A Podcast Has No Name - S7 E1 "Dragonstone"

A Podcast Has No Name
Tuesday, July 18th
A WWL Radio Game of Thrones Podcast with Seth, 'Stina, and Styles

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What's your name. Who are you. The guy has money. We are no one podcast has no name. But WWL radio game of drones podcast with your host Seth Christina and styles. That's us welcome into our fund that would influence podcasts here and Debbie to be tolerated that revealed dot com. And Seth gets Mike styles and stealing Kristi and memoranda. Friends of mine and certainly bigger game of the consonants and even I am what's up everybody we recovered from episode one yet. I'm still in a little bit shocked but. Coming around the. I'm getting there I. I'm mostly looking forward to the rest of the season and he did a really good job setting up the rest of this series today and they were literally just not a board game. And had a little patent it narrate. That is true everybody yes not that we do play of the game of the ruins board game by effigy every once in awhile and the intrigue and politics certainly are certainly are crazy there I think. My cornea you're like the reigning champs. I wasn't me I saw and he does always think island but I never away. You always when I get I that he air. So this show every week we're gonna do this on Tuesdays easily can release the show little recap of last week's episode we look forward. To next week's episode we've got some really cool and fun segments obviously we're gonna recap everything that happened in west rose. I guess no SS anymore at least not yet been in the happens westar us in the last episode. And then we'll get to a mailbag if we have any. We got some fun segments toward the end like best debt best survival R&B PG which is our most I've valuable power grab. We also look into the flames Somalis under helps out of that debut our predictions. For next week and splits started off. Steen and styles with. Our opening has to be the open that we saw the cold open of the show we're. I was screaming in my TB aria. The no remembers one wolf left alive and the sheep suffered there. IA there could not have been a better opening I don't think for season seven. Are baldor Frey and how to spray winter Cain I mean the north remembers then like aria that as a mistake not ripping at the start read and them. Is just this week repeat of the red red letting and I loved every second. Yeah I was I was and you it is although when I didn't think it was going to be longer parental when I heard that I was gonna be. Appearing in this season though he was basically aren't and I can do is telling what it was still as rewarding is that I had. Don't you see I didn't know this might say you boot. Our area you don't care less where is it here in the offseason new kind of search and things on the Internet file what happens I intentionally did not Google game thrown to once for the last twelve months to make sure deny anything there. Oh I'm watching news. He's with the Wikipedia knee open I corporate and. Don't like. I could not disagree more with that 01. Others are just talking to Stephen about this off the air was I could tell it was our Jason is the issue his hand I don't know if he gets noticed this. But there was arias hand it looked like they had Walter phrase hand like. Wrapped around it or something when he was holding the wine goblet if you ever go and re watch the opposite. Watts in its right towards the beginning is it kind of makes it dose of everybody it's pretty awesome and I it is our rephrase laughed by the way. It done. Yeah bet they are in this distinguished. Us. And the starch will have a that way aria is on a quest for vengeance and she's not going north anymore which I thought she was gonna go try to meet up. And what are fell to brother sister receives lake effect now I'm going to keep the ending and adding more names up mile strip. Yeah. It. To me. They queen in Egypt and the interest in any but it's not an act. Egan as she didn't quit Garcia and you are narrowly missing people like she always made news in time for the red when he beat her mom her collar. They didn't know in the end. Oh and they go all the tail end and yet there. As that moment where she like last. Year and we all endure an easy. So. You. I think it's actually thinking landing where he ended his evening outlook gonna do in the meantime I think Jane you'll or care or. Definitely needs but it a little fun fact books whenever aria comes and meet all the little minister men. And she locks the side on that song that Ed Sherman singing as the song that teary and he hired a singer. And a singer made that song or here in and Jay's relationship just for them. Well Oscar. Alleged match yet and just full disclosure here. Both of you for our audience will be you read the books I have nots we have both perspectives here in non book reader. And to book readers watching the show I feel like again this just coming from a non Booker perspective. I feel like it's going to be a very tragic end for aria before line I just don't see how this and welfare. George RR what it is said that she's going to the end if he killed our own. In relationship. What matters more your marital relationship or fan service lets me honestly it. Being. I mean let the line he's been for a long time it. I just can't match I can't imagine her. I would be REG I eat it is absolutely being obviously besides Danny teens are Jerry and arias as a favorite I loved