Pels Sweep The Blazers

The Pelicans advance in the playoffs and we break down the series with a Pelicans roundtable with Scott Alexander and Jake Madison. How do they like the Pels chances in the 2nd round vs the Warriors?


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Pop how sweet it is welcome to the program today everybody it's a celebration day here for pelicans Vance what's up New Orleans and across the gulf south. In oh you listening or ever you are on WW all dot com. The WW already rap or the radio dot com app we have an absolutely packed show for you tonight. Gonna be a lot of fun yes we're gonna be celebrating the pelicans 40 sweep. Of those blazers up there from rip city or is Tim likes to call our IP city. We're flock get up in the pelicans have an extended break now as they await. Likely the Golden State Warriors gather defending champs are one game away from clinching their series against the spurs. And our won here we're gonna have our full pelicans roundtable like we've been doing. Every single week the past month or so. Jake Madison a blocked on pelicans and Scott Alexander a WL EE and CST's primetime sports. Will join us right after the first rate. For the rest of the 8 o'clock hour so lots of pelican stock to get to where to look back at the pelicans laser series. We're gonna look forward. To the likely pelicans warriors to match up talk gentry and Demps Alvin Gentry by the way. Just got an extension from the pelicans will get into that as expected he'll be sticking around. For quite a few more years in our number two look we gotta talk about the NFL draft because that's got to I never thought in this city. We'd be sitting here for days away from the NFL draft and that wouldn't be storyline number one the pelicans just kind of taken the city by storm. But the saints will be drafting is slower the rest of the NFL. Beginning on Thursday nick criminals who joined us and our number two. And I'm gonna explain why it's time for the saints to use their leverage right now. And trade back or gonna have a pretty fun interactive game of our audience you were ongoing to. Show you an explained to you the new draft charts that NFL GM's use to kind of valued their draft picks and where they come. And we're gonna have the audience come up with what they think is the best trade the saints can get with one of the teams to trade back to that now or number two. Also some panic today do you see your this stamp Julio Jones. Going. I guess black on his Twitter. Blocked it out made it private it's on followed all of his falcons teammates. Talked to betrayed possibly panicked and or and a lot of panic over nothing I think apple will certainly unit of that number two and then out. Yet this week why. Now not correct into the drafts. Although we will be over reacting draft pro for the next couple months that's what always happens to our retreat so o'clock hour LSU baseball. Probably the worst weekends in three or four years percent they've gotten swept since 2014. In the first time they are unranked since 2012. As they get swept by the gamecocks of South Carolina we'll talk to James Moran. They'll get it this maze reactionary madness. From pelicans fans and media and the oh she spring game. Bringing more reactionary madness involving the quarterback battle there. William of that now our number three but. We're gonna start it off here our number one other pelicans roundtable let's go ahead and take an early break here when we come back. Jake Madison Scott Alexander will join us we'll look back on the pelicans blazers series on of their series MVP is. Always talk about just how good general holiday and Anthony Davis are Seth Della just getting started here on double coverage of phone lines are open all our four if you wanna join in our pelicans conversation. 5042601. Late seventies the phone number 5042601870. He can text me. And 87870. Anthony Davis talking about the playoff series win over the Portland trail wisest courtesy of Westwood One welcome back to the show set Dunlap would yet. They wanna get him a quick shot out soon my parents who drive announced Oklahoma make them long trek down on the should be somewhere. Probably were British reporter so are right now so save drive and family see you soon. And speaking of Fam my basketball Sam coming in right now Scott Alexander a primetime sports on WL EE TV and CE ST and Jake Madison. Nolan Jake coastal locked on pelicans podcast. On into the show now a full forty minutes of pelicans roundtable fellows are you said he dumped. Party and yet are you on party did iriki but I don't. Aggregate a great week. Yet no complaints about Republicans still being the only team in the second round of the playoffs yet. Only team to sweep a series. In that first round there is a couple of games going on tonight one of them in action right now Houston leading Minnesota fifty to 49 and a half so I'm. Minnesota trend even that series and then Oklahoma City you'll play Utah beginning about 930 local time our guys is get in surveillance. Talk about this last series pelicans and blazers and shouldn't we have seen this week coming 'cause we broke it down all three of us really in depth leading up to this and and we all said this is an incredibly good match up. For the pelicans Jrue Holiday just shuts down Damian Miller throughout his career he did that again. In this series they weren't gonna have an answer for Anthony Davis we knew that have a tough matchup on the outside with Nicole emeritus and of course we should've seen playoff front coming right so. Should we have seen not only the series win coming but should we are seamlessly Cummins fellas let's cal serie. All