Pot smoking vs. drinking alcohol on New Year's Eve

Tuesday, January 2nd

Many were upset that CNN showed one of its correspondents live on a "pot party bus" to celebrate 2018...is that any different than people who drink and get drunk for New Year's Eve? If it's legal where they are doing it does it matter? Did you get drunk for New Year's Eve? Full 3 pm hour.


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Had a very happy new year to all if you desire for our first show of 2018. Have you made any mistakes writing checks yet. I ever made any mistakes yet a hundred summation expert haven't made a mistake yes but inevitably it it does happen you know if you think back to save. I don't know in 19841985. Can somebody said. It's going to be 2018. Did you think you would be like this. Yeah in some ways. Years ago we thought that if somebody talked about future life in 2018 it would be a lot different. Then it is now. There would be like moving sidewalks or if it would be like the Jetsons. But it's not. You know some things are basic somethings don't really change that much but this is I mean think about how we perceive this to be the future. And it two years will be 20/20. And think about how old distance into the future that would sound it. Even as recently as the eighties. We've been talking about New Year's resolutions and have you made in New Year's resolution. That you actually kept. And did it make you a better person. Where there was last year appear before five years ago ten years ago are you ever kept a New Year's resolution. That today is are you a better person because some really interesting text. One in particular that did I remember. But we're from a guy who has who was gonna lose weight he's lost 75 pounds. I'm in 2002016. His goal was to lose 75 pounds in 2017 he did he sort of working out. And now his goal in 2018 is to be even more ripped. I'm somebody senate Texan said that there they're their goal is to quit smoking. And the state to. You know we could spend a few minutes adding this to the conversation. To and I just thought about this. If you quit smoking. Or quit drinking or quit doing something they stand part of your life. In addition to the physical. Withdrawal. And those problems. There's also the emotional. And mental with the withdrawal it something that looked it was a bad friend. But it was a friend. Here's part of your life it was part where do you like this friend or not that was part of your life for a long time. What advice would you have to somebody who is in day two now are not smoking and they say it's tough. And I feel for people like that because you know they need a lot of support. Because you Euro Europe dirt you're missing doing something. Even just that the duke did a process a physically. Going to wherever it is that you go to smoke a cigarette. If that's no longer part of your life. That's something that you miss along with the cigarette. So my suggestion would be may be to find something to replace. Timmy do something into it if you. I don't know you have to figure out what works for you. But if you quit smoking and you quit doing all the things associated with going to smoke a cigarette. Then. That might make it even tougher for. So maybe try to find something to replace the activity which to do something in its place so you're still doing something. And again if you have any suggestions are numbers 2601 a seventy. Text interstate 77. We also talked about the saints in the disappointing loss on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Bucs in Tampa Bay. Did the saints may be let the box win because. That would lead to a playoff scenario that has more favorable. For the saints. And in the play a serious is it is kinda complicated and you know if you are saints stand it's really hard to pull for the falcons. But what a lot of people are thinking is the best scenario would be for the saints to be hosting. A playoff game did Vienna well the championship game for the NFC. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome and the only way that will happen is if the falcons win some games and I know it goes against your DNA. It goes against everything that you feel as a as a rational logical human being is a sing stand to pull for the falcons. To win. We kind of had to hope to they would win. Against the Panthers. Anyways so we get to face the Panthers for a third time this season Sunday afternoon in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Tennessee Stewart. Where they just. Where they just they are on the field and they I'm not saying they didn't care. Well I guess I am a page they've really not care whether they will be won or lost and and do you think it's a better playoff scenario if the saints lost. If you wanna join us this afternoon our numbers 2601870. In our text is 87870. I wrote an op Ed blog about this on our our web site WWL dot com and I also posted a video of artists. On VW if you already a FaceBook page is also on and on my scooter on the year. A FaceBook page and it's about the criticism of CNN. For sending a reporter to cover. Lives. A pot party. She was on Randi Kaye was on a pot party boss in Colorado heading for a pot party. And at one point she said. I if I think I'm ready to get stoned or not since they stone said I think I'm I think I'm going to get a little high right now that's what she said. She was on this bus heading for a party was called deep puff pass and paint party not exactly sure