The Point After: Saints Fall 20-15 To Arizona

Saints Football
Saturday, August 18th
Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert breakdown the Saints loss to the Cardinals and the performances of the backup QBs.

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We'll be back in a point after. Katie can about being out Kristian garic here on in the world and saints radio network time now for the cool group. Cool play of the game cool grew into world's original since 1989 a coffee house in every bottle generally drops back he's. Under pressure to strip the ball is loose it's picked up. Back to the thirty yard line in the New Orleans Saints are gonna have great field position general. I don't know I don't expect god Taylor stalwart. Stalwart on the recovery general Eliot with the strip and a tremendous play their by the saints' defense in general Eliot. Shows up again there's a saints win 2420. Several find goodnight to our New Orleans Saints radio network affiliates down aligned to the next Friday night at 7 PM when the saints battle. Arizona Cardinals in the Mercedes-Benz superdome in the pre season home opener the saint radio network hits here at 5 PM with a Bud Light. Countdown to kickoff of the KG can about a year and yours truly coming up. On a flagship station on the saints more expert analysis from the cajun cannon who dat nation this your time to sound off on today's game. Then take those saints bring it final four to 6018. Semi Texas and 878 semi I'm Christie Garrett on the New Orleans Saints radio network. The saints 24 to two when he went over the Jacksonville Jaguars on the point after with a cajun cannon Bobby Brown crushing Garrett who dat nation wanna hear from you. Your first impressions. On the saints' 50426018. Seve text 878. Semi back to phones we go David in Metairie was going on David you're on W to do well. Pain swelling I think it's a question. I'd really been thinking about that worked. I have a question is that on your second string defense Wendy's view. Put him in confer during an offense that the United Kingdom really been a problem. There talent and stuff of that soared 29. Looking into the second king often of the opponent king. The tortured. So Jackson when the U now a coach. Could put in the first quarter of mites they'll get a for his anti the first TV did you play in the first series and the second team divas could be in there depending on their opponent and they keep their first string in. They all have that don't have mass changes quite like he's talking about because if they're curious to see how guys right against the starters. They're gonna mix and match and above one or two guys in with the ones just to say it loud they're gonna do really liked platoon now and mobile light and other than practice at times to get it. They'll put this bit that you know the second team off at W is the first team defense and vice Versa. Just to get so low for instance. Blake portals as a starting quarterback for the jaguars he plea Leahy letter monitors on drive Drew Brees didn't play. I mean look not marking an employee but he's he be suspended Linda Barnett played. The Jacksonville I think was a good humbling experience for the saints. That to bring a bag down to earth because. You know we had talked about this and approved regain Christian and and David that. They were going they had way more tackling days in the saints have a stars like old school of Tom Coughlin. And girls twelve straight days yes the jaguars with them and Pat's right. And and so. Chris is not necessarily the right word but they just looked more ready of that makes it's that tackle football. I mean but doesn't mean anything Doug Jackson has learned a best teams NFL they gonna win in the trenches. But it's two different approaches yet bit David to decide how you gonna substitute that varies it could be completely different assay against Arizona. In the second and the cardinals did negative of per approach than the jaguars. So I think it's. Mostly instead of entire platoon moves. Like okay all the sick did you get ready to go in there and you got to go stop the cardinals first string offense. Is going to be more or maybe two to three different players do want to see how. They look good guys you might expect to be on their first team. David they some phone call police the game ball in the seats went over the jaguars. As a that is our blue run through to people on lines we act. WWL dot com Jason Hill at quarterback in nine pass a seventy yards a rushing touchdown linebacker. Who had two and a half sacks and a strip sack fumble that led to eternal over in the go ahead score for the new won't say Zach Strief at 24%. One and I Jonathan wins with a touchdown run a four yards or defense of that tackle Dan grow Lawrence we'll talk was actually for the first time and first time caller NFL game that was pretty solid very solid. So what you given only game ball and I give them a game ball Howell I'm Tammy inflation and only got nominating Ollie guy he's can 24% of the vote. Well if he when he got to get in the game but yeah definitely. The Sudanese Don I just I thought did a pretty good job in dues yeah I mean hey first time out. Golly that's not easy man. And is not easy call on NFL game is not and especially in the pre season for got to build upon what she did in the his go forward in be better next week. Either you know what and this is an anything