A Podcast Has No Name - S7 E2 "Stormborn"

A Podcast Has No Name
Tuesday, July 25th
WWL Radio's weekly "Game of Thrones" podcast with Seth, 'Stina, and Styles

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What's your name. Joining me. Who are you. The guy has money. We you know one podcast has no name. A WWL radio game of the rooms podcast with your host Seth it's Dina and styles. That's us we do not have a name it is a podcasts. With no name welcome it's episode sue storm Boren. A couple of days after. What I think a lot of people thousands slow episode that I know us and here are going to disagree a little bit that you must ask yelling so I yeah. Is that I don't know the best on a Red Sox that the here's the and styles over there as well. This is our little weekly game with drones recap show here with WW all thanks against for them to them for letting us do this each week released this on Tuesdays in the habit. Be sure you share this with everybody on social media and that he's going to make this is big and possibly can be. Let's get right it suited everybody and as start Qaeda or the show did and that's at dragon stone and an heiress. Drying up for battle plans with everybody was there there was the sands glorious and the hands between the orange they're doing her and it's marquee. Old lady's name and a girls yes and of course her. Her own companions to Syrian. I'm great worm and so on days. I wasn't okay plant achieved single indecisive that's lineups to as. Stacey took out some of her thanks on various lakes yet along as boat ride to confront him about how. Whatever he she had previously and it wasn't until I got a little stale at the table and that she decided to come that. And I think he did a pretty good job deflecting it though I think everyone liked it because they. Did confirm me alive it's cool but now a little weird but otherwise it out I was seen as critical as the all the different. The previous peace brought up link between hearing in and the says that I was glad that was addressed them Marcella. And yeah I thought those rates. Yes I really enjoy being Danny was really unease because the whole thing is her getting what she wants to congress having kingdoms and finally. Not really conquering at all that she has her army has dragons she's actor and stand and she. Doesn't feel the bill that kind of takes I don't heiress GE NC reflects it back a little bit but she's definitely a lot to be areas do you. She respects him because of the way he came back at her like I don't care who you are like I'm for the people I respect that if it. We may have to like Alter a sticker something for it if I was I was and there's the spot and I am like this you know while that's down the street and arguably one actually. Tell me when I stepped. The wrong way this recurring theme from any easily demands something of people that isn't in the Alley. Nature. Like he is the master of whispers that she easily. Still do anyway yeah it's an Israeli that's it that's what he does and then at the end of last season with a great joys diesel issues like. But their words are we do not so she's like no we're reading I want you ought to be like I did pirates to two countries feeling dizzy roller earth and that even within the the masters and flavors they'll know more slate what hello stories for us it is so. I don't know I don't know it mean. Just bury this thing yeah. He's obviously very talented at what he does. Let him be the master whispers. I am my girl I mean she is the congress is storm warns that not only congress kingdom's congress people's motives. What do you think okay. She threatens to burn him alive again I was there were current theme is is she going down a little bit of a dark path here that seems to be a common little on an Internet threat like this is gonna is gonna break bad Nash is gonna be some kind of. Semi villain in the shots a policy that she didn't she can dish it out pushing intake it's issued letters are all fired twice so I. The center. But should just survive it and a fired. The priest deaths of fired. I know let's not let Ellis under shows that there. And seems to have found herself. A new group write a new game. And it's not in the north so job and come earns here apparently that's what's gonna happen it's gonna be very happy. But I don't. Also under suspicion character to me because. I hated her for the first three foresees that thought she was pure evil spikes in LA bases Brent people live shoes like the as the scary which. In your bad bedtime stories new young but. The last season and a half my decision to redeem yourself. But like a lot of characters do in Yemen thrown their story -- is can turn in the opposite direction you know she. As. Public he says is redeemed herself but I think she and banners attitude and character is kind of funny that their votes and to their aces like corner now. Is that they're just kind of misunderstood and I think they both feel that they are doing what is in the best interest of the realm is just