Pelicans and NBA Draft

Tuesday, June 19th
The NBA Draft is Thursday night so we talk about the Pelicans offseason with Mason Ginsberg of Bourbon St Shots. Plus, we recap the CWS from today.

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The NBA. The average and talk about it here in New Orleans because the pelicans don't have a first round picks so there's not a lot of such excitement around the draft I do get it. Our teams not really involved at least in the first round they will have a second round pick. But the strap desire like I said Tim you don't have that true number one overall can't miss guy that will we still actually don't know who's going number one. We don't although Chris thinks that he'll be in the products from Arizona going to Phoenix. Yonder in Aden who has shades of Shaquille O'Neal chose a shades. Mr. Big shoes. Very literally to fill but delicate. We get a draft takers I mean eight grace and now on. What it is Grayson look like Ted Cruz but I heard a similar acts. I never got that now I have to see them side by as NEC young Ted Cruz at occurring grace and honor and put that together. Temp at the Mason gets her care Burma street shots at about ten minutes about the pelicans. Offseason plans that pile up draft plants are. But as as we keep going through. The 24 hour sports news cycle and new information comes out every single day about players opting out of contracts. Players who wanna be traded worded bees guys wanna go. The more that this happens the more I hear that more and more stars. And a second tier stars are mid level guys are going to be available. On the free agent market and or via trade. The more I think the DeMarcus Cousins will not be back with the pelicans this next season. Unless. The market early dries up for him elsewhere and it doesn't sound like the market is completely dry note could be gamesmanship by Mark Cuban and some other teams that. Reported that Dallas would be interested possibly in signing him to a close to Max level kind of contracts. And I just don't think that Dell Demps is ready to open up checkbook like that not. With bode cousin's coming off that Achilles injury and it's been so devastating to stars previously. Not all those question marks and not in a few modestly critical offseason for this team. Make no doubt about it this is one offseason they yield cannot screw up. If your doldrums. You just can't do it you will set this franchise back a decade ten years. By having a disastrous offseason you've got to sign or Reese signed the right pieces. You got to plan. Not only for this next year but 234 years down the road. And you can't afford to have another bad contract. A guy who is coming up an injury that just did shades of his former self. Can you imagine this team getting hamstrung by a 2530 million dollar year to Marcus Cousin Zealand cousins comes back. And as he's score and 1215 points in game. Can't play over twenty point five minutes a game with that. Injury. Not disastrous that would be. No I do think there is a world that Abd a big world. Where cousins is back under relatively team friendly prove it kind of deal. Something. Like a one year deal what they've second year option for the team where cousins should he prove. That yes he can come back from this injury the dodges a co opt in May be something like the Macs next year. And then. Cousins still young enough where he's gonna have another opportunity. To earn a Amax level deal if he comes back healthy. And you know what if Dallas or somebody else wants to give cousins a four year Max level deal good for them and good for the markets. I only keep the guys from his cash to get that green. But I don't want the pelicans on that kind of money in the markets I don't bank that would be a fatal mistake. Fatal for the short term future of this franchise will take a break back when Mason Ginsburg suburban street shots. Your socket some NBA and just hazard generated talk pelicans of Mason Ginsburg. Taylor explained Neil you just found from Garland Gillen the very. Good fox eight reporter for a fox ATV. Yes so ESPN did a thing where they had billboards for LeBron and I think this that look it looks real to me this actual billboards in Metairie says Lafayette LeBron blow up Tom DeLay. On its side it looks real unease tweeted it. Via. I don't believe is so it's it's a playoff. Day I was a Sports Illustrated some outlet had ESPN had all thirty markets. And how artists from those markets make fake billboards and what it would look like and apparently that's. Artists his word is now up in Metairie it still looks not real to me but I guess it is appalling Garland between this out as early side itself. There's that I think there is little to no chance LeBron James is here and that is a pipe dream but pelicans fans with Sox amazing Ginsburg about it who covers the NBA and pelicans suburban street shots Mason what's up man. That in my trade. I'm good what do you make of this Scion and what you make him the chance LeBron James is here a Midas group ruling on this idea that there's a better shot. I know ideal but it's it's a fun thought and they're certainly. Less appealing option. Look here in the league and and then he'll acre really happened with subtle with the pelicans cap. Pictures LeBron left operative 35 million dollar option for next year which is. Which can be reasonable I think LeBron that's where you really want ago but that he would even if you wanted to do it that way. I Chris Paul but the full court press on and become you haven't felt that it would be hard really hard the pelican to say it the better situation than he's been