A Podcast Has No Name - S7 E4 "The Spoils of War"

A Podcast Has No Name
Tuesday, August 8th
WWL Radio's "Game of Thrones" podcast returns as Seth Dunlap and his cohosts Mike Styles and Christina "Stina" Molinario as they  recap Episode 4 of the the new season of HBO's hit drama, titled "The Spoils of War".

Daenerys makes her landfall on the mainland of Westeros in an epic battle billed as 'The Loot Train Battle'.  She rides Drogon into battle, leading thousands of Dothraki against the Lannister/Tarly forces in a move designed to cut off Cersei's forces from King's Landing.  We recap the battle, and also look at the policial dealings in Dragonstone and King's landing in another fun epidsode of our podcast.

The crew hands out some fun weekly awards like 'Best Death', 'MVPG' (most valuable power grab), and they Look Into the Flames to predict the future.

Be sure to send your comments, predictions, and Thrones questions to Seth on Twitter @sethdunlap or using #WWLThrones and we'll read the best ones on next week's show.

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What's your name. Who are you. Dylan the go has money. We are no one. Podcast has no name and a WWL radio game drones podcast with your own self esteem that is. Don't have snow a name like we said John only ones and there's many and apparently Jamie to king slayer might not have any anymore. That is going to be the topic of debate for sure this episode welcome a new card game of the rounds podcast courtesy of WWL radio. Seth it's Dina and styles with the south on lap reasonable scenario and Michael styles that were recapping this is episode four. The spoils of war and owed. We're their spoils which would get to work coming to go to chronological order this everybody kind of just want to jump to the end. To the battle which by the way I think as a horrible name too polluter pays back off maybe we're. I'll let Iraq. Any thing or any battle this shows that are saying but it's. Well let's go ahead and go buy it location. And we roll will start in dragon stone. Before the battle starts. And an heiress and John wind up having a very interesting meeting in the caves and apparently he likes caves because. It's I don't dragons. He says the guy I think he's got a certain flair he's gotten isn't. The location of choice he knows that things man eat diet but haven't gotten ounces well. So that scene with. Within the mayors against sexual sense and quiet pressure which I guess they're they're playing up and they want to play up but. It's a meal is. It was a shame because both of them weren't willing to give any grounds yet again. What I liked about that conversation that they add it echoed what John Snow says it's immense crater about swallowing your pride. You know you've been the need just like John was encouraging mints rated and the Stennis. To theirs was giving. John his own advice that and which I thought was very cool and probably accurate. She likes that apparently the bin and he is likely to catch phrase. There is Lance is always pay their debts. Winter is coming up look at that and apparently and the name that got us and I alerted and they need to purposes the new words I don't argue aryan. Mel is our the Sunday and amounts on her miss Sunday ends through Dallas and another moment without plumbing. Again jobless is good bill himself. Over hit it isn't a joke is it the creepy like old guy trying to get on the super yet it has decided it was really 1617. Right now. Now he's strutting around this island like he's one of the luckiest Pierce Brosnan in mama me I feel deeply while. I play and that's make Carrey's flirting with the Sunday. He sat there and it's time in my easily making league grammatical corrections that John knowledge Stan is so this is actually like Davos is hitting his stride here on dragons. What do what does he play that's where I am a little bit confused with him because he's an advisor yes but he seems to be more almost comedic relief at this point and serving actually any role it's. Funny because he kind of only does advising the places where he's brought to whenever he was and enter bell is we should definitely not go there and out of these theories like this girl is hot. You see her tacitly feeling each other up let let's let's get better heart and a yeah. Oh my goodness so when they come out of the cave finally and I have a feeling organ see another cave scene. From those two images mean they do shades and echoed secrets though or eager to remain secret but they come out of the cave and various. And Syrian deliver the bad thing is up Otto is it was pretty funny how. The they both were looking at each other to actually say the words. Your plan at castle Iraq went went to hell. Had rehearsed the wanna say it's it is looks over at Syrian and Syrians passed explain exactly what went wrong and Danny wasn't happy. No she doesn't she basically looked at Syrians and she says well. I really don't think the year and pressure not willing or hurt your family spoiler alert. But then I think them more crucial thing was that she trusted John so much that she actually went to him for advice kind of but would you do in this situation if you releasing or that I was losing right now. Well for one John