what all that means but. But since it's legal in Colorado was drawn for CNN to do that I'm not promoting a pot in and as I said many times I don't smoke pot. And I have no reason to lie to you about that. But my at my agenda is really. Founded on the idea that I try to be consistent. And if if they show the toasting of a champagne. If they show. Don lemon from CNN. Doing a shot I think of Brooke Baldwin did one with him as well sort of park in fact what part I I didn't recognize the bar. Did you watch any of CNN New Year's Eve coverage. What bar with they had in the quarter. Apparently some Barley always go to and I was watching the of the night in and I didn't I didn't recognize the bar. But Don lemon met a guy who's now his boyfriend. And he many in that bar last year covering New Year's Eve for CNN. And Brooke Baldwin is now engaged to a guy who she met two years ago at that bar in New Orleans covering New Year's Eve. So wherever bar that is there's a very good return on your investment this year. Looking to meet somebody. So anyway. The precious we we it was CNN wrong to. Two to show that to I don't I don't think they were. I think if they show drinking on TV. If they're gonna take a shot. And which wrong with showing somebody and a a place where people are smoking pot. In a state where it's legal. Here's a Texas says screwed I'm not a pot smoker either. I can't stand the double standard people dole out smoking pot like one gentleman said. You don't see raging fights. Cause like alcohol while I agree I mean it it is if you are frowned somebody who got man it got upset she. Would you rather somebody be stoned. Or drunk. I'd rather than be stone. From our arrow Stephen you're under the WL happy new year. Yeah I'm blitzer. Good outlined it go out smoking real quick to act quit I quit smoking about here. You'll search and years. Try equipment all went off without a doubt just one day. Eagle. I'm Peru apple were. And chart we do that call then all got sick on it. So I quit. And I wouldn't do photographer and every time I got out alive. 01 mile. You don't want to live shot shall it and it was really hard doing. What I'd do it without smoking actually down. Well. Days. You know were. Chewing and she was about to bet. Them they kept me from one country store. He can attack. Sir what you did would you would you replace the activity of smoking with something else which I think is an important thing to do. Right and and and and and with my hand started you Leo and I used. He ever seen a Chinese and bald one they're. I can play you don't use you know. Yet did that occupy my. So it was important to replace the activity was something else. Yeah I agree Steve and I'm proud of the and and so it is lucky you're hanging on you start smoker. I. Good for you Steve and happy new year appreciate you calling if Iran hold hang on if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601 a seventy. Text numbers they 7870. Here's a Texas says Cisco I have to disagree with you on this when alcohol is banned but pot kills motivation. A young kids and a lot of crime has been committed by people. That's. Had been stones. Believe me I know. You know I don't by the way it's. It's cold out there there're there're there're people walking or on the radio station. Wearing knit hats. Scarves. And coats. And John wicket isn't it had on earlier. I'm not gonna say that John. Looked. Cold has an effect on those things. I so I you know I. I don't think pot is any worse and and drinking and just gonna show shooting arm should you occur on and on TV and why not show up block party in a city where it's legal. Our numbers 2601 A somebody text say 7870 unscrew we're coming right back on WL. He has called out there. Cold dole baby ice ice baby. January 2 it does Steele actually it doesn't joy January of fuels actually colder than January and you look at the map any great great overwhelming majority of America right now is literally. Freezing. It's Cole and an I I'm I'm from here but I I've lived in cities where it's cold. And believing this is a by anybody's standards this is so on that this is called I saw some girls out New Year's Eve. Wearing shorts skirts. And I'm thinking you know isn't that mean I appreciate girls who Wear shorts skirts but I mean honestly it's. Kind of become a cold front here is on a text that says. I scoot happy new year before. We talk about the saints are hosting the NFC championship game in New Orleans the saints have to win this weekend that that certainly is true. I'm but I was just going through the scenario because all the scenarios have been talk divided as it's so confusing and I think I finally I got it figured out. By John Bobby and Mike de Chile gave life from the Syverson for casino will have more to say about that. Along with a special guest Archie Manning at Lance Moore the coach or show at 630 all of that coming up next. On sports talk here live from the silver surfer casino here is a Texas all I'm getting a ton of text you're saying. Vet I Don lemon and our Brooke Baldwin for CNN were at the spotted cat. On Frenchman in the marrow and and I guess I didn't recognize him because I've never been in their sober from New Orleans Michael you're on WWL I'm just kidding about that Michael how are you having a year. Having me the utility in the excellent speaking. Great radio or did you project demotion. Should society should adjust historically. Pure torture and that growth and plants. Analysts and