The Beatles it that way because. The way they are about to mean that just involves them. Bart children sometimes it. A serious I guess. Again a he is giving away on her she's like up on her Clinton because it's like I really believe in prophecies that much Bartlett just take it back a step and you're Palestinian prophecies. So does she really believe is the prince or princess prop yeah prince that was promised because she just told John I know last season that he was the press that was promise and now. She's basically it's LN. The Marist that she's the princess who's promised through the transportation of miss Sunday you heard secrecy is point I think she doesn't know. I think she just sees some spot on the plane isn't easily I'm just giving you the backs. I don't know you know I don't think any don't know who it is you both have a role to play maybe there's not just one it is a prince and princess. It was promised so the end of this time. The very end of the ordinary us. Is that decides on a more peaceful method which is not listening to burn king's landing with the dragons like Terry instead. But then oh lead Tyrell pulls or is that when a thorn says. Look nobody is gonna care or respect you if you're Max you've got to be strong and and maybe do have to be somebody who people fear and hate. Think about the acquisition and. He's a dragon I have a decade me so much chills because she's white. Like did Jerry's is blowing up her own people. The set of Taylor she is no problem with that she's like I'll be be wary of them dead king's daughters is crazy. But I think I'll I'll let you have the right of it and art rage I had the right of it I think there right motive would have been too. Go straight for king's landing in the between the ashes. And talented between the ashes. I don't know why they went that we'll get to this later I don't know why it went back to door in the first place you can pick up the doors Arnie on the web the king's landing or. Since everyone in between the neck and don't want is already in king's landing for whatever summit Sheen. Pulled together just march up and fly them on the outside. I was thinking and maybe I'm wrong out they can't do that they know the year runs out there so they thought that. Allard and that and they did need an escort just wasn't big enough when it's that layer that's what I thought about that. Anyways did you what do you think of the plan Serena. And I was leery about it that went out it was Smart at ours done it as we'll talk kind of there isn't as governor base that's how all the politics down dragons on. Wooly hat dimensions the Unix X of course CN that was later in the show. Let the people I was a little too long or whatever the look the guy still has done an apparently announced that he is that aim and it. I'd love to prison for Unix on this all over there in their one way or another yes. Up in Windsor fell at the John Snow it's also easy good ruler. I have faith in my boy John but. He seems to make unpopular decision after unpopular decision this goes back to the wall by the way where he kind of spit in the face and everybody who follows him time and time again. I'm not necessarily saying he made the wrong decision here we have everybody including all your advisors saying don't go at some point don't you say. Okay I'm going to be on the bend the will of my advises my duly and don't know what's going on there. He's seen what happens I mean it's kind of like sand seeing is believing it a little like he knows that's common and he needs to warn everyone he thinks. Dragons. Strike lasts and it dragons increased buyer quietly surrogate. CL we should set the set he got the simultaneous ravens back to back one from Sam. And old town saying that dragon zone buried there and dragon last may also gets raven from the barrister Cherie and Broussard up with like some dwarf joke he told out of the wall mentality and a long time ago. And nobody trusts here in there except for John everybody has since the last. Protect is as a when they were married together in Kingsley ending. But I think with Chinese to stop doing is airing all of what should be a small counseled me. In front of everyone gets like. That written actually. Cooks in the kitchen every time so every time like any rating comes in. Are ever ought to come together to agree on lender also think it'll bite about it in public that your public advisors. The Mary's. Grad. Those. Eighty debris in. And then like talk about it and they don't ever with a cohesive plan as opposed. Figuring it out on the line for a better. She has be be more on Matt mean that he has been more mad at him. That's true content like Ali was him I don't want her soul. No I'm terrified of that. At the end of the big news there is that now salsa is she is in charge of the united color queen's yeah. But it ought. Jozy smirk for amber yeah I was against it she knew that's what. Since it wanted all along and exceeds the only person that was violently on her face and it just a little finger