Pope Francis and photos and more celebrities and sexual harassment.

Thursday, November 9th

Pope Francis says it upsets him when he sees taking pictures or videos during Mass. If you were at Mass at St. Peter’s Square – would you want to take pictures or video?  More celebrities are being accused of sexual harassment...has Hollywood turned a blind eye to this for years or is it rampant everywhere?


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Pope Francis says that he's very upset. When he sees people taking pictures and videos during mass at Saint Peter's Square. Now if you are Saint Peter's Square you wanna take pictures be monitoring video but that does not make the Pope very happy. Have we become a society that is so obsessed. With capturing the moment. There we actually missed the moment. We'll talk about that a little later. Also won their semi new research showing that people are doing mortgage watching than ever before and fewer families are watching television together. So how do you watch TV. You watch more TV on our TV or on a computer. And another study finds that binge drinking is increasing among older females. Are you drinking more than in the past when getting to that I wanna remind you that to us sometime this hour and next hour. I have a family four pack a three day passes to the buy you Rhode balloon festival the weather's gonna be cool if this weekend should be really nice. This is gonna take place after the first time ever but it's going to be a full blown big time balloon festival. And it's certainly it's typical the festival's that we have here with food and cramps and boosted. Among other things one of the unique things is a life size football table. Where the little plastic men. Do they're they're real people don't actually. People. Look no I don't exactly know how is on their work Alberta sounds intriguing. And also indicated they have really young kids these balloons are big and colorful and it could be a lot for them to like to see and they'll be tethered to balloon rise in all kinds of stuff so I've got four. A fairly pack of 43 day passes to the apply hero blue festival coming up listen for the hot air balloon Henis. Followed by up up and away by other sister mentioned. And if you're the eighth caller tour contests line you win also I have another pair of tickets to giveaway to the LSU Texas a and M game Saturday November 20 fit the Tiger Stadium. And if you hit the LSU fights on mediate color torque contest line which is 260 win is 2609467. And you could be a winner if you're just tuning in we have been talking about the country music awards last night. There is some of video posted on our FaceBook page I'm about this topic and if you don't get a chance to to call in or or text me. You can join in the conversation there are on FaceBook it's a generator annual radio and also my of my FaceBook page scoop on the air. And it's about. It's about Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood the day of the host of the show. Telling a few jokes about president trump. They tell jokes about Hillary Clinton. I was surprised that the country music awards they were telling jokes about president trump. But the assumption should never be that everybody who is in the country music and all country music performers. The assumption should not be that they're all conservative. Because they're not. An issue hypocrisy in criticizing. Entertainers at the Academy Awards. Telling jokes about trump. That accepting the jokes from the performers at the CMA awards is that hypocritical. The show gets short off last night tell talking about what is very difficult year we've had so far. This has been a year marked by tragedy impacting countless lives including so many in our country music mainly. So tonight we're gonna do what families do. Come together and prayed together and tried together and sing together to. And this is so from a country music awards on ABC last night. I'm curious here's part of a song about trump this was a parody to see. The Carrie Underwood song before he cheats. These Bradley and his PGA is watching cable news. Reasons for itself. They ask Siri. How do you spell poco. Here's the best known opponent and it's time box again that's for sure too little rocket man starts in nuclear. They all need it's okay. That was that a bad thing. You know I would like for all of us to. Appreciate comedy for comment. And not be so sensitive here if the comedy is targeting the person that we like. Because the comedy that you left that. Target somebody this somebody else likes. So we all should just relax and have a little more fun of all this. Here's a pretty general opinion poll were you surprised that the country music performers made fun of president trump at the CMA awards last night. Give a sure thing you by going to our web site WQ well dot com also there is a a Republican attacks plan. That is supposed to help the entire middle class apparently it's gonna help the rich people as well that's got some people are rather upset. But John John Paul Ryan we have Paul griner Nancy Pelosi first answer closely okay House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi from from California. Had this to say about the public and the truth about the tax plan. The public is hearing the truth the public is paying attention. You saw what happened in Virginia they should be worried very very right. And she was talking about to your big democratic win on Tuesday which we talked about yesterday on the show I don't know yet if that is. He prediction of what's coming in the mid term elections next year but how politics is not gonna continue to be exciting for a very very long time. House speaker Paul Ryan had this relieved simple thing to say that well it sounds encouraging. Actually improving people's lives making a difference OK anybody. And your audience that would that anybody opposed it don't mean who would be opposed to that feels about improving people's lives and making a difference OK bring it on. I Chuck Schumer though the I Senate Minority Leader from New York San does that to this was all done in