Pelicans Continue Their Playoff Push

We talk Pels with Advocate writer Scott Kushner then continue our Star Wars conversation with the new movie coming out on Friday.


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Off and run an hour to double coverage here on WW LA announcement dot com Tim's in our master control Seth and Christian here on. W to go till 11 o'clock got Scott Kushner Stefan in. That 931 he be called and reported for the advocate cars to be would write for potter the cicada authorities respondent for product it's high Timmy track. Look he's his blue man moniker and whatever McGill. Late breaking news spoiler alert. I have broken there in the their own news I fear it all out with the gene pool just sort of do some some research of all the the franchise or Star Wars will set Dunlap is race fall get there yet. I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors I would say watch the movie and you'll find out now I may be not here on Friday so take that has you will. I yourself lord which are are you dark side or like Simon. You a year and you and him I'd like I diamond and Blake in between I would have a little dark side bit you know play both sides. Both say in this you know X wing game two Bubba well without I am a proud member of an assist I draw a line to like that's where it's gone too far you guys. I might be a geek for being a Star Wars geek but playing imperial battleships next swing analyzed stuff. Is it live is your little jealous I know him before like when invite me over to these things have only his fellow rescuer actually things. Unlike the role on the team evil and stomp on them man could do it. So lousy team outcry. Over that you know placed on me now I'd say look nobody wants to be a space Nazis sought. Can I am not a but he say a member of that party but it's identify more of the Sith lord honestly. I cut a deal that salutes to a degree that's what can I want criticism Star Wars is everything used to apps salute. You know I mean like there's there's no grey anywhere. They're shouldn't integrate its core it's great he is deal that's the highest Orlando's of the greatest character Andrea like independent toes and a little bit. He shady for sure. Anyway coming up this hour I guess that Scott Kushner also a dive into that playoff race in the NFC in particular after Carson Wentz. Going down to an ACL injury he's lost for the year's MVP candidate. Had a season cut short in LA the need to win the other giants this week we're Nicole's whole boy nick foale's now you're starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and and these are understandably record as a as a starting quarterback just barely by about five games. But man the landscaping in a seat changed drastically. On Sunday in Los Angeles now and going down the vikings losing. To the Carolina Panthers and also this NFC is wide open could be LA is the once seen it could be new worlds they could be. Minnesota I don't see Philadelphia although they have enough wins stack that. Up already that these manages survive for the next three games they can still get a first round bye bit and in the saints have a better shot now and it is certainly would you go to LSU in the play. Out so I don't think you went in the NFC with nick pulls your quarterback in and look to be fair we have not seen nick falls in this Doug Peterson system. He was the next pulls a one year. What's went 27 to which one is that it's a census two interceptions. He's not he's not a guy. Is not just simply put that he's not a guy that is gonna come and hurt your team for the quarter there's not too many of those other camera and I don't think it. You're he's they're just gonna have a precipitous drop off offensively with him obviously he's not Carson went spit. They keep it together but there's two things here number one quarterback play in the post season is so important we know that but also. We went over us on the show last week Christian Philadelphia historically is not a difficult place to play even in the post season so you know they award get a home came. They're probably not gonna get the traditional three point bumped from Basie wanna set those lines you know we know. New Orleans few years ago went up to filling a playoff game and beat them on the road can happen. Yes. I was two point that I was their first franchise went up playoff win on the road hit him in the team's history so look. Their defense is good enough I gonna have to to carry a four game mark to put in the post season when you be facing a lot of elite quarterbacks or equally as good defense is in Minnesota. And only quarterback and I know they just beat Carson they just be Jerry golf for the rams but it's also going to be jerk off. Against nick pulls opposed to Jared golf. Against Carson went. I just I am not sold on LA I am still. Not sold on the alarm and Nestle writes the when they face an elite defense of the better teams in this conference they just seemed to crumble and I don't count the oil is at. Because New Orleans was not at full health and meg game that was on the road. And they got absolutely exposed by Seattle in their own building earlier in the year now the good news for the rams is this week Seattle is. The Walking Dead direct outs three hall of famers and chancellor. Sherman and Bobby Wagner the without Chris able to a loss KJ Wright. Sort of rams here at the Seattle could do that saints a heck of a favor and beat the rams this week I just don't know that's gonna happen with all these Seattle injuries so. You know this is the rams you're one of those first two seeds get a vibe I guess you'd kind of favor them in this conference that. I like the saints and I really like the vikings to the vikings get that one seed they're going to be my favorites in his comments I just. I don't know how you go