The Point After: Saints Fall To 1-1 In Preseason

Saints Football
Saturday, August 18th
Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert breakdown the Saints loss to the Cardinals and the performances of the backup QBs.

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The point after the cajun cannon Bobby there I'm crushing our phone lines are open at 504260187. Any. Text 8787 week. The saints win their pre season opener for the first I insist when he 1424. To Tony over the Jacksonville Jaguars up next next Friday night. 7 PM assays battle the Arizona Cardinals in the Mercedes-Benz superdome in the pre season home. Opener back to the phones real Kregg in Algiers the score Greg you're on W two well. Crane India Britain I got out of my screen I apologize Greg. A robot and men you know it's O box the scan on Wal-Mart. And years. Saying no one what you need to break whom saying you know these that is true about. Outside it would have it. In no. One. Oh I don't put out awards show of the globe Eric appeared to aid and probably. Well today and villas now it in the bay field in need well into. In maybe it's so line did a great job well. Contained in these guys opened a whole flow and loans and big coal big game. Then in the me but he in the Mir and he did O. He gave. Me the it. This meeting broke. Makes no well known that it's right. Some would move. Why do create. A probe is still. Credit that got. Demand. Labor and Greg Craig Craig will what do they give as a laureate chants. And then all of us and they know they have a great promise and and nailing the real deal when is the regular season. You know come playing Tampa Bay Cleveland. And are started seizing Craig Robinson the guy. There's an odd since alone he's virtually a rookie right now here's a Greg Roberts is an undersized guy yes Alan huge crowd Robertson fit and he does perform and put a minute but. The bottom line is that they're always going to try to replace guys like that the undersized guys especially for a drastic. Italy's gonna get every opportunity to work out every opportunity. Her round draft pick the united Albert has only got to do more has to prove more to me. He changes B I'll practice player cousy is has been at times outstanding in practice. But what is he been dominant to gain rights of all he's been hurt. How could be dominant game he's played. A few games he was murdered Florida but you know that's what it with that every once the scouts and on the Alan amber and because this skill set you know he's hell and he's well. But I say when the hell is he well. Backers to break that down now right and he's Helen is well I noted means if I BI agent in Knoxville is stepping in and this is so I'm like hey. If you not available united you know how did you be a held accountable. Well we'll look at it one NFL season for NFL game trounce Angela that's why cities virtually rookie. Let's see if this this injury bug follows him into the NFL look at the bottom line it won't be then be a it'll all be about hey. More given much chance it'll be we can't count on it so you I don't what. Well the thing is Craig. I think it is linebacker by committee and and if you get your chance to the rotation you know get it done I think you're going back and align. The one like tomorrow Davis because they brought him on board and I think he gets to as potentially to beat in eggs Jonathan Vilma I think he has that kind of ability. Bulldoze it tackler. And in pass coverage you lived abroad and AJ Klein. And different packages that you might have a situation. That you know as that of a three linebacker 43 says you know afford to have an extra nickel. And actually corner you have an extra safety. You know you really scheming and it's amazing depending on who you play in what lineup she gonna drop their so you have to look at it hate. If you are linebacker whether unit top two art atop the ring you know rotation you gotta get it done because if you don't. You go back in line the next guy you know has gotten better and pass coverage now we didn't necessarily see that tonight compared to last year meant I dale. I mean he was definitely a liability here's a guy that worked at his craft. Think I'd better in pass coverage side they can build upon if every was callable on because injuries you never know what's gonna happen. That he may be wouldn't be that much of a liability word quarterback all among go in his area his annulment of Burnham he is actually gotten better. But the savings is gonna give it to Alex has a Lawny Craig I don't think that's good beating case. That that right now that's why you have pre season he got jazz have played you wanna see woody can do. And he can't get it done. You know sorry you wanna work legit a work W got to me get a denim to feel in a real game nudges. Be an outstanding practice player. Greg thanks a phone call to Biloxi Mississippi. For Brian you on the point Astaro on DaVita throughout. Yes yes that are wondered if there are three courts are right. Sure. Our top that they are questions that cost you five dollars at all they have the bit. Let's admiral Brandon Tate and if C. The Reid terror the rodeo but he. Politics right now since he's been on board. Dolan they'd be going back in line again as a returner. It is if you Bobble a kick of you Bobble applies which I am nineteen he's caught everything clean. And here's an individual that has excelled at the highest level. As a returner and I know Sean paid respects that he's. And he's had over two under par returns. He's take you through it a house as far as a touchdown. Now there is really Bill Clinton gain tonight because of the feds in real error could