Peter Burns Talks LSU and SEC

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
Wednesday, September 13th

SEC Network reporter Peter Burns joins Seth Dunlap to preview the 3rd week of college football in the SEC. Can the Tigers get their first win on the road vs the Mississippi State Bulldogs?


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Joining us now in the program Peter burns ESPN SEC network anchor good looking forward to this all day he's on Twitter at Peter burns. ESP NS up theater I don't. Man you gotta you gotta Purdue and better things in your life you're looking forward to talk to be all they get we gotta let them are a little bit higher point four. Hey man whether you're doing yourself a disservice. Let's lower. Let's jump right in here to the SEC schedule and we'll talk L issue first not big test the first two weeks here Peter. But they get their first one this weekend against Mississippi State. Are using trades we are all down here to see what Matt Canada's offense does once they can open up the playbook. Yeah I mean I think you know after the Georgia. I mean after the that you are you game you know obviously a joke about their we only saw about 10% of the playbook and I think that they tried a little something different Chattanooga. Game I mean I like it that such a wide receivers making plays don't feel a little over the last how we felt that relish to. You know I mean it it felt so weird on us. Mostly to see that so. You know with the motion there was a note that shattered if game that they OK hey you with the bad uphold it. But there was all Poland now that to look boarding go OK yet the kind of what we promise stride at your analogy and backed candidate is going to rearrange result in political report guys epic set in a geek guy in the space. It's gonna preempt any yet Rowling is now under percent healthy and there was enough of that that I Saul on. Saturday night that they okay yeah I mean this cult but is repeat that I've got a lot. More faith in. You know going on port and honestly this could be big comes at a perfect time form because it. Both of these programs right now are trying to figure out who. Who in the world they all right I mean Mississippi State I I was down a historical given that speech a couple days ago and right or that game there were. There are people around that program nick and I thought. That's the problem that simply rigueur look erupted in Louisiana Tech is kind of squirrelly opponent. And I think they were shocked the hell that that they did so well they're still they have this enthusiasm the bitter quote real. And an LSU fans want it say they are we you're gonna take this office sought Chattanooga. Intake it against easily the best probably the sense that we all your walls could talk rampant in the bulldogs are playing a lot better so. Yet it is they that the look the cut both the Bulldog in the tigers this week. And a litmus test as well for Danielle and he says he's fully healthy. Seems like he's fully efficient now to appear he went seven Nazi media reports in the seventy and in the opener eight to fourteen last week for two point seven. And touchdown he seems completely rejuvenated in the office. Yeah I think he now feel like they're not just L Ehrlich. I don't what you were played like tech mobile back in the days in like global would only like two option right it would play up. A past let you know like you Brett up and be able to pass that up in a circle like that. I think depth look at link felt like the ball in what the little bit when he first got they're. At LSU and I think now there's probably a lot more faith that there's a lot more different walks are a lot more disguises there's a lot more ocean. And what that does that buys an extra split second here split second there. The more important I think that you start to look at LSU who you know we know that they've been able to recruit wide receivers the last two years we always look at each other bullet. Why in the hell don't they use them well I think now work our receipt. At Lincoln had that opportunity to work not just one receiver that organ it was geek guy who all. I think they're probably more options are so that that are a little bit better for a bit in that he's trusted. Two to use those options is I don't know he was working at all. First of all yes of course that played tech mobile food and secondly. I know it over their two options up others just want but it was Bo Jackson you know zigzag. And other delicate basically yeah yeah I would not want to protect Mo whatever we went and other local brought it like Beckham played well. Yeah I mean look I think those that. That's what we wanted to but I don't mean that that if you're LSU band you you know that the defense has been there. You know I mean it looks nesting in the rain that we do that last year. Well it will also seemed to younger guys contribute. On between greedy and ingesting them guy he's the playing field I think that's huge I think that was hurting LSU. Well the last couple years we you'd you'd ask him all of the talent. You wait to see it pay it right to the top but it never really get that opportunity whether in practice. Whether it actually all that all. On game day on Saturday and deceit somebody young faces guide that that the recruiting guys. Knew about guides or LSU fans were excited about seeing the field and actually the appeal and oh by the way contribute. That is a huge huge different that the that I think the court to help coach though in the tigers team going forward not only that the typical forward. For the next couple years. You know down here I feel like organs spoiled and maybe before. Well last couple weeks we didn't really fully appreciate Derrius guys because of how good for net was in college here in Baton Rouge. I tell you Geist is is something else and for my money he may be a better college back. Then for that ever was and I know that's kind of blasphemous to stay with what winner for not at all. Not at all I've I would saying that even late late last year at the at EL were up belief that I think he was the shift your back I thought he could do a little bit more mean. Ornette with a guy that would he hit that hole. He was gone you know but I I talked ice yet you know I think finally. Actually it the collegiate offense a little bit better on a yacht knob on public heel shall see. Our I don't think there's to doubt it wrong he can they help me yet at the speed yet the power or portly at the shifting of mean. You know I I think that he would and I think it easy to accept that Ford had had we wanted to I think he's cute except that doubt in