Pels Pick Up Win vs Memphis

Wednesday, April 4th
With 5 games remaining on the scheudule, the Pels were in a "must win" game tonight vs the Grizzlies. We talk to Dan Feldman of on what he thinks of the Western Conference playoff race.

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I was an awesome topic we have the last hour of the top ten biggest disappointments in the NFL. Well the last ten years. My number one the catch rule in the confusion surrounding that rule actually my number one big is this one in the week. I also had RG three the 2011 Eagles Thursday night football JaMarcus Russell Josh Gordon chip Kelly's coaching career. Police family and the anthem protests. Tax me 87870s. Are text number Ganassi it was a call final four to 601870. If you want to chime in. Earlier tonight to the pelicans must win the game against the Memphis Grizzlies one of the worst teams in the league. And yeah. The pelicans they get it done 123. And 95. Over. The grizzlies. A great performance by AD to return to form the guy we knew a lot of dapper couple of resolutely down games Remy had 28 points on eight. Of thirteen shooting from the floor very efficient eleven of thirteen from the free throw line twelve rebounds but for you wasn't the story each one more. Maybe. The night his career so far thirty points seven out of ten. From behind the arc and Nikola Mirotic it was reinsert him in the starting line up 25 points. On to one in ten or twelve shooting from the four so finally we see the role players around Anthony Davis. Really rolling here and at the best timing game they had to have. And they're now tied for seventh in the Western Conference still a close race when everybody between the four seed. And really that the ten seed we're trying to figure it all out. Here to help us try to figure it out is Dan Feldman NBA writer for NBC sports pro football talk dot com. To meet up pro basketball talk dot com at Dan Feldman NBA. On Twitter dance gone a man thanks for joining us now. I. Yes so pelicans tonight this game east's other role players get in here you probably heard me there E'Twaun Moore and Nikola Mirotic just went off at. Added this I'm sure it is only apple ministers as what I want some pressure off me right. Yeah absolutely I don't think anybody took the pressure off in new data from the pulpit as much as the greatly. When you go to it if you want to things he's. Usually wins in a certain night for the role players again and to a group. Feel more can be a little bit streaky shooters when he's playing well can carry over. Ditto Mirotic apparently keeping the figure out work and so will things come together the potent going to be pretty good. Then you'll Q had you mailed to the two of them must win game you're trying to play operate you can afford. Two blowout against the greatly in the same thing is going to be true in the next game against the sun. Yeah you know who led one on on Friday is a game that they they must win this Western Conference. We were talking about I guess for a couple months now just how compact now. How crazy. It is here. The pelicans were fitting for you I don't there's four games left and there's all sorts of scenarios here bit. Stood what are they fit in to this let's just go for seat to the tenth seeded got to kind of rank these teams that I think it's gonna work hour in the polls that. Well I've not. To be but I'm not sure they're one of the eight best team in the Western Conference male who think they're going to make the play and a pack content either build communities very height we. We are probably splitting hairs on both distinctions. But they they incidents except that they at the market Clinton. Obviously that doesn't mean much hope they are right now. No win they aren't giving them throw a little way. Indeed the group has bold sweep them these links and content went down to every candidate to carry the public about it. Exit poll that matters and all the little but it and Peter it's career. I read it yet that we're going to pick out as we benefit. One of them is dealing with the cal he's playing under a little more mobile they can Wear them down give him little. Little content from them completely completely remotely true in the old at all who. It again in. In the league or for the potent weed in the playoff. They've probably done to them not to get in but they got in the game coming down. Damn curious from the outside looking in here as a conversation we have in the city alive bit by to talk to people outside of the bubble. How do you view this pelican season I don't wanna get and if they make the playoffs or not but the send ten games or 500 remember Vegas and a lot of people have been winning. 