A Podcast Has No Name - S7 Finale Preview & Predictions!

A Podcast Has No Name
Thursday, August 24th
WWL Radio's "Game of Thrones" podcast returns as Seth Dunlap and his cohosts Mike Styles and Christina "Stina" Molinario preview the season finale of HBO's hit drama, which will be titled "The Dragon & the Wolf".

Last season's finale, "The Winds of Winter", is widely regarded as the shows best episode to date.  Can this season match or even top it?  Seth, 'Stina, and Styles are joined by special guests T-Pot of B97 and Kat of Bayou 95.7 as they look way into the flames for predictions all across Winterfell.  Who lives, and who dies? What is your prediction? 

Send your comments, predictions, and Thrones questions to Seth on Twitter @sethdunlap or using #WWLThrones and we'll read the best ones on next week's show.

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What's your name. Joining me. Who are you. Like the guy has money. We are no one on cast has no name. A WWL radio game of drones podcast with your host Seth this Dina and styles. Hey what's up it's at Thursday's special edition as special. Finale preview edition as we get ready for the dragon and the war that Clarkson and beefy. 120 minutes and ask him you know hour twenty minutes the aren't about we get to talk about a 120 minutes is a demons that he is. I think you're crazy Charlotte. And you an extra voice it here next week as promised we've got a full house for our. Predictions podcast is sets in in south all slow wit. T and Bambi eyes seven. That's kind barrel of holdings he caught me and I'm so excited they are really all that's. This is kind of ruined my life I haven't written it I think about anything anything but Jon snow now so this is all about confidence I. About it not only thing and I love how he's everything at times and had to call them something and he'd be like Dick on the. Syria the cooler nickname fatty stick around longer than it did it believes that he didn't give me. But that he we have got out he did because it is to I mean I've spent the needed it I mean yeah okay. Yeah I asked have you seen this picture that style showed us a note that I. And on your phone it's on his in the Gramm only gotten gains in she's hey you know when I pull it up is ballroom goes yeah let's stick on our way to. It is a rally. Police that's about what amounts that the weapon you can use the hash tag WWL the groans to comment we do this we'll also do a wrap up season wrap up podcasts next week of course and look ahead to the final season. Season eighths so let's get started. Revisit last week's episode for just the second because I don't think ladies you know my theory app lets me know okay so ends. Spoiler here you guys read the article read that it leaked on FaceBook Christina exiles yes alright okay so. Mike there has now watch the episode twice a hands beat the whole frozen lake about rape that happened and the like coincidence. Here. When he brought the spear is he brought the chains like why didn't they attacked white away so what's the first and I thank him. What's going on. And then watch it the second time and I don't think it was the second an epiphany. The whole thing. The entire. Thing. Was planned from the start by the knights keen to speak down a dragon and capture yeah. Yes I'm week for which I think went out and why they haven't changed there why they wait why they had all really is. Hours yeah. Exactly three spears if you watch it again in three spears and I thought would be like alone I don't do this are you worried. Then again but we saw a few articles that I guess about the same thing you've wrestled me agrees that the giants aren't nearly it's kind of holding them back later I'm like yeah it's there may have have set the trap. With the one and unlike those randomly. One is that we're walking a dog and the path yes and you know media and if you look at the other. Mean bosses have. I only get rid of those nights Beers so they were prepared for. The three dragons yeah ahead Elena. Yes yeah I think it had several lots of ups and it makes it feel better about the episode to my W these weapons have changed you know as I'm going to think that Dayton. Directors you know I can map post what I just said this was his plan. Yes I did read an article that. Kind of lose that if that was planned I read an article that says why that plane and I'll might have happened. Yeah have you read any of the articles about like what they think about the making no share. I wish we didn't turn. They think Evan making is Bernie yeah. They have the same nose and phrase. Here is not me I am the same clothes yeah. It break it and then he's got what is that the green is yet greens site and he can see it. And they're saying that brand had a habit in he was warm by Chou Jen and you blowing in the tree light don't have a adult stayed behind so long in your dreams or something like that. And likes to say that maybe brand try to prevent the whole thing is he does like Glenn Beck might try to