PFF Ranks The Saints Defense

We talk to Josh Liskiewitz of Pro Football Focus on the Saints and their defense. Is the defense legit?


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Really good at that point. Yeah no I mean you're yes I agree he's no I agree the saints are if you look at the odds in the NFC right now they're third. After the Philadelphia and after Seattle as of today. And that winning the NFC championship in Las Vegas is right where I think they should be I think they have a real shot. And if they get one of those top two seeds and if they get a home playoff game or two. I think there's a distinct possibility they could be playing in a Super Bowl come February and we'll go to saw that go into. I don't sue. Yeah I think it's yeah I am I guess after a Super Bowl Miami on that far but I'd settle had to play it's. Just let it play out and you look at this game here their favorites on the road against the bills are two and a half point favorites they do Washington home Washington just proved towel. Part of an out they are his what is Seattle and beats talents yeah opening up the rams. They have tabs on the top four weeks we we thought on this news and clear out the mid season stock could be your you're looking at maybe the toughest parties scheduled radio the next four weeks. Have a good news is get. They're a season home I know you just pointed out they went to Seattle and beat them I think Seattle still has some issues that McKee I was surprised learned to the odds are better for Seattle and is the saints right now. How it's in the saints a second best team behind the Eagles in the conference that is I mean you look we talked throughout the semester a little bit. Every so there was such a it was a 99 and you know one time out of a hundred thing where Seattle is Sherron misses three field boasts sixteen penalties. A bunch of other craziness that Alley sixty yard bomb by. The second lesbian so. I agree with what Vegas has here I think the same threat there with Seattle right behind Philadelphia EE you don't wanna say that Seattle's not quite. The powerhouse that maybe we thought. Nine and I do think that the powerhouse the ice that they'd they'd they'd committed sixteen penalties for 200 yards they missed three field host. And case I was like why offensively I still think there's there's some things to be desire with a team that's all I mean in with the saints have some issues as well we we talk about it. They're thirteenth in the NFL in third down conversion traditionally hover around one or two. So there's an undoing for the saints who via third down conversion in isn't going to just go on the road in the playoffs. Unless they have home to avenge them once either number number two seed and Eagles get bounced. That they go there and convert some third downs well here's the thing. In the NFC I think they are the three teams you just talked about the three best teams in the conference I am still not a believer in Los Angeles there's Liza has been a mirage. I agree and final a lot more about them. And the next few weeks including when they play the saints at home that's going to be huge test them know that the cowboys that the Seahawks Slater's well. I just I I don't see when you look it would German Jared got an offense plays any sort of topic company defense. They are not this high scoring high flying machine that they've been beaten up on the bottom of the barrel. How forty expect the saints to go this year no playoffs win one playoff game conference championship game or perhaps. When at all in the civil cashew road operator were people on line. At W Lola come calls a final four. Tuesday so when he semi tech's 87 need to reassess and I weigh in on that bed just who's who it's from PFF. The one next here on double coverage under. Colombo were halfway through the NFL season so it's time for our mid season quarterback rankings. We put guys like. Tom Brady Carson went scam Newton breeze and others. You weigh in it as well a final four. To Zito white semi tech's 8787 don't miss Ralph Michael's going to not a clog our handicapped for wage talk dot com just escalates. And he's 31 but continued appeal that the saints and their six to starting a buffalo this Sunday. In buffalo at five in threes assays amendment six and two and now pact or right now says it is going to be on the 42. Degrees at their. And Western New York that's actually pretty warm for the sunnier it is actually Western New York he could have been dealing with snow and wind and all sorts of stuff and now semifinal remember anything plus forty degrees in the NFL and relief that quarterbacks should defector treasonous offense well. Here's the thing is laws not rainy and and and Nicole. I I even think the snow out of the Bobby yesterday that. The big snowflakes that we've seen young and plays like buffalo Philadelphia and New England those. He says those. You know those games you to play he could manage you can you can deal and those in those conditions but. The ones the State's open on Sunday not that bad it's according to a whole lot of folks of course. As you can tell 42 degrees not that bad for the saints and bills on Sunday shouldn't be that be an impact and also I think thirteen mile an hour winds. And numeric stadium on Sunday for the saints and bills and Tyrod Taylor coming to town. I'm curious see. The impact of Joseph management a trade for him last week did not play you know in the loss of New York Jets saints are played in the issue of the Carolina Panthers. Tyrod Taylor the bills have really got to done offensively with very little weapons Seth and I just think this is a matchup that. If you gonna beat them this the saint Stephen's you better have bolted to. Multiple dimensions he often. He. I think saying getting it done with this offense is giving a little bit too