let me go earn down castles the cities an innocent peoples so instead of doing that she is kind of hurt a little bit of food and water. Yeah and lots of answers ring honest unless and of a sheets at lady oh man. It's a device which is. The dragon. It was important that she is that kind of stuff with their after her big scene at the end of the previous episode play. There's got to be a leak right holding ethical I'm concerned I hope we see a week inside the Maris is. Am I mean because you're on it exactly where to show up they knew about the whole plan up going to cast early Iraq and you know this and I'm sort of these banners. His most whispers he didn't know those can in the north there is threat along the wall Sydney yard line with our little birdie Veres is the various despises sir see if I can't imagine you like your arm. Rates but maybe like if he's listening the protector of the realm maybe it's another party won it it's the iron bank. Or holy (%expletive) what if it's the night's game. Well land but it Levy trade because there's other early this alert. Factors in play way this whole time Veres has been an ally of tonight's game this place so afraid of think of a lower. Yeah I hit that just a random. Interludes here that brings up a very show vs books point. So I've seen it bowl nineteen and nights King and I feel like all the book readers say nights king all the showed. Watchers say the night king. Which one as it is that the I always say the nights with an apostrophe S. Idyllic is a positive way via the exiting lingering in the night yeah. Burning in the night he is bring in the ninth. Is it not there's been maybe massage the Intel Eli I think although like the Florida that doubtless is doing about asking miss on they have gotten that. Does it apply only to be part of a book on what authors retraces that did he will know and then she figures one of those shore who's coming back. Some you know maybe that wasn't the 180 in the Sunday and there's you never now I think she's this or not beat because there's only. That's just loves me I think the greatest thing about dragons and it was kind of the markings that they saw in the cave. Like they went there and let's got to see that the enemy Israel like this is assault ice and fire baby this is Britain announced the nitty gritty. He has to animate that logic oldest listener had like at tank. So I need to save the round from sir see who's trying to star my future people or do I need to try to save the world. And when they have the director's cut after the episode with bidding often wise they explained that those markings you go all the way back to the very first episode the pilot episode money spread out the bodies and they're kind of dismembered bit in those patterns as well it's. I thought was I don't know if the Easter eggs the right word but I thought that was pretty ingenious of them to all the way back. But here in at the the I asked tree spills the means the casually talk has been. Boy used against them tactically. He's still trying to convince Tenaris but you guys pointed out it's not to just lay waste to keep landing in two burner. Thousands and thousands of innocents in the process she wants to. And it's John Snow the ever noble stark that he is start slash target area expose that he has that puts a stop to it. Kind of I mean she still goes eight crap on Ali's. It is it's it is his living and other not innocent like they're there and army there is sent me right that this might view it anyway in my. But I wouldn't consider them if that army is marching against me. Mandela looking north the courses for horses didn't really look at the (%expletive) up this spear with this beer and no us color guard horses little. Absolutely. So a New York Mets star pitcher Noah cinder guard was the initial spears her. There he was like the six foot five I'd dagger through spearheading an of one of the horses is they were. Don't podium is there's a blaster and a way in his last yet you're sick that I have little of one of the many celebrities that if infuse their way in the end with us let's get a little bit ahead ourselves so that's he gets in and what's your fell eyes union dragon so let's go to winter fell. And it's. A man with the capacity of one of my favorite scenes and an on jumping ahead a little bit here when you saw what everything and what you don't want my fear sees the entire cities. Was the sword fights in aria and bring and. What's so cool. Simple. Cool. Whenever aria offers these pre NIH is hot issue my father no embryos can taught you. Nobody don't worry about Nolan but the bus. Though is always something else and sauce that has her self. A weapon now and may be one of the biggest weapons in the entire realm and aria. Because I think she's reading between the lines eggs here kind of smile on. Realize what our has been up to and what she's capable of and again Sox got a little sir see energy she's she's not going to be the ever noble. John Snow slash Ned it just is gonna play is you play the Grail little bit I think. I love my fair part of the whole winter fell scenes it was went aria shows up it was a called back to the first season where she is trying to get back into the red key. When she was got lost chasing