A Podcast Has No Name - S7 E3 "The Queen's Justice"

A Podcast Has No Name
Tuesday, August 1st
WWL Radio's "Game of Thrones" podcast returns as Seth Dunlap and his cohosts Mike Styles and Christina "Stina" Molinario as they  recap Episode 3 of the the new season of HBO's hit drama, titled "The Queen's Justice".

The playing field has been evened as Cersei has proven a masterful strategist in war and continues to eliminate her enemies.  Meanwhile, a meeting that we've all been waiting for happens at Dragonstone as Jon arrives and meets the Mother of Dragons.  Plus, Sansa reutines with Bran in the North.

The crew hands out some fun weekly awards like 'Best Death', 'MVPG' (most valuable power grab), and they Look Into the Flames to predict the future.

Be sure to send your comments, predictions, and Thrones questions to Seth on Twitter @sethdunlap or using #WWLThrones and we'll read the best ones on next week's show.

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What's your name. Joining me. Who are you. The guy has money. We are no one podcast has no name. But WWL radio game of the rooms podcast with your host Seth it's Dina and styles. We have known name Danny has a lot apparently John Snow just has won both the that's that's not there. That's that's CNN's styles. It is episode three. This season seven of game author owns the queen's justice and so did she did justice. Or lots. Thirty minute podcast you missing the previous ones go back and listened to we have a lot of fun with this. You cannot so it hits me up on Twitter and that set Dunlap for use the hash tag. WWL thrown sending your comments and questions throughout the week and then our mailbag section pretty good ones we'll read them later in the show. Let's get right into our recap this that episodes. At a started off and I'm glad they started off there in dragons on with the meeting were rewarded Santa's Fannie knew it was gonna happen the entire episode. John. Gets off his votes which is just one vote finally seems like a bad idea and others they don't their seat. A great joyfully to ASE in those egregiously but he makes the shore think it's kind of taken prisoner by the Marist and up to a throne room and he goes we're. Telus is dire wolf the you know learn it leg you know I think he's resident you know nothing John Snow and over your sword and like bring your can bring your dire wolf with you did you learn nothing from your brother rob. Melanie she has Dragic and your strength of your vehicle arable. Yeah what where is ghost. At this point. We have no idea because before it whenever drew on was missing. That the for the season start as hash tag where's drew on and nobody's doing hash tag where is it is I'm curious I need to now yeah as a plot planners of the block whole. But point. It's got to be I mean then that is the most important Darrel on the show are and it's been a big part of almost that receive has to be a plot points coming legislator I think the mayor is going to be. In some kind of plot the capsule I hope so I hope that wasn't just closure. With an area I'm hoping that will that comes back to think on some lights. It would be an odd scene if it had no impact at all like if are you just keeps going up to winner Phil we've never seen a merry again. What's what it's been a little bit which we just re watch the trailer and are you might or might not be. In. Go and went on next episode but some we get to the throne room and this is where a little funny intro so they've got all the names for Dinara us. And then assert that Lewis introduces John at this. They choose the kingdom north match. They say you're bureau Watson with the had to stop because your left and sort of that. It wasn't good two minute belly rolling laugh eat a pound man this is John Snow. He's hitting North Dakota and grandma says Motorola. The leader he is accusing let's talk about his resurrection even though that would give him some real clout with Daly and then this isn't just only for rooting teenager that you know once striking glass for the her reason. Get out on the life isn't feel comfortable saying that he is brought back from the dead or why am Nellis on it you wanna bring that up either he doesn't wanna Pratt Kelly let's get straight to the point he's there for a reason and that reason is to get dragging class and save around. Yes and I thought this scene played very well in that it's. Taking out concerts we've seen of both these characters the entire seven seasons. Right in seven years but they've basically knew nothing about each other and still I guess it would be one month ago a couple of months ago. In court and quotes westar OC time. And they don't trust each other and that comes across I thought they played that very well in his walk in and all of a sudden trust each other civil case Acer's you know in the made any sense. And there's still some lingering. Distrust bush is still willing to bed trade for her shouldn't get anything that which easily you know just take the drank a glass I think limiting it to your hand of the king. Yet but there's still a lake then it's hasn't been totally resolved yet but it's still not. Like super tense either. Now the issue is trying to prove that she's not a foreigner. At the same time. John looks very agencies this too rich snot beat person who basically wants to rule the world and she all she knows his history she knows the passion is at the present what the actual issues are here now rebel. That's at that rate if if in his mind