much credit to me getting you know that defense threat as the defense first teams earlier they've been patching it together offensively. Taylor only ten touchdowns on the year just to tell him up regular. Mean just account. Who he OK but that doesn't have a regular office. When I was off I was good defense up not help but Lansing is here they're office aside make commanded the autumn threat now on I'm saying that. For what he's done with very little supporting cast is it's pretty it's pretty impressed yeah I don't like his efficient as we know Taylor's gonna do is on pace for a 3200 yards twenty touchdowns as foreign perceptions of the Goodyear. Considering the weapons or lack of weapons that he has there. The other thing is they've been doing and looked just like the saints you play the teams on your schedule. But it's there they're beating teams like the blocks like the Bengals who were bad that the Panthers. The jets earlier in the year so they haven't run the gamut either and others to game back in that division they have this game at home Angus is incredibly tough test for. For the saints for a variety of reasons but I just don't I don't like this offense is gonna go out there you know put up thirty points on a saints defense that's Aussie. As a 2.0 on screen shady McCoy every hundred plus yards rushing at home the bills are undefeated at home this year. They're different routine saints are are pretty good routine is only only a one loss on the road this year. Allenby and we want to Minnesota Vikings so assays plays a pretty Dallas to ball. It assesses if there's one thing I'm concerned with is this is three straight games saints who lost general battle some as a winnable game and I think the bills what plus eleven I think this year. They turn a ball over a lot are forced lot of turnovers they're living on borrowed time the saints or if they continue this trend where it's on a ball over nine times and last through ball means. You can't. Now they keep that up next malware now when you play a playoff caliber team like buffalo yap you just can't figure out you just cannot only be the turnovers recycle a special team mistakes blocked extra points. And we are covered and and they got extremely lucky on now on punt by Morse did win the covered seed in the NC the football. Allison got into the end zone and should not have been the incredible you know pennant inside defy those kind of mistakes when your plan. Again close games against playoff and teams that you just can't have those notion that when it's actually doesn't show up in the box score right yeah those are big mistakes he talked to. The bathroom the special teams guys they're gonna sales or those big mistakes these these as a magnet. We'll all in particular we can't have a guy feel upon properly he had to mustn't take Gagnon won from Willie Snead. I think taking got both of his back and yeah one of one of those he didn't you know one of them must by Guillen was more of like a ball rate fine but I mean at the bottom line is that that's got to be sure to play with especially Itar return to them both of those want fair catches. If that was what he's fair test of the ball you've got to make. That's secure check you know I understand evidence yummy New Yorkers that happens departure but it's happened three times this year well 2 from I am not the door and into times again this weekend onetime 2 weeks ago I am. The one of the least things are concerned about is Ted Ginn returned it related. I IE I'm John does care about his return goes I'm scared out his security abilities. I mean c'mon you shoulda happened now three straight gains were you my off the pot while I'm not restrict the three games we multiply looked should see your point it's an incredibly important part of the game at that and these are possessions he just can't give away however I kind of think you make an amount Atmel. I'm I'm nitpicking and I know that on the team but those are things are put on my team it's one of the playoffs. And are pretty general our people as how forward ago. Those are the things they get you beat in the playoffs whether it's one game a whether it's in the divisional game or conference title game forcible naked she beat. The thing about with a series though is this. They're six and two sets. And having to win anywhere close to playing their best football damn team played for regain yet that they do video on a stretcher where drew restarts connect went against you know some of those deep balls. All the sudden. This team's going to be really really scary thing clean up the third down numbers off off on offense in the top five then. Amends this team will reminds a lot of the eleven team where they were great basically unstoppable on office. Guy you know it's speaking of turnovers though the one guy who's avoiding mistakes this year like he's never done his prayers are groceries is on pace for the fewest interceptions. For the first time since 2004 when he went back with San Diego's only be the second time in less than ten years as union and less than ten interception in his career. That's what's that like apropos all focus had another little graph that they did. On breezes yardage this year a lot of times in the past in the downfield throws he is the safest thrower in the National Football League right now why is that so most of his yards the vast majority of his yards come from screenplays. Quick slant stuff to the outside he has the most yardage after catch. Involved in his yards this year any quarterback and that's not staying. As not you know the detriment to breed that's just where you're throwing that so he's supposed to do it well it was the reason that the the running game sevens and hands all across America renders the weapon on the house yeah I mean look. There's a lot of parallels talk about this on sports talk yesterday and I'll I'll I'll explain them and I'll I'll go through a little bit later on there's a lot of parallels between this team. Indio nineteen I'm not saying it means is possible victory. Missing is a lot of similarities between those two teams in. He usually easy there's common denominator between winning football. This is only to his season and twentieth 2009201113. 