Pels Get Big Win In Detroit

The Pelicans have won back to back road games. Do they have enough talent to make the playoffs or was the Cousins injury too much to overcome? We talk to Mason Ginsberg of Bourbon Street Shots to recap the Pels win vs the Pistons.


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And welcome back into the program happy Lundy dry everybody Seth Dunlap would you flying solo. Although. I'll fly solo anymore now like that because alongside me as he has every single day. He's a rock for the program really because no matter five matter Christians at the guys always here. On the magic behind the scenes who was laws themselves. Sam's emirates and are you still a little bombs that you're not out enjoying Orpheus and underground stuck indoors. No actually new details today after this entire. Yesterday with the whole weekend thing with parades and think. And he's a well deserved you know relaxing night to get my give my body ready for Lamar. Boy we do it off that tomorrow you are you ready are you ready to go from day. Also be here it you for the Ellis a best ball game tonight I wanna enjoy orbiting Mars in the door and Rex of course. So earlier tonight pelicans they get a win the second row over the Detroit Pistons Anthony Davis look at like the AD of gold over thirty plus points double double. Ten plus rebounds a Mirotic off the bench ads. Of the 21 points I believe. Check the box scores on points of about three minutes ago. But pelicans they remain in the eighth spot a half game up on the Los Angeles Clippers. Samie start did. I'm just. Look at or be too reactionary here it is the NBA and to dole overtime and beat a bad nets team. On Saturday and then if you win here in or out on the road against a very average Detroit Pistons team is now a couple of games under 500. But maybe the key here is Nikola Mirotic on the bench and off the bench for those point plus points in this game and it's kind of found is he's shooting form. His best performance no doubt since he was traded here to the New Orleans pelicans finally showing that the unit shooting touch that. I told you about when he was traded four foot four of eight from 37 of sixteen from the 421 points as Libyan up with at twelve rebounds. So is team I would rebounds with twelfth the bench was really deep tonight with a boat have been looking for this all season long. Point one points or Mirotic for referred the aloe twelve for Miller Ian Clark chipped in for two Republicans off the bench. It's big time numbers off the bench for the pelicans we'll talk about it later in this hour at 930 with Mason Ginsburg actually nightly. Mason Ginsburg suburban street shots but first service still listening. What part you now of our interview with head coach of the LSU baseball tigers. Paul and Mary we played part one last hour they're getting ready for a big season opening series against Notre Dame it starts this Friday it is it Friday through Sunday. Series with the Irish over at the box and here's part two than in. Before we go to bass yet expert. Sam I had no idea they coach Belichick had some tax problems that you. I mean you're so excited to have as loans and taxes were reduced in the commercial I have an idea. That's bet that. Like I was a great commercial bit that is eight dead ringer for coach Belichick about it that are in the house that. I've bust them in the rate. Out not busting up tonight over the nor is pelicans as. Has not been the trend recently since we cousins went down a getaway against the pistons won eight team 13 tonight. It's very honest promise Mason Ginsburg suburban street shots first all it's not Sox talking subtle Mario man may simply do blundered on many working like gusty out and join appraisals that. Importantly could make it back down this this year up of the Chicago. Play keep getting more work under the rear. Definitely haven't been down. And look what forget I've looked like they could or otherwise that and being. Yeah those posts just dump all weekend it didn't spots via pretty lucky here. Pelicans man like this is the best they played. Since bode has gone down I just previous segments that I don't get too reactionary. About a couple went on to take double overtime. For them to be and that's the only statement. Though it looked good tonight and maybe movement Mirotic to the bench bring him off their own points that maybe that was. Part of the magic formula. Yeah I mean it. I think they'll it was interest that it would not have driven I don't think there one and eighty anguish with Drummond for her for too long I wouldn't be shocked if Nico get back in the start on on one night but. I mean it work. Eco finalize an open space that's what he's not reputed. And I mean to make up that usage that the market content. You know what was. On under the pelicans for England he's got shot so he that was the night. It Davis selected as well 38 points. Ten rebounds I don't know if if he just became not used to being such as the focal point of the offense when booty cousins was here this. Man Mason he just looked all out of sorts the previous what six games five games since what you wind down seem like the weight of the world. Literally was on his shoulders the ways got a body language throughout these games on that maybe you start to find his through was well certainly did tonight. Yes I mean a lot that depicted UN string together I mean. If you can you think about it and higher Alec and her and I know he's had his share minor injuries. 