the good anyway you can see in this simulate the last game publicly that the ultimately get 41 point somewhere that the senate in nineteen in the fourth quarter. He was on fire that's the last note you've got of the world currently that went badly she's gonna get well into oral. But who couldn't foresee in the united scored one in a single game and org game. I don't know well that aerial obviously so you could apportioning that the one thing I know we talked about that we did foresee it as good as the Portland. Front court please attentively. They were gonna have an extra papers and other guys like holiday Rondo and they're stepped up what we expected and they would each of our series. Well then he knew the poster child for games no way. Out. Now. We ought to read it here they were certain matchup that went in the public speaker but there were on the way the police director particularly on the winning 10 mark came back with Evan Turner saga there. Could prevent and then some problems for the war but a world game play and with an export of their tribe beat him. And they were able to get it done you know traveling to Portland the top was to win. I think we all we use them on the road there's four games he's theory crafted that war right now over the best team in the playoffs. Who's your series MVP I you know it's it's a fun thing to talk about permits still drew holiday just. The job he did just like you talked about Scott and Damian lower and heck he could've won MVP just for that but. You talk about the 41 points in the clincher thirty in another game he was just so good offensively throughout the series. His national coming out party general about a before the series and it came true Jews in my MVP went by you guys. Yeah good depth and and lead through holidays with a guy and really led the team on op and Andy Richter got in the game to that 47 in the game for critique in the monster opening game but Republicans won the feud with their defense and shutting down that heaters Portland backcourt. A few gave a call and Damien Lewis and do all that that we as well into the communities and really burn Portland when ever he was out there on the court. You know a lot of people talked about holiday should be first team all defense. Yeah well after disputed vote happened today you looked at Indian media player of the year. I can't argue that I mean listen. You know how accurate look that I know that's cheap but the way at the Davis you know in the news record that if we gave it. Out either there was that spectacular. But you know we expected to hurt you very good on defense we expect to be very good on all that but it. He exceeded those expectations. I don't know all of you see that may see him I'll I'll get out and national. Audience duplicate your holiday like while may be rotten at the back meant you know it's registered to the national mute point 220 cheaper than. To lose on We can have two weeks ago and then now every show you saw today that take every one of them. It dated lead with a well they had huge segment about the out of pocket first take all the way to partner optional they law. And not so it is turned around yet you're holiday is the gap Anthony Davis is still. It's got Alexander inject medicine as well join us for our pelicans roundtable here on double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap. If you wanna give us a call ask this question just join in the celebration for the pelicans here 504260187. To use the phone number. Guys speaking injury oh. This may be a little hot take you know homer market. The question here but is your holiday the best two way guard in the NBA right now and everything in a stroke Hawaii Leonard in there. It's true view bests. It gets right now on the NBA as far as two way guard goes Scott are you. Not with not collide around I mean that they're they're different art that means you. You're the current book I mean he handles the ball in Egypt played seek achieve he can drive and he's probably. He's different player offensively. You know what it's a split right now we're playing in this area. Yet it's a split but I would give it normally obviously you did not want these two in my opinion right now in the that they aren't around that the he's playing that well you just mentioned. People are just talking well he sent and other talking and maybe that got my future all are in I don't know one vote by the Philly but it. He's playing like a true all store. And oh on data comes back to. Gentry before gains toward the candidacies that. You're probably best to make guy you know that quite Leonard it its plane right now to make different positions be got to keep that in mind. There's more wings or and there are backcourt Courtney MBA which maybe make quite Leonard a little bit more valuable. The topic I think mine and we're gonna talk on this later in the show you're probably too far ahead. We saw that final game against Golden State aid toward the end of the regular season he must win on the road for the pelican. Late in the fourth quarter Eumig true holiday shutting down. Kevin Durant that the big part of his game in guard position he's six foot 46 foot five that you regularly guard guys that are 66 and higher. That's not an easy thing to be which are you how goodies defensively how great we see him often getting into the Rick it easily. Attacking the rim and you -- important actually drew contact and street group but not a normal he would explain at this level beast up to be. Let's squeeze in a call here at 50426018. Semi Sam in Gretna here on WW audio ahead. Based reject what effect job well in big part about educational. Ginsburg. Do you know that's of