A Podcast Has No Name - S7 E5 "Eastwatch"

A Podcast Has No Name
Wednesday, August 16th
WWL Radio's "Game of Thrones" podcast returns as Seth Dunlap and his cohosts Mike Styles and Christina "Stina" Molinario as they  recap Episode 5 of the the new season of HBO's hit drama, titled "Eastwatch".

In what Seth dubs as his "favorite episode of the season", we see the aftermath of the Loot Train Battle.  Daenerys makes a decision about the Lannister/Tarly survivors while Cersei deals with a serious blow to her military force.  Speaking of Cersei, she gets some news that could change her outlook on the war and things to come.  In the North we see a sibling rivalry continuing to develop while an excursion is planned beyond The Wall. 

The crew hands out some fun weekly awards like 'Best Death', 'MVPG' (most valuable power grab), and they Look Into the Flames to predict the future.

Be sure to send your comments, predictions, and Thrones questions to Seth on Twitter @sethdunlap or using #WWLThrones and we'll read the best ones on next week's show.

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What's your name. Who are you. Dylan the go has money. We are no one podcast has no name. A WWL radio game of drones podcast with your host Seth this Dina and styles. Look at this episode five of our podcast here W to BO's game thrown podcast we are a podcast has an AM. Season seven episode of five. East watch we have known name and the did you find any good names for that battle last week besides the blue trim Howell must think we're just talk about the air. Seth Mike Stiles Christina mall Mario sets against house here might get a good one please give me some prepared save us from this. Lou train battle madness please field of flyers. I like it is not. Out of it like it is caught it's it really is adult again Buckner but it's I mean I cadences anything that yes thank you thank you so bad. Let's get into this last episode east watch which was abolishing the name because they didn't really show east watch except for a five minutes in the very end we thought it was going to be this big ballot that was going to be the Epson is going to do about also. They pull the wool over our eyes just a little bit here in the. Yeah I guess is because. This whole episode was really just building up to the rest of this season in which takes place. East. So I guess that's why it's they need. Just infuses the widening duties by pressure. It may be showing all the other characters being led to. East watcher having to go there. You play is set to build up good point. So much friction was wrong although it does your prediction rights. Bullets the first night RX I was like you don't like to be wrong way to so yeah I said that the first person to be roasted alive would be your favorite styles Dick on. Dick on net did not take his father and Syrians advice to bend the knee he decided to go yet burnt to a fiery Chris. With his father Randall and mouth. All of Porsche Sam Walt Charlie's. Family suffers mom I guess and a sister and her personal life. Yet they line has not and to be still as saying well. But I think anyway the right call there I think it would have been foolish for tearing into. They I think was bullish for Syrian disabling you know clusters ease up a little if you say you're it'd be something any really of all of broke. So I'm glad she did was she did and as much as I loved it kind do you wanna see. Danny on the iron throwing things surrendered to get there. Yeah I have to say I was wrong I did not predict correctly he did not and the name but instead he has. One of the stupidest stuff so. Let's let's assess those pointless what you're young at your hot and oh yeah I am the styles dishonest pictures. But to answer our something's Google good lord did it on your holiday due later. I'm with you pursuant Tesla strain. But hey at least Sam as the warden of the south now so that's really cool are we on or is I agree we'll do it. She gave me options she said that I'm not going to take prisoners I didn't and that's Sosa not going to hear and west rose bad choice. There's joyous. I don't agree with I you leery Terry and I daughter Terri and on this one I want to be with Syria over two seasons in I think days has done a grand. But he's OK okay and he is sorry Iran at directions on this Vienna fire and blood laid Taro you know a let's arrows right forget which again. This victory. Eight and a crazy teary and weighing the options he is a smile lineage you've just earned a Lance star army about the same time I am conflicted because I know that Danny is as. The best interest for the round. And you can just see him tried to make logical sense of Eric that's going on but absolutely because even when he suggested. Well let me go to the wallop and take a night's watch. You're fused he had to be Chan the consequences is especially well Danny's on her bend any kick. If he was an offended me they see it just doesn't have to have them bed. The editors are here in words the end of the new year. Let's reverse this a little bits and I said it would be OK with that and I am. Not I was OK with the deep dive into the water and how wasn't too shallow water let's