Pick Six Plus Thanksgiving Do's and Dont's

We continue our Pick Six preview picking the best six games from this weekend plus talk about our best and worst Thanksgiving experiences.


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The shin dig. Double coverage share our story says and Christian tends emirate master control Timmy any big plans for the layman. Non. No planes and this is that you lire telling goes out parties the night before Thanksgiving meant. And there are. May have a beverage or to somehow I think that when we get back together next Tuesday tends to have a wild story forest and doesn't always. Yes let's let their holiday weekend or long weekend. Are not rock you've by just a couple of drinks are Seth. For Tim. You buying that not buying the drinks the buying video now just them not by any resentment and a I by the fact he's only have a couple drinks accident I do reality Tim Simms a pretty responsible drinker when he wants to me so who have you heard his stories. No I don't I said when he wants to be and he say he wants to be that tonight's guy he's got over yet lithium you take care Maui invitational in other southern island there's no college vast motel amino as the nine business. Face of an assessment that OK so anyway. Which toss stay on top of Notre Dame 25 a Wichita over on Saturday twelve. My gripping looks like 'cause entity and he really does on the sidelines but he's he's got the teacher and high socks and our lowest allowed break. This is after the wild out foudy or against this hellish yesterday. Says is the the soccer right. Stassen his muscles there was some former runners up soccer and how is desire in the this year. Yeah I disagree reach Rick talked throughout Michael's Ralph keeps telling me he's a believer in god -- around knobs watched you know Miami die hard guns and window and I want to be optimistic but I do not think I think this is the year. I hate saying this I think this is the year where they might miss the incidentally turner who percentage point. That would be good though you may also red wagon they lost art alkaline sorry. I am I'll throw rug I guess so now aren't they lost so much off that runner up team last year that is. Finally give Jerusalem don't attacks on about Dallas up. It doesn't make sends us a file is right about that let's open up this box member labor member I would sell lets us talk about some pronunciation secret on joining go and this'll remember when I was telling you for like two weeks it was Alec sand blowing anywhere pronouncement that way and I filing had to go get the audio from Alex and Loney in the press conference before actually sort of announcer analyst NN Dallas Columbine a phonetic spelling and sing it's guys from Florida sampling with Tamara they got from Florida along. And Florida just cut a copy and paste it right from Florida's media guys cells gone by with the saints put out on phonetic spelling. On the flip charts that's fine I'm just saying I'll be wrong on this on this Diane lets you know when they open each other's clauses on Bob pronunciation and has pitted out of me out a more more or less though. In the days and sustained it I'm trying to keep you. Knew early unions now try to keep news. You know in the end and it in the lingo of the oil unions many year you you know you're. Here here here in New Orleans now and despite growing up on the West Coast right you are a new well inning you've. He embraces said he loved the city subs trying to. We've done right path that's off. Well I don't I don't even understand where the so I've done the show now for six years or pronounce the same way for six years and nobody's ever told me that if somebody would have told me that. Any time in the six years I would ask who harass him but he and his serve pronouncement of ruling. So size amount blame assignment and Imus will blame this on yes. Some good evening how are as high school I didn't really I say based news out priceless you corrected. In your little emphasizing had a good data loss now I mean I just go Bayless now. I'm in Dallas and Lavinia Clarence announce his Islam we'll get him here before we did Madison almost up. I felt requests. I hate to say and I have to admit it and and now I'll admit it. Palepoi of the people who we we left the game early we we left with seven and half minutes and we are about eight minutes so voters that would go well this. And we don't do that number nine. I don't know I dished I never learned my lesson we got a project is just an unlikely they have well. Intuit. Yet well you finish plants here but I wanna make this point five forget it. That's dude Christian and everybody out there with number nine if you're watching national. Football league football and your team is down a couple of scores in the fourth quarter no matter what the time. Do not believe in do not turn the channel what has happened the last W yet she wrote Nazis did the game. The Seahawks are down two scores like three minutes left and almost came under don't believe it don't do it where ever it. Never again but I want it to questions what kind of four of formal white Albert and I. What kind of what and it's. Do you think we in the Catholic tradition we editors and it. So what what we have to do to make of it is like step it up accurate but Jones saint Charles there man I'm not a Catholic as well. I look at okay oh yeah. Our ticket about you know biology and get book rep she's operation board games. Now except. When zone and it's. Yeah I think he should I think he's had to clean the clean Urals of the superdome home like this moment a little partial. Also. Or cleaning and how I just gonna say go Watson saints film under day off in those communities. Okay what would it Monday