Outdoor Show Hour Two With Ducks And Those Bad Boys

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, November 11th

Don and Martha with more from Mike Gallo on the Northshore, Brendan Bayard on his kayak, avisit with tose Bad Boys and Capt. Ryan with the sound of falling ducks.


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And good Saturday morning once again must dispense along with us and moss that we got a lot of stuff going on we got the opening day of duck season we get people Fisher and ask him questions about Turkey hunting. We're trying to determine what do we call a woman who fishes and we get a lot of interesting. Text in about that and 870870. And I do Armonk folks the guy you just heard singing at theme song is a read Alleman and he is going to be playing today at Three Rivers arts festival. In downtown Covington on the music stage which is right near the food court. He started to he'll be debt to 345. So Los stop by and tell nobody read hello phonies are saying and sportsmen have been a long gonna get regal Fisher was again. Well Martha we got fishing reports the couple we get people that are out dead duck cunning in the question about the speckled trial causeway right you gotta we don't know saw someone out there has had done a good trip on the causeway bridge in causing speckled drop at least Texas and let us know where. How far out what mile marker in though would be to use and if you would maybe help solve our listeners. That is at 870870. What are some of the other questions and comments come and it. No you cannot send pictures done yet the emailed to you and Cincinnati that are on our web site down the out those guys that come into Europe from Mountain View Arkansas hey Lanny good morning to you that's more ladies out there efficiently eighty underweight Hillis feet together. Women out there tee this morning and there's a lot of the amount that Connors too so. Give them their respects and but see we got some here's says yup on officially be loving it I take must not finish off the hook myself unless the T slimy. Here's the Basilan I've seen yet done and I know idealist in occurred to me. Just call women Fisher may ams yeah in fact we got a cup. Woman won some the Alabama area and another one from the New Orleans there are both came up with that they said Darrell coined it. Fishermen answer man and Judy Packard good morning in the Zachary c.s says lucky fisherman. They don't know and now we got someone wanted to know that they get on good morning mr. Dunn and mrs. moss. What sees this morning but they have a question of curiosity. My niece says she wants to go to Turkey on this year I know most public console lottery draw when does one apply. Could you explain the process a little this will be a first for both of us I can tell you this. That it's coming up real short the February 9 is the deadline to get an AM if you go to a department of wildlife and fisheries. Web site they've got him on several of the state WM maize some of them use lottery Hans summer others and it's all done by. February the ninth is the deadline soul now it was time to apply for those in nick can be some some good honing that. So there's a lot of kids out this morning. The Boy Scouts troops 610 thank you guys they're doing their public. In impeded springs thanks tee I'll also. Crack attack in the pac good morning to you. Also the and we buffalo finished out of the car business. And a gap buffalo officially called wall reason why you don't catch him very often that they're kind of like algae and I'm well and yeah jazz then are they don't strike on dates or any thing you know they can will will occasionally but is very rarely enough. Does not want you to give you beneficiary of the table not really highly sought after. Here's again when you can answer Don David wants to know. What exactly is it don't agree I believe is don't agree and Annie you've got an answer for David. Yes that is the scar is the technical name for it with the rest of the country calls it or blue pill like column that out now west Oklahoma and all we call it a dual Greek. Which is a French word meaning to gray and they have a great stride on new wing. On each wing so they call and they don't agree it's actually a scar. It's a diving duck not one of you better able doc. But the audience with a great. Another well known gray duck is again got gray on them they're the color they cannot agree that don't dream. Doug you've been pretty thick on the North Shore but they're not she's not there yet but they're there. And I cancer and yes a lot of people at this morning. Gala and then we do on our veterans today to and on veterans day and hopefully getting go on celebrate and if you all with a fishing hunting trip remember when you always to the veterans who gave so much so that we can do what we would like to do. And we had a case of mistaken identity somebody thinks you you work on fox they. And now I'm on WG NN news with a twist pay. We gallon here. Lake cabin sounds like a gun range you know who who who who got out and act out in Biloxi marsh apparently that's the same story and so I'm but there's a lot of people out there this morning. And then we have flood Darren with the car service he said in the hope dale he's got four fly fisherman from the dogwood lodged to the airport then three from woodland plantation. To MS why I. Really think fly