up there in the playoffs and win NSA has done it in the fact all game and it if they get the soap bubbles up I. Think debt first on the exact go on that pressure go against them I also think he saw a little bit of case Keenan's. Weaknesses exposed by the Carolina Panthers. On Sunday and a loss and that's saying Casey and can't get it done. I just I what I've learned about. Playoff football news typically it takes an elite quarterback showed in not only quarterback in the last ten years that is that is one possible. Barco. Okay how often is that the one auto attend no I don't I'm I think it's I thought when I went I went is that while vikings are really really good defensively. There's gonna come a time in a playoff where. And may be the NFC title game where you have more case you've got to put on offense and a team on his back because he's faced another elite quarterback. And when the game now really the case Keenan was capable of that. I'm with yet although I do think case he animus playing this season and I real eyes adjust this season and not even the full season is playing like a top ten quarterback in the sleeves as in the case in in the bowl. But. That's why I like the saints and I said it since about week five Christian that is really why I see this season just kind of warm and it's way. In New Orleans favorite the injuries all over the conferencing you need injury like you know this to win Super Bowls one way or the other either your in your lack of injuries on your seem. Clear opposition getting a few key injuries nor what Sam was Seattle now with Philadelphia with Green Bay losing Rogers. He never lets see anybody injured her right how the saints are on the right side of the injury luck this year. And even I lost a lot on Thursday they're not significant injuries and these are banged up top. And at what three concussions. And kind of residual nagging ankle injury for AJ Klein can't say hello and nick a couple of other nagging injuries for Kinney a car usually back this week. There's a good you bring up another good point here with these Philadelphia injures you remind me of a good point. If Philly it's one of those top two season let's say New Orleans yet as the three seed right there's a chance that they could have bet NFC championship game. In their building if that and we're got a project out a long ways but because Philadelphia the drop off here. That they're not. I can't imagine them as a favorite in that divisional game you know even if they get that first round bye and home what nick pulls your quarterback. Are they any favorites yes the rams in the building of the heavy favorites against the saints in the building now thinks so. Right now your poll for Seattle over the rams this week and help the saints say he's gonna win. Against the jets sixteen and continuing to win the following week against Atlanta and a wrap of the NFC south and also get the saints are really good shot. Pat that the the number two seed I think all mile long large I think the the saints have an opportunity to get that to see Philadelphia as a giant killer of this week. Shouldn't be too much an issue for Philadelphia to be the giants. And wrap up against Oakland are at home against Oakland and home against Dallas which is always a tough game. In Dallas is kind of fighting for their playoff lives as well also. Philadelphia Harley has it kind of wrapped up if you will leave him when that's without Carson wince but looking at the NFC playoff picture as it stands right now would be Detroit. One Philip mushy to Philadelphia as a one seed. Minnesota as the the two seed the saints would be the foresee behind the rams who have who would be the three seed in. And the wild card weekend who beat Carolina Panthers are what the Seattle Seahawks. And it has the six seats do you fit place for play four vs five. And the for the saints a wild card weekend here in a world that's three times this year you face the Carolina Panthers. You tell oddly I think you won the Panthers keep winning as long as you're winning easy on that tiebreaker and if you're gonna face that I'm Howard about me and he said it's tough to beat team three times I know but they just Miss Match up well this matchup so both Carolina you wanna see that game here in New Orleans in the playoffs absolutely I think. Playing van I think claim the rams here be a great match for them I think plane Seattle public is those injuries they'd be heavy favorite here. There's a lot of a lot of matchups that favor the saints right now on this conference the one team again and I know you talk for a quarterback play but I think. Going against that defense on the road in Minnesota. Will be a tough task for the saints team. I would agree but to diversity seem they faced and we won for the liking it's I told truth here. Will the browns go low sixty's yeah. They these assets of lemon they have they have Baltimore at Chicago at this very ya look at that look at those sixteen Chicago maybe but I don't. Chicago just hung up a bunch of points on who would Chicago be poses see no I don't think this is that a 33 to seven I actually I think have pushed back a met him I think what the way the schedule works out unless Jacksonville just falls apart here. No matter it no matter if they win or lose. That's. That New England game I think with the way it works out that week seventeen games can matter. The less things super early on the words of Jacksonville like loses their next few games and and pits for when's the next few are suppose it would matter but I think that we seventeen games in a matter for Pittsburgh. Yet Jacksonville by the way in my sneaky. Contender here even with Blake morals in the NFC his turn himself me and he's sort of the trend overtime in early as you know we have a thought his view that defense. But these it's going