for example but. Anyone activist shot at. Yeah indeed. So I just got done talking about. DeMarcus Cousins and the more I seen the market kind of setting itself up. With more guys becoming available on talk about the stars all the way down of the mid level guys. More available the week Don and free agency and also via trade guys allowed a contractor lather team situations. The more I see that Mason. The more than I think jamarcus just won't be back here. And less the market really dries up elsewhere for him where Dallas is talking about her on. Near Max global money and him maybe Washington and other teams do you think. That the Marcus is back here next year do you think. And it's out Dell Demps is ready to throw near Max money is went. Yeah ID thinks so and and there's. Technically back let me let me in the systems are inside entry yell at you worked out. I'm just that I'd that this is not that much money on free agent market this summer that not many teams have captured it and those who do you have capturing apart from. Pretty much the sixers. They're not really in a position to win now so. I'd we're really all depends what the markets want but not even tell me I I predate new adventures that well but they go after they've Obama. What what there fifth pick in the draft means that. It it's a question obviously the market would be back in the first couple months but. You know it adding that their question at at what he brought out the space beside him. And a team that really would want to bring a guy like the market could appeared in full rebuild mode that congress is not a guy you want again. Obviously mark you've been done is sort of an add talent and win games so. Pulled to perpetuate their Dallas but so it's it's more about the overall salary cap landscape in the NBA this summer it. They're just not a ton of money to go around in the pelican can go over the cap to bring him back to the accused of. A Mason that scares me to death this pelicans fan and I also was a guy has been named the Marcus in a supporter here what people said this team last year was better off without a mother and believe that for a second I think they played differently. I think we're literally used him that gold states series but if you talked about bringing him back on IMAX level multi year deal. I think it could be fatal to the franchise if history is any indication of guys coming back from an injury. Yet well I can't speak to what they've planned offer them and it is that going to be a very Egyptian negotiation and Allah and I think I think Donald not a pretty pretty damn good job in recent years but it's. The one thing that noise. Scared me that he he can. And over bid when he app still obviously and I think the negotiations other team that that you know the fight for players that weekend. Never ever going to open look at the contract oh manner and installment note guys that. You know you'd have to get that many years that much money Q that had to keep them or urgent assignment. So. The concern really I think Belda understands what's at stake here and I don't I don't think that. He just gonna grow whatever money it takes to keep the market until a little a little article here. Guess you don't think he's gonna panic and say a man enjoyment cap space in free agency we got to sign this style of sudden. I SN overpayment gym close of an actual deal just it worries me mesa because he sets amiss virus visibly with geyser coming off injuries and such. Yeah it is that is there concern and but even even so even if they get and a decent enough money I don't think it's going to be long term I I. I would expect two or three years. I would be shocked if it's one I don't think the markets where it would go for that all but two or maybe Q with an option and the third year I think would make a lot of sense. And as far as dollars go maybe not Mac but I will help make that I held it indeed does it game coming up the injury could resist. Yes he's he's done so much went out the news but it's all about well. Talking a Mason Ginsburg who covers the NBA and pelicans suburban street shots dot com it's double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap so that's not good yields just. Paint a picture of a world where. He does not come back to the pelicans what are some other. Guy is some stars are near stars of pelicans to target and maybe not infringed or maybe it's by trade or their other guys out to the UC the pelicans make a play for maybe deal and Dell Demps. Throws a couple of first round pick to Boston for carry I don't know whatever it is attributed what do you think the pelicans could go after. I mean the only other big game out there are what the talent in India obviously is that that the wing and I I think. Reverend Graham Paul George I think I think George is almost a lot to delegates and everything hover over the past twelve months. It's public recently there's been more optimism that he was it was OK beat that. And very serious. And it is on what happened to put the choir under situation that the this is kind of earth chattering a few days ago on. I'm not I've known it would happen there and if the lakers can add some kind of getting the best. Tree Pakistan or am I hit it big again pretty scary pretty quickly because I could easily be LeBron or George but adding. Followed collide the bet that that's going to be the between abroad and why does need to keep dominant IL 60. Yeah I agree coli is the domino here maybe even more than LeBron but did you really think the spurs and Popovic is certainly has. Player personnel control their would trade him to somebody in the