cats and she tried to get back in and then she had to kind of talk her way back into. King landed up as its agency being the winner Allen then. Is just so good days ahead systemically even though she's become on this Flexilis assess and she's still a little bit are so that. Little bit of a blue G girl yeah sun is definitely I. Hey my father relegate you if my kids I just thought that went in hello I am the that. That got the people I most of the reunion was so. Good read him minute forgot to talk about Rick but. Monday finally. Do you ever bring it up no we were taken when they first met that's right wind on our hands on the first man did he bring a brand for like the first ten minutes over the errands and elect Arie. Look how many this guy is. They're really messed up like any need to prepare you for this. Yet any isn't bad start that conversation any avid mere read this. So upsetting is it upsetting or. See just know I keep him. You can make a good argument it would make for good show if we just knew everything Brando's but if he's a three at ravens was built see the past the present and future. You can make an argument he knows exactly what's going to happen and how it's going to transpire he's trying to make thing everything go the way you know dough so is so good wins this fight. He's put together I'm glad that he hasn't figured it out get in the showed the ovaries just feel like rent a character spoiler. Guest says it's only an elegant words are read leaks are spoilers anymore is still lots of bread. So who gave you the staggered little thing there that was the next. That's the next thing I'm gonna get serious of that scene with little finger I'm I was a little bit confused about a little fingers perspective legal what what's his game here. I don't think he realizes that ran as a robot now and so Hughes he. Realizes that brand as soon the truest claim to. The north. And so I think by. Says it was saying oh yeah of glitter little fingers not generous man he wouldn't give you anything without. Expecting something in return I think that's the north and little fingers really just grasping at. Dagger straws right now Packers or us and he's all you know I think he's basically done what else is did he sees grimacing out like the star alliance is pushing link ran around the lol you know. He's going to do I keep saying ever we're gonna have a flashback in those opening scenes you know when they do what previously on bronzed. They're going to show him talking with her seat and saying my queen I will deliver the north to you and he's going to try to do something nefarious up there I just. I just firmly believe that now they're setting this up for that now that he has run out of allies in the north sauces no longer here is he can't turn brand John's gone tried choking to death. Both figures not longing for the good side. We are right does that green and was basically chopping along these little love on the street and whether I don't really like innocently I know and agree Hank kept her about guys potter was so proud of our. And now they get to take a beautiful Christmas card of all the Stark's helmet went her. Wow. I'm a little worried number ends art is basically done. I don't think she's done now she's a she's going to meet found again. She's the sector sees the protector of socks. And Sox is in danger of there let's make no mistake about that as those who will think of Stiller I. And agree Brea has a part to play we're talking about this off the air on a get together on Sunday and watch the show. I say look I like brand she is a bad ass warrior but could you make the argument. That the entire series would be the exact same if you wasn't a part of it which is that one character that to me that this is not had. A major influence on any events please. You have three and we will edging me saying you say after in the pants he stays in the pits as she delivered him that things. And also she's a plus 300 in the game at drugs brisket it's. I irrelevant better than a lot of the food is a very close at camp first Atlantis there second it's higher you're out of luck if yeah rose's turn order there you with a realism was what my team is best card so yeah I think she plays so why isn't about where exactly is why the. Two more things or went through here. First the dagger that is equal that not only is that. Insanely cool looking but give its aria does brand subs we can't really use it. I ancillary and look at malaria and steals so are you maybe having a meeting with the Whitewater. Heard soup or maybe in the ninety king I'll move. I mean she is well young Leon stark reborn reincarnated she is great kicks them Italian I think that. Whenever John gets back and tells her with a true enemy is. Hopefully she'll leave hers are seen dream behind and just search on and off I locker. So it might even steal the night skit that night kings face yeah. Yeah disintegrate. Think that's one face he can't forget. It was lives are that bad ass that I don't know much about it soon might have been the mystery night for the creators. Both instruments makes me wanna read the looks even more although I want George are arguably special more novel argument two of us it happened and it. I've finally just