fours acts that apartment add to it. 37 yard kick over attorney look pretty nifty. But then Boston Scott he ran back because our draft pick he ran back kickoffs a Louisiana Tech but not necessarily Pont's. So you know I think Boston's got it be used in the C I think he's gonna end of doing enough to make the team. But as far as their returner. I would say Brandon Tate. We deal would top. You would know ideally would tell you know or think people are yesterday all. Time. Yeah Christian look look better with media have and a he had that 37 yard return right per. Look at as a team. Let me see the at that chickened out return yardage. We have a kick we had. We had five returns for 137 yards. And did a lot better yes I mean let's I can recall a game we play the rams. To a turns to return for 59 yards for printing ads and yet when he ought to return to return is it an argument or the rams last year. We had zero return yards and and a 172. Look ideally you only you'll be enough around 24 yards per return he's between ninth for terms. Yeah doctor and an out if you see enough punt returns and uses his career average and he's returned. A 200 plus months the immediate played ten yard average my glut last year we averaged six and a half. The yards of punt return. Yes so reading get can now in following your side brand advocates average in fourteen. You that's a pro bull. So. Gore era. Art. Certain question on what could be. Seven the number seventy. Pixelated. What the market itself. My do you does not. Easier to our crossed the line. No idea you know what's attractive about him brine and a lot of coaches love him because he gave them on the inside he'd be at the tackle our DN. And he had Romania as a high motor yes. Although they did order. That they were so the president and last year and the reason why in your bottom lashes and a regular season because he got her. But if you look at his time training camp and all he was kicking butt. It's. Third course and if you don't mom and her strong that would do or may have been he didn't look Mary Crist. And the like he really did look they believe actually look like cute in. Well about it out of fourteen right above about Ito let Brian. You kind of get with Tom savage with the Houston Texans guy. I think he started some NFL games then but to say you gonna win anything. No I mean did decide to go with the Shawn Watson. I think as a us citizen for. And Tom savage is show you is not enough NFL quarterbacks around here's a five era veteran at a University of Pittsburgh I mean he's a big dude 64. 23 of it is don't have enough quarterbacks. Tom savage. Is like he knows what it takes merely had to do know what you do and but is he you do anything special I don't really think he's as good as what we've had in the past and what I'm am I don't look at it Chase Daniel a look at the same type of body type. Movement Kyl movement counter wave pattern and as far as trust fact that a quarter write anybody we've got now as far as playing to position I think. They haven't had athlete he's had much better back up quarterbacks and does that is the worst crop of backs backup quarterback buddy go back to our burden now harper now account at Chase Daniel twice yep you know it Tuesday the first sort of like trees and how compared. And now he's been the bears. But gab but you look at Bernal in. And Luke McCown died. To be innocent as he was gonna have a arrested a pre season games Bryant how the quarterback's gonna work out. Because. Who was today I think the rumor mill and the jets when they shop instead of Bridgewater Teddy Bridgewater that's a rumor so so mystery yet attraction exit lately they can't. They can't keep Kazaa a have Bryant and have. Josh means that doesn't lose brother Joshua column. And I town in. Sam Donald at Sam policy gamma Dan Arnold. And dolls and they'll say I'm Donald Young guys that say yes so so would you look at that. That. Another quarterback that won't play them next week. The cardinals. They got Sam Bradford. And he got Josh Rosen. He knows that very guys. The State's greatest inning when he came out and Arpaio and state Mike Glenn and who went to ten and make a big putt big bucks for the bears. In the bears let him broken they got. From Penn State it's too risky yet mr. biz ski. So all of a sudden you know he had to move it to miscues for north on the table when I said Wednesday a panacea amendment I'm in North Carolina and go to Chicago so. When you look at Glendon. I would state right now that if she because Sean Payton I don't know it's got to give out to get him that he would take Glendon over Tom savage. Our taste inhale tobacco drew. He might be available yeah I I don't entirely possible the back up the primary backup to Drew Brees. Might not be on this roster right now saints coach Sean Payton after the game here at the black eagle want 24 when he not too happy. Some good job of kind of switching momentum. Obviously. We'll look at the tape we get back in the bill of things that we you know. Too many to go through one by one but. So we can go from there and questions. I'll see the tape by both of them you know we're competing. I'm sure you know there there were some good things takes and does some things were on the ball. And Tom. Made a few nice rose. I thought listen early early in the game offensively and defensively we struggle I mean honestly. I don't know when we force the first hung. In there and offensively. You know we didn't generate. Much. Much of anything you know we get one school but. Bookmobile up with it and it. It. If you can play both you know his compete right now. It was easy with my third down. Will try to