Payton breaks down Saints' win over Bills

Saints Football
Monday, November 13th

Bobby & Deke talk with Saints Coach Sean Payton about his team's 47-10 blowout win over the Buffalo Bills and look ahead to next week's matchup with Washington.


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And speaking of saint coach Sean Payton he's been is now could pay congratulations on the victory. Over the Buffalo Bills coach 47 that the Indian. Less thought alpha front the trenches with this offensive line those who follow this team noted that. You go into the offseason with a lot of promise you pick up some key pieces. And and things don't pan out there's some injuries so forth you draft a young guy. All that put together coached offensive line seeming like they are really coming together. Yeah look we we've had some. Different lineups in yet. I would say the continuity of the same group of guys. That worked hard had a great off season. You know. Don't you play in this league long enough that a lot of those. Players that when you look at exact street and Max Unger to Ron armed more for notre spurring growth. Anderson get a lot of snaps in mind rancher that he'll tell you how are you go to. Predicting an inquiry at three yards rushing toward normally. To run the football period the end was normal days where you know credit those guys are. You know get on the clock to open blocked from her will to receive position. You don't make a run Marquette a fantastic days glow of the Alvin and you know you can't say enough about the group. They they do your job a purple Martins. To play occurred on the road and to have the Russian number like that there it is so. Clearly our mutual and you've got a lot of good things. Now coach fate. You might tell me differently but I don't know you might have because you know you old career. But I have to think that there's no way in hell. That you are a part of an offense calling please are you witness. That all the sun you run 24 consecutive running plays a 169. Yards look at that one drive. You go 95 yards he was in 94 yards he would you try the path. Drew Brees gets a rushing touchdown I call it that drive. I mean I've ever been part of that continued at the NFL history considering the parity. That that that he just crush your opponent's spirit and that you were able to run the ball when he fourth straight time. Well I mean I I. Man who questioned whether it was point four yesterday bill you know it doesn't that doesn't seem like it was that very thorough. And there was a long drive and we draw part time but it it is touchdown public 22. You buy time and he looked bright you look over the middle left any kind of slap them on the great job. Kidnapped final block and it was a rookie play by him. The only the only thing I can think that would be in this would be after compares them but you know. To actually get one woman often and take a lot of time off the clock and I just back in 2000 in New York. I remember that. Happened the ball up principally for I think thirteen 57 in the fourth quarter was one drive well in that required some penalty against you. You know that that back you up with it when it converts and third down wasn't watching please remember and we've taken in the on the other. Side of the field warning and technical muscle quarter. But that look that time of possession obviously was important yesterday that totaled. Are reflected today in the great. Now you know coach it and I know you have besides this you look at offense and defense of the production on third down. Can you can get all the feeling can you sustain drives and I thought. The balance outstanding and it not only the whole game I'll look at it the first half. They were two of seven point 9%. Then it up a two of 1118%. And he stated 50%. Yu with three of things and fix that well. And I know we've been outstanding third down offense. Believer receives before we novel once in 2006. No one last year so that has the ball well all still but the defense as far as the day well rested. If you obviously get all the field third down as a team as a unit but also sustaining drives so that that that was also a dominant area. But thought. Republican job. Execute and plan in but it starts with trying to contain the rushing attack because. Always such a threatened. Tyrod. Such a personal player quarterback and when you start. Between those two guys they're explosive become upbeat week on tape and even an off first series. You know traded McCourt it's out on third down you know come on the edge makes picked Ron and then. You know quarterback has called draw so. But I thought for the most part. We eventually were able to make one dimensional and then at that point we're able. Keep him in the pocket you know and it tried. Contain the past Russian rush mark in critical players. I'm all weeklong. You know we kind of preached planet. In understanding what title went to this scheme you know the focus on. What we have to win this one. And they did a good job of carrying out. Some of the details. Now that. That is right coach Sean pink hello Bobby Hebert and the ability of we will continue with the saints coach he's a recap of the sites 47 game victory over the buffalo BOT on the saints radio network. New Orleans 47 buffalo can't let me go to made it seven straight their back home in the dome this weekend against the water and risking it. This thing with saints coach Sean Payton. Coach Payton. They tell us say that there's a the most demoralizing to a defender. Winning team gets in that as deuce. And it tells us the full