her. You all know my favorites they're the when it's her interest method the everywhere they went to winner fell necks and John and so on so a little bit of a sibling rivalry brewing there I don't. I've seen some stuff on the interwebs saying you know this is going to be a big plot like they're going to be at each other's throats before long I just can't CIA just think that would be such a big turn for soft into Lehman in this episode said. Basically she adores him doesn't think she's you know John the complete opposite Jaafari and might be a little sibling rival it and he delegates don't blow up deal. I look because a little anger. His plan was he denies bail. In and then it. Kind of threw a wrench into his plans when they all declared John linking in the north so there was and a release date today and jobless leading them in to us so I think he's trying to figure out what it is right now the is he playing now just to continue driving that wedge between and and John it's gonna call it. But I am I. Well I mean John's sons they. Definitely had a little bit of bite. At the end they agree that Iranian focused on the great or are also enemies coming. Every time I see John on talking I know that Leon a more money is slowly coming and she just H eight days or every time I'll. Help sprint Pentagon's decision that little. Little girls try to dig and bite and prepare for the battle in. I will not be needing by the fire widows and went on wind apparently. Overruled and so on or in the heart starts in there and the numbers that there you know and titles castles and all that. Propose that are really interesting apple saw a couple to be a partner overnight or items. Our I thought it was right in he got I'm right wouldn't you all the. And the first much. Arrow it's totally against John and I Reebok's via this and Niles like connecting and see where he's coming around east and needs to. Open eyes ears and being counseled in a clown Salter Steve. Advice is that there. Rub that's what I'm CNN this is that there's a greater threat to the north and John is seen in and sansei hasn't sought this mean the threat to the south. Age she is rains Percy but she hasn't seen the night game. It's what I'm with Jonathan. Yeah I'm just so payment sons doesn't start playing the game likes they're saying. Woods OK so I didn't oh. And one of the reviews I was reading did you notice. That Sox had her there at the exact same hairstyle that sir seeded the first two or three seasons ago. If you did note that yes it's really it's the exact same pairs that day can look at is Google it that. A little Easter day I think that the the writers in the producers bill option wise through and therefore assume any. She is a little more sir see then we think he has. It's still a little too much credit here and you know what that until towards the end of last season marshy her lose reloaded are calculated and she wasn't as strong caller on the new poll by decisions against people who like most recently. Pissed her so I think it's at the potential to exceed that answers because needy she's not an arm. Oh boy today. Not that get a break bad this is this is at its. Are you mentioned is Mike but what do you think Christiane what do you think the little figures that. I mean you just trying to make that wedge happened it is not like the fact that. Exxon and John are very close and still happen. Found any budding mean it and it's in front of everyone that's the end of the day they came together. And he is not pleased at that because his way to his happy as the is getting songs that out of winter battle and possibly on the. Iron or without really knows a little out of it is ultimate goalies he said it many times is the iron on the other big happening from where fell was that John and he says I have noticed he does not. Have any regard for life when it comes to. Doing things that need to be done in the thing and he's bee done now is fighting off. The is the army of white hawkers and the nineteen and he sends the wobbling and torments. To their death there's no other way around as they're going to do I don't watch and he added I'm bad and I sending him out there. And could ease into it easily where the nite light now. Eaten at getting it here. Not all northern lord. I knew only wildly that and you like lastly. You are usually more. He's trying to just impressed Berry and. I can never get enough of that utterly at a bit. To a dollar and maybe they'll have like a little in many little session before you go up there's no women on the wall. Stuffed me in the ages as you know have your fun met but do we see any way that the while these departments arrived this at least watch I don't. Yeah you know now. Sad that's a long road for the call was wildly isn't going to be water. We're going to be fodder for the white walkers. Brandt a lot arrives at the wall in this one and the before he dies before we knew we arrived law he sees. That vision of the night's keying and his army wins zombie giants not one but. Three of them how the world are you take those things down it's hard not to kill a skeleton. Or dismember a Skelton what do you do against the zombie whites. That gobble three as far as we could see I mean who knows how many they happen knows what else have I am. I was blown away screaming at my TES is set it up our. Yeah. Our boat don't forget the French in war issue. People now that you might appeal to organ drag. He. I think he's gonna somehow get in our road to graduate in canary