to be the best defense in the league for a the next three or four years do you sit bills in the colts came in like five feet of snow in buffalo that was great I feel bad for Adam Vinatieri is he you know the storyline with him though it's gonna cost them 500000 dollars clear and also for a no because he gets a 500000 dollar bonus if he makes 90% of its fuels are here Qichen and that snow. Missed couple field both. And now he's well under that 90% so we have to go 55 over the last couple weeks. Or to get that backs of the little little he's been around for a long time I'm sure he's all right in terms of money and the F Philadelphia we talk about them in the NFC but the new page is finally coming back down to earth they were and wanting a row in Miami. Beat them on Monday Night Football point seven it's one of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots play this Sunday to look at the rest of the AFC. Announce Eliot Jacksonville could end up sneaking in that two seed and get a first round bye. Kansas City Los Angeles chargers Oakland Raiders won a mess it is in the AFC west but the way could be the chargers went an had a vision. Knew he was gonna watch and they've got they need to win this game because Jacksonville's just too good. And I realized its New England never gonna count now Brady and bill checked but if they don't get a first round bye and then they got to go on the road maybe to a Jacksonville and then to. A Pittsburgh back to those who rule out Antonia. Since that saints QB and I came in Norwalk C it's Christian. This is not the same New England team we've seen in the past they have so only to deficiencies especially on the defensive side of the football and the look of the blue that guy Madrid have a quarterback Matt aren't that well that. And Bill Belichick double coverage your phone lines open final four twos or so whites only text 870. He sent me this is W annoy enough knock off. Coming up at 931. At our CBS news of pats got the cushion or any pelicans reporter for the advocate can until tells basketball but. If you order the popularity of the game of the NFL you're wondering about and I'm talking myself you're too if you wonder about the viability long term. Sustainability of the National Football League would go farther than the salary cap. And what is projected to be 28 team last year was this past year 2017. 167 it's gonna climb north of 178. Million. Dollars of the revenues there. They're fine that's why they're not worried about ratings being down this that the other in all the detentions go all the way finally there's some fans that are seeking. To recoup their money. From the protest which I think that's a little bored but Hahn a you know I'll hug it that what way Enron but I don't wanna be real conversation but it does show you Seth. This game is alive and well we put the numbers of 170 mean dollars projected salary cap. We've we've talked about it. Earlier in the year when people are tuning out for whatever reason and it just it wasn't affecting their bottom line very much at all you know might take a percentage or two off the ratings points somewhere but. They're making so much money and especially comparisons to the other sports leagues in this country that. The NFL is more than viable I think they have some long term issues with with safety concerns and how that's affecting. The game at the youth levels and certainly what's happening in college football these lawsuits that are proceeding through. But the NFL and worry about I remember. About a decade ago or so when when the salary cap. Was threaded under Millen we thought man look at the seller half the hundred malice is is huge. And now. Almost double that and it's easy to connect and the new for new projections and a surge today Christian. You know and apple have that plan by Tony Tony five may be a 25 billion dollar industry yet a year they they pushed that back a couple years so it's still. Looking at 20/20 seven before their 2.5 billion dollar industry a lot of that growth those come from overseas. Big time interest in the game of football longest winning ones but also in Mexico. And you we see over in China and that area interest also. The NFL is now many problems here in May it please if they lose a couple here's the thing we forget that this is a they worldwide. Now you know media market your for the valley Christian where if the NFL loses again it was a rating point or two here. Are these schemes they're gaining that. Overseas in their growth. You know it which is in England in May I guess at a Mexico in China and these. Other areas which say one of the do that's been their their their number one mission is to grow the coup the game globally. Over the last handful years and they've done that they've expanded to LA which by the way helps your blue not eat you'll see it but. The expansion of violated two teams didn't just help you expand in the United States in the second biggest market. It helped put you on the global stage as well because that is such a huge impact the market and it's easy to get to from overseas there's all kinds and on a result comes direct flights. From where you wanna go where you want target etc. so it's easy way to draw some fans in there. I think the next the next venue they're gonna start really started he saw game in Mexico this year they're gonna start targeting all that and it does show you that. The NFL we hear all these reports about merchandise is down ratings are down etc. etc. look at the bottom line slick radio. Brady's might be down but if revenues there yet it's not a matter that's this is not a matter of that's very through entity you didn't it isn't about ratings if you're drew. Our revenue and not just in this job in the NFL wherever you're if you're pulled in money. Not far you give way to view it can't happen that you the other casket. You talk about a readings dream. About a bull LE teams make the playoffs this year Kansas our army. Los Angeles ajar chargers are almost bombs and you're gonna chargers. Our red hot maybe the hottest team right now in the NFL that AFC west race might not be very good 276 teams and chiefs but that's a fascinating area that's an entry I were suddenly come back you know pelicans vast wealth Scott commissioner. That's got to be Kushner NBA intelligence report before the advocate the up and down. Will coaster ride of the rules Hogan's Alley on pace to make the post season we'll talk about it next double covered sets a Christian we'll talk about it with us feel free. At 504 twos so when he selling text 870. 