Pels playoff push and NFL Draft talk

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, February 22nd

Bobby & Deke break down the home stretch for the Pelicans with the TV voice of the Pels Joel Meyers, then talk NFL Draft with Mike Detillier.


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It is our number 20 sports stuff here on that WWL operating mas opinion pose a pelicans they wanted to play else. Today coach Alvin Gentry and dale dims be replaced you can cast a vote online at WW dot com tails back in action that. Tomorrow night is they are open up daily Lance. Tony Tony nine games this season as they take on the Miami Heat. Tomas will be live this coming up also later on in the program will go down the College Baseball gauntlet on today's show we will visit with. Pulmonary. LSU coach southeast includes men rise and Louisiana raising paging coach Tony Roma show my Didier joins us. At 545260187. You can take the city 7870. Got some texting kids can. Deadly Farley detects and still along the pelicans note. How they get to finish at the all star break. Will they be above 500. And Buick thing like come on take care of business you should be about 500. I didn't realize this but you look I guess it doesn't matter you know it CP three you know came aboard you know he has James Harden who was. Last season the previous season MVP. In an in that category amongst the best yeah. You know using got a bit of playoffs last year naval 4141. Okayed the reason lumbering and had a I didn't realize this. That is why it shows you gotta be vetted 500. Man I think he can have a special seizing new 500 in the playoffs. You know the last time a five or director was good enough for a spot in the west post season the 1999. Until last season. Houston was 41 of 41 and made the playoffs. I was sixteen used the yes that's long gone so that's lives and you're newbies to meet or as you know Olivia Smith and violence that you had yet seventies at a below found in the east and making every year that look in the way as in our competitiveness. And you don't need to be live at 500 could you could be on the outside looking in right. Now big guy and another note I wanna read this today ago. I mean how could somebody even this drive. This individual news as they need yanking you change while that might be true. But this is from 3010. At the same page drew greed now okay. Why would DV column drew agreed. To know is Drew Brees a hundred years and now won't even have another Drew Brees. You know what he's talking about. The numbers and what that team offensively has accomplished over a pass. Dozen years beyond a decade is astronomical. No one that may be could've. Come in yards and a saints uniform. And I think a joint pains offense. Would be like Tom Brady. They disable error ride just to it's like it's a small paternity is this like. As I get handful of guys that could achieve maybe would Drew Brees that drew greed was able to accomplish so this part the says. That this saved Pedro agree more to Mark Ingram. Our Allan Tamara are cam Jarden. Are looking at the defensive front and you know the front four and all that and that they should go on strike. Listen it comes with the territory the quarterback's going to be the highest peak I'll look at Matthew Stafford. What would he got with the Detroit Lions. The villages got pretty. Oh odds of Jim Graf and Jimmy grapple started setting yeah. When he got paid Como folks in ninety million through a Kamal fans you got to understand the position. And aunt and at this situation it Drew Brees is in. A good day right now. Let's say there's no salary cap and Terry what they mean to our organization. And I am I getting us in Madison on that I think he knows extremely on the paying. Is LeBron James all look what the value gonna open the Miami Heat thick. The cavaliers are limited do you watch the NBA because in the bronze and being the franchise NBA should pay him not between him and it did today in the Cleveland Cavaliers owner or do you like OK LeBron is that part of the mix OK you might read only easily make about a hundred million dollars and yes like you know and I know that does that fare another validation and I don't market values but as shield an entirely he should make about army and on the -- and I would say Drew Brees would be a poor man a LeBron James. Whenever they paying. Drew Brees is not enough. I'll tell you right now it is not enough now it's a team sport is about but that's a thing DeVon it's over Drew Brees. Differences though we talking about Cleveland the city you for the Cleveland Cavaliers then when LeBron wasn't their bro Sam coming back the value of the franchise. What in theory. In theory now it's an artist all season. Because it's a once speculated early in the week because all the money the cavaliers have on the salary cap. Well not a camp they're Cleveland Browns have on the salary cap what is the brown home. Paid Drew Brees 50000001 year analysts say they just had a winning season and went to a playoffs. Would you say be considered when Cleveland's been. When one game the last two season won one game via. And the dog pound and how they love football on they would they will be right and then on okay no one Drew Brees view work that fifty million dollars this season bug you you could do a clean and no different and into the Alps yet he not quitting I don't know that they would think oh we read Reese who will make you can't show not winning note Chevy team and one normal one game not 32 not winning and Jermaine they did. Somehow Drew Brees they would get it going as quickly live rounds in the playoffs yeah that. Fifty million had a really all that's market by the that he here and it did a bit out of the woods yet if he did day yeah I would say that in an if you got to sumo line I would say human army that the I mean he is actually collide. It is more that be where the army they like to pursue book of Matthew Stafford. Big he