private. And they were not even they were not even. The Democrats for not even allowed to see anything about it. Sounds like obamacare bill. Few years ago when the Democrats today. Do you see what we are. Mean do you see where we are. And in both sides are doing it I'm really wasn't prepared to talk about this problem. I got to mention this. This morning on there were two senators and I forget whether it was CNN or MSNBC because I go to fox MSNBC and CNN. In the morning and an anything but mainly in the morning to she was going on before I get to the station. And and signature minutia and from West Virginia he's a Democrat from West Virginia. And a very moderate Republican Susan Collins from Maine. On their talking about dear group no labels. And they're talking about he bipartisan group they're talking about bipartisan efforts they're actually talking about a third party. I don't think there has ever ever been a time when. The ground was more fertile. For a third party. But it you know it can't be a green candidate. It can't be an obscure candidates and we've bet that's what we've had with with third parties. You know if a third party restarted. A new third party was started by people like. Ohio governor John Kasay. Susan Collins. Nugent. From West Virginia. If these moderate Democrats as the Democrats that lean right. And the Republicans of being left. When ever get together with these credible names. And if they would form a third party. I think the two parties would be in trouble. I know it's logistically difficult to to get on the ballots and to do all of that that work. But it's got to be darn. And I just can't think of a better time to do it. And right now. Because statistics are showing that. In the mid to upper twenties is the percentage of people that say they're Democrats. Mid to upper twenties. Republicans. And now enter in a recent poll 45% of Americans define themselves as independents. And it is the that if we talked about so often on the show it's the independence it's the the moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats. To decide who gets in the White House. Not to extreme right. And not the progressives left and I hit these conversations about. The Democratic Party. What are we are we at the progressive party are we going to be a different but if if the Democrats. Try to be the progressive party. Right now I don't think they're gonna win. Maybe in a couple of years when millennial sin and younger generations get a little older. And and have even a greater impact we've got a great impact now but he did have a greater impact on one's when society. It may be that right now I don't think it progressive Democratic Party is is what America wants. And America does not want a conservative Republican Party. And president trump was put in office by a lot of people who did not see him as a conservative but saw him as. A change. I'd if you wanna join us of the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers are 2601. A seventy. Area covered 5042601878. Checksum rose 7870. I'd scoots and we'll be right back on WL. All right so. You're at Saint Peter's Square. At commanders and the Pope is up there as the priest. You wanna take a picture. Was taken video. Lot of people do. Pau Francis now says he's upset when he sees people taking pictures. And doing videos during mass. I have to admit I think it was last Christmas. I posted something on FaceBook from immaculate conception. Downtown into restoring more of the songs one of the Christmas carols. And that the church is so church is so beautiful mean charges of your for a Christmas spirit immaculate conception is just spectacular. And that but the Christmas music on my iPad I took a took a video that was like fifteen seconds. And I guess the Pope would not want be to do that and and and maybe I shouldn't of done but he sure did capture the moment and I loved sharing and on my FaceBook page. Is it wrong to take a picture or a video during a man's. And did you notice that sometimes we become so obsessed. With capturing the moment that we missed the moment. They are actually times when I I tell myself no you don't don't don't take that picture. And even though it's really easy you just take your phony you still have to. You still have to get out of the moment for just took a brief period. While you take the picture. And sometimes when something is going by. We are so intent on capturing this moment when something is is going by us. And it happened so fast that we missed the entire moment taking a picture. Now I realize state you have to picture or you have the video to remember. But. It just. Seems like sometimes we miss life. Because we're so busy taking pictures. You think it's wrong to take a picture during a patch a church service. Such as a Catholic Church service there in church service. If you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 260. One a seventy. Every coach 5042601878. Or text is a 7870. Were also talking about. A third party and you know we'll talk more about this is as time goes on because I just don't think I don't think the political. Turf. Has ever been more right. For a third party but a third party did involves known names. Republicans and Democrats that we know not an obscure candidates. That makes up this third party. I've got to Texas says set Tom Friedman New York Times says it will be that way in the two 2020 election. And I guess he's saying that it will be that way meaning. There will be a third party they will. Be a challenge for somebody else and I'd. I think this is the time for the here's Texas says some scoot I disagree that a progressive Democrat will not win the White House. Quite the contrary more and more younger Americans are tired of land centrists. The right to cry socialism. Or make you cry socialism all they want but it progressive Democrat has the best chance to win in 2000 wanna. You know I don't think that but that's not out of the realm of possibility. Because there is. A younger generation moment Eagles. That really are larger in population terms of the segment of the population. They are larger than