice of a fight I'm out says a great job is always Timmy can do without should get some moment as. And it sets now let's keep the conversation going on swear I'm assets dumb happening in prep football semi finals tomorrow night prep for one roundup. 7 o'clock right here on WWL as you do every nights we leave you with our moment is then that it is the Oregon state athletic director.