he's thinking of this rich snotty girl from the east who's been. Cradle and Holler all time and she has to get up and say this I was rates I was sold into slavery. I was brutalized. And your just some king of an aura. That I can deal with pretty easily right now I don't want him and John looked worried that. Have not only did not have you know have a firm idea of the other first and they don't from idea of themselves right he's a and it was a fun and it's been useless. On the last Leo I'm not start and then that the current round like you write and and vacated and then she was like I'm the last target area. Wrong don't even know each on the south island industry they're building and a. ER. And when there has asked. It means abandoning I thought it was pretty funny you wish you know had asked that. Read their first lightly the guy you're just invite from the north through you know is quote unquote the key accuses gonna comment there. And kneel down the odds. Then there's still have a lot to learn my lines like lover. I hope she is one of the two or three heroes of the story and sauce and done bit. Man she sticks sometimes hysterically if. It's the same Myers Briggs personality. That Condit is at its alliance with that a discipline that it really. When we were to find out this. It was also an easily but it's like you know at the Mya is the logic I think I'm like an aideed and opposite anyway it like it gives you each arm of the one and that is that the president's goals in my house like Harry's. It literally awesome. They all also what about Syrians. Role and that's not puppets. Wildly Unionists. Would have worked itself out nearly as the seat visited with doubts the dwarfs felt. He's criticized John right now he knows the person that he used to be and he does trust him and he had his relationship with songs a sitting as the Starks are good people. Even though it. Kaplan did and he knew that she was lies and prosperity so right now he's trying to see is he a good ally. Knowing that he might be the only ally that he as luck because he's not. Not so hard asking and yup I have I have some beef with Syrian about he is like. War strategy going back the last season but as far as mediating to very headstrong personalities. To save the realm I think he's doing pretty games. Yelling you just got out played in this episode by his brother was bull will get to and I think that might have repercussions with. The nurses trust of him what that we didn't mention is good seems going to various and not Sandra at the beginning. No substance he's out read I'm gone I'd I'd John seas near Dallas he's Mir I'm I'll live. That's the seats morrow threw it away even as a global leader in like. On. I think it's definitely to strengthen her dark magic because. She doesn't believe in prophecies anymore but yet she's doing whatever the lord of the light. Wishes to be done and she has this moment where she tells looks bears and I I know your past because of this dark magic you had the blood sacrifice. They had the the warlock that dismembered him as a child through his body parts and the flames and spokes I'm thing. Not forget forget was was that a member likely worse for ruler yes so that's the same god that she worship so I think that she's going optic. Learn more some dark magic and coming back stronger and harder do we think bits were in Syria it maybe not this season but we're gonna see here again and she did a. Many years or seasons ago that she looked in. The darkness and you. The Sony I is looking back at me different color eyes. We will meet again. And ultimately isn't going to be OK well maybe that's good news for aria which you'll pay you know if if we're thinking malice on her show up again for quite awhile maybe that means our are you all make it all out should be greatly been debating over that I don't Veres is afraid of like. Think he doesn't like magic but what is his problem with analysts on little mean girls on her like I think he should get out of here we'll look better if. You're just a weird you'll hear bits and pieces all you know chopped up from those releases were spurs might be a little you know little salty as well also the. It was very nice things is always calm cool collected. Get startled and frightened like you know something that I don't now I'm always the person is not yours in front of me that's rare rare that are. Oh arresting from banks done. I don't that he knows the kind of slowly when they got the vote status goes and is waiting talked and Sunday in the easily out the island of net. And she couldn't really say anything about it. Is Maas and I missed today who we think she is is I've heard that maybe she's a faceless man. Oh while. And that like she's sixteen years old she's like little Italy's different languages and then nobody gonna wait for him to ask about that or not have any comments. I saw that she was a little. Gentlemen hit on before all the items they like that just because remember opera she was great work for like three seasons for the family must have said. That's ally ticket act and secondly she had orders from her queens to bring these people two hours and hours and in his mount on. I didn't distract us. But that's where Reagan circle thing we have a great there by the way we did and I'm. I'm really hoping for another faceless men that we didn't Ellis and I think just try to find that person scenario for oil. It's Macy millions who please arias Starks is that her own wish how the current senses. Someone