minute offense this thing like you guys with the conformity with the man minute mall which is run in the Boller found in the way. And then the finances is that continued just took over. All orchard market new air stadium. A lot of people showed up yesterday to watch his team been really finishing strong. How has that progressed from the first this season coached and out too when you get that opportunity to close out games you've been able to do. Well one of the great things about our fan base we've we feel like they travel well. And when you get that many buffaloes you know there there are fans because. Mobile weather wasn't bad yesterday. You can look at the calendar and pick a few more attractive medium weight change but. You know when you have a chance which is unusual here in our league to have a lead like that late. You know generally go home and decide that they you know believe in you feel like you're playing a home game later late. In the fourth quarter and they've listened. Or players eagle there and. You know coach me now practically right now. Because the big part of Nate in and he talked about the that would be now a thing than the law thing like you are right now. That that we have gone and made that he tackled LA in on the outlook in and not what you common. Ellen you like that needs. She knows in LA because there's being. They love the thing that mitnick now port. Your. I. I doubt it may camera but there is he did yeah yeah a little a couple of weeks that wave is now if you. And nail on the and lag in I'd go out Calais that. That State's football. But but it won't look at that. But look at that now because you know I did today. And it to me I know you hit it at the tail of kind of disturbed. Product contribution. Guided position. It would mean about that right now all tightest combined. Aptly nine catches it is seven yards. That he did in the top sports bars though leading receivers and an O we know how to utilize the tight end. Make and it's right there at normal or. But it seems like it's been troubling to me. That excited to have acute treatment or in the office. Well look I think each week. And kind of change you know how how gains and fold you guys well. And I I'm sure we're probably one of the worst teams when you're trying to select fantasy football. Players and you know the running back Barry with the production times and receivers the same way I've. We're gonna need all of those guys were talking about. You know leader who manner optional. They're gonna come out with a big place for us and yesterday they were huge factors they were just in a different way you mean those guys blocked extremely well. And were big part of the things we needed to do when acting. But from a production standpoint. We don't we don't greens is much maybe like. Like the fantasy. Expert would you know we're look at it. Man all the other things that they have been able to do and I and I think they do an outstanding job yesterday that. But will continue to mix up the looks were get we gotta get wrinkles now wrinkles that would say that you'll base. But look him in in our eleven and three wide receiver sets. With dependable differently and they via a handful of other. Teams they've played against him in and understand why quickly we adjusted and we saw that but. Those guys there are are you what worked on whether it's in the past the wrong. You know we'd note who's going to be someone it's equally. For equal opportunity distributor you know he's gonna look through the progression and understand these parents. Now you know Sean. Obviously we united players the next man up and you have leaders that you have guys who need to step up given the opportunity. I was really proud. A man tied tale. Given the opportunity AJ Klein at quarterback and it defense. You know us that that trying to tell fan does like when AJ Klein went out that you like Jonathan Vilma getting hurt. The match tie tails that in there and led the team in tackles but just talk about the significance of that. To have that kind of contribution now we've piecemeal. Different. You know I guess not contribution in all bits of line. But I'll look at the linebacker position. I'm anti TO was outstanding considering when he Jerry JAJ Klein went out the game. One of those things that we've been it would do truck years and you'd sit this. Some realistic we knew we need local agencies and we played throughout the pre season regular season. You just don't know what position it's affected you hope. It doesn't capital lop but. Whether it's an offensive tackle whether the corner. Receiver or linebacker in yesterday's case especially early that happened through like the first or second place. And you know what adept in the experience. Really pay at all force in bed that was it would have been there. Certainly Craig the same way you know make you mention and then get cute and have written about not only base but also nickel. That's saints coach Sean Payton recapping the 47 in victory over the Buffalo Bills up next vehicle explains thoughts this week it gets another tough opponent the Washington Gretzky it. Thanks for itself and buffalo candies and a game which street. He drove it right here on the sage radio network. What Alan coats on me on the radio network laws or. Yesterday you'll pose the question. And its situation. With our. Databases that the oh lord knows that you know. Like oh that's papers. On the about it well when he on the it happened now. But it is in the work. And it goes back that way. They were like oh well you know if people in the