Pick Six and Two Minute Drill

We make our NFL picks for the week plus Seth and Tim face off in the our sports trivia championship.


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Arthur the program wrap up this week off tomorrow because it's the prep football roundup. The first week of playoffs here in Louisiana will be call on all that action tomorrow night seven to 1030 myself Alan what elder Bowden. In our crew of reporters can be fun to be games tomorrow including 4 from pan am stadium Karen Crowe. War any Sunni got McKinley a brother Martin that's over to enjoy the city holy cross saint Paul's Dutch town Slidell. CN AS and jesuit and many more that's tomorrow night 71030 right here on WWL. Some news here on the Twitter we gotta go over here Richard Sherman on the semi Mal thing. That's he thinks he blew his Achilles tendon. And look I'll trust him he knows bit. Since a little curious Jimmy Christian I think you'd be walking around as he fully tore his Achilles or federal we like it might that be a full rupture put her there if it's here or there that could hold them out of me not return this ball yeah. Well I don't know this like got season ending you know new going to be twelve months recovery I think you're not you not walk I've seen those member Jimmy Graham is Graham had that before. You can even walk cues and booed couldn't walk. Some this doesn't add up here today rent. I don't know though I mean. Have buys pain officials will higher or lower. I don't know I saw it twice I saw the replay twice where they cut showed him. I'd slow motion it's a hat or my que les you said they. And now I think it was a scene when Michael Bennett where you know it's form he said it clearly. I hope not because. Look he's a Pyrenees it's a little bit and that that recovery will be a long one for Richard Sherman. He's one that's quarterbacks ever played this game in. I hope that's not the case that looks bad for which of their party without Earl Thomas. Do with a hamstring injury and the Seahawks account but fate here. Mash unit and mash you know they don't win here on this one Russell also on second Longoria option and get the the first I tweeted doctor David shout without on this program for opening an answer for two Germany me walking around with a torn Achilles. Maybe he'll be able to clear that one up budget Massa coming up at 1020 to talk a little pelicans who for we do that's. Gambill 66 Tim Zimmer and Kristian garic you guys are kind of nipping at my heels now's talk a lot of trash couple weeks ago. A 1016 slug you guys back in the game here as an enemy and inching down the stretch its island zoo. I could have done. Yell whatever I mean if he can make all CC one and he he's got to realize that I'm on the heels and I'm picking the right I am I'm playing well down the stretch here not the back in the schedules very good good for me. Not good for you often right and our way here go Timmy. Jim Tressel we got. Are the first area to Arkansas at Ellis you know she's seventeen point favored. Man I really wanted Arkansas here's present a massive spread but everybody tells me to take hellish year everybody in Vegas says. If you're Smart take LSU so I won't go with the base of their of that and that's not an opinion about this game. My brilliance and give me L issue camping seventeen points to Arkansas. But then. Are the hawks really. Be seventeen point dogs it's it's an office this. Oh home this year put them in. That razorbacks defense is not very good. I'm really torn by this whenever I see this kind of spread in that house boy at least I would from a that's sort of audio epic six I would say. Give me those shoes and appoints. A Democrat does for whatever. Yet allowed in this game is at 11 AM so this is countless games are kind of wanna stay away from LSU but. The last three weeks are the last three years LSUs and Arkansas the games decided by over seventeen points. At a Ellis is the better team summit that LSU plus or minus seventeen analysts agree other SEC you hear him. Yet the next game is Georgia Ann Arbor Georgia's two and a half point favorite on the road. Dogs dogs almost thought. I I can't do it. I look this is Georgia's biggest test of the year this is an Auburn team that all the talk is men and they know it. That if they win this game. They're gonna get says Alabama now me and we have the chance to really get back in the call small playoff picture. Give me give me Auburn hair in the governing given a couple points. Getting a couple points he's adding to Ole Ole Ole hole so but that's credit to points. So you think all over to maybe win this game I do I think maybe they can win this game but if you're at at Auburn again Georgia Mayo in the scheme that. If George joins I don't see blow out here and zone. So if you're gonna give me a couple points. From Auburn that. If Georgia wins I think the win by at least three point so. That's why I think Georgia's gonna cover minus two and have to give me Georgia. And you dots the dogs she said Gerson the tour for sure the current third game at Notre Dame and met Miami. Notre Dame's three and a half point favorite on the road. He had every thing makes me want to take Miami in this one that I have been burned by