in life for him. Either you're devastated scene he's getting better you get worse he only as good as your last game played well well well I broadcast anchors should be even. Yeah whatever you doing or deck built. It doesn't matter I'll back in 2014. Or no oval what do you do end of June. 15. There are some whatever is a regular whatever all around the brags and that's well help me I know. Last. Like fifteen years and look at Drew Brees would this Drew Brees looked elegant he has. OK but limited to arm getting better. Could you red stain Hussein eating getting better or worse and that's why yet to be driven. The matter what you involvement. Because you never this data seen. Eating on the down slope are are you still arise. Back to the phones you'll have in Biloxi miss a beat let's launch having you on WW well. You were Backstreet. NDP. They've got a bullet from camp that. I don't know me. Yo Barry about the game. I let you can't be hi it's Kevin Kamal you can't higher than a first quarter. Now and I allocate a little bit yeah I'm alone. You know and pro football player like you I'm just saying second and third teams. I think it's great ride I agree go right. It's mine major point. That those two kids under the tutelage that you pretty. He can play and others that your. That's what I'm saying pilot who flat as the cities in Legg Mason hell. Another seven years where it's you know. And oh gosh the other Q Tom sounds. Oh my god savage. Like these other what's yeah. So behind that because they're playing. He gets seven more years because as the pre season is always up plain as much. You know I'm just saying. As you're teaching them and he's going to be the first person to teach. Two quarterbacks. Well what about Imus out of their way and now we have a that I can't make him a player and no doubt now they have the game and I didn't like him. I've done that I that it sounds good it feels great start to the point out little by little it okay having money share the wealth and then in theory yet that drew. Can only maybe last long in his only at the plea to gore does that afford the what the season starts. The saints will Drew Brees to play every quarter that's a solid strategy drove in LA two quarters well regulars and I want it courage of the beginning Campbell let me tell you we got to look at. And I know Sheila pagelet connect. And I know the guys who play and achieve at a high level they realize this. Is gonna come up against the cardinals. OK it's all fine and Danielle we came back we wanted to second half. What are you doing at the beginning to gain why. In the first court of first half lie goes those that a guy's gonna make the team and that's who you're competing again it's. That's kind of starters vs starters so that's why they. Like that that first quarterly poll. To be fair that defense though. They were playing very Vanilla covered yet that you like Gil playing well it's in it was in the zone coverage didn't show any man though is a social you know as Dallas defense that might have nickel and honestly don't bestselling -- Christian. That a lot of it and you know you tell individual talent players of verses player know that Dennis Allen scheme. Helps the model chair when you game Blanton and you have a series scheme are you gonna attack component is not just okay. So what you know we've played 3-D would only blame. Like that to band are a 3-D coverage very basic because. Who we don't will be. Know you get what you might have liked individual greatness and it can charm but other prayers are you trying to disguise it. But you got us almost put him in the decision to succeed. Purses where are not know Chicago Bears. We're all Baltimore Ravens yes aren't yet where all of a sudden bam I know would be doing scam that. I hope you get to with refers cells in a row right yet says so it does and we I claim that in training camp. The defense is getting better but colleges disappointed with the basics. That that was not the case is the jaguars and at first caller that's all I'm saying. Us fare the basics follow fundamental stuff of tackle and saints haven't been alive in practice and look it's two different approaches Doug grown. And Daschle has his soul his own approach and some pain in new world says his own approaches as to how he's gonna ready his team. For the regular season two different approaches we'll see which one works out the best. Are back to the phones real Kevin and on the west and what's going on Kevin you're on W two well. I'm sorry James edging did you guys. Probably going to build. Right there and it is ugly I came out of B you're being there live Kurt Coleman has grown man and a I can't keep clicking or do you do with me but only one as you know and it. But we need to we need to violate a bit too well totality and then in the week is going. Although. He was all right he was start on more than half a live L teams more than half. If you're probably been. Particular point or it won't name from the nineteen. You know but in Prague. The print this I mean note the debt what it. He got 101 with the enough control to you're going to be for the but I view 91. What manga that looking and looking. Then. In the senate and it. Well well wait well why are you back rap are dictated Jane's what I would somewhat agree would you ending Christian Hindus would disagree with knee and how might be leaning towards you. That I think Tyler Davis can