fishing is gaining in popularity and is no doubt about a dusty saltwater fly fishing DDC recently done I FDA just reported that. Eight check this out a swordfish was caught on the fly. It was a smaller and it was a tie what that I don't care I gotta say this picture if you haven't seen that a diet GAO. FaceBook page it got a picture it's remarkable I wanna know kind of week got to put on a flier out. And how much how big is your real got to be to get a line on there for that but it was impressive I think it's a first timer. Speaking of feisty finish goal while website and look where it says on the home page incredible video click here to watch we have truck volley. Which is a member of the Jack Stanley it. Gulping means swallowing whole birds that look kind of like a calmer on Aminu get into a feeding frenzy and you know we know that. Birds eat fish but now we got to the other way around Fisher eating the birds you got to take a look at this it's incredible video. And Don the outdoors guy yeah film that's that was saw off the coast of East Africa yeah winning here on eleven not out. They have a lot of value over in the Australia. New Zealand that they are beast of that they're huge they're athletic they're kind of like Arab emirate Jack our agenda. Amount now. I we come back after this so Mike Gallo joins this sub beautiful day out there in the right here on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network. And Martha's mess is what this is morning Anbar awakening some action on 87870. Text boards somebody's got to a very unusual name for the lady fishermen. Oh man I don't know. This is personal sex in my and a friend and I mentioned that I'm debating whether I should call him out right now this evening I'm calling my name Alan and I. Yeah I have a first name only basis at. My view are in the dog house for this line he says no I'm not like this but I can't help myself how about icons leading pitchman. Floating sandwich maker you're in trouble you owe me a fishing show how each night fishing and you Wu told whose last name I will let you in trouble at that time that's funny I can take its. Let's give Mike Gallo leniency when he does he has quite a few ladies issue of people of the issue of persons or whatever it's arm is going to be in fact the official a couple of more on last trip. Mike how do you refer to ladies who fish on you vote your customs. I know Harold Fisher ma'am my and I liked that one and hit. A good man you do on. We are you. Yes. Actually not pitching today on celebrating that being used happily married to think Chile. I'll Wear his Jacqueline take. I won't admit it peacock hopes and but I do have a couple of those out there these huge majority of this week. Earlier in the week we integrate where there caught on trial when our good friends sample there are. Oprah the bridges in part to try and we've been moved over to the same area are you practiced with only. And we talked to throw in that area as wetlands in the mr. go sell all the warm temperatures earlier in the week. Water temperatures. Had a trial release rather than what gangs and 81 please. But we did catch Gator and in every spot that we went to our. I would think that little bit a coup there hasn't really changed award chip pushed to march. I would respect local trial to still be sort of scattered. You know it's gonna get warmer later next week to use that might help out a little bit who might be up to close up to eighty by the end of the week. Yeah war that has more they are our core product during the week. In the anywhere from twelve feet waters on March train. Took two feet of water to war ended that we where it got windy I was stationed in the Marshall Wal-Mart via area. Fish and shrimp under popping cork captured. British band and spackle trial. So I but. Drake is it in the water you know from two feet to twelve feet so quickly here. Very good what are you hearing if you didn't go first end to Biloxi marsh. I didn't. Mark your army. Ran a trip to the Biloxi on Tuesday he came back with red fish in that trial. By all we get there. And do you lower as the day progresses. So he needed some pain. And that's where people wore. That war on March you know they are forced. To be in deep water so he did the majority is catching indeed war. Very good anything else you can pass along a fisherman and may be head and I'll. What do you think is it tied to strong bid to do anything on the these released bridge or some of the other deep passes. I would think I would really. Strong. It was the wrong in the ball. We will have to foot tides during the week and I'm sure to be pretty well today well I'll put. It could be released resolutely. What can operate the boat shortly are strange new green war and it. Now what are crossed the late yesterday. Three quarters of it was pretty dirty here. That we experienced. Thursday Friday. And still are angry because they are quite as bad. Culture wars will be there but the more. Difficult to walk away. There's good clean water and would tie falling you know almost straight ship war. Jarrett lines. And then these articles waterway itself. Being man made as a very much rob all Adelaide Hewitt. But it just. You know like corporate regime change is being met so far we're looking gorgeous move ball. And advice. Mike good talk can do is always somebody needs to get ahold of you and try to book on those