that a group on the river happens not common but it happens I am not okay. With Jenny and bronze money like a mile down river apparently a full armor forehand by the way golden hands and somehow making out alive not only that's. But Dinara is or tear in her nobody would think to send somebody down river or in the river to look for the body is. I mean I understand and I got to take some liberties because that is Hollywood is is the show. Come on here the source the most unbelievable thing and I mean that literally unbelievable that I CNN. Any episode of the show include dragons are right he is drag show up and he's able to get it was unbelievable. Say at least realistic on the all show court. Cheney got us thinking. What could have done was just have the cliff hanger and a little bit sooner like when he's charging it Danny and it did he looks up at him. There. Don't they just give the cliff hanger if not better absolutely convinced he's not any day any would be dead or this story different moments we can pause and it would be so excruciating for one week knee when drug around like puts his head over him for a expire at the end of the episode. But he just just the facility and I think it all the way down to the bottom of this like. River bonehead he's just. He was skillet with a those unrealistic survival let's give him that much but I mean this is the show that stat aria in the got three times then twists of the night that the N and that was more believable than what just happened that the apple. Heavy armor slimming down the stream it makes in this no I just don't. Get it in a violation reassure her apparently also like that scuttle way. Christendom that are have been and I do know what they announced here in you know like there's like peacetime and wartime coaches and like console areas he's at peace time. Physically I think this is an hour hello Larry who what they didn't they miss. Oh gosh and previous name who was the captain the kings guard came her aid that was kind of her military commander bears and sell sell me the Beirut she really misses tend to read that that military side. Of her advisors to wrap victorians grade in peacetime these great and non war tactics that. He's sending everybody to their death and Brian is save. And oh get sue maybe sending even more of her allies to their death companies watched a little bit later. I did think that it was one of the most beautiful scenes. Visually that they've had with the drove on on the hill the army in front of it the way they open I was is an off lake bid doesn't beautiful things of the show but. Mel is up there from. And Danny says as hang. Ben any. Similarly says and then that some of them kind of chose to do that but then drew guns are wrong or I mean over half up on justice Anthony Wright than in the air. And I think there really wasn't any pleasure joy in her voice when she's such a car as it was more like. This is the nose like a little late silent track. Let's all sit there a bit maybe they were bush is like our. A not agree it's always the angry their cars that we've gotten precisely that strength is terrible at this on our right so we get past that scene and then we see. That Jamie makes it. To king's landing and one of the funniest moments I think this season and the oh. This blend Jamie bust in on that as sir see you in Khyber and and it was the genie says. What's Khyber doing here have a surge he says his and the queen what are you doing here and she's a sitting down very calmly with her brother Leo who's been almost. Burned alive I thought it was hilarious. Well let's just get to the meat and potatoes of this here. So eventually. They are all business if I go about second Portland he's like so we all know that eventually. Syrian meets Jamie. Let's talk about that scene for a minute I thought it was really well done ands. Terry and tried to you know do the Syrian make a joke thing Jamie was cabinet but. Jamie is turned into maybe the most level headed person on this entire show. He definitely Jamie's understanding Syrians aren't you but he loves her seat and hates the heart Syrians. So I think that he will it'll mean obviously those delivered hearings message but in his mind he's still weighing options yes he didn't promise on that you still did kill my father and ice users every you basically. Yet but also Alec Syrians claim a slate. Well he was gonna kill me the. President narrowly. Gillard they'll Walsh oral like to run away like this is our father wanted me dead kittens so. What to Kennedy and I think Jamie I recognize that. Mandela he said he is level headed I think he didn't I think you know Mickey fully comprehend a belly hearings life was on the line. It is the o's biggest threat. And so. And he's that he is maybe visit the best commander of army is remaining US rose he realizes that they're toast that they have no shot even said that's her seat. So interior and comes with an offer. Of truce basically it was a temporary truth is I'm all for it kind of opens eyes deals where what why he has Elvis in a corner here. And I don't think there's anything you could do but accept that and we'll take planning. Yeah plan B plan to buy be like