did the scene with them up next the we would tree. I thought was really cool I don't brands really creepy and he was doing his whole. You know chemo new Emo Gramm thing but still that was the first time since what episode. Three year for the we've seen all of them to get no that's a percent steps so one doesn't know all the other. Oh yeah daily for king's landing next episode. While that is a long. Time coming for that reunion the getting jobs this into the plains. Getting just as ever gonna go back to learn from. I don't. And we disagree we he had asked him. I think it was a little too much for issues like he was so he was so happy when he Sony imagine how is going to be. When he sees ghetto and it doesn't ring hollow to me about on the forever to get every. I don't wanna do my and her look into the plants that I got a prediction that. It went up our sons that does say so what have you been doing nothing killing people are you that the creepy as lap of all time like that resents. Icky details that I Alessio let the. What they waited mission when you back here dragon stone beyond shows up as a moment Will Smith. Ammo with John. And it's obviously it didn't plan on screen but off screen. Behind the scenes sought to would have told John everything beyond did and beyond admitted the socks that you didn't really kill. Brenda Ray Brown Rick gone so but there's still heed to who didn't lacy needs to winter spell his home stuff child was not happy. Yeah and he's he screwed over his relatives and three of them are kind of tight a little bit. Any skirt over his. Half brother rob and costs and his head ending cost the Starks. The Norris so killed two innocent boys and then I mean he's done messed up things yeah like the fact that the first time. That John sees teary and and the first time that John sees beyond. There is a real hyped up amendment. Situation is extremely intense in the first thing they say that John is so our sons how's your sister Daylon. Like she has to be pretty crucial character forever on that keep on bringing her and kind of brings everyone together and. What she is the key to the north now that John is no longer eight it's now the son of nets hard courts are gonna find out sooner rather than later I think him and obviously brand not fit to rule. Good king's landing really quick before he gets the battle a little. Seen again with sir see and with I forget his name the IR. No idea that the Bravo C the medallion bank I know he actually has a name DI body's iron Ankiel is called iron and the highly they've brought Sherlock that's right seen him before he plays Mike cross. And the Sherlock series split as Benedict comer vaccinate as well so that's is that. I guess into the big shows out there right now but sir see so my theory off Kitna and off. There that I assembled car it'd be him on now obvious that it happens bum me out a little bit. Iron bank getting behind seriously though if the gold gets there spoiler alert it got there. So now me and bake is going to be funding in search he may be her last ally now that she's completely cut off glanced army has been set ablaze but this. Kind of like big. Key in her pocket that she's got to like win this thing is unlock in war means she is gonna have them is well her army and her. Lee. Kind of the only issue as like ageless. She's got tired she get the iron banked an iron flee. And I called out on top the spoils of war happened. This is true there she mentions that Khyber and is trying to recruit beat the golden company. Which is the cell swords and Sosa oh. Elizabeth throw away comment but that's huge in narrates because they're already on their way. That's kind of flag if you wanted arias Starks who assassinate someone without anyone knowing you again you know purse or so that's the golden but that's just going company. OK let's get to the battle and let me just get this off my chest here. We have some cool names for battles in the show got a battle bastards. Receive God's the battle of the black water. Were of the vikings. And now we have absolute train battled. This column I met. Phillies make it black water reach your something you know it sounds pretty cool you ride at Disney or Duluth train battle come on I did the fans out there and we we got a position this whatever we start calling it is what. The masses will know this battle has. Four attorney justly wasn't really named the red waiting for the purple wedding that was fans may Datsyuk we change this. Stupid name of blue trim battle okay. That is the only problem actually had as many of us because I thought the battle is fantastic I loved everything about it. I love dragons I loved Jamie staying there and knots you know whimpering his way back when king's landing like bronze that while LeBron did lately so it. It was so good it was my second favorite battle after the battle bastards. I don't know like it's it's right up there with remain and I just love how that showed the very beginning they make you once again just so show sympathy for LeBron and Jamie. How they kind of go up Dick on and also how is your first thigh as count us smelled some things then. Bronze says you know I need to really pay me my dad's and Jamie it is well Monday you know I really well