didn't do little beyond that it's kind of falling in his little. Little fingers wouldn't stand in the groove. I don't know what he's a he's going to I think he's gonna try to put away it's between John and salsa in it bluntly I am now that's gone yet he's gonna tried have no idea what it is stacked maybe it's gone it's gonna go and Anthony. And then there isn't a raven like Anthony she's the real deal let's focus you know like this together that might offers answers in that she's gonna like. I. Know. Good or maybe that agreement is intercepted by a little fingers and he you know oh I just don't think this is gonna work out well I think. Maybe this is finally were little finger meets his end but he is along with search the Davids who most survivable and shifty people. On the entire show she was also back in her searching her style I don't know if you noticed that again for the second week. Let the thoughts and her Thursday hairstyle. One of the big scenes from the show. And city or emotional about its own before was when aria. Get surrounded by wolves and it looks like it's not gonna go well for her and then we try and it's an area there and they have a this year moment show moment. My hand was shaking I was crying. A lot and it was emotional because it was three union went even above. Aria and John. I I had the chills and then I was vehemently heartbroken like getting a lot of people were when I'm here it was like. Oddly it. You are along time ago but at but then when I realized when she said that's not you Sheen and that that's not in your gently you're my guy role for the pirate. That's how I'd be doing either would be calm in the media. What are fell out of the room in the the Republicans and whether I was born yet that's what shackled nets star and season months that's not mean. Which is talking about being and fluffy dresses and being lady of castle mean. That's an area your. Crazy and wildness in Atlanta your thing. I think. They wouldn't put us a group of wolves out there and lead into this that they're not gonna use them later this season they better. This is going to happen somewhere the other I don't know in what form it is going to happen but we're going to see those walls again and Jimmy are written some whites apart. I heard earlier on somebody apart I don't know who it's going to be I don't think she's nine and it kind of falls along with our is our. But now so last week we saw. Are you have a change art after talking to go back to winner felt profoundly. Now that is this kind of her own reckoning or she says will fan when he went to vote that's not me kind of with a garbled and she turns around and goes back to Queensland. I am just now thinking that and it makes kind of a little bit of sons she's back and forth I think the fact that John at winter fell changes everything. Right I think it's. Herbal. Yet the SARS or hurt his I mean I'm here is not a lone wolf she has her true pack of wolves. I think that that's herbal peck at like to think that I deal. Quick side to engine don't think we're done with the faceless men early still after her. I in the nation Julia. In the show and I think in the show because of the way it ended where he basically said go we will not fall you sit and and you know paraphrasing a little bit I don't think bit. Jack Quinn cigars going to break that. You know promise to his face this guy is those when he said what role they have to play am wondering if like she surrounded by us it faceless men at some point I'm here comes out of nowhere for its own sort of an or something like that I guess. Maybe meat is thinking part of the med like TV. Show space. They have enough space left in what we have now five plus 611 episodes. Actually go back essence rather eleven ups at episodes less now some of these mile an hour and a half long. So there's going to be longer than previous sounds like but. Yeah I don't know what's gonna happen I still think it's tragic and winning and I certainly hope I'm wrong. Back in king's landing can I say this my girl. She does we wanted to. She Fries she knows how to manipulate and rule out the pretty good scene with clear basically. Telling everybody the horrors and they were all truths about what Dick he did in marine to try to rally. Rally everybody gets job as a pretty good seeing showing and I only I don't know how is the last of secrecy. Probably not very along totally showing that she's a capable ruler if nothing else that seemed to be good job of that. I'm very upset that there is a static still on king's landing there should be a lion because her seat is queen region first column and another thing. She like Alanis and fear that the rules people and she scares the living crap out of holder isn't able Matt Light the Da Brat he'd. And that Unix there's an a common take your villages and your land like. As a very interesting spin that I think. And we see on some late news outlets today. I call up. Through right this is big news we've heard about this dragon queen does nothing to