make every team. But I think he's limited in numbers that. I mean I got that you put it in the rotation 20/20 five snaps. And he's going to be solid overall but he's not gonna be dominant but what Dominic guide Timmy. I don't care where you drafted. It even over Shelvin rated. Chris that I wrote this down I'm just look at it is a forgot to mention is that I mentioned is that have to. The first good plated the bits may volume not a minus to tackle for a loss at the beginning of the second quarter. That you Democrat play Joe's. That it there was a play that kind of said that on NBA say quarterly motto is a minus to tackle policymakers is that what McLaren in the first quarter. My market the game. Would have been an attack piece you know Boca could end up what do you know not only in the open except it. What bug. Thank you never happened and don't look good Dalai baggage guy named have to get all on Talladega is it that you had to be like coach says no this is unacceptable. Eight you'll if we can actually get better run defense and I give up Ford have yards a run. Is gonna start all what what Sheldon Reagan's all the oh your monitor nowadays what they gonna do this is Ed and I get pushed back until this is. Our guru James and and Bobby hall on James is broad group both the all in particular yes they get biggest power Jacksonville Jaguars run power running game they're gonna have our water and then if we're gonna have a hard time with those type of offense because didn't they don't have a bunch of space heaters don't have. Those big would Vince Wilfork kind of guys that does is really at third as is not how they are bill now against zone running teams they'll they'll do fine because it. It's about you know it's about wife lettuce is an up front they have an athletic divas like they don't have a stout strong big bulky guys fun it's gonna happen is kind of pick your poison. Teams off for you this too I can see why. The you don't have those big those big space heaters look at every team in the division you've built to play within your division and win your division first. And what I think will they run a lot of in Atlanta zone where I wanna write a lot of it in Carolina zone. Okay B James secrecy thing about this that they have a handful of power teams like Jacksonville. A like if on the cowgirls. And I'm given Ezekiel Alley you know what. Murder right at the things you I wanna see and and legacy Emanuel well woozy QL and I've. Shoot I think we can averaged four or five yards around the U controlled the ball what you're doing. You given the ball drew breezes and so we know though that that is that that is a concern James and I. I think William motto is don't want to meet its made the most progress to beat a complete Davidson tackle. Even though we Sheldon rankings and talent Davis and his followers. He's getting better it is the run it's amazing his progression he just started playing football. Democratic candidate and and just rushing the passer. So naught as still as the that is Seymour. A global gonna do a threat to help the linebackers flow silent a silent and fill the gaps. And not all of us and have a deal Lyman in their lab where all you made to tackle. But but now it's a second in four that's I guess I good note these to be saying it in Nader's second in nine big debut truly stopping the run. Jane thanks for the DM on Twitter as well appreciate event real sweaters Tommy Craig is that point after here on the world saints radio network W did well. A game of Borneo. Over the Jacksonville Jaguars pullen drove an F 504260. Wait semi tech's 87870. Your first impression of the saints in the pre season. Calls a 504. 26018 semi tech's 87 meets everybody Christian here we get on. The point after back to the phones we go real sweaters what's going on a real sweaters you're on W two well. Guys. Are went he's directory but they did a great job I mean. Execute the pill from him and then about the is there any way. And but he these she's. So. I needed give him. Well well that Israel sweaters Zacks. The man has a lot more pressure that I did. Because buddy wanna media and come on board and help a mile because of his age and any dressed in what you pass the way. So those kind of almost it wasn't necessarily pass and guitarist is union retiree knows it was side and I'll look forward to. You know do and draft and then Dylan mini camps in just training camp in the pre imposed game with them. And so I was kind of caught me off guard but is a little different between but I came on board in 2005 no exact having to deal with. Because Jim Henderson is held when a mile and trying to be a big influence positive influence. What his production going forward so. Izzo is a little different but the avenue following. Two legends. And that being buddy bill of our own Jim Henderson has big shoes to feel. Yet that I'll be happy is a great job. Go on on not from that and indeed I mean you've color guy that you had saying. You collar guy. That it agreed to. Would they what would you what why would you say that to go collar guys and exact shoes ever done collar. Before being quite so that doesn't mean I nobody Jimmy Allen I know your appraisal of but I just hate when people put people in boxes right I hate when. And I'm not saying you do it I just think in general there's been a number of players in the NFL Carly there on NFL radio broadcast crews right now. That our play by play