taking installer to him previously and I can do it again. I am only three taken against Notre Dame this year don't. Tell me I'm paying attention to that. Think Notre Dame. I wanna play by did you see this play Chris you're having your enemy no rules will it balls holy smokes. Russell. Like. Okay make your sick and I'll tell you it does happen Monica where I've been hypocritical it's a sell them look ago with the Irish setters and though they're overrated but. Reports Alvin Miami's quite area. A look at this play out it's still you'll play I play Wilson rolls left spins wants it's chased binge again throes of prior optimal test I had. Doug Baldwin gets his defender to fall down on the sideline makes the catch tippy toes and then braces on the sideline and said the fire that is. Ridiculous I don't know. Evidently your way ahead of needles well it's seen and if if you don't play into extra troops it is the most the ox was the most Russell Wilson play ever. And here's another touchdown pass and I am one of those deals where we we saw that passed that's. Exactly we talked about with. Brady compared Wilson that want to operate and grow these Annika and asked to that that he Afghan it's just not at his skills that. Now we're not bag in on Tom Brady textures told us before not at all I gotta think he's the greatest bought time on the there's an argument right now for that bit Jimmy Graham by the way another. In a little post at the millions on to touch sensor Graham here's what seven touchdowns in his last four ball games on Jimmy Graham does he thought is that we traded or. Have staff on the island. And I can you guys got I got I got Notre Dame and a Somalian burned again by the Irish the Irish. I'm gonna go iris I guess just so I'll lose any ground police came hole I see a lawyer allowed zero this is the stated we sent shock you know. Soccer I first NFL games the saints at the bills saints are three point favorites on the road who bush. I think as early tests top location to play going on the road up there but. Unless sick of eleven San all day I think the match up. Favors the saints in this even more than that spread and you kind of print money if you take the saints against the spread this season. That was the last six weeks and their six and no against that spread so vehement saints. It out in their final while they were hurt myself in a 5 morning is this for about six. I'm going to world as well. I think the bills and make it close ballgame and once it had the last six they've won by Micah I understand that that's throw. For possible ovals and I did this or insert. It is the hits that I witnessed the holy cow. Now won't state them start. I'm actually taken the bills here the bills undefeated at home their coming off bought extra couple days of rest of the Clinton batters and the following week. And I just think that's the best quarterback the saints are gonna face since they facetime breeding we do I somehow think the bills went straight up team in the bills. I'm not a believer in the saint Donald that's why. I know I'd look I think. Hater I was 5050 on taking the bills are getting three points. So I don't know if the next that a bowl game if the patriots at the bronco on Sunday Night Football patriots are seven half point favorites or on the road. Tom Brady is 37. Lifetime. In in their Colorado but I think it changes. They ever kiss or there office awful. They might get healthy and might get healthy against this defense who gives up a ton of yards and I know they've lamented the points last few weeks though given up a lot of yards. Are the Broncos here guys. In seven and a half points like they win this game that. It's just too many points to give still a really good defense and I know they got beat up by Carson once in the Eagles. But this this is still a top five defense in the sleet and has a lot of points. To be giving them in their building. I like the patriots the swine I don't to the patriots lose in this game and I just think that their offense is going to be too much for the Broncos. Because once they get ahead the Broncos are going to be able to catch. Can somebody please explain to me this is our last week here how in the world the jets. Are favored against the box on the road what is going on here. The jets have Patrick if that's after the quarterback no Mike Evans and not just accounting playing good football now and I'm sorry this is this is a ridiculous line that give me the book I do not care you beat what he sat out Friday's second roster roster here. You stack up McCown Fitzpatrick that's at least a wash if not a little bit and fits bastards favor I know and know Mike Evans here but the jets really have no. Big play wide receivers either this is as traders are crazy ones where there two and a half jets favored on the road no way given the blocks. Now that day ET. It's it's it's let's go. I like the jets as well the jets have been in on every game this season other than that Oakland game on the road. Plus we have yet know Mike Evans Jeno James Winston in the books the comic just quit on their football team the jets have actually they're playing for something they're still kind of in the playoff race may have seen. But odds and the jets are