baby boomers. And my generation baby boomers have always and had the luxury of defining every era we occupied. Because they were so many homeless. That regardless of where we weren't our lives we define pop culture we defined. The market place. Well. I'm sure you've seen a lot of things. And maybe didn't really notice it put a lot of things are being targeted to Bologna it's. It's because they make up such a large segment of the population. And I think the the the prevalence of boutique boutique hotels. In New Orleans around the country this is something that is I definitely a reflection of I'm millenniums of younger generation Hoover and lift. That's something mainly supported by younger generation mustang that I don't do it in India don't do it but this is something it really came about because of the younger generation. As soon as a lot going on out there that is not necessarily defined just by the baby boomers anymore. And I guess it's something that we have to adapt to if you wanna join us with a comment or numbers 26 cell when he Stephanie. Tex Amber's age 778. Here's a Texas says I'm mark show money grow morning and it bothers me that I don't see smiling faces watching us down saint Charles. IC cameras. Enjoy the moment. You know that there there's a young man and we replace them with their music off from Parker respond to shelve the band is called the 1975. And I either from England. And did to me they're kind of like a young Duran Duran I buy some of the we're here to check it square a couple of years ago lust effect. These young guy leading the band and at one point in the in the concert he told everybody it was a young crowd I think I was the oldest person there. I'm. He told everybody in the crowd to put down their phones. He said for this next song I want every one of you to put turn your thought he said so often you know you're just looking at us through this this small few finder. And you're missing the whole thing. So put down your phone and just enjoying. The moment. Here's a text I would say it's not appropriate to take pictures at a funeral. In church. I just I thought this was interesting when a Pope Francis expressed his. His. Discontent with people taking pictures and video during mass at saint Peters is six Peterson square. I mean my god if you at a place like that wouldn't you wanna take a picture when you put a ticket video is it wrong to take a moment and take a video or picture. But a mass or church service. Are you gonna comet 2601878. Tech summer's dates every A Seve will get back to have more of your text to mark your calls I'm screwed and we are coming back on WWL. Like you know pictures on your following. Are our great. Videos are great but do you sometimes feel like you missed the moment here's a pretty general opinion poll with a cell phones by cameras so prevalent. Have you have we become a society that is so obsessed with capturing the moment. That we actually missed the moment. Arson worth missing a moment to capture the picture. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here is a Texas says some I believe gen X yours or defining the voting population now can't forget about us now that's true and you know what when I same win heels. I know it's not fair but I'm I'm kinda including the ditching and actors in that in that group Chris Wells are not technically millennial strides just in terms of cycle graphics in terms not demographics that cycle graphics how they feel how to act. How they react to say this. I think that's kind of although the same thing so levered I would agree with that. Here is a text about ten taking pictures interesting dilemma has a double standard in our faith. Priest or against. Photographed taking during the sacrifice. Mashed. Yet they allow it during the sacrifice of matrimony. Interesting. Here is a Texas says generation ZAKA. High school kids. Are a lot more independent rather than left to right at least that's the impression I get. From my daughter. And her friends. Well you know and and this is really part of the conversation about the jokes about trump on the C amaze. Country music awards are telling jokes about how president trump yet they did joke what Hillary is well. But the fact that they would dare tell a joke about president trump means that country music is a lot more to first and maybe people thought. And a lot of that has to do with the younger performers in country music there's no guarantee that if your country music your conservative. And I guess there was no guarantee that that was the case in the past I mean I'm sure a guy like Lyndon Johnson. Who's from Texas. Coming he was a good old boy from Texas. I'm sure he was a big country music fan. Pushed back in those days it was country western music. But I'm sure he was a big country country music fan and that was a guy who was very very liberals set up the great society which is a quite often brought up there's. Criticism of society. Today. So if you're to join us in the comments are numbers 2601. Saturday in a text numbers 87870. There is some also something going over Kevin Spacey which we'll get to hear just a moment because now there's there's more fallout but I wanted to mention. Then there were some money on on television this morning and one of the news channels. Who talked about how it really is important to be a rhino. And he meant dead not to stand for Republicans in name only. But Republican. In. What was it just something about outcome. Republican intent on outcome I have to forget what are wise I'm gonna have to look at buying look at my notes can be configured out. But there was another way to use CD Akron and rhino and it was about Republicans there interest is in an outcome. And if the Republicans don't pass this to stacks dale. I would think that this would shed a very very negative light on them for the 2018. A mid term elections. All right so we've heard about Kevin Spacey our Kevin Spacey has now been. Has now been canceled from CBS's. Fiftieth anniversary of Carol Burnett. Kevin Spacey was in a movie that I think was going to be released in December. And they are now ending