guys I know that the Green Bay Packers have a a fourth player also Frank Gifford. And and Pat Summerall were players in the league they did play and apply it does happen. I am I got it I'm detained in. Did they pick that great together. Well oddball Bruce letters went and value broke down the games so what do you think. We use you does Obama and no way you address in the first quarter. That there ought not given. MB people view that street by any mean or. I. Jason Hill yes of Angela deal with the taste of you know. I mean it got pretty fun. On now yeah you know what not a doubt he's very aggressive and all that's one thing. No ease that it targeted run you don't come have stepped in seven carries 52 yards seven have yard average yet. It was on a lot I mean right. I mean obviously I'm not the only one that there. Got to leave them at Mark Ingram from the earth where gains. Moment that you watch it and creepy then. Well well Bruce letters if you you have to give if you look at both front runner right now. Though Mark Ingram a junior or that driver earning back you have to give it to Jonathan Williams right. It. Yeah looks like Jon it the way it was Boston's got a I don't know man I don't Christian I don't wanna say this sounds mean real sweaters. But Terence west were affected me. And they did it one no flag jacket around his belly he looks way figure that and I think he he he's ever been is and I like okay what posit closet right here bull. How can you gain weight and training camp I don't know. He'll I I'll is extremely. And there's deployment I've been right word but I was not necessarily initially impressed. Because he is competing theory it was great opportunity for him like Jonathan Williams to be available for the saints. While marking him as suspended. Who gets the game policies went over the jaguars quarterback Jason Hill. Play by play man Zach Strief linebacker. Lawrence is actually make in his play by play debut tonight. 31% of the vote for Zack 32%. For quarterback tee some hill who won eight of 970 yards and the rushing touchdown. Real sweaters they sort of. We all know was given this the Alley it. No right now he's got forty the right now got 2.2 percent well that that I'm overrule and all of that. There's no way that LA cannot beat it into an axis axis of fumble led to the saints game and drive to move forced fumbles. Tackle for a loss quarterback hit two to have sex and he was third and in the exit tackles progression that that I don't. That is not only probable that that's like all pro numbers it if you averaged I mean of course. Sorry it would an eighty trying to help me out trying to tell you bootable far. Because balance outstanding performance taken advantage. This took ghetto film the big guy this guy don't lie to get on film so recorders could be impressed. I mean Jerome Alley you have to be impressed with the did. Bruce let us face of a phone call Tom and physical floor was going on Tom. You're on W did well. About it let go and made. Rate premium. Our parent company who else and then preview quickness but my thing is that I was capable of he did triple. Is seen and answer. To. King all drew we see good breezes is. Too early to tell either way. I can't write them off he can't anoint him as the as the heir apparent you just can't oh well Tom I think if pace and those quarterbacks on pace completely changing the play book compared to what he would do we Drew Brees. And he would take the chance that our appeals. They get out of the pocket hopefully get out of bounds or you get down get down. But he given never met a number of opportunities to run the global equities coordinate urged unity peace and well wasn't he is running like a running back. Right right and I understand and that's like saying why aren't the same so willing to change their playbook. You know. I would let. Now we're on our network area yet a year ago. And the and we are happy. And I'm on. India you know operate the ability. Well well well well I can tell you why I'm not necessarily salukis have I got to see dean in the hours not effort to be Akron. Well UK coach accuracy. When you practice of the guys don't win. In the flat easy throw you gotta hit and came through behind him he came through it high fastball. And an and I printed that you noticed JP barely even when he was in the gain. And the running backs right open in the flat for a touchdown. Connolly got to pull the trigger at the cards out in Iowa and dollars and I don't know why you don't see that. If he'd have confidence or whatever in that particular play but that that that should have been easy. Touchdown pass now. Which taste of oil until I see him. Truly. Be more accurate. Then adding Sean Payton might be able to live with him long term. Because it is it true you would our appeals does his running ability is outstanding. But until I see a more accurate and I think John. Necessarily cynical that the as the heir apparent to drew region might want it to be in theory like bridges T and a nice pass. 25 yard out to trick once and that was a nice pass. If you look at that but okay but you gotta do that like two handfuls. If you're like all he did about 1000 a great pass no if so what are you happy and it hasn't like you and like 1012 times he has. And that he can sit in the pocket as a pure pocket passer. And ends a balls on the field with accuracy. You know the easy Miller create plays you know