2010 as well and so far 2017. About a way odd years a couple of good for the sings 0911 of thirteen to say it. I double coverage here on WO got I just who's who it's from PF have come on next. All of the music. NFL. Films also means meant physical wealth were welcome back double coverage southern Christian year. Just this list to its app you just underscored Josh NFL college football analyst for pro football focus dot com one of the best in the business Josh our men. Doing really well Corey Dylan. Good look we're trying to dissect this team and another analytic say that you know the saints are now and number ways really legitimate what what the numbers say those and we disarmament a lot. Then played anybody that's you know that's a top five offense are at top five elite quarterback what are the number sail through about the saints defense. Now that that's all fine and well blow when you have the rookies like they have that are playing that well. And you know you have your best guys your historically about guys like Ken Jordan playing as well they are. Shall rank and start and step up in you know you're you're gonna have a pretty good defense. On my table linebacker positions are still trying to figure that out. Man every everything else this is going according to planned march on Lattimore is playing. Already like one of the absolute best corners in the game I think can Carly is according himself while on the other side. And then nine applicant Marcus Williams to eat bananas stating force Specter is what you have been used car coming in right away. Let them play candidate Carl in the box where he's Pakistan and its penalties Bjorkman now. Juror breezy senate mentioning apiece yesterday and how you treated it out about drew breezes through rose this year he has the most yardage. After catch yak involved in his yard is this year taking more safe throws and keeping away from the turnovers like he has not really in his entire career it's been pretty lynching of him those numbers bear that they have that right. Yet it has that era. I don't have those numbers for enemy and and how much does after the Tet but certainly when you look at the makeup of those weapons he has obviously tied again today and you can throw it deep but also give to underneath album Camara another rookie playing extremely well. You know just. Dumping up to him in he can make stuff work and dies he's making huge plays out of what looked like very small gains from. Do an everyday even more than what doctors McCaffrey's Dylan and in Carolina and yeah. McCaffrey was number eight overall pick so again you know he's got rookies that are doing things like that like pick it appears that protests that are making a big difference for. You know all of the things we do very honestly talk a lot about the saints were trying to project. This this playoff field and who exactly would be challengers. For the conference title in the Super Bowl and balanced teams you know is Josh the teams that are the most balanced when it comes to January. And delayed Jane the ones that you know fare the best tour the most balanced teams. Right now in the NFL according to those advanced analytics is that I'll Phillies probably one. Who else thousand Seattle's certainly doesn't seem like they're very balanced who else. No I would agree with you there and actually. Well I'll say this I'll bet earlier in the week. Chicago Bears radio just general. Wild prediction. For the second half the year my prediction was the saints make the NFC championship game and and I think it's a large part of it is because of that counts because. You know that congress passes in the from the past. They have run stoppers upfront and they have every weapon and as long on off and in terms of being able to run the ball and impact all Parsons feel there's certainly part of that equation. I think New England I was going to be there but certainly can't call them down at this point. But. You know look to that we'd see how they look going poor because you know into turn around Alec monopoly by. I think they're going to be in it enough on pit as far as respect goes to. Two in the city tennis so that think they're a little heat but I think you'd you'd talk about. What they haven't terms abound on both sides of the ball I think going forward there's certainly been around as well. You know Josh Lewis who is at PF has underscored Josh here on double coverage NFL college football analyst for pro football. Focused dot com Josh I want them back to Alex Okafor perhaps. One of the more under rated horses saints defense what does he meant to the pass rusher opposite of Cameron Jordan. He added that that would really critical for them. Because it's definitely talked earlier in the year where there really wasn't that guy up to camp guard but. Rankin against start with step up and noble foreign metal four sacks and 22 total pressures this year. All believe 22 defensive stops that most. I'm on the team in helmet tackle Peter so mean he's playing well bull run and pass so far. Well ask about tomorrow and is there are rookies this bit more tactful and national bully on offense that then and now Camara. I mean again you can hit you can make an argument for me can't. Pre but in terms of actually finishing in making big plays I don't think you can. I think he does benefit from better supporting cast around him including certainly quarterback in the quarterback play. But I mean it's it's hard to argue with. But what he's been able to accomplish both as a runner and and the receiver I think he's up to around 27 total missed tackles receding and rushing that he forced. So angry is he to a halt all the things reform right now that's for sure. Josh really the saints where is the weekly play pool or would you say if there's an undoing of the saints whether it's in the playoffs for the Burgos is where is it. I would say at this point probably in the line backing core. I had to I think that's an area that can be exposed a little bit in particular and in terms of coverage. 