3839 games this year so there Marty eclipse that how do you view this season. Is it a disappointment if they don't make the classy thing it's Carty success do you think it's a missed mixed bag what do you think. I think at the disappointment that they don't make the playoffs. Because. It seemed for so long that they were definitely going to public were way up in the standings to be high end of the pack of keeping. The pack. A bill that point and high end of the pack and if you all of the playoffs their. The way good seasonal things considered. I think they need to be some questions that out about the public and injury cobble. Lot of things of that law that these things keep happening at pelican. They get something going on with their winter training in medical where. We're needs to be brought to at least we're looking. Because that is going to be important and going forward if it wasn't a coincidence. That the market Clinton went down. Adapted bigger problem but the way he gave at the latest and often. It's a tightly that they between him on the on the Kubel drawn to him on the MVP ballot. But to get that point it's important thing opened country and they and they job. With the personnel pat really get ago equally often going a lot of ball movement ought to player movement or gulp this. Does lobster thing lacking a little in the role players. I credentials were so excited by. Bye guys having good game via the group toward the people should be that all of these role player but I. This unit shall want hope green and he gave it is to that the potent took them to open up around and especially in under two politics. No room for growth in the roster I'm not sure they have the flexibility to do their leader is upgrade. Yeah I hear you touch on a couple of hot topics are specially the injury history. And the same medical staff between the pelicans and the saints fans have been all of that has this pizza and some of the same injury problems early on. Maybe this is such a coincidence stop it and it. Dan Feldman here on double coverage NBA writer for NBC's. Sports a pro basketball talk dot com. Gentry you know I'm I kind of have the same views you of this and I am definitely in the minority year. In this market is this problem I see is off and say see his system. Just like Vienna last year he's getting his guys open looks to free flowing warriors asked. Style system but everybody wants to dump the blame squarely on gentry and others don't think. That's completely fair and it sounds like you don't think so either. No I mean so that we talked about the positive that we want to address some of the negatives. You know you can start with the defense that. It all up and down and the other thing that hurt and now it's to a Belichick and easy for me to get that epic Mickey's point when he guys championship. Or can't that baton and it really screwed up the unit one different light that would be up in the other team could Hackett. It creates a lot of problems are you one or two guys out there who go to three corners well enough really to work ethic. And that they will he simply that more and act more there are enough. Under good three point shooters on the roster. Put him make some green light that decision may be good too little battery it's on the most important thing given BA coach does Newt. It is too cool plays and how many men that I had nothing to do what they want companies to do with players ultimately need to do little better at that. But the doctor is to leave him little margin for your own doing about there are anything to add more good thing he's doing besides the offensive system. I don't know real good job instilling confidence in these players. I'm making them understand. Their role on this team what they can do and feeling good about having the team. With with Google attitude. So Western Conference talk about the top of it here as we applaud approached the playoffs. Do you think curry is gonna be good by around to tell you think they're going to be pretty heavy favorites regardless and they play in that first rounds and expect them to get around him are you still have them as the favorites in this conference do you think that it's now the rockets team to beat here. That the word as papered it depends so much child between. Per equate Thompson Raymond green pepper obviously. Andre Goodell has dial up in the playoffs last couple years I probably do that again may have some global players. They didn't just so good and series I think he coasted through the regular season. That because being older and they're being auctioned Koreans not think. Were you thinking about click think you have to stop the words and the. About a over in the Eastern Conference that I it's just fascinating to me that he I would suppose you've got to say this conference and goes through LeBron. Mapped times that he's been in the finals. But adds you at the I tests to be on the Toronto looks like Siemens conference hands down I guess maybe that changes in the playoffs here audience. The raptors absolutely have been the best news conference all he's done. But they've been pretty good other years teams have popped up and will be yours and the bronze in the regular season that