till the end but either. One of the other she drags on now. And it need be use that to torso and obvious giant boat I would imagine the close at the end of this season not a. LLC the end of the tile is going to be it is the song of ice and fires there is going to be fired against dice at some point what form that atheists we just don't quite know what is brands plan. Right now he's not going to stay at the wall and I don't think he's headed to winter Feller and. Well yet. Is that it was doing us solid job that the new lord commander when he lets his creepy little boy is all about his ashes and castle black. I'm hoping that brands plans to predict where ghost is because where the heck is is and hopefully he can help. Some way with John in this war. And different and it probably the next episode that Tyrell and Noah who is our is all night and I Atlanta I'm. Good. Yeah there's a couple of die rolls out there so what happens a brand shows up in what you build brand is the true heir of next heart. Is there going to be for more friction there are more sibling rivalry. I think is gonna show look at. But all I'm spoiler and it entreaties. Part of this show. I think John Kennedy had a weighted rankings don't let it that ran a winner now of it. And I think he'll be a little. Meese and that's an lately well actually. John's not prepared to winter Eliot L Ayers he would around so. Heart of hearts. Oh well as you've got to convince people that differs that is red speaking of further so I'm not dragon Sony habit. King's landing lots of political intrigue there and I have always been one that I started loving the show because of the political entry. Not the violence or gore in the sex but because of the politics and that's one of the reasons this or see is my favorite not that I think she's. A great person I just love her character development and I think weenie he's the best actress on the show she needs an Emmy people. She needs an enemy it's gotta be this tired but. Sir seen Jamie in the map room a great scene and sir see I guess she is the queen in black now I guess were discussed here and awful act. For the rest of their time it was a really good scene and Jamie pointed out there they are surrounded by enemies they have no Alice laughed. Now there. You're minus amount. What's the match. The mound as his own. A force. At. A force to be reckoned with so then later on we find well there is one on allied house out there Fraser I'm. Are you take care of them apparently awarded Marty made their that way too Jane exe says whenever account the phrase he does even now. But the great joys and year on rejoiced action he makes his way. Two king's landing and I loved in the throne room when sir ceased told Lamotte said. I refuse your proposal you'd have murdered everybody you better get out that right what is she thinking with this Jack. Other inch from the I mean that there's really no other option amber heard it saying well. I know at the end the day you want to be sitting right here next to me some analysts say no analogy and use them. My killing an enemy's army and then come back and normalcy happened. As saying why does she buy it in the first place she knew is not exactly trust it neatly. Is he is happening out there any way away a hacker you're but he seems to be pretty into its alliance and rest easy eating in a position to turn down any allies is Jeanine pointed out. Air basically Biden's I'll eat into the great all the pretty careless Jeannie the mountains diversity to the punch at east. Not men like nameless people in the eye. Yeah does nameless soldiers. So this precious gift he says I'll return my have a precious gets nine instantly got. Really worried that he is gonna wind back up in king's landing with either Syrian hole or Syrians. Head. What do you think is thrilled if that. They get arias and her ends up Caremark definitely. Really. You don't want to rethink it could be used to it more bluntly the winter brings the wall. And you know Sam Sam had that in his position. It all and this is caused by the way he's like this this is book stuff rate and I heard this their. So it could be deliberately targeting us or he's gonna have no stake in the rest of humanity for her own personal gain with that explosion the sense that they were so it could be that. There is. It can be dragged by which is not in it that we're used to control dragon I don't know how to increase then to show such little time. It could be that war that is your book in an already get this next. That he's an old honest and trying to sneak peak. The death and drag and the book on the key to destroying dragons I think it's one of those and I am really hoping that experience and Billy politically his story arc is on now I agree I would much rather have would be Allard is sand and a half when you speak. Emily hit earth. I I think it is or it. Yeah it up and send in the book idea I mean from town to sit out out out pretty nice. I think it's. Yeah refuses to religiously it's the big kind of now XP eight time and PG hardly. Bear it can just no wiggle it was a good. Being accurate not hotter here let it all man over inflating our lower estimate. I think he's he's old now it's just a matter who and what you and from there I guess I can't. See here on it he doesn't seem like a bookworm to me in hunting down a book does seem like he wants to do. Well let's Heather and yeah I much rather see him give him bringing somebody's head back whoever's that is as making it'll