had the record until a gravel path and bobbled by 27 admitted yeah. If you lived a syllable the ultimate underdog suitable would be the alliance vs the ground that would be used to edit Matthews fabric ever won a Super Bowl in Detroit Bob Ford feel guaranteed the ability to Matthew Stafford statute onion it would it would be lengthy standing. That's right Carmelo get to Nellie and the rest you call us plus the voice of the pelicans a fox voiced TV. Jo Myers joins us next on WW. Do you always of the New Orleans telling cans and you hand daily on India radio. Jo Myers joins us now Joseph always a pleasure pelicans getting set to. Stop their home stretch of the season so to speak against the Miami Heat and boy. I'd they've got aside jolt there is striking distance at some on not just getting into the playoffs but to have a good seat if they can finish strong. That Turkey is big and strong schedule is dotted. By any means especially they kept it in India pacers because it's quicker and so names and dates up fortunately. It's part of the road but fortunately in this spot consecutive games hole including three straight which she'd never see it to make a game. Also seven in ten days marketing through twelve report but that will palace a lot about the pills are going to be and are going to be out. So Joseph you know I'd given him a pass aria I mean is that like what approach you taken. Because I know that that you tell like it is and when I look at Internet and I respect your opinion because you amongst the best. In the business and especially now look at the NBA you can do NFL you do whatever you want but. But I see that. Says the money Williams to the other fifteen playoff appearance blood that is season we were 64 and a hundred. And at least eight games out of the numb aids but both seasons since then. I mean come on. I would call withhold the saints beat that afar a playoffs are busts. So I look at that Kamal what are you gonna college right now whether you have book because those are not. And the reason why bring that up because I think you'd be snippet 500 now jobless surprise that this until the this. That and hit the rock has gotten the playoffs last year party won a party won the last time. A five A director was good enough respondent in the west considering our company is in a poll sees him Bragg was 1999. So we exhibit 500. That could be an extreme does employment. Even though you know what they use these cues so we didn't have bogey on the back you know what. No UK there's no excuses and if you you got to remember pop. They had both wanted that law's home games earlier in the season to Sacramento December. Same month back to back problems doubts of addicts. Chile is no excuse is that optical Sacramento and the right at Sacramento I mean they've lost two audiences Sacramento's team orders or church and he would be. They've had. Hiccups along the way. What's going to be difficult is king you count on a third option every night. And it Niko can beat that third option because two out of the last three games were one's. The pals yet eighty points from they'd be true at Nikko Mirotic. Chile is no excuse because they they've been building equity of for the right and that's. Also they go out there were it's where I beat but I might be pessimistic because they could go 1411. Over the last forty get to 45 wins in May not be enough. Because they didn't and those games mentioned earlier that the boat we want to come back on the view opportunity tunes yet to be a couple of physical. I birdied what hole. And write about a 120. Now what Joseph you bring on the eagle meritage. Oh what is your take it because I think that thousands of sweet deal that that was nice. What is your take on him going forward the pelicans. Because that that's stunning I think that you Devlin what part of the future. It would reviews he's great resource he could between the court. Department full part in today's and yeah Andy's of the contract ministers for oh. So that was the deal because even if you. If you don't put out you're gonna be around fourteen. In I mean in the lottery pick. And so they traded that first round pick forty don't know protected in case you don't want to buy. In case the Chicago Bulls Hitler in the lottery it Sokol calls the bitumen in another news protection and actually here. But nickel merit to it as a viable option hard workers about it and I thought. Andy's talked here he's played arts spoke about what that deal well it was a good deal. It has you'll work and hopefully probably still wouldn't bring him up itself battled back around first the ball that topic is the background where the real star break. The facts of and government knows its out. And they give to quote the better in efficiency ratings as their field goal percentage defense. Collected the ball in. But they need to call it fortunate eleven unfortunately I don't don't make. Visiting with Joseph must take a break and more until miles on the pelicans and throwing tomorrow night's game as they in attain the Miami Heat coming down the stretch of the season which is very crucial to the tales. It's kinda make the Western Conference split Stevie voice and a cause a big boys in NBA the New Orleans pelican Jo Myers here with us. Are knicks eight CVS a day. Pelicans and well positioned right now starting tomorrow night after the all star break they entertain the Miami Heat in Miami is a ball cadets had their moments this season Jolie have been some teams that have. And then went on runs only on land and elected team that was going to be good and UConn and I don't know direction of France as a hand as of late going to the all star game you tell was hot. Miami's been a team that has shown some flashes and of course this a little rejuvenated. Wanna get to play also the return of Dwyane Wade less stubborn about this matchup tomorrow night against the heat. Well it's his third different team like Republicans right now but. Prevent