The politics of discrediting credible people!

Wednesday, February 21st

Discrediting the students in Florida has become part of a political game.  For many – the best rebuttal to someone that makes sense is to discredit the person making sense. Student David Hogg has been the subject of ridicule because he is a threat to the opposing side.  Attempts to discredit Hogg have been proven to be fake news. Do you believe the student protesting in Florida are really students or "crisis actors?" Full 2 pm hour.


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Sad news this morning we found out deter evangelists Billy Graham had a chance to weigh on at the age of 99 we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. And among the lying cheating and deceitful televangelists that we have all seen recently. In modern times at least on Billy Graham seems to stand out as an exception so we'll we'll talk about that in the next hour. Also coming up we'll talk about the politics of discrediting. Credible people. We have been talking about president trump support of a ban on a bunch stocks or anything the can turn a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon. Do you agree with that or disagree. And it's it's interesting that those who won't always agree with the president might disagree with him on this but don't you wanna would be to they disagree. That's. An instinct. Honda doesn't mean everybody's that way but it seems like a lot of people are that way. And also those who disagree with trump on everything might agree with him on this but can't bring themselves to say whoa wait a minute in this case I agree with the president. Also president trump supports strengthening background checks. And also says something that may now be talking about for a long time initial. He need to do more than just say something. You need to actually do something. So on these points I totally agree with president trump and think he's right. Since your Kristin DO branch Democrat from New York pursuant she vehicle bear show last night and she made this comment abouts the NRA in congress. They don't get any done because it NRA has a talk called on congress. The NRA is concerned only with gun sales it is literally all about money is all about greed has nothing to do the Second Amendment. And we seen gaffe after gaffe after death and it has to stop. I totally disagree with our it has a lot to do with the Second Amendment in the NRA does do a lot of things to stand up for the protection of the Second Amendment Rights which I I agree with. But she's also right about the NRA having a choke hold on one on congress. The NRA. He uses the very the big money that they donate to politicians to influence the way politicians vote. And politicians like we talk about the softened to politicians. It doesn't matter what they do in between elections. The only thing that really matters to voters is what they do in the year or in the months leading up to an election. Because voters don't keep track voters tend to forget what politicians do so politicians can do all they they can't satisfy the big money that comes from the NRA. But then right before election they'll make sure that they do everything they can to appease the voters so they get reelected. And use the money from the NRA to get reelected so while the RA does stand up for Second Amendment Rights. The NRA is. Jerry political in terms of the power that it pace for. But it's not the only lobbyist group that does that sometimes these late night host get a little bit serious and Stephen cold air last night on the late show with CBS. I've got serious when he talked about this being an election year. These kids busted Tallahassee to ask lawmakers to big lawmakers. To reinstate the assault weapons ban the very weapons they were used to kill their classmates. And here are the students chanting in Tallahassee earlier today they were out there in the state house. And this is one of the the. Medicinal when he wants to intentionally. Didn't want it now. I'm Susan always convinced. And this is typical of songs and protest I. Seeing the beginning of a protest and I pricey how the leaders of the protests gather everybody around and and say okay this is what we're going to say. When we say. What are you want you all say gun control. And then when I say when you all say now okay Solis practices so they don't really do this this is this is rehearsed this is part of this is part of protest and they'll do it on there were some students on talking at this rally. Here's a student talking about. Talking about congress and you know these students even though they're young they seem to feel like they've got some influence. Again. I directly responsible and make the mini bus Steve the gun violence and this seems dead and we love you yeah. And again as I mentioned earlier some of these students are too young to vote now but they're not going to be too young to vote in 2000 torn. Here's a student and makes a really interesting point about having a lot of ammunition. Yeah it. Would. I understand your point I admire her on passion on and again to some degree. There is some degree of idealistic mentality. With a lot of these these students. And I hope that they. Shall I say stick to their guns out they stick to their guns and and and and follow through 11 what they believe it and and don't let the state. You know we live in a world where it's easy to get distracted. And sometimes paying attention to the stuff to see convenient is not is not so convenient. The politics of dis trust incredible people. Is a big issue in this country has become a bigger issue recently. Discrediting. The FBI. Discrediting. The State Department discrediting the Department of Justice. Discrediting. This disparity that discrediting. The media. Not liking a message. Inspires people to discredit the source. Of a message. Student David Hogg. From him. Parkland around. Parker fort high school. He's been the subject of a lot of ridicule. And he's on. He's been discredited. And that the the things that have been said about him to discredit him. Are fake news. I posted the story I site on my on SO TA scoop on the air but FaceBook page. And I