plan Z now for them not quite sure so great scene there. But we are actually I've got to see even though is only a brief second brawn Jamie answering the other. I look at this is. There like a third Atlantis or roller ray hit easily in the ladies always fighting with each of them and like it was I thought I was so. I was so warmed to Billick had him bring those two together and legislate by the way you don't have your sort of against government guy immigrant. It would take fuel on time soon a cut in half that was my chair apparently going down. We don't make it through this episode you'll know why. So let's go back to Jeannie. And sir see who they've had some greens and the Mayan. Utley and heat for an Emmy nomination award is he enough precision every about a Nobel Prize fight us and that's just did. Oh yes there is likely though does she does he get another so true I don't even care anymore this is so true like she is my girl. And she finally has in moments of sanity when the first time they meet she's and I'm not. I'd rather die and bin. You know appeased the dragon queen here and die in the dungeon or die by her dragon fire. And then when she comes back she changed the tune and I'll say it is only the second time I've cred this entire studio McCoy and she sets he was pregnant. It got me man yeah I mean it really did. I do not think she's making I understand. It is I get me that girl is a fake marriage she might have a food baby. Or she is is totally thinking did I did I just thought this. Was she drinking wine in the scene when they were talking. I don't police she wasn't okay the maybe she's not thinking boy if she was that I'd be like huge tell you agony pregnant and during this one the same time. We see her we see her demeanor changed this is why I also think it I want her to be redeemed a little bit. Before she got out of place going to I think everybody knows that she's not going to make it through the show that would be a crazy twist that I see coming but so at least she. Written one thing you can say about even the people who hate her severely unlike mean she's always been a protector for kids like a mother client right one now. She got that kid again so her. Demeanor changes and she is ready for at least a temporary Trisha said this is what our father would have done. Fight heard. Conniving league behind the scenes rather at home and on the field about that and plan. Break because I mean first we see him break the news Lannan didn't hurt her son can see that she does believe them and she says. She should of died screaming basically the same thing that's an heiress to the offer rocky like our enemies are and dice screaming but you can tell that her. Both of their per purse sizes have changed. But sir does everything that's going on in king's landing so and Jamie comes start the news he's met Syrian. She's sizing him up try to see how she can believe him. And then breaks the news of the baby and the prophecy does say that she'll only have three children so it's his pregnant for the fourth time we kinda that's gonna end. And then she demands that he punished as Brian. And I think that. Camera on the front punishment was weird that I think that's that Jamie will punish bronze because of the love that he has grocers and the new bait me. But you know like they saying. The lion does not concern themselves with the opinion at this. That's so true that's so true what did you make of her. Saying out of maybe she had a change of heart a little bit win. She finally realize like you said believes. That hearing did not kill. Joseph offering was I think she did believe before that play a really truly book because the profits he she did believe that say what you want even though she was wrong do you think this is. Honest when she says. Between alliance will maybe tearing will come on we can listen to him. Think they think she would have said she is. Every inclination in two like. Lol Danny into a false sense of camaraderie your common goal and then I think is suit is the target area and start marks a nonlethal the wall. Linux is the right behind you but just to cut their throats I think even though tearing didn't kill her son he definitely killed her dad. And Selig wants to be Tyler lands there. She will have his head she's wanted to. Donna spikes in season three weeks ago or actually in her hold him like yes I don't know and Alan Clarke why are so she thinks so. He thinks he's come for her either way beyond borders that. Not aid and Syrian apologists as those and then she the first NC she gets hurt here and she well. So let's kill it that's pretty much did in king's landing in Atlanta there's really know much about playing well. Throughout the red seats from the Red Hat or get a go back to Dallas can they ask to talk about yeah go ahead it. He it was so like you're part is that moderate is episode. Was seeing to injury and not able yet seems injury. But more overseeing Davos going to fool smuggler. So. Yeah. We saw indexing Healy is so old utility dies down to use that Boehner crab snack that firm has not. It was so good in the leg especially when down. Syrian showed up using caution but like the day it was a