out all of the scenes with Kevin Spacey. And putting in Christopher Plummer. Because Kevin Spacey. And allegations against him about sexual harassment. Now. Comedian Louis CK. Is in trouble five women have come forward he had a movie it was so are coming out I think today or tomorrow. Well they don't cancel the premiere of that movie. Jeffrey Campbell the actor. Who's in net to this series transparent. You know. Moms flying to handsome man dance a woman now. I've never seen the show RC previous Ford looks. What's interesting is about a a book about it a transgender person trans parent to parent is transgender. So Jeffrey Tampa has now been accused. Of sexual harassment. Is this a Hollywood problem. Is this. A society problem is this is this just in command prompt it's a problem with men. And it doesn't matter whether they're straight or gay is just a problem it is sexual harassment a problem with meant I'm not saying that women don't do. But as soon as prevalent. And I guess one of the reasons is on its prevalence because the threat. Because Savard gender the threat does not appear to be the same whether you think that's fair or not there's a physical threats. But demand sexually harassing. Woman or another man that is more threatening than a woman sexually harassing command in most cases I know there are exceptions. I mean this is just. I guess this is just the beginning of what is going to be. And a new trend of of of everybody being guilty of sexual harassment. And I guess the fitness sad thing is on its so easy for. I hate to say at this way. But it's easy for a woman to try to get back and a guy by claiming she was sexually harassed. Many of them really are sexually harassed written most of my guess are sexually harassed. It has been proven that sometimes it's a law. And as your word against their word in the Tennessee used to believe. The victim. Over the person said no I didn't do that and you if you wanna join us of comet are numbers 260. One a seventy tech's number 87070. You know sometimes you're so into hanging by a moment that we we we missed the moment because rumors so busy taking pictures of the moment I congratulations to how Ernest. Just one actually it's a family four pack of three day passes for the up by you Rhode balloon festival this weekend. And also he is eligible now with all of our winners. To win for VIP tent passes and eight festival poster should be great test put forward to it this weekend. How we're talking about a lot of different things this afternoon sometimes this is the way the show goes so we don't have a particular. Our focus and there's just so a lot to get to so if you have a comment to an opinion about anything that we talk about and you can just jump him with your comment. And our number is 2601 a 78 or text is say 77. And getting text here reminding me about celebrity chef John bash and does sexual harassment. So the list just continues to grow. And it seems to me like this is a man problems. It seems to me like this is a problem with. With men it might be a problem with you I mean if you're a guy. And you respect women that they don't take this personally. I don't take a person Amazon. But this has to do with. This. Which he's now. Demolition site a lot of men. It gives them the sense of prerogative. A sense of I want it. I'll take it. And in the same way that women don't want you to judge exam. By the trashy Saudi women in the world. Men don't wanna be judged by. Other man I don't know where this is gonna end it. I don't know that it's gonna end any time soon. And I think what's gonna happen through just this whole conversation. Is we're gonna find ourselves trying to come up with a better definition. A sexual harassment. Now the stuff that Harvey Weinstein did it seems like that was just blatant. Sexual harassment. But I wonder if some of these other cases are not so blatant. I mean I would hate to see somebody's life destroyed. If they really were guilty of sexual harassment. If you like to join us on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 50426018. Sending text is a 77. Here's a Texas says guilty until proven innocent right. Here's a Texas says innocent until proven guilty does not apply in the court of public opinion. It's add bite. To how quickly our to. Think oh yeah. He did it. And maybe he didn't. We'll be back but every of your own. So nice when the season feels like it's changing economy was. Fallen yesterday its fall today but it didn't feel like it yesterday it does today from the West Bank see you welcome to our show. They are using ST. Yeah yeah you know. And that's what we. Well as it is just out. The insulation in our industry called the makes it become aware of a topic that's really been going now and I'm. The bilk the ease him out why the double bodies if you wouldn't come out here. I don't I don't know why I mean I think that's an interesting play tell you that I would have been known as the moment that it would evolve. You know we're all opened up. I'm suggesting. Topics become commonplace topics in my opening design. Made institution. Took took. And to call my. Being prepared. But the first car that it didn't get there the population being trimmed. Or to be sure do. Who what when president in the next particularly. In my opinion is known. OK at the top. It would be OJ. MOR while being. What should people at the end of into right. Well yeah because you know it definitely happens I mean it had happened in the past to where a lot of these women had already been harassed by out by Harvey Weinstein when all the publicity were surrounding a Bill Cosby. Receiver are really don't think that there's any any plan to soften his suffer a woman president Jimmy will have a woman president when it's a time that I I appreciate your call. Here is attacks that says so on the Spacey is a major homo. Does the Hollywood blanks slept with these men got what they wanted now what's the problem all DS. I'm we described as a renter Neanderthal. Text but then again that's why some men. But the way they are and that's why some men think hey I want it gonna take it will be back.