got a lot of interest in comments and and thank god there is there some comments from some very reasonable people but there were some people who really really got ugly. I mean really ugly and and hateful. And I'm thinking about calling some of the amount I'm not sure gonna do it yet but just using the information that happened FaceBook which is public. You know you see their names and where they were can. You know it's just something is reflective of the company that they work for which they put the coffee they work for. Actually like their names to be associated with the company as some of the things they say on FaceBook it's an interesting way to possibly start to approaches. And and record do that yet. I looked into some information in this is from us notes buy dot com. And there are some far right conspiracy. Web sites and blogs. They're trying to create this hysteria. About this guy David Dave talk. And data hog was critical of president trop when president trump said. That the the FBI was spending too much time. Trying to prove Russian collusion with the truck campaign and he didn't follow up on the warnings of the suspect in the shooting. And there is some some truth to the fact that they didn't follow what they they've had they've admitted that they haven't followed through on on those leads and they should've done that. But there were other factors that they going to discuss that and a standalone thing that matters. We need to of course demand that the FBI do its job and the FBI did not do its job. But that doesn't discredit all of the FBI. And one of the big problems or something the president trump talked about yesterday which we talked a lot about and that he is the the failure to communicate. Between government agencies. And it needs to be better plan in place where. Everybody's communicating with everybody and maybe at some point because the FBI is so overwhelmed with tips every day that at some point some of the tips need to be turned over to local authorities. Anyway when we come back up I wanna talk more about this guy I'd David Hogg and some of the things that have been said about him. And some of the things that have been demonstrated to not be true. And I guess the question is is do you believe that the students in Florida are students or do you think they're crisis actors. That's a pretty must opinion poll. If you wanna join us for your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. Y seventy. Harry coach 5042601878. Texas a 77 here's a Texas says Cisco once you start personally attacking people and trying to get them fired from their jobs. You have gone too far. Why wasn't gonna try to get him fired I was just gonna mention the public information of a name first and last name. Where they work and the post that they made. If the company decides to get upset with them that's after the company I'm too Smart to try to get him fired. And I haven't even sent I'm gonna do that yet. But that's how anonymous some people think they are many post up on FaceBook. I'm still it will be right back and to give you well. These songs from the sixties that reflect that's era of protesting. Did they resonate today with what's going on. Student aside in Tallahassee. Went choose the SE capital. And they tried to see our governor Rick Scott I don't know if his schedule but he wasn't available he's also not available to be on the the CNN I town nine meeting tonight channel beanie tonight. With some of the students on Marco Rubio is gonna be there and I respect him for that the NRA is gonna have a representative there. You know just in general I've never been impressed with. Governor Rick Scott he has shown signs of a weakness to me and in dealing with some of the things that he's dealt with. And I I would not be surprised if he is. Cowering and just staying away from the students because he doesn't know how to answer them. Or doesn't really want to answer them because he knows what he should say but he can't say it because she's afraid of the political backlash. Here's some part of what a student had to say yacht but the Florida lawmakers earlier today in Tallahassee. I wish they'd. Be mild light does the yeah yeah I go out. Oh yeah. And. Do you think this passion is something that should be ignored. You know yesterday the in the house in Florida while the students were on their way from apartment for himself order to Tallahassee. While they were on their way the house voted to not even debate. The issue of banning assault weapons assault type weapons. Which is something that the late Antonin Scalia Supreme Court justice conservative Supreme Court justice supported. Probably draw Reagan supported pat as well. They voted so they wouldn't even debate. They did even when a debate. And to me that seems like a big copper. So very quickly let's go back to the sky I'd David Hogg there's a website the gateway pundit dot com it's an ultra conservative. Far writes our web site. And they're criticizing David Hunt because his dad is is an FBI agent. Okay well. What difference does that make his stance and FBI agent. Beyond. The gateway pundit by the way was named in a federal defamation lawsuit. This month in Michigan. Because this is a website that falsely identified. The teenager who was driving the cars it killed and had their higher. In that time counter protest to the white nationals in Charlottesville Virginia. In August of 2017. There's another blog detente was calling into into our two question. On that David Hogg was interviewed by CBS news less than a year. After the footage of his friend. Had an encounter with a lifeguard was covered by the network affiliate in Los Angeles so at this guy was in Los Angeles. David I was in Los Angeles and he was he was on camera because a friend had an encounter with a lifeguard. It's a conspiracy theorists and trolls are saying. Wealth if he was they are doing that then he's here doing this that he must be a crisis actor. The guy got on a plane went to LA. And I believe his dad is from the air or live there are some point so the kids got friends in Southern California or maybe just visiting his dad. Two had every reason to be there so that is up a total total false claims