Pelicans talk and T.O.'s squabble with the Hall of Fame

Kristian talks all things Pelicans with Jake Madison of the Locked On Pelicans podcast and asks if you agree with how the Pro Football Hall of Fame is handling Terrell Owens's plans to not attend his enshrinement.

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To go to the go welcome an hour three of sports talk here on WW LI MF amend dot com. NBA board of governors thing about the idea of mix up the playoff format. Seeding everybody regardless of conference western or eastern. One through sixteen deal like the idea is a good idea maybe get some competitive balance in the playoffs and get the best two teams. In the NBA finals that hasn't been the case the last handful years. Joining us now to talk about a dig Madison locked on pelicans podcast at Nolan Jake Jake I'm all for this the idea regardless if you're in the east on the west. He seed one through sixteen. At any team in the Western Conference which of course pelicans are. You certainly wanna keep that because they'd be there actually and potentially in the top foresee in the peace agreement or CD and it would make their path throughout Korea all lives easier. It does need to go through you know the board of governors who can probably promise you that every single corner. A veteran team in the Eastern Conference is gonna try to achieve this idea again and open to anything that will be seen any time soon but certainly don't need a little bit more competitive balance are now one of the people who believe the rate you proceed and pointless or anything like that but it needs to be a little bit and it's not just kind of the same teams every single year terror you know running room the player but think that would be a very big step toward the end DA. To kind of right what's going wrong with the league currently. Look I'm glad the NBA's is acknowledging that they have an issue there because a lot of teams a lot of leagues would say while the numbers the viewers are. It is an all time higher numbers are great. But it's it's better to head off a problem at the past and in the let it bubble up and then all of a sudden you're scrambling so I like with the NBA. Being pro active about this they know it's an issue now the argument to this though is going to be an account or to this argument. Would be that travel it's gonna it's gonna really tax teams and travel I think you can work around that right. Yeah you know. One of the more interesting things and you know if you GQ actually what you just he'd say one or sixteen you need to basically do away with cooperative and division at that point. Agog trying create the most balanced schedule possible electoral but the minute kind of accomplishing what they want they've done studies on this where you kind of built a model like that you can actually reduce travel. Are black couple. Miles per both teams based during the also you know I think the idea of travel being issued a little bit overblown that was made the issue where teams were flying commercial but now with charter like. By the way. They they have the comfort in the luxury to kind of recover and not have that he had impact all of their bodies that it might be otherwise so I think that a little bit overblown but it certainly something that you can kind of scheduled around and figure out the best way to kind of minimize that. Seating impact. The pelicans are not at all. It definitely would you know I think. Where all of a sudden there have been in the bottom app bullets or copper plant they're looking to be maybe in the middle of the total pack which is gonna give them current opponent making definitely be the first round with what they were capable of against Portland trailblazers. And being managed to take care of business there magic you can you don't have to beat the warriors were Houston Rockets in the next round is going to be feeling much better. You can further in the quail. Jake how long do you think it'll be before. We see some sort of receding now I want does that happen I mean does this have to be collectively bargain as well. It's got to be the orders approving it I don't think it's something that would need to be collectively bargain I just think it would be cheap in the Eastern Conference. Their owners wanna stay there and they don't want anything to change we need to have your shot making collapsed right now and it's been a number of years cannot afford to keep in order a decade plus where the Western Conference has been significantly better in the top to bottom overall with the dog bite out there for those teams we're McKee you're into the plant needs that. You know we don't want that we wanna keep it exactly and that is don't even start to win them or someone. I think it's going to be kind of a long by an uphill battle the candidate it's changed so. You went to speak is coming to fruition. Before next summer playoffs. No I don't think I think that it's not going to take awhile