affect the future. And that maybe he went to your boy who was turned into the nineteen by the children. The forest and got stuck well I think. You're worthy of our brand new satisfactory use this we call our our addictions looking into the plans they have somebody makes a crazy prediction in my he's not crazy and this is what you're gonna hear. Spot on. Bob and flew it up and I don't out. And I hope and so well so there's two versions of brand walking around right apple Brent doesn't walk well. Right well I think it hasn't article that was saying how how he acted hurdler. So he went back and see. Like what he did way back then when Brodeur was a boy yeah yet but it affected hotel or for the rest of his yet so like. You know what brand is like just wording into all of these different tee and might changing him like I can some body. And I'd like that theory is that branch on law and lies is line it's time yes and I exactly I was thinking maybe he was he was gonna lie and dragon. I do think Randy is the third. Dragon rider. Per the prophecy I like to think that is not going to be as the night king and that it's gonna be ran boarding into the brain not be dragons got ice dragon. Bugger he brings radiologists I think sort. Of Hilo hi guys sorry. Yeah I have I got harm. Look we're paying so little you know I'll write it is a horrendous it know it he's been acting right he's he's like going to be working guy and China try to Alter history he's gonna try to have the mad king stopped. Like to burn the mall is that a little bit further and further to the original job in the I was gonna make you read articles and did I forgot that I did plead as far. It. Up that kill himself Bryant was probably talking to. The Matt Cain and so when he was screaming earned the mom and he wasn't talking about the people with excellent and apparently he did talk about the white lockers are now. Have you seen the picture from us next episode where brand is ominously sitting in front of the fire just staring into it is saying speed up. Well they're into the files go ahead and look at the flames for this week's episode. The content if I am thinking he's seen thinking now let's look into the flames. Finally they shot out Steve Saint John well it's the other yeah here yeah that's a good job rated he's the best. So let's do look into the flames for this this next episode we can look beyond the next episode as well all of us up with clean game bull do we think this is happening yeah. That's going to be the big cliff hanger the brothers' no I don't I eight. Think you well I think well everything's gonna be cliff hanger. But we're not gonna know which one dies they're gonna Fy oh yen and the fun thing about that is variants arts and leaving her and her name as your previous level situations I think it's elk came down the mountain was killed at ground for yep public liquids he professional wrestlers that were previously fled into have been doing. Like yeah they're really really bad about that yeah yeah I think the hound could beat the mountain by himself first all the mountain as I have and integrate yes yeah. Tonight he's rankings that. And that guy who may back and Khyber iPad aren't doctor Khyber Stein is not a I think I'm pretty ugly lie what are you lie about off. Is not right it certainly would hello now. I'd still don't know we'll be. Those that do sales Nadia. I this is her baby you know when I'm. Like I like. Other top. FDNHRA. Except you know bunch of flag. On Sunday on her head like this week helped you as yeah pregnant I know this to be true. Looking at the plate yeah I am old enough anyway. Well it did. On. Well and at the hands I don't. Out here on the way Arnold why. Or our last yeah I know it's true because I'd say all I know it's a do you know. The behind the scenes my so it's going to hit answers I am Teamsters the all the way is wrong. Yeah I thought that I think he does so that I wanted to go into a monologue and it did on FaceBook and Twitter at all but just a quick synopsis here. I understand how she got to this point. That from the prophecy of Magnum which yeah to all of her kids dying to her crazy father whose shoulder to bite. I am not at Robert Brett and then he raped that woman and beat her for 17 years I am not a rubber rap against Ukraine that nurse at saint yeah yeah oh yeah beats. Think I'm back I'm banging their brother and law might murdering yes. And his children yeah. They're low down on that those Mosley is not actually was and she article that I remember what. Bolt to operate had all of Robert rats in terms of was happy that aren't in it. Hugs you both Shia and how are yeah I. I'll. An extraordinary and so you. Yes they aren't specifically. To hear him. Talking about tearing been that theory it is the only means you're. Not that Jamie and sir seat car. Target area and you know they car. All teens and yet there's not enough time in the show there's like seven episodes left total I was totally on board for Syrian target area and let them