better football team right now in the books again. The heart box curse and their cover losses. It's over I'd ever got the dirt cutter Leavitt told you guys that the pre season and just so way to much and even going back Tuesdays at Arizona State went. He and his teams dislike it looked like an capsule mess and they would fall apart like they are this season so I think it's how what I expect from cutter in the club. And it's that is our pick six see what happens Syrian Christian and I agree on all the one minute class that just spoke scams on. Not so I guess we disagree on the picket raucous. Of that round and I would go and take Rick I'm back this week. Jake Madison. Jane mad at the gym and Jim had locked on tells hey there's that bell. If you oil and a pair of tickets to wrestle mania alive in the Mercedes-Benz superdome Sunday April 8. Caller right now to receive zero win 62609467. If you're the eighth caller you win those tickets with WW elegant heretic distress of many alive. 260. 9467. Mets' final 42609467. Bring in Jake mad. Pelicans are Ryder ands podcaster host a block on pelicans podcast locked on pelicans dot com. Jim at what's up man month. Like the new nickname or were there we were coming on with you guys he would like to march though he'll like the Marshall Marshall Lattimore but sin to not only the best acrobat would be better match thank you blow they all thought Mozilla get by Jake I'm not totally if more for the rest tonight by. I well look you did you what a load pelicans loss that we've been talking about it good road trip Fred solid road trip the back to 500 which is kind of where we talked about the needed to be after the first dozen games yourself. Yet you know when you look at their first twelve games this year with eight the first well being on the road in the revote or news media the Minnesota Timberwolves. And all the trees they need to stop these in the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. You would think that you think he's very good for the scheme should mean their playoff contention. They're getting weaned they're not in indeed to those bad start in years past the knock I have to try to climb out of the hole. Does the subject is good cause great you know I'm late date a little bit above OK I've been trying to figure out exactly how want to read it because. They don't really have agreed between of those six that that you have right now they're that's one against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Looks kind of wars now that we see how bad that cavaliers defense. But the fact is they've gotten to where it needed to be that important. In years past it like maybe they can make a playoff run but when you start one in the land in you're gonna have trouble if you're just fighting to get back to 500. You're there party 100 and that seemed so it's the team starts to gel. If they start to play better that only really go rather than just getting back to you. So you it's we did something tonight these are gonna get into on your lockdown pelicans podcast in the morning. That drew holiday with Jameer Nelson on the courts seems to be playing in another level is Eric. That by caller of the season scored 34 point and he just missed four shots total public that created exact numbers. But he had the best team has heated up between the owed him one agencies from him. He and the ball over that much and he went out there and just try to score. And one of the things that told people want those highlights from the game into Toronto Raptors. And Google book it. His eyes and his head he would guard on the rim. Not looking past. It says that he may just wanted to go out there in scoring kind of single minded and it allowed him to kind of have that focus scored gets in the race to get the well liked and eliminate a lot of turnovers he has army and floppy happens. A lot of back and Jameer Nelson was on the court Jameer now and let him play 22 minute together. Tonight that a positive that regime which is very good thing of a button on here. That was very partners much higher than the rest of the teams averaged. What really. Happened out there it was Jameer Nelson took over the ball in the duties played point guard analyze quality kind of player all fall. And be there to guard that the pelicans have wondered if you're from and they want you to be their starting shooting guard. The injury eatery on Rondo kind of killed that idea for a little bit of Jameer Nelson can comment candle rocked in handle the distribution duties. Allowed only if you've packed an attack. That talent in the mean compared to get on right and you might eager Ali you know what he's going to start the year. James Madison that no Jake on tour Hart host of the lots on held its podcast Jake. If you look at this team could not glass half empty or glass half full value on view at the what do you like about this team right now and the how he thought the affairs next cancel along. You know the eleven. To thirteen game or so it really going to be where we find out what the team's media that you. Collapse are all I think the idea that any game and the market cartons carry code here. It's completely gone out the window we've seen both of these guys played it MVP