sits on the eyes and current the end of the Acer saw the base that's really our. It would be a classic are we happy with the way this episode in at least the dragons apart of the Simpson. Wrapped up where they finally got back together and she said he'd say the drag last go back on minus four. Basically what happened satisfied little unsatisfied I gotta just a tinge unsatisfying or. Maybe not well laid out the plot and realize that they have so many minutes so many episodes you know as is in the book what's gonna take you know George. I kind of like the fact that I mean besides. The dialogue that three target areas were on the same island. All doing. What their fathers wouldn't have done and I fathers I mean the man who praised them. So they are all doing something different and coming together for. Us. I'm hoping that some. The public the idyllic those results. But I'm hoping that it was because they didn't wanna give too much up for next. Yeah looks like from Ian from the trailer that we suffer next week lots of politics still on dragons on to calm. Well later this season let's go back to king's landing now as we see. The in the aftermath of the battle of your runs battle silence. His ship that destroyed in his sleep that destroyed the of these other great joys fleets any takes. What a Loria her daughter and you are all prisoner back he's landing it's cheers in the streets he's wearing a rock star alliance for eight he is of the rock star of this show I suppose. It was a gets seen and I'd and this is why I really think that leaning beauty needs to win an Emmy just her facial expressions and her body emotions. Like I was look I made no bones about it I am Teamsters see for the most part edge I thought she played the emotion about moment. So well and that she seeing these people who she's wanted to get vengeance on for you acres for killing her son. Finally in her grass I thought it was critical moment even though it was about to get to be Avery brutal moment. She played it for beautifully note at a that I liked the fact that your on rides in on a black horse and into the program in the only other persons that loses. Searched his spot there and whenever he it was white rulers took it down and see. Tied. It on the down. The black course symbolizes. You know he is chaos. Reckless. We'll come to find out what his madness and does the water has been sort. For rail the way that she. We got her revenge on Omar and the thrower in the dungeon and kind of an odd for a guy like for his brutal asserts he could've gotten there and it was a win. Little bit kind of creeped out. By the mountain standing in the background that's the announcing what in the world and I happened here how much begin brutality Revis in this he'd asserting a little bit queasy but for all the things she could have done. To the sand snakes. I think ballot was probably the most just. I don't mothers mercy I was like it could be worse than a Marcelo went down like. She didn't know his plea she didn't that's okay that she is relatively painless. I imagine it's would suck to watch the person that she loved die but I'd rather not linked Gregor from the game rip you apart piece by piece. So I think this is thanks got off. Okay. Yeah yeah. Yes there's he's definitely. Playing the mind game perspective she's more calculated in the way that she's rulings she's merging it not only in the sheets but in the kill ground. She does not care and I am really liking the way that she is going to mercilessly try to destroy the breaker chains with slavery. Yes us up. Yes so he admits it appears that she doesn't care that now she sleep with Jamie with. Her. I guess hand Mahan coming in by the way shall I say this veil lingered on that hand maiden that. Camera shot for a along time we've been as off there and we've been talking about some are you theories here is she in king's landing already could she be. And the demand from brought those that I am bank that we just talked about who could she be where she actually. It is a little weird that it lingered on that it's little pixie haired girls for little. Although longer than I thought that. And yes. I think there was more to make a point. Like this is supposed to be awkward an excuse just kind of accepting it. But just another one Gloria exercise brought it up I always. And Jamie is going to and her so idol and I think we are gonna get arias of faceless person it's not gonna be thirsty. But she turned around and that's. She turned around the pot pie at the end. Let's do this in our prediction segment so a man from the united bank he comes there and basically said. Times they're clones are due and aids. As we know now Jamie was RD on the way to get all that golds and two weeks for a I mean again it's she's got to be the MVP of this season so far you see what it is perfectly she's doing it on point I couldn't utter. No Clinton's not he's not even their father who right and it Olazabal gets in Atlanta she's injured at this earlier we've been sitting on all this gold. That he said it probably was like Vietnam military might criterion in thing too distant. Hi art and I'm so disappointed in here in the display into it as you know. Yeah surprised and impressed that serves. This season I knew to be leveling the playing field I just wonder how. Much for the public and tipped the scales and is it too late towards an Aries two. Kingsley and she is and hopefully. With a giant cross there which Rihanna now courtesy of our program speaking of how big