Payton on Saints' comeback win over Washington

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, November 20th

Bobby & Deke talk with Saints Coach Sean Payton about his team's epic rally to an overtime victory over Washington and their upcoming trip to face the L.A. Rams.


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Welcome meant saints coach Sean Payton as a Blanco win yesterday. 34 at 310 with a loss it's game. Coach thank you so much on his congratulates Q you talked about it says day in your post game interview with the media coach talked about two hours man. Eagle back then it means that while you want to play. What you find a way to end game in coach in NC. Like you have thing and success of the department at a game suits him with a game. We're supposed to be played on them. About coach winning a game like navy verses the way you won in pretty convincing that's just the week prior. I think their personal. On Friday after practice mention that if it's very and you would get to nine weeks in your season and not be. You know when one goes. Fourth quarter schemes where you are competent to men and ordering two minute you get the win you know normally you might have 23 report goes. In nine weeks and up until yesterday we released hadn't played in one of those games I mean we've been two minute offense or defense at the end of the first half. But we hadn't we hadn't been any game where it was tight. You know down down the stretch and look I mean the UT game. Obviously content from the experience. There's a lot of things that miserable. Look at Tuesday cleanup today. Hopefully improve on but. But haven't changed while the sensibly get you know couple stops like we were able to wood and offensively. Score use or time out the right way. David time you know get to the to all those things that. Going to win the game down the stretch that usually comes up before we turn. The you know courts they a look at how the team full obviously yeah McCain and the bullies he acted the we you know their rates are. It's like Thomas wealthy means they call it only. Josh yeah well. And now with. Eight well and we heard that team immediately. It. OK explain. What is the difference. When that I'm a labor. The it that on the line now. Applies to the yard touchdown girl but then they ultimately in the five yards. And scores in the three. It's well because it unveil that new line. And but the dollar they acted that way I know room all one rich or cute. Like guys that he's wearing everybody out this weekend with the you ought to make it in there and erupt and dot com. But it was on the wealthy. And. They'll pick Alex Daley. I think that what the rules dual is in your you can actually blocked. You know someone who's covered you and and legally pick now. Outside of new York and then the trickle we lies within. You know the route running and were supposedly running you know make venture. Your route as a believable out in the there's a natural topic and take place and Josh is case. You know we've kind of checked to. Was a block plays and so he's coming down. On job and you know. The balls out of the quarterback hands so legally. You know he can do that. Once the comes off a finger hand you can if you haven't been keeping gates too soon atop and to pass records. But. That's one of those were when you looked at a you know what he called block in the back. The it was Atticus transport for the contact was made in. Our because it's such a bang bang play in the you know their eyes can only be either. On the to receive loose and defenders you know. There actual. Multiples what their lives you know are on the QB and so oftentimes. Look it's it's typical to. To cancel. And do so you get more calls and you keep your schemes and in understand the level part part of depending on the that is understand who's been oppressed is going to be off. Play over the top and you went in in the event for us speak sensibly it was a way money back become the troops and so you know you might have to play over the top of that. But there's teams are playing a lot of man coverage you see there. Now coach Spain. To me I think you and give the team in general repressed fact that we will Lutz as a kicker. Kicks at 52 yarder 29 a 42 yarder. And in the twenty yarder to win the game all of them we get down there. No he's NFL pick Hillary should make that okay kicked a ball game is over we win we go home. But you know supplant the facts of the I mean asset they put being really has the utmost trust and who will Lutz. Considering at times kind of that range we've missed. Extra points and they remember her back we Garrett Hartley. Who we try to close the deal against the falcons. And it's a gimme field goal we don't win they gain and you gotta go on the road at Seattle come playoff time. And I'll look at down the road but it's things like that trust back duo will lights is there and that added that that you don't have don't really waiver. Whether or not to go at that time. The cat to give blood that that opportunity epic game when he came. Yeah I mean I think you're right and when Ingraham on took us really inside of what the people would be the only question I have Akron where at demise you know that perhaps more matters because. You know we don't like that mark mattered you know we can we can kind of run play real tackle well do you know it's centered up. Rom. In you know at that point you just don't want miners play him. You you certainly. You're gonna get pulled bullets on that next down because you know there's the plane. For some time paternal room. He's been he's been rock solid. With the stroke is go live the way the protection through yesterday and what he said look that matter with that responsible than. You know we can't make companies PEPs and you know. But what you think about and goes right in the past the first try different than let's say we won the toss the ball obviously. We're playing our place crimes were touched down in the game. Com but at that point you know when a game like yesterday you wanna get in the show quickly so someone can grab you were looking at some opening it will bring that field. So. So when it detected then and really just a gut