Positions the Saints are targeting

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, February 14th

Where will the Saints put their attention?


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Ravens. Last of our broadcast this week mostly because I didn't wanna have to get up and get dressed and go to the station and do all that latest stay right here in my hotel room and broadcast them being lazy this morning due to be honest with us got us a better view I'm sure down there still some stragglers still up on the streets. The allies to come up in the room this morning and it may go down to lobby. Ten that. I don't know what's drag going and what's not although some people just got on me because I was joking saying that I felt like I need to be con IE a causeway commuters this morning while the other con going across the late this morning as well. And as that I feel like that's my life right now I'm in a fog and need to be escorted where I'm going and several people said. Did you just say you want an escort you're the French Quarter you don't need an escort you're married you talk about how you're married all the time no I didn't ask sandy and asked scored in terms like eight. A everything use today will be used against Houston. Yeah fest isn't that necessarily an absolutely the truth. You talk about free agency opening in just among us and what tart what positions the saints need to target. Well first and foremost that is the target quarterback's eyes for a free. Yet drew drew is still the mail without a contract on short walk gimmick here you know that'll get amp up even more as we get closer to that march 14 open opening date. A free agency. But you know we've heard from both sides and each one expects this to get worked out we're just waiting on him eggs you know an exact time when this gets finalized when we know the number and how many years drew gets. Arm but as for the biggest needs for the saints. I think all along that defensive line still on the loss of nick fairly last year defensive tackle he's not going to be coming back. Dual heart conditions are shoring up defensive tackle and then also defensive end because we saw. A free agent Alex oak for came in last year was a big contributor but after his injury that other side opposite camp Jordan was such a big question mark. And still can now heading into this season. Are also question mark because oak for coming back from an Achilles injury we're not sure how old. Hum how healthy he's going to be for the start of the year and if the century side. Parents. Those are some of the positions Steve says. That the saints need to look at world talk about it more tonight on sports stuck here on WW LA MFM and dot com.