11 economy your injury that Potomac park kind of nick inaccurate there but he he's all the players going down one side of true Tyreke air court and you know cousins this. It got to where a guy and so you can kind of understand two point it and a little bit. Lack of anarchy year discussed getting frustrated but with all the bad law but the he's the leader he is an aptly easily via so hopefully tonight the start of a turning things around them. What's your view now a bit gruff couple in a row like we just talked about that. The sample size of three weeks since the Greek dozens injury what's your view on this team now as they head towards this playoff stretch run half again up. Tied in the loss column on the Los Angeles Clippers for the final spot the itsy. It's it's going to be tough I think rate in. But you went down a bit and most eloquent but. You know the entire way never and content injury. At Utah playing really good basketball on the late and so it it really. I think. It's it's going to be very very. Couldn't make it I think. Killed around I've had to write it percent. I hit it become the norm. You know they can I think Solomon Hill. Actors and playing on operating part because they're. They're still in team you've heard Alvin Gentry you can go there really trying to be careful these minutes and he's still playing a lot of so. That that's going to be key given out and there are on the wing and yeah and now download while. I want this PO helped return to Pakistan. It's Mason Ginsburg suburban street shots joining us here on double coverage. On Lundy garrote nights and at the depth now. It's it's they're starting to go deeper into their bench here Mason which means they may it would happen eventually and keep plan at the Davis 45 overtime fifty plus minutes game you lose tonight. I was even before bode Eva. The depth now really being tested are you liking how deep that they're going do you think that is sustainable. It it it's been happening yet that think that belong to her minded and I mean I know a lot of people maybe. Coaching plus playing rather than a job that one year but. And each year you're feeling this year. The Arab limited because of Catan injuries I hope that they'll you know don't know refrain from playing guys 4040. Minutes tonight premature babies because. They're trying to make the play out but I think I think there are starting to believe examine the Japanese checked you know getting them the minute these isn't playing adult matter that you that the start of the year and I'm like human Salmonella get the net he comes back the Korean War. Gary Miller got the ball well again and I and you are played. Pretty pretty well. Recently entered into the runs out but it I'm not adopted to take it. You know some little monopoly in Andruw but I mean those are clearly the occupied on the roster so you know the right. I got a Mac Okafor a man displaying what his third game. Over the last. Few seasons four seasons because of injuries already and that's starting lineup and if a bad I'll say that you it looked like he belongs. In this league block on this team I was a little bit oh and I'm sure they can vote for. When he came back but it will look at that he's going to be a valuable member this team and for everything. Yeah eight is better and that's one of the things that really I think an understated how important that is for the for the team in the locker on the line two. You know I mean not funny that attitude guys that not just roundabout you know Tony Allen do until they had to avoid the bill and terms of that are important leadership and what are resentment. The people that were up fourteen minutes the night he used third leading redone the team. Play at any minute upper house mean I think he played well tonight he did what that he was hoping you would do he he buys up with Andre Drummond and and on and he you know create an opportunity for other appellate inspired step up and and you know jobs. A file and as I got to ask you about this new. Newly rebuilt Cleveland Cavaliers team on cedars throttling Boston last night in the pocket of the NBA today are the cavaliers back at the best team in the Eastern Conference that they really challengers the warriors. I it's all little overblown after one night that what are your what's your thoughts do you think that there's some credence all that socked the. I've learned they had not that bad again LeBron James Dolan injuries and about against LeBron James and so I mean I'm not. I'm not saying that girl that used to conference favorite whipping I think trying to think period that respect right about now. I think they're and I haven't looked at that the numbers I think that that operated these accounts terms of point differential so. I think they're at they're they've been trending upward for awhile now and so well again not in the Vatican. Cleveland I I I feel like Toronto I suspected there. Mesa it's really appreciate the time and Marty Roth from afar and there's. I'm an expert every vote in street shots these Anthony's expert on him while there nobody. A bigger pelicans and resident here in our fight street by you know this. Resurgent pelicans team after the last week in today. You know me be in the sports it's that I am I'm kinda new over the vessel season Marty Meehan and you'll see a lot if the all star break Ariza it's almost baseball season. Okay are you getting over the NBA season are you just getting over groups in general because Manny you know what's right around the corner March Madness. Yeah I called us both teams we marts in right now especially with what they're not be in and topped dominant team in college basketball. But yeah with them in his but he cousins injury of the falcons fans kind of know what what's in what's ahead of the future for