answers we captain pension. Ed shear and he mixes his appearance I thought the scene was kind of cute it was more fans there is that not been anything I thought for sure though aria. What's going to kill them all that is him actually had a little was second thoughts when they offered through it. They should just kill the birdies after saying you gave them meet meet and then slaughtered bound and then the east Lancaster. Soldiers are giving her meat meat and she is gonna. Slaughter them right back it just kind of gives her so consultant election. Knows aria as cable Manning bank. I agree a 100% I think they wrote in the scene just so because she's not get angry lands are necessary now she's not a guy. Ordering machine. He's finding good and some people just because the lap or last name or how different I think eight keeps her from being just. You know I think she's lost her. Yeah a storm terror although her body count is rising exponentially and now seeing the Sam is an old town he has a very crappy job to a playoff out there and Iowa. Racking up that was sets a funny in. With him and it takes a wily kind of alliance the rough up that was maybe the slowest. Little bit of the show any finally steal some books. And finds out that there is dragging glass and dragon stoning also finds just trying to bind assaults Heather here he finds Stoneman jarrah. Yeah I it was funny that you mention and means earlier because John Bradley plays and that's at ten days the film the scene. But hands great thing and scrubbing in gagging and filing books. Well I'll the other actors or at the Emmys receiving awards and they are nice suits and beautiful gap on cook oh. Lot of that the crappy job but. It. Is he he can't stick around there on he knows. He doesn't have the years it takes to become amazed he's got to get the info and head back up the media John. Eat and act you have to beat their earth idle wild just because I mean he does sent. He knows it is to bend the rules and like you said he stole the bookie showed a little bit of rebellion and season two when he decided to take hilly with Marty wanted to take Caylee went on. With the night's watch act castle black and say he doesn't ever it takes the ones that he loves and her hand to stay there at the citadel to learn as much as he can. I think that he's willing to you go through all of that torture just up on something you. Gets huge on that will help them win this war. You know whenever and thought that he has he has no intention of breaking the rules and most recently stole. Our own hearts and our that would it at least two more lines of Pittsburgh agreed in the he'd like to break the rules when it matters though. I think that's over I think it's I don't he may be trying to look at all something gonna happen to me I just keenly. Basically pulling in there's shown that you know the winner down the wall and Craig isn't it took so long to get there. What do you think that he is the plot device is gonna get Jew or the dragon stone maybe he tries to go to dragons on until Danny feeders is there and Tora. I don't know how did what jurist story arc is I guess Emmys a stone mantel look like you looked pretty disgusting habit maybe to see and read something and help them out. Kids don't be in the fight against. You know bleacher. Not that's nice twist outlined there have been along the lines blew it. Non humans that oath and people are now. That's let's because tourists still seem to care about. It's queen and I'm not become like rally the other men. In. I don't know there's there's something brewing down there and I just can't imagine in public places on backed up in the north when there's still some up. That need to get down an old. So yeah I completely agree I think mainly is there a prime purpose is surrendered himself at the citadel may be trying to aren't here are great scale it just waiting regaining his arrival I'm not really sure how and why. And earth. So speaking of the stone men and Blair this is a little off topic but everybody knows there's going to be. Spin offs plural and HBO has announced that I want to see. That story call of old bully area and. And the dean though I do I would root ops yeah yet. They're sitting there giving. Multiple so it sounds like what HBO from what everybody's posting on line and in this is what I've read is that HBO has ordered. Out riders are right up to four different scripts full season strips in order to take a look at each one of those once they're completed and is tied. Which one that spin off to use and if there's multiple good ones they may do a couple of different than us but. I just talking actually to. Might have been chargers awesome hairdresser before I came in here. Big thrown an attic now to. And it's. She's she's off four she wants to see that she wants to see that bleary vote and she heard that Larry and show and she thinks that this is. The new. Star Wars late this is our generation Star Wars I guess I kind of rub and after first to kind of agreed that. Is that is this our Star Wars our generation Star Wars in the throes is gonna be like forty years of spin off some stories. I do so George RR Martin's finishes he's got ample. I. Don't. That that makes an all bluntly that concrete written. Any distorted the butterfly effect is already happened is enough it's happening in the book is it and it's gonna be different ending on that show and it's gonna be. I think it'll corporate that he needs are as it has some kind of like. Banality