instinct. Now you know coach you look at each trying to excel and every grew whether it's office deep it is special teams. And I don't know I think I picked off but the point I'm like. And I know you look at the big play but a look at the kick return game I'll mikes they may have solved. The coming out that is sixteenth seventeenth. We can't tell the 25 that's like one last birds down the that you look at probably lose I don't know off fourth quarter plus 44 par return over time. Plus fourteenth though if they'd like the way to NFL is changing the rules that you really want a cell. In the part return game we've got to use your better judgment to kick returning game as far as do with it. Well in lissouba BI agree with you in India yesterday it was a day. You know were. Oh teams that they had some injuries and whenever you have some injuries that changes who your cover units are. And yet you know my god here's the beginning of the week and he he's been a great job in years past would kick returns and you know that's an accurate for us in regards to the competent but I. As the week went on Friday I told I told Tommy Lee in the kick her to turn you and I sit lecture yields are on the baseline you're pulling out more college world. For returning kickoffs today. It's and and so like take all of that you know certainly each week UT game plan. When you wanna come out when you don't but I just felt it was important there are you it's Tuesday. More were coming out I don't care last year you'll step on the border. All right Dan. What was interesting. And you brought and the significance. Of the punt return and over time. You know. Ticket that starting field position offensively we've basically rent to handle than in in one game. What it was significant to get this stop the sensibly. And then for paparazzi for Tommy to get to return. That eco that was that was huge. You know you know get a return like that your your your scoring chances you know might go from 38 of 42 that this you know there as one in their bona. Now you know coach when you look at because special teams that you never know which could be caught off guard. And I'm looking at the time the Redskins are seventeen to thirteen. The third cool water to fort down situation. And all of a sudden it's four to one. Wreath at the QB sneak he gets two yards. And then there was this scenario where it was fourth and four. May be looked like miracle it fart. We got to the lady gain penalty. And they were in Russia and on line with that kind of the plan. Maybe to get a delay game. We will week's league analysts far. I'll look at it yet and we were great work and I want to point one of these bats clocks and somehow or another we've been rated. Call the play and look when pursues its exit and down and you obviously look upon it. But we felt in that area. Where we're on the field we will get ready to him and I'd be really hit the play calling because once seemed like you. You know we went from 25. The five in no time. All right let's saints coach Sean Payton when we continue mole on his things material Watson at what point toward. This Sunday evening mandate against the AFC west leading Los Angeles right it's the coach's show. On a torrent sites radio network. And welcome back happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Somalis here at the same radio network. They Thanksgiving present yesterday. For the detonation as the black and they'll come up big. As they defeat the Washington Redskins in overtime 34 to 31 up next for the New Orleans Saints fail on the road as they take on. The loss at different coach UN back earlier talked about significantly. I cannot talk about these yesterday and it sometimes it's like well you know chemical washes out it's even but. Maybe appoints board you know. Hate that you'd never know when or penalties for opportunities that things like that and capabilities or to treat him but it's significant of a penalty. It would go back to the drive prior to the into the person at which he went in place tonight you know with about thirty and then you get it looks Theo oh. But the Boston Redskins come up and they want to end Stacy McGee. Is call for a false thought in the what it does it forces coach gruden to go from my tip 3338. From the field goal to Oakmont which is publicly berries if you know right Lawson has that affected the economy the field goal with. And go to the game of inches and it close that was a very significant. Play and it caught in the game in which does not only that when he comes back later but also right at that you went down a fear that you got three points. Well I know coach Parcells electorate all the and you know you appreciate it more and more. It is once you hit that I'm rated the French and once you hit an theories feel. Where you feel like you're from school or something you know you're inside your kickers. You know really be mindful. Snap counts penalties minus plays. That you know. To be and wondering in that come out of scoring range. You're you're really want prevent them and it looked at coaches those things that. We all talk on talk about it and in the same thing kind of happened toward the end of the game when I'm you know at the grounding and I know was. You know controversial call with the point being is. Launcher in that area and your your you know you always backed the NFC championship game in themselves when this thing at the end with the local problem. You don't all of a sudden go from the winner he's been your outside your local worries those those things is coaching your which. Will go on and trying to eliminate. Now coach they give it to me last week against the bills game this significant contribution with the tight ends. And you know a lot of times when all that they catch a pass it. As far as creativity that are running game and how well George Hill. Humana clean air all the tight ends involved. As far as the run game you look at the two point play significant block. But Josh hill put. Why it to me that showed me that he's all in the and that B Colby cleaner. You look at the last five games he had five receptions for 67 yards all of this done. It clutch time down the stretch hit five catches for 91 