me only I know the truth she's viewed these dragons are huge making it. And I. This all they showed. Well local area he had but dread after India. Which bullet that schools actually bigger than even the how the dragons are now they massive dragon at this apparently. These goals have no value because driver and he shoots his massive crossbow right into the school all of this age thing. Showing that it's may he be there are going to be some injured or dying dragons in the future. I loved. He is well you know are seen them be entered before so why can't they be killed. Physical. And fully developed. I'd just hugged sheets that bankers are in that doesn't go through dragon boat who is she just should stop the spies. It deserves you'll get nowhere near that if they did a battle was happening let's be honest she's gonna be hung up with her wine in her poison pill album had. Laughing she really doesn't care anymore adding she's like I'm an insulin and it lets them yup that's what do you think it Khyber and I always. He seems just on the face disease supporting like an evil regime basically here that you would be. Done any thing. Blatantly. Bad the Braves like he his methods are certainly it. Risque and I usually macro Nancy basically is what he's practicing but. I don't see him as inherently evil guys it's an evil situation six pretty useful to search it is. Very useful he's given them out on his governors on the killer dragon half races going through it which is so anti climactic because it talked about last week flee the war. The area in finder we're not gonna get. I don't know if it's doing something like that even if something is midi I mean it is medieval also. That's an aspirin it's gonna take dragon but. About Khyber. My theory. Just going from the books they think they just. Mark tells us it accidentally read well audiences. I think high burn was supposed to be elected to ornish spot. Well and this this and I'm OK yeah and so you is like me make in the mountains eventually turn on Thursday some talent. But now that would be about and yet but I don't think that's gonna happen now I think for down with a marked else. You know we're not done with jury and Sam in another grossly who they're gonna be our gross comic relief and talent he. Goes behind the arc spaces back again here is not long for old now my only rules is breaking pours them. That was a brutal scene for juror who goes through basically. A skinny he's getting played the he's like he's getting laid by the Golden's. Alive but yes the watch out at the only way that he may even possibly entered we still don't know if it's actually going to work or not it was brutal scene. Brutal scenes reports are. Now as much real option in the episode if you notice he passes. Its bomb. Gray scale hand up on the paper that she that his writing his final farewell letter to policing. And stand s.'s young girl Serena she got great scale by just touching its toys that had been spikes merged with gray scale so why would he do that. Feel like it is easy to hear stories you know well not Britons and a letter because he's not and dying. Through Nazi disagree point at how. How is it that Sam is the only ones to actually know how to do this or want to do it for all these little row of people grace feel that we've that's what fell was people coming. Too old town. There's an ace is ignorant on Capitol Hill magic it'll lead and white walkers and a little stuff islands they aren't little soft spot where. As part mine's son in Asia. The man tour is gonna make. And says getting your eyes on the public role chores and has been. Yes what brought it will separate from predictions I have no idea where he is it sounds like. In my mind maybe they bull headed dragon stone made up somehow John there is sand and he kicked out with. At this cured Kris Dielman that it's gonna be revered for Ehrlich hearing seller of grace Cahill proposes keeping them it's an animal. I think you'll be revered outside of movies. I was saddled. It's but the main note mr. Brennan of strict rules. State your predictions by the way it is the final scene now misses where you're on his fleets. Ambush. The and the Fleet's. Beyond ands now I was confused and mark our show Tyrell the bridge is the vote yes the book in the show what's her name in this hunt for our on our I was at our cost finally Ella. It's is the wildly. Yes they ambush there and you Christina you have the prediction of the week because you said point yes it is going his precious gift. You're only browsers he said it has to deal aria if so does that ahead. But I mean I got it right well. I think Libya had by the end of the next episode they are waiting brutal land then a second but that the battle. It was pretty cool. It was almost a little forests. It was a battle which means that at that at but it was kind of cool yeah you're on we saw that he can. Will the battle actions you know basically defeated three of the best warriors of the south himself that. It was good it was just a little forced