you underdog in the playoffs in half a cab to look more vulnerable the raptors looked. Far better than they ever had. But there's just enough of requests were I you know I don't know LeBron looked more human the rafters of penalties problem in the playoffs. But the cap do you density is so underwhelming. But the raptors are certain to go into a little bit of an outing with a win tonight. So you know I don't know I think I'm the typical blah blah I would not be surprised one bit that he was ready to pass. What are they about the sixers a league high twelve game winning streak right now all the the excitement and hype surrounding them and bin Simmons historic rookie season is this team a threat in the playoffs. I think though that guided you'll be back I'd be real serious threat. Put it out of their starting lineup. It's the world together it's such a dominant unit it that we are looking for the play out of their strengths are very strong we have some very league players. But they have some poor spacing issues. They have them weaknesses to there're schema of the screen. And in the playoffs you know sometimes extreme work little weird and it sometimes they're big detriment and with a keen to go either way. On day our missile over a week away from the start of these playoffs can't wait appreciated Stein and that man. I think so much stand Feldman find him on Twitter at Dan Feldman NBA any you'd find Emmett pro basketball talk. Dot com what do you think how they think this Western Conference is gonna shake out here pelicans maintain. There are one game lead on the Denver Nuggets nuggets in the ninth seed pelicans now tied with the timberwolves. At 44 and 34. In the seventh spot but it's so intriguing because. They could it. Remove all the way up to the foresee by the time it's also and done four games to go there one game behind the spurs and the jazz in the loss column. For the fourth seed I'd still have no idea how this is don't work out we'll talk to Andrew joked WW LTV. Anchor and sports reporter here. In just a little bit your calls next Bible for 2601870. Its double coverage on WW. Minutes are surrendered joke here in about six minutes about the pelicans their win tonight's. And what we expect in their final four games stick around for that. Again. Pelicans winners tonight by 28 points in the smoothie king senator over the grizzlies won 23. It's in 95. Oh and everybody still let's talk about how overly great conversation about my top ten disappointments in the NFL. In the past decade number one for me was to catch rule confusion. I had RG three the Chip Kelly Thursday night football I think there's an apple Bausch and build a higher Melissa added a number five Trent Richardson. With 111. 8787 is the text slimy and also Paulson final four to 601878. JaMarcus Russell was on my lowest here's the texts from the 985. JaMarcus Russell. Never beat our students is Johnny and Enzo thought to be on a on the list jam Johnny Mann Zell never been a real defense. And beat Alabama after we beat them up the week before Steve had Johnny men Zell. And his top ten and if Otis once here's the reason that it wasn't in my top ten lists and I certainly understand why can be in years. I never thought Johnny man's nose in a pan out as an NFL quarterback. I remember having vigorous debates on this program is actually when this program is on the morning show on our sister station thirteen 50 AM. Here in New Orleans. He Bob and I would have it out over 200 f.'s help monthly T Bob Hebert him I don't know viewer produce in the show then you word. I mean I was all over T Bob for his take his love. For Johnny men's L he can give enough and I just didn't see it I didn't see it did you were you like all over Johnny football here attempt. I mean I just came on randomly and told how how well I was doing in Madden with Johnny man's got to the Super Bowl with the browns I was doing great so I was all Truman's old time. Maybe you could think anybody in mad men turn to minutes and all pro you probably. Brand and we an intern amended all things. Both went with man so it was easy Gary had nanny plus speeds only and do is after his arm was pretty easy. So it is like Michael Vick of like the present time when with man's elderly and that in the game there's nobody better mad than Vick you're you played man the matter right. Aides said that Vick was like an auto win or not a lot. Your plane that. Here's it's actually Tutu in I think this goes to my relocation here I had franchise relocation is my number eight biggest disappointment in the NFL the last ten years. Committed to ape the malcontent teams would play in each other cities all waiting their turn to play in LA. Yeah I agree and it was just the admirable goal blackmail added to have a show will do this in the off season more mass abuse you with. Pelicans playoffs and NFL draft and that kind of stuff that. There needs to be a deeper and more serious conversation across this