level. I don't know which one played better to be on how close they are together right now. And sure that those two guys alone consume very close and very far in the NBA. You wanna look at it would take glass half empty. Do the rest of the guys. Carry this team over the finish line if you only played like he did tonight against the raptors just being that aggressive score. It can be here to find good. Many meaty and indeed play up front in potentially. You know finishes he's. Five seed in the Western Conference that they think they're stealing my actually be when everything's clicking. It's only been one game that don't really know yet yet again like physically in the picture win but haven't beaten any tremendously great team but over the next. Their team games left and over again playoff contenders this is really Woodward an idea of what this team is. We put up across the rest of the NBA right now it's touched on this a couple of days donor on the show Jake picked. How do you see belief here I guess for about a fifth of the way if you the seasonal less than that I suppose spent IDC the league kind of sorting itself out so far. Either the Western Conference it's still this kind of the mess we all thought it was going to be obviously you have the warriors and Houston. And you're wondering if you see there but after that there's about ten other means to poke in the rooted in contention right now it's still very early for the playoffs and for those teams aren't going to make it so it's going to be really about fighting out you know who of those twelve teams in the western copper to get a ball and Ohio and Denver are actually a little bit higher on the pelicans right now. Product that may be okay easier struggle a little bit of figured something that they'll get in took certainty certainly are gonna ball up the Eastern Conference I think it would that they get supplies and you have. Keep like Orlando which only with winning records who pretty bad last year often the best team in the east despite losing Gordon Hayward. The biggest concern me though he's beat Cleveland that we years. Every year people say well abroad. And take them wildly yelling and done matter double play the victim. The scene type of team that you're we. Their second best players out injured right now they're on the they're integrating him back in January when you return. Go through their growing mean that as opposed to earlier in the season they'll still make the playoffs but I don't think they're gonna banishment certainly in the top 3 in the eastern call. Jake puts a coming up tomorrow morning and locked on pelicans podcast. Deeper look at drew holiday talk about why such a good game kind of expanding on talk about with you guys would Jameer Nelson. He focused on scoring that you want entity he shot will explain why you all you. It entered into lock on pelicans. I grace us Jake again everybody add that cheer morning listening really easy to get on any year podcast apps are locked on pelicans dot com really appreciate anybody were tucked against. And I acknowledge Jake he is on Twitter great follow. If you're into the pelicans and what he should be. As they've kind of seem to be turning that corner a little bit and that's kind of optimistic to me enemies and optimistic about the bells that were they are. They can Grassley Katie fairy of Madison village just won a pair of tickets to wrestle mania. 34 at the Mercedes-Benz superdome here in New Orleans on April 8. Listen to Tommy Tucker all next week. For another chance to win a six to 10 in the morning right here on WW all tickets are valued at a 150 bucks. You purchase your tickets to wrestle mania 34 November 15 and sixteenth. As two days before the general public using WWL priests L code sports. Again you can purchase your ticket stress to many as 34 November 15 and sixteenth that's two days before the general public. Using W Nabil pre sale code sports just go to Ticketmaster dot com. Or call 807453807453000. Wrestle mania hits the Big Easy. When your away with a WWL. We got two minute drill coming up here in just a couple of moments understand his terrible guys I think we kind of knew that. I don't know what do we know another roster again that the Bruce haring is not coaching I don't I would never understand Bruce aryan affinity for this yet. Now he loves them. He wouldn't be he would be on the SE FL all stars if we were in our. Our quarterbacks and yeah keep me. He Galilee easily. I'm at all everything is this is my and I think it's it. I guess this is our job is what we do I made his bag Ali dancing and it doesn't deserve job shouldn't have a job as a back up on the clip were immensely it's. I didn't if you look at the amount quarterbacks. 32 plus 64. So he's he's in the top 64 but yet entirely. Fairly open tennis yet to be in the fine points about balance. Sacked their understandably Thursday night games Seahawks up 22. 