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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 18th
Fishing conditions from the lakes, the Paddlers Report, Those Bad Boys and Plaquamines Parish.

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And we get a lot of information from mafia reporters and we've got Mike Gallo and captain Ron Lambert and Brendan they are all coming up to help you with that Wilson a lot of information from my listeners we love related text us at 870. 870. In on got a text from mole hunting buddy of mine Mike Mike Smith on longest so probably. Running duck hunting guides in Louisiana. Please operates out of the doubt broken all ordinaries five time days statement calling champion. In he said that he Hillary and bill crow met some really good news also got. Some information in about the mission six has taken some veterans stationed down appoint a channel boats in kayaks today at 7:8 am. He will be bringing his down missed on me that's team love to hear those things month almost. Things that the kids who wish to fish program to take in veterans and those that bring them back or Jewish wonderful. People don't want a full. Ancillary add on people that's don't have the access to some of these things apps get them you know added to the back. How terrifying on FaceBook IE loud TV night and it happened by you while TV all have a website by while TV dot com. Got captain Zach what's he told knoller reminding everybody stay safe and don't hesitate to call for losses that month relieved the week that's about it. Like that out there whether or not so great this morning if you headed out there maybe LC at the Roman rodeo of the wing fish over the school it's an avenue in medic and two to five. At 7 o'clock a lesson our the volume while it's going to be on Cox sports television check your local listing its own channel 37 bit. On other systems it's. On different numbers. Alaska trip to Alaska applied to release. When I watched it the other night just kind of took me back and I think it was such a blow. It was that it was I tell everyone that ask the united. You know what was it like this it was nonstop I mean we didn't sleep at 86 hours and it amounts in the most most yeah. But that this episode that's coming up at seven. AM and sent him tomorrow night it's a little different our traditional episode we break up and easily two segments. And it cooking segment. But being that we did a little differently this week we focused this first Alaskan Epson all about the salmon because they're such a diverse fish with the migration it's the only fish I can think of it permanently a river and in the open water and we caught them all three different occasions so. You learn a little bit about their life cycle and we actually were taken to a secret spot I want our river guides. To go season Cain salmon that are about to release their eggs and they were pretty much on numbered death mean they are going. I'd never seen a three foot fish and seeing red fish in shallow water in March here but never seen a fish that they. In moving water. That was ankle I mean there's barely enough water to keep these fish in the history and that was just so impressive and of course also those impressive was that the cult. They're bright red when they're about to die and I don't know what causes that but it makes it really stand out in the water. Off photographer Chris Wilcox of a great job and he took one for the team to his using out handsome got in that freezing water would go pro and got some