this team this season so. So much to get really excited about right now. Maybe couple wins here and there. I guess concerts though man it's Virginia for the first time since 1982. Certainly in the eighties anyways. Ranked number one in the Associated Press top five Bennett has its team maps rolling couple losses were gonna talk a lot of basketball next month. We've got special. Production coming for you can't spoil it quite yet which is it got them in the works. With our intercom parent brand across the country were in cover college to play. No other radio. Group out there so really excited for that and bargains that it is argued that bulldogs now mentally you're just adopted in Vickers mine love. They had a big win last week you see that incident merit. I did not see what happens yeah if they won at Saint Mary's on the road so back in first place in the wc sees that back in the top and maybe. Number nine in the AP top five my goal. This year to make everybody listening tonight. As double coverage at eleven driver but I hope everybody's having a safe and fun. When you're on nights. Out of you probably hanging it in that a lot of you are at work shout out pork over there get a big listeners shipped from. The plant children nor co. It's M are you a big. Fan of the moon that last devious update. Them to me like it's it's. Grade that is in the big floating I don't get excited about it and mine might as it waits too cynical with. I mean only some actually think about the news and I seed in the Pullman one of those nights and it's like right there are burning your face when you're driving at other. It's beautiful but in the answers to flooding rocket are not going to Miami resources off. Leaving. I mean the mood I don't think to levels last time we've actually in the tournament it's been awhile hesitant. Ally its been I think at least two decades when last I know Edmonton. Should not lead they and that's what I should know. On the top my head. That look that up you go ask the question I don't know. Not feeling not feeling at educating them on the last time the the United States landed armament that lake something that should be in our American. Encyclopedias and our heads our knowledge or countries history when was the last that's him. I think it was 1970s he was Apollo seventeen. But I'm not sooner. Trust him Zimmer. There Oliver listeners should. So it is Marty right as one new ground I'm asking everybody if you've got a Marty Ross story. The you'd like to share stock about what you saw this Mardi Gras. That's compared to previous ones it was called Bible for 260187. If you could be anonymously it's wild and whack your saw some crazy. And you just one meal economists can't. Fake name if you want final four to six delights them and you can also text to sedate 7870. So what the rumors going around last week I guess it started on this program was that. Tommy Tucker was gonna get on my shoulders maybe twenty bucks to catch more beads got a text here from the final four. Sosa how much might wind up making given at the parade lifting it up on your shoulders I'm happy with 25% since that brought the subject up also. I was praying Tommy Tucker did ruptures that earlier this. And an author yell at a meeting on the other night to watch the parade no we actually never met because. I was working at different jobs that nights. Or both side hustle Christian by the way flakes on him. Hillary expected to meet him out Arab me Christian not a capitalist never showed that. Well I mean I do it myself regardless is because I knew was never on time in this Eric is one of the better areas it's not a big crowd around the Cerro oriental were rat work. Put out at that time I had a few drinks I didn't really care Christian open non but I did have fun. While that's that's spots I have I really think a couple of I did thanks so they don't care actress Logitech onset pay the parades here it's full of guys benefited by the end. If you're gonna be there you're gonna show up at all and I figured that you were doing what you had to do so I was a gambling you at all so now. I think not but here's the thing I actually replied back feud that I not I don't think Christian did it even I was busy Christian does bleed off some maybe you're right maybe a couple of drinks industry backers. I had I was an upset I mean I had a good time there was the there was a lot of beads because then. Text of the night by confirming him as members crack research cheered Apollo seventeen on December 1972 the last time. The United States landed on the scenario that's something that may go on and on will now. Election that donated. Tomorrow. My plan is we got people asking me on Twitter what's planned for tomorrow for Mardi Gras so I've always cots Hulu the this six years and I've been here so far. The first couple years I did it uptown in the last couple years I dated downtown so I feel like I've done that. So I'm actually go into the quarter they've got summit called suburban street awards must be pretty crazy. Amadou it states that understand and it's going to be awhile lack Ian. Also crazy people out there summit that we got a parade. And I'm the kind of hang out over there I'm not gonna get too wild or anything. I might have like aid drinker to movement that's got to be ready and that's the first year. That I haven't gone hard on Marty drop since I've been here I've a citizen now are ones that I have had people went down. The last four Marty drives that has been there first Mardi Gras. Five and had to do. Could be done to her dad if you will and they are for here the first time solely on me to go as hard as they're on