for it I think it still would be agreed to the I think they're in disgusted but certainly talk about it at their meeting. But I don't think we're any changes like this computer this (%expletive) about in the fortunately there's gonna be Olympic stuck in the Western Conference speaking these juggernaut teams. Take so if you're pelicans fan talk me down off the idea OK while indicated that a regular season. Within the dominance in the Western Conference. Rookie all that they're a great equalizer out there and sport and neck injuries and sometimes I'll need to step hurry to go down for an extended period of time LeBron James he's never really suffered an injury to be injured you to the lakers out of this thing paying for James Horton incredibly great equalizer. And I can open a window for the pelican and to really make a broad. They feel confident that you now that is not actually sure it'll be unveiled tomorrow with the meeting is now being the focal point in the leader of this cheap debate can you read it except for would be it would Big Ten they way. After the market curtain injury last season with that hyper fast style of play now you've got another big who can kind of run its well instead of having organized front anarchy by Basra and aching back and kick them to the next level because most teams don't really know other than that it very difficult to defend that and the team is gonna be so good at it they're going to do that constantly that its economic and onto watching general I like watching the kind of keep your lettuce and we're seeing from these guys that are fun let's be honest. Again there what is currently meeting having distort blown wide open formed in May indeed play out from potentially Judy NBA finals. Which of the offseason moves felons may do you like the most. You know I'm a big fan Jewish Randall. This is a guy who is kind of like oh you light like a slimmer faster more athletic version of the markets cousins he's back. In the break he's just the strongest market closes and we get support and it's been almost impossible to stop. Good passer on the McEnroe Q I think it is a big guard leading the break for the game back regular team meeting in June Rangel Julia. I think minister resigning next year and do pretty good about this cheap but under the pairing Winamp deep into the bit more court space or you bet -- rain here believe that kind of low block in the recount oh. I think there's a lot of potential was due to grow you're gonna see. Him kind of be the paradigm shift cheer or we got it aggressive on the eastern side of the ball. We can do it often we're gonna be a lot of Ottawa team get out run next year. We're gonna find it. Wherever you ditch your partner from Monday through Friday by the two week break down everything you wanted to know about this scheme were still in the off season they're gonna be making some other moves forward kind of talking about those they're just trying to bomb blew it to a two way contract I think that's exciting with what he's done some really so locked on potent where ever you get your podcast from. Take an auto international NASCAR. Can only choose one college football or NFL football woody taken. It's not even question it college football I think without a doubt I'd love here I'd love to sing but man. I'm just feel a little too slow it feels like it's a little bit faster pace in college I think I used to enjoy the atmosphere is a little bit more. Obviously tiger question in my mind cult of all. Away it's not faster pace in Dayton. I know but this gain time to longer in college football and everything yeah. So they. I think. What the atmosphere in the way that they are cheering and are being acrobatic try to Actuate and the pageantry is important you. Yeah you know I have a block in blue sky grew up going to USC game was my girlfriend applicable for Alabama recently becoming huge for him they're going to games there in that kind of atmosphere. And the passion that you eat some people eat a lot of fun to kind of just being withstand the beating the Tiger Stadium as well and hopefully my beloved chewing green label get there some point to have kind of the same impact. Hey Willis for it's got their role and then it's gonna he might have them below you'll. So how do you go down here from Cali. So the sort. Wanted to go to USC might fire and we were there but that was back in war and their old team got bigger and it became near impossible to gauge USC with that sign in being nude beach in a good football team. Tulane was my second source that kind of weary in the go go and I've Angela pollutants and I have no intention of really accurately Portland now. You are newly needy even though you were grew up out there on the West Coast that. I I like to speak out and out of that your seal of approval that little Bert van. Jake you know it's what's interesting about. Tulane alumni and and this is this is a issue that talk about before width. The support for