87 ends up on Twitter at said the last act Kristian garic here on W two well. There's a basketball theme music and all those pelicans. Back in action tomorrow against the balks at home and I traveled to that in August in Denver on. Friday welcome in Scott Kushner ask god because NBA television reporter for the advocate and Scott as you don't every guests tonight man we're trying to figure out. What's the relation is. Ray from Star Wars the last gen I issue a public team issue is skywalker. Is she solo what is she. Have never in a single borrower now. There's and as a citizen a look at the stats on and on delicate game that's. Jobs and so it's important and you sky high major. They appeared in. Major crops major props and audio like trying to figure at least she's pads and I have no idea good for you. Are you just are you like one of those guys it doesn't watching movies or TV kind electrician other in the all Star Wars and I don't want to comic book or any thought I really. I'm the nominee might be coming to be a little credibility sensitivity of Christian he fails by the way too out of these three things aren't in your star award at a breaking bad ABC breaking bad. Hebert now can all right that's good again. What was it personally want a 30 yeah sentry armor yourself. And that he'll. She that's. Really able orcas you know it was just such as it so so violent that really likely to be better than just the sheer violence. I. Sky man how is to have all kinds of like Sith lord references with the based on good players but I guess that. Is out the window that we got down away. Anyway it's not that. Let's economic thousands pelicans seventh in the Western Conference right now I guess at bucks and nuggets coming up next in. Gauge the success of this team so far Scott on the on the on pace about where we expected in the B. On the and yet you say that they are there for a playoff team do you think it again this senator's seat than. Probably as people expected and that's just about where they are now I would expect them probably be a couple games hire both 500. At this point play when you consider. Just everything the way they look. That this is about what they should be there by working really consistent they have it depends on government which it. I played probably their orbits gains the feasible common office. Three loss to Golden State and then last night it used it. The three best in the policies and and so it's really hard pill they are what we're seeing in the last week or two certainly started December. They're the second best offense and the worst defense in BA. Started so that is becoming. Pretty clear trend that is an offensive based feed the team that could try to score a point and how score cheap. Trying to stop it and actually that law. It's six out of their last nine games although like you said it had they played through the conference's best teams in there but the most inconsistent parts me has been their defense expect him to be good defensive team especially with the markets doesn't he may have been battered but. Well no so the mark cousins play defense around a 111 points to gamers got two point 98. In the NBA have you been that. She surprised I guess even though your expectation that their work I've been Asif has he been surprised how bad that they've been defensively. Yes I thought they would be better and I thought to be better because they've put such emphasis should do it. That defense going to be this critical piece and they were top ten defense last year which Al gentry mentioned earlier on him. This summer about how you know pick it does boost the offense into the top they can maintain the defense no response. But the person now it doesn't take a lot of you know in depth purporting to figure this out. The key player coordinators in the regular offense really that. Give that title but you know E'Twaun Moore was really good defense couldn't do much and all that out he would DeMarcus Cousins and note well you know. Can't play any defense is scoring a point and that this is kind of which you do it and rate on the same picture holiday. Was or the part in the point. And I agree does not record there are he can critic to steal decree tradition. But he was more off the clintons agree player at this point career. And so this is personal I mean they can get really not skiing it's a little bit of effort but it's also just these guys have a war. And right now they just don't play much defense they're given out. You know this month and there are way the worst defensive team belief which is that they can be sustained. On themselves and about 400 it is pretty much. Andy Davis loses questionable for Wednesday's games against the bucks and how are things I guess almost a full year until almost roughly Scott of the W cousins bullion brow comics Furman if you will. Is it going the way you wanted to ago. I think with the numbers bear out is that. They are really good when they're on the war to arc. The pelican are still pretty solid what is just media out there. And they are not nearly as cute when it's just too