and he's thinking about his lost son and so there knowing that these guys are. Our human beings and it's not just one main character fighting in and mean that we don't hear they're the bad guys it's too. Aspects that we love we care about and some by his dying. Emotional emotional I love that Dick on character does well yeah hello but I think I was actually really great is who's humanizing link. Because he didn't want LA team weakened by his father and then his experience in killing people then he yeast in Nolan and be friendly with. It just humanize ever run a little bit more to you. Inexperience. As a view or that was already pretty intense. Having the brooding for two different sides of the battle at the same time. We all watch it together there screaming everyone's name whoever it was on the screamer like. And yeah. You and me. I'd really like I really do not like that was tickled the scorpion or this score the European. Thing really upsets me life. Now I just couldn't Iran and receiving it drove odd hours really. I and now is our are not all yes like in his. I'm an on so sensitive for animals even if they're not like real deploying oil is in the dragged in usually. Curling in the air back down to water. And few dry eyes in the. Quite a little devil's advocate I've read a lot of stuff for the past 48 hours out of the suit is for the a lot of people are really happy about scorpion. Just for more reasons like Khyber and would be the first person in recorded history think oh crossbow bigger wide let's just build that to kill a drag him like he's the first one. But does seem a little bit where especially in a magical. Or old can get a little bit more creative and really just got real cheers people. We hit it will series this is true it was actually pretty soon as it would in a wheelchair and a grant. I yelled go back so I love the fact that GB status and kind of is the debt analysts they completely noble character because he certainly has dabbled on the wrong side of good. A lot in the show blacks he is not a commander is going to abandon his armies where we've seen throughout the show bit. Many armies from the Starks to Milan masters obviously of the mark tells him all of they had in their cause he's not one is going to do and he's gonna go down. With his army and small he may still be down which we'll talk about the. It's also much worse thing you say have been in his army how about our strategic withdrawal what he would be the only one. He's written estrogen withdrawal where actually gets roasted alive in king's landing but there's not good. We're pretty close of the gates like. The first scene at the beginning is just cattle also looks like it's on a plane so there clearly close that I garden in the next time we're back with Cheney and then. They're actually very close to. Their destination yes if you look on the map everybody can just you know Google and apple west rose and pause this. It is rights to the south of king's landing like with Dan you know had prodded Hastert has. Are at greatest turned back around and get back to high art and for more crops and students like that so they Wear bright it. Right to delete train. No battle with a great name now hide. Lead train so we seem to wrap you now fighting for Dinara is really for the first time in the show. Great scene between 81 of the Darth Iraqi commanders trying to chase down brawn. Ron finally get some with a tie crossbow just you know takes the hood off when there it is. Don't drag me. This is where does so at the beginning Jamie is like we can hold them even the previous he says are more thinking Robert told sir seat. If you've got you know 101000 screaming doth Iraqi on an open fields the fool's error and Jamie doesn't pay heed to that that's where he says just he's getting his men in line he's going to sit there and then we see that we see drove gotten. I'm only seeds and asked and then we hear after terrorists. Man just setting up for the battle it was complete silence and if you start hearing the sounds of war all the grumbling. It's stampede coming in and then you're like comic and it she really didn't she's sent that doctor Iraqi and then just. That turned to god I. All there. Beautiful is like that yellow until all Annie go. The soundtrack does make some it really is actually when they play this theme music Borg who ever is kicking ass at that time lately she's like like a car hastily. And now. Lynne Cheney and I might just be imagining this but when he. Takes a spear and is headed for dignitaries he strives take that giant. It's fighters beer out of drug as a Winger inaccurate ever persona his shoulder it isn't a shoulder and it is. Oh. And then on so he goes belly. One until water until it get atlas of okay no. I notes that they'll look out here it's Elliott that it makes complete sense for me for somebody who grew up on a river like that. Like these rivers everybody thinks the rivers are like oh it's like what happened Lord of the Rings when. Our Owen is crossing this little river in insists no this. Reverse can be co lists of drop offs you know just five to ten feet out from shore I completely get it amassing its. Normal. But it definitely happens I am saying I am completely fine with that part