get a wrestlers on the yeah. Well he he he he he handles it real well one of us strikes as you know is more polar and so. Middle of the week one man that went down we start work in my. It'll continue look at it those packages and then also in nickel. AJ is the first got to carry in the care of the exit. Ever have. Okay. Well over. Those were those were designed rooms a couple of and then he you know he made a couple of plays with his feet but he's a football or. I'm in good player later in the game. But to get its hands on some balls we struggled getting a line that receiver I mean the whole night. Fundamental basic stuff you know we've trouble who's on the ball where are split is. You know we've got to go back to square one some of that because that that that didn't it didn't appear there wasn't a smooth operation. NC. I'm. Overall bookings operated. You both teams got a number of reps were turning it. That will be good film for us go back and look at especially with the space because it's the first on your relief goal line it's first time we're tackling. In this camp live. Defensively offensively the same way first time you know we're going to the ground so. I thought Butler was broken a lot of years ago obviously we're talking about the overall. Performance early on both groups. Let me get back workable. It. Well look he's worked hard this is all those guys seen in training and all offseason in getting healthy. And he's an explosive guy so it's great scripted to see someone that really is putting time and for. With three have been in and get out in. Enviable place and so people with them in getting reps and get better. Fire back. We'll look at the tape in great dunes. Or just a little field but wheelchairs great all the bills. All right thank you. Saints coach Sean Payton after the 2420 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars you thought they lost by 24 well and a ball we need at least some printers and like we say rough and a lot of areas litigious shopping be announcer because it was rough and auditors know he talks about. How receivers had a hard time lining up these are things into coaching staff are not going to be patient with if you don't know where to line up. At this point it the expectation twelve practices and training camp. You should know especially with DOT gays etc. and many can't you have to know we lab that's day one insult stuff. Well if you want to have success in trying to outflank you opponent. And now he's trying to get any kind of educate and yeah you have to. You know it's even have a chance oh what a long haul mainly got to always knew to do. And then hopefully physically if you win a few battles and win more and you lose it then you can have success for it. You know Sean penal and Anthony right now pretty much. You know on a coaches can Diaz the public in the media. But Sean a lot of times if you truly listened. He would tell you like it is you know life to. He's learned along continued coaches. And aside some maybe in the broadcast. That Bill Belichick in the Bengals coach Marvin Lewis Martin Lewis. The only two ahead of him he's right there with was it damning Green Bay Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy. In the top four. So you don't think it's kids and all my dad Emil one season as stuff in that sugar coat anything woody say I don't know the beginning to gain. Who have who would do in office only all artificially. What do you make them put that Vinny got us here that not that emotional yet but I don't want to look at the film I'm in Italy David funny. You know typing so he was. That's why you could say well. You know we bounce back humor behind it we came back. That's it I would rather. Truly because I know you come on you can look at. Jaguars cardinals charges whoever you play in the pre season. I imagine you rather leading and believe in leading at half time. Are they in a first quarter. Then all of a sudden now we kind of really struggled in efforts have a first quarter oh we came back innocence. Because. Look who's played. That's why it doesn't matter if you win or lose and all that might say you have UN it helps solve in the locker room in the confidence and all the whole team. But he's got to look at this kind of starters vs Starr that's and you get it of getting to regain it pre season. That's the point after relocating can embody their Christian Derek come back for Jason in New Orleans and you to a 504. 26018 semi tech's 87878. To Carolina Panthers top the Buffalo Bills 28 to three Chicago. Falls to Cincinnati and Eagles on the road thirty it's 47 Tampa Bay in the NFC south. 2624. Over the Miami Dolphins and how about Ryan Griffin's date down their for the Dem bay Buccaneers. Tony Tony 61791. Touchdown a quarterback rating of 107. Point. Seven Cleveland on top and New York Giants twenty to ten and that ball game maker mayfield pretense thirteen yards. Rush he was eleven and twenty through the air 212 yards and two touchdowns in his Brown's debut. Now lug Christian that's one quarterback shall obtain help develop. Ryan Griffith regionally and in. In hindsight now. As he's still with the falcons. Jerry Grayson yet via the sea like the practice squad you agree Cynthia in hindsight. No. Wry grimace and a different now leveled and Jerry Grayson. I mean I I don't know was gonna have and I was his kind of joke who do you because I think they would go with the experience to run its factory. But I think Rhine river is gonna give Ryan Fitzpatrick a run for his money. To play for ten MB. Before James with that comes back I mean I just think that. Went Ulysses journeyman are heavy one to describe them. That I