210. Good break here we'll do our pick six coming up next set Christian intends in my hammer drill the motives of the net to material. Pick six that there was somebody is pay more attention to pick six and we were because he caught that you and I disagreed on Georgia the action which was correct. Cardinals drove down inside the thirty yard line with installed to give it back Seattle left and four minutes left so 22 to ten. Seahawks with a lead in the football like they're gonna get to six and three in squarely in that playoff race in the NFC. You know guys storyteller about me I'm earlier manga room that's an understatement really banged up but that. Bruce Iranians jazz talked on him quite a bit this year to MacDonald like a guy who is accepted his face a little bit over there on the semi and it's not that. The usual Bruce Syrians that and I'm used to seeing on the Arizona sent. Willits. It's easy to do we'll have a team that you had a couple of years ago when they were one of the surprise teams in the NFC in in the Weston. I've stated he's a great offensive mind I knew all along that at some point is don't go south form also cautioned Wilson Carson Palmer. Yet he got banged up get old before our very eyes I think it it's kind of one of those deals where it's a forum who's at some point. Spanish on the replay right now Sherman saying you towards Achilles to Russell Wilson. Who bad news there for the hawks OK guys 66 is my chance to. Claim my championship tonight I've got a game to give so. Could lose the swaps and giving that championship much longer futile get it right it's too many 30 we pick six united exits are still ahead an pick sixes well. It Leo. It's not a drill off of this rats and two minutes of sports and pop culture trivia. Still a question semen at some of Amanda my order and turn on headsets or now on the sounds. Christians attempts August. I activity here we go you ready to some music please. This is earlier for your survival here. Nineteen on. Here real Mission Impossible. It seems on the com in what year was the rookie season of the kid came Griffey junior with the with the Mariners. 1985. Knows her. What happened on that are first kick off in saints history it was return for a touchdown. By whom. I have no idea. All right he got a right though. That I was common ancillary you know late yet question might lose John Killian by the way. How many artsy member. You know. Nanny nine yards 97 but he says that right who has the all time leading rusher saints history. Deuce McAllister. Guys that go right to a three who leads the NFL average yards per carry. Now. Let's go average yards per carry. I would say cream on it but it's not him on and again live. As GQ Elliott. That is correct. And so he got two out of four and a who's the shortest player to ever play in the India. My eczema. I wells on that three out of five who want to wrestle mania 2016. John Fina. I have no idea. I deal with that up to its proper answer either I Metallica are able will pause though my wireless expert since the again amid Philip data. Look who's known as the nature boy Rick flair. I kicked the united they like Alexis is too easy I'm having a depressant fantasy night at slide now where the sport of curly from. Iceland. Nugget correct it's only Canada. Now it's Kennedy's there aren't anyway CLX five has suddenly lookup. Anyone. That's it. Soviets Essen here for this answer. So yes that in the out the back. I met people I mean you're familiar no I do nots and united slaughter all suited to what happens though I don't know. Don't know my number. It's gonna. From the new of champagne ready over here to the right side. Got my goggles ready Ratner did students. Our area by the way Tim you're wrong on the Russell me question. Area. I this is up your Alley Seth. In what year was the rookie season of the kid can't Griffey junior. Now is in 1980 in eight or nine. Idiot. That is correct. Maybe right with Dave in China now I gotta throw cartman delegate upper deck or was that okay wait was that a law last year after an owner who was his rookie years debut on our policies debut baseball it was an eight market parent net. April 3 eyes that would happen. On the very first kick off saint history. They ought to kickoff return for a touchdown. Bail out won't now I mean they they scored a kick off return protests are so real that threat yet just bonuses it appeared that counts and that's answer. Who was it how long. I'd. I can't remember I don't know I how long 82 yards. Now ninety seven's onkyo. Who is the alternately Russia State's history deuce. For. Who leads the NFL average yards per carry. This year all time. This year it's our cream hunt. Can correct. Who is this the shortest player to ever play in the NBA history mode zebra host. Now on who won wrestle mania 2620. I have no idea. I I have no idea here and guide. China. And excuse. Yes but now. Who we could get an argument atlas. As the nature boy Rick flair. That was terrible Wu. I can't get to India I can't do what you realize these thirty that you buy it yeah I saw parts in his race. Yeah. Where does sport of curling originate from. Candidate. Both the Aussie can Soviet currency got. Wall Nazis. One. At that he's tied me. Paula. Though. Marie. This is exciting radio here along Paula for. Yeah for a playoff here and we gotta we gotta cyber your question let's zoom into let's take a break. We come back Christian don't have that tiebreaker question most analysts. Lake tonight over the the once dug out wrong though yes. So keep your victory here 