in in in the real story that's different. A couple of other items here the pound in the brotherhood does a favor seen actually in the entire show tragic ending for the family of the town and are in better earlier. In the town finally. He's getting into that redemption are a little heavier he's. Finally looks in the flames sees something and not gonna say he's a complete believer but he knows. That something bigger is going on that he needs to be apart of. I'm shocked. How senator Gregor. Or Greg or click gain got so close it up buyer and then whenever he actually saw something at Asia's. So beautiful and and you look at playing solid trees song of ice and fire. But. Here lever. Now. Al east at. The sand. Is sand bank. The man disease and get rid of yeah. Yes. And I think that you know this is somebody anybody who is now I don't get in that there was. A mountain that hounds on those claims there's been a law theory that you'll have the final clean game Ole. The talent vs the mountains in. And at this gave me a little bit because there any errors count the half that and direction but this game he's that we might. GE's story line and it is rather than mountain. You know. Early the final. Scene and it was a great scene there was no. Words spoken until the very last line of the show when Danny says shall we begin but she makes landfall finally pretty emotional really could say the entire six seasons in one episode have been leading up to this point of her returning. To westar dose it was. It's pretty cool is a pretty cool moment and I thought it was really well done by the show rush. Ups lately in my mind whenever she leaned that act Alex she let her hand on the exacts. Where the mountain of dragging it's hit and and she just placed her hand on topless and and clearly touched it just. Feeling that dragon power and Syrian always talking nonstop and gave her that I like it that an idea that they're just. Let everything sink in that she's truly did it she's finally here and just Wear long sleeves interest here Q. So this is part of the show we usually. I would on the recap we get into a mailbag and will start this next week where you can tweet at me at set Dunlap or he can use the hash tag WW elf Brown's answer. As many questions and her comments from use fans we possibly can during his podcast at. This time. I'll ask something to you Stephen and styles here this is my question and T back off of this is actually archery my friend and hairdresser against theory that I heard today that I thought was. An incredible theory that I had never heard before so we all know the scene where all. When NS dark is captive. By the target area and last season a brand sees her giving birth and adds there she's dying. And she hands John to new ad and says whisper something in there and the only thing the week here. Is that she says protect him he will kill him or he'll have him killed forget the exact line right. But who is the heat we've always assumed that the key is Roberts and this is radar target aryan skit. Wolf what pets and this is an incredible there in Las Vegas drive it's incredible what if that that kid Italy Anna just had what it that is Roberts kid and it was a radar that was going to have. That kid executed. Black hair. And we all know. We all know that the black hair and they went through back to season one win nets go on through the book's dark compared dark compared dark compare the tar Gary and all have blond air. It's supposedly dominant why isn't the end of the dominant gene why isn't John's they're blocked again not since correct I thought it was an incredible period. At least counter intuitive in the what everybody out there ethics. Straight on I don't. ABC Brit critical radars well it's here already had kids by way of a Larry and aura. Oh whatever that the Martell he was initially narrates it when you're trying to present. Zora hot. And I don't think that net present there. Insinuated that it created in La I think it means that to have been. Writer yeah it was. Even though we know all the twists and turns of the shows taken even with a whisper like you don't think they would have just told us like straight up and they're doing always. Her whispering the name of the eighty. We get real names like eighty on target. Eight on target the out dead was and it led to harass or something like that effort record John Harris. Did hairs are being there. OK so let's get to some other funds segments that we do and we all started off. But the best death. This week's best do. So many great depth in this show and I don't even think there's an argument about this week really does there's only well there's more than one death that all happened pretty much the same time. The phrase for me able to go around the horn here but the phrase death and the destruction and aria. The wolf in the north the north remembers. The phrase youth you finally gone you're. Out of existence. Yeah I'm. A bit. The only other the only day I am the hole that was the car isn't illegal now so. Beating UST yeah so I'm definitely. He had the entire house current best that. And sound Billy I guess we do honorable mention for the the farmer's daughter waiting in line and capitals. Are. Couric. And the opposite of the death death how abouts. He was this week's best survival. Best survival of the week and again we'll go around the horn I'll start it off. You go to Ed Cher and he he somehow. Embedded and raft of our area so edge period you're my best survival of the weak