Pels take 2-0 lead

The Pelicans take a 2-0 lead against the Portland Trail Blazers.


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David mark with you on your radio just text message today 787 from someone who's fearful that the pelicans who had a better road record all year. Will come home. And struggle and maybe drop water to against Portland how do you feel about the Thursday night's game here in New Orleans. Game three with the pelicans leading to denounce them. I think I think they win game three because you got to remember is going to be a rabid crowd first playoff game at home for the pelican since. It's when he fifteen and could be their first playoff win at home in even longer than that. I think that the the crowd's going to be while the smoothie king senator I think people are gonna show to support pelicans. And I think that should help them. Carry the day and and get the winning game three and then if they lose game four you have to head back to Portland but you've still got the home home court advantage. Where are you gotta do is win one more home Aaron Voyager official prediction on for what happens Thursday night and how long this series goes delegate to back here and 25 Mets with more sports tier one super power what would it be on this day we celebrate the eightieth. Birthday really super. I'd wish for more wishes. And how this works this planet Jeannie get out of here.