bolsters these new realm yet and how Omnia. Factions and house's we'll see why bout up in the north. But we don't quite know what's gonna go on the area they do you have very. Cool scene are warming seem worth finally after seven seasons. So often grants each other again and brand just. My friend and care like sciences there in tears and translate. And I saw that lets authorities as. I saw that again you've both been through some (%expletive) at least be nice. Friend took them to ring up. The British got out this is we don't every human beings Seoul leg cerebral legally impaired at. You know north of the wall even last season. Also is to build quality is no more social skills. It together right nice to your sister. Land air and understand three artery and there has to be a little bit of stark. And he later what that is easily it's it's hard to explain where's Jon yeah the that would be do you think that's. Why that he brought up the the wedding that he would have known nothing about and what she's wearing and the snow to kind of tell her. They actually I really do have these powers is arm explaining it as there's other ways. I think that it was mainly to you kind of reminds her. The things that happened on your wedding night I know who's behind it. Little finger clothes and new all of these things how horrible Ramsey lives and yet he sold she anyway and I was there watched all of it and I'm now. She just couldn't handle the link that memory so Cilic the legends and lending and pitches and he's gonna bring him from the way or winter if you have you saw us they hear this stay here. Be very and I yell where's mirror as she's hanging around waiting blatant about altering income get a mile an hour on or another in what is gonna happen Amir sheer purpose is served. Yeah. She enjoy she got there the without banners. I don't think on relieved for an assistant Josh carrier on brand it. Let's they're just gonna have like a faceless you know background characters start carrying him around in this series should stick around because of that you brought up the good point Christina and that. There is this background of little fingered definitely did some very dirty things not just south of the entire start family that they don't know about except for maybe brand. And that she cents a Maicer to go read all the old scrolls. Racquets and that was kind of a lost plot point miss one. But you think it's going to be it. They're setting it up for next episode definitely because she's gonna find. The past and everything that little finger not only a little finger but. All the other houses split there intentions where and everyone learns from the. Asked settles you mistresses story is girls yet it's in this girls and Brian he's a well it was a very. You know. So Joseph is healed in old town it was a short bit muted scene to get the minister was standing at a rapper name man and the kind of not. Majora says he's on his way back to dragon style which is a long ways away if take a look at the map lustrous that is. These is out there Preston hit. There's actually think this so if you look at that the path if you have to go to get to dragon stone. Oddly it kind of runs through high garden where Regis saw this big scene and where Jaime was as well. So we're all thinking there might be some kind of complications in getting Martell. Tyrell is the Tyrell gold to. Kingsley and how he would know about that I don't like you wouldn't know necessarily Mavis is more of prediction segment about how he would know but just. Like you pointed out time is a fluid thing in the shoulders. Of game at the rounds and you ask though. So hopefully this race he'll. Maybe an exam ticket attention that Leahy asked to re old scrolls that. I guess so because they'd like alluded helix is slowly pulls up his shirt sleeve or bigger scale for like two and a half seasons in the end. It's he's cure to spiraling identify and you know the spot where it needs to be treated so what about if the white walkers more than ninety has some former greats. Grace. That's what I'm saying they wouldn't it introduced it unless it's just because Sam is getting all via is wearing it Starr eventually is gonna run. The citadel I do think in the book. Whenever you like these whenever if he ever finishes this that this story lines in a playoff much differently to scale yes that it didn't actually would assume majority is not make it through that version of the story but he has here probably because he's kind of one of the main characters in the show. So we get to the the biggest part of the show are the biggest parts was. The battles and multiple battles happening and I'm I'm glad they didn't spent a lot of time on the battle and older and a high yards does that make sense later it was outnumbered and I kind of was hoping for a huge battles in. In that casually Iraq butts. It was well done with tearing in the narrator of everything that was happening and we find out at the ends. Yeah all the and so it is there they took fairly minimal losses putts. Veteran now how well lampoon there that's there at words. Baird because of their fleet gets destroyed. There's no grain and no supplies. In casually Iraq and I just stuck all the way across the continent. I would bet all my money that area and outsmart Atlanta mr. Lance it was the biggest shock of the entire this to me. I. Was breathless Alice do any Edmond. Jane mentioned it that's he learned it from rough start. The first battle it was or he got captured was