also and this this guy David Hogg. Who runs the television station at the school. And so he's got some great instincts when it comes to media. There also some pictures of David Hogg graduating from Los Angeles area high school in 2015. But somebody what's so far as to recreate. Classmates dot com profile. It's recreated. Wis David Hogg in that picture. He's a senior. At the park Clinton's. Florida high school. Another student I Joey long posted a video of himself. Now opening up the yearbook. And Douglas high in Florida showing that David Hogg voice in the eleventh grade at the time and showed his picture. So these. These attacks of David Hogg in the things that are supposed to give credibility to the fact that he is not a student that he's. On a crisis actor. Had been proven to be fake notes. And yet there are people who steal. Are convinced. That he's a crisis actor. And that he's not a student at the school when that. Has been dish disprove it if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 260. When he seventy Tex ever say seventy eights every from mid city Dan welcome to Debbie WL. Basically thanks to take him a call shot. I took government could make one I don't know you've seen it but that video. They hole doing interviews. All the students during. In during the Viet you know actually says the current is knowing sturdy stock. Well if she didn't take place took two of the long. Waited. So let's just hope that I'll pull it. I haven't I haven't seen them. If it's. Try to send out an. Email and it a question or not to think about is. People like George Clooney in all these. Think George Clooney deleted it now has been a last hour asking us. Well there is some question. In. What. Two in the go go and they didn't. It does Hollywood allow murders in movies. Well it. Solid so if murder is against the law than Hollywood should not have any murders in any movies to mean disappointed I didn't. And I understand what you're. Doing or if it's Hollywood than I was dancing it's fantasy. It's their real. So they donate they pretend to kill people and that's against the rules that's against the law so if you're saying that they should use guns that are banned and you're saying that they should not. Show murders in movies because it's against the law. What I know Dan I know what I understand I have to leave it there but to think about what I said. I'm stooge we'll be back. How formal voice of these students go. Students from the school in Parkland Florida have gone to Tallahassee they were trying to get to the air governor's office or Rick Scott let's say capital they were not able to attraction is his attention. I students also walked out of a school in Maryland in solidarity with the students in Florida here's what one student had to say after walking out of class. It's not wealthy and well out here you know. Could be us Monday but not the we all existing agent these things are happening all over the country I think it's important to stand. What to believe any. Yeah well yeah I agree with that Regina a student could get in trouble for just walking out of class. British leaving there the the campus. Now I would think that the students have went from school in in park went to Tallahassee on the day of the chartered buses I would assume that this is kind of like a school field trip for them and I I agree with that but. You know let's remember that as students just walking up a class. How they could be on the could face disciplinary action for that. Here's our party must opinion poll. Do you believe the students in Florida all our students or crisis actress 50% say crisis sectors 50% say students give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. Reported that she calls me it took a levee sent text here's Texas says Cisco you don't understand Dan that was a caller had just a moment ago. I'm do you think about this if guns are banned. How are they going to get guns to use in a movie. A dude. Excuse me thanks for the last. I'm maybe gonna answer that. Here is and the Texas says OMG you can't own a nuke parts of the Houston and movies. God bless your hard to effort dealing with Retief like well you know what the guy was trying to make the argument that if they bet first of all they're not gonna ban guns. And if they ban the sale of assault weapons. Then this guy saying if you ban guns than Hollywood would not have done is to use. Or that of course is. Ridiculous. And if you wanna make an argument and you have to say well okay we'll they have to stop killing people in movies because well that's against along Karen you're on WWL. Go hard on good. I thought I'd say. Our program in the troop 28 years so should think one thing coal and our. Area articulate. You it is actually to come out they had every right. To say. Something there a brand. And throw in my life and I am not quite sure about it like that correct. So they get out. And speak out. You know some things going and do I think she. Absolutely. We know and I'm not gonna have to and I think we monitor people who try to make you think you know. They can't didn't even say they were talking about the different kind that they use dikes are spotlight. You know not even the children that can't kidney and. This surely is worthy of debate I mean there's no reason why are we can't debate whether or not we should ban assault weapons I don't know that that's gonna change anything that I don't have a problem with with the ban on that and I know people who use them for fun and gun enthusiasts. I mean I can't speak for gun enthusiast. But I I do understand that somebody who is into guns might want one of those guns to play with like on the day that the shooting range. You know they might want to experience that if you're gonna enthused issue wanna own different kinds of guns. People or different kinds of cars because their car enthusiast I I get all that. But there's nothing wrong with having this debate and in nobody should think that this is a step toward. The government confiscating guns. No it that would be an actress. Coming your car because my I have. Total. College graduate. I agree no. It's got. High. And real. Have been watching the legacy I don't like click. So these children at all which station it. That. Is that your. Not there. Yet again at 9%. Up on their goal I don't think there in EP. What are people. That they need to be hired legislature has the attention. I got pregnant and while you up to you. Today I can vote this year he's going to be eighteen. And you know the only. People legislature. On the book. That's what they aren't out there and that's what they'll understand Karen I appreciate the call you and for those who are for this is an interesting thought. For those who say these students are too young to vote they don't have a voice. If you don't vote in every election. Do you still have a voice. If you don't vote. Should you have a voice in this country. That's the argument so you can't buy into this argument that. I understood it to your to vote because again many of these students a lot of the students are going to be a legal voting age. By 2000 Tawny. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601878. Text page 7870. And this could be a soundtrack for. The students let's see if they stick to this let's see if they don't back down. We are waiting for some things to change let's see if they do you know yesterday the president made a couple of big announcement sigh he is for a ban on. Bought stocks. He's for a on these forward be a strengthening. Of background checks. And there are people who would disagree with me if I said those two things start to accepted because the president said those things mean this is the world that we live Internet so can't we accept this world. But John is just it's it's interesting how. People will criticize the message depending on who comes from even though it's the exact. Same message from New Orleans Robin you're on WWL. I think you know I think it's gonna get to capitol pointing the Taiwan. How do you keep saying we can talk about it happening greets lucky. With the back opening that and it took it warmed up there that make a lot or are really Smart people. Gone were able to talk about I think kick kicker out and and and a couple of right I think the spiritual. You guys finishing observation I've rob and I mean it you know. They are Smart enough to figure out. The problem is the game of politics gets in the way. But people figuring it out. They know how to figure things out but they want. Because. Of politics. And because of the influence of lobbyists. Here's a Texas says I'm 32 my dad is 63 and he now votes the way I'd vote. His words. It's more my world. Kazan his now. He backs me up. I've been around longer than him. Well that doesn't matter. I mean length of time on this planet doesn't. Always equal value. Just because you've been around for a long time does it mean you've applied yourself over the years. You know by that are all. But I think it's just interesting how so many people discredit these students because there are some of them are not old enough to vote. For you they also have parents. And their parents are old enough to vote in their parents. May cyber circuits. But all I know is. The president responded to something that happened back in Las Vegas but he he responded yesterday. And the president seems to be responding to this. Movement of students. So what you wanna admit it or not. Their voice. Is being hurt. From Metairie James joined WWL. Or good afternoon screw. But miracle. Should be ashamed Greg now. Kurdish. Well terrorists through. Their goal of war and it should be here in well below. Corleone. Upper rolled Oreo. To support these issues. Large corporate news. Life. Coca goal. Don't. Should build it portrait in. Good news days. He had one of them at all. But there there are people who disagreed chain Swiss the movements and does that might reflect poorly on the company that donates money. Oh. Or more ago. Well there. Corporate state. But that's the kind of thing that companies consider. Mean corporations consider what something does to their image and if if they if they sponsored the trip to Tallahassee they would be a lot of criticism from those who. I drink Coke products but don't agree with the protest. It is current coal. But it bird rules. They don't read number and curriculum for a long long time. If I don't feel. I understand that. But there are people who would disagree there are people who are drinking Coke who disagree with what the students are doing and if Coke sponsored a ten. Because it's okay well that's not your decision that's Coke's decision. James I appreciate the call a furor hold hang on if you wanna join us our numbers 2601 a seventy. Text number 87070. This is all about. Freeing our minds. And Tammy discussions. And they hate. And the condemnation. And the criticizing a character because you disagree but the message is something that is not necessary. I'm scooter will be back. Under review well. You know no matter what. Cited this issue or any issue you're on let's remember there were an America and it's OK to disagree here's an update on our pretty must opinion poll. Do you believe the students in Florida are students or crisis actors. 52% say crisis actors 48% say students giving your opinion are going to be a hero to icon. I want a replay a student so on from Maryland they walked out to school today in solidarity with the students in Florida because I got a text about it here's what she sent. It's not wealthy and well out here you know. Give us Monday the fact that. We're all at the scene agent you can to have all over the country I think it's important to stand. What to believe any. Okay here's attacks that I'm qualified says the most outrageous text of the day and one of the more outrageous techs I've ever received. The text reads. The interview you played with the girl. Seemed to be lasting. Also until these kids have their own families to protect. Their opinion is mute. You know I'm gonna have to re read the Second Amendment. So in other words if you don't have a family with this text or saying an and a chance to criticize me this text is telling you. That if you don't have a family. You don't have a right to have an opinion about guns. And I guess you ultimately don't have a right to even own a gun. Some people don't even respect. Our constitution.