Overweight toddlers

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, August 2nd

Tommy speaks with Dr. Kristine Madsen, Pediatrician and an Associate Professor at UC Berkley's School of Public Health, about overweight children. 


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Ayers story out of Walton county Georgia any concerns parents and their child and waste. Parents of course sort of like get their kids up in time may be taken a school when extra curriculars. They wanna get involved with. But of mother was in a five year old daughter ready for kindergarten. And according to the school she got a note saying she had to worry about her child's weight specifically as it relates to nutrition. And it took offense at this and I think a lot of parents won I think bottom line is. Do you look at a kid being overweight as. Health hazard or almost eight to sing neglect but. The parents said. The school is calling out our kids for being in fact joining us right now Kristine Madsen pediatrician and an associate professor at UC Berkeley school. A public health good morning doctor. Thanks for taking a time when this. In terms of childhood obesity. How big of a problem is that in the country Johnny between OP Lloyd epidemic in other things seems that we have a lot of problems in this country announce childhood obesity comes. Yeah and I think if we think about the seriousness of the problem the appealing epidemic it's something that everybody's really concerned about but the numbers are much smaller than the number has. Children for example who are affected by obesity about. One in three kids are are actually obese by a unit that the standards that have been set and those. That standard they're based on what we think kids too risky and it's up ultimately getting diabetes or having a heart attack or developing high blood pressure. The thing I went through are we went through my daughter went Jewish younger is that the only get the kids eat. But sometimes they're very picky about what they eat and and a lot of us let's face it our. Limited by time constraints and and we got to get the kids Fed's I think a lot of issues to fall to whatever the child woody beat chicken nuggets are one hand yet. A mom who wouldn't would you would you say to parents who have newborns or toddlers. That are very picky eaters that they want them to have some. Healthy balance dialer diet but sometimes judges won't eat it. Yet and I think that my ate my nutrition colleagues might get mad at me that I think it's okay you think it is picky I think it's okay it's. Q can feed them what they'll eat it's important to offer the things that are helping it says that the kids get exposed to it you know. It takes up to ten times for the kid gets exposed to a new food before they're willing to really had docked at. But I think the most important thing for kids and frankly for adults we didn't talk about adults but to third alluded to it. So I think it's we kept it if we limit the total portion because that's really what's changed in the US overtime I mean you and I we're growing up we. We just didn't eat as much as today's kids they're eating. Com while why is that is is that because you don't doctor we we have money right here right and and you know I mention that because. Somebody sent me a video clip from the 1950s. And I know it was a lot of smoking going on then but. I was watching a crowd at the parade and you know visit days of bacon and eggs for breakfast and no diet foods really and an early scene overweight or an overweight person in the crowd so how did how did we get away from that now is it becomes so bad. Well there's a couple things that happen and wine you know at that prayed I wondered how many people are actually even while they were this while they were standing there and Mike. Get hit not that many I didn't see any. Right we've changed it think about it people are constantly walking down the street with a great big trafficking and when their hand or with a band between their heat water locked me eat while they tried to drink what attracts. All of these things contribute to just a greater intake of calories whether their high quality you're low quality it's just more calories. That and the fact that we've really moved to more processed through its rate these or shelf stable foods it it includes those negative that it can sit on a shelf forever it. Super cheap to make it the high profit items but that's cute for a lot of junk foods. And then the junk food coming bigger sizes now the portions are bigger and bigger fast food restaurant and they're bigger in the source Salem. In terms of yes discipline in and get ninety a child need of food that they don't like and a little while back on nick at nine S on old Leave It to Beaver episode number I'm too young to remember that but. Apparently June was trying to get in the mother is trying to get in need Brussels sprouts and forcing him to eat them and I just wonder about like a negative. Stated the effect of that where instead of again a child liking the food you condition them to be so negative to it where. As soon as they get a chance they'll never read it again. Now I'm with you I don't. You know there there is evidence suggesting that forcing kids speak feed is is not gonna make them like get more and which you know makes sense he immediately we know that we would you like Mort I think. It's it's really about as as a parent what you do have control is what you offer. And though and if you can't if you're worried about what they're eating. I'm where airy they're eating enough I think it's okay to put more protein on the plate go ahead put chicken nugget on the plate that's fine. But don't then give them a bunch of sweets or a milk shake or French Fries if they aren't eating what you want and. Back in the day and I remember a date notice that I had a hearing problem or should be checked border something like that. As I remembered wasn't I didn't have a hearing problem might just goofy. And anyway these parents received a letter from her daughter's soon to be elementary school. In Walton county Georgia your stay George you're stating that her daughter needed further evaluation after she did not fall within the required BMI. For her weight. And they said that she should consult a nutritionist and entered weight was not healthy for your colleague a similar to. Needing dental work or hearing or vision or one hand yet. So doctor when it comes to. Girls. And I have a dollars to turn