of that yes that'll whispering woods about going to regret anything. Look I don't know if it's checkmate but certainly. Out played his brother Syrian there. My interests have. My favorites scene of the show was away again queens born she stole her own death scene. Back in your face blaster she says I did its which now I thought it was cool for right reasons for Ella that are like I'd let you went out that way. But it also confirms. Jamie spots in theory that his brother did not kill his son did not kill Jaafari I mean think of right so now he knows for certain. That's. Tearing his Anderson's. Now whether search is going to believe him if and when he gets back to keep slamming intelligent as a different story. But I think there might be a little more redemption story now for Jamie and even should hearing and Jean meet again so I thought that was they've Wheldon and. Possibly but he was a lot closer with his spotter that he lives with his on offering was unsure number I mean you're probably right now you read about that. I just don't it was a close with. Taiwan that might adds felt like iams overbearing. It was that close on the island every was closer with Thailand that he was with the suns have sex on top of his stepson works. He can't have that much about wind is cutting grass. We just disappointment because we talked about how is loosely kind of poetic howling today. Killed. This ethics with the same this as snakes killed. Marcelo yeah I thought they'd purposely pulleys and they'll let its high real because she poisoned to offer. Just for the retribution I was thinking that if Britain she came back with Brian right exactly is then they didn't realist that there are doing the same line. I thought I thought they were doing that on purpose until. He she surprise I guess the reward for her her revealing that she that it was better and the poetry. Killing again killing zones and tilts economists are. I'll see you I love how whenever Jamie locked into the room she quoted a line from the reins of castor Mears she says. And how the rains weep over our halls. The reins of Kazmir is playing again but now for high art and so Lelie didn't have. To see the light. Leave her eyes and a little heart could have taken into enough trouble just they don't have blood on some data plus until like see heard rattled Charlie. Now warden of the south there and he supposedly one of these great tactician and warriors generally seen that. On the screen yet but he was kind of the decisive factor there. So Tyrell is wiped out mart sells. Wiped out and molest a laureates technically isn't dead yet should there be a king's landing take over maybe they find her in the dungeon that now. But yes or sleet is definitely even playing article maybe not quite even but certainly on Lorena was the beginning of the season where they're even where the besides protecting your dragon stoned she had way more. The if I'm on solely up until it doubles racked up that's Jackie. We're then what is you don't wanna attack with them hysteria and warned her against that appeal to people on lustrous would see those as foreign invaders Mary to she's been pulling them off on Syrian word now I don't think that's going to. It's paid for how much like it's it's the only. Now I don't think it's I don't think maybe bout. That's it for our recap let's get some of the fun segments now islands about our best death. This week's best yeah. I think it's a runaway winner main. It's gotta be 00 it's got to be the queen at Barnes even though we didn't quite see onscreen again. I'm so glad it's you out that way seen either of those are best in any of the seasons. Was her final CNN she got the last laugh I don't know there's been a person on the show it is stolen their death scene yet but she did. Absolutely I was gonna try it cute with it and trying to find the motherboard is such as I've ever seen Eagles seasons of our just it is. So well written. Immediately just the scene itself Jamie's reaction was priceless last year it's actually down but also satisfaction. The pace grab that little dot pledging to double its yeah. He looks like me on Friday. I. She likes history it's a fascination like. Let me couldn't he couldn't wait hours just a little worried that he would like to jam with water to go with me active. So I do think that you can pull out of soared to stumble. Massa gossip doesn't really. Marched away at him and it like it was an amazing scene island. At this view but that appease in the wheels were returning is. Joffrey really until by its hearings maybe that's the thinking is preoccupied amendment. Beautiful epic. On the same page I'll deaths went Florence while we have to image and it's great harm I mean hugest. Steered Atlantis. Get a handle all. So awesome yeah the lowest rates hit. Worried about great work by the way he's in diesel should be. We should be but at least he survived another show. We get a little more of our men and what does the him and whether that's how about best survival. Yeah here's this week's best survival. I'm gonna go against the grain here and I kind of teased it maybe spoiled little bit but it's. We all know answers he said they're not going to heal our stance. And we still expects should this go the way that the majority of people think eventually this season. If there's take Hillary keeps landing she's still going to be alive in that dungeon now it's brutal assume after watcher daughter die and watch her daughter rots. But it's. I thought she was done by