down. Now there's no I'm not they want isn't aren't sharing an and I think that's why. Is Jamie was the black. The kings player. We know he did not betray eaten med king Ares. Yeah and he was is and that's because he had an affair with Tiger Woods' wife and that's where tearing them. It is they don't have anyone that. They're all these guys time. Book thing to happen but I mean throughout the series he had people who think like you're not my son to Syrian Ehrlich also on all. To our sir bastards yeah eyes so there's a lot. About that but there's no I don't think with brands like going back in time orally. You know green seeing that in silly Thailand's history yeah I don't know how we're gonna be validated in that he could touch a direct end. Yeah that's true it's not only is gonna be definitive kind of like that sets the Erie with chains and it was like they like. Strategize. A strategic withdrawal but I think the audience over. Didn't like nobody wants 'cause he's a little maybe so they just let him touch him like he can enter a that I don't think it'll be confirmed that Syrians old target area is because. The dragons. I thought I was gonna be the third dragon rider presents. He's not anymore and it's turned and less Nellis concert in bit dragon that delight. Yeah it. Bob. Well. Outside. Now you don't have to go beyond. It's okay are able. We do I think I'm just happens happening I don't think I'll get really cliff hanger blood I think it's gonna happen. Rudy who New England where how you know the mountain. I think the mountains do among yeah. You think pound. In any guy that's that's his whole story arc and now all gonna die it's gonna be tightly because he's afraid of it it would just be the perfect. Story keeps getting married stanza. Doctor about how your crazy I gave it. That's blow. Have a crazy that the and I am not. Well now you're crazy now all. What I think is get married and I think hearing in infants are Guinea re get back together to you'll Lional ministers and the Starks and unmatched. Yeah I think that they really are you married into it deserves a nice Meehan now here. They met and she's not my age and I she's not I RE get off does that. That's a that's that's a good segue here let's go up to winter fell and this arias sons that brand little finger quartet that they have all the latest news is that. Court triumvirate. Yeah here I think brand gets involved in my prediction for up north is. I think Brandon finally gets involved to stop his sister's from killing each other I just don't think it would make he's also. Anymore I just don't think it makes sense for the show runners in July songs are aria at this point something how they Lilly has this and I think brand with a green side gets involved. The dagger comes into play and are you maybe actually salsa kills little bigger with that Derek is now Sox has that dagger. See I think that's too simple I think thinking that brand has to come in and do this is like that's that's wrapping it up to pretty I ain't that. Aria is playing them all act and because she's like she doesn't have bases she doesn't have a she's no one. So this person who doesn't have a base and is now one you really think that she's gonna let little finger like tricked her into going into the net and getting that thing. When I loaded. It here right because she went to faceless men school graduate school and she like. Majored in light reading people be and yeah yeah like she can't even tell that her sister Jen underwent the north first please don't mind when she lost her site her other sentence is. Became really stronger so she knows when middle fingers following there. She's doing all that are out there still is or she is fighting with stands out on purpose is your. Hope you're with the way. Like yeah happy. I'm telling you like that's gonna come and play. As having music that faces the entire time thing I think she was playing the game bases the second that she read the letter. Because that. I would never worked for the ministers are fewer servings Syrian anti Atlanta's yeah. At parent. And then whenever they're in the room with each other and just kind of giving signs are feeling good they like it I played Smart let's eat your way right car. I don't think I'm. You know I she's. Have a sees this do you look back and now he's in needs to you remember when Selig after bomb lace Aaron was pushed through the new indoor and also. A little finger was about to get. Followed suit and fans alike breaks down right now yeah it was she was doing exercise price increases let me angle answers that may be due all this stuff they have abused me they tortured me it's up. They already know. What she's so worried about Liggett are your read this note in front of every rawness that hold public out. We already knew that I had. How important the aria thing don't yet I don't I don't understand how they would why they'd need to show them bull speaking it together because. Who else is there a little thing here is obviously watching