it's been a little off. Mime delivers not forgive me in previous years it's been good have been good that fanatic five it's side honestly say I'm guessing you're stripping. No I was not stripping and I'm not sure anybody would a CB strip so they so we can just throw that out although if you wanted to see. You want to see some of that. It's pretty easy. In the court. I was actually driving through a quarter a couple of times. In doubt and it was the quarter that over the weekend ands. Say. It was not hard defiance. Naked. Down especially once the the the people want to talk the pelicans or talk about their victory final four to 601870. A Davis and adding it 38 points 77 from the free throw line. Playing more of the traditional general tonight have you watched in America Okafor we talked about it with Mason gives you lots of America. I thought he was retired in that I realized he was in the I mean good for any got his first start since like point thirteen tonight yes from that's one mean 81213. Season Correll is its first three games as for start tonight. And this is only his third game back. I know I know people were clear to us and who don't aren't a lot of people are criticized Alvin Gentry restarted but it worked out well specially with the guy we just traded for coming off the bench. Out of fourteen minutes for America eight points seven rebounds c'mon think of that production from him. And ten plus minutes a game. Absolutely. I it's an obvious flawed towards the affluence lock for the team. And I'm still not the reason I'm not excited about whom there is the old you watch the Olympics them. Right now I'm actually launched the dog show on campus turn its channel six you'll see aid routes goal. NBC whatever it is that eight it'll wipe out here but he downhill skier on about 65 miles an hour might goodness. That is something that I or reasons he wants to play that now it's house before and adopt the dog show. Yeah I was I much in the livestock so right now it's pretty the west Meister minster the auction that's on that's on every year. But I was watched some of for the show it was odd downhill speed skating and I don't think they do this event anymore in the Winter Olympics basically is how fast you can go downhill on these guys are going. 225 miles per hour. And they were almost Eric goes downhill speed skating there is an event I wanna see in the nineties. Early nineties Olympics it was like a demonstration event they had earlier in the in the early nineties Olympics Winter Olympics. It was downhill speed skating and they are basically just going down hill like they would normally do in they would try to get its fast they could. And there were going up to 225 miles per hour downhill scanner Nicholas no that's it seems way it was going to go and you see the look of the videos it's crazy. This is not actually. It was a demonstration of an apparently well I don't know what that is it's like one of those events that they just wanted to do during the Olympics. If I doubt you'll speed skating. You talk about the skeleton being dangerous. 200 miles and now arc on. That's just somebody. That's that's not speaking of though the Winter Olympics get that a breaking news will buy. You heard of the nordic com binds him. That's where in the NFL players go to Canada and took Dudley there common outdoors that is incorrect that is not the nordic come by ignore. Is that an expansion for the elder scrolls five Styron. It is that events at the Winter Olympics that combines the best of bull ski jumping and cross country. And you'll see this event on TVs so as part of our Winter Olympics education series. And educate you on the nordic calm but. That next that sets up lap Houston's never phone lines are open open lines of the show 5042601870. And this is double coverage on WW. But you're up all boats Lundy gras all of us Marty process Dunlap with its and is never. Here is well our Everest suits studio producer. Read it section 87870 from the 504. It's gonna try again from Malcolm Butler from the patriots Malcolm Butler will be free agents this off season. Adult activity now Butler it is walks and obviously the the parting from the patriots. Was a little bits of a bad farewell for a players that. Almost handily won Emmys rule with that play a couple of years ago against the Seattle Seahawks but. Well the saints are set at the position. For the foreseeable future. With one of the league's best quarterbacks already at marsh land war you've got candy Crawley eve very good number two quarterback. Dell Munro will be back from injury if they do it it expects them to grow it restricted free agent tender on him. Pete Williams likely attractive position as well I don't think that they will sign anybody free agency. At that position there's just no need there. And Malcolm Butler even though he and his end of his tenure in new eagle was a little bit ultra. Somebody is going to pay him like he's starting quarterback out there I would assume that is the position of big time need in the NFL. I'm not get paid more. And the saints balances to throw his way and doesn't look like the saints. Kind of won that trade in the long and Brandon cooks it over there and knowing when does not heavy suit related not when he suitable this year they want to roll after the argued better with that that trade. The saints get the first round pick that they are play into it right ramp jacket he could see the assets they got also got out Mara. Saints won that trade oh wasn't Austria 11 object in America for. Now for a brand coached there with the treatment they traded down from that spot acquired assets that tree again. And