mosque is like that the I got this newly enlarged at the like hey guys you don't need any more there I was just so. Tickled to see him in people smuggler in the about gentry. Our IP entry growing means the then eleven gonna also be a joke about that he's supposed to zeroing. The break into the fourth wall there that and it was done is Jen trees hammer his father's war. Amber is that robbers were but in does have stags on it like this is the proudest bastard I think we've ever seen on that ship this student has allowed us mountaintop. See three cups of coffee is like you can't get mean you only come with you I'm ready let's I do. OK Donald Dell is expecting that any message on his way I'm or disposed to be somebody else but you know. I every breast tenderness in my experience. Are the first of all genders not. Not as odd as that done. Secondly try to grab does not sound like you would taste good place. That sounds actually discussing I think if you as the my tortilla chips it would be so I guess you just scoop it out with your hand it's a little gross bullet wounds also. He was and I don't know Amanda blew fill their anger yeah. Yeah. That's excellent and enjoy your time in the brothel all night more disposed take that little bit of you know harsh medicine professor literally now Rondo and things Lynette just said to say how much fun I had with Dallas pensioners those low. Last thing Malick whenever you know as you said Tearrius locking up me gives them and take my chances the guards realize OK that's the door with a scar. So Kendry comes down does or Hamburg spam them up as this is injuring teary and says he'll do. Apparently not just a bad ass blacksmith is the best warrior yeah. Rain and what's he's going on to see at the walks in the preview which side is smashing some white said. With that hammering him music can be tracked us. America's right so they don't know hands against us and yeah a bull gets that they did load up some drag lessens we get to in the in the boat and the ship they sent off. A let's go to let's go to king's landing excuse me let's go to dragon stone and really thinking another beautifully done in the moment. Which John and drove on and there's actually I thought Emilia Clarke. Maybe some of her best acting and it was assault in visualizing. That she's done on top of that drive with her looks that she's giving John I'm trying to peak around drove on its head and see what's going on the cool moment. I can't tell if yet she declares his facial expressions were just it's you know there are so great in I don't know if it's John. The accurately keep caring team yet Harrington yeah I don't know if he is just a little less. Didn't like multi dimensional than our vote or I have bring him back after another like getting hurt legacy is so clearly. In love with this man and he's just seems a little lukewarm. Or did this doubtless say something about that that I can tell you like her he says something I was an Epson. Three. Said. Don't have time homer work work and yeah. Maybe later I this fiction that's what John Snow is thinking now weathered kit Harrington is admittedly not accurate sector in the show I would probably agree that pedigree. Yeah but even drove I was so vicariously horny for his problem for his mother for his own goal. I guess. Cradle. Mean you know now I get confused me is oh yeah. Yeah but that's his cousin now actually get the that there is baby and then Jon is her nephew than they are cousins while in player he was so. He's literally curry and stuff when Lynn John also put his hand on his nose. If it was. Amazing he's now the temperature and he did. That was say I was physical moment and they have another moment. In them the act against the in the war room at dragon stone where everybody's. Trying to figure out what's in acts attacking landing. John let's go to the wall jobs once the leave Wright is like I'm out peace I gotta to do and do I know flat sacked Pressman so I'm going to that this is a a bigger threat and it is Terry this there I think that she's not over Syrian and I think Syrian. Does have some great value here and he's the one that says okay we have certain. They get his head how can I convince. My brother and my sisters that it's the threat out there is bigger than. Threatened me. And my dragon and no way to do that make him believe it is bring a fight deal living Wyatt back. Healthy kings like and which seems like an insane plan and the Minnesota or I immediately and dead Wyatt walker dead dead wife back and he's a chorus of course we'll go do it sure. John. And gentry yes Dolores and going up to 2000 heart army sludge. How nice is Dora and an Aries is reunion. It was a little Jon so which Allah has yet but also that urge your right as he walks up in the at all. The girl loves that other boy yeah. It wasn't going to be jury to dig a father figure it'd be her late husband tip on its a little late uncomfortably in the middle. I think it's gonna be fight he has made it uncomfortably in the middle she is basically said that are made it clear that she doesn't like those studs last a little too long for my liking that is their relationship. But I think it's I think it's