trips on you got the lodge being expanded you can handle accommodations there and you got a fleet really both just they've got multiple customers so tell them how to find him. Easy to our. Army or are they outdoors dot com. My website is AEA apparently dot com. If you call we don't know and land lines which is not any. 7171. War. In my what I did once say thank you to our veterans on veterans been unfortunate that it would darkness of that. Now in Dutch and even my friends Lambeau. So thank you all user. Now you're quite welcome and Mike thank you for those trap you are good and none of those I didn't want them to let you know that we've fry those of the violent home and tasted delicious. Well. Oh you're in trouble my you've got to go on Alamo friend was seen an anniversary my you have to university UN Jacqueline. United Mike's reports abroad to buy seats so you know ms. AAA on the a lot of peace of mind is what they offer only 179 bucks a year they drop you feel that tell you in a jumpstart you if you needed. Wanna get signed up call captain Chris liable for 3014545. Or you can access them and get signed up at seat so dot com. And we come back Martha B Tom prop catalyst report they wanna know but kayak fishing stay out of the final thought of that dot com as are out there a thick. Understand Mike bends in garish Bonior in the blind will be talked a little bit later on. And somebody you know I do not have a FaceBook page that a small the loss of the malls are silently goes her tail you will be back right after this you're listening to the outdoors would Don did you radio and it. Work. Without battlers report with the by eight Kos kayak fishing club is presented by mass he's out that is the locations in mid city new lines Metairie coming ten and grayish. Offering the best kayak fishing miles from ho B Jackson kayak and native water craft take up their website. That is mass he's outfitters dot com or check them out on face but time for our Tyler's report good morning Brendan. Good morning do you eat. The we have all kind go on today. And I'm luckily it coincided with the opening day trees and we plan neat thing. Well in advance solar bike and get there you know vacation time a couple of people take off time. I think we're gonna. Everybody's way. We kept meaty win over you know acted you know these guys only a few weeks a year two or Stuart cook and so you're wiper. I hear gunshots. But Spain and the Braves right now and in the morning. To via. You don't Connors in the pond and then. We'll see what happened. In the afternoon for the rate is. Hasn't been great or some might be on. Basra. You just have become a Coca into an armpit and not get out of its win and I think out except. Humbug out in the western state. It has been really good people are actually cared enough out in Lake Charles itself right now. So whenever that happens you have a lot of area to create. The salinity gets right in the late near I ten bridge all away from downtown through late Moses late Corey and so. It deliberately try out you know the builders are protection this. So you can just logic I Akron off to sign on the beach right there in lake bringing it gets stronger and great opportunity. They have floundered don't along your channel right there. Oh kayaker. Post report on site. A couple of days ago some really nice flounder over there enough. The ship channel area looked like about you get to some or spot counters. So if you like deflected with a lot of news of this makes such at one table. Moss then it's flat I have is that it now. Absolutely I love season has done calling and I'm supposed to begun coming on it now but I am complaining here on Eric Kelly now going out next weekend's mob Iraqis he's got getting these got a found a spot. On. Me if I'm on there he's. He's been even today is going to be easier yes and what he. Money for speaker. You know people. Or group went on their life when these power plant term come around a lot on country how many. Reported it earned in. It been phenomenal lap mark. I'm gonna win and I think now he got going on. There. Brenda and any reports from the east out their mother dam across the misty go on May be hope dale Laguna mills of penal pretty popular spots is Tommy. Yeah yeah you got but it can't Egyptian bull red right around the dam Bill White truck to be. A lot like product here in fact to. You know those guys are probably laps for another few weeks until they can disperse. Sitting upon those points out that deep enough or not just quickly. Over a deal. The crowd at night surrounded damn deal so what options or your. I have a question for you fur fur and not this kayak fishing does does the wind really complicate things is make it more difficult for folks that kind of get used to the whole. Getting used to have put paddling in and casting. I guess. In can dirty water can change the you predicted the height of the water you know could we can blow up the water especially. And that and the situation like today were in below Hartford. Leaders on him in he could go to your favorite mark on an could be or. You'd have to have a plan BR. The painting certainly in Europe premier Viktor or let me read the order mark on Peter barriers you believe occurred. I can't Peter will bubble or do all the little New Britain make me want cap and particular spot. All right Brenda thank you so much and good luck on the