it set out to get it out so at number nine again how we should remember. What number nine. Are you saying that Drew Brees. Where you went from okay thank. I can't manage this shots leaders they'll blitz we should make clear it's been I think his before they Rehman written renovated the the bathrooms a dome. Am I used. Really themselves in the hand wash your instability here handles in a bathroom and the rebel leaders before you got here. It was a handle larger battle is also had running water on an all time so people often mistake in the you know mistook it for. A urinal. People got to figure out where I'm. From a text Clements what are some are saying you have New York accents and that this thing you have a look at East Coast Yankee accent that I get your view up the Hollywood accent. Because to figure out. It's an easy thing to. How born down here into a guy here's those and military brat I don't have an accident. How how have an accent it's really indigenous to this area that is anything wrong with that that's for sure love the dads love the different tax system got down here. As losing Okafor going a haunt the saints the line that is from fifteen anyone says gave his thoughts on it caught. It's gonna hurt our heart but it's gonna hurt for sure that he was having a really really year. If you see teams now what he was playing the run just is good news plan. And pass rush and try Henderson's not thinking that. My daughters are their Christian and good. But I would even go further than that and so pro football focus he was one of the top five defensive ends playing the run. In the entire league since planner on even better than you display in the past. I do think this is Gunner man I will hurt but haunt me caught means like its going to be racked. It's Soledad we'll see I mean we will see you look at your face tough test here it's a very offensive line. And a very good back in your. I certainly come back will be as we. Host of the locked on pelicans podcast and friend of programming on double coverage also got Ralph Michael's. And take six coming your way as well on double coverage on W grew. Tell Alexander's Brosius both sir why. Why else he also says it's there he says it's not day but it also says it's not Dell laden he says you're adding X dazzle us out. Yes now he says but yes OK tell us out. It's not Dell lot sell down low itself. Find our where we're gonna come to an agreement renewals pelicans and won three and a last four games man tonight war on a press using one of seven. And ninety over the San Antonio Spurs and I would sit sit as a pretty big feather in the cap as a ten Zimmer points on nine year. Daddy San Antonio Spurs and unless we welcome now. I. One of the season it's also the first one that he would that out and win they have significantly better in the last two years combined almost. It's their first win over team with a winning record again in a virtual world in six going into the game. The word epic album have quietly and it but it Lebanese section 116. And for the held to leave and come back from the ten point deficit they've faced at the end of the first quarter. Is there an impressive. You need to meet the team came complete kind of in the upper Echelon of the western conference on big performances. It that he gave it to market content in Tokyo but the I'm among the other role players night it would series killer. The team can make some noise in the Western Conference player operate. Well this all Western Conference isn't really well we expect it is that I guess Houston is who we thought they were. The warriors are really struggling the thunder just terrible I guess outside oh they did deny it what do you make of this conference. No picnic and a lot of trying to figure themselves out right now they are there was a bit of an arms race going on you'd Denver on all milk from Atlanta that'll start you know injured. The clippers a lot of raw dirt means that they were kind of start that your happen injuries it and they think they've dropped nine in a row now Peter King you're you're by teams start to kind of get. Plea from poker slot and so weird they should eat. The puck in the still trying to do that to an extent but he's still very good teams there's seventeen in the Western Conference right now with ten million at least. Apple bought. You know it's still going to be a dog by the end how can make it completely but they're certainly show they're going to be in the playoff picture all these law. DeMarcus Cousins gets a flagrant it's addicted Jake the other night and then he gets its facts today is. Is to Marcus is good music kind of reverting to his Sacramento form this is going to be a nightly you know tech watch an injection watch for. Dozens. To a certain extent yeah I think so you know you're seeing kind of honeymoon period of after the trade Le even started this year kind of where all of the pelicans and DeMarcus Cousins where. You know it's one of those situations can be traded their new environments they're on their best behavior. For a period tied the bikinis I think we might have so little bit start to see him get very frustrated not being called from the rap now we're back tech came from. And night where Egypt would get fouled on the right some of those bad call government called Q and would frustrated with it we took out on the rap and the market content. He's never going to get the benefit of the doubt because he chooses rip yelled at wrapped. And you know that your immediate need to start thinking about let's not punitive about it all of these technical. That could potentially come back and hurt the team lead to the Spansion lead to the intent usually every year you don't need to do that again it has been a problem I thought