him he's got spies and he's like yeah. Even in the yeah like king calling it had a little holes they look through it but I think he's probably got a little weight would advance call them his little birds. Little birdie let's say I'm kind of on imported how it today. How would they showed that that's been happening that's my question is well like well it'll all come to if you'll see. But it happened is they're happy lying is there a reason why she sent Brandon bring in a way. I had L that's a billion I don't know how well thing I think there has to be something that's gonna happen. And so she knows that Bree and is gonna have to protect her. You know so maybe she's like that we knows it's not go around. Yeah. Podcast we know this happened about to go down I'm gonna century and a way Ambien aria are going to be steady and coming. Mean people are family members in cahoots against an enemy before right within the tie or else. When they were fighting with the sparrows. And Leland a thought Marjorie tyra was lost for good engines like like the days of the seven Graham on in our like a lazy and flour no with a flower so that's how we beat those who you know is actually going on grass yeah some wondering what the stark girls in doody show up anywhere else and smiling at me. They easily knife yeah maybe I passed little note with global space on it maybe finesse the oval. It does then he's a better. Has granted entry into this plot at dollar Zia was on plot of the own blog I think yeah his own he he's not in. Doing little kids don't know by the we are which. Yeah yeah. That's the kind of punched in the face right now yeah he's good eat bugs he's at least six I had this season and the Ria that whirling recapping stances rate back to her yeah. Rain and some states he's way don't. Until you are on. What about your loss widened Vegas before. Do you think that may be. The reads. How and read it makes an appearance may be some stuff goes down and winter fell. And we see Mir with her father and his army navy and terrorists to. I think we're on the streets and Alley. I hope it does show probably in my books but in the show a public reads or dime package and the book but it never at this point in the the total people are split thankfully. Ray yeah OK anything else happened only it grabs a cast Adam Weber. He's tanking but we're. It's true you said Christina that the shore said no cliff singers this season and that's relent as yes. What I love so they I don't think I would be the last scene would be why don't beat cliff hanger wouldn't if they announced him as being a night. Well my own Alina without any thing who's gonna tell. Do you think he realizes that I think that's it he'll realize he's the nineteen Sunday well. And realize that no one else will I did I don't I am by the way on board the theory he looks a lot in the face down. You have to have that same nose liner that if the judge but the chances are. Yeah where this same kind of clothes he tends stuck whenever they put the cracked last it's hard not to like man in the same position yeah I drank less as. Yeah reminds me of. The Keeneland shiny. Caught red round. He did so OK so that's that's it there let's get sand we series against Sam yes yeah on Sunday yes they can head north and that there's always drank till. We are spelled right and I think John's book bag. Back to the wall right on his way back to drag he doesn't know that he didn't know that I am doesn't know and I also doesn't know that he is dead and Dick honored at. He has no I don't think Italy it matters person is going to get I think he's gonna get abducted. On. We. That guy if he's headed on that side you are not yet it's not about him yeah let's. I don't Aaron I. Or the year on they get a little rock star and still Mary scissors. Well me and I loved what Giuliani and knowing it's gonna be is that oh I don't. Totally I totally accurate and honest you're gonna airline is that anybody on the actual Al get out of here and now an art dusty and there's the fact that he he's my favorite guy he I don't hear a I don't wanna get shields. Lie so there's rumored her book previously and assuming. In the books he's kind of an ally of the nineteen is that right kind of heat is like the former protege of the three I agreement. That's what he's the crows I and he talks about how his third I was owed them is that how he used to be able to quote unquote fly. So there is a little means there's a piece. You know is setting up in the books that he's actually going to be like. He could even be not deny he had but he plays at such a deeply. And likely didn't and here. Let's he he he might even a lilac it so you'll really know what the weekend he aren't. I mean I don't Egan an hour but ninety greens a year so can he beat out the other one the other but the well why aren't yet like the other. Level of zombie ear when everything is quite different I agree there's different levels obviously has been using not hell out of me. This audio Whitewater yeah my name