country. About its owners in all sports holding cities and fan bases hostage. For tax dollars and building these. Billion dollars and sometimes multibillion dollar stadiums. When these multibillion dollars owners are are putting up either no money of their own or very little money their own and reaping all the benefits I just think it's travesty. But I also think it's a conversation for another day and that's one of the reasons why. Franchise relocation was in my top tenth. Here is a section is it to eight cats ruled deja Vu all over again yeah. Days Abu every game. Every year. From the final four I hate Thursday night football I hate their is that football. I hate Thursday night football that tell you how much I hit Thursday night football the reason that. There's part of me that likes Thursday night football is really on during the show so gives us something to talk about. Two color rush uniforms. You've gotten better games the last couple years they try to throw division rivalries and this and not just the bottom feeder not just like the browns against. The Bengals. Be seen in Seattle against Arizona Seattle in Sanford Cisco. A New Orleans against Atlanta a couple of times. Giants against Dallas. To see those games spent just not good for the players. And for the most part even the most these games is not good football do it again for years ago it limited to 66 tie. Seattle and Arizona I it was it was terrible football. And both teams missed like a thirty yard field goal the what do want forum in overtime. I was the epitome. Of Thursday night football I really wish we could bear it. Not gonna happen though because how much money in Macon how much the networks paid. To have a Thursday night NFL football. A member and mirrors Knoll a crime some smaller as a smaller school. Call us the ball on Thursday and experience but there's some smaller school Mac Mac was authors that can Mac plays on Thursday is no big school. Power five comfortable on Thursday in the NFL kind of capitalizes on that up pelicans winners tonight let's go to the phone lines 5042601870. Jason. In New Orleans let's talk about the Pelz Jason your on WW all go ahead. Again it's current. 021. Lead bullet that each of the bill O. Level how mining data that Leo. G-8 feet and though the spirit and on a low. It out again only get that the EP. Well the do you bit. Thus your question Jason that is a real good question and Imus could be honest here I'm not sure because here's the part I mean if you you try to listen and part of me doesn't realize that Alvin Gentry system especially offensively is working ball movement. He's getting guys open looks they're finally started knocked down some of the shots especially since they brought in Mirotic. He's been kind of a revelation here like we thought he would be but to your points. Expectations. Now you know a couple years in here. They've just under perform those and if let's say he doesn't make the playoffs this year I do think they kind of clean house here I do if they fall out of the playoffs again this year. There's a standard there what you you like gentry offense or not like I do. Gotta make in the playoffs when you have one of the league's best players league's best senator another all star injure. CBS news update. President trump says he'll work to secure the border with or without congress and he's now signed an order to deploy the National Guard Homeland Security secretary Christian Nielsen to. The president has directed that the department of defense and the Department of Homeland Security we're together with our governors to deploy the National Guard. To our southwest border to assist the Border Patrol. The president will be signing a proclamation to that effect today. CBS news military analyst Mike Lyons doesn't foresee armed National Guard troops hunting down the illegal immigrant. They likely will be used as observers. Used some of their equipment and be in a position where they can help and assist border agents. Mexico senate passed a motion. Deming the president's actions and his aggressive rhetoric toward Mexico. It's urging the government to end cooperation with the US on migration and security two of the things that. President has been highly critical CBS news update I'm Jim Shannon there. Put him back to the program. You know what that sound these are gonna talk a little NBA basketball pelicans just a second Allan watt delta we anatomy at Alan G why Dell might. Partner and co hosts in the falls on the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundabout my top ten NFL disappointments he was says. Iowa have to add Johnny football to that list. Yeah like I said I didn't have Johnny men's all analysts is that everybody would turn out to be cute wonderful quarterback and vigorous debates about that so it didn't disappoint me because. I thought you'd be comfortable us. And it neediest here today when a man's okay announced that it was the Brown's fault. Because