but that's just. Like he's really at eleven episodes left it's gonna happen and so. He is especially in the books he's like terror and I think they and he comes out of nowhere in the fourth book these huge part to play and I think that. They embody that early well this giant ship and like whenever cloth came to come out. And that's rule that was pretty I came down like him accidentally laughingly simply from a Christmas story and he is smiling from ear. Completely insane rant I can't think anything there is no sane part of this man you can talk the top man at the and he he has no real motive like and search he was last that is what you want. I didn't really understand it was thing I think policy once he's like the Joker from that that's an awful late on. Really wants that. Messed it up and never at the kings he's like let's think but. Let's go murder ending Hollywood video Kish uncle. I like how we killed the sands thinks their own weapons that was really cool. Yes I he hung upon one's spirit the other in the third wanna still alive enough for one Alley. These there is zero chance that anybody capture survives and maybe our maybe some out beyond somehow it saves her guest. In the end of this TV plot bit is there any of the reason I'm thinking this is they kept too many people why this is like throws this guilty now there's there's three of them. Alive headed to sir see who we know she's gonna want major events them all at least two homes for it and care about. You know yard but you are like it. The under read treatment. Well it play with is a little bit on this one. All know you're cutting I think you're on well are you thinking it's late and she's headed for an news. Boom. That equaled. Oh no oil there too much. What the. Me so this is who who. Leads now I'm on the book there is though a lineage but now in the show there's no we believe the mark tells us is yet there they scattered faction now where they are on ski. Yeah. Mustn't do there note aerial go to bed at the end of the acts you know he's not even he's he's doors but he's not a day. Now he's a leader is trying to think who would rise again this is a book thing more than it does this fact into like the older houses like. The Danes or even from. Yes they are they're game sharp maybe this could be spent all morning. Maybe batting everybody needs to and so much that when Leo wants us off. What does it ever lasting peace and all of the Fraser on. And even they even they stink recently caller phrased it on the vineyard tallies so. Is he married that. Isn't it. They didn't data analysts on ensued the Yangtze River on. Think there is right bill the white. I still think we're we have we're gonna see Ed Mir for sure and you know. We didn't see we didn't see the black fish's death on screen and we've seen before in the show we don't see on screen. He might still be lurking out there and it's still in for. Senate that we have played by the our government like. Of the Nearly Headless Nick for Harry Potter yes I thought OK so let's that's gonna do for our recap part of the show we usually at your mail bag just. A full disclosure here I was gone all week and I didn't. Promote this on Twitter at all so cool get our first mailbag this season. Next week's if any questions or comments about the show or theories you want us to read on the Schobel and tweet a mammy asset Dunlap or can use the hash tag. WWL. The rounds again I'm at set them up on Twitter where it into the hash tag WWL. Throws and let's get to some of our. Really cool. A little segments that likes to do started off with a there's always immigrant deaths in this season we're and the show on an artist on the season. This week's best. I mostly all the battle. I I still obviously go to the sand snakes like as is combined getting it. Killed with your own weapons and and brutally hung. In front of your in the ship that you were ot. Does not seem like a great way to go and it was but I get a widow is it going to go so Beth best deaths to the stance next. Minus tie into one's alive. That. And that is name I like this be your daughter that was my that's that's a bar of our bars along with a spear. I don't excesses as thinks that all think they might be the only ones that it very thinks I am. We had to wait violence. The idea of are you going to king's landing being dead is my favorite doesn't believe because I'm really glad that that's going to be up to Jamie and that she can go off to winner Fallon I'm a little thing. I'm. Man I left gets market predictions here she's the one piece in this whole puzzle that's still not quite sure why George. Where they have her on the board what part she's point two ways either either particularly because she is her story arcs and I know I don't know I LC drew on now I might I am trying to. I don't. I don't know if they killer I think shall die Kennedy tragic meaningful deaths and this is for predictions that up next we have the best debt best debt here. Well that was all the deaths of as yet at this ethnic path that