yet. The GO whites he is more public public majors the rain in the books write this in the show yeah. Like I bring them along he can do all the yeah it's I'll ask not humans elves. Question here so there's a difference between wind that this is a little off topic. But when then that I can't it is I guess the night at a fixed that these dinners at night came not night's games a night came when he resurrect. The dead or dead resurrect on their own turn the lights and what he does when he puts his finger on. Things and turns them in the white walkers yeah just raises cancer and resurrect the dragon he put his hand touch on the wagon. When he catches yet what is the strike it's not eat white dragon it's something more mystical creatures that the only thing that he can touch is you know rosters heat and season on how they add that it was selling all of this guy yeah yeah I am. Those are all whites how those are like. Bad ass in yeah aunt had. So you have and then geely is little EB. Rats as long as bad as like being there he'd be like eight years old by now what. I thought I. Yes I have a total. Well it it runs that it's only just can't get on board with anybody on don't know that the baby is rosters blotter something. You're on slider and I it cries harder and stronger I. Now joke or you are what is going Ali she's still alive she's likely to vote. Mean great to definitely I'm Eleanor. Yeah she's definitely I'd like it tee shot lately I think I would do shots I don't I. Are my sunshine eighty shots and make out anybody will we see her unit freebies he likes the young collapse by the boat in the water all upset I think it's gonna be because either she's mutilated yeah war. She's some kind of female version of re now. Yeah. That's sick they because he's been tortured and raped Indianapolis. I should have a little like yeah dog or did you do it. Gruesome leave tied to the front of his voters than I am asking me there. He's whatever it I love her character by the yeah. Aaron yeah. The reader to see him at like August this or we're gonna see him it with Sam we don't nowadays he could be at both places in the second episode I let us. Florida but all that's pop hammer like. I don't think since going he has to write the story yeah I get and a writing is not my vote at all. Maybe bull's eye. Also don't think the walls going to be much longer not a lot of down that's like this that's the that's in the last shot last year we have Blake yet it's great said that the allure exploding out. I think maybe that rag in grieves its blue I. Milan again melts ha. And then all they did end of the episodes army to cross over over the wall he's the billionaire had no less stressed I'd say ice crashes. Maybe they're dragons eyes crushes the ball. We don't really know what degree I know you have an idea didn't start really read this it's all. Story it's nice strike by George RR Martin's super shore and they debriefed ice and they are stronger than regular it's awesome until you know look at like adorable and I did a good. Dragging it BC's Dini again he'll he won't turn back I don't because Dini deep down in Seoul well. The underground for a couple of years while she is trying to run marine so that they didn't know out of the site is like what tablet is right I'll look at that was the dragon because obviously but there has her brother ended up to honor this is the Syria and yeah dragon named after her brother announced an. The rule and that means that rig all named after radar whose John's father is maybe you'll see John bond with drag him. Well I'm. Or where we get into the sex in front well like hello. They have no chemistry. They have I eyes are really acting like they're not and there's something missing there like a story are dangling you know about the lit like I like. They're not gonna do with the Guinea is currently not in the first started up banging on that boat. Job. Bank anybody know John committee said at maverick Dallas is that you should he should do it he had an opportunity for your call is locale of choice and yeah. Looking to wait now I would push back and I got the kind of trying to in the go grab in the hands of the directly at all paranoid. Well she lingered for me she's had linger he thought about it and she's like he's too little for me yeah. And she made it went in like Joseph I see as many kids like as people have sex just to have kids parents and teenagers. Go on kids I. The kids I think Sousa yeah. I think she did she she she's getting hot button in the the only reason that they have pauses that we already had a big reveal with one of the queens having a baby it was his there. I think that Dinara is having a baby might be like you know Alex it comes to go on for too long it was adding any candidate who happen to think that we know better. No that'll be the spin off the holiday. Or. Bob. OK so let's get soon. It is this episode I. It's gonna how early I have to be fascinated finally see all these characters together in the same setting up