more father daughter. Maybe it's just cutting it John talents. And get this guy that he knows that not a president really long embracing. This accident it's just that varies and there are Jon should of taken varies with him because I'm starting to think that there's no. There's nothing more to him than just being afraid of fire and then having links on network. I was really hoping that he was the India one to betray canaries atoms are missing their six episodes lesson. Just you know I don't I don't know if anybody now eat at the Sousa is like you said there might be a mole. Insides. As traitor and some if there's anybody now I can see it may be happening a little later. By the way your I love his character I don't know if he's gonna be in line in the books at this point and it's more show fans service kind of thing. But he had some bad ass armor but you know this is not a armor with the new black armor that he's got bullet so I think it's unclear in. Is it a they so. Whatever is cool as way cooler look and whoever's learn over NASA just yet black stuff like that color for this season everyone's wearing it yeah it. And let's hear the Veras had a new tunic or whatever he's wearing there with what the for its options give little cold tomorrow. I do love those seen whenever there and I guess that threw her out of dragons there and there is 'cause the steal that from Brandon. Jobs like what is it's not John sorry tearing does what does it say it is a sealed knows there's a syndicate birds I'm not. It's something good. Felt really look I know it's pretty great. Yes well they'll take off. Jittery he is he's going up there as well I thought that he would be the blacksmith that minds this dragon glass the apparently now he's going to be. If he makes it yeah now he's just sit on it we'll talk about that we will talk about who's gonna make it is not did you bring it. The case at least one big case and probably more I only saw the political case that dragon class so they have brought that. And before we get through them going up to east watched we must talk abouts what is going on what are all because. I'd feel like a little fingers character I think he's wearing out his welcome in his schtick is getting older pilots. One thing we've known since literally like episode two or three of this entire series is that little finger is so. He sees all sides he's so Smart he plays angles been and anybody on the show. We saw. He's even sneak here and more cunning than even aria right now and he plays her like a little. I sex that is the UR is not that sneaky assists this season ago where she was like you're running away from the wave and then I guess he forgot and it is one or not throughout. Just wait yes I did the stomach and really that was that was jockey Hagar. We arias days he is testing the wait no she's just an idiot so. I thought I would it did take me by surprise I thought she was going to spot a new she's gonna find something. I didn't owed little fingers at the so I'd like to seen. I just let's not give our -- much credit because she is a little strong headed she is a start fifth girl. To bloodthirsty. Yes she hasn't played this game of little thing before the Atlantic announced uplink act cotton he just later rates strap is rat science and she is it she is not like a schemer. Like she's more like Ned in that way that he she is more likely be manipulated. By someone like little thing she has a lot of star banner. And I was at six of the via what the river scroll. If you haven't seen it yet it is actually. What's sauce was forced to send to I think it was wonderful also were Brothers army. This says bees again the need dad was trader bill and the need and it's. Swear loyalty to king Joffrey. That is when sir seeing drop previously told Jonas. You're gonna either imprison you torture you re showing your dad right. And so or if he's always this when he was in prison visit it was imprison you for life it'd only she she you. She wouldn't have cared about Ehrlich as analysis she would have her father's and that's just trying to do the right thing. Still love with chopper is slicker and Eric patented the quaint yet Brandt brand is gonna have to step in here and settle this like it's been so that's exactly what I think they've they're setting this up for Brad obviously knows what little fingers done in the past they've seen that we know we can see the pass and even told little effort what these actual line was chaos is the latter rate. I think brand before this gets. To combat between the sister before blood is actually shed or a real break up happens I do think grants us open and say no actually this is what happens. Aria I I wish. Had more time in the season because I feel like this. Ski is on between. Since an aria is just seems a little forced right now I think I was a little bit. Yeah I mean I think it's just kind of building us up it's kind of distracting us from what is actually important to get something to talk about British it is just not gonna come true. So. I didn't think and it for his Miami's little bigger is can you found a better rule to divide them than Allen like that bombs even a final aria and he had Tinsley