of it now what am not going to will be just fine with its if all of a sudden Jamie. We seed next episode manages to somehow get out all that mail hate he is the two swords ES off. Take his hand off which is when in doubt as well and make get out of do the black water each IA. I was trying to put the the depths of it I'm going that I think there'll out of their depths of they're gonna try to rescue Jamie I think Jamie's dad I think you should be dead. I think they saved his body bring it back Jesus ransom something I policies any alive. Or revive him. There are red freeze deserve red freeze in the house how do we say we. She's crowd. Personally yes you are telling me alone and what about what was his name from iron islands he's like the priests. Yes have freedom in Cuba creepy guy early this area fanfare and yet. IE it. Think it's a little too late in the game Bert where there's a dividing people and there's dragons in dire Waltz for us to get caught up the most realistic and not. At this stage of the game. Many said that when we first watched it together I was also on team Jeannie. As that he did there's nine episodes left in this series. Does Jamie get to death scenes in the timeframe though a lot of roller characters they got a acts off. But having said that I came up with the relief funds theory there. LC OK looking into the plane on a day pass to survive in order for it to happen so I'm on team Jeannie. So that is anti climactic. The way that he just drowns and so the black and is saying if that's is that that is his. Can would you have rather seen him. Burns or Chris. Yes because he killed Matt king and then he was trying to go with his wrong hands to kill Matt king's daughter and in other renters we. Outlet a really awesome death for Jamie and didn't happen if he is dying away. That's a fifth. I'd argue there and he has been out death by alana in an episode spent an episode of that actually happens. That's our recap there's some history yet they're the let's go ahead and get to. Some of our other funds segments. Including best death. Yes yeah. There are some of that music. Yeah the next week. My best that's all you off here is why I mentioned before the he'd do with Iraqi commander. A throwing up these bright term for what he is bets that works against broad ripple effect. He had to tell level would be like second to a cow like how prints thugs you know writer. Yeah blood right now we're gonna go with that the blood rather that was attacking Ron chasing you on the battlefield gates cross the road at. A giant cross blue due to death that's my best definitely. My best at is the answers soldiers and Jamie looks at them and he sees dirt on coming against any other and you expect it their all ashes. Danny is now clean at the ash multiple that's I'm so glad he is the first because I think we all have different at the end might as Brian. All I love it brand did die in the caves and. McCain and Mira Mira Mira let's actually excited that kid and she is the right and I'm really set this the only brand that we. Get to see anymore. Lee is this where does he come back a little bit because he is really bummed me out and then spun me out. Surely. That's the buzz kill her that I know I lied and Ramirez is pulling a carrier ring and let you she once they're on team she's gone to you the crank to go that that the reads she's like you on the union largely. No trees and she's. I tied for like big lead. All died for you easily. Thank you so I'm gonna pause here without one I know we're gonna look at the flames later but it's two questions here and don't forget about it and are on topic. Do you think brand knew exactly what was going to happen Amir's going to go to her father. Who was with net at the tower of joy and that's how they bring that back in he returns to winter felony tells John yes you're actually your father told me Calgary does is mandate you're not it's a stark. Your eyes carjacked and talked about with my husband and the car for a got its trees I don't think we've seen the last Amir. I think that has to be out as she goes in grabs that it is seen as the tree is ever. I think there's too many people that could tell us that your. That I think we're done with I literally had in my looking at. Right the place I think. The reads and calendar is a lease and that the shows are anti believe that George RR Martin's game a little scary in some incentives to finish the book. X and I think she's gone. I think and sadly vertigo and you have while still more senate plan is a good. Unabomber. So our best survival. Go to the yeah. Here's this week's best survival. It's got to be bronzed for me I thought he was done about 45 different times and he ends up maybe saving Jamie in the process. Plus he was until wield the giant crossbow in such a bad. Give me abroad for a bunch of awards this week but. Best survival as well might man stick or how excited in this series we thought he's dead probably the first scene we ever saw him. Up in Erie with tear in your gonna lose that one. Leads his gold Agassi has ran out Susie is and is he volunteered to fight for here and you its hearings can make it. But only the opposite side of that coin now say. To rolled up. That scorpion thing means