a bottle aria that was going to meet a brutal. And it in the show and somehow some way she did survive so. Maybe not the best survive but they're very unexpected survival and get mine my best survival to all are you sand still alive kick and in the dungeons Keeneland he. We'll see she ends openly gay heap that in soul not cancel. Hi real kid the night of flowers oh I noticed most Sheehan is open and link via. In the dungeon for awhile she if it actually goods and I'm done and she's that I hope you're right that like to see another house survive. And continue its name. If she have this urge see days she's the best she has but was she kind of acting as the de facto head of that house Sheila is that with the idea. Those Johnson. Survival anybody but John Snow. Friends and there is great that wasn't really any. I thought that hurt basically all basically. And the neat and it seriously. But I've. I gently I think he link didn't bring his dire wolf he let killer is only O'Leary in the today. The claw whenever. His long claws long lost. And that was the last now are eminently labels though it once in the show awesome yet. Just though it might survival I think he's playing literally playing with fire it now he better be careful and he's not gonna die on dragon stumble like. We know that public if we did at that time like dude then added. I silverback my head thanks John Snow does not make it through a series but that's it's a story prediction for a Saturday what I use Christina invests about I guess creek slash the time. You know he made it out into the ocean and now he made it. He survived the iron born they knew that he didn't try to save ER and. They'd kept a lot and I. Little Hollywood magic there right with all the sudden this ship discipline that's swoops in and takes them up after apparently are supposed to be all the ships were wiped out earlier this one ship was still alive and isn't here the next episode spoils of war is here in one of those spoils of war. But where are they taking and they like they take a little can you anecdotally one in the shore and wearing on. Dragons dragons and less media. Debate now swear allegiance back here on so he takes him back to Ike now that it. Would it now if you were the last remaining great joyous words you go and might go back and say you look. The I swear allegiance you crazier on Roxanne. He puts you in like one of those neck chains and culture on I would just good SS is I don't know if they'll I don't know if the white walkers and. Travel across the narrows see it go to rob us missile cold up there bullets. Allen hasn't made up his mind better than. Al outlet is made it is an item is being being Greek or see on so I think he's probably going to drag and stand to see if he can eventually beat your on to get ER back at us a little bit of the arms left. I would say the SS theory my dates be a good one accepts. I don't know if this shows and returned a socially at all is to it we're down of that continent and it'll be in the background I think we yeah yeah I think that's I think. I think we're done SS I don't think we're done with some of the stuff on SS I'm really hoping that we see. Face like some kind of baseless and yes that is don't think we're gonna see it on in and around us greater. And so they were gonna see what they're not even going marry like the intro anymore like you're right sorry Lester us. Let's talk abouts. Are. MV PGA. When you play the games and we'd. Just. Now this week's most valuable power program. Angle like this may be running game here in the season the new versions are there my girls are C. She is the procedure is so. Good as she may be the most Qaeda murder it was a great facies devious and murder some Psycho it's the ligament to issue is this a lover. She's probably the most capable ruler of the we've seen in king's landing on the show since it's in on the seventh these early to better rob or fresher. She's not is crazy is off recently on a matter what dance and TomTom and it was just ineffective ready lost power to a crazy religious school. Yes sir see everybody. Eight if the fair thing to say it was he runs through the list I'll thing it doesn't present itself as she has didn't. Mean she's about to repay iron Danks and even her father couldn't I mean he was that early king so that's silly person actually compared to it and in this timeframe she is killing I mean she he's back in a w.s as I was getting boring. Hit just try to isolate our respecting mr. Gillers than her supporters birds and terrorists and everybody opposing. I art is definitely in his. Our brand. Once I mean that was unexpected did. Out of the blue had to show shocked us again and Ian Ian there was zero chance at about that high yards and be sacked and we TV we have the Wednesday the Simpson. If you don't want this as valuable partner that was also Olin at Tyrell because they are good that they they take their power back in that moment. On having the last word Cheney's true let's talk about some predictions for her next week. And the content if I am thinking. Casing thinking now let's look into the flames. So we're trying to keep this segment is frequently we could talk for literally five hours about predictions that predictions for next episode in particular. And we also is re Watson trailers that you haven't done that UN pause this episode right now re watch the trailers and we're gonna talk about a lot of stuff on that. Well the biggest thing off that the jumped out to me was what's