markets. And I think that kind of proved out those who were all these power play in the market. And that CDs or people asking in the caucuses but with the two of them together you give yourself a chance to change it probably wouldn't have and Clinton. Last year for example if they were committed to play out as seven or eight she figured it Winnick gamer to reduce you guys when they would. Actually their chance to do it. You know they only at war so. They're feeling fire I would say click perfectly it would go really believe that. This is the foundation of the championship level team or anything to that degree. But I do think it is in doubt. I would those two guys that rays are feeling good bit and it is enough to probably be play two especially the last issue some guys banged up for a longer it. On talking to Scott commissioner here on double coverage covers the pelicans for the advocate pat Scott B Kushner on Twitter. A this Tony Allen injuries they announced earlier tonight fractured fit Beulah. You missed three weeks to get about so what about twelve minutes a game is this say any kind of big news for them. We paid big news they can kind of silly in usually you know they they really. What they want attorney Allen to be initially with a guy comes in really weak spots. I shut down why. Grab some art styles and decent bit of enemies really at the very talented career he was just able to be in the locker room England's. I'm not really be out war he's not a guy that I think people want him to be. Total minutes they won't be playing in the U Google deal. Like games per week. So into it out. They riddle that is anything herbal put Clark in that spot sometimes it Dante Cunningham. That board the gold digger and it would happen would come out there. So approaching about the third remark of a season that's got in this Western Conference has. As your opinion changed on the hierarchy here again everybody to stop the warriors including myself they mailed them the trophy. Is this Houston closed the gap here is is this Houston neck and neck with memory so think of the warriors are of the team to be mr. Roberts. I opened the warriors to you is walked from the lineup. Yeah like who do you guard like who you. Do I mean it's only just it's ludicrous that level of talent they April Andre Iguodala their time in the forget about it like oh yeah. Yeah actually to tell their best player. Like you know it it's just it's a wealth of talent. And I just find in the seven games series I feel like anybody stop. The ability just because they can shoot the lights out and if they get hot or not games. You know they make 43 tonight can you could be anybody but I just I typical exports account. Scott can you please. Go check out some Stallworth and please. At the opening. I only like seventy borrowers like the idea is to beat. I'm an accord that either you are one of our favorites and it beats you lost some cool points in the at least some data points to me were the marathon you have never. Ever and I'm blowing up on to a about the way ever seen all. Here's what confused about yeah maybe have a set out to watch and even unlike in television cable TV on some of these are running you've never even like just you know. Captain on that channel or some yeah. No I've I've seen them agree to Kabul what he'd be after. Really since like Swiss tennis and a curiosity I don't go on. That show walker guy Hebert the white wrote Michael used karate. I don't. You know lose dialogue. Is a guy that's got Kushner adds guy because you're onto the best NBA pelicans reporter for. The ads you appreciate it the company and it's certainly the phone. Baghdad notre evidence the united ketchup bottle and it is now support. Yeah he's got it to yourself trust trusts. I have pelicans you are the assess and their so now it's it's right kind of where I thought they'd be. Think they'd be this bad defensively man like and they're not going to be good defensively when you have booty cousins play on Regis. Idol better than it was that he's just objectively bad on that in the court but they're not gonna win. When he playoff games in any given up on eleven points the nuggets of off. It's SF we come back and it goes back to this past weekend the the high school states embassy games something I want to talk about that I kind of went on. They're in the broadcast there a towards the end but early and gets things off my chest based on. Last lesson and Maggie and also less salt social media. Talk about a national coverage. So about the way. Good job great job viewing your prep crew Thursday Friday and Saturday meant doing great job cover outstanding job covering the state playoffs in the states and two games. In the superdome on Thursday Friday and Saturday at going to be. Thanks you happily apart of that and had an opportunity to call the finding states and you gain congratulations to Zachary in the Broncos for being at the Condo tigers and as states and Japan. You know what things you were listened during the broadcast. You heard coach Lou Val and myself admonished on bill fan base here wasn't. Two score ball game in the fourth quarter well and rule about eight minutes left and that was about a understand how to people in the stands on those side. And I'm honest tomorrow on on the on the air and then afterwards on tour I really got after his tonight I just felt like. Hey look I give it I'm not one of these. People that says yeah we should reward second place that's not wanna don't misunderstand me here but the fact that your team. Got you in the superdome kid's high school kids got two of the superdome for the first time in fifteen years. You've bought a huge fan base it's all the community talk about their Condo and look I can say this with a little bit more. Vigor just because I have. Has some ties that community out