Pelicans suddenly on a two-game skid

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, March 12th

Bobby & Kristian talk with Kurt Helin of NBC Sports about the Pelicans losing two straight after winning 10 in a row.


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Often run an hour three of sports talk the cajun cannon Bobby Darin how's Kristian garic as well course. Marc Bernardin master control on a sports flash. Talking Drew Brees in the same Steve legal temporary period has begun. So teams can have discussions and yes there's one team of their Minnesota has reached out inquiry has their doing to all free agent quarterbacks. But which remove wet you feel right about now as of today breezed through his age you can talk on the team should be listener of offers and also. How you feeling right now he nervous panic mode are kind of like hey. It goes like this all time in making and Sean I'd trust the deals get done. 50426018. Semi tech's 8787 the pelicans. Often after returning home on a two game skid lose to the wizards on Friday and Susan Saturday to the Utah Jazz well it is. Candidate well I wrote that exhibit there Hal would give. This is who became thinner. I may live listen it's unbelievable even made these said that how Google are on the road compared to at home. Nose and it actually you have to say that you want support for eighteen you that it went home I know no listen I give a Mulligan because eighty didn't play against the whizzes party night I was in the number. But the U looks on the against the jazz. This is AD was there you got to take care of business it's amazing. How the home court advantage has not made a difference. And you think it would be I mean. It's like second life and to become a pros probe the matter whether you playing in NFL NBA a Major League Baseball. How about Ricky Rubio. There were there and look at regular route really goes out what all the mormons on this in the desert inn and Salt Lake City. I mean he had a game best thirty points. Ricky roof realise he was supposed to be the European pistol Pete maverick in I didn't I'd see that initially. But now he's actually scored with the Utah Jazz which he did not do. Would the Minnesota Tim was a dud that was in Justin. When you look at in. And a clearer cut favored. And when you look at rookie of the year because we always acknowledge it was a why Christian you know as rookie of the year last year I tell you this. And upon wanted to. I guess where animals down years for a rookie of the year. Was my youngest son's teammate. And greater Atlantic Christian when they won the state championship in 2010. Malcolm brought it was rookie year in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks. Well this year ms. chill. The Donovan Mitchell. I should say a clear cut rookie of the year. He scored the jazz this final fifteen points. In the third quarter. But also an okayed the pelicans got the lead at big and take care of business. But if you look at what's impressive by the Jana just going to show you in the playoffs in the west in the NBA. You can be out the playoff hunt. But you right there nip and although the teams in the bud and now have a chance to that could be their final eight the jazz now it is unbelievable the jazz picked up their Levitt consecutive road win. They go hard is to win on the road yeah. There Levitt gets negative road win now the only game and a half. Behind the pelicans. A very discouraged in laws especially when the pelicans to have to lead and a non you know going to the second half. That'd be on the take care bid is not so fast now when that being said. Again. You come and his who became senator of that being the hornets on Haaretz on Tuesday night. Come on they just had so much as the heart and get a good win Jews in I have to win they should they should be. They should beat the wizards to but the wizards are bad call Chris at the wizards are. Top three of four in Indy ease. And that the hornets and and not so fast. If you put. The jazz in the east they would definitely be a playoff team probably in the middle of the pack so but I look at it. Like you got the heart it's coming to town accused tonight you don't beat the hornets. That would be like losing I don't know we. The signs the grizzlies. I mean. And media it is that bad so hopefully we don't lose 30. Troy in the world's thinks you're patient you on sports talk on W to do well. I don't. That is. Troy and you applaud you in body. Let Lee. All right able bullet drubbing and how are you on what you gotta do that but I contract. But we got bought out and got a visual word bot the port city. Are you kidding me yep are you kidding me a reason not sign yet. You are ominous say are you pretty ominous are you freaking kidding me how I got I've resigned it. Bob got the with the game writing out oriented you. Particularly LeBron and educated so. So so you'd give my high five U game a hug around him. 0882. Boys went and they would have bought. Into it we get the car. And abides hitting it. Well maintained that stance he's maintain that stance of that book well I would draw I can tell you that I have been no word it when Zach Strief had that. Retirement. Press conference of Drew Brees does not in the mix. And now he just said there's no news but he was there not be was not in the building and email went to hell is drew right now. That that would be concerning but he was there I think we will get it done. But. It shouldn't I don't know come. Through our total best welcome the next curt heal and lead NBA writer managing editor for NBC sports dot com at basketball talk on. To an abiding Christian sports talk here