Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry

Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry talks about the NBA draft and the future of the Pelicans. Would they go over the luxury tax to win a championship? 

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Our. I welcome back to sports talk Alvin Gentry head coach of the New Orleans pelicans draft night in the NBA coach. I'm an eight on a first round draft pick but still pretty exciting night. Well that it the good side and all the time and these are never knows what could happen so regarding. But it verbal commitment to than. You know and now patriots prepare like we're going to be. Have a personal pick goes to these and you'd never know how forestry. Art. So are you tell me that maybe guys are trying to get back in the first round here nobody is listen it's okay to tell me coach. Under the don't is that there's a lot of girls but if there into the market. I got I got to get to got a new contract extension I'm sure that's. That's going to be early for you know yes and we'll securities Presley got the success you guys had this year. Well it'd like being here. You know expensive. A competent that. Good should be one lead in the paper that's really exciting and it it topic we're headed in the right direction so. I'm looking forward to a public vote to get back on the floor on all over there. If you don't. Give back in the first round tonight in the sec on how do you evaluate that second round pick when he what's the approach from the organization there. Well I think that like anything else and everybody is where we're all. But you know we're looking at from. Admirable that that might enter into it also that. You you know I think got guys do a great job out there are great job look at it apart and a group of people at that particular. Position. That didn't do what we're trying to reduce the Y and so. You know pick it could become. Very are important to pick someone that's with the accustomed to plant the way you. Held his coach Alvin Gentry here on sports talking. Coach and the bear with me on this have been maybe I guess and a wish list of mind but say LeBron James says he doesn't want he wants to get out of Cleveland. How much you think you guys who would we go laughter. Though I can't comment on that for the simple fact that it's on the album all our irons were beta stage now and I'll I'll I'll I'll go to term you everything that you would know what you know back to it is not known about the talk about so. It all ago. Duca can be the designated. Don't it's not bill France's. I'm not all fun and typical. Again I get it now have have even a tenth of that so I caricatured so I apologize but all of auto let me let me ask you this though so. If you close as an organization and you feel like it. Regardless of in free agency are trade to what Hattie how willing are the pelicans to go over the luxury tax if it means adding players. That are gonna get you guys maybe over the hump and into an into the Western Conference finals RR two and a championship. I think that is being committed. Trying to win a championship and you know it is something that significant. Yeah topic that would happen. Either bring the number one priority is. You know she's in the trouble in the championship bopping. Mickey's and the truck or a championship when Mandela and the coaches so. I think we would would do with the opportunity to have a significant. But significant jump. I I think that mrs. beer everybody would try to do. How is Louis cousins come along his rehab. Are indeed making progress. Where a couple Andrew but I consider these these people working his butt off he marries. I mean he's you know pretty much we have about six stayed out every day so. You know I think you could very much. And to try to get himself back in and get into the formality he lost her. What do you think. We think about it once he gets back too soon be no play basketball again. Is there is there concern at all let them in my in my take a little while in order to get back to being able because as he was a feat he sees no ability that pretty quickly. Well a debt that's. One of the things that no one knows real hero. There's nobody working extremely hard trying to get back at that level. And you know that courses not going to be the answer to exactly coal. Coach a lot of success last year. What every you know you've had time to maybe think about your season. Who was or stretch our our moment there was where he looked back on cement that was some of the fun assigned I had that that year. All up and collapse by gains in dog that reclusive. But we believe we designated about playoffs. And we were in a position where we have to win all. We can't work for. But beware of for Denver on European network via. And so. I got that an apartment so the approach every day. The last five games of the season they recovered queries you know the whole thing about here you know the of the several today. You know we happen out Wednesday that the. And you know they did a great job and you know went and it goes on the load. You know one of those games are there plans haven't colonial it all. You know having all of record Q. Politically oh just you know coming together and and plant that would change. Coach Alvin Gentry are the pelicans on sports talk wind Allen and coach you think there's enough parity is in the NBA. I think that's why you not think everybody talked about. You know golden. And they're great to be very very very intimately war. You know. You know there was parity anomalies that put Chicago bull. You know you do. You know they they want you know where. Critics. We felt like you know we have a great chance there weren't there NBA championship which could never do and only pole I think that make book. Great basketball you know you you wanna try and it took me a thing. There are more Leo Houston has has the right approach. And he you've got to build everything and everything going to be great spot on the beat Golden State. You know about what you got to try to do because they're at a town and and if you wanna be county got a on the way that the defeat content. Coach headed into this coming basketball season. How important will be at a recognize what you accomplish last year but a lot like the saints do where they they almost say look that was last year we we just our new. Well what you want to Tuesday it would try to peel all year their last year you model that you want. Prepared. It has no bearing on the next season the next season becomes a completely. Separate entity. So we it will happen do well. It will happen. Prada. We're at the level that we do last year which won't eat it ends up that's going to be aggressive and where last year. How to take coach Alvin Gentry hey thanks a bunch for the for the time and you you pretty busy right now with the draft gone. Good luck to pelicans are. All right up the city got a problem. Are you bet who subway comeback for John uptown you to a 50426018. Semi tech's except. The sports talk here on W growing up Hamanaka.