88 declined not a guy who really want to act there Robertson and cocaine and in points but. And Malone I did when he's healthy now they're right I just don't trust him he's not an end I had been terribly I haven't obviously in the rookie. Tailed out of Anchorage and antennae the Carl's going to be playing down there quite a bit and it still the one area where he struggled and so. I I think that is kind of the can they feel that at this point. One final four here and now we just loose with at TF up DFS underscored Josh in its own costs loyalists for pro football focus dot com. Has there been a rookie cornerback like Marshall out of more than time even order for PFF sent green and how we can we gala here it's. Milk and not. Know why I would say absolutely in I mean he is. The quarterback rating against him I believe it's 37 point two. That's what quarterback generate when they throw into it's coverage and basically when a quarterback just throw the basic incomplete pass just throw and under. That the quarterback rating of 39 point six so basically they're doing worse and incomplete pass when they're trying and it is covered that's phenomenal for any level let alone. A rookie and he's been doing it right from day one it's it's been spectacular to watch. So down here they're called on the the march. That's right and really silent loner in March. Appropriate it's very appropriate you know it's funny we could I can be evidence. In conversation with what buffalo radio about for days like yeah. And obviously get to know about him being informality that he's been really good for them. Even beyond that Lattimore has been even better than. And and so. We expected to beat some really good quarterback play from rookies but I don't think we expected this well from either of them certainly Lattimore has just above and beyond what anyone expected at this point. The Sunday will feature to prime time players in Marshall Lattimore and Richard Davies who like to stalwarts that could be. In a forthcoming in the future for the national the bully in the bills and the saints just Lewis quits at PF has underscored Josh NFL college football analyst. For pro football focus dot com Josh repression and our. Partners wants and we see with the marchment fur. For more on. I think. Uncle I don't know I'm going operator I'm not are in on your parade look I like what was the Ford the what was the one with the Internet it's totally. Yeah afford to leave like differently that's that's cool like that Amare sits just. I'm not man nobody calls and marched down here this do us about mom. Well some tourists now lol come on guys they know recall embarrassment I don't you have people walking around sales go to the march today. You have by you and a lesson you don't wanna go to the Marceau the marsh is at its waste land and now you because the swap rate. Now I don't think you're forcing bars and non. It I don't have hobbies I doze off based C are you on such so itemize and is issued a little analysis of fun. Is it the swamp the Marshall Lattimore is the marsh I mean this the double entendre here is beautiful because this marsh on Lattimore right in the marsh ours in the swamp. It was still a hole I fit I didn't say it should be called that. It's put words in my mouth now I never said it should be disbarred get what I'm saying is there's gotta be better nickname for him than march loves feeling kind of silent sea every point fingers I was so good. I get that island in New York. What he believes that in New York is an island I mean a defined as those include an island and I played well it's not Thailand. It's it's a peninsula right in in New York to its definitely peninsula well when you weigh in Manhattan island. Manhattan island OK fine. But Revis island I don't know what happened. My point is here you can be more inventive in this or whatever some people are gonna say the march that the Irish are taught I think you can be off warned in a lot more fun. Did you hear the the new name for the that the saints secondary they'll explain I can correlate. I did not I would guess that by coming on next talk to him after the game you'll like this I think kids is right up your Alley mentality. As some like Tina thrown reference what's the what's the reference I'll I'll look it up but you'll you'll get a Riley where we play. Double coverage yourself attrition on W well. Says you lose on attacks on Saturdays I think not error on this southern Australia hi we got a beautiful audience that. Knows what crystallize in is that the correct lingo. We're we've agreed politics on an 8787 that Marshall Lattimore is. The marsh I'll really because I hear SE one Texan born out of ten. By that's not the only 19 if prices marshes blame. So there's one there's one OK so there's also and the mafia will throw you. The red eyes mean the alligators the marsh very good Christian I agree on a percent march. Who dat. There's. There was a dispute past no more. Passed on more aware of that I don't know says should be master lock that claim to have another ones that's why we aren't. To kind of get over that know how does that fit into marsh on Lattimore had an island fit into Revis they didn't that's my point that was claimed to. One that's when I was going to