willed them. There is sir see making me YouTube. Hacked it occur Rachel is I think that loses. The the Christina also had the ministers it every week it'll answers or guidance in the it really far fetched as Jamie points out in volume on their giant net. Day ends an armada she's got to be until she's got a threat she's got the war I our garden and happy iron I. They can. You know dole answered basically had zero allies even your IP isn't enough you doesn't even have all the iron islands so. Yeah I think. Sir see church every week she's gonna be my answer I just hit a now. Real idea I can't imagine her getting out of this seasonal. Are all excellent news for fun every week. I you know Atlanta's hitters dusty yeah. It's any help thinking it. Yes just to keep you can't really rough is you know they're coming on. I know there's been like big betting markets on that the episode like the over under for how many episodes are the alas this season. It wouldn't be surprised. Somehow see her lastly I just think. This is a different topic for different day bit. I think somehow someway in which you'll repelled the initial attack from donors may be with before and even talking about. Mike that your on brings her back I don't think obviously there shall hold teams planning for the duration of the show announcer Steve she is. She is obviously the best survive for maybe this entire show soared more so far it's. You know what. What's it mean Tashard not a star. The un does the radio you are a second ago you are right it's easily lawyer we inning we. That they are looking at taking any so uninterested in seeing who is going to work that I do you know what I would tell you wouldn't mind never women or in the. Let's talk a the courier sue impatient man through its new information do you think the real life isn't it people share and that year we spent ravens. We advocates and alliances of ports alliances as well. Alex gets my favors a mentally. MR MV PG. When you came to gain from me for your time now this week's most valuable power program. Most valuable power grab a week I could sensors in there and I'm gonna go but I do the horse. Or the knights came to the north hill. Turning it. Three giants and may be more into whites into zombies and there is there any bigger power grab the mat. The host those are three armies unto themselves that is a game changer in the door so. Tonight's king in the north my MVP EG. There are seven bloody health I have to agree with events that. And after. Only doing it. Say Danny. She is like he said earlier and six season leading at this moment and she took a major stronghold in west or is it literally zero resistant they just opened doors and she has. A valuable commodity and her as seen as well what we now because it didn't happen. Separated. We don't know where the other hacker he's going what are. Evenly without any useful and that she's in westerners and she's my PP GA week. Finally it's. Make some predictions for next. The content if I am thinking. You seem like king now let's look into the flames. Look. In Atlanta and actually I think Gergen C a battle already is only six more episodes this season things you got to move pretty fast and furious I think two things I think we're gonna see. It's an heiress tried to invade the king's landing and I also think. Like I said before my big prediction is I think the initial attack from an heiress gets repelled everybody's surprised something major is going to happen. Whether that is. Maybe the capturing of gray worm by your honor teary and or maybe the porn turns a dragon oil or maybe to everybody shock are somehow some way. The great joys actually killed or wounded dragon somehow that attacks here at all that is mine have looked into the plan that has us. Rate yes. Well see and hopefully they worry union aria let her tire call nine Miree. And I think I see John he needs the drag and glass and just sent that rate and m.'s Opel and they get to see John and any have a nice match up then. Get together on every goes dry and ending it's contract blasts. Yeah so. At that age if not at dragons don't let me into the episode he will we be well on its way he noticed his stroller ran to will or air. Ends its own island EC history that he sees no Wear it or. Two cents a and I also think BG BRC a bad blacks I think it's a little premature because you're honest illegal little time to get whatever present that is or are seeing. I think if there's racked unions Ali. With one of the dragons at least arriving casserly. And just yeah. Wipe out the ministers. The Al would be big if that happens that's gonna do it for our podcast we are Nolan. A podcast has no name I'm sets. There's DNA in style is to guess that's social media wanna shout outs of ridding contact. Sure edu Google search Michael Stiles bump greeting and Alexei Miller stylist thought Providence mostly now goes that you can contact me by and there. Borders and beyond these that we can fight about it rhymes to. Com I'm pretty simple to Sammy am today's the Chris stand on the area island beginning. Definitely talk about on the ice and fire as long. Jong we'll be doing it next week again every Tuesday or I hear things that we don't Hillary deal for allowing us to do this. We had a lot of fun remember mailbag next weeks or send us your comments and questions you can find me on Twitter announced that Dunlap breaking news to hash tag hash tag WWL. The rounds for Cristina and for Mike success this song. We'll talk to next.