two when he once I think we're beyond all lad but the arm. I was very hesitant. To talk to word all about her weight not that she was ever really happy but. I think I'm not a thin guy I am not fan I'm scandal like thickly built but the point is. I don't know what I pass on her genetic and genetically and one I didn't but then when you do research in the bull lenient anorexia. A it made me very hesitant to say anything tour about eating or weight. Or anything first of lizard ever between it's a teenage boys and teenage girls are younger as it relates to this and how do you handle. Well you know as easy as you know it it is much more common for girls to have eating disorders. And it it does tend to come on an adolescent seat at the time we all start becoming really aware of our body we become self conscious. When we never work force that lake and yeah. Physical changes is well doctor are they now wanted to go along with then maybe. If you can you posted because you know women are are we're gonna reproduce since they were supposed to actually add on fat and in fact. You know that's how that's how we get our hit that that the additional bat just taking a bit about that the the winner you got the story sitting there and so. For girls are used to being you know just like rails to suddenly develop these Kurt can be can be distressing for them. So how do you handle it is apparent. Well I think you know and that the case in Georgia and there's been cases in Massachusetts Q where where family they're really concerned about what happened it's glove there are a lot of people who are worried about having kids who. Weighed in schools and and I think we need more evidence on on whether or not that's. Overall a good thing overall bad thing. But not criticizing your your children setting that I mean trying your best to be good role model right so rather than telling your child what to eat. Making sure that you feel like what you serving them as healthy what you're eating in front of them as healthy. And you know the one that. And that she can do for kids is to is to be active to get an active and do it together. Where where does that play in all of this some news video games too much free time. Parents cities let the kids go outside and also parents who where it's a two family household. Are crunched for time in an answer challenges again anything on the table at night. Yeah and I think these are these cute she said that he you and I you know we weren't chipped it got sent out distort it to go play and my kids. It videogames are at their disposal you know twenty force seven not to mention a number of cable channel cricket only something entertaining on a screen. Now and I table and on the too much about that doctor that. Lot of pressure cooker channels but anyway and just didn't you go ahead please. Well I think it's really at this is where we get back to kind of get the plan and I think it is hard to kind of make yourself over everyday and they could damage try really hard to get the kids out or we're gonna take a walk together or you know we're gonna go to the gym together with the whatever it which you like to do personally keeping to ticket insisted it. And I have to say it is one of the hardest things in the world to move an adolescent. They are built to sit still and it does is another big challenges. Fina forgive yourself if you're not perfect at it but try your best natural reward kids again with. Junk food in the house or sugar sweetened beverages you know study in the house. Make those big streak because they do in that you contributed to heart disease overtime and they'll make those things. Special occasion thing and just trying to keep a healthy helpful. He would've loved not letting him taste. Sugary drinks because one when my daughter was very young I was determined not to. Those that even getter that not addicted but you still that are one fan and I said no Coca-Cola and come to find out. The person that was watching there was undermining every effort of mine and she surprised me when she said kooky couple of one Dan is under my caddie Noah Cokie Colin is an and I found out about the the person undermining me but and now respecting my wishes is it important not to let them get their first taste of something like and I'm talking about very very young children. Well you know that is coming when that the best pieces of advice he could give the family. Do that give kids anything about it other than. Our water spit and if you think about it that way right why would you put. Soda in a bottle. It is every entity that kids a lot of bottle don't panic issue right. What kids hate. Absolutely kind of waved their preferences and so if you're giving them really sweet things very early on. You heard guiding their preferences the stuff that's not going to be at health. Getting back to teenage girls who naturally put on a little late at that time. And parents being concerned about that or if for whatever reason it is a teenage girl is going nuts and eaten everything and you know really and on wait that's going to be tough to lose because at that age they may not realize that it's easy to put on hard to take off Heidi even approach him about this. Yet you know I think there there are a few kids at that age where you really can pocket about it about how they're feeling that I have to say I think for the most part it's. It's not so much what you say then it's more what you do you obviously if you're really concerned about eating disorder beat you should see your doctor with your daughter right. But if it's if it's not something where your competitive eating disorder yet but you notice that they're putting on weight. Its first thought never and cultural body don't talk about this at a dissatisfaction with your body. Absolutely I I and confuses the pronoun just hung around telling the daughter this is the parent. Things but the self. A lot of women who are dissatisfied with their nobody talked about that a lot and that's something that girls here and that girl sort of internalized that's the try not to talk about your. Pay your poncho whatever is the cheer your worried about. And remember that these girls are seeing images everywhere images on TV images on billboard every magazine they look at right of skinny usually speedy as as as let's pretty which is not how the world like you said you're here in Europe sticker irate your thick built. And half of our population is that somehow that perhaps the population is now almost