my dream growing potatoes it's was should be on CBS don't know and I when it was artwork blow it up. I got cable like the Saint Louis it was kind of a nice trip down memory lane let's just keep it he need do but. That trigger point these secret thirty in quality and at the of that part of at all for the Pelz is that that time to think about it and a lot separate class state. I haven't really had a pretty. Now there are only two games of the public Bartley the bells five games of the above marker marks but it's Eastern Conference so. They come back with wade and you're right there that it will spark with a guy that knows the culture that help them but at the same time. The pelican can not afford to lose a little. Teams either around ordered. Our sub pop tinged need to look at the rest of it will got as and when you get lakers are company and there's a couple of games of Phoenix game. Those are most when you can't report anymore goes to give away. At home. So I put Miami back category now first after the all star break in the Oakland ought the next day because that's going to be much more severe. Than double Monday. And that's Phoenix so. That point yet and I literally will be Bartlett he got in Miami you advocate Phoenix lit the match walking leisurely view them but. But to meet up category must wait. Now Joseph when you look at when you considered O Warren a best players in the world and you always again is viewed our. Or judge Sonia accomplishment. But I'll look at aunt Betty Davis obviously he's seated talent level and now he says you I think he did an interview ESPN. He is like Humana the score forty what I believe cousins to win the game but if you amongst the best in the world I think you should be LT embrace that kind of pressure. And excel. If you look at AD so far consider what he's not an NBA you have to say is been a disappointment I'm glad he's here in New Orleans. Because I think he's unbelievable talent. But I think liberals would help these one and mean c'mon. I mean outing out of it. But all that the same time Bobby heated. To make the roster. Right but what about what I mean like you wouldn't you expect if you amongst the best in the world that yet Lisa playoff team here in year out. Yet it if you don't have the proper components around you. Eddie goes to a certain extent now would ruin because you need for players' union BA Kansas. The EU can't sustain with two guys score. It would seem that would back courts were lower McCallum fifty game but yeah. But the rest. Shall you write to a certain extent but I think Anthony maybe change is mentality to a 00. But the greens now after conversation he brought up with the market presence where the market that it meant it to you now. There's your. And it doesn't have to go to every game. And take debt and quality shots and I think is Jack it can be done. But in the scheme and in the office it's territory that you can't take each shot of the game which we saw earlier you've got to take toward plea by a bit of at and the same applies to a certain extent to promote politics. Turner's gotta get eighteen to 22 shots again will your two best players right now because Nico party has that mentality. They're two terms on the board easily play about thirty minutes and right now is coming up the parents at one dollar and welcome back east and until. You Niko goes up. And shoots it goes a negative. And it's a great mentality. They have to have three school so that's what brought up the eighty point super to a the last three prom that threes of so I don't disagree with you began but he Patrick Robert station about 23 weeks ago Marcus dozens. I think you saw it differently David to audit that he would take it it's what we've got you game easy if not more. But for the pelican to make the playoffs. He's got to pick was Tony propagate. Now Jill was this kind of pie in the sky and his suit him just trying to be positive and do an interview. Good that was saying either way bogey because the city. And I guess so what do we department lately until a bogey cousins got hurt. And and when that occurred considering their confidence level. But like when AD said that would bogey. That to win the west and come I'm like saying that it did to win the west that assists one game like an NFL again. To serve pass and beat the rockets to me are the warriors yet the four times I didn't see I gave it the bad to me I guess who just trying to be positive. But I think even best case scenario we got to that level yet. No it did there's not yet okay of those teams those in corporate unit guys fail those teams are set yup we're so it'd help. And tobacco report has been great help not good help he looks like. But apparently partners in doubt about it but often lets you so those injuries yet they're deep. They've got their roster. Great rotation guys fail they go nine maybe ten and the other guys on the bench they complain but the capital war. So no I don't just revealed that. But at the same time. I do believe that I agree with him that would be so grateful for what he doubted that it used to that I stated. They were content deeper top four. San Antonio's oiler Minnesota's had some problems lately so evil with what propelled have been true. There are audited losses two games from the three spot. San Antonio's report losses Minnesota's won by losses so I don't discount Ortiz said. They were trending in the right direction there you have two guys have a Google looking at there are up by. And opportunity by the market rebounds as well elected if you were doing. You belong. And especially the picture it down near the west as well remember that. Note that might say it is much is down. Forty spot may not get you there because Utah district in the right action to put it this way you don't get to the pieces. Dipped fourteen and let 44 games and well. And they're rated. Episode they haven't. And the seventies is Paul have said the most difficult. India India