terminal what are you predicting is gonna take the win nest on the fallen timed it. Probably. Twelve albums so I think that's prouder nights sides in here and we title. Queen river for a long time he kind of came into it. A few months ago when they displayed. And then you know the rich Fischer was great down here so. And I think the guy with the London that's gonna be masculinity. What will keep people and and dare go near port want to win we'll have the results next week thanks again Brent thank you appreciate you. I would tell yeah happy veterans day to you all we come back Martha you know a time and as bad as time and we had a couple of banks issue minute really found a good spot in fact it was too good. This story plus your text messages and 87870. Alien to catch up the plastic remember these Jews and steals today because he's duck hunting was talking about Ryan Lam at all that coming up right here on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network. Welcome back we have us some announcements to make this morning we you know a couple weeks ago we had a lot of things canceled because of the weather. The him that storm moves through and if you haven't heard of that dose of the coast it's a great. Nonprofit event Ashton Ferguson with the wildlife and fisheries has started this foundation and they had a rodeo scheduled that has been rescheduled. And it's that too many seventeen inaugural lake front train. Russia rodeo and that is actually going to be held next Saturday now I Friday's registration from five to eight. And that's going to be at robins work dockside so Saturday two inches in that eaten goaded GA Hoffmann with two laps into ends foundation dot org. It's in the great event Mary goes to great 'cause dose of the coast helps a lot of folks that are. You know have health conditions and proms and starred in the great events and hope the weather will cooperate a little bit better but as the first. Time they've had this one and fishing food drinks silent auctions raffles offered good cause to be great event it goes from about 530. So about 1 o'clock won the fours are weighing in and that two to 530 at after parties on options can check that out once again. Jay Hoffman foundation dot org to sign up and you can check out dose of the coast on FaceBook as well we'll be talking that actually later in the leader showed an 8 o'clock hour. Later on tonight we'll be back in just a few minutes with a bad bush is a fish. Well a story began on October 5 when Louisiana department Wallace and fisheries sergeant Nicholas give drink corporal Ronnie Engelhard an agent Jonathan Morris. We're on patrolled on highway one between port solution on in grand isle when they spotted two subjects fishing off the side of the road. The agents found one of the men and possession of 32 speckled drowned. For those being under the twelve inch minimum agents found the other man in possession of 217. Sandra out also known as white Trout 22 brokers and for a speckled Trout was one of those on decides. That man also did not possess basic or salt water fishing licenses. Making his possession of the brokers and why Trout also illegal. The Asians cited jolt eight Tyler fifty Alina for possession among the size spotted sea Trout. And over the limit of spotted sea Trout. They cited 38 year old leads CN though Folsom for possession of undersized speckled Trout and angling without basic and saltwater licenses. What happened all those dead fish well I didn't go to waste and they didn't go with the perpetrators. Know the fishes in most game and fish confiscation cases would donated to a local charity. Now facing fines of up to 350 dollars and thirty days in jail for each count. Of taking over the limit and undersized spotted sea Trout as well as up to a fifty dollar fine. In fifteen days in jail for fishing without basic assault war licenses each and in Tyler's case civil restitution totaling. 925. Dollars and twelve cents a replacement value of the specs. And in chins case civil restitution totaling 1061. Dollars. For the replacement value of the white Trout brokers and speckled Trout. Or fifty year old jolt tile of Leno and lead Chan are bad boys of the outdoors. Pretty nice schedule awesome but unfortunately on not legal. Hey Dan educate me a little bit I know the limits for speckled Trout what is the limit for white tree there is not is not nice sized ego I don't have a license and a have a license now that simple little parts is getting is saved him he although. Quick thinking if she could've told his body was a one that caught the the white cloud who has the license and around and I guess you know I don't know Millard together I don't know. That's not exactly Butch Cassidy in the silly here at this. Did not currently that in that they never do in the civil restitution a lot of people on stand that the that is the the value they have values assigned to every species of fish and game and while life is did you pay it back now and it's not cheap for some of them and no it's not the more rare thinking well open grains and black bears they content like sent ten grand and in the mail sometimes as even none more charges Pomona. That's a Texan into sync tasks some I don't know about FaceBook page you gotta. I'd enjoy yes I don't Martha Spencer Debbie NG and now I house of another pays Martha Spencer. Mark has been a Regina has mostly weather