though you've betrayed our father stool. I can kinda even aria has to realize what was going on Elsie how bad. Earl is only on DL LLC but can you made up the scroll and a single little thing and his that's really maybe too much for the show so what is it putter is plans next though is he going to try to have aria attacks handset and then like have. Are thrown into as he once did he needs aria way I don't think he had east along that path like he's their because he wants Ari on his side. He wants to be the McCain in the north and eventually yeah it's not minutes for us. But he doesn't realize that he doesn't believe it I think that he's in the same boat as tourette think you're dead right about Tora and that. In the books I think his final authority com. And that thank him for contractual purposes bill that could be your girl whatever and that I think the same things a little finger I think there's Australia this. Sam also. An old town he finally gets the gumption to leave old town I think the final straws and it is laughed. Him off if the grant me extra those little sympathetic to his cause. But they can't wait he can't wait for them to debate incinerated and after even back and forth for months later but it just gets slaughtered at the wall. So quick back to winner I have to say it sounds as. She was telling aria I sold on this what happened he can't just leave the north and expect him to sit and wait for him like August. That's the only reference we've had a goes no I hear is I guess is wiley and sons and it's safe. Lucy goes to the wall finally it's running at each Johnson at all that goes but let's go back citadel little. It was a quick CNET and I think that I hear the question about this is all too we should mention. That's an ass president get more play or sand didn't realize it but. Gillie was reading the scroll of Julianna Mary radar last service outlets are finally got confirmation it is our policy was. That John's though is not just a bastard that he is legitimate. Target areas. It gets as I can see just building the bastard. He officially John I'm gonna better grip Kirk and it NSA and yeah he's not great value to elect a black flame. And that goes he's if he has a black fire yet slightly as the guy and a half you know it's the citadel to me is like that do warn. Thing for us and we could edges dom without it on the hole so glad they ratted on big ticket that door they did it a whole season to Jamie and bronze going on the door and I'm glad they just I mean they didn't take but it takes them awhile to get there but at least he got this up and see his family but they cut it out pretty briskly going. I am also proud to the ball. There's going to drag and so that's why I'm sure innocents. John is at winter now crawling up the wall he's got to get adopted by your. Well man didn't pick where you're on OK to say this is not a kick his ass and then. SARS is saying that she's gonna tell everyone and Jamie's father who want to see here are gonna think at people. Well I mean they're kinda sort of betray. Yet but Ol is all this information that. Sam has only. Yeah dragons and linked to eating white walkers think as the team up with the white walkers. I really do if possible there's only. Eight episodes left where he got a tough start tying up these loose ends. Sooner rather than later and get to the main plot that's my view of it so we do see everybody go out to east watch the meets. That Howland and the brotherhood with banners and then. Then off they go. The I don't know what you call suicide squad here today. Since I it is very easy Internet. And Nancy are you like this you got suicide squad dream team and out of the hateful it here but unless radios suicides club because this is so foolish. What they're doing yesterday at Mormon. So that's what we were discussing this for the show but why Alex was shutting the door is it just the eight of them. Will fund because of his just did it on that as the dumbest thing that any of them as president. It took so long for them just to open the gate whenever it's of them are running for their lives back to the other side of the wall. You can't you don't have those eight seconds to open up that huge gay kids. Well it's it's very true. I like I said at the outset of our podcasts I thought there's been a lot more Tammy swatch but I liked the ending because. I don't know if there is I've been more stoked for episode three rounds. Ever because a lot of the big ups as we have what the red wing purple wedding whatever it is hard home we do know what's coming. This we know it's coming and we know it is going to be one sick episode I think. I think it's going to be hard humble with but with more of our favorite characters. Lives on the line and bird and a loose. I think we're gonna lose many mosques that is mind but let's look at the I'll get on that we know for certain is this is seeking advice. If you really want let's really make an out of luck I think is his and his duties done. Pulls up and the prediction we have put the law now need a liability and yet he didn't Google as well I'd ask though he said he stayed there he missed that earlier. Let's get serious some of our segments