business. And down. Is that the truth that could have been it or the ire of what I I places that could have been a lot worse it doesn't seem. It's disappointing only. Uncomplicated. Weapon to seek out these drag and imagine what they're gonna do if they can get like a bunch of them that's happening kings island the dragons are gonna be out of the equation for the attack on king's landing zoo's sake man it's. Is sir see and by a pardon Cheney. Maybe god it's a spoil their weapon of war a little bit here is now Danny knows they have and not just one she's going to delegates he's landing there's many there she wouldn't have known I would have went skiing signing that's probably a dead dragons. Absolutely. Yet this year that would later and a little bit but I think it was worth a shot literally. Well Clinton. We'll play as well and I'll had to say it an heiress in own shares to get killed by the person who slaughtered her father. And he was going to have another name out of that is that queen slayer. She stopped that from happening with her baby drag and. This is true odds wrote on protect and and then. And such suppose they'll really good from start to UNAIDS the necessity in my top five episodes of all time pressure. Let's go ahead and talk about our MV PG. When you play the game from you win it for your time now this week's most valuable power grab. Billions. And it's. Not being the lights. Playing a long game. I think salsa made a huge power grab in the north just by aria coming back I think that that is such a weapons. And the look that she gives Zaria our guess you've done giving our it'll look she gives when she's are you fighting and sees what. A weapon of death that she has become now is at her disposal in the north and that she has brand back they concede the future. And the pass protector or that once odds that I think sons might be the second most powerful person in Israel right now. Billy's until John gets back I think she's more of a position of power than humans are so. Second did do I guess the Mary Harris. I also went against the grain. I want the white walkers. Is he really didn't make an appearance that dragon. And the wolf. And it's the lion are all in each other's throat still. Bold nine noted that dire wolf the still point out a little bit but they're just kind of waiting it out let me know we give each other just like. There are a little Lyons and the board in that we played I sent sent their raven and honestly let them take every children as us put an end easily then after they're done fighting each other and then we can. And then one of muscle in the gains parlor Tyler it worked. Yeah. Circus theater where we're ready sellers the roads fighting over Labor Day and probably send Seth and I had a peaceful Tyrell list airlines in the south and west rose. Build a lay up to it Allen it was glorious and I think that's you know we won that game basically end of frigid. The way you want to know what it was say it was definitely a lancer Tyrell is awesome. Yes and the funny thing is you don't have to start off than those spots we just. We did it but I don't. Choice when he when he got that media and I of course I hate the lancer token I'm not that is my girl. And I almost made a fatal error of not choosing king's landing for that's former spot I don't think that's issue there forgiven me so we were in our places of power and it worked out. And go ahead cinemas pat those valuable power Bradley Jon snowing and heiress all the dragons and showing her at the children of the forest launching the children of tourists are real but news that the children and humans Scott together and they thought this big powerful. Enemy and it was the lights and she is now seen that this has happened before it misses. Something that I should be concerned. I love when she says I got skills and he said I will fight for you went and Bahrain Burrell full. If you then than they CNN and the need Datsyuk ships yeah. Three chefs don't let me. The same after the lesser man this is the new target area where its people I have of my prediction about. So speaking of predictions let's look into the plants. You can tell if I am thinking he's. Seen winking now let's look into the flames. Looking into the flames and again what we are trying to do here is keep it is close the next episode as we Cameron out looking. Toward the end game and obviously the battle between ice and fire that is coming. So I I already spoiled one of Mya. Predictions that so I think little finger is close to being done north. I am also going to predicts in the next upside if so leave this is my big prediction for the week bits IA. Let's give him as mean out Jamie's alive. I'm still going to go against the grain is a genius dad's Jamie dies we see. Maybe one of the opening scenes than pulling his body yet from the river. So they will have his body and just thinking about the show and kind of game theory and and Howell and I'll show runner theory here in the reason they wouldn't one have bird into the crisp and and the story. Is so they still have his body as a spoil of war. That an heiress will have. For Terry and obviously didn't burn and but also for search you know maybe they can use is some kind of leverage. With king's