course short Kelly. Are you guys you know a lot of learn a lot about well you got your attention if I'm curious are you Richard Korda addressed that on the air. And again we get the rest are neck injuries you know applaud Dolan and all of Beckham is an advantage of the warriors all. But it is bigger stick to Demps horrible for respectful. A better scenario for. I mean yeah media I mean obviously. You know I'm like it's at the LB favored either way it. They their chances go up exponentially. When curry on the floor meet street just provides too much space that there. Meaning like when he's on EB on the court and everybody else though because you have to look out. For him right there without him on the court note sent a back up they just can't do it night you know that are attacking foreign people and little more like pre. Go to the blitz mode then that's what they've been doing. Pretty much the entire playoff run and towards this season their bullets and they can't you can't do that it should occur in Thompson. And there branches spread around that that that that were waiting out there is so yes. It's an obvious they interpret without Perry I would give it in the chase. 67 maybe. It like England. I. But or the warriors to win market and the fears that the start earlier you need to see curry out of game one that would be from the hole you can be playing anymore or puke. To be rocked the you're not currently practices with the warriors do for the games start. He's been out for five weeks at this point. It's not easy acting gains streak right out of the need to wise it's an NBA game and the you reject you gave him the better. Ears of the rested it's going into who they play warriors next year is important that they're gonna have. The preparation. That we saw when they came up with a good game plan you're not in play on the right pieces now. The plane reported serving gangsters you become a way to neutralize opponents that players. But the party app that Russia immunity and keep that they. All right quick thirty seconds for each year on this question is there anybody in the league right now you can put on Anthony Davis. As a solid matchup and slow him down because it had this to me eyeball test I don't know if there isn't anybody test dig holes are you sent. Yes the answer and the guys that the Republicans wanted to avoid in the first round it's ridiculous there's going to be the defense the player of the year over for the Utah Jack he had a history of neutralizing him mediated. If they played that's going to be a tough match. Well based on my answer but I and that. Is that there. The last game the garlic in the late that it's weird you know long kit she over the but. It's 25. But it's useful do you suspect an epileptic were shot to get there. Are ready Muslim opinion poll online right now WW all dot com what the pelicans have a shot to beat the warriors assuming that does happen in the Western Conference semi finals. Simple yes or no log onto WW dot com to cast your vote. We'll take a quick 62 time out for CBS news will be right back we'll talk about. The guy is running the sole thing Alvin Gentry and Dell Demps back and flashy Scott Alexander inject Madison. On double coverage. CBS news special report almost a week after the death of his wife Barbara. Former president George H. W. Bush is in the hospital for treatment of an infection. Reporter August of manga has more. Just one day after his wife was linked to arrest President Bush 41 was admitted that Methodist Hospital. In a prepared statement that bush that we spokesman Jim McGrath. He says the patriarch of the family began receiving medical care after contracting an infection that spread to apply. And what is responding to treatments and appears to be recover. McGrath said they will provide updates as warranted the 93 year old bush has been hospitalized repeatedly in recent years for respiratory problems. A year ago we was diagnosed with pneumonia and bronchitis and spent two weeks in the hospital. He suffers from a form of Parkinson's disease and uses a wheelchair and electric scooter to get around. CBS news special report on Pam Coulter. That's the always well spoken drew holiday in the post game press conference after the wrap up game four against the blazers for the pelicans courtesy of Westwood One. Welcome back to double coverage I'm sets to Olympics are pelicans roundtable with Scott Alexander osu primetime sports on WL EE TV in CST. And Jake Madison Hoechst of the locked on pelicans podcast. Here's a quick text to date 7870. Your holiday deserves to on a credit his finger old driver in the bucket is money in my opinion Rondo. Is the difference maker is so fun to watch all three of us had true holiday as our series MVP if you wanna join us on the phone call give us a call 50426. So. 187 use the phone number 5042601870. Tell us let's talk about the guys run the show right now Alvin Gentry. Just one hour hour and a half ago his option for between 1819 season was picked up as expected. By the team so he will officially be back to that contract is fully guaranteed. And it. I know the answer to this but I'm giving guys a chance to sound off because I think all three of us have been pretty passionate about this. Is Al gentry getting enough credit here locally and also nationally for the job he's done this year but but yeah you're back to last year Georgia in the last season. These objects are getting enough credit for pelicans turnaround. Absolutely not unthinkable. Act passed the program and talk about Alvin Gentry he can get it may be they'll that topic they've both been a lot of credit. At that. On that these guys Alexander last year. And