western copper surged may sound see that happen and I think it's going to be an east of quiet street and York. Very fair point because you know pop pop it's one of those guys do what would you know even if it's not the best. The best deal. Just because of who he would like I could easily see that see that being the case and to be up at the lakers don't. The big cat but other than that packet out of all the teams that are probably going to be looking squad but the fact that. Quiet said he he would add interest in LA and it it make to other people into that to really get up. The pat the other on a budget that sets for himself. I like it said to be really pushing it see what teams will offer up for a while honor of knowing that he only has one you'll tonight contract. Agree we were making aid to scanning a fantasy pelicans GM near Santa coli goes to Boston Missouri and a player they don't need Tyree anymore. Maybe Dell trades a couple of first round picks for Tyree for a couple years that's obviously just far off scenario but. I guess the bigger point here's a wrap this up Mason would you be OK equipment to deal and Dell Demps trading you know Koppel first rounder is maybe some pieces plus that. To somebody for a relative rent player a guy on you know a two year deal or so to bring in and and try to win now. It's it's tough because every every year. It's there's a question always comes up and I think every year that would be reasonable justification for a it's just when you do a year to year that they had the problems really compound but it is seeking to get dark and and find them and I can. You know by and hopeful he's applying with that in messenger holiday. Or girl what happened in the market doesn't you know the width width eighty created becoming upn and young only a couple of years I think it's it's maybe. It depending on the player that it's a risk you may have to take. Mason Ginsburg always appreciate the time I had a real quick everything goes one in the NBA draft is in Dayton is it Don Chu Chu is that. It's been really don't like it Dayton and I get it that I I would I would give a hard look at the attitude well I think both their phenomenal players. Miami to face of the time missile doctor yep. The problem. And missing Ginsburg Burma street shots dot com on Twitter at Mason Ginsburg give him a follow it should say I think it is eight and two fronts but it sounds like it's going to be bit. I think dodge which is the best player in this straps and I really do. I bombed the bit is a lot of club I just don't you a little bit raw maybe the wrong word but he certainly needs development site every guy comes in immediately and as a star and asleep. We'll take a break. Why have a college World Series update coming up next. They see animation Ginsburg title pelicans and NBA if you missed any of the show you get on the podcast WW dot com the radio dot com mapped. A fun hour coming your way. In our final hour next we'll talk a little college World Series we'll talk a little World Cup. Ands. Will talk to George sent I don't know Sega today on us put together the show. Some people told me as is that. Only gonna show ignite a popular to not work Leahy don't listen to the show at the same time is of the people's a lot of times we front load our scenes coverage and our number one lead the program with a and I felt that's what everybody wants stock but people listen Malia off work whatever listen to some o'clock hour. You sit ma'am we don't get a lot of saints coverage in the 10 o'clock hour so I adolescents were gonna talk to Joseph Ericsson. A replay an interview with him I talk to him earlier. And our number 3 o'clock cement a fell saints cornerbacks in the off season we will we'll do that you know the college World Series. The SEC once again his dream of their pretty darn good Timmy your Florida Gators. Have avoided elimination as have your. Mr. B say bulldogs they are on avoided elimination there on into the semi finals in the winner's bracket a very good day for the SEC there's only two games in this tournament Arkansas Texas stack. That winners wracking game rescheduled for tomorrow but again you're gators Simeon no there's no bigger Florida Gators fan than you had to go. I really wasn't impressed by Florida's win I mean it it's if you look at a scoreboard it was probably one sided but honestly it was a one up and ball game all game up until like the six or summit Benin. And in Florida in a three run home run by India and it kind of busted open. Texas I was done with their pitching. And so I still think I think Florida's got there and they're not going to be able hit the ball against Texas tech's bullpen. Or Arkansas Arkansas in just out hit Florida I think both those teams can probably eliminate Florida within the next two games as a sort of maybe with Abbie when the next one. But I don't vote though Wenzhou against the winner. Woolsey. You know North Carolina and Oregon State and you're loser out game the only anybody saw that. Not on the losers bracket North Carolina has no pitching left the user number two and the number one starter in game one against organ state. Look for a blowout organism is slow them it's gonna be ugly or north Carolina's done lane avenue pitching. Woolsey. We had chink in the SEC hold on of that championship for others year and three teams left. And it's. At least one of them in the winner's bracket in the semi file on the sadistic and Arkansas join and they will play tomorrow against Texas Tech we'll take a break for news hour three coming up. We'll have. World Cup highlights. And we'll talk a little NFL that's next.