they should have known that he was kind of a head case says should know and he did he didn't study film opens. What's that's the brat the browns should know admit that I don't like to study for all McMahon united really like study game but not my fault. The Brown's fault watts and this guy wants to return to. While. On the phone lines hold on who gets your calls after we talked to Andrew jokes sports anchor for WW LTV. Channel four pelicans again twenty point wins tonight. Over the grizzlies and Euro appreciates time and it. Cricket yet. You like the year in. All does that back more now when really. Either that or sometimes I get them to play that old Chicago Bulls intro from the Jordan Ainge. About it and the limited those things. I tonight man. It's one more you can meet its best game his career thirty point seven to ten from three I mean the dude it's bananas and. He would have died and it in Mena looked but it seemed to be able. Not only make the playoffs but to be able to survive in the playoff and maybe survive it you're gonna need. Nights like that from guys like E'Twaun Moore Ian Clark Gary Miller. You're role players that got to be able step up because look at any David I don't think he's still the percent now that we are required out gonna be cheaper. But you can't expect eight needed to score 45. Every night. You'd the only player is at least. What do you don't win yet outlined that tweet about it in the element here all night but yet no doubt E'Twaun. Play great game tonight the order too much ticket they needed to be greatly depend greatly. I've gathered cheaply well for a bit. Being at the World Cup after profiles like the real story by it but. Yet it went propel and it did kind of that the defining stretch upcoming would. Yeah Dan Feldman now I think put it best dander and he said you know it it's pretty aware rare win both teams actually want the same result they want this in into orbit and I think her. Are efforts did as well homes for draft position obviously a few more peeing on balls. And don't suggesting they're gonna get the same thing. On Friday against the suns some suns team that also doesn't wanna win that game. Another must win for the pelicans and her. Los Andrew. And drool and be back here and to suspect can be out they play. Again and we expect them to when he notes on her on Friday let's slayings in a squeeze in your Jimmie and threaten and Jimmy your socks and pelicans go ahead. In all of college in 188. On economic reality but it it was out again we expected. You know like the pre collars and though I mean gentry. And you know deal now chart franchise in the court by. Think proper treatment Nolan really concerned about my or your you know. Alec into the war in need nurture need something to change you need. Something is up about being in New Orleans you know we need it on and get people at the game. In the regular season but you know. Wanna make the playoffs. At it and and for David despite. And other players record but mainly in our superstar player. And I think too much doll like. You know you're gonna ensure order and an allegation that means we never had a player come here on nearly Caminiti to enter the year Chris Paul. It is all in level or bogey which trees a year. You get relocated near Charlotte. I don't we meet its eighty and it can be legitimate franchise. And the credit that out that they you know being jail. Meet or. Greg questioned my hobby you Gary gentry way I could be converted. They don't mean being look at by. This year and give him credit work to do bringing him here to chapter bogey that are bringing in agreement Rondo broke out at that bank. Can all be remorse or gentry though. I'm mile deep in the current courier where he'd been gone located. And are funded in Oklahoma City that did it shock yet I feel like injury to. In super players and other despite make the playoffs if they don't play hockey gentry. The question knew it. This summer early early quickly donors are trying to reconnect with Andrew but okay this is what I argued before. Is that I do think obviously some of the blame falls on gentry and I think even more falls on Dell Demps over his tenure here. But this is where I think we have a little bit of a disconnect when you win and I'm not sure you're trying to do this. But we can't is lay all the blame on Alvin Gentry because eighty didn't show up this is my point with the detainees being held accountable. Like the superstar yes some of that responsibility for him not showing up at least his standard. Against Cleveland and then also against Oklahoma City point my finger to ADR is an indictment of AD but I also think he needs to share some of their accountability there. On number. Eight play them regal why they've added. Always been out there LP that compared to go out at Monte year. You're ready way to go or pepper in three years at eight eater that. Is surrounding me in her. Here overall rock been relatively LP