on WWL. I went back to sports talk. Body of their Christian York phone lines over a 504260. Won a telling somebody that pelicans dropped two straight home games at her. But the off ten wins coming home and disappoint the home folks. And joining us now harassed Warsaw current UN lead NBA writer managing editor for an NBC sports dot com on Twitter at basketball talker what happened to the bells meant. Well but in the granite look good I mean what without anti Davis and then one game against Utah good Utah mine much. Much like the they kind of rattle off and went and wrote potential back at this conversation. And they're the best defensive team in the India right now of them for awhile so. That's the kind of do you like to win but it's. It's not the end of the world like it these are couple losses which got to start streak in them in which could you ought to couple home. And that it's you know 79 or whatever is on it coming out. That it is willing to put into dual question. Now our occur when you look at the latter part of the month the back to backs in this stretch job. And now obviously to end net that two game losing skid. Come on the hornets on Tuesday night at home. I don't say in this kind of a must win when you look at mathematically bit I mean. There's no way in the world you should lose their hornets come Tuesday night when you Holston. What would you go you don't wanna use the word must win maybe eat but that kind of it was. Right you go up against the top of the world these other teams would in the playoff mix and it's going to be a good tough game every night everybody can play hard but he's trying to. You know set to make sure they're in the playoffs in the past or even if you're getting wouldn't you know working. Out spiritual battle and proceeding. If you get Charlotte you've got to beat Charlotte. You need to step of what do what I pretty nice season for them Campbell Walker's a special player but that's not very good team that was against you can't afford. Now girl when you look at whether rat right now. And it's amazing. You would Mirotic has been. Kind of hit or miss. You know he was good on the road against the kings. Committee was outstanding. You know very confident in his shot. But it's been up and down explain maybe the roller coaster would merited. Going forward because. They game opportunity denied come through in those who became sinner home the past publicly. He'll welcome to the book the world Nicklas unfortunately like. Part of the challenge for him now he's just not terribly consistent error I keep them out they. That competent and it was and it doesn't. And that's one of the things. That he's gonna get. Possibly. By somebody some words out and bought because of the potential there because by the way it happened and I think that he Italy. Because he can war. He gives you a lot of options it's a big man in this week be play inside and out by. Consistency and indeed that's our kind of art out of the issues that they need. Need more from him in the game but yeah. Unfortunately that. How they're welcome to the world and other struggle and they already the deal. Now incur when you look at what did you expect the age that are pelicans obviously got he's single and stated the top. Then you look reporter Lynn a couple of games they've separated themselves. From that net knicks press troll that being the pelican the timberwolves and that done their bit. Then you go on the spurs go to clippers very jazz that are nugget you like candy. Well what is a realistic expectation is considering. Veggie god about a dozen and have games left around there are going forward. I projected out this morning in BC. And financially actually went through the schedule and the everybody's you know one bought and I have the pelican did I have them as and to succeed. It's like I mean he's got I think I think. That after obviously after the first two. I think you're gonna get what maybe 49 wins out of out of the trailblazers they're playing surprisingly good defense right now you know obviously didn't Willard chief Jim Colbert great. Pot. It's really tight after that I the pelican at least 47 win. We're its exports and went but it's one week. Probably 46 went to be sure you're in and fight might do it panning out what happened. But you've probably been an. 46 went to get there and. I think the pelicans compute the. But he you know what they can't lose games like Charlotte they've they've got to wrap up the ones where they can pick up a couple of thirteen and and that it is still gonna have to. Like you'd like he's definitely was fantastic a lot. To. Carty UN lead NBA writer managing editor for NBC sports dot com the follow on Twitter at basketball talk shorten sweetheart we Persian meant. Dot based start back to the phones we go. Let's see Al Rhine river into it's while grind you're on W golf we treat patients. There's no problem burst on caller. I had two points to may. Personal ones they have met Bobby. I met you about it for years. Apron are all came from a local big chief in inducted and a few members that. Yes yeah semi come on and shall. I am not honorary shall meet shouldn't. You know considering all my connections. I'm not west and enact an issue might get an art. Bird perera going way back no down the by union. Saint Bernard shall. Tell Manuel was seen c'mon and so the only guy that battles and honor. To be a part of that whole thing so running of course our remember. Are you point those sports management major associate. Are saying that there's there he would deal in place secretly if you remember. Is ago. Would we wanted to go out to you after the quarterback. From