stuff on those issues pictures you need to get back out there it's the wild attack. Shared some pictures from north I was back up in Connecticut last week and it was cold and didn't get their fishing. Me and for you prepare for you faced with a blah you know it's run up there is the the tuna and Al least. These reality out and that's what that's let's move in my in an am. Got a text and is summarizing and smoke in a Boston but the simple exam and San early design like the vessel Louisiana to I think a lot of that early because the game kicks off at eleven and irony that you maybe they just figured hey it's it's opening day duck season Amylin and me awake we gotta get apparently aiming to accommodate. Then when you know. I we come back after this we gonna go to a double on Williams on Ryan Lam and I know he is out there somewhere around outside of bureaus on the east side of the Mississippi River and he's got a shotgun pointed to the east we'll find out of designing in front of it. Right after this on the outdoors Madonna vehicle radio network. I know you will not be used in plastic bully he's alive or dead base he's using steel shop today because he's not dead duck content now with cajun fishing adventures and Roma captain Ryan Lambert. Ryan wants a report so far here's some whistling on. Why is something more serious and whistle and Martha and selling his shotgun and going. And I went down innocent deal it another dog into water and we're. That's fifth. We are in the blind with captain Ryan Lambert aegis battle signaled to is that Logan today McKinley and you don't see. It. Is this a maiden voyage. Treatment on it quite well. On. A comedy. What kind of birds he'll see in. Dayton. Now. That's the big blocks believed that they. Got to want to vote. Probably. It sounds windy out there this morning. First time that garnered implied that. That's really. Thirteen year old document it's that simple. You know Gordon did it. But we'll. You gotta love this Hugo. There's and making me wish I wasn't in radio than what. I happen to know somebody they can. Agree. About a Ole. Congress ruled no good thing you missed it. Let's let it. Cool it's nice. Until whistle. He's gone but what we're. All. Yeah open date or. I. Organized chaos do you feel like a kid again man there. And the problem here. We wish her out there with you this morning NASA and the and the doc told me no deal man known and I don't. Which weight which. I. But it it. It. So yeah. You know you just don't. Spill. You'll know like situation that. Well you just need to put your order in a Martha keeps Cendant from zero every three or four days. Court be like do you know yet. You get back. On. How many had your Ricky and any inside. You yeah. Gotta start Hugh Grant and 00. It would become. An expert Gordon will be. Like green you console. Will come straight elements. I went around your. Neck on. No have been invited Don Chu a sadistic ex leader on. You don't run off also announced this week I didn't unknown on the if you win this you know anyone born after September 1 1969 in order to get behind licenses to complete on safety course. But there are it is an exception where anyone of any age if they are with a hunter. Who was either born before that area was grandfathered in all who has taken the courses long is there in close proximity to them. There they cannot without great without having taken a course I didn't realize. Yeah I got a week actually that they can of course it is difficult and we told and it's well you when you read it in a few which you're you're. Normally it would keep track you'd be. That you do you know. Back a politically. Where even I can't. Do administration's boom as Don Gotti. Yeah I don't. Generally lower and know. That. It. I drinking water. I'm a geek I. And owning your. Past. One has a lot of shooting going on around use at your guys on the leases. Vote in every open date added. Squared. On oh. The lords it and then people while they realize that most everything down here's the and then got a nose well he's cooler or a live debate is on it under control but we. Bars in this morning. Yeah there's a lot but again I don't. Will be able. Well titled Iran you know you Thomas ball Ameen you get done in Mexico as a lot of birds you'd released and there has been phenomenal the last decade. But you know most of us just to be out there and get a couple of shots and birds and marine couple books home for the table that that's all we want him invest a big part of it. By yourself. Am Ryan somebody texted and said it's so nice to hear gunfire. Related to. Just here mean to you get a fine now. Sad that it's not related to all the nonsense that's going again you know every time we hear a gunshot you know you think of bad things except when you're on it. We're involved in this it would be less people involved in packet from machine that would you know about we will we take those on children. Well from willow would have been much as well liked it's incumbent on the right. Brought. Wait please island is trying to get we have Brent what can you give. What can we don't give my comeback. Kid he's. I Iran we're gonna take you back a couple of days later on in 7 and 9 o'clock program following this limits on on how you doing on your way to be good ticket out. And yes we do we have on lately. One of those profits seeking a break we take. Did you in Clayton have