shamed by way these pictures that they see. I can't let me jump in for a second or may I saw a story about you know and in this movie that came out hum. Now I'm drawn a blank David Hasselhoff Baywatch right good it was and it. Yeah Baywatch so they had did the pick they bathing suits because of the movie were being re released their re done. And I had a picture of the of the ladies from the TV show and then from them modeling the knee swimsuits. And it was amazing the difference in body image goes acceptable then I guess that was back in the eighty's or ninety's as opposed to now. When you look at the women then. They had curbs and natural you know digital books and so forth and then when you look debt. The women presented. Today in those bathing suits that looked as though they were Mal nourished and had been on an island somewhere. Larry I'm an and that's not that I'm not sure how we attack bad that is something that predate it and that's what the kids see all the time. You have parents have to sort of pushed back against that I deal. And you want to reinforce a young ladies. Looks but you also want I want her not to again put on weight that. Mom is she's gonna have a hard time taken off later so. That this do as I say not as I do doesn't work if you don't want you kids do it don't do it in front of. Well I'm glad I think that they don't put them on a diet. It pretty good actually evidence that it is girl tried dieting. They actually gained more weight you don't wanna put my diet. Up focusing on being fit is the most important thing you can do. Kit that you your level of fitness right how how you know cardiovascular only fits you are can you go out and walk a mile in fifteen minutes. Far better predictor of getting diabetes or having a heart attack then your weight. So that they needed it but he could be fat but it it's true you can be happy and you're still fit your risk of diabetes could be lower than a Guinea couch potato. Failed to try and shift what are you think about his towards that this is really important man. You can you apparently without that would in the house and a lot yeah it's really hard but. You think about if if all you really have in the house this stuff that you think it's healthy enough for kids to eat. You don't worry a lot left to that your kid and then they're not gonna put the weight on that do what you can't. Did you make the house helped it place. And no don't bring in the house in the first place still make only nine and ice cream nine. It's a well or make it make it once a week if you're gonna have family night that's okay I think everything in moderation we grew up without that but it's not a problem once a week is the problem is that it's. It's every single thing. And you have to go below one quick question with how accurate is this came in via text. Is the BMI and is that a one size fits all approach when when in fact it's it's misleading and it's labeling people as overweight when they're not. Yep fairly among adults you know we have these cap point and they actually worked pretty well for adults but for kids. You know kids are growing overtime in her BMIs actually increasing appropriately. It's both increased overtime. So what I will say is that third of them middle range will restate that kids they're at risk. And about half of those kids really aren't at risk of any cardiovascular disease they're they're the stick built kids. But once you get up to the point where you know in the doctor's office they might say this is the obese category but. This is where they're BMIs. In the 95 percentile so we don't only 5% of the kids. Are that had me once you get after that range we note that. All 60% of kids already have pre diabetes or already have hypertension. Said that he cited high blood pressure that's let me worry there's not a lot of this categorization. Been now around but the lower down we don't know where it does get technical. And BMI for people who don't know why take. It for granted that everybody does but could you explain that quickly. Try to match your body mass index and basically we take your weight and be divided by your heights few times. And and the reason we do that hey it's sort of account for how high your talent people should wait more shorter people should weigh less. Can tell people eat more men than a smaller person. Hannawald. Absolutely that's the bigger you are the more calories eat meat it's not fair. Share out there. So not only are you short but you can any. As much as a tall guy can. Number and and let me play at the big bad secret Q. When they've done studies that people's metabolism right we know metabolism would be about people who have metabolism and about humming bird right because eat any. It's true there are people whose metabolism is like twice that and everybody else and you know those people everybody knows that people I used to say that the kids in the clinic when I was working with kids currently. It is not fair this year's count people at different challenges they eat is absolutely true that these are not blocked for people that. Do you that there are people who are just more likely to put weight on and have to be more vigilant. That's just not fair. Mama I said Wal-Mart question but I lied because somebody texted his sandwich argument teenage girls one about boys. When they are encouraged by football coaches to put on more weight and it's not necessarily muscle weight. At Leonid Albee that he's coming out now about our football players then and they they have. Not so much higher rates of you know problems after concussions and and literally brain disease. But they also at higher risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular you know problems like high blood pressure. This is a hard one you know you get the big areas the more like it because just gonna plan and I think we need to pressure our coaches are educate our coach and a little bit around what's healthiest to these kids because. Only 2% of high school athletes are gonna go on to play college and only took them a couple of definitely going to be pro allegedly setting these kids up. So deed then in that situation teller tell a kid in answer coach won't you know again like you're saying he sign a player besides having enough. I think some apparent we'll have that conversation that it'll find it harder. My doctor are really do appreciate your time and and it's been a fun conversation and I hope we can have you back again. Every great candidate Dane California.