yard just what what what happened did you Aussie suddenly gets coaches. And you pass them onto it through while the cycle we've leader had a big impact down the stretch to help with when making. Man look not look take any of the credit that are I think two things first thought he hurt you challenge in the last week. All right and secondly we get in the two minute rule and Indies now you know the mean guys and rotates around the room that are great job. You know in the two minute rule where we got cover books in the Coby on the scene. One of the big plays what kind of it took drew slept any kind of flushed out of the pocket count Colby king on the sidelines he turned it up for. Those were huge plays in this scheme and you know I was excited he was being bowl winners on offense Kobe wasn't. You can on hand and man that some of the things that he does exceptionally well so credit. Drew and and Coby you know for communicate in the way they did in the two minute. For recognize in the cupboard looks because storms. Call on those plays you know applause and easier when clocks stopped periodically but you know he's aligned. And you know what's going the last two by 23 by one winning season. So those were those were obviously they please trust. To move the ball quickly not just move the ball but quickly and efficiently. Inside the clock. Now put fate going out to Los Angeles obviously NFC opponent you look how hot the rams. The U average and NFL high 33 point two game. This scored more point to their first eight games this season indeed did all of last year. So that is completely different team you look at the production on third down. They went from last in the NFL the first not so much success. Against the vikings we all know how good the vikings defense says. But it seems like going forward that we although. It the quarterback you play in their experience Kirk cousins. You could see your veteran that he is and then you look at Jerry golf but his success. I can that you faced him Matt Ryan. Feel like it to be a big challenge coming up. They gave it just the NFL the way it is but just talk a little bit about the ramps and and that the challenge in the talent that they bring. Going out there and how hot they've been so Florida's season. Well I think the first and so we've been in. He won seats in new coach. On the day. Wait Phillips is defensive coordinator a lot of guys on that staff we know. Coach chrome code Bill Johnson guys have been here. Then you got to give those guys credit toward one seasons ago from. Were they weren't fourteen more of what the rookie quarterback for the world offensively. And in. Man in in all these areas that are there some dramatic jumps and then you got a team that's won seven games. They've been a great job they're doing real good job with their scheme fit their players. That quote actually progress in year two he's wrong we you know we know kind of player he is. Saw principal lines playing well known Pete Wentz weighed those guys. Have done an outstanding job. You know get after the quarterback the first and you look at say that must be taken the ball away and they are. I think the report personally take the ball way. So a lot of different things and look. Playing in Minnesota in Minnesota you know that's quite team up north that sit there. It too liberally not a lot of people were talking about what my numbers on a great job there so. We appreciate and understand the type B this is going to be. Well now. Now coach. Look at an obvious to every team got a view and injuries though we have that we piecemeal all but the line. Throughout this season but now little snake bit on the deal with that side cited a volume looking AT Klein the quarterback of the defense. That you look kitty apparel the hybrid type player that he is. Then you look now Alex sold before. Supposedly being output this season now would have torn Achilles. It in now Lattimore. And his contribution in the secondary. I mean is the case in point that god knows no excuses. Is every NFL teams Dylan when he appeasement. Like I like Okafor it to me with outstanding college look at that. Well before because I'm. I don't know look at my notes and a look at pro football focus in and how dominant he was it is contribution as far as. Make it plays where what against the run we had seven stops. Yet six pressures and we all know we'll look at that guy apathetic canned jarred and look who we have on the roster. And these seem like pass rushers so I mean I know you know this but if followed setting of a game plan. OK who's taken a local fourth place. Whoever that cat is not burning right out of the TP you'd like it the wrong. Right well listen that's kind of the cat and mouse game that exists all season long you know when a corner goes down Wednesday he goes down. You know someone tied and so that they're constantly takes place in and unfortunately is Alex's man he's just been. A fantastic teammate number one plane and come his best football and then to have an injury like that. You don't cross form. On the other players will caller in the re we'll see you know the week goes. Will make sure that we have a group of trees colon. You know I I think it is something that dealt with. Team by team in just so that they're fewer not more. And that you colonel come on one when they happen. It's a it's a timely that we go in the hands the following you and your schedule some town glow when it's kinda all the things if this one goes to coach what you tight out there earning get acclimated to Pam and everything. Yeah I mean typically our itinerary would Pia you know Friday practice and at some point Friday PM fly out in. You get adjusted to the time in the morning won't get over the coliseum. Just get a lay of the land there floating in a plate there. I don't think I've ever been in that stadium and I know the surface is good. But really just get familiar with the venue. An and beyond normal routine Saturday night he's played the game on Sunday. We would come back afterwards so. This is the one West Coast trip relief what where will follow that it can. That's coached on it may thank you so much plan and know what's next week we kept him. Thank god a preacher.