date Ryan Griffin can end up having a double digit NFL career and eventually he probably will have. Some opportunity to start. Like arrived its factory. Are you Ito ordered the right Griffin like like a right it's fashion or even likened Josh McConnell. That some time he's governor of skin isn't a ball we have enough experience. California kid that plated two lane and great in great kid great great man knows that cute anymore. But look how he's taken advantage of this situation can be. So. Are you hearing now. I'd much rather have Brian Griffin the case and hill are Tom savage you be more confident yes I do more competent considering. How well he ran this on paying special teams offense. And it just a numbers game. Well all of settings. He was a part of the saints anymore. In Tampa Bay realized all they were fortunate that because Gary gray zone rock jazz traffic yes it can be realizes skill set and he snatched him up. Baltimore big win over the Los Angeles rams thirty. Three to seven in Washington Redskins fall to the real patriots. In Foxborough 26 to seventeen Green Bay all over the Tennessee Titans and might re rules coaching debut be in my two touchdowns. In Lambeau Field 31 to seventeen and Houston Texans topped Kansas City seventeen to ten games RD and action right now. Fourth quarter Indianapolis on top of the Seattle Seahawks nineteen at ten Dallas on top of San Cisco in the fourth core rap their Levi's stadium 21. The ten the New York Jets take on the Atlanta Falcons tomorrow also a good chance to see another divisional opponent. So so Chris tour of the town behead. Little League about at a West Coast who regular price the as the charges. And having I think that the CBS and national telecast right yeah. Is that light and afternoon that late night because you know you play look we it's almost been out at a time and this is to win and we plain and you have to look. A lot of senses that the 6 PM kick off here it's actually also deal like 4 o'clock 4 o'clock OK okay so is that like a night so. You have to look data because it's a feel yet so it's says that wanted to use my mistake you Symbian Sony 5 o'clock Bakken back in Los Angeles. So five Soviet says that in this you mean normal hours for us you know you'd. The point at until midnight whenever they you know when all of a sudden you have a late. West Coast scheme was to him. And I'm excited about dallas' disease that's emotional scene in in a pre season from the starters right there those practices last year against. The rams I mean it against the charges were were very productive I think further the saints she started to see alma Tamara that long run he said all right the unity got something. Without all of our policy nor golf you know winning few obvious Melvin Ingram and Joey both C offers a line to be tested. Well and you know guide test than last year and we you know I was gonna work out you have baggage they gaming is it charges a Ryan wrenching gut humble humble. A couple of times and Melvin Ingram. Right yeah I wanna say at least two to three times tea. So no I think adding that that's a good team when you're trying to protect the passer. The price again against a team like the charges. And plus also. Because there's limited snaps an actual gain. To have priced against a guy like Philip Rivers. You know you try to make you divas better you and the secondary everything is suing erratic. Go 707. Are all the different droves you do like the charges same thing. They wanna go is Drew Brees. To make them better we should wanna go it's filler rivers to make up even better. Because we knew going it. Against pilgrims in through Brigitte truly going to get the best of the best. Looking ahead to games tomorrow the Atlanta Falcons are up there in New York take on the jets at the 730 kick off also. Is the return of Chuckie. With the Oakland Raiders John gruden back with the raiders are hosting the Detroit Lions tomorrow. At 1030 local Minnesota and Denver kick off at 9 PM along with the LA chargers. And the Arizona car. As aggressively to walk a law the raiders 10:30 central zones that they'll be the only 9:30 central so nice in just a Heath and thirties so. Is that an NFL network is the competitive that gains seen I would be interested to see. It is the raiders or whether Ike is I don't necessarily. Think their from the get go. That gruden is gonna be a miracle worker with the reader's. Digest or miracles. I don't may be as good as it charges that a chiefs. That's fair I'm just looking at OK and what I mean like let Derek Carr I think. Where do you put a lot right now in the NFL quarterback sub put a middle of the pack. Because what occurred last year you I mean. I think he's a legit starter and you give bill a franchise around them but. If you look how the raiders. Beat the saints two years ago those kind of lucky. Mehmet mall road dog Jack Del Rio yet the raiders had about four games that year. That devil me. Dan lady luck on their asylum all right I'll sterilize yeah take that Imus happens that we get Ellis to placate colleges Dingell said Ronald Michael Crabtree let. That's when you wanna have those kind of plays work your way Christian. So you can win thirteen fourteen games is that a thin arms. C but I but I think that scenario when they had those plays bounced their way. That made him adult double digit winning team. Where. They could have basically been a 500 team. 79 alienate so the balls like that I always volatile is I'm just intrigued. That I think group of all he look today as a lifer type contract. That it will eventually work out I don't know was going to be namely against the laws Vegas. But I don't necessarily