Revis island was a way yeah I did not it was may it was claimed my goodness what an odd thing is that. OK and here's the thing and you can say whatever you elements a couple of things. Marsh yes there were obviously it hurt spoke at the few times at. But I have been here now for about a decade or so yet I don't have time outdoor I have. Well first half of doors second and not down here and I and I am I am not exaggerating I swear to you out there I'm not exaggerating one iota alliances this. I have not once since I've lived here had anybody any in my conversations with anybody here in the deck get diluted. Had anybody say march in a sentence now want to talk to. Who would be totally people. Hotline no people but like who are you talking the locals also gazelle sample hey I want a little a more efficient and looking for fish in the swamp. They go on we'll talk march. They'll say it used to have never you've talked about fishing before I have never heard you say he endured on base in the march well Colin total no go on sale is that ousted their go I'll go to the swamp I might go on go to a march that's where that's were that's where you'll in the canals in the by news. You good byes in the swamp. You buy is in the march. Celek by Umar Shonn that's okay by you or shall I deliver that now my ground but any decision to tell me that is the slop. Now it's the it's it's the march yesterday for one and nothing to do with the nicknames therefore he loses by default that's not true or edit what it means for the defense like the dome patrol car to. Or don't blame security here's the thing when you go on is a little handy thing on Google that lets you. Search terms and how often each one is use a gang and I just weed this out ass at the same protocol on the large city. Now while it's so if the saints what are called marks an idea don't have it I yeah I totally backs and I'm this and I'm not backing down you blame only but nobody. Failure batted down like your push off both fighting our arguments that the Horry just saying in general for the saints deem it's so. It's so. From the same city accuracy. Mean maybe Kate Snow well. Now from the same city Q over the baby and named baby case now and that's funny and boom might be more all right or night more. Right isn't nightmare. I knew it was that. Yeah I'm is like I does disagree you may have understand that it's not commonly used and I will stick by that because again I am not one person says the martian me in ten years that got a text here and a 77 he's saying. I'll always says that her ever said or heard swamp. Wait a second I don't believe Alan. We'll say slow down year so there's a those deals you really never sits slumped down here haven't swapped to really hear every slumped to a bit of Hobson there referring to it. And a a way out and come now come out the water are more apt to use the word of marsh they then swamp has taken its. I don't think it is a lot like. I hate this I've never does Steve accuses the time you don't show me. This is one of those moments where you go I. Bit of GG geographical. Education because. You know and a silly Borneo all you are new millenium because you've been out east and eastern time here. You are an adopted normally the input is one of those things we get amendment he's entrusting. It's the marsh who will. I'm never nobody is ever call that the martian you have never said marsh once out of your mouth in the again and and don't allow harsh are swamped. I probably heard you say swap certainly haven't Isa energy Sam Hornish took that. So don't give me this column values and they barely had a here and now I'd. Put this event here it's the swamp it's the march idyllic by march on her via a Buick now by marsh on I can live with. I like. Night in night more like. Nightmare you know he's diamond throw to you how the bigger news now puppy FF. And there and their rankings you're better off throwing the ball in the dirt. Yet at the nonviolent way I know I like all these Texas skip an ovary another one says the marsh. Sox another one from the final four only people live in the march say Marshall. Here's another on this says the honey island swamp states want all the time. Yes for tourists reasons the swap has ever I can recognize and another cause they're gonna talk about how you know you're jumping on the on the job bunny gives another one small K dog. President trump says we need to drain the swamp not the marsh. And that's like the national perspective not indigenous to Louisiana. It would come on Donald Trump loses a lot of these that are to be about having an agreement on this excellent not about the nickname most people on the arm people are on the nickname of the march but I would say it's 5050 on whether some offer marsh is used more so I'm not. Now feels about us large. Build its large swamp or marsh. Sounds like American morning reference that only an enterprise torch double coverage rather appear on the Google. I said I think we settled on the marshlands right. We're not calling him so this is where it now would be on board for this this is where may you your habit. So we didn't call Revis deal Revis island now where he was covering it was. Revis island so we call we lost out on was regrets of recalled the Marshall and out there and about one I'm among boys think. The swap is a real homebody water. The marshes where you suck it shallow he find predator fish there are so it's easier to get stuck in the swamp that is and a and a more senators want that's all. Its own playoffs on Sunday. Car right coming up at 10 o'clock hour also don't miss Ralph Michael's. Cola from handicap for we'd talk dot com full lines over the final four. Tuesday so white semi tech's 87 eights of our mid season quarterback rankings to a next hour as well little coverage rolls on here on WWL I anathema knuckle.