Tulane athletics mostly alumni are out of state. The most systems are out of state right so when they get their education they moved back at a senior different today. So I think it's great that he used you stuck around here and still support. Tulane that doesn't happen very off because most of the most astute to go to an out of state and get their they get their diploma. And he moved back to the where they were the weather of from a are to a different state and that's why I think that Tulane. On sometimes doesn't have necessarily as much alumni support as he would hope for and think so. Yeah I agreed to a lot of it comes from out of state and that we instill the number one stay for them but a lot of people. People do leave and I think that actually speak to you weren't in the job market going like that are. If you don't change a little bit now a lot of my friends stayed after called a lot of younger alarms. That are paying their cue the New Orleans really get to hooks in you again nowhere else I'd rather be. Yeah look I know that Louisiana is still draw a lot from Louisiana but more so than maybe other schools in the state certainly LSU. You know there's not a lot of out of state. Out of state kids they're gonna LSU compared it to when it just. I just think about the alumni support my man a lot of it's because in a leaving town even if they are in state deacon in a believe in town. Because they got this great Tulane diploma they got better and got out other opportunities. Around the country says it's unfortunate I'd like to see a little bit more support alumni support in particular for too late you know. Yeah 100% agree reviews so hopefully you'll albeit maybe you and I suspect in particular stayed out a little bit. Because you are of the fun place. It is certainly is meant JK like you said man wants. What you what you get down here has a way of hold onto and you just it just on what to Gupta is done let's ago. Exactly and you know octagon job offers elsewhere this is where I want to say it on me all about the outlook do about certainly help electric the team. To support with all of that. Corporate America and you bet the sports talk here on WW well. The Pro Football Hall of Fame will not individually mentioned Terrell Owens. He's celebrating his hall of fame induction at the university it's good to see Chattanooga. While offensively. Mail him the gold jacket not going to. Mention him individually. And it's just like a high schooler that skips his. His graduation since its dollar arm than one ago the red jerseys to get a diploma but. You're not on the roll call. He's not you don't have to walk across at the stage don't mention your name there I I think the whole thing is doing the right thing here. There's no reason to bring them up as an individual none. Why would you if you Francis skip it just mail and has mailed his. Mailed his jacket what are you doing his bust is gonna put it in. I would I would think so that I can emits them individually five yeah exactly just put any arguing all of a deal your boss is there. But I agree or dolphins' decision to not even mention them. Tell me if I'm wrong he think DD doll famous. Is doing TO disservice because he's not and and not attending his hall of fame induction. 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. It'll mail is don't mail his gold jacket. Saturday morning the day having trying to. That's in the mail. So let me begin to put her on until the next day or two if its analysis overnight it. Says the way it'll look a bit of a penalty there because they'll wrestle hall of fame class that he's going with. Guys like body bastard Brian Dawkins Robert Brazil. Brazile Jerry Kramer Ray Lewis Randy Moss and Brian Urlacher the McGraw right there. I still think is one of those deals where. It's like you just talk to TO explain to let's say you're missing out an opportunity of a lifetime like lifetime worth of memories. Is an LBE lead. Usually what I think 300 plus. In all fame. Half for a living still clean. It's very very few people walk in his face the earth in a gold jacket and trying to pro football hall thing. I like the approach from from all of it. Don't individually mention them male and the gold jacket just put his Boston in Camden. No reason to. Great decision about all faint. Jerry in a colossal school Ontario on WB well. Speakers and yet I want. Well look at all would cripple. It. It puts you back a whole procedure you're a bad site and if there. Are now you cut in and now open to back on hold. I was gonna Tony in Algiers mark when take it would Jerry in a few minutes deceive this cell has gotten better Tony analogy is excellent audio on W Demille. It. All alaskans and my personal. To themselves. And yeah. You. And all that and it. And it. Should at quarterback it's. Now that's the do enemy. Army all time are you off please. So that's what they're doing in essence that they're not even gonna individually mention. And mission in the