we got to wrap for podcasts don't get too far. Bests death. This week's best yeah. Well look there's probably only a couple yeah. I'll go with the real Charlie is that I'm not giving best at that Dick on that was the dumbest desk international mobile world. Rangel Arlene I thought I can't believe you guys on the his whatever high horse the hero dog. I literally have done best rock scratch that how stupid is that Dick on darlings. Of any resentment there's another. Debt and there is whenever at Oakland expert bill. Oh war hammer now is not the golden dome floor critics they thought about Dick on the better prevent. Yet many don't its good and our best survival. Thought I. Here's this week's best survival. I can kill a lot of ways here that's gonna go the rest of the lancer army who is just not many many for some reason and Talib saw Dick on and ramble grew up in flames so good audience ambassador there asked about. To make it out and are they in him the nurses army. Now there's free to go home video and yeah. I'm gonna save us arrivals to aryan from the angle clicks because office is not a fighter is let himself as a smugglers. Entry there there. Terry and be gone you being searched his hands. Things seem different person Huntley a century award for me on saying got us here this is so great to see him as a smuggler in action he is like. This survivor. Award of the series he's awesome so we got the stupidest death additionally survival Jamie. They make any sets hospital they're trained craziness continues with episode I outside our power grab. When you play the games can win for you to. Now this week's most valuable power grab. I don't know this the power grab by coming back to my heroes nursing she somehow the delay is. V it. For rationing at the hands of snares that she would give it's because in various realizes the threats to the north I thought that her time on the show was done and over. Under by the way before the seasons are Alex you last idols like three episodes and looks like she's alas the season and maybe even more masks hole. But power haven't just because she's gonna be able to consolidate her power even more she gets Jeannie and brought back to me sourcing. I'm gonna say my husband has higher crowd is Jon that his connection Andrew on because you can kind of see instinctively he knows what to do and how to interact then. And there is and how most telepathically tell her dragons what to do so hopefully it is time of need at ease spot she kind of closes sizing call at. And the dragons. Think I'll locally on different answers the OK for deliberately disobeying Dallas is instructions to be some guy named clay this. I. Onus on January with the power grab. Going toe to toe with the his. You know with the other bastard generate. Really taking up the middle for the for acting here and the act that I think does he told a story that I ten a clueless by the way where. A style of black Smith thing and I forget where was that spears were spear tips so as little shadow by the show's their personalities of blacks that maybe. Even further let's get our mailbag. Pat see you can do this on footage can tweet me assets tell African used hash tag at WWL. Thrown this one comes from pat Fiat happy. And solely on Twitter. So I heard this very today brand has always. Been the three I'd raven come back in time to train himself. Spots so another words the old man we saw. As a three edit and was actually an old bran would come back to train himself the brand finds a way to me into places that that's what you think. A 100% agree actually sent this to my husband last week in I think that he's going through time and he's the line is inspired aria. To escape from king's landing machine it's you think he's that little police the Starks here in their time let me think he'd popped free time in cash helps them out. That blows my mind it's a little bit of yeah. Does that idiotic and blood raven. Was pummeling the book's plot ravens characters that we know you pack is an area and radiant raven that's like a dude. But Rand could be the same brand the builder that builds the ball. I know there's some foggy time stuff with for now we could be brand the bill for me and think about that. Here's another one quick one from Julius stay on at gallstones when he to begin using hash tag Demi devil runs on sweater. And it is she sexes for the episode that all do it after. Why didn't Khyber and to paraphrase here use poison on those arrows it is a master CNN right. To make any sense shot the Juli is done. And I'll ask my girl so Juliet. I don't know. It is name but maybe it's not too late. Maybe like drug does not feel this Oded yeah. They can be a slow death and he's not the same ballot so not a guy she gets ups and east Watson just involves an account but yeah. We don't. No score in I didn't think of that that the depth. Dumb if something doesn't become of them have and have we seen the last of scorpion. Now I think there's there's going to be where the real battle ads. At king's landing some time and investment. Let's go and look into the flames hears you predict the first stone remind you can send your questions to Twitter. Mean that's set