some of the public coaches before the game as well they said there's a little bit of a concern there it was on the team's mind. Hello James Madison and OJ host of locked on pelicans podcast the next two ball games for the Pelz on the road against the suns on Friday and then. On Saturday against the warriors. Can he steal one of these two perhaps Wally is the warriors. Now I think. Right now but when you look at it is that should be the current state of the that's about law on the road and I think might change people's perception about the team's done their bit of a disaster right now particularly after trading here let them and that whole ordeal losing one of their best players. And going to be but the warriors struggle against teams that can rebound and keep trying to cover their small lineup. With skilled big which the pelicans have their big bird and Anthony Davidson the markets cut. They played them well in the recruiting center to start the year. I don't know again find that same luck on the road but I think it's going to be a bit closer than people think demarcus cousin's name and David particularly when they both have regained some cut I think finished with 24 points over ten revamped right and didn't even have a very good game or impact a game. When they're both on are going to be trouble for any team in the league including the warriors. Look is this just the post draws on Rondo and he is returned to the soaring receive from the tells us that much better. Only six points and four assists tonight bit letting those numbers belie how much that he really impacted the game even tonight. You can change it. Being a here point guard and a guy with vision to achieve whether it was Jameer Nelson earlier in the year who basically gave them three wins to start the season that they wouldn't happen without him or Rajon Rondo year. They have big impact Rondo in particular because he's kind of a coach out there on the court. Once when he had the ball Tripoli in one and using it less than two point where people need to be. Organizing the stop and get people into their spot and then running the plays. Although that court vision under some of the passes are fully unbelievable. Yet once denied that ended in a group policy re where he was Tripoli along the baseline and just kind of along the ball out all the way up to the top it. Hacking it on the we will has visions unbelievable you compete like he was kind of their victory to pick up this solved these. Finally hear from meet Jake. Rio as is the market shouldn't show many threes here wanna sevens and writes he was old ate his last two games combined does this. The gentry had two cousins three point shooting project need the seats. Yeah not you know I don't think you should cut them out entirely shot while routine classic he really kind of that period of three point shooting percentage for the team this year and one of the reasons it looked higher than it probably actually was shooting was a concern until the emergence of Darius Miller. We like him maybe drive a little bit more with the Pope and trying to get him a host touched. A little bit more posts here and played from there aren't the issue is three point shot are in the pulpit to try to vaulted to a much more vision all that something in the mold of the the rocket or the warriors where tutored down low. Or a three point shot the kind of degree post move for him. It's kind of between what we get away from what he's going cold from three right now at 1790. Great the past few games combined. When you're not viewing it you need to trying to score and be impact for the other ways like that he didn't. Seemed to happen there good gains in ninety easy. He still scored 24 point if you were to get in a six of those you know 73 quarters and other spot. Imagine the game that he would have now he might have been able to draw and I think that may be what they need to kind of trying do going forward a little bit. NOJ coast a lot of intelligence podcast last a little fun here man we will be taking this quizzed as to how are if you are part is you'll survive thinks giving you ready. But there are you going to year old whose house for Thanksgiving what do you bring a dessert mashed potatoes of football for I was supposed to bring something. I it is because in my completely that easy did you paper you can never happen. By now you're asked what you are thankful for you say friends and family basic stuff your spot in line for Black Friday. 2017 is almost over or Metallica. I mean you'd metal guys aren't always out there. They hired me over Metallica Metallica is not part. It's someone wasted no time bringing up politics at dinner what do you do join in the election is still fresh try to change the subject. Retreat to the kids table a stab yourself in the years. Probably that. This football and another group an option because it's definitely out. Yes I was stab myself in the years to your love your life how your love life is now a topic of discussion. What do you do you be honest go into great vulgar detail especially if Nana is in the room say nothing or demonstrate with the nature of coal aren't. I'm I'll be honest both of them how much I love my wonderful girl. And I are there any that allows us this he said next Seawright. Yes you're right yeah thank I know you allay any ground work for a little later on nobody agrees on what the watch on TV it's up to you pick football. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade Discovery Channel or die hard. Oh man it's football but does it there is no good games on you took over for Christmas movies still kind of intrigue. Thank you better and that was it would almost verbatim my answer and Christian red. Me the right acts old wounds have been reopened between family members what is your next move nothing let them tire each other out. Tell in the calm down join in our start a food fight. These you've got these big away from all of that. And answered differently really politics once again brought up what now you stay out of it. Try to take an objective point of view call some of the immediate a put upon a Dell like in that SNL sketch. I'm not been dealt him but it switch the topic from politics during Thanksgiving and I'll put her on. Deal way to divert that's for sure you're nearly stuff from eating that but that dessert table looks too good to ignore one more cookie won't hurt. Walkway or my yourself to apply for gym membership but that pumpkin pie is so worth it war must resist temptation. Oh we're we're diving into the pumpkin pie no doubt there. Leo easy says with confidence. IOC let's move on is that votes he said pumpkin pie. Hi Rio. Members are you fairly well with the ball outside what do you do you wanna be Drew Brees. Oops I forgot all or got close again for the third time share just let me digest first Sharpton a pass on all accounts smaller Turkey. Well goes your freedom of the media all time quarterback. OK Drew Brees had an odd number. Hey gotta Smart Smart play. You're about to leave but he suddenly bombard him with a left overs what he did take them no grocery shopping. Tell immunity on diet tomorrow take as long as there's gravy decline you feel fat enough. And yeah that's where you don't have to go there are great and that also look for the gravy Dmitry get. Hey you know double. Different. Daily pot. Every favorite team new war but you've also got locked on OT dot com within. The first group of writers giving you kind of a different perspective on their goals is to make your smarter basketball and. Our paper. And I celebrate after Thanksgiving so. We got to have a things it and Madison council that that I come in half and indeed I did Texas a 504 is good once talked about France the nations asking. I set how I would turnouts that Cali you know here and I would say because when in Rome and I know they pronouncing Cali appeared. Everywhere else it's fly even hey it's for here. It's count Leo that's fine we pronounce of that is like Burgundy it's Burgundy everywhere else the Burgundy here so here I would pronounce Burgundy. I'm taking the test next also got riled Ralph Michaels and take six to run next double covered rolls on after or CBS news update here on W. WL have a Thanksgiving. Will you survive Thanksgiving and our quiz here I'm taken right set to get tenth tent area you're going to relative's house for Thanksgiving what do you bring bilingual dads want. Apparently I can't bring cheesecake. Black I'm not creative enough Korda. David populists and dad I'm still bring it cheesecake but I'm bringing a football I mean that's a lot of play out hostels appraisals of the month. I'm not amid a little bit my dad's house he's paid for he's buying it makes sense that I'm operate and have them I you're asked. What do you think before. I sync toy seventies almost over honesty I'm glad it's almost over Roland 128 you know like even years got a nod. Some wasted no time bring up politics at dinner what are you do stagger so many years when I do I don't jump right in. I don't try to change the subject I don't retreat to the kids table I stab myself in the year. You'll life is now a topic of discussion what do you do. Be honest. Going to grave already tell especially now and is in the rules state nothing. Chemistry with the ear of corn on deathly not demonstrated within your corned. I will go to Greg vote detail because that'll make them feel awkward free and asked me about so that'll show in general that way to do it yet so go into great evil were. On TV it's up you know you picked definitely not the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade over rated the top Woody Woodpecker Santo who give a reference. Football maybe this Discovery Channel outside of that so football for me. Old wounds have been real losing two family members whereas your next move not to let them tire themselves out. Tell McCall down two point then our start a food fight I would definitely join in perhaps even start a food site. But I would out of power on on the iconic guys seem colleges antagonize and they get to go on fan the flames a little bit summit go join in the year. Politics brought up again what now. Call somebody an idiot yes that's not a new calls muddy media. You're nearly stuff from eating the dessert table looks too good to ignore one lol cookie won't hurt a little with a what more could you won't hurt Marty in the gym. Pump device that would be pumpkin pie fan so you mean the what more could you won't hurt. Members of criminal for football we do. Color B Drew Brees. Through our got close. Surely digest first probably. I'm looked and passed out pass on account smaller Turkey now like involve them in their backyard football mush him look it's miserly to fuels her. I got a rocket arm and given that so. That he waited series. You're about to leave suddenly bombard leftovers. Take him no go shopping that's similar yeah he's mad town come on you can get in this attempt. Terrible choice by Tim merely after the failed a quiz. I don't really not it's a Muslim at all and I have a my dad tell MacKey every cheesecake. Yeah and David drew less than. It's bad idea mentions it's good yeah. It's my favorite cakes took a gun on a scale of cakes is and isn't cheesecake yeah I'm best is our government Stefan without a doubt are really dark pick six here and a her always have Mike Leach coming up as the Romans and yes a half minutes of this Raj that's threat to get out early but gave it is like