Performance vs. Politics

Monday, August 21st

Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned…is it because of his performance or his politics?  Bobby Hebert joins us to discuss.


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The NAACP and Georgie is demanding that Colin cabernet be signed to an NFL team and if not there will be no football in Georgia. Is he not being signed because of the controversy or because of his quarterbacking skills Bonnie a beer for sports star joins us live indefinitely yelled Bobby good afternoon. Good so is calling cavern accounting signed the kinds of views playing talent or because of the controversy. Colon that your comment that in the controversy. You know all of these orders fell and coach is they'll light. A controversy. Whether it in to distract from the team in the locker room in. You know maybe tag. Answered questions that it should say every day about solitaire ring between being addressed. Sigh I think it is that that only because he's a controversial. Figure but as far as talent. I mean there's not 32 starting quarterback that battered island property I know. Good looking issue or keep two cornerbacks so keep green. So he's just that's for sure that the people quarterback they now account would be somewhere. Probably the best case scenario site team. Probably lower to mid twenties as pours. Quarterbacks and skill bill almost the best in the world in the National Football League the plate you know America global. When I look at Colin Campbell for instance I look at the game last night he looked at the law and discharges. And you don't BK you know the technology company is not. Better than all of those quarterbacks who played when the deal. Is done levels go over to read. But now capable of open. As far as the pick maybe demand them to get their shot one you approve a deal. And then you go from there the opening in the thick and they've now cornerback. And somewhat so that that kind of money in use where you look at Jay Cutler decides the ten million. At the mine and but his this year ever was with a coach an adult that's why he got. In the you know supply and demand. When you look at net forces available to adulthood but I'll copy captain nick. And that deleted the reason why should have a job now would matter. Crop progress. City is different parts of the country to meet. A team like the losses chargers until diversified he'd be perfect. They took out. Not so much. Figured you'll already deep now. Like I parred all Hillary would be a good place for Seattle Seahawks. But again it would be on the team's terms and not natural immunity. And that being that Torre that court themselves when. Feel okay I'll play one year. Prove myself and take a minimum in April salary budget should give example where it's okay I'll get paid a million. Is it politics. And is he he would do event and he just seems like that would make sense and then you come October as it has. That he's probably opened up that that sort mad. That he would he would actually. A minimum better salary of particulate teams that are opening you know it is market it would be should be pretty. And it's all about who has the leopard. And right now he has little leopard so that's why I'm saying if you re the only international globally you'll that the take what they would give them. And I know that you won here in April from. And Bobby if he if he came out and played really well then he would silence a lot of his critics. Yeah he's. Agree and again supply and demand there's not enough quarterbacks does not but that's one thing. That we look at the top grade in the Jew reasonable world. I even look at support not that young. Quarterback who can go to pressured play at a very high level that's model available. Nobody even. State level they could that be mature game in the game we can we tell. So in the it indices. You know the things those like will be strictly done stick a handful quarterbacks will be hurt. And innuendo signing with a keen eye and being. Because of the controversy. And then not being looked at the national at them. And that a lot of people printed by the and BK they'll people the field pretty. It is very disrespectful that only thirteen pretty you have an opportunity. But the money's involved in this sponsorship. I get that it failed to. With the ravens. I remember it like it is his girlfriend according to keep it light vehicle for him odd that if even current war but it was quarterback what she calls porch talking they look. It was. That the sports talk the whole flow. You know all the normal life that it that they need to support the you know we get involved Activision and able to book out pretty wide. It's called the Baltimore Ravens or basically labeled. We battled these billionaire owner and been. Italy that's doctors and monies out of that you sign in college athletic uncle Al. That's why we take this special police. And I just look at the already eight Alex Daniels whether. It's been in the oval of the chart is aware that so I think that could be a situation. That make it work helping him and he was backing out apparently deliberately get back to the lead. And and Bobby with a guy like our current governor did this is this is not a case of all of the NFL's sending him. A dog whistle message to the league don't sign this guy this is all up to the individual teams. It is a private business and and that the reason why did you decide I'll interpret it. Politics dollars and that money. It's. Monday and that ended and heavily CPR whoever the protest. The NFL. Would you agree. Are you look at them now I was sick assured seventy might be close 175. A couple of person. About you merit in that play in National Football League and you might see protests now and then. But nothing really happened and let it affect the bottom line. And there'd be a little bit different teams and their money in the oil hole. So they are now allies though. College campus is definitely in that number BP's so this would be on the field. Because again supplied and that I don't know that in so quarterbacks with. You know obviously we have to look at those are the Jews were squeezed. And you baba calendar when they was gonna come about like off the field I think that that that's been the problem. Why he has the signs that and I think also the mob money system that he in local. And obvious force talk this afternoon starting before Clark with our deuce and he can you be talking about the same second pre season game day. They they they showed some signs of very very positive play against the chargers. Well if it's act like that I like that the bested. And it felt issue and every BP get anywhere near a taxing game at four halftime. So that was very hurt like that put a lot more enthusiasm and actually what the pre game. And nothing happened being hurt obviously but that's what rush. And then now also will linebackers simply stupid people it as a whole deal to keep it in perspective we look at the total yards. Will put the saints put and with the chargers put. It is the best quarterbacks in history and TrueCrypt for doubtful things they need to play well that have been different. Would Philip Rivers that Drew Brees played by what you look at it and appear confident over. You know he's been. Carpets and give them the wall. We have preacher I'll be practicing it detected them there see that the price great practice to witness. And then Saturday night being depleted knicks and that. What I want to say because it is I think we have a fighting chance if they digit speed. Like middle row and that's very possible just what I would support training camp and hit the ball well you. Wanted to terrible margin when something like that occurred all those. You have a great chance the people like there maybe it double digit wins to be well. Yeah and hopefully make you get some sacks against a real NFL team but we'll have to wait and an NC. I'm even appreciate you being let us this afternoon.