coming. Up to. It disrespectful. Law me as an excellent antics were sometimes unpopular are not very but not received very well but. Sources numbers on the field one that they are hall of fame worthy this all comes down to he wasn't a first ballot guy and I don't understand where the message got lost that. If you're not a first ballot hall of Famer then it's an and so if you are if you're in the hall of fame it doesn't matter first ballot second or what have you. If you get an approval ball maybe get an occasion. Men you you you have reached football's immortality. That you're the best of the best of the best all time greatest. To get to that please. It's not a slap in the face if you're not a first ballot hall payment that's what TO ultimately is upset about. TO celebrating UT Chattanooga. Has all fame and trying to. So the hall of fame will not individually mention Terrell Owens at the ceremony takes the phone called oh let. Come back for Jerry the possibly to a 504. 26018. Semi tech's 878 Sony this is WWL. 107 EA don't text line and 87872. Wrongs don't make a right. Their stupidity goes level. If I was one of the inductees I'd mention them by the way the hall of fame like the Heisman is a popularity can't as a what. It's a popularity contest. Like the Heisman and like that Al. The hall of fame in the probe on appalled at the Soviets a popularity contest Liza Deuce McAllister and popular guy they like him. But the popularity contest while why isn't. Wise is actually going to be all approval Walton people like him people love Bobby America he's not going all they've. Come on it's not a popularity contest. It's about numbers on the field you're off base there. And you mentioned him as an and don't be a thousand ducked I wouldn't. Because you take away from my day. By not being here. Does that answer questions about you not be at your own. Paul famous trying to ceremony I would mention a prominent dusty not at all. Jerry apostles launch area on W block and I'm I'm mind blown by the fact that so I would suggest the hall of fame is a popular. Oh. Is fine man you just took all the more about Obama Vista thing. I'd bank it are you smears Michael Powell because. Eating go. Were ordered to go we thank the world should stop. Martin. And we should go out. The red carpet like your greatest player. And a pale ever in doubt that it took all seriously. Kabul just like. There's a lot of other. Awesome players that. Stable are all fine is that. I think that may be all that it because. There really charge it. But not only. They care throughout the parks and put that number or feel as well Fortier abducted and at all. That it will look the the character. That big when it comes to that I can promise you dare shark will never be an approval law. But as far as what they do off the field. You know like T I have no problems with. TO Gideon offing despite the fact that I thought he became like a clown at a time how the field. But it's he'd gotten that break laws and now he's not well last or murder of them like that the net and I think it. You shouldn't consider that as well somebody from getting in golf and if they have hall fame numbers. Well yeah out well I mean yes and talk. You know jet OK so and so. And now you know so well without it should mention that it now. Totally agree if you know that's right our. She should be. You should be horrible. And does so are. Came back. Immortal walked in there would call to let you know. Wow what a career out while populated. Into the NFL hall but I. A little bit locker rear would take except there's that ugly. People got its back crawl this stop now. You know things I at all all now you know why all by guards yet what sort of personal appeal but battle for it. That you know play with it. Not just yourself. Into a spot so you play with it too so that can help you get those numbers. Yeah not like most of them get down and understand that Jerry thinks a phone call like the hour hi John a new world was going on John you're on W democracy. It. One don't vote argument but who vote for all things. Same people who vote on the horizon the media. Or are we all know. How long. Denies all it's all writers and in it you know like for example first ordered. Now it's all writers or media or television personalities or radio personalities. That's all yet there are. We'll suddenly come back TO not gonna be individually mentioned by the hall fame is in trying to ceremony. Right move wrong move to dolphin get it right or wrong for me they absolutely got it right I wouldn't do it. Here's your gold Jack Nelson it's either mail. 50426018. Selling text 8787 this is sports talk here on saint radio. It took three years because of his off the field stuff and in that sense it is the popularity contest. The hall of fame no it's not. It took three years because there's other guys and and in the classes. That a president over him. Did his off the field antics may be sour if you hall of fame voters yes yes. But