this is from today. Knew Mike Leach audio also one of the reporters asked him. Fareed hiatus on the ice yet merry one of the borders was wanted to will likely just advised him for the way and it's. It's just that I saw off I'll take six audio last week Timmy. The results on thirtieth thirty said the started 125 Tim has 26 and 34 Rio and Avery. Yeah. Whom all out of the cellar and make some money this year again hunting games over 500. You know well that you don't quite well I'm I'm breaking even thirty for thirty look I've been I've been here thirty hit that three. In three or better for the last like five weeks not sitting pretty come back. Conference. It's our enemy program. Texas a and M at LSU the tires favor by ten Aggies are you know they're playing for a new coaching Kevin slope and can Islam of someone's going to be out. LSU by ten. Timmy he lost our off Seth. My either yes he does its feed me. I think this is this some effects like we solace miles I think the players are gonna rally around Kevin someone here. I really don't if you win splits. I just. View we see in this spot way too much in college football so I like Texas Ambien ten points diablo the I think this is gonna become let's send him out on best weekend. What wish him perform. You get Aggies to cover Ellis who has. There's the optimistic jealousy that Iron Bowl Alabama at all burn the tide here by four and half. I just to the sneaky suspicion Auburn's and give them a run here. I'll go first hunting and Auburn to cover but Alabama once again I've you know the instinct says here and all every time this is mattered when they played at Auburn. The last that rose six Damon's been an Alabama not only is Auburn covered Auburn has won those games so I really like Auburn here. Give me Auburn I think in Auburn for the upset as a taken Auburn street. Doesn't matter if there's an iron ball well it's a matter rivalry Ohio State at Michigan. A house damaged in the wolverines. Twelve point underdogs at home and the Buckeyes. Jim Harbaugh is doing it don't you mean big blue. Ohio since this Ohio State's playoff hopes are on the line here and Urban Meyer knows he needs a big showing any needs a blow out here likely in this one. I like Ohio State speed time in the big house. Saints at brands in the NFL rams are favored by two and a half over new loans is a win streak into what for nine in a role. It's a pick him gain. Humid saint. This is stuff this is real stuff I could flip a coin here I'm gonna stick with my gut on this one the said the saints have a let down. I can't do it no I can't I can't do it yes we can give me given their pants I really don't I really don't want to use the Sansa feel so bad doing it processor old bit. I'll take the rams here. Today. Bucs and falcons. Falcons they are by nine and a half over Tampa Bay you know why not Alain servicers and things out gimme gimme the book into Atlanta. Only goes a little banged up in the end they should not wanting him in Seattle that they did. You still lamenting over yet for multiple reasons Emeril on alluded to here in the NFC south and that would have been buried the falcons spent Two and a Half Men. He started to been involved awaits him to close games this year and take a lot of underdogs this week and to in the boxer aren't box cover. To me. Browns. And the angles eight and a half for the bagels. The crowds are getting their first twelve season baby. Jimmy Cleveland believe failures in Cleveland are right here yeah. Well we did have the article earlier today at its best Cleveland's chances to make the playoffs aren't over yet so here's. Since it's a one and eighteen Quinn zillion that's not quadrillion that's when selling and salary on. They both angles to me. My job Bryant allied team and you get on your double coverage was up Bryant. They are are making it. Are a couple of strange things happen to me at the reds in game the first increment or I've never actually lit that thing and do while the game was being played. And does well in the game was because most healing barrier. And I had a. Are properly martial law. Sick about the other saints are playing up close and actually it was sick. The never gotten sick in the superdome and and head to block you know I had to do had to gag reflex of the score easy arm. Art I couldn't believe it dot. That first named head that the city where it's in losses in the them over the years. And then so yeah come back in and also an empty and not on energized and at one point I'm thinking well. Okay this is at Chicago in him why I don't care war mode so rocket out on. And that start taught dancing around and schedule rating and he knows saints' first downs little stuff. So then when they do they find the end zone and burst on the fourth quarter. I just being around during that long to more normal and earned at least you were at constraints that say. Yet we got you where we want to comment. Shortly after every that you. They actually profitable just stand around me just play it off and. Brian you said he said he said you're gonna quick math. Problem though Iran and thanks Abbie things given. Kobe feel better I will push out here have a Thanksgiving do you assess yeah and given us the audience out there may be safe and. Simplify I'm out says get this to the moment of zen is a good one BL a great show let's keep the combo going on Twitter and pats set Dunlap look a little I don't usually do this in this show little PSA for me. If you like to listen to our show especially on line. Would net neutrality is a big thing support net neutrality online and on FaceBook. And you've probably seen that mean go around really sport net neutrality I think it's big here's our moment is then that. Mike will heed its Soviet listen.