Dunlap or use the hash tag has state WW author on some re the best ones on podcasts. Next week and let's look into the plants. The content if I am thinking. You seem like king now let's look into flames. There's so much we can do and it looking back on that maybe we should on a previous episodes for this rumor going to do a preview prediction episode next week for the finale a separate episode. But for this one just a generic. Prediction for me I think. We are going to see mass casualties up there I only see two or three people making about. The people in my prediction for the people who I just see have to make it out I think gentry has to make it out because they won't bring him back and bring the actor back all the sudden just to go up there for being a one and a half episodes ago wiped out when Nicholas cents and then hounds. I think. Needs to make it out of this because he's so as that reunion with aria and the fight. I think we Aussie coming with the mountain. Other than that I can see it going all sorts of ways I do think John Snow is in trouble I am all on board any theory of the John Snow. Blue eyes the MB episode it dies for good and Soros can't resurrect him. I think Johnson drove I think John is a major troubles that's my predictions. I think Johnson trouble. Quiet. I think Gus is gonna bill amount. Goss is gonna show law and these can have. Bail them out it was either sacrifice himself like summer did for Brent. Or he is going to be like dire wolf writer and like hold on those coattails only ride back to the. This is how. So I would love to see that I think they would have dropped Barrett and thirds of them are back if they also if they want going to re resurrect someone. Yeah he's that person is John doesn't take a Brady gave John dies again. And then daily. Bring them back and then he becomes the dire wolf as anybody writers happening if there are no John's been resurrected them. W says he says not only are now loaded toward. Oh the storm yet in its own and does I also think didn't Ares is not going to sit this one out. She injure or honor and a fly out there. Just in time is seat majority die may be candlelight walker because they brought and that I think Dini has to see his death. Or it's just gonna be a total. Weeks of an emotional moment so I just got to show up towards going down. She bails out some of the suicide squad I agree with you that it's Kennedy gentry because he has to. Aid beyond the blacksmith and create dead dragging glass weapons for us and be take up his rightful seat. Of storms that one's own thing that. He is the heir to the refuge from so Israel John and Jen jury and then hounds are gonna make it out sari Torre and. Thoroughness. And Derrick and two or and it's like death but when you Santa. I did think that John mean everyone's palate and but I do think John has to make it because he's only one that's telling people about these others like we saw Berrian. Tried to. Go and camouflage himself underneath ravens in the ninth skiing just Brooks so really no one can tell. There were out what's going on besides John but my prediction will be that aria. We'll use sun's or someone else's face talk with little fingered understand his ankle to separate the two sisters. And yeah I do you think that aria will be sent. There. Like it's even hitting Ehrlich stabbed in the chest organs dealer. I. What this guy throats slit the F from the fray but all older pregnant she's definitely he's in the bleary and stealing charge for sure and you have. I have one big prediction at the end here this is how I see the steps and ending if John it does it's huge it's resurrected or he's still alive at the end of the episode my prediction is. There's comes as a big battle. Not sure the dragon makes out or not that's another one I'm not really predict it was a dragon yet but I do ice drink yeah I know. Die and and resurrect its talking about white dragon. I can't see a scenario plausible scenario is like how they make it back from slate did north of the wall they you know are doing how to get out of here. I can see a scenario ordered Jon to make it back him to stay alive hops on a dragon maybe it's. This area in. Or radar all that's ahead rial hops on it gets out and that is how we finally see somebody else rather drag him. Maybe that's the closing episode somehow there's closings and jealousy and brightest dire off the I'd go with that may be desirable and John on re all yes why now as song of ice and fired madness is. Our podcasts episodes 50 podcast has no name. East watch and east watch Fineman. Has just begun reminder next week we're gonna have to podcasts we've act generated in regular time on Tuesday for the recap podcasts we're gonna save our predictions. Later next week we've got to have a big finale predictions show and cats. Do you 97 sister station of ours. This really wants to come on programs we're gonna let her sit in on the production podcasts. Who's next week. All I can hit me up on that Twitter and that's that's allowed to guess it's just them. Mr. Gramm's Tina wonders Ramon Merriam those styles dot com everybody. Boris CNN's silence themselves. So long. Only eight episodes ago. Now this.