it was epic fashion I was I guess well when I was on the oh very survival. What do we city. The here's this week's best survival. Club to others and it's pushing options here we've got us. Aria surviving the wolfpack. We've obviously got the honor surviving even though it was a cowardly move. Probably the proper room to jump off the votes but I'm gonna go with one of my favorites of the show since. Season one it's Dora and he still around and it looks like I'm gonna say that this on the jump ahead here jumped got a little bit and say the surgery worked I don't like to do that didn't work. That's survival. But ports are. Overcoming great scale courtesy of Sam slayer Allah. Voyager. I think I did think about that I think that's a good one I think it's a pamphlet although it but boy at the island. A home not just the phony because I and a brother has. They don't know that I read this does matter in society has got to jump off the boat get attention for just a a far bigger. At different jumping out of the giant structures jump down winner of Belgium and I think he just you know being honest operates via the hunt Jennifer. No he. I think actually might have saved his sister by not is it peaking at a year on I think he does what it cut her throat. I don't think he had that in mind when he jumped off but it was just. Something like married. Concerning and he laughed out loud. And it's also what the vote they put all of that they'll look on Yaris phase was chasing you or. Noted but it's Iger review that was the only move there if you want and yes you could die at some kind of heroic death even though there is zero chance her going to rescued her in. Get us into is alive I was Mossad and it was like good Smart move on yet back out of there I was I was gonna happen to his sister now. The mountain made out it reeks back listening to certain it is recount. As he knows. He's just floating in the ocean. Beyond the off the man but UST you know what's your favorite they're not well heiress from parents. And I haven't but our top. Best morrow optimize well that's monologue. That Somalis the entire show like That '70s Show bears. Various dead and endeared himself to generics. A pop might have been a good one. Look at how much did. Are you remind you of the hound when she was leg there Alex Boone. Cold shoulder to pour hot pilot. And really jumping down his chickens so cold and and then when she got on her horse to the governor bill should look just. May its eyes that. These kids getting better with the prize. Let's talk about MV PG. When you play the game and win for you to. Now this week's most valuable power program. I guess overzealous. I think it's fairly obvious that we were just a ministry of those here who would be easy but I might go light on it matched it and. Ails the obvious that there's this man yeah really. Are no way different Barack end up killing machine here on and it's this whole. M well on the table he is he just brings the Xavier he brings the storm that's what he does his whole thing was to get back at his niece and nephew any. This is too but it wasn't that search these play. Bring it this is all searches ploy. And who gain more power because there's your owners are. I think it's there's. Europe wants. Power play as he does he does a rule was he wants he was there. Atlanta is something. Yet era he is with chaos. Etiquette kill. I think that care. I'm gonna go completely opposite because of what I think's gonna happen in the north Mya. And he didn't really do anything except plant a lot of seeds over the last season and a half. Most valuable part of the little finger. In the north with John now exit for at least for the foreseeable future from the situation there. There is no one who got a boost in his own personal power over the seven teams more. Possibly a little here with that. That move by John I'm worried about salsa. This does not need to go through anymore and maybe she is wise enough now and ruthless enough flakes or CA is where in the whole hairstyle again. Concerns would here's my. What do you think little fingers giddiness here little fingers game is he what he says that he wants to be on the iron throne he's willing to do anything to get there and he holds now. The key to the north sought the Starke the only that he knows troop Warren. Air of net start in his. If you think little fingers intentions are noble I think. I think you're crazy. When you said John and liked it. With this statue of that start looking on the fuselage you know I am not your enemy here and then John choke him constantly in my. I guess there's a lot of and put your right how did things and pertinent yes outreach that's what I'm saying talk some sense into him CEOs is not gonna go well. There's so many had not the season on its own thing right now mean they had hot while hop I was currencies and so at Miami area finger getting choked. Sometimes happen and that is history repeating itself via again. That's Kennedys are seen burning. That girl alive and then