restart. A study it very. You know sooner with. You work interrupted and that sometimes when people now. And so you got to watch the tape if that's your cup would you gotta at least do that. That sin and do the research. When it comes to. Should you might just get one question passivity not when you're gonna so. But. We're I would say that exist with any team that plays in the bill especially comes out so. We gave him that it. Mean that we gave them right well I think anything of it today coats mean I'm looking at than in morning. At that guy you know that you brought up fantasy football and if they want that the things things he winning streak. But they haven't beaten anyone and I'm like and I'll both like pledged that the media but what is. This cat. Talking about the first six gain support repaired the think that the toughest schedule I guess they are little parts won loss record I like to. I thought they got thirty seconds just talk. You know there's producer behind that to somebody else that they know there's more and I. But that's how it is enact the that's the world we live in. Well coach fate the Redskins. If you look we've talked about the screenplay earlier. While last time I went to DC law they had a lot of success with that Elena sinker cut than. At about 200 yards past and all on a screen play and you know you look at the history since you've been to think that coach wanted to greatest plays ever I think you'd think history. Now they're kicked him is that chip shot. Field goal Robert Meachem field interception we've glory it's these stars on line. Dallas the magical game to win at DC at the and you look ORG three is first game. Remove the boot to home its name like as of late they're the Redskins have had I'll number. Yeah listen we we've we've brought up being a mean. Should the last time we room Washington that would pretty. So you know the teams are different. The seasons are different. You know trade him to a great job bitten team ready came off took a pro when Seattle. The week prior and and lost a game at home. Against Minnesota and so. You know you get through this first day were great in the tape from yesterday's game means something more. You know around twelve noon on to the next team and that's kind of worry that no preparation but. Bacon school or that's that's very evident you know you've seen doesn't operate and he's he's one of the better quarterbacks when when. Coming from time. Warren seven point gains were three point game the right at the cup Italy you win those close games and indeed essentially. They give you a lot of looks. You know again that the focal point for us relive it's back to our preparation and in our attention. And Vito. Now you know portraying obviously. You know you got to take the whole season. But when I look at what we've done now that we've got a long ways to go but the last seven games. That you won by an average margin and AT and a half point to that's hard to do an NFL when you look at margin of victory. There articles is gonna to have the bears travel like 212. What you look at where we at offensive in the offensively. That Lamar play complementary football not only is it complementary. But if it's the short top ten if not top five amongst 32 teams that has to be encouraging now valued order be overconfident. But you gotta have some common it is swagger considering the role Hussein thrown right now. Well look I think. You know that that were competent come once you start doing so open. And you know that happen. Too weak tree Carolina we did you know few good things in built on it over in London and build on it and you know you continue to challenge. Of older guys and when what I liked seeing is is the way to plan. You know together as a team then and they I think there are Smart enough to understand that the white noise outside the building. When it comes to the experts in. You know they start talking earlier and earlier every year about you know you see on NFL. Dot com they put up a playoff teams after week five and I mean just crazy stuff. And look. The channel and for ever heard those those people on that side of that is used to get viewing it's been attract audiences in. Captured but I understand that but I think our guys on a good job of really focusing in on on the things there are important that week. You know this'll continue to happen as you progress through with portable goes with having some success and you know we're gonna have to make sure where you play. Good redskin game. And found ankle to look him back in any game just want to piggyback off what you say it because settlement that he would say it again we know it's the way early but. The impact for the last few draft classes and really come in for now the mix of veterans. We hear you may players talk about this is a strong locker room we have the right guys in here. And and adding those guys it seems that they've come and best on the learned the the way. How things are supposed to be in and expect to be done what the impact of the last three draft classes is this pretty strong with a stinker. Yeah it's a young team I mean you know when you. When you begin to push numbers around and look at who's playing in the snaps marketplace and you know that they come from different conferences different schools different levels the competition and yet also important they are Smart tough and you know those are those things and I think. A real important in today's game. It saints coach on a coat paint thank you so much for the time without next week and delegates at fault and I appreciate.