like half my time is spent defending him and now even. When you and the world that people like Larry King game industry I don't get to the courthouse which was. Delinquent in the last few games of the season. Then you know he's probably not again we'll be crazy. The tell now that the two orders went streets in a project as it's been in the war and are not that that's birch street. David thank gamely streaks in what he's done main reason he's gone out playing dispelled that all this free flowing. You know. Golden State Warriors now that movement to court you know past and I get the open man. And it's now come to fruition yet so many injuries that first year it wasn't that would or your credit they do matter PA and oh yeah what he's Ballard. Five year that you lose a cup or on the ought all parliament. Point yeah it's going to affect you so the the turnaround from then to now we've yet thirty and 34 points in Europe the repeat to land. With these and a 32 and fourteen since January Chan it's remarkable thing we talked at 30 June 14. OK you spread that out now I Euro and talking about maybe six and that she is and again it's been kind of great. You know the getting a lot of credit which they definitely deserve subsidies that the game plan from associate head coach. Here in her mid east secret speech was brought in Denver this year basically their offensive coordinator. Creating a lot of this Alvin Gentry concept and I mean I'm not to let me with the cubic. And unlocking playoffs Rondo. The back gentry took the group he should cheer for what he'd done. Figure out the right combination of players the right line. Sticking your kitchens starting lineup earlier toward the end of the season win tickets were struggling shooting the exactly what you wanna see you know account like this option was picked up for the team even swept the Portland trailblazers youngsters which is that right do I expect out of work bench in the fall heated for Alvin Gentry along with pilgrims to wait it. Buying two you know certainly in around the edges which is exactly the type of what you want team in the future. Well as he doesn't have that extension. That'd be a darn shame he deserves long term security here. And I guess we talk about Dell Demps now fellas because there's nobody outside of probably gentry who's been on the front ends of fans' ire in the passed. Few years than Dell Demps. Now eagle back the first six and a half years and his sin near. Hughes criticize a lot to thank you deserve a lot of that bad drafts bad trades terrible contracts but the past year and a half. The guy has been fantastic. Tweet we go back to the DeMarcus Cousins straight it was so lopsided betrayed for boogie the you have. People in the media saying out Adam silver in the NBA should veto that trade. Bitterly offseason he resigned drew holiday 2.5 million dollar a year contract for five years. You look at the value now drew would be in the match or about ten million under what he should be per year. Been Raj on Rondo less than four million dollars a year got a in the offseason yeah assist from cousins. Nikola Mirotic betrayed this season meritage is way better than anybody the pelicans get. Whether on the 25 pick of the draft Okafor helped right the ship here for a couple weeks. You guys Dell Demps for the last two years of his work should be getting a ton of credit. And we don't hear just about anything about the work Dell's on the last two years. What are your thoughts on Dell Jake would you be the first episode. Yet you know it's like you said. The early part of his tenure there a lot of her criticism to dole out a lot of free agent signing a little overpay your of their big ones and elect Egypt so where are sick and still kind of pain for that because he's done a fantastic job simply the core of this roster building around Anthony Davis getting the talent on this team. And then as you mentioned making the final moves to really put the finishing touches on it. In the middle of the season it's not easy to retool your roster around the trade deadline to the kind of battery appreciated the guys from the G league and get a lot of development out of them and you've seen him do that. After the team that would be heavily over the salary cap next year looking into the luxury tax you need guys aren't buying those guys those diamonds in the rough that others aren't getting beat you're not going to be able to track. Big money guys just simply because you don't have money to spend so this is exactly the type of guy whose district that you want running this team. Now that he's at the core in place that we see in the court b.'s triple to fine tune in and you can maybe turn the team to a championship contender. Yeah and we'll go one step further treatment come because book and there are a lot of freeagent moves and trade that year by like the pick apart after the fact. But I can honestly tell you can look at each one of these even though or that they actually like he did it I you know but doctor. And you might need to position. Oh. There. You know. One. And you have this list in the clearly. Not. Real well quietly they capped and they wondered too. Take the pressure of brittney Davis particularly on the the used. When he banked up to the Clinton's senate position so it didn't work out probably led the NBA re edit or so that. Crazy group and all that it. It live at all that the game is became nonexistent so obligated as seen at career useful like it and this budget does say they've just a big body. He'll not saw I was like opposite overpay for sure on like if he got he's got at the right there. We got pressure up they went public nearly straight NB