at the same time. Does that send a message of hey look. While you're going to get in your numbers are worthy. It doesn't matter how you vacate it should that should. Be a part of it. Now I'm not saying that you should shut somebody out of the hall of fame if they behave like TO causes numbers are are phenomenal. He's in need he deserves to be. In Camden. But if you if you act kinda like a jerk sometimes at this is a way to visit this is the way that sometimes. You know you get payback like this. He just do it happens in life that's a sin the hall of fame. But just an in and life in general. People hold you accountable for your actions sometimes there's nothing wrong with that. But it's not a popularity contest. The way it is being phrase meaning lately just like you. Then. You're here and all things off and just like you know keep you out all things they might. Go you know but. Hey you know we're old feel accountable and OK fine if that's the case that's how you look at and it then maybe it is a little bit of a popularity contest in that context. But again. TO. Magnificently talented player. Magnificently town. They were greeted with San Cisco Dallas the Eagles. But he was a locker room divider that's for sure he's that he's a coach killer. At quarterback a wrecker. The team chemistry destroyer. I mean. That those those those are all facts. But I think his immaturity. Is what's played in the most just by this decision to ultimately. Not attend. His probable hall fame ceremony. Because. He's bitter that he's not a first ballot he wasn't a first ball favor so why. Who cared if you're in a hall of fame and we're you know most. Of these players currently in the NFL. He asked them hey you gonna be in a hall of fame we will be a first ballot hall they are you OK with that. 99% would say yeah. But they'll look there is that pressure. When we've. Somehow made it shameful that you're not a first ballot hall of Famer. Like it's some sort of you know a dishonor. If you're not a first ballot hall of Famer like you're not as worthy of going in akin. Somehow that narrative has been spun and I would completely disagree I don't care if your first ballot or not. Okay how long acacia you know halting if you're in all vein that they don't have delineation is on your jacket. On your boss saying. Not a first ballot hall of Famer so look at him differently his boss is going to be smaller is not about enough for dolphin or that it did it they don't they don't there's no demarcation on that. So what does it matter but somehow. We come to this conclusion is narrative that oh. I want you first ballot hall and I don't want to I don't wanna just be out hall of Famer I wanna be a first ballot hall of Famer John opt out what's going on John you're on W to grew up. I just. It took Jerry Kramer now yours again it might be great guard all. About numbers about ability in the scope and partial great restraint in a thing you know to you know we'd like Japan which. Except numbers. Vote in the second doubt affect the blight you can't deal with a on. Yeah I mean. I think the approach is wrong but I'll please just TO when I'm saying here is though John. Is that there are some hall of famers I'm sure that that feel like wall especially in this generations we is we see more more guys. Go win that in my generation I grew up watching. There there's a there's a certain amount of pressure they feel like they are less significant. If are are there insignificant in a hall of fame if they're not a first ballot hall of Famer which I don't I don't think is true I mean if urinate the elite of the elite. Who cares it doesn't matter but somehow we've crafted there's been a narrative crafted that it you're you're less worthy if you're not a first ballot hall of Famer like it's an insult. I think the voters did the right thing tonight. And now it planned out it's well he wrote got an alternate torture and yet I mean that states appear so but that's not right there was something that's very right there. Yeah look sometimes the voters the hall fame committee doesn't get it right based on production based on just numbers alone. But they tend to write themselves it tends to fix itself to guys that are deserving. And even those not first ballot may end up they never get there right in the beginning in the hall of fame which they're deserving to do so. Keynote at the numbers to do in. And he got in ansari and on the first albums as you'll enter yet you know he couldn't take it that way you know he acted like a child when he was planned. In that continue to act like a child and you know you shouldn't you shouldn't be surprised just move on. Do you. Do you like L approval all famous annaly it not even individually mentioning him. Yep I agree with your high school analogies perfect you know you don't you'd decide not to show up in OK we're gonna get your diploma from the orchard and all the same. But we're not gonna make a big deal about the fact that you were