he's a really extend place ideally and is that lofty comparison. But you want Jason Hill to turn into a Russell Wilson type. Right okay do you think are you who dat nation members out there. Do you think if you watches T dog's name Russell Wilson losing extends plays in his feet and life time not just running but he's extending plays the past. But do you think Jason Hill now maybe haven't but we've observed but I ever observe Russell Wilson and Jason Hill come. Jason Hill gaining its depth Russell Wilson as far as accuracy. So that that's all I'm saying. Is I guess is it that you have all the stability of its still in the NFL the defense does. Are too good when they get a month of film one yard six weeks you've got a belt and make plays in the pocket. And the acrid all the time. What I mean back great. Like and not. 48%. And it's a do you think all of us that was there was party to succeed to present value adds a lot at that that's a major difference when you break it down. The game after game. Ala the United Nations certainly spoiled by the by Drew Brees is can anybody say this show records as 76 completion vs this past season so. Look the guy who replaces I think the guy who succeeds Drew Brees on a consistent basis. Isn't on this roster right now Carly as I see it now takes you know could end up proving you wrong yet he could prove you wrong are compete. Maybe an eighth and Johnny in Mobile, Alabama was gone Johnny you're on the point after on W to do well. Cape code gave him India greatest lobby wanted to ask out this thing. Gain on our roster and a couple of years right. I'd say so and they were you'll get into the on paper Nazis who attack easily shy away from but. As far as depth yeah it's one more talented teams say to put on the field. Since perhaps 2011. Well it's especially because fig about his Johnny how many times in NFL history that you keep clinging. Christian. You can look at sub but I think is that the first time that it occurred. They go about how we hit the lottery. You have the offensive rookie beer and offensive defensive rookie of the year. I mean the thing like forty years okay exactly it's facilitate above that. So how can unite the optimistic about the roster young guys contributing and you know why he you know what else. You have to pay these young guys. For awhile. Yap a La right now say yeah I this year nature that's why you gotta win now and he taken advantage of drew greets. And Michael Thomas saw the whole crew. That that. No I'd like the roster. Now I still think we need some kind of contribution from Davenport. I mean. Mean how they did this remark is that important is the cardinals I think I think you owe you big you'll and you'll be back on the field Saturday or Sunday. We'll put that that a win is a visit to say is as good initially is ethical line. Got to get reps to look at everything. He's he's he's a football he's rough around the edges yet entered a football and now we need you in the bring it all day job is that a camp that can enjoy you know is gonna bring it. Craig and Algiers Stevie in home Mike in mid city. Brian in Biloxi new 2504. Tuesday so 187 your first impressions on the saints' 24 one win tonight over the Jacksonville Jaguars Bobby there Christie Garrett is the point after. On saint radio W him well. Welcome back to that point after the dating cannon Bobby Hebert Kristian garic here until midnight still to come succinct take notes on things. Press conference in full and also in medical school board from pre season action a around the National Football League back to phones we go. Steve Stevie I should say and home what's going on Stevie year on W to do well. God I don't do it right unit. Knowledge or so called city you know I thought. They should do pretty good job why. You know. Well well Bubba Bubba late Steve would you say. Not OK everyone's been abject. Horror that at first I thought he meant I don't know if nervous is the right word because. I think he's a football player. Look where else would you think get it now. Is that the future quarterback replacing Drew Brees the very core I Gilbert Brown Waite received a big lead in the very first play a big gain. He's going down don't kick off coverage. And we Kagan did a goal line he ends up being part of the pile. A muted joy and pain be rich risking your replays of the Drew Brees. And are well but I and once he proves himself that he that he is the guy had to be breezes success of the nothing. Bob Craig was or maybe your cheer that they'll go people. And you don't have former quarterback in news malvo are especially a man. Probably I'll tell you play special teams he almost blocked a punt tonight Stevie I think pays him hill's gonna play king years in the NFL. And may be at best would be an emergency quarterback we could excel on special teams you know they don't guys that are. Lot of I'm just tell you that day. Listen you'd be shocked band you don't get paid banjo and any look at is limited numbers mavs pick him like one point six million. And he's a special teams face. So I'll say BAA is so specialized. And Jason hill's amongst the best that I can see him. That okay is great that you can play quarterback in an emergency situation not think about is also and they gonna have this up their sleeve. That's why they want him to work out as the holder. Will Lutz blocked about fake field goals he get outside the angry enough to throw or run