Carolina. These day to house breeze held out to wait for. Deeply development initiatives. I think. He'll pull out similar. He's restructure some news on a restructuring to hold out he's willing to restructure. Yet I think there was some families wait and see what just giving it and it needs to come here because. Make it work does numbers like Mike Triplett had earlier. Yeah Chris I mean it's it's a little different you are going yes sure he can he can you know maybe say all right if you got to deal if you need some money to go. Give Jimmy Graham the need to me you'll wool you know for Nagle. The money that I have put it in that situation we just over the years ago. He was is willing to rework his deal to provide some money is a different situation because then you at that point preset security news on the content right now. Yes securities and what. Well but Bryant wouldn't you want to show more respect that are greatest player in franchise history. Our order. I mean all what why and even mess around we're Drew Brees. Me or come on. I don't think Drew Brees. Wants to set the new record as far not an all might be wrong someone could enlighten me deadbeat. Tom Condon a drew reason someone. In the know that saying you know what. Widow we wanna be the highest paid NFL quarterback where are now considering our contract is up and based on production. On the drew is that kind of guy. That was me AA out they have that that was me is show me to preview money argued there right now drew is a way better amending me. Then because I'm tell you right now when you look at it when all's said and done that when you got to leverage you realize it. Because you know why oil because the teams will utilize it against you. And the third borrower they were quickest. I think people and let me how much Jimmy Graham needs to change. He's got 161980s. And career. Hit about 21 more year your home state of. It's a legacy yards on Iran that's a good player died when his career it's about his legacy ousting president earlier point. Andy me and you know you never Peter Green Bay affair Rogers and stay healthy and you know you know. I think you. All you want advantage Chicago he would they eat he can maybe continue his legacy halting legacy and would Aaron Rodgers our Tom Brady. And obviously the likes of Drew Brees now Chicago. Would take I don't know Madrid this kind of thing that's happened. Yeah that's a good point by Ryan though he at this point in his career he knows he's. It is about a meg nine and he's trying to he's trying to prove that lacy was a symbol but he's he's he's been in all Famer of his numbers I mean it's it's pretty clear. He has an opportunity here in the world's not so much of Chicago or Cleveland or elsewhere are CBS news update. Also local news headlines phone lines open final four to 601878 text 878 semi Zach Strief announces his retirement after a twelve year. And they'll correct ruling miss number 64. On the field and in the locker room Bob and I'll talk about that next here on W two well investment account. Jones I say it's often dilemma is actually retired today he's beloved on the field and off the field and our community. A true leader we think for his years in a black gold uniform look forward to more years Zach as an active member of our community. He hears Zach Strief press conference in comments by members of the saints. Play and do flawless throw outside a Demi Body a lock pick your brain. He Zach Strief pick seventh round draft pick in 2006. As Sean Payton and he was talking about today probably over the course of the time when he took over as starter after Johnston film was one of the better right tackles in the National Football League. Even though the fan base sometimes as possession and looked it didn't look always at pretty but he got to do get a job well but I wanna ask you well as impact be missed the most. Had ordered a locker room on the field. I would say a goes hand in hand. His consistency. And I caught this today as Sean Payton said. You have a career you know I'm up and down years I mean you know going to be so be it always is the but that's hard pressed considering competition or you going against. But I they would Zach Strief. The last five years. The hats and takes about an hour two hours and and is selling those extra chair retired two years ago sin no. A home all wanted to address of that is going so far as the show and civil what are you talking about Zach Strief healthy the last five years. And have 32 starting right offensive tackles. Is the short in the top ten. At times in the top five or six on a 32. The last five B a seasons. Not so much being healthy ready to roll so when he says shooter retired. The last two years. That has not fair. Opinion. Or even being objective. Now would that being said. I think Zach Strief because the players respected him. That's why I say it goes hand in hand what you do on the field as ever own watches the film. And then did Floyd you have. Not only in the locker room. But then among chip position groups because you break off you watch film. You might watch it resolve its indeed there has been you going to position groups like all the off its on line going out. The running backs and receivers and got the quarterback meeting room. The staining on DP as you gotta deal line of the linebackers and DB's. So Zach. Was an unbelievable positive influence. Not only. While watching the film. On a like like Shawn Bates said particularly the last five seasons. But also. And have been anything in a bug that can get out of hand in the locker room. And also from a teacher influence. Coaching like player coach coach Blair. From that perspective in all of its July meeting room. Like. You know Ryan ran Jake Collison goes on board. Many trying to take my job. Veterans we do that who pays for it depends on your personality. And it depends if you realistic you know you situation. The reason why things Zach Strief one reason why he did that in a lie. 