think it's going to be all from the get go. That he's gonna turner rate is around overnight and be dominant in the AFC west. Your battle that game away years ago in the opener that was Brandon cooks and any yard touchdown pass. Longest play of his career right is passing the longest pass it does sound of Drew Brees is career. Beat Shaun Smith badly need it. Charles Smith was it was highly thought of quarterback out of you talk he give out the same draft classroom this now as daily gene that these a lot of people thought the scene to an end of drafting shots with the raiders in the death and I wanna say in the late second round or early third round and after Stanley Jean Baptiste my goodness. What. What a bad rookie class that was in general for corners. I will subway wrap this thing up your point after Bobby Hebert Christian Garrett on saint radio W to dwell. Winding down here on the point after. The JD can about Vietnam Kristian garic the saints went 24 when he. Over the Jacksonville Jaguars in the pre season opener Sean and hand and what's going on Sean you're on WW. Yeah about it it's gone. Daughter. Watch any game. I didn't suitable but I saw Paula good to be a 11. I've seen avid -- field. It was a. Yeah he's I don't know if he's gonna listen. I'm not gonna sugar coated. The show on Tom savage is one even in a Houston. Uniform and is five years it you know going is to appear NFL experience. He's gonna dove and also that that does not surprise you gonna look at his numbers. Paint guy complete fourteen detail instinctively she is seventy yards. Here's long his game was fourteen yards. That does not surprise me. I mean even in practice I don't really see him push and evolve on the field. Not not been elected a completion and I mean. That would fourteen yard completion. You know yet yet that in productive post to the ball. I mean. All of the army that fought that and it's now making it ended up towards. Well I mean I've seen him throw spirals further and that may be just kind of Bagram on the ball shall not and hot it. Explain it but. I don't think dude and nation to be too confident. If Tom savage all of a sudden. Had to play a month for Drew Brees. Are even a couple of games I don't know right now baby be comfortable. And at the highest level when the games count it pays them hills the guy. So the TV that abuse in the city. The guy that got us believe that the primary backup Bobby. And John to draw res this year is not on the roster the suit that's what I'm saying in my shoddy might not even be even on the roster right now. You know we brought Jason Hill on board. Last year from Green Bay. Now we've brought their receiver Austin Carr for the patriots. Now they now that's a little divot called for. A quarterback that you bring on board are Christian to learn all bets where is second nature. Where it'd be Glendon from the cardinals depending on what happens there are. Now. Teddy Bridgewater you know come back from is significantly into the vikings. Now looks like the jets are shopping him around so large chart I don't know we just got to see a rosary prayer right now. That Drew Brees. Judges. Plays the whole season like he did it did last year. And we have a great team that is not all of drew shoulders. And Regan makes other runner past will be fine and Drew Brees will stay a bright and helping. Don't have Luke McCown who rely on him out right in for for one game against young fans and gave us the chance to win almost got to Dunning is Carolina Panthers had enough of that. Really good interception from Josh Norman in the back of the end zone before I push out here while I think more Bernard master control of this out as well as ten exam or. To be done without those two guys also were pushed out here wanna think Diane Newman our our executive producer and also program director here at. WW nobody in about thirty seconds just tell me which a look at four has seen him back on the practice field Saturday and Sunday. Well I just want to listen you could be all row or and excited as a defense. But you know Wimbledon also onion and lights in the game counts lodges transfer we do in practice. They gained a bit and got humbled a little bit in that first quarter. So. Just you know be more disciplined union angles as far as you tackling. I'm not really worried about the offense long term but did the defense of ours that they did meg step. India top ten defense. So obvious indices Saturday or Sunday practice their tracks and a marvelous Camille walked levels around half of gave it all on Sunday. We may be could see some live tackling our goal line. Silly me. Because I think that did affect some of the players. As far as angles and missed tackle we just ominous than getting a putter down so I can see it drove always look far today could bag it's really competitive. Because who went through to the office and the defense but does have a better showing from the get go against Arizona Cardinals. And I listen if we got the lead out there first quarterly and have time you don't win. I ran a dig that be an outstanding in the first half and not necessarily close obligate me Billiton the super bells. But just with the guys you going to be seeing playing on Sunday in the fall that they get it done from the get go against the cardinals coming out. The best thing to happen tonight no serious injuries to right pretty healthy team for the New Orleans Saints back at a tomorrow at 4 o'clock sports talk. Back on the air as well mart he did a great job thanks for your help also Tim Zimmer as well behind the scenes. Several fire out now. Funny these payments blown away at what is wrong. Going to be able.