it. The saint Patrick Patterson if you're talking about human meat of the saints got in return. For. Brandon cooks no doubt and the saints robs the (%expletive) up at the position last year it is war. It is where they got a little bit of a bad apple out of the locker room might call Brad that about apple it's. All signs point you'd he would off the stand out guy he and Ottoman times. I want the ball panic at most one star Michael Thomas is an aberration a lot Michael Thomas. For this team I think he's going to be absolute transcendent star here from the position maybe the best chance that I've seen elastic gators so. In the National Football League that's the guy like ads on the field maybe I like Marvin Harrison talked about those hands. And report that he had through robberies are allowed him and he's not Amy first guy. But he is a rare is a rare receivers star receiver that is not Amy first I and that's one of the reasons. Why he's not as well known outside this market as little packet is nationally as Antonio Brown is nationally but no. And features Michael Thomas is just use that those guys may not. And its demise Mary he development. Are already. By said that last year I said Michael Thomas would be an all favoring and the seizing kind of threw me a little right I mean if it continues the way he's going I think he's on the right now. So he got off track here they'll talk about. BS teams sport of nordic com nine. And continued our double coverage Winter Olympic education series. We. We believe him when he hit a sounder when it did in the intro billboard for the segment we have previewed early. Skeleton. And bobsled or pops as the day across the odd. Let's its nordic com it is the focus today and Tim you said he thought this was a Canadian football team. And you said the nordic come on I was figuring it was like some kind of like NFL tryout in Canada or someone. When they were doing well you do it's shirtless. At what. No like the target act. At the opening parade is it was in the thirties and twenties and he's done with nurtured on I was little wild. That was left the second I've is that it is it off into the back him. And when he fourteen but now the nordic online it's a combination doubles ski jumping and cross country. The baseless sports looking for the best overall athlete one that has the strength and control required procedure abuse of the endurance. Required for cross country skiing. And it's actually been around since the eighteen hundreds. The event was at Italy back in 1988. Nose in souls to get this kind of circular thing it is the pack in Korea on chain. A little side note here did you see the the note that all changed it changed. Their names with the city that actually capitalize it's the change needed one to be confused with. Pyongyang the North Korean capital at him I had no idea you know so what letter Capital One seat so in young Chang. This scene change is capitalized they just made that change last year because that what you get confused with you know yet. But. That's. So what this happens the event starts or combat skiers no doubt that he all over bobsleigh basically to keep up. And it speeds ran 1980 kilometers an hour or so was that about fifty miles an hour plus that is 45 miles an hour. What competitors of jobs they'd be in the cross country portion at that ten lotteries. In the pursuit start it's gonna mean that this year the best job goes after. Those first round so you get a head start. For the longer job that you have and then. Whoever wins that. Race is the winner of the nordic but most of these events kind of I guess resemble. Old. It's sports. And things he might have to do. In the old mideast earned net Scandinavian citizen. It would in the arts wetter climate I'm kinda confused as to what ski jumping in and cross country have I guess if you try to like you deliver a package in the old days. You might run into a biopsy skiing downhill. If you live on in the mountain and then all of a sudden. You gotta go across country unless he's like yes I really don't get these combined events to be honest I guess I kind of get shooting in skiing more that I get. Skiing in and then ski jumping in with this picture of me you know joked is in the speed aperture it. Yeah I had SARS then why a city would be involved with anything with the Olympic Games I did that it's in the Summer Olympics eyes to know understand in the Winter Olympics at all. But maybe you can explain to me. Now I can't explain it you maybe that'll be on vacations here is that I can get educated but I. Here's a full disclosure from me in my weird did the event that he's never appealed to me in the Winter Olympics and I have a politics enter an Olympics I watch. Almost all the events summer winner but the want it repealed. In the Winter Olympics is cross country skiing I just. I think could be fun to Yahoo! and certainly one heck of an endurance test. That's up or watch. It's is this it's the speed walking in summer our winner Olympics. While spew thank you XP blocking to be an event in the Summer Olympics I think that's literally all do what we're trying to get that for me to be on an inner hurry down here. Well especially in art. And I could see an idea. Speak. Com mine looked at or combat not try to whoop it means throughout the world class athletes. Like full disclosure. Probably down my list of things that I'm actually. At the prospect reports Ike is important. For last ski jumping. My beeper events I just think it's. It's kind of majestic when you see these guys and gals lying. Hundreds of meters down on it's under eaters but dozens of meters down. These skills after