it. Beat back on punch you take upon know he can definitely be a weapon in his saints uniform. Yeah I think he really you know I hear you guys early you know. While ago that all of my enemy mortar round rookie right right he can't do that and you know I think I think sometimes it. Thank you more and more rush him and rather than you've been out there. Are both I think both those guys Stevie tase him hill. And GT bear Dicky Barrett had a wide open touchdown in the flat on a roll on their way here and you know eight and trust himself he doesn't trust and. I can't believe Reid who knows that saw everybody saw. I it was normally. Yeah he looks like it was look at right there and I don't know if it is that can get a quick enough but like got this baby I think you make a great point. Now look at pace of feel when you cut that line is a quarterback you have a priest that green and you got to figure out if you know you're doing with the how to be just trying to stop. And so I I think when he's going to progression we are well let nobody is going through his progression of the purse. Guys Albany's devil that thing getting him. In the second guy may be in the third guy you never get their Easter egg in Albany's running. But he got standing at the clock getting get hit I know that the. I think in the first or are as that your quarterback basically until he was inherently slower arm on the kick off I. Right yes he started the game a kick off Harvard. Number earlier for me and a million look like gay golf cart is flying down and don't eased up easily to us under the gun. And now we all of the guy they are here we love we we hope and pray that. Maybe show on in amber and yet there where you need should be. Well well above our Dana bigger audience or years yes that. Stevie thing about this. He was so while standing put a Packers. Last year he did Green Bay and he was unbelievable in the pre season the Packers wanted to. They would try to slip them through to practice squad then to saint CO one film but distilled in the tigers had to put him on active roster. All of Sunday bring among active roster and UCL a athletic he is what oh well should we gonna put a million active in game being put it was special teams. I mean at the rose as he's got out harmful as without a doubt kudos to the saints got to the part of finding them. Steve thanks to the phone call Mike in mid city was going on Mikey on the point after on W him well. There. Have been all right here. Who. All glued a mockery hypocrisy from article. All right at the scene of the FISA Veronica. Who. All they're Abalone. In line in this column which. You know good. Obviously being on a book and here come which you know. Klein know he's alone yes. You know I am. Sure the law. Well yeah did that pay is as a Loney got tarred by ground in and looked as though he did the rookie know he was a rookie and also. Gruntal and to a lot of linebackers I think that was a match a matchup problem that they just gotten a match them up against Islam because a scheme they were able to get the seats in right defense. Well it and I am or might. One in my struggle. But Mike along the lines we use saying as a Loney. We've seen him make a number of plays in practice as a Pasco alignments league will be illicit and I'd wait the point I'm making. It is but he does not have this kids in the wall like Craig Robinson. I don't know why nobody's ever need no Craig Robertson does not know what he's. To about over achievers and a put out there are. You know but we SOB was selling great grounds that these guys know when they put him in there to court. He eased and he's been outstanding. Yeah arm problem I don't know if you want to. In there or if it acts like the year. You know what they're you know equal people and men mix and match what would be you know trying to keep people fresh as well. Also there's the worker there what it would. Call it UK coach Ralph does. Ralph is because you job WWW. Route that dot com refresh me. Bad ankles and missed tackles. You know it right and if dragged into quote not a. But above all you know what like I get paid is that both third the third down defense has struggled. You might saying you have to look at the back of its involvement. Look the jaguars are 50%. No the these two coaches who say that's an acceptable. And window being around 50% offensively. And Adele wasn't the case the beginning of the game I know Lynette and I threw widows have times that. But but I wanna say at halftime. Christian look on third down will what was the halftime all like. The stats that jaguars in saint third down efficiency yes saints are three of 62% the jags are 4757%. Yet so as an. That either emirates or is it out there were 207 right the but it it it's amazing what you look on third down can you get off the field. They ended the game six for twelve jaguars of the saints and five for eleven almost Egyptian episode that's like saying. Both the bits of stats. Are saying we gotta get all of the field third down. That'd have been bad that's football 101 with the bits and eat a lot of times what you have to do is dead offense in a predictable it down to defend him. You can't get wearers like second in 62 and five. You know you wanted to where's likes negative kids think and in nine where all shoot and now you could take years back and pass rush to our paths. And that that's when all of us I do believe tonight getting it done