there having my sons graduated in May. And you leave. In a ballgame. And there's about a hundred fans there. To see. Your team those 16178 year old kids. Have a hundred people watch them take the state runnerup trophy when there's two modern fourteen other programs in the state I would love to have a state runnerup trophy. And is second best team in the state and five day. And I just thought it was a bad look. Far behind bill fan base to talks about how great they are and then I was even here in thoughts and conversations and in tweets back at me saying that. Coach salt isn't good enough they self module is in good enough because he didn't get to the big game and win it. This is high school football this is high school football is the biggest problem I have honestly and I'm sure when the next time I show my face on bill they're gonna have some issues I mean that's fine. But this is one reason why I look at and government should I reconsider sending my kids that's school program. If that's a they're gonna have that that's there and be apart of and high school until I just got a question that. We'll gonna I think one of the best coaches in state at Tennessee and Louisiana certainly in the top five there's a ton of them in the state but when I saw that and I saw. The fan base it was really shameful. To allow. Those kids to not have the support that they should have had for a stellar season he is win this one of the greatest players that have ever come through your school. And you think who wins. Perhaps one of the best high school players ever put on a uniform. In this state. He sent an ally that and then you say to me on Twitter. They give second place trophies we don't accept runnerup trophies and until a kidney. You got through three states images I think they got there and well I think for last on skis and last what since 2003 I know that for sure. Anna I solace don't want is a bit of arrogance amongst us and on the fan base and really the term really about it. Well here's what owls today in my view on this announce our talked about this before in the national football I do not know. Why in today's era of football and offense in quick comebacks that. Anybody would vacate two score game. When eight minutes left at any level football is in the game that your team can win so. Regardless of who was playing or what level it was playing in a set up before with the chaos of the saints and the city are crazy to leave in the game yet. That they came back and when Eminem tumbling wash the Washington Antonio Washington game like in mad men won over time. A city these fans are crazy I don't know whether leave in the Escambia Drew Brees quarterback. Just stick around and I know it's. And enjoy them enjoy the moment re edit and I played not into football state championships but I played in. Three. Big time state basketball tournaments and I think Nelson certain. I was talking about this a little bit on the broadcast that coach for Newman. When I was when I was stock consume that. What we remembered as as kids and get a grow older and is athletes. It's knots. Just that opponents say it's not even mostly about winning a title. That is not what you'll remember the most it is the journey getting there it is the thousands of fans. And friends and family and classmates in former alumni that are in the stands. Watching you play on the biggest stage those are vividly analysis of the things that I remember most is not about the winds in the losses in the state tournament. It's not about us what hardware we brought home it was about those moments ands. And I would say this anybody out there if you've if you're a fan of your school especially at that level. It isn't all about just winning a championship right it's about the moment for these kids. That have given so much. Physically mentally emotionally. True that program and chewed that's. Community. To get there vets. Stick around said the stick around and I'm not painting a broad brush your I'm really knots and I don't think anybody was doing this bullet as zany and I think most people weren't doing it maliciously but. Yeah you just to stick around I don't SNL eight minutes left your Akerson Amos let your scores you can come back. And yeah best player in the state. Who can do to touch is your right back in the ball game tied to look. Do you think if you do it at the high school let me do that the pro level when you spend a lot of money college though we talk about what it. Ten Dollar General admission just to get in the dome for stated in this high school kids that need your support and you bail on. I just think it's a bad look and I think it's a look of arrogance from our Eagles fan base. And then I heard sums it all those that the bandwagon fans well okay activist and a hundred people leaving that a bandwagon fans but when you bring forth 4500 strong. At least and probably 4400 on leave. That's not fair weather fans and. Somebody out Honda man the guys were awesome at the start because. I had never seen one side of the superdome in any came with that many people that many fans it was just it was awesome in the true definition of the word I was in awe watching. A your fan base so you know I'm not I'm not get a I have a little bit different view than you do Christian I'm not casting. Again blanket it's. You know statements that at you if you're on go fan now I have it. Yeah I'm Sam's given my own opinion like just next time because it's gonna. You're gonna miss being in that superdome as it takes yet another you know. Half a decade or decade to get back there whatever it is you're gonna miss a beat and that's superdome and miss those those moments even in a loss. I think you're gonna miss those thirty minutes or so you would had watching your team play as a setting it off my chest double coverage here on the beat him.