not here. If your name's not going to be announced. With with the other X. And I asked not only our agreement ebitda non the other guys should do so the paper for celebration and I'm not gonna bring the proceedings down. Biden and somebody has been a sports sports. John urgent phone call art. Phone lines over a final four to 6018 semi tech's 8787 if you're just joining us TO will not be individually mentioned at the pro football. Paul came in trying to ceremony. His jacket is going be mailed to them. His bust will be in it all on bail at the excluded is as far as I know. To put there by the way every I think you're the boss I think of John Madden went when he was when he's being enshrined in. He says you know I always wondered now get to know if the busts talk to themselves that night. Great humor from John that this is sports talk here on WL. Hey look the great outdoors well WO wants to send you a three friends to Louisiana sports and show dear doc and fishing expo. Back at the Mercedes-Benz superdome July 20 through its 22. It's the biggest hunting and fishing show in the state and fun for the entire family joins me between now and 8 PM and listen for the duck call. When you hear it I'll give you a number to call and went free tickets to Louisiana sportsman show dear doc and fishing expo from WWL. Back to the phones Rio New York salmon meet city what's going on New York Sam. Talk about the TO situation. I think every one agrees to see him you can't argue it. You know from your perspective a little bit. We like to see it all day in. Court. Nature journalists are. Opinion or. Interests trying to represent I really don't need to opinion of the sport. And scorn on. In terms of reality. And that'll keep a lot of these folks used to personal. And that is to people. In front of from October word. You don't respect it more that these people do it wrong. Because it's in all of you truly represent what. We can go on to another one of the Google. Shall say the courts and that position. Not been. Properly represented. Their ability. But I do think of the number number you know sports and our tickle the offense to guys. Which writers in their opinion. Can beat you on the. We always hell on their opinion. Their opinion of those let's back up for second. I get weird where you're saying in I smell we step in and what on what I'm telling though is that. There opinion is gonna help formulate. Whether those numbers are truly good Nazi can't say they can't have an opinion now. I understand widger widger conveying it when it took when it comes to holding something up vendetta over one of these guys. Heads that should be in a hall of fame because we were both look at T goes numbers and say yep those are those are Ken worthy. Unfortunately though I think today while that's you told what to think that yet we shouldn't are those Ryder shouldn't but it's human nature that it's going to. You sure are out there appreciate that but Kindle talk about like of the the fit the state. Didn't you know this on for presentation soak. I did that so I only made this argument because it is 020 lead just try to spin it right arm when the war. You had all the action and it's all action. What are. Even in years of saying I'm all out by Marshall. And what I would. We don't know they definitely did that though New York Sam we don't know respectable. Because trigger point interest and it. But we know that because. Eligibility to let the rest I themselves. And so they brought it was in on its physical ability to play. And what the music and it's supposed to be. I know that an ideal or perspective. But I think you could call. On that Asia. When they try to play both sides that equation try to beat a quarter court shot that it is not been able Ottawa the treatment they. It can't be both ways. It won't. On another war it sort of came through here. Not being a first out of favor because some accessible they wanted to know what else can be electric car it's able. Yeah. Now that's and is still angry their New York's him but do you agree locally for a lecturer on it that. There's somehow be in this in like it's a slap in the face if you're not a first round first ballot hall of Famer. Its currency more it would tribute to bring in basketball. Q why they're cheesy chip major weapons equipment there to be along with so. The first group you know the jury is the best receiver for. Which you can tell the military. Would score well. Yeah I'll look you know and it doesn't say on their Boston doesn't say other jacket paid by the way this the second ballot hall of Famer they're never introduced that way as though. First ballot hall of Famer Jerry Rice second ballot hall of Famer so and so it I mean. It's they've they've kind of put too much on that they're hung up on that Obama the players New York Sam good really call men enjoyed talking you don't be stranger. Nextel might get to the county down to saints' training camp next here on saint radio W grew up.