The Paddler's Report

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 12th

Rev. Red with the info.


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And if you like to stroke for you eventually got to got to help you do to bill Crawford known as reverend Rick joins us for the buy used post kayak fishing. Report. And bought it said lose rich yields launch closed and up for sale that is not can only make actors and it's been disappoint a lot of dot com when did that happen. Just recently. Member of the club Libby knows this week that he drove up from all this line brigade was locked. And it is it something that could make you almost cries of and I love that spot. That's what my favorite place I don't get there often by I sure do like get them underdog talk about the McCloskey bridge Rian albums so. That's almost the only other option negated that area bird by hackers and even manage it's. Totally other the waterways I don't know I thought the bill. Well I guess they could go further down the Della probe but moral what I hate to see happen is people trying to park on that narrow shoulder at the water's edge in callers Robin bond and people launch in time expletive mess that would be you'll hopefully. Somebody will see that recognize it as a business opportunity get a backup and run because it is in a really good spot for panels and a. Yeah it is time though you know on the launches a lot of work but that would be delayed. The slave ball that maybe repairs can be useful model well. If you like man can hope and dream don't Troy right now not what connected either according to one or two reports so. I don't know I'm sure others have done better round pond water right now wanted to anglers regularly talk to. These decisions sign that the parks in the water just the only thing you Lucy in the car mullah. Freedom freedom from the Payer not on the water. Now another place and you gonna talk about is hoped L lagoon which you can access from the old tips and he got to cross that white class key bridge in a bear in mind that update that Robby gave us about the bridge this saying. From the fourteenth and 31 of August. Monday through Thursday. The bridge will only be opened between. The hours of off 5 AM and 7 PM anybody go on them that way you need to wait to get down after five and get out of it was seven on the ones you gonna. You're gonna have to battle across the buy you get it would do which of vehicle. But auto immune from hope they'll do what would be some well. I think you'll bills you know gonna start pick it up as a transition began sleeper Koppel reports that was in this morning and copper reports that he conceit of signs that it about that happen. And I'll and that does those Trout we're gonna move back in the hope they'll others summon their Malcolm caught on the spot a year before and probably work in the perhaps sped along he would wake troll in onslaught plastic for the trial and you know vision that same area who reds get up and march around there. Pretty good vision especially for the reds as you'd or get up and some really healthy Marshall there and do well I've actually. Well white swimming mullah gul under court order. Like blue collar debate matters for some reason Iowa success with our blue and purple tones. So that's my suggestion if you troll around for a trial or. Finally won golden metal rules lead bills and now its own well late been quiet and not hear much that doesn't mean an actor in there but probably means they're not close launch. And so on just warn people about that. No the northern area they're going to be on pretty hot and that's an area that doesn't get that five movement and that's what you're avoiding this year. For the red fish that just on a box and gold medal. Regrets Richard there not tidal movement there to keep the war fracture. And capped usually should be turned on more and more with the trial position. Up call a couple twelve and a half their teenage. School trial so that means that the the trial that are still inside are going to be big enough real short keeping. And that's good news that means all of them be on Obama would comport to a could could repetition. Spinners and spoons in the arms raptors. It. Moving to the central portion of the state which would and you know conclude point mission which is got a really good launched at the guy actors. He had not been living in portage and this year renewal in marathon term where a fish once a month there and so it's it's been Panama focus this year seen a lot of things excellent day it's funny listen into the it's. I know they're smarter than me but I am catcher in reds in the marsh and about two feet of water. There are red everywhere not just in the people and they must go on old school law that's mostly I configure. Israel on the flats we do need a little more water diving catch in the last and little water. But I caught plotting and you feel water and they were in the silver spoon like crazy yesterday. I caught over playing red fish in the boat. Blossomed really nice finish. You talk to you mentioned earlier about you know kayaking be where you you experienced official one point. Looked up with a big red aligned with going away from the boat as I was watching the red church welcome back who to vote. Never address PO was strangled or perhaps he broke off. But it isn't it incredible and you can see these things and just experienced a stage where they're literally as they break off or splashing water all over yeah. An idea that's when you go pro as we have video. We are you know. While those guys in the been able to Nazi in the issue one block is any there it's a cute and there where fuel is. They dressed as there pick where. In the image captured altered and so you have that some of those other guys out there listening you've got Gator. You just have to be quiet turn that Gator tail Lofton and troll them. And they're pretty fish who Albright arms just a gorgeous day three bogeys and crap suspect. So we're color page. If you have small stop you on boroughs of that although some guys are drawn these huge top water spinners and then. Chatter dates and they are doing good too so just think red finishing right now. Being by including water that's that got movement to it. Point Shannon stood for that closer to that goal on the other grassy areas. And so look the water has a lot of oxygen and it. They're doing great Trout prisoners belong in early morning. While late evening. And they are they're seeing signs goes on trial looming and it caught some big trial there all summer but in the last few weeks and implement big Trout. I've just been focusing on the red fish supply chain and really is on you've got about four hours a link to data you know their catch some fish report ranks. I. Like that's shining stall. With you have to rely on captain Kirk a big lake in that area there we got incumbents will check on that one and not a whole lot of reports. And when you come back on in two weeks on nineteenth like we'd really east and Europe. You com dissertation on the ride the bull on you got having. Class there right before ward in now we'd like to do one on the radio talk about the Bates in re lenient. In some spots the tribunal that is that's not what August 16. That owner point six in fact I think I'll be live from probable that more. Children nineteen thinkers. At a B and Grassley Uga police say so today so it's going to be perfect and we thought more about it. And new gave last minute tips from on the reverend read what could be better than man. I will talk about the second suspect in red fish cup coming up next time and also maybe the BC KFC packet back. That's at the end of September bonus would be favored ones. Thank you god Leo or talk about. Thank you read to you next hour and keep on Charlotte. Bubba. Area goes all right coming back after this you know what time it is O yet we got a whole baseball wicket Philip baseball field. Nine bad boys in the outdoors. Cited for illegals ripping violations in Saint Bernard and plaque in his parish earlier this week. This story coming up their crime in their potential time. Here on the outdoors with on the view radio and.