you know. He say brother and plan to watch the tyrants that that will work well I had. I substantiate and ma am not a pot dealer like that. I'm just curious. And what happened is particularly want to do dish it is that they can't make player should can have your fabric to keep this economy. Finally city can't grow implement. Pure chance 4000 acres. And that's what good it. Grilled implants loosened me and at which point the king of England but I think it's 40000. Ounces and so. That fox Washington. Dental. At which point you actually get a better world you know. Oh yeah that's and it could happen in any further. It's. The financial turmoil apparently do want a lot of birds and Reid took the lottery in journals I think it was. But they haven't in 65 he kept experience enter the or portion to. And it it was early August they should or they get out the whole mail plan. I think maybe too well. Hormel plant some thousand acres. So that was George's and if you look at the word go look at you would decide. That it. George is what you would want and I've got a one dollar bill alone are. Limited right now. Are humans you meet beaches in of one dollar bail. At one dollar and I got a a five to be known as your hundred. Look at his eyes on the front. On the front that a look at what everybody's you me he's the he looks a little stoned. And it really should make their own opinions show is that you that George Washington's. That's what government is somewhat troubling had been trying to emergent and get a trunk full war but he didn't trust people at that point in OK I can say. You know the campaign on its 20000. So. A lot. To that he had to take that option. Got. I have. Michael I appreciate the there is a history lesson and now I'm very happy new year to yes. I'm looking at the dollar bill right down George Washington I mean. He looks owned. Take a look at a dollar bill and tell me feeling George Washington looks stoned. Which on which reaches for his all right now. Maybe a little sleepy. But I don't know if you look stoned. Mean you can't. Well it does no bread color he or she can't Syria. Colored designs. John Anderson maybe a guide to be stoned to figure that out I don't know you know and I guess its effort to arbitration I don't think he looks stoned enough. The one dollar bill. You know I just I don't like the hypocrisy of like wells on the we can drink. But we can't do this and again I'm not a pot smoker but I like to be consistent I don't like to be hypocritical. And I I think the argument can be made that alcohol is even more dangerous. The pot. OK so Randi Kaye female correspondent for CNN is on the pot party boss in Colorado heading for a pot party titled. Half. What was it. Half. And hang on. Member of the party was puff pass it paints. A total fed meets to. Can hedging with the trainees might feel like anyway so it as CNN's getting a lot of criticism because and she said at one point she is gonna get hide. And she also are put on and on modeled. I gas mask bond. And the word of comments like guy CNN is reporting to argue is is promoting drug use. And another weren't voice very critical of CNN thinking what what is what is your morals come to a 2018. All the ladies and gas mask a box. You know I just don't think that's a big deal in a state where it's it's illegal here's a Texas says so many school not a pot smoker but I have concerns about it being legal. Hardcore dealers will be out of a job and income. I would expect an uprise in violence crime and property crime in order to supplement. The loss of income. Thoughts. My thought on that he is on the I think it's wrong for us to protect an illegal industry because we're concerned about what may happen if the criminals are wiped out. Tom yeah I I guess at that is is a possibility good. You know I don't trust the behavior of those people who are violent and and and selling drugs whether they have business or or not. And maybe that would be one of the one of the problems with it. But I just I don't think it's a society it's it's it's. Logical and appropriate for us to be for something. That might make criminals mad because we were taken business away by. Legalizing something that that's not the right reason to worry about so legalizing it in my opinion. Before we get to Juan anymore calls or text I wanna share with you. That the trailer for the movie reefer madness. In if you haven't heard this is amazing this really dies. Does explain. The campaign against pot and I think this way is still late forties. On disk was the year ninth okay John twosome in 1936. So this was the image that the government was trying to create about marijuana the movie was called reefer madness it's it's black and white if you've never seen the movie. It's a comedy. It's supposed to be coming supposed to be like on our appropriate life trauma showing what will happen to you if you smoked pot. Listen to the trailer for the movie reefer madness. Ali come out does that not just a little bit of an exaggeration of the effects of marijuana might have on the human body from homo wage you're on WWL. Yeah I don't I'm. They but I'll admit what the whole pod thing is. And you watch the news is they don't FaceBook part of my out there read a newspaper about how to rob kill Stanley call themselves you. And vehicle accident. And I know anybody ever killed a spam they are someone else because they smoke it's going. Well wait I guess it's I said since there's no way to really detect