'cause of past experience is the average which stated goal. So stitch comb through your right. So is actually say while it is treat bright red jig right. I'll tell you that all makes a there was a human being in how you think intellectually. And you competition and you're competing. And you want what's best for the team. And decrees that arise that a top all that stuff. That's to me what may exact street so special. Is obviously would get on the back end. Being a more experience all of us at tackle. I considered amongst the best. When you got 32 starting tackles. In any time in a top ten. A top five or six that speaks for itself. But also we didn't rule as we do would you team we've particular. In the locker room and in the media rooms. Back to the phones go Mac and on the nor shall what's going on out here on W two well. On guy's. Name that. All right. What others say an outcome affects you low earlier arm is. An ego Bobby. Read something into the about. To move not being in. You know one to go out and get the money but he is not really been. One to participate. Light. All the people like convert it has to keep the towel around him. Well how about Obama met Matt and at a KOU point. I'm speculating until Chris in this hour probably said is three of four times on the show. Through the years the lead today. People always bring up banned Tom Brady and rob a crab with the patriots. Tom Brady is Robert Kraft son. The listed had a sound of a lifetime do you agree on okay. I'm not rocket went on because breeze. There there should get paid. And I think every single body. Number ones where you were are right so well and so in his. Win. And gets his contracts aren't. We will be well are aware so that we want. And I'll but I think a man man man man that I can tell you right now that bag cousins because of his agent get more money and Drew Brees when. Because his aides as the only reason our president 'cause they want anything. Should probably I think they're saying I'm I actually breached briefed the king. Will go a little bit. All along those arms because yet or hardware news he's all Kramer Kirk cousins has not. You can't put them in the same prisons the same prism that means that the agent yet you look at this entirely devoid sort of occurred because in nine years younger I mean have to look at that roughly. The yet so. That thing is. The because there's gonna come about who's gonna be the first thirty million dollar quarterback. Well it's gonna happen just because a salary cap increases. Is the market I do not know when it's gonna end. But I know. Again the collective argument has. You have X amount of money got it's been. And because supply demand is not enough quarterbacks in the nod 32 legit starting quarterbacks and memory is I don't know if there ever will be. At the highest level where everyone says oh we have a franchise quarterback play quarterback a player delayed because quarterback an in NFL quarterback flail across the league is a lot better than it was fifteen years ago. Yeah Abbott of would you stay or will we use save that that every team. Emma an ominous a as. I'm a deal it. Not single digits not even in his teens using wanted to 32 this and oh no we got the right quarterback is that direction we're going. About half pound. Okay that sixteen. They really go until 818 or nineteen not I'm saying. This kind of guys out there. Who can do the job he ever give Matt the highest level you you Matty crash and for not having you know later in life only in his. Terry Bradshaw wanna force who woolsey's losing it happened many and I Meeks will read as Alan TV. No it's always tell the market it's all society I'm not I'm just no no no but it does make a difference what it took me basically to me. Is fifteen years now. You make it two or three years of UV just achieve the same thing. They can't be jealous clean EB unit B and I'm a conservative but in that area among progressive. Where it all goals at the marketing the market's gonna dig they would it is. Hanging out with the rest of Bobby Hebert Christie Garrett along sports talk on the beat him cruise. Bodies outside somewhere trying to. Talked to Mickey Loomis are or drew or Tom Condon any Arian get a deal done this call you making me nervous. Welcome back to sports talk here on W well. Chris cemented those who are Chris you're on WWL IMF undock on. Yeah it was around probably. Popped and then not want you to my support you know. Well it could have been in topic is not a good ball went. I'm. Now he can talk to people right now Susie do need to talk on the teams. On the commodity there notes there is what does is no lie no lie this is not a big deal. I'm trying to gather. Why it didn't. That don't even have to know that their job as an hour's UN command Iraq. A change. At quarterback but it is odd bit disrespectful to me. What does not disagree Chris is not mean that would it's easy to be emotionally invested that's why Bobbie you know this. You don't you have agents that's vision you remove the emotional impact that you've moved the remove that as a possibility I'm sure. There's some sentimentality the breeze might have for staying here in new worlds connections he has obviously is family's very used to it. He is is very user is very fond of the city very fond of the organization. But that's why