bulky. You don't often. Because. Really packing it any blame and it would they coach wicket victory. In. And you know Monty on a year entry mode and it appears that. Has been. Players are so. In a situation where I'd keep the heat MBE. We make a move because. And he is mediocrity. Or being mediocrity at its market. He put people in the C. People in and eat. I'd be deemed out there you know he did what we keep it being here. From going to be our luck be a lot more and be out on the ballot in the not being negative. Albeit well now we keep him happy pre bogey. New coach and wanna make it out I don't want a doc gentry Lee. But I am scared of Whitney went out the day though. No I did no not Jimmy I know it I I June I think you make completely valid points I I I'm not discounting that at all I think I disagree with some of them that doesn't mean I don't think your points are valid. And I don't think you might be right and I might be wrong. Mice might point here is with this this is where I think that were not being. We're not being. True to ourselves as fans and media members here and I don't think we're holding this franchise name did you Davis accountable enough like. Other markets do when we say OK Anthony Davis a six of nineteen. Against Cleveland scored sixteen points and then we sale I asked not anti Davis's fault. That's all Alvin Gentry saw. And again. Relevant assessments and that's got Anthony Davis again is a superstar in this league. Maybe already the best player in the league at least the second have this and until I see a bad idea or needs to be accountable to that. Doesn't change my overall thoughts on Anthony Davis but Jimmy here's my here's my point that I haven't haven't really if you fall in the Balkans Blogosphere it's been all over it. My confidence and everybody read neurotic about this. And other cities. Mike San Antonio media markets like Cleveland they are championship level accountability. To their superstars. And I think it in my view it's a dis service. Really to this city the fans around it only go OK Anthony Davis to a six in nineteen scored sixteen points disappears in the biggest game and Leo yeah that's all avid interest you know remain well. It created an Indian decree the outlook they'd let it be that it. Be rated player in Gerald in the NB yep I think arguably we can eat out there were a number on them. Maybe courier partner site heartened when MVP. Elect from your perspective though could it be and you watch major endorsement commercial. There. You don't hear about it department or the arc and actually. In the Indy that commercial he ate them you. Beat that. Art inquiry. LeBron. Do you think David accurately the high in this market you like. Or all that displayed in the beginning I'll. Treat. On a week ago. There are not yet been called Orton and LeBron. Ian. All agree that I think it's ridiculous some of the calls the James Harden get semi good my goodness it's routed to. We don't play rocket and get all the calls because they are a lot of jury. And and and even just did not children like that in the NBA elite at her and I don't think he is the you know the strategy here endorsement than not that they need to be in the age because you look. We know why that is so you know why that is it's because the elk has ever won the other and they have won a playoff series they have won a playoff game. If I got this map the warrior a medical sit warriors are people just forget this Jimmie and everybody else because Al. Good they've been and how in a dynastic they've been in the past 34 years. The door a laughingstock of the league for good twenty years. Before curry he showed up in clay and drain line and everybody might be able to forget that they don't work yet they were in San Francisco. But the league's laughingstock seer and starters couldn't go chew. Golden State couldn't go to San Francisco the Bay Area I guess are tackling in Oakland but can go to the Bay Area. Ands give the national exposure than you could if you went to. LA you went to New York you went to Miami so I don't think it's it's some big conspiracy by the leave. To diminish Anthony Davis I guarantee you this. If Anthony Davis in the pelicans if they start winning playoff series if they start creeping up to championship contention. I guarantee you that AD and and this is where I'll give him credit his self deprecating humor about his breath Powell and is very good. Attitude pretty humble compared to other MBA superstars. And it's going to be in dealing not only to sponsors but also to fans outside of our market. So but what's got to come first is the pelicans. Actually winning something I don't mean winning a title I mean maybe a winning a playoff series winning some playoff games it's got to happen. Absolutely got to happen really great call Jimmy. Thanks for always love talking pelicans with you if you wanna weigh in here gimme a call on the tells or anything else Bible for. 2601878. We've also