that I guess it's possible that to people have to stone they've gotten into accidents are we just don't have their terms of records for that. But I I would agree with you. Driving and a very drunk and it is seems to be based on my experience of both drinking and smoking pot new years ago. On the seems like they're drinking is on a lot more detrimental to your. Our reflexes plus I guess the good thing about smoking pot is you know you might John you might think you're going fifty but you probably only doing like 35. I thought I was younger you know with the job I have now cares well. I have no more born people council on science and you know changed. Election on a twenty year old kid you know it up and pollute anymore. I wish you wouldn't you agree that if if on if it's legal in the state and adults when endured and mr. Schilling. Shooting alcohol. And toasting champagne at midnight. Then what's wrong we're showing it to. Showing smoking pot in the saying we're sleep. Another. Which but it it it's been less money on trying to fight it. What he's been illegal drugs is a bit more money ought educate people on it correctly. Yeah that war on drugs really never quite worked out way happy new year appreciate the call if you wanna join us raise your comment our numbers 2601878. Very good 5042601. A seventy text embers a 7870. Have you ever made a New Year's resolution that you kept and it Majorly different person today. That's our Freddie must opinion poll. Give us your opinion like going to WQL dot com. I'm scoots every new year and number coming right back. So a New Year's resolution is kind of like a promise right to have you ever made a New Year's resolution that you kept enemy to a different person today 75%. Say no. 25% say yes give us your opinion by going to Debbie of euros are current. Here's a Texan comes from I guess that this is a response to us are playing for you trailer for reefer madness and and really whether you smoke pot or not. That movie from the late thirties mid to late thirties reefer madness is hysterical. It's so funny to watch out people get maniacal smoking pot. And that's not really what happened so you when you smoke pot so that's why the movie is not supposed to be comedy but it's it's really funny. This text in response is that says will shiver me timbers I'm well on my way to hopeless insanity who'd net. Here's another Texas says as a high school teacher when a student has ace in these first two years. And they dropped to asks 90% of the time it is sweet it kills ambition. What I'm not for I'm not promoting wheat. And I'm certainly not promoted we too high school students but when you talk about consenting adults. What's the difference between somebody making a decision to get stoned or somebody making the decision to to do shots. And you don't people get really really stoned. But when people get really really drunk I mean there are a big problems with that. Here's a Texas says as a cop like Intel used the majority of the impaired drivers we've come across have a mixture of alcohol. And some other drug. That is impairing them. You know I'm I'm I'm sure that's our I'm sure that's the case of shows I appreciate that information and appreciate what you do for our. Our society. I'm not promoting pot at all. But I think the criticism of of CNN. Or anybody for that matter showing marijuana being smoked in the state where it's legal in New Year's Eve. To bring in the new year is no different then. You're shooting alcoholic just don't I think the criticism is say is worthwhile. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Text 87870. Here's a text that says so Schuett a Colorado pulled in over a billion dollars in pot tax we could use it. Yeah I mean let's think about that that the politicians. Think of all the corruption. The politicians current job to get involved in if if pot were legal here I mean you know there be corruption. And and they be padding their pockets. So you think that they would want it I mean is just another reason for them to be corrupt. But is this sad but it's is it's true. And there are those who still argues that marijuana is a gateway drug. I really haven't seen the statistics are the studies that did indicate that naturally a legitimate concern. That it marijuana as a gateway drug. I particularly dissuade. If you do a survey. And if you if you survey people who started out smoking pot but it went on to cocaine and heroin. It's not necessarily that. The marijuana. Physically. Created this desire to do. Cocaine and heroin. It's that the kind of person that they exit the type of person who would experiment with pot who would do pod. When it's illegal. And it's just been legal recently and in a few states so for the most part these studies were done when pot was illegal. If it if if if somebody is bold enough to to. Go out and experiment with pot. Who's to say that person is not going to be the kind of persons also gonna experiment with other drugs but he doesn't necessarily mean the pot itself. Was it gateway drug to the other drugs. What a pleasure New Year's Eve god the all star Sugar Bowl concert walked by its so part of it on my way to rejects Parikh. I imagine dragons. Played at the the concert every these guys had to be called the crowd was called kind of warm if you got in the middle of it but. Great to see the measure dragons it's a cold Tuesday afternoon January the second it's happy new year. We'll be right back under average Euro.