landing so that is that is. I'm a little bit wavering on this theory and I realize that it probably in our Ivan I'm gonna stick to my guns here ominous say it's going out on the Lam genie is Jimmy's death Jaime what does he comes back as a bully. Like in there would have to be awhile alright until they get to the south. Of the vote on ice. But he has yet. I'll go OK I have 21. A day is gonna be solid season finale. John will bend me. It own marriage proposed. ONN. As a I think because there's no way you can just based today north India leg d'antoni but I'll marry a kid. Do I didn't work for rob shoot. OK the O line is that that's that's certainly her nephew. Nobody ever. Then ended door it has I was Xiamen and we all enjoyed when nom. Whenever you know I win I think the biggest. I'm not okay. I think they do with the that I am but I am not the cedar seed genie in this column. OK yellow line. Isn't it's an episode or two. We all know that we all feel that Syria's secret target here write a pressure so parents here. I'm actually not a Wear them but I I understand it no I totally understand the theory and up who proving the theory I'm just again I'm being a little contrary in there so we know let the Cilic to repeat itself. I think Jamie survives somehow don't care who pulls Natalie. I think that he's gonna be captive and then just as RN and does justice to here you was released by Jeanine as of prisoner. I think. Tearing is gonna release Jeanine as a prisoner just in just return the favor. So it in the in you know that you talk about it I know you didn't kill I know you didn't kill. So. That was a lot of my theory so what else that I thought no I'll have it the other thing and I think eleven or ridiculous thing. Is that she's gonna be so mad at him. She is going to light. Get dress or like she's gonna have drug on burn him alive. But he's gonna come out from the ash is Nate it will exceed guys and that's gonna how it's gonna be revealed that he is also. A target area and Jay and Eric. No Jerry Darien is it dark areas don't burn. As he's gonna come out like all make it like seated but he's make you know while the tripod or something systematically and indeed yeah. So I think is getting go to bed clean it and tear in the evening news Zora high it will come out from though. Like the fire pit and like to have survived and that's how we know he's there. I I actually have that Melissa how differently do I have written down but I have another production targets hit but I would really like but. Believe. Quit because I mean and Danny had three prediction victory prophecy should be for trade for blood retreat for love for trade for gold's. And when she was betrayed for love Sheila is betraying them love them per child for the love of her husband. So she's sacrificed her baby to bring back her husband when she was betrayed for gold shoes betrayed with majora selling her secrets to returning get money. Nash is going to be betrayed him with love. Because steering and loves his brother calls me I'm sorry betrayed with blood. Because she is going to be. You guys got I had that yes yes so I know. Haggard Larry yeah I think carrying only criterion is gonna go ahead with free Jane because he's gonna be a captive but. My prediction will be that day gone he's had so many screen moments it is absurd earn extra ounce it that he's gonna be the first ones abandoning because now hopefully his daddy's dead and he can be the warden of the sun. Oh can I make it count to thirty for that I think I think they're setting him up forty brutal death that he will not been the mean sued they are. Yeah we're gonna see Dick on ga it's now torn in half by rumors and what it out of Reynolds Scarlett. He ran off or is Reynolds I don't know. There's no target he'll leave with a Charley Armey so there's there's militarily army or it was they know he he is running and he was saying you know arms subs sorts let's go. There yeah. I can't imagine just just tacky don't really have casualties. And in like Validus captives. Well they are now I mean yeah this is like read I don't think they're going or not pillaging looting Arabia. Well this. And the so we we just need to do and what may be for the finale not even maybe for the finale we're gonna we probably should do an extra showed just predicting. Yeah I ask you since we could spend an entire 3040 minutes of the show. Just predicting everything. Yeah bush is at the show is so good at that we're now all speechless that's like so hard to even talk about it I think of. Flew on the news. That is our show. Podcast what's known name ever sued for recapping. Fallujah mental the battle yeah. Not a fan community we need a better name than that we need a much better and that. I can get up on Twitter announced that Dunlap you can send your questions in with a pass sang at WWL. Thrown civilians and social media shots again. Christina Ontario truck bombing. They'll styles dot com for always just drop the price of a particularly nice castle of town. She. It is a street checking out we got like 50000 dollars she's a pretty good. We take the iron banking and tech. Even here I am not saying hey get a line by the south. Flores CNN's styles sounds and so long we'll talk to him next week.