maybe got. Some two minute drill Tim Zimmer trivia coming up next on sept on lap on WW. JL's all the best calls we've had. Been mired five years on the show is great damion grant Megan into about the pelicans. And that's a lot like everybody. And anybody who's been falling the pelicans Blogosphere and I know somebody out there are active members of that you know that I have and mean kinda person on non Grata over there the past 4872 hours of my take on how we need to hold Anthony Davis more accountable I'm fine with that. I'm very impassioned in my belief about that is that's one of the things that. We need to do as a fan base and as a city in order to have. Yeah I know nobody likes to hear this. But pelicans there laughing stock across the MBA for the most part I want this pinch pats feel laughingstock anymore I think that comes with the accountability. And Jimmy disagree and I think his all of his points are valid. He says Alvin Gentry just as a working here time for him to go in my response that was I don't necessarily disagree with that especially if things fall apart here. But I also don't think the you can blame Alvin Gentry for anti Davis going six of nineteen. Against us. I'm against the cavaliers with sixteen points when the worst games of the season had Mets on Alvin Gentry that's on Anthony Davis so that's the kind of accountability. Now I'm talking about so. Yeah and her joke join Tennessean Andrew you're really busy really appreciated trying to find the spots prospect man like so much. I'm. For world problems. At the pro I think you heard some of the conversation between. Jimmie and I there and I am just curious because if you following the pelicans Blogosphere the past company two hours later had a stellar audience. I have not been a popular person over there because it might take on that and I Anthony Davis just now we need to hold a little more accountable for the times that he doesn't show up in big moments like. Last weekend's. Against Cleveland I want to get your take on this because Jimmy and most fans would agree would Jimmie and not me I agree with that in that. But the blame lies on Alvin Gentry he doesn't get his players motivated. I have to take your Andrew. That well it was when they discuss six of nineteen when he scored sixteen points and comes out and scores any team in the first 45 the next night. I guess on Alvin Gentry that's on Anthony Davis and I accountability on me what you think. I would agree with you partly I mean look at. Now we lost some against. Hedged under back he's Anders grade I know you're just saying you some looses there and I have Anders grade I don't wanna is a long Dan O is over LSU pro day. And all sorts of stuff so. Yeah how old will talk to him a little later this week may be on maybe on Friday. On the two minute drill here Tammy you're ready okay we're gonna until until today just a solo version of two minute drill I think didn't run out of the gym here. The past few weeks on two minute drill my buddy Scott Alexander just wiped the floor with me last week like I thought he would so I Neil little redemption and you know what seems like. Item in the gym by myself. You're shooting a hundred shots here. Trying to get my turn to my groove back through and a little solo version of two minute drill. Two minutes eight questions of sports and maybe some pop culture trivia here we do. Once a week Tim's cameras are MC. The ten how many NASCAR questions again. I have no NASCAR questions that you have some masters questions and I have to baseball. And NBA question okay are things that are relevant these days they're kind of like just things that came with government so their Connors. And off base but will logo okay all right give you the theory YouTube and a drill give me an Austin Powers. Our first question which player in the world pelicans and pelicans and warnings history has been the most combined minutes all on the difference. Lots of good questions. As Chris fault. No it's actually David Glass. Makes sense yep American number two who lead the NBA this season a technical fouls seventeenth. It's not the marks. And it Kevin Durant. It's a White House okay. I don't like I think how many. I don't Kevin Durant was close to that lead early in the season meet every apologized to the referee is spinoff can get more season maybe slowed down. It will he would have little you know we'll be that you may have been up there my he's up there every year question number three who leads the MLB and hit home runs last season. Last season yet lately elements was Jean Carlos Stan. That's correct the policy judgment no news in Carlo who got screwed out of Yankee Stadium last night from Seattle replies. With five strikeouts. I mean you know runs. Question number for the masters as tomorrow who won last year's Sergio. Garcia who's going to be here for the Zurich classic this year. That's correct question number five. Who has a four day total course record at