Phil Steele says LSU Football Tigers could have a down year

College football analyst Phil Steele believes it could be a down year for the LSU Football Tigers, and he credits the team’s young roster and a very tough slate as the biggest impediments to a memorable season.

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Even see where the on your radio shows you sent me scared at this point we keep hearing. From one report after another is that the expectations for this tiger Tamer extremely low. That they're gonna finish in the bottom of the SEC either they may not even win half their games. Wow is it that I had. You know I think that. A lot of people still have the sour taste of their bowl game loss to Notre Dame may be on their minds side of things. Aren't exactly. In place for the Alicia team this season they'll have ten which are returning starters. Still a lot of unknowns at the quarterback position and also running back Steven. But they do have a solid defense and special in the defensive line and the offensive line is one of the better ones I think in the country so. Tom kind of playing the waiting game here you know we we have to see. Something from this LSU team. I just don't think that's gonna be as bad as everyone's expecting that first game against Miami. In Arlington Texas is definitely going to be huge and then in the third week for them. They're gonna have their first SEC game against in all burn which I think will be a vital part of the season for the tigers. IA I hope you're right and many experts are wrong and that things aren't as bad as they appear. At this time.