AB. This man could be well. You know you probably have scored rocketry hear beat it beat a you know that the group can get beat separately. That they would not only got much of players and their work but may cheat and they sign him again. Pretty much that they just eight days on that deal now. I don't know we could reports on that Gordon in this so in and you were unique here. But yeah he is going back. What I spoke with each that you sent. He put the keys again. They need to he's got the it's a much like last year the score or play up to the upper apparently all. Got. Book report and is well on the shy. Plane that spots eat that didn't dictionary. Well. Which is the big armor or having again a question really ago tomorrow. And they were saying that the deal and proposed for gene previous gains it was ugly game she met percent from Ames it was bad. They'll that night and all. It's beautiful. Diplomat here to thing is that they unit over the obviously because you provide states yet that. Well sure because a lot of people and people automatically like outlook dog restart here and here it's that. Yes and you keep ago in case the pot. This team they tried to eat and try and Jeanne. To go out make in order. To really ease and the work where it's it's no secret of course. Indeed it is we'll take a quick break here Scott Alexander Jake Madison with us for our pelicans roundtable. When it's your calls next ans will start looking ahead to the likely second round series against the Golden State warrior self Dunlap what did Tim Zimmer had master control. It's double coverage on WW. Rajon Rondo courtesy of Westwood One welcome back into double coverage and Seth Dunlap thing and out with Scott Alexander primetime sports on to reality TV in CST and Jake Madison. Postal blocked on pelicans podcasted is our. Pelicans a round table here. It let's go to the phone lines at 50426. So when he disseminate Millie from Avant bill has a question about Dell Demps Nellie go ahead. Tree area there on a nice guy. They. I don't want basic cup and we which a coach and. You know 88 diluted. Equity. And this defeat and into war and the minute he's uploaded in a lot more in game development. And coach. And then there's that some and CNET at per. And on. One got a mention the call and he'd been he'd been pivotal coaches live. And there is no E'Twaun. That would be more that somebody might be like old ego and I think they do when the good out right now. No no it's there's great points Jake Madison which thoughts. That you know. Ian Clark and is being great. Point guard for the puck in the time he's been needed gear that was another one of them aren't we talked about. The other kind of funny guy I mean in the round. He was leading the NBA in three point percentage that would effect during December 81 more in the top five as well. Copper with a cheaper than most expected before during free agency a couple of seasons ago all these is finally at long term vision really coming together he's got the coat. Because you everything in the east he's welcome. And this week of the Portland trail. Here's a sex today 7870 from the 985 Pelz and warriors will split the first four games of the next series game 51 rule ultimately take the series. It will be pelicans in six or Golden State in seven all take pelicans in six the optimistic text there from the Manny five. And fellows that leads us into our final question top regular night. Oh you do that I give us a little bit of preview of this looming pelicans. Warriors series and my question for you inside of the sudden like. To know do the pelicans actually have the defenders to slow down Durant and curry and it's a lot easier Curry's outs. But both those guys are on the court with Klay Thompson with the woods all all these other players. Do the pelicans have enough defenders across the court across their five. To slow this team down Scott Alexander rules are the. We're equipped argued that caller quick nugget they can appreciate that you brought up more and eat Clark together. Wouldn't Davis's round shooter. The points are. In the positive. Going margins so much higher because obviously you you know they they'll implement it took shots and with those she got the you'd mentioned. Would it mean in the game with more ink or. They outscored their opponents by an nineteen point four points per hundred and this season so. It's remarkable that it's truly. That have been huge for the pelican not appreciate last year and nearly came in the so. All well all of our this year is yet. Then then float then you do while they can play anyone but they don't have but qualities that there's it's going to be hard it was too soon or in the right. Well you get it all now on the court and going to find the open guy I would not just one pet rat and a link they'll know it 67 times anecdotes so. Drivel put up on the court they know we're just going to be in one spot or setup all the and the public. Transition they have going at that two time he racket deal then he might. Hold them under a hundred and played very proud of them but they're going to score points and so we use that will be on series I had match you know I mean. Saying that just from collapsing from the warriors in the past the oil. And of course we're seeing right now the Pallet in the last couple much the east. Will be unreal and it should be just the Indy like opera and you know you'd both these teams duplicate beat that now but they you don't get to the Apollo school because the book and course so. Dig mass and how do you see Elena on. Yeah that is going to be a tough matchup but if that occurred at the conservative particularly early in the year maybe steal