Larissa and trying to pull its and it seemed a little thing. Like nets know there aren't relatives. It's it's going down now. Well that gets this perfect play here let's look at the lanes and let's get haven't. Into the financing and the casing thinking now let's look into the flames. Predictions I have. Enhance the look we have to speed up processor is only five episodes left in the season stuff yes stuff that's out there disease that it. As seven this season six the neck and there are there are there are five more. I look I'm gonna stick with my prediction last week but all make and chancellor one's life still think the first bell England he's going to happen might be next steps that sounds like now. And I still think that that attack is going your repelled somehow and a answers he's going to repel that attack. It'll be a big shot and a shock to everybody in the national and a back on dragons don't very wounded in navy. Minus a couple of perch top advisors wanted to do mind it's not going to be it. My other prediction here. Is that smuggle back to us that first breath aria changes her mind after meeting them area. And the replay holiday do the previously on grounds that replay of that and then when the opening things are turning around. And heading back south may be brutally catching back up with the cheers. Yeah he gave me put two wraps. On that you're. It's my vengeance on the lettuce is that's happened but I do think our it turns back to the south those my prediction. You're the reigning queen of predictions by the way it's you have the you've nailed the laureate stands. Trophy. Leo this. I'm hoping with all of the head nods to season wanting to thank injury comes back. He makes another appearance in the show and then also I have that dragons will react to John says we talked about a little bit at target aryan and I am so hopefully they'll reacts stronger than they. Activist here in core we'll see how the fight goes on I think it's going to be positive but it. That's a negative effect I'm ready for this deficit. I got it down I didn't I thought I'd. She's gonna predictions I assume the top and you are you may have looked into the flames I don't. I Irish well my big one with the mart's old girl being paralyzed history repeating itself. I think option. You are mrs. great joy. Is tied to the front of silence which is the name here on vote because it's basically in the book but just different different character. Go figure makes his move whatever looks like a brand shows up just in time. I think difference in an open winner fellow by the end of the episode. And congress are in next week but I think actually rock will be taking. At the costs or more that is going to be that is going to be I think I was dying he's done he had his fill or black they're angry words and aperture. Can I make out session with. And there is nobody actually rock they are not expecting map. We need to talk that this kind of not really an issue with immigrants and they beat uncle made it back at king's landing. Yeah it's time does more in its own weird ways in this is supposed to take a full month or more to sail around and tired on. It's it's that part. Of her breath in and all those guys this isn't a gift from winner failed on two king's landing at six episodes and principles. Woolsey I don't think I think. Do you think Syrian news that he was trying to sacrifice images those ships we get into the authorship hole in the dirt track unions only. Now I think I think that and Harrison and maybe Ol and everybody were a little nice eve on not knowing that the great joys were gonna clip art. In this but absolutely have the know and they all people are from west rose here. All the ones there Lari none the less experience certainly know it's not going to be easy. Ousting searched the end you know from king's landing. It's really dangerous to keep all those I think those those Rockies had gotten off and on land. What he's seen it. Is that their freedom more thing but to have a battle on water and that would have been terrible I am excited to see Cassie Iraq and how they do it came here. I definitely think it is. Syrian government is kind of like you said he hates them cartels they killed his niece that's the kind of sent them off like well. There's try to conquer them from reaping rating. Mean everything they're cute they're not gonna stop that's let's go off and kill Rachel is let's kill the girl who killed my knees and beyond that. Snead story that's going to do it more episodes to Storm Warren. Are. Podcasts that has known names death. CNN styles going to shut our guess what people via social media wise they'll styles are pounding all my continent and at. Plug the basement last week's event and experience Dina thunderstorm pollen area that is not. I yeah we love. To hear from you hit us up again I'm on Twitter etc. they'll act you can hit some mailbag what's done to anyone of us we can also use the hash tag on Twitter. Aspect of you that you felt rounds until next week. Audience.