Police are doing a good deed?

What would you endure for a free turkey?


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How would you feel to get pulled over. And then the officer gives you. A Turkey. Instead of the ticket. Are I'd go like it. I think I'd be happy and at that time but I'd rather just not get pulled over at all well sure well in Montana. A man donated to when he frozen turkeys to the Billings police department. And the police have been pulling people over. And giving them instead of eight tickets eight Turkey. And it's got a way of report rewarding people who are driving well and have an awards for terror arrests according to this story about him that night. But I just think I'd rather not be pulled over at all my time is important to me I got places to go things to do. And there's nothing others something hours spread. You know there is serious things worsen that feeling of seeing those red and blue lights behind you know I it just is it sends shivers down your spine I am and it reminds me vivid grammar when I was sixteen years old and got pulled over for the first time. And the he was so traumatic and so frightening to me. And now it's it's just a pain you know it's like I'll really know him do advance. And so again as so mighty my I think that any departments where they're pulling people over for driving safely. Are but in this case they're actually. Running checks on people they pull over. And to see if they have any via any Warren now so they have to get him with some violation or go to jail and all or there will touches the line or something like that they signed him probable cause diploma over they run there. Background check to see if ever he wants if they don't think him a free Turkey. Well you know what. Better and that just running on my way don't pull me over I don't keep your Turkey you can have it out by my own. And I'd rather not be sitting there on the side of the road with the police officer walking up to the window that's I hate that feeling I only have and tell you one thing I do love is when they do polio reduce your warning all of us Donald unless justice Simon exactly. If you are not enough to deal with that crap we've gone to court and ducked into the prosecutor ago before the judge in pain in the court cousin. And on out of line do a couple times in my life but it it was a double to Manny. And I don't enjoy the experience yet if if you're a police department we are on people over to reward them for driving while to give them a free Turkey around the holiday time. I'm put new and they want. With people fire tigers aids on the ice and get and gets him publicity but you're still delaying that driver might 51015. Minutes. And still scaring the crap out of them when you pull them over initially because they don't know what's going on. And I don't think. You know 2535. Dollar Turkey makes it all good in the know aren't we agree on yes we've.