a good time out MB to. I'd coming back after this all that call that said it was 25 morals and also like didn't CNN am number and listen to a sunny today you know while we may get some of that I would come back after this will wrap up this one until he was coming up next on more outdoors. Stick around Donna gave Martha Spencer were on the outdoors wood on to view radio network. I'm must always going to be exiting out of hand just a few minutes there will be on more outdoors and on those if you can listen to that live streaming on my website and down the Al it was god that counts for two solid hours we going to be having calls from the duck blinds we gonna get back with Brian Lambert met Chris pike in Dele Cole Roland Cortez and homo. Current stance souls on the lake Charles black caucus Hugh Grant Ottoman is down in a bureau serie a Jimmy core Lee and Darren Bigby and Ella grow Augusto Mike and drew Dubuque in Reggio Mike bends is out there and can arm and there will be taking you out to dead duck blinds and getting all the information there. Oh and my daughter Sherif who was going to be co host and was new a couple of weeks who would make a trip up the South Dakota. She you are heard me talking about you know not having have a license and up and on safety class she says if he's someone who has a class. A grandfather and and how do you get a license without the class. You don't have a license it's treated like eight someone under ten. That is coming with you or youngster actually any age can be with you as long as there I am when they say with you I mean within like arm's distance like and don't wanna do is stand. You can't put a mile honored yards away and so that persons with me and that way they can. You know just kind of make sure they do the right things even though they haven't had a safety course and are just found that around and realized it's a great break. Martha let's wrap up with some of our text questions that are coming in. OK all we got and New Orleans eureka here and nine year and inspiration of folks because. This gentleman here says. I've never been duck hunting in fifteen years but I listened to you every week and that that fine line address was perfect I am now looking at Bioshock and this week. On sorry I got into a new memory get out of it masks. And once again reiterating its nice to hear gunfire and not related to the nonsense going on in the world that's for certain. Yet it is at folk club that live action then is does it feel like I'm almost there that game. We had two more hours that would come on up on a run after the show ends. Also August somebody from your home state yeah and had a roommate from Derby, Connecticut you know. Early in the southern is a small state I mean my entire state the size of southeast Louisiana says derby is in the south part of the state. I'm from central Connecticut kids just north of Hartford. My dad's big bird hunter up there helix U partridge in one that tiny begin to hear them. But down. I'm happy to be and yeah honestly are you doing while you're sitting in there are not identical thing for eighteen years in a second I was old enough to get away from. Now you'll get much of it here here's a question is there anywhere near Slidell and Covington where one could expect from a bank or a kayak. We're paddling distance wouldn't be difficult yes you have come to the right place. Best buy second suggest is buy you liberty or as volume low home yummy you're right that the miles it's a short panel. Just terrific NM a few minutes further to the west and not as many as salt waters does not desire of salinity levels on his hi Leah. I well that's about it for us sub and a great show thanks for coming in Martha sorry you mr. fishing trips outside could be there and we gonna be talking to people in their duck blinds giving reports off from all over the state of finding out what's going on on a lot of you like me that are not out there in person. So next best thing we can get out there and do that also is he going to be efficient today we got some pretty good Fisher reports opted to inside. Offshore. No no idea cancel an and a half hole when you think it might be right how many days. I would say probably middle Maxey did not long and hard Monday Tuesday and somebody said you saw some rain in the warmup does that run. I yes it is going to be a gimme some showers tomorrow that's about our only day this week for rain so that's good news. The warm up it's gonna last all the way through Friday repression upper seventies by Thursday for an. I'm going fishing while only fish and I'll be reporting with deadly Delhi on Thursday was not look like looking beautiful hole excellent medical tech I am I wanna get some of those world series' strongest they came in a little bit late there and like punch is going to be good week on the line I think you're right could we did do some honing to a deer season duck season we are in one of my favorite times of the year of course Thanksgiving Conant. I just got to wrap it up for us who say goodbye to our affiliate station is what we got two more always we call it more I'll doors down the alto was guide dot com gold and find the click on the home page and you'll be tuned in for two more hours. How will we love to talk about each and every Saturday morning the great outdoors have a great weekend and again happy veterans day to all you veterans.