one of these games in Oakland that we saw them the goat curry looked warriors who were really trying to win that game toward the end of the regular season here at the god of the Israeli enemy here on. It's going to be all mean you know he's struggled very much in the he's still working himself back from my quad injury that kept him out for most of the regulars he's he's finally starting to get in bring in different game shape here. But you can see he's not quite where he needs to be at a hurried out there you got it through holiday on him which we've all been note in the you know a lot of time. On Kevin Durant and he has a lateral quickness to keep up with him but ultimately if you've got Kevin Durant person. Well you know you might be something that you're the good news with that is they've been a lot of ball screens for commander for quite a superstar Corey. The token do such a good job of handling those screens just switching and having Arctic and depend multiple positions. And that's better than what the vote had a couple of years ago when they played quarters in the first round. If they can get through those screens run equalled they all of the three point line and try to funnel them into David figured it. That's where I think you might have a chance you've got an advantage down low which are among green not the standard used to be he's got a very easy you can leave him open. And just fourteen to try and beat you with you get all of hurried complementary and I think Republicans are gonna go in with a beard similar game plan to what they have in Portland we act. Suited perfectly they needed to played good defense we are gonna need to do it again. I think candy can we make this series is just seemed idle the most people would pick the new world spoken to win. Then if you're listening out there you're wondering when the series is gonna start pay attention to that two Golden State Warriors San Antonio Spurs game tomorrow if the warriors do when that wrap the series the next series pelicans warriors were likely start this weekend if not we're looking at probably like a me first right around their starts melons going to be critical. Guys I know you guys have you lots of pelicans coming up on your programs that everybody listen in right now. Can tune in throughout the way a week just Scott will start with Q I tell everybody what's coming up on your program this week. About Kabila on amiga. This week. The enhancement gonna talk a lot but Republicans this week David what we for orbit and are the color guy in the television broadcast and come on next week so I'm cover in the they'll big middle of the sister athletes. And I have a tradition of bringing link wireless you want tooling guy and on draft we can took this year it's going to be will clap. She's directed got a second round maybe third. And also. Terry Nickerson is simply he's really been there since the Bush Administration he's. That are analogue picture going to be an article where very cute he's in the round picks so those two guys. Will be into more along the political. And that's on WL EE TV in CST and that's daily Scott beginning tomorrow's aren't. All my daily now and then it never did it and thought tomorrow at 6 o'clock. And 7 o'clock a via the it they've replaced almost every bit accurate that chills like the. Except I thought the I know from speaking of The Daily Show Jake you've got to with a lot on pelicans podcasts everybody can find every single morning and tell people how to get that then what's coming up on the shows us. Blue in the locked on. On public and podcast daily podcast covering Republicans in debt everything you want and you know get a wherever your podcast from whether the Apple Store IQ stitcher well there just are locked on broken down. Monday through Friday this week respect preview the warriors break it down by position by position guards wings' front court coaching at bench. Everything you need to go to make you smarter basketball and we are going to be covered in there and it's going to be a lot of fun I can not wait. Be sure you find Jake there and Scott Alexander on his program throughout the week fellas this is always so fun. When you back on before that warriors series starts to preview it much more thinks gas. A world. Yet there they go find Scott Alexander on Twitter at. Out Knoll a Jacque we'll take a quick break coming back we'll have an update our Freddie Mazda opinion poll. Still time for you to log onto WW all dot com and cast your votes with the pelicans have a shot to beat the warriors in that next series. Yes or no log on we'll have the results next. True holiday courtesy of Westwood One as the warriors. You know pelicans here it'd take on the warriors likely. In around two warriors still one more went away from wrapping up their series against the spurs. I'd Jimmy may quick update on the opinion poll a daughter mentioned that there is a little bit of a snap through with the pelicans. Round and shoot ticket sales they sent out eight code. And it wasn't explicit wasn't secure enough to some people or associate tickets weren't missing as was shown up on resale markets. So the pelicans announced that they're going to have he rescheduled to pre sale soon they haven't announced that yet but if you're a season ticket holder. Check your email me sure you check out pelicans dot com for that. Will the pelicans ever shot against the warriors in around June that is are pretty Mazda opinion poll 75% you are saying yes we at least have a shot 25%. Are saying no one playoff game going on right now rockets. Have open it up over the T walls 10469. In the fourth quarter talk and NFL draft next hour stay tuned.