you let your agents do their thing and look this is one of those deals where you just look at and say it's not disrespect I had asked earlier what kind of messages does that send to. The rest of the team you know the players on saint it sends a masses of really nobody nobody's gonna get preferential reward comes a contract and his organization have. Would draw is so bad message through or has never gotten preferential treatment. From the saints compared to other quarterbacks and other teams considering the level that he's played. Yes hello I'd say yeah absolutely. How they've treated Drew Brees. They have not treated him like a hall of fame first ballot hall of Famer. Not that might be Mickey littlest way of doing things that might be Tom Condon. I'm just saying he is going down that alarmed him in training camp. And it's always like all of us franchise tagged drew whatever. Ocalan Jimmy grapple. Before his cutter franchise tag him did Dave franchise tag and that dude started drinking seven games. And a look at a deal they were repelled him. Limit today Drew Brees is being great that is saints the saints have being great for Drew Brees. But when he goes. Down to an inning like Drew Brees has. Bin royalty. When it comes to way he's been treated as far as contract negotiations no that's. That's a bunch of BS what is going down that alarm which it doesn't have to be Chris you know I might disagree with the one that. But. I mean nobody you think key part he doesn't partially go I'm so thank you know he's not knowing cycle that's why you have Tom Condon. Does any length about the vikings whatever Drew Brees and the income London and not as a failure is Jared Daryn everything. The unity to bring you divide his design. Big do not need a brain Drew Brees in the building. To get a deal or tell. They know our Drew Brees is staying they know that but I didn't talk Linda Drew Brees and he's not denying anything. You are got to do is talk to Tom Condon this guy like crisis and does your wife. Are global will put whatever you like your wife says like. The day my wife Jo-Jo. As a great thing to me. And all of a subsidy will come and now they'll come out to me and this say watt as I don't know mama my wife handles that write whatever she says is what do we goes beneath. And if you wonder trying go around aren't as either way it's gonna work the same thing with time come Arab and then and Drew Brees. No he's. He's a spokesperson. He's aged for Drew Brees that's why you pain in the big bugs. He's gonna do the dirty work so as far as like. Drew Brees can it is an eight gig it could be completely innocent and I haven't talked in a vikings I don't know was Laura have no news and nudity does not know that. And then Tom Condon and all his people were behind the scenes what it would actually go and. Text or 8787 it's Condon weigh in on the cousins deal now he's already got a he's got to the market set. Alex Smith got traded this offseason from the chiefs to the to the Redskins signed into a big monster contract the market's already there to the word Tom Condon already knows. If I go wrap below yellow Matthew Stafford I'm not even government because it could cruise gonna get more and Alex Smith did and never Alex maybe. Did you ever think about this as your as his agent hey drew we know the saints are asking we know the money and it's out there. Let me do my due diligence as your agent to see if there's somebody out there that's willing to just blow our doors completely off as you mentioned Bobby. Sixty million dollar makes me February again so I think you would be doing yourself a disservice. If you're Tom gone and if he's going to take this deal as Shelley how racially are well the market especially. That when everyone's trying to win a Super Bowl or championship. And you can abdicate you needed to. It gives a look at a crystal ball. Not knowing what to do is to the saints uniform so saints fans don't get ticked off let me. I'm just telling you the real deal on NFL. If so what if I Drew Brees. That he can go to Minnesota Vikings. Art of Denver Broncos. And guaranteed as saying it's doable. Peyton Manning left and went that are Broncos the good John Elway. Some look at a device either Broncos cruised in the their relevant because this noble contends that the cardinals on that. Look and in the jets browns on the you know when a look at them the browns are on the picture now Tyrod Taylor but you know that the negative has been the jets whenever. When I look at like where the vikings. Analysts say the Broncos. Who VQ when you say get through boy you got sixty to seventy million guaranteed. Verses say half of that. And he's come on. That's a lot of money. If you look at we have set play and then he's got enough money enough money. That's easy enough even the statement commodity if for us to say no. But we don't live in a billion dollar industry would have that kind of market Billy we'll have that kind of money that. Is continually tell fly first class you might want all the damn jacket. About that Bobby Hebert crushing dark on sports on I want my own jet. Cute doggie B. He'd be reckless images you only did colon. I coming up next hour on sports talk more. Since Zach Strief some farewells. I feel free calls a 504260187. Tells. Was actually make you watch them play part of Super Bowl championship squad. For. Of southeastern alliance also George stocky. Professional better. With the action network. All coming your way next hour Bobby Hebert Christian York phone lines open at 504. 26018 Seve if any cannot build a cell phone you guys a lead off the next hour as well this is WW LA anathema dot com.