these little words. This and dragon yeah hit it I guess. Like this is thinking Atlantic again right yeah I mean that's my serves he's up to something do they have. The police and then have the white with them is that are weak whites and they have the lightly yeah yeah I think now you are what. Out and pound it's gonna reveal literate yes relapse that in the three for the whole season they had Blake that talent in this dragon it like. On sheathing his sword. And it doesn't always net he's gonna fight the mountain I think that's him legislature. The white yes asleep when this is cutting his wife written her. All but any president and yeah carry out a little like all the way I credit Jersey either they got to kill what. Have a thought of sitting Greg drug glasses we saw last episode again just going back to imagine every Watson against everybody did have a city inner drag glass. So they didn't do better axes and. Yeah are exposed to dig Ford pet dragon stone I think they I think is denying our eggs to the end marry they left they they they minded idea that how can bastard John below the chalk. Indicated they're blowing things years and again I think that. It artists I guess even though like they're gonna show them this things they're still has cash. Yes she she's paired last people she you've always timer so she can have she can kill them all and then have Khyber and look at this thing and then figure out some. She's about I hear is well let me defend like under a little bit I'll think that she had if you watched two episodes ago when she reveals I do think it's a baby that she from the for her first meeting with team when she just backs right now wanted to die on this battlefield I don't care. That she finds out she as the kid act like okay now islands it's great because now she has the baby so I did that she's crazy I agree she's she's going to plot something Jesus right of access. What species. To do this race she asked to plan change lives she yeah I Cheney I'm telling you she is she why is he baby and and she wants peace. She really wants to kill Marianne Elliott she's a hey counties he wants to kill them all she wants the rule everything and cheese and Jamie just so he can be like OK so we can have a peaceful meeting and probably a lot. She's gonna set a trap and she's up to some Jamie's gonna be one killer. I agree with that I kind of agree except Fred don't think the baby's date I I. Isn't it a source on the baby at heart we know that baby's real last episode hearing said. To Danny when they're strategizing in this meeting. You know she's gonna see some provocative stuff we know she's gonna say something great yet since she's gonna have a trapper yup us I think to see some kind of a trap ultimately pointless that little. There aren't Easter egg plant that seed they're yeah that not the answer fruition and then she asked you're in or do we have a picture at right. I'm wondering if he does because he is in such a let down the last he sees little every every play that he hasn't gone to an hour now. I haven't trapped here I hope it hurt trapped is that she's going to. Go back on her word seeing when she says yes you can have my army let's all fight these white walkers together. And names she's not gonna send Aaron I exactly yes and do. I think that we have seen from season to season to season that we really can't trust theory and because he's sensitive. Like with please tell us. I. Like with Jay you remember I'm console here he is not a worse time I remember. Well off the mark he was with Jay and had devastated he was rich the right kind of turned against him. RA. It ex actor and it's like. Are you down. Yeah I didn't like yeah doesn't know his sister and he drinks and he knows the exact yeah okay he knows he's my spirit animal Brett. We get the return of our girl miss Sunday's scissors again. Last episode on the show he's got a new spin off railroad is making these. Of certainly awesome didn't terrorist outfits we it has been so they are right yeah sped off QVC show isn't is there it's. You name it podcast next year by the way yeah. I get it we get here I have no problem does group does great work not have a penis now all about this thing. Half. I don't understand I think that's why they showed him going calendar now. They kept that Tina L now the ball some people think that is the opposite that well I actually my balls I think I'm currently is if you don't get all that eighteen at doesn't work. I think you penis with still no Haley. Well yeah. Yeah. If you all of its single. Out hormones may get tired. We need a doctor on this I don't know again you know wait till what's the unit got he's got nothing with Andre ones yeah yeah he's got. He's let them yeah CI yes there. Boys what the Unix the biggest down there discovers this the overlay back when when of rumors like I like boys or girls you know he yeah girls are all things. Not that lets you regain how. But he's played insinuated that it yet it did anyways it well because I have you