opt out but think it's fantastic I have cavities you know long lanky body that where. If I were to do an Olympic sport what were prop previous heat up and that's merit. Prospect portion. That. Help there's our order education series nordic aren't mine so when you watch on the tube. Sweater can say stepped up Tommy about this early terminology. It well they break we're coming back it's double coverage on DaVita. It's m.s ever. They're great so it's never tells us a couple segments ago that there was this event back in 1992 a demonstration that. Called men's speed it's being not skating million accredited and news. You tweeted out this video. These speed skiers there wearing these alien helmets and and it looked like something from outer space here. And they're going about a 135. Miles an hour. Down this hill. This is ridiculous would us know does that in this basket for broke attendance. Broken bones. Get what I broke off debt yes. Yeah. So I was just watching this guy from Austria. Our number eight between this out apparently won the speed skiers strength coaches that I got this part of idiots him. Was Arnold Schwarzenegger. It earlier this strong for speed skiing back and seem fun like I think that that is on. At an adrenaline rush but this would be like. Jumping out of an airplane and see how fast you can go as a. Animate this kind of reminds you of the bat the bat suits those guys they jump off cliffs they have but the seats that look like ethnic fly through there Metallica's. A wing Sudanese hip. In the big. I. The parachute wasn't a lot of fronts and at the Paris unify and and eventually land but it's like. They're flying through like bats through the air in these in these wing seats is exactly what it is but on on on skates. When we text from the 504 here we were talking tongue in cheek last at a speed walked into the Summer Olympics. Final four said race walking quotes beat walking has been part of the Olympics since 1904. I can't feature. By that I've never seen people occupied just missed remembering this is there actually race walking in the cellar out industry. That's got to be in the news the follow Olympics. It's not all our audience got them on here one. It was the it was discontinued after 1993. I saw that on currency when it actually started. And the of these speed walking the law he was discontinued but he came back in some not to open no dates. Of this is not true weight if they came back in its in now. I yet that'll prevent. No it was in the area of law I'm. Tenure here it mere speed walking. The first men's event was in the 1908 London event London Olympics and make and eventually it was continued to 1952. And then after that I think it was discontinued at any three in BP brought it back just recently in every Olympics. Well. And two years and two Summers from now we're still do in this program. We will do definitely exposes an education on that summer Olympic speed walking. I feel like the taller you are. The better you'd be its speed walking as you have an advantage right like I might be good speed walker timid little. Lord of the ground and it could be a dispute it just kind of looks like they'll use the bathroom really bad it is running. While not put well that's not running it's walking and he cannot leave the ground apparently both you have to be on the ground the same time. Here's a sex habits of 51 you've never jump there's real rush to viable one. Idea let me clarify I think I said this correctly but if I didn't I actually would love. To ski shop and I love watching speed up I'm not bashing CW I'm not passing cross country skiers here's at all. I ages don't find cross countries gained very on TV a fine ski jumping area. That's what I was talking about. Earlier remember tomorrow it's Fat Tuesday she can party with us the crew WWL remembering you. The martyr a model wallow coverage of the greatest free show on earth tomorrow. RWW all Mardi Gras coverage will start bright and early 5 AM with our carnival preview with Dave Cohen in the French Quarter at the bird Orleans. And 8 o'clock in join. A friend Tommy Tucker Chris Garrett live for the best seats in the party at Galley here hall with all the sites and sounds Marty drop them marching. Bans on the Ohio the difference that he buzzards Zulu that at 11 AM. It's Mardi Gras mambo with Tom Fitzmorris and the legendary and very lovely Angela bill. More Zulu of course Rex being Rex will be there and also Mitch Landrieu will toast the kings and queens on them up. At 2 o'clock sports coverage will continue with the Mardi Gras mambo review you can call or text or FaceBook the best and worst of the season. What that you love what makes you crazy. And the amazing Mardi Gras stories and look raskin you know those guys so call Ellis soars again full anonymity if you want it in the final four to six point seventy. When it does now and it's due tomorrow to six wants to hear your Mardi Gras stories it's a Marta got tradition the crew of WWL live from the greatest free show on earth. That is thirteen hours of Walt Walt averaged 5 AM to 6 PM. Marty your coverage brought you by spreads but the good times roll with Sprint's unlimited data talk and text on WW well. Text from the 50 for more about speed walking one foot it's asked to be on the ground at all times. Bulls beat both feet that's beyond that yet not once. Wolf our we will take a break we will come back next hour got a couple to get it abuse in store for a we're gonna talk to. Jimmy Hart the legendary W WP. Manager. As wrestle me any intent and we will have an interview with coach at torture on that was on our station last week double those Korean.