The Pope says stop taking photos!

Thursday, November 9th

Pope Francis says it upsets him when he sees taking pictures or videos during Mass. If you were at Mass at St. Peter’s Square – would you want to take pictures or video?  Do you agree with the Pope that it’s wrong?


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All right so. You're at Saint Peter's Square. And manners and the Pope is up there as the priest. You wanna take a picture. We'll take a video. Lot of people to. Pull Francis now says he's upset when he sees people taking pictures. And doing videos during mass. I have to admit I think it was last Christmas. I posted something on FaceBook from immaculate conception. Downtown into restoring one of the songs one of the Christmas carols. And the church is so church is so beautiful mean turn to severe for a Christmas spirit immaculate conception is just spectacular. And that but the Christmas music on my iPad I took I took a video that was like fifteen seconds. And I guess the Pope would not want be to do that and and and maybe I shouldn't of done it but he sure did capture the moment and I loved sharing and on my FaceBook page. Is it wrong to take a picture or a video during a man's. And did you notice that sometimes we become so obsessed. With capturing the moment that we missed the moment. There are actually times when I I tell myself no you don't don't don't take that picture. And even though it's really easy you just take your phony you still have to. You still have to get out of the moment for just took a brief period. While you take the picture. And sometimes when something is going by. We are so intent on capturing this moment when something is is going by us. And it happened so fast that we missed the entire moment taking a picture of now I realize that you have to picture or you have the video to remember. But. It just. Seems like sometimes we miss life. Because we're so busy taking pictures. Think it's wrong to take a picture during a match a church service. Such as a Catholic Church service there in church service. If you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601878. Or text is a 7870. Were also talking about. I'm a third party and you know we'll talk more about this is as time goes on because I just don't think. I don't think the political. Turf. Has ever been more right. For a third party but a third party did involves known names. Republicans and Democrats that we know not an obscure candidates. That makes up this third party. I've got detection says set Tom Friedman New York Times says it will be that way in the two 2020 election. And I guess he's saying that it will be that way meaning. There will be a third party it will. Be a challenge for somebody else and I'd. I think this is the time for the here's a Texas says some scoot I disagree very progressive Democrat will not win the White House quite the contrary. More and more younger Americans are tired of bland centrist. The right to cry socialism. Or make you cry socialism all they want but it progressive Democrat has the best chance to win in 2000 point. You know I don't think that but that's not out of the realm of possibility. Because there is. A younger generation moment Eagles. That really are larger in population in terms of the segment of the population. They are larger than baby boomers. And my generation baby boomers have always and had the luxury of defining every era we occupied. Because they were so many homeless. That regardless of where we weren't our lives we define pop culture we defined. The market place. Well. I'm sure you've seen a lot of things. He maybe didn't really notice it put a lot of things are being targeted to baloney it's. It's because they make up such a large segment of the population. And I think the the the prevalence of boutique boutique hotels. In New Orleans around the country this is something that is done I definitely a reflection of I'm millenniums of younger generation Hoover and lift. That's something mainly supported by younger generation mustang that I don't do it and India don't do it but this is something it really came about because of the younger generation. And so there's a lot going on out there that is not necessarily defined just by the baby boomers anymore. And I guess it's something that we have to adapt to if you wanna join us with a comment or numbers 26 cell when he Stephanie. Tex Amber's age 7878. Here's a Texas says I'm mark show morning raw morning and it bothers me that I don't see smiling faces watching us down saint Charles. I see cameras. Enjoy the moment. You know that there there's a young man and we took place some of their music off from Parker respond to shelve the band is called the 1975. And I either from England. And dear to me they're kind of like a young Duran Duran I buy some and they were here to check for square coming years ago lust effect. These young guy leading the band on at one point in the in the concert he told everybody I don't see young crowd I think it was sealed to pursue their. I'm. He told everybody in the crowd to put down their phones. Is set for this next song or more every one of you to put turn your thought he said so often you know you're just looking at us through this this small viewfinder. And you're missing the whole thing. So put down your phone and just enjoying. The moment. Here's a text I would say it's not appropriate to take pictures any funeral. In church. I just I thought this was interesting when a Pope Francis expressed his. His. Discontent to with people taking pictures and video during mass at saint Peters is Saint Peter's Square. I mean my god if you at a place like that wouldn't you wanna take a picture when you put a take a video is it wrong to take a moment and take a video or picture. Of a mass or church service. Are you gonna comet 2601878. Tex numbers dates every ace every we'll get back to a martyr text to mark your calls I'm screwed and we are coming back on WWL.