know via higher aspirations than he looks birds run. Actually we talked about this before or an on air. Think what's going on with there's the story line because no asunder basically called her shot instead like oh you're gonna die. Soon and here. So I took that obviously I think that I took that as. Not soon but you will eventually die in oyster house yeah maybe surely add later in Russia doesn't think it was something that's looming he knows it in accepts it and he's like yeah I'm ready to go or maybe he had a good life mate the likes to see kills them. I had so let's get to the death pool here. If we had to go hierarchy who's dying let's just keep stick thinking who's dying or is anybody dying in this key you need some daylight new X episode. I mean next sees no Sunday. I was I read I don't know. We were not it's only differently. Articles truce Merling. It's big news when I put it all I heard it like it's two major deaths and that it's going to be hard Beatles. The mountain. Cool would that I think we all we Campbell I think any one of them dies out that would its media we have. I think entering my all I hope. I think that you know say is he's gonna see for peace and early demands and be that she wants hostage and I think are and do her entry well. Here's our happy and Gloria. Here's a nice high. No. Oh I'm wondering if because you seem like. Both of their my ECB giant leap pull up and black water and see that does recchi yep he's and it Allen's only so you see. All are out there every once you're in like. What believable if like you know errors don't start flying or would that just how do you that he you know. Her voice Guinea's boiled dyed hair majora. Tour mama yeah that would be heartbreaking since he just accurate a great scale. I almost everybody from that it's. The wooden box big mean island making it is when they have just it made more thematic sense to kill than there has been dissuade an episode of the Unionist it was that's why yeah. You know I really quiet yeah. Wailea let them survive quiet and had debts what is your seat kills Cheney. Why would she do that because him because he might try to be the voice of reason as low totally kills him and then tried to hook up with Iran is yet considered the prophecy which is that the bell inquired. In which like the younger brother's going to be her day. So she could kill Jamie but that would mean that would almost hat certainly have to be here and strangling her and right. Maybe OK maybe it's flipped that. She's gonna kill him it is the brother than it wouldn't be kidding me because they're twins have a Chaney she's not first yet. So he's he's younger pilot of the human. Hearing and did strangle each day. Yeah he has a history. So. I don't know I am wondering what it would take Ford Jeannie two kills her seat especially in that she's carrying his. That's well this baby. Now my ballet that she tracks and I don't care about that age she murders had to be still messed up like a he's old his balls to their brother and sister it's going to be like Blake incident free yet but it creek here shop where you. She was kind of good she is a little slow she would. It had a problem and she she was like from all play some kind of little. Other boy it was a I thought it was slow you. Actually but I'll let you know he's. Not it's disgusting yet there's sour on. Viewers are. I can predict what happens outside I never bit more losses to what I think's gonna happen is what's happening king's landing. Joseph we or remember back in season two MB bit powerless to the other tower were in parts that did Harris went into televisions. She did have a vision that all these visions of come true of the the rate keeps and keeps landing being destroyed by fire members who walks through the ashes. That's gonna happen sometime. It for you that because that's going to happen is this week that happens. Is she keeping it going to kings and their meeting outside of it don't not everybody is not my initial Olbermann it yet but it is still won't know she's got to be she's got she's not there in the pre I know she's got to be so cheesy and I Eric and yeah she's got a heart and I broke if they are that stupid scorpion thing again when she shows up on and dragons I cannot handle anymore Edgar and now I don't know I. They're not unless that's the other heartbreaking angle feed. They would be okay and we I had out they'll analyst drag you know. We're gonna I think it loses it welding Libya's powerful has been literally just patted the dragon last episode. They have the fun news or creative ways people on our heart strings or. Maybe that's maybe skinny guy. EB got in her Galveston city and eighty they're not at six Vegas he knows it isn't worried. I mean maybe it miscarriages nobody believes Jackson have I don't know I've got to submit I. Eat so we have. It should she need to make that up she's like GB in half like what is he happier if it isn't that's why she sees that. Here they have passed out what we know that I'm telling