over the last week on Portland brought an actual Denver's right and so they have typical at the right to the polls fortune. But you don't in the right direction clippers. Now that your mobile watching you go to a goal seek the clippers and and it would be either supplements. So it goes back to build equity early that would or. That's the case for the well. Joseph Meyer has some nuance pelicans. TV boys both fox and NB a radio Jill always the president visit with you have a great call tomorrow night against the heat. I I'm like oh we will continue to pelicans taken on the need to Mon night 7 PM tip it's moody teen center this is sports talk on WW. NFL analyst Mike did Didier Akamai did today on two and a Mike did to EA dot com Mike Dee in FL scouting combat February 27 through the march 5. Like gone wrong Mike what are you pay attention to mostly. As to time manage change over the years aware you know use it to get a feel for some workouts now it's mostly in abuse NC guys' injuries. What are the what are you looking most for added d.s and for the days the players abuse. We got. And once the work for the everybody. Commitment to competitiveness and wheat. And so we got the best of a position. That he operate out that the date they can label. I mean that bottom line I got a whole lot we don't have football it was totally different it would attract the bank park and the Philippines is that the medical and sometimes you go with oil adequately. And killed you know. But come on because that that the most comprehensive. Medical exam in gold group and secondly in the interviews this job in the. And what one guy played an. Indoor skiing. I think you're going to be in the spotlight later because of how talented you know. You know we'll be all the field issues in albeit cute we are because when you're this old guy who like tea. You're going to be these spotlight later. Well Mike Wood that being said though. Is he ready to roll aren't you waiting for pro day will he do everything at the combine what does it take and that you know how. They get advisor maintenance and all that until you can have against your best performances but I guess aren't key he needs to go and obviously. Shall ever produce because of the injuries and and I'm not having the banner season this past season but what did you take where he's at our is that. Focus maybe on the pro day at elegy as much as the Cumberland. Barbara I don't know with group what was going to be. President you know right now they don't want. I do things competitive. And without a lot of guys walk up on it up what. They give the guys that thing is bad outlet. And so I'd be surprised if our pit bulls it'll work out. The bench press saying no we had the injury didn't show that drinker. A bunch of epic albeit agility drills and running. A situation. That vertical lead on this at court keep that involve the kind of got the you know at this point you can't put that all your bull or the week out people questioning all that particular pot you've got to do it. And you gotta do it becomes much. Now might you admits in this obviously the edge rusher. And you know we just as will be elaborating on when you look at that. Hybrid type linebacker every one of column IR. A linebacker. What you wanna see weak side are in space star or someone. That. There may be a little bit part in the and a little within that like arm. Like massive but the waiting game has changed. What is your take on actually bugged two players obviously. Rake line Smith the Georgia. I'm in oblivion and ham. The weak side linebacker that he has been a public interest then. Now I'm not necessarily think in Von Johnson but look deport and his brother plays in the things. Comfort author partners to remain and mental imaging you tank. When I was team like throwback this size and lime megs is just six foot four. 200 and fifty pounds he won't turn twenty. Years of age until me I'm like what. The one alligator come in on him. And then also when you look at that. You know those hybrid type players and on the arriving going to be you might go to butch you could see his name on the wagon a butcher it. The kid from Oklahoma 61243. You woody had two sacks five carries in the Senior Bowl. I had an audio or Inco while went around double low line economical but just cut it on those a couple of guys. Outlook one bit and profane and it's definitely tough on them. On his silk. We're going to walk out back a little football poppy. His ability to play all the ball is so impressive is that you won the east where. Got back to pump which were such a big. A lot in it or not I think you really good fair or I think you're the first one back all the board. Woke once it is living outside layer the physical. They get from point eight would be beat you look at it in the joke again opt out of it. They got it now hybrid are not could be like you gotta. The ability to put pressure on the wanna. A lot corporate. I think you don't wait for. Well collection point in the quarterback. NFL analyst Mike bta kibo Mike it's a hard time a year at my detail Internet and www. Mike did 38. Dot com Mike Quigley did the lineup till Manning going in auto im indeed Mecca. My they get dot com report on war happen out or couple they. Going to get Jardine and now it's NFL analyst Mike detail EA here on WW. I do I was down into the go with the New Orleans pelicans they'll make the playoffs should head coach Alvin Gentry and GM dale dams be replaced. Plus a lot of covers baseball for coming LA she codes pulmonary will step into the radio how the next hour as well as. Southeast in college men riser and in the 7 o'clock hour. Tony always show the Louisiana raising KG coach will be witness out of baseball coming up but don't to those coaches. And did you take two as we have 260187. You can Texas and 87870. Along indicates again embodied Deke Bellavia this is sports I'll go on to 8 o'clock the night here on the home the saints and tigers WW.