on third down which we did not do the first water where. Linda Barnett. What this man if Barnett deny he played the beginning of the game five rushes 2.4 tenths yeah of via like yet so basically for 45 yards a carry. That's not good. The because you know why they Kiki go ballot to be able to run like that no matter who's the running back legal hornets wanted to bands. But but that's what Dennis Allen to be visiting this dress. We we we get I give up that much overs now. Body their Christian Garrick is the point after here on saints radio coming back for your calls here on W him well. Getting your over and look we've seen it run in run drills have been drinking about a they've had a hard time stopping the run they just have. Yeah the saints of that success. You know the periods where. Okay there were tackling I don't know when you thought whenever you call that I take into underground. OK you might have felt them. But they're ready gained six yards yet the so we give position. So you have when you look at. That. Okay and at 72 yards rushing to look at the first quarter now that aggression not the slightest leaning. Could that we could do it is that I gain. Because we did better as the game progressed with the backups at all. Twenties six attempts will give a two point eight average shoot we'd be one or two and then if there. No no that that it would divide that be snot bubble defense but that was not necessarily case who's trying to stop Lennon format. And we end up actually because the pace and those running. Held cal win them getting a 135 yards and 34 attempts four yard average. So we actually beat the jaguars at their own game even those pre season. You know to look at the glass half full than a fab Anthony. Considering last year to jaguars had. The number one rushing team in the whole National Football League and almost a 142. Yards a game. Jason Hill seven attempts 52 yard touchdown his longest run of 21 yards used a leading passer. And the leading rusher for the saints and it went twenty for twenty over the Jacksonville Jaguars branded and Jenna what's going on Brandon you're on the point after here on W two well. No matter what you know gone down hey Brandon which again. Mayor Bobby Ukraine in Manitoba on the day anyway. But the minute there's been I ever heard in my opinion it's they would have a undermine any. Well I haven't you know sub brand that brand I think I try to keep it real now that's Ali cliche but and I'm not the smartest but I know always bragging and kind of jokingly bill. You know am I talking about the 1% block kind of human cell was the 1% common sense. Go raw pig out. The IA and I'm Farrah Brandon not Taylor I know live Barack its go to look at the mirror. Go to bed at night and I know on Ferrell and all the players. That's what I liked about you speak you monitored the it would I think. About eighth then you know this in the OK I think this year really the but I agree go in and supportive put him on the green wearing at turn him into a hockey court about what is in the it is likely grave. Errors. Lautenberg. Breeds. Is that hot hockey. As a lot bar at that he would do right and majority complete his and it is out the pot. The bad I read. Brady dates and that the game because they're trying to put you on the neck in. Glad that I scrambled Arab I want scrambled that you've got a quarter that many good people trying him on the right person. Keep it months old is and that pocketbook. Step up and the step up in the pocket. Now you have to pick and choose when you can avail and run but that's easier said in Deborah and I get there right now. Some players batters so talent the ability when they were a little bought in and they can run like right dog Dave Brandon. And he got a rocket for norm. Can New England never truly be a pocket passer because he's so gifted. But he was a man among boys and Barbara when they won the national. Championship. That I you get an NFL that he get Hubble you know it is you rule Elwood Elwood as good as gonna help Cam Newton. Because they can't tattoo of by B get active Democrat. We'll win them all desirable they play the Broncos. 45 times canyons a tough son of a gun they knocked the crap out of what the crown their helmet and he got up I don't know how he got up. But the point being sometimes your instincts. Will when he's so talented. That. To just stay in the pocket that two guys decades is sacred that deadly. Make plays in the pocket. And it can also extend plays a Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers they are different animal to meeting Tom Brady or Drew Brees. That back press got to got to see a little more would potentially he could do so as though there's definitely room but that does that. I would love I would love well I would've loved to have the ability. To extend plays out the pocket. If I could deny Christians the way dollars and molded ideology being pro football thing. Not just a Louisiana say it's all a thing. If I had those assets. Because I knew how to within the pocket to make plays but a fight could of all of Acela playing the Buffalo Bills again Bruce Schmidt Russian. Big auto receivables elected NFC team and they play cover two man. And also it is time to throw they nobody open but I really couldn't like get away likened nifty quarterback. I can run fast enough and a straight line but to be nifty. In other that's why I don't never take away that