you it's a lot about that baby land alive because she feels like because Cheney met. With tear in his eleventh she said don't betray me again. NBC. Saying that Cheney is like release late bacteria and because I mean not bias yeah. That Jamie's always wait bacterium because he dug up and you know much. I don't the first tee is is genie users. But we aren't. And it's all a mess knows that Jamie is not gonna let her kill their brother. We have is Korean Indian. Dragon pitch to start the episode or the in the episode I that's what's gonna determine what is right why aren't twenty minutes an old Nortel. There once I. So did they go to dragged into it and then disperse from the air or. Yes I don't know half hour everyone getting there yeah that's it any shrapnel out this news knowing the previews they usually show what. Early the first the other early part of episodes in the street I know. I hope so I don't it doesn't the climax isn't what they've already he's in the trailer is that deal. Yeah that would be a little bit of her side I just wrapped up here you want to. And you go on and on Iran but to sit again what I said last week. In that I want to give and yes I think we all were in our different ways disappointed certainly is my last episode. But I think that's because this bid bar's set so high by the show actually was a good episode by TV standards by historical TV Sanders maybe not one of the best 2345 episodes now I just wish that. This is a new phenomenon when it fan bases jump on writers creators actors and don't let the shall breed and don't let. Story lines play out the whole wait to see the whole picture like if this goes to hell hole. Plot wise writing wise this season next season I'll be the first on this day. Well they lost that after George left definitely put it. I think we need to give them space slate don't don't just kit is because your care to the one guy. Doesn't died well get mad because to be we wanna hook up are hooking up on sand every now just. We're not the writers they have adapted to they're mad yet but they tried to they're trying to tie the vote. If that makes sense like they're trying to wrap everything up in a nice little boat you know what I mean. And it's why week no you can't just like pull all of these things that you're asking me that's just a wrap it up and up you know my you're. We'd probably do need to give them a break because maybe these things aren't just things that were pulled out of their ass like use it. You know like maybe it was all planned where reason the reason idol. Little concerned and do your points I think it's totally lame and Michelle about like zombies and drag out like that's not realistic. Have a large cheering. They. Got up yeah let's just fix and it takes like you know I think maybe that's and I thought or certainly boat that's not what I'm worried about yet or it obviously you know they do the after the episode that talked about it they've literally said. You know we want to create moments. And then everything else that happens in the meantime as a byproduct. Of those moments right so that they want to have this suicide squad going up together except hackers had together. Why the reason and that's why this the mission was steep it. They get it they don't care that. Good to act on it and again. But when it starts upset me is when. Characters' motives and only a lot everything's still far logically each character's what they do when they do and how they feel they can make sense from a storytelling art. But is that now that that's burden to compromise. That's what upsets me a little bit is still on. And very enjoyable and exciting there's dragons fighting and stop and I can still named Julia without them but also feel a little. Foster but Butler I totally Anderson the heat they have a high bar. After every. Enemy of candidates going I think next season she'd be the last link it and Alex. Without. Only be Seve at this ethnic doesn't address it. He's dizzy and I none lol he wrapped in a blow no idea what I need is the woman we just won the lottery to give them some money so we can VG act all the dragons at wide and narrow. And and us. He really ours meet yeah I song no wired. But this the way it would seem buck. It became yet that you had here in the studio because of notes that opened here but what I can sing for you yeah okay let's hear it a that we are a way that we can play it low exiting some of us doing our the actual. The ruins dead we're gonna have casting is out there and do so. The ads thousands of blogs what are you can use that staggered past that the material drugs and yet I tanks at a lab because it was them Pristina area and Michael's thousand all of style sock and a. And that's T putt and I putted seven how I have a right at seven. Enjoy the show up next week we will have eight Tuesday season wrap up shows to join us then and it is out yet again here again you ready you know releasing an audit. Get in the newbies get into the and get the good. Doing movies then.