happening up in winter fell. There's obviously. Something has happened between science and little finger I would I do not know if it's a little finger betraying saucer which would seem more logical. Or sausages completely turning full sourcing and betraying little figured maybe she used the word from the Maicer like you said in the scrolls. Or talks to Brandon finds out that little finger has been trader even more than she previously thought. But something bad is going to happen there and I think there are going to be main characters. That do not make it past and accepts that list rehab. We're a little finger or pod I don't think it's possible that. But I think we're gonna see some consistent stuff. Island actually stuff comes winter now. If you see like someone Poland open we think that it's. Little finger. Because of the little rings on his fingers is opening up like this dagger. That it Agassi's one episode two was used almost killed grants are honestly. The always assumed that it was Jaafari his parents as soon do his job for we could be wrong. I think between. Brands. Green seeing. Ends. They saloons. Diligently kept records. That when they're well I think double learn some stuff and it's going to cause a rift between. Little finger in salsa. Maybe. And it's Johnson may be allegiance to. Grants chopping something in half hopefully at someone. I think you're a person is not John Goodman. I know it's cold up there and he's just a fire idol now. Still feel and honestly felt for sure. I've played so imagine that may be aria runs into the town because the town knows that little finger had some part and rob Starks and I'm sorry in Ned Stark's death. And so might be a sister do you vote to kill little finger. Who now that's that sense and your right sorry there that is how. This looks like she gets it looks like she's a one horse and not quite sure it's pouring from her in a rear side if it is I mean the nights that they'll have no interest in. And keeping in allegiance with little finger. You know the ugly little thing guerrillas kill the voice guy. So some don't they have an allegiance to let's say that all is said and sought orders brie and she upper hand little thing here you don't think tonight the bill would protect him that's who receive brand by. I'll thinks I mean really they. Little finger Celeste head but cousins aunts and there are legions it was just like in Iran I don't have. I think you're right someone's going down. In so is going down again but. Secondary character again which little disappointed because the only public. And it does he just like kill law maybe there isn't the real. Aside from what I've felt. They keep these leagues zooming in on the date that cold yes in that hi guardian in the people's faces looking at there you see them riding away from high garden in the falling 32 preview and doing lately seven to ten seconds of that about. I think there's going to be heist of some kind yes brother about an hour you can go X where they go south unless Obama forget now. Just another epic cotton shirt how do we know how large their army is like this they largest Harley slash lands arming the technical add ons there and. Here's here's my prediction is that off the ball prediction but it's. I am off the law I think adds an heiress we see what looks like a person on dragon. Probably Maris and. Not entirely. It is not in and out of the real possibilities of somebody else probably there's I think she gets on the dragon. And she is just that she hears about what's what happened in high guard and she just chases that are out like she burns them to the ground literally. And that is how the gold does not make it out that is where I think she goes I don't think she I don't think she attacks in planning. I don't I could be wrong about that. We've been waiting for this keeps landing battle but I think. Maybe this little like you know game theory. Breaking the fourth or whatever here habits just with the F mount episodes left I think they're gonna save that for either ups that six or seven that it battle kings and. Think just in Iraq does not think for her king's landing the sides RC in the city. Like this it's. Also as a pretty SE I think it's just what what that means didn't miss the target and ruled from dragons for. Ran it. They did yes it ends up building king's landing and that's raining. And natural how do we get to. The mountain verses that town which we all things you won't happen like how does the mountain she's he's going to be nicer seaside. How could it is the mountains get out of king's landing with their. How I still don't understand how to make it. Bronze in the impregnate. It's grades. Ratio thanks for doing this this is this a lot of fun. You can hit me up on Twitter and that set Dunlap. He has wanna give little world shout outs here on social media owners of course. Daddy daddy daddy don't know styles not need a house he's man enormous hells yeah. Checking threats to can stop a Tatiana and want for the sale of their place on the wood Johnson. And then also Maryland impressed he tries to negative percent listen to this show. On the sale of their health and Eleanor Nichols both entered its hot aerial. I think that's thank you and I mean Christina mile an area on FaceBook or history. That's gonna do it for episode three. A podcast has no name we are back next Tuesday's we will recap episode four for styles. Christina success in song enjoy this week's episode hit us up on social media. Kelly for next week.