that's why no of peace and he'll ever give half the patients. But to truly make plays in the pocket. Angola through okay like he made throws initially in that initial read after a first street the guys Albany hit him. He was actually the first I agree but what if you like all of a sudden move wounded deep it's a bags online magazine guys. And he's stepping up and he's still not panic king now all of a sudden you come you third receiver and then all of a sudden. Because not always going to be open this that a taken a sack now like drew would probably take a sack is who has been sacked. Two when he tied up only sacked quarterbacks is 2006 but would have all of a sudden. Handful of times bull he skates of DA's caves that ended takes often run. And it is kind of Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson tightly and Russell Wilson's a scalability at Woodrow Reese's accuracy. And it has I don't know the F outlaw it did did outlawed in this cyborg as like is. Yeah as that a human has left brain let's. Back to your point though about again and understand so it's it's a thought and I appreciate the thought of yet put them under Drew Brees is wing. He can't become Drew Brees in other words just because he's getting tutored by Drew Brees doesn't mean. He's going to become Rees those special athlete the special quarterbacks. Have something about them they just makes them that way whether it's something and their skill set whether something. Programmed in their in their mind the way they prepare not everybody can bear that burden and is much you wanna he can watch Jason Hill could watch Drew Brees. Every hit every part of his routine every part of film. Go out there and and in practice and trying to do everything I Drew Brees. Any may never be anything like it doesn't mean that it doesn't mean it just you because you're around him in your learning from them you're going to be Drew Brees I think that is a misnomer. Well bred and look at is how many times. Chase Daniel is seen Drew Brees practice. And it is in the meeting exactly the Chase Daniel is a little guy like drew did you turn to Drew Brees well no he's still an NFL quarterback. But he's not an online is saying first valve night and hall of fame level. To say you could help out. Maualuga would count had an opportunity to win. You know we've played against Carolina at 300 yard gain bit game that he's still they withdrew they can help drew. But they can't necessarily be drew. Like. I could be a player coach who drew and I noggin help our drew certain things that are still will be a druze level right. That the one thing on dog take a hit like a drew within a really hit the quarterbacks anymore but it does everything is well what's an asset. And bill one they go druze work ethic. A lot of young guys don't realize. The world group Woodson. And a film study. And how is able to process. Like diagnose of planet coverage at the line of scrimmage the have a call. And then you call that play in the huddle the new look with the beavis is doing and you are able to change that again into a better place. And I think I'll I'll NFL quarterback is Vega didn't Hal no. Out there right now they have Smart NFL quarterbacks and they got not so Smart NFL caught our magazine dumb. But nobody got the not so this morning. Our processes quickly yeah I can't see they can anticipated. And he and it'll just Drew Brees and an elite middle a capabilities of it evoke quarterbacks in the history. And the National Football League that's one thing I know for sure Tom Brady Peyton Manning Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers those guys have played so much football that you're not going to tricked him. You just not they they they know exactly what they're looking at all the time. Now so these are all the quarterbacks to the habit I think guys like even Alex Smith who's been around for while he can still get tricked out that he sees the game. From a cerebral standpoint that those elite guys do today and look that's that's just the fact of the matter Brenda face a phone call. We are over but Alex Alex Witt is trying did pledge to join the effort to yes 50426018. Semi text 87870. He generally comes as your first impressions. Of the New Orleans Saints and their pre season opener a win 24 to twenty. Over the Jacksonville Jaguars six sacks forced by the New Orleans Saints a fumble. Recovered turn over plus one and the takeaway giveaway ratio another positive side the saints have been stressing turnovers in training camp I talk about it at the open. During the during the pregame. But like I'm gonna kick off. I want to seek and they transferred that the turnovers they were forcing. In practice could they transfer that. Over into the pre season they did that so far still lot to work on obviously something not happy after the game with some sloppy tack. Well why not knowing where lineup it's typical for the first pre season game Christian you know glass half full six acts like you said and you know why. We've plus one and eternal war. You know take a good habit yep that's also B plus wanna build upon that they'll also we pause to put it fitted to gain the pre season. That's a big positive six act simplest one an eternal reward. If you think or believe you can do it most of the time you end up doing did violate this policy. Greg in Algiers Bryant in Biloxi. The point after here on saint radio WWL IMF in the dugout.