the masters afforded to. Thursday through two as the record for best score this is going to be somebody off the law is and I'll give it and it was an agent said. Nine the seven that was a little bit is it it's. Greg Norman. That's that's close but it's actually title. Notice tiger I'll toss up those two obvious that would've said there had just obvious I thought it was obvious you but yet. Question number what does question or six who has the most losses. And wrestle mania hits through a lot. Eleven losses and wrestle me now Ric Flair. Actually triplets well look at Tripoli it's I don't know I apparently it's gotta be close right like he's never won in those not a man Andy savage is on the peca he's a born. On final question Bartolo clone it's 44 years old and pitch in for the Mets this season. Which season is in her. Like number of seasons and his career justice is so and so it's 46 point G four season. If taxes when he first I think that the obvious ones. Wolf we thought that like the last four years he has carried them is a great I guess exercise regiment I mean he's still capable. Emily pitcher he's like Jamie more eager to ease plays a played at least fifty payment agent ultra speaker the one last of the nineties players. That are still. Like it's nice didn't Jamie Moyer trying to make a comeback in my mind he think he was with the Phillies for a good while I think eventually retired days it was a forty career where people were. I was I mean I think it was like 45 or 462 and a quarter should be in the hall of fame just for like bought longevity might be out to settle warmup maybe for next week when. Rick Scott Alexander somebody back we'll take a quick break here coming back we'll have our moments and some highlights. From the pelicans game tonight including the final call. As the Pelz and 28 point win against the grizzlies are set to lap thanks for hanging out tonight. It's double coverage on WW. Thanks to everybody who participate and including our guests Jordan Schultz and Yahoo! Sports. Dan Feldman. Pro basketball talk dot com and Andrew Udoka WW LTV Andrew. Called back in. And said he was sorry for his own problems land back on. Next week if you miss our show tonight and every can give all every single day. On the podcast version of our show at WW dot com the WWL radio app you can get in. Your Smartphone App Store and now. At Radio One dot com remember. If you have or don't have the radio. Dot com app yet you can download at their. You listen to WW anytime. Anywhere stream on your favorite shows plus you can connect with WWL. On FaceBook and what are some of the stuff on our website today Steve gill is videos from Ellis who pro day. All on there we see it Dante Jackson and his forty time you increase that now the fastest forty time by quarterback this year in the common or pro they got to see it. Plus who got interviews with Terry's Geist he did shark. Our new key yeah ardent heat talking to the media and also saints general manager Mickey Loomis can check out now and download our radio dot com app today. Programming note for tomorrow no show because LSU baseball is here on WWL. In SEC play the tigers had a College Station to take on Texas CNN. In game one of a three game series pre injury at 631 pitch. At 7 o'clock. That's tomorrow and game two on Friday its earlier because of TV so 530 pregame. 6 o'clock first pitch that's means. We will get on the air about 9:30. Maybe 10 o'clock depending somewhere in there so we'll have about our our have to show recap that and get you ready for the weekend here including. Wrestle mania and the Russ many as 34 live from the Mercedes-Benz superdome IA. Will be on the air with mark Menard and the mother of dragons amber O'Leary our system program director. From 10 AM to noon to three B wrestle mania will also be at the superdome hope to see you this one thanks Tim Zimmer. And master control tonight one thing Todd messes and Diane Newman our program directors during the they wanna thank you for listening let's keep the conversation going on Twitter. And as we do every single night will leave you with our moment of zen tonight courtesy of the pelicans radio network hears a compilation of some highlights in the final call from the pelicans once when he 395 victory over. The grizzlies and 42 to 34 or. And down on. Awkwardly. Or pops up and he seems okay. At least natives all feel boo who who flee the idea. Where some of the holiday into the Mirotic right side of three bank got a from the heritage welcome back my friend twelve points in this story. Through three years may have been the more the wide open. Davis sketches now the other this is immediately to run to turn throughout the day the streets as we write more sharply from three steps left off the bones. Why is it stores. We ought to 31 or seven of live from three point rate he's got thirty for the race you didn't could have stepped it'd take it through. With the way he's shoot it why not.