1989. Was his NFL archenemy in LB debut also his rookie year what happened. On the very first kicked off six history both feel that that right who's leading rusher Deuce McAllister obviously who Louisiana fell avatars for Carey wanna hear the world's Alva Cabrera. Six yards a carry the National Football League east average on Kerry's most votes source players in history it was a sack writer that one. The Russ and me it when he sixteen adults and by the way. But he defeated Kevin Owens and wrestle mania and see the final two answers nature boy you guys got right. And now we're in the sport of curling originally from this from Scotland. Gala accents right members seem very Scottish and tie break and done that ever a question here. On our two minute drill. Bee champion plus. We'll have our moment is and here's a wrap up our week it's double coverage on. Cardinals scored kind of a garbage time touchdown Seahawks recovered onside kick so Seattle will go to six and three. Yeah and the entire NFC. Kind of rooting for them to lose this for seating position wise there including the saints. Didn't happened doesn't look like as the kneel down. And that'll be that it's there. As we head through the rest of week ten in the National Football League. Writes a Christian Derek you've got your tiebreaker Christian ready here for two minute drill ten and Apple's answer four questions correctly. Give it to us. Our a year ago some of the answer to both the all future in court there correctly a shuttle cock is used in what sport. And I know the answers well that's badminton net O of tie in Ontario tiebreaker. Who played this all right so if we in the tie here. It's gonna spill over the next week and say okay who played new pollution in bull Durham him. Bull Durham. Yeah I have no idea. I and so it it wasn't. Costner. I. New pollution I know it's Eminem thing can of that air who edited Banda. New pollution. Sounds like Robert Redford. Now that's the now that's that natural and as the that's why you'll want more not yeah course. Who was really got those who lives lost that Robinson. I'm pro golf course rack up points they compete for what corporate sponsored cup. Was awarded 2007. I'm well CB this is where we can that I request you only tiger called Christian I hear Tim. Usually we do tiebreaker questions we give an answer that requires a number. And the moves ever closer the tiebreaker but is grants and this is this the FedEx Cup yet. Both delegate is right breast or your wife golf and definitely the economic along man and I don't. I'm fail and here we just need a number we did something with the number that you know it's not and not and yes or no where it actually answers them it's hard. Such as you know how much money did yet last week's box office hit labor peace makers to do this week rest. We gotta have sub then while he's sinking of that I do want to say out there really happy veterans day to everybody including you Christian. For everybody who served our country thank you so much for your service and it is say it's an under represented holiday. And I think sometimes people just think about this is you know the day off the new a lot of people get. A barbecue and stuff if he's the weather's good enough for that but really this is about. Everybody service to the country says that comes up here this weekend. Happy veterans day to everybody out there all of our military veterans including human and think some of service. Look that's heartfelt I appreciate that also low which the Marines. Happy birthday to morrow and turn in when there were 1775. I actually enlisted in the Marines. Twenty years ago tomorrow. We now on corporate papers special time. For me but one it's a tiebreaker will finish this up next week you have to veterans days everybody wanna crop to talk you know morrow. On the phase of pro of course. With the you know with the ostensible problem forum via all the veterans on a third generation veteran. In my family so its way it runs very very deep month. Tiger question quicker sooner you can push this is actually put that the next week hard line would you one question next week so we want question because we have the time. I don't know if that's fine now and be done and are good I thought I was a look at how another pat that come now so I don't importantly. I feel like that's easy. But the Olympics. And I. I feel idea I don't know weigh in on Alan. 7870 tell me if you knew what a subtle but alaskans like it was an easy question Christians say goodbyes Mary armaments and coming up. Yes indeed simplifies the guy's office higher rates thanks to Christian thinks that Sims ever hear our studio producer takes is Diane Newman. Our program director top necessary assistance program director. And everybody's making the show possible including you our listeners out there best listeners here. In New Orleans and across the go south really appreciate. You're sport of the show. Give us a follow on Twitter I Masset a lefty Zach Kristian garic wanna think soccer pot she'll coal public and on the program we leave you send nights whisked. An incredible play here Russell Wilson's ridiculous scramble and spin four times throw down the Doug Baldwin. The call from NBC. Tonight everybody.