cook had there's. Video into the fuel Elliott I think that you seek a little bit of the real urgent that the running back position that. You know it it guy stays healthy he's Dutch. You know he's such a character as well to our. Of debt that is hard to not like it in at the confections you know personality about a and so. I think you combine all of that yet the state help in a heavily on Europe they're not run them. Forty current became. I think if the deathly an opportunity for that you'll make a whole lot of quality. Come next year the drought. That's the voice of Peter burns ESPN SEC network anchor here on double coverage and let's shift to the rest of the SEC especially SEC west here. That it is a bad weekend you had Auburn. Getting thumped it clamps and you had Arkansas getting pounded against TCU Texas and stroller what what do we make in this west outside. If we obviously know how good Alabama's. Yeah I mean I think we we we knew that at BMI was it going in it and they continue to just rained supreme I mean I'd I'd like a bit on unmarked keep the conversation by captain ESPN earlier today I got up that they were to reach here so well. All in the India the right there are actually the more you got Alabama on a pure bias at all. And frankly I have bella she would suspect it's you're pretty much by itself with Auburn being close is simply because I think Auburn you know works cycled on deepen our stifle all Bentley because ultimately that's because the country and I at a yield they kept that won't score gains. Always deep into sole clueless. It that they're going to stay in every single day at the console once they get the profit figured out triple Lindsey the all that the court near that rate new. You can be up in the boot this week's calling games so that maybe it gives them a better look. Projects that they have except. I put LSU and Auburn at that tier two had been. There's a big tier three of the Georgia's lieutenant he's the new orders on. Even the Mississippi state of being Indians that are better than gluten but not great that that they have certain applause and and really I only got to put Arkansas ball in the Indian kind of activate him in that little bottle right. Frankly. Bim in Missouri I just haven't seen enough of those guys that think these are talented team peck -- a win nine games in the culprit here. Know I'll look look I'm with you and that's why I look out on the landscape within the top ten teams and teams asset Alabama went we thank you Lisa Alabama's. Got to be locked in one of those playoff spots outside of that we saw Ohio State going down clamps and we don't think is as good as they were last year accused the defense is yet. She owed to meet Peter is kind of on that periphery of teams that could make a surprising run through that talks for what you think. Let me I mean the big difference obviously is you've got to figure out where they play that game winner in November and the fact that it's going to be a bright Denny stadium not Tiger Stadium that is the big difference maker I mean. That that that's huge I mean for toward them because I think that this is a this is an Alabama team. Frankly that's not really going to be tested the whole heck of a lot to look at their crop the bitter rival a bank in the he's not gonna give them many. Any issues they can't be. While I think that that that Derrick Mason and those guys have a better squad this year I I don't see that being upset. Bet I do I think Ellis you become built early dope Campbell once again I think LSU. Would have been answered troops ordered because I don't think Florida's offense. Is going to be able to put up anything frankly do what Antonio Calloway and in Jordan's garlic commute back and collect and be open purple expect frank. That makes we call that he used arrive. I think that in this struggle. How surprised were you by the Oklahoma Ohio State little. Not really I argued that they're looking certain teams kept applicant middle finger got a lot of electric that it is the guy I had the attitude right in. Baker made guilders one of those dudes like he has that he planted the flat you know being Ian Ian. Act guy that you. The album a little bit of attitude in so why I want I want chocolate that because. Looking shaky beard is arguably one of the the the biggest. Spokespeople were Ohio State football I mean he's a great kid does everything right but I think he has morality by now. I think key he had let the because it has cure at least syndrome to assert it still works you'll like it cut alike. The worst part of the game have crept up and he doesn't remember the good parts of the game stroke and that he didn't do much good at all on the collegiate level so I'm out on it. Oklahoma now that you went for the big twelve because and Oklahoma just lost that game. Ohio State we'd just be dismissive look everything that happened to that comfort so. Date not only did Oklahoma muted baker may he'll lead for the Heisman been the big twelve read it to you relevant cultural. Before really go I gotta get your thoughts on this game on Saturday had EC LSU Mississippi State play and a. Yeah I mean let them I think I agree upon that a lot better eating is guys looking. You know above average on defense and that defense last year but it state was bad but I. At the end of the day I just don't know the weapons that nick FitzGerald has what he's trying to pass the ball I think Indy run the ball yet that was one thing that Jack brought Scott had a couple years go to the Tiger Stadium and one. With the fact that he can pass the ball right but he had to run new Wilson he had a couple of guys that that that were great threat. And they can run the ball a little bit better I think LSU is able to contain the kuril. I think they're able to want the ball pretty well and is called a looker eagle confusion so. I think it's a tight game and I think LSU pulled away safely late in doubt. So I will go 1713. Would be my guess Alex for 500 you know we're playing the jeopardy game so. Point seven perking tiger is by early look at Beckett. Peter burns ESPN SEC network anchor let's go and get a game at tech mobile and never down receipts Perry meant little Hitler Rick are eager RPI men appreciate John also talked to get. Terror. There goes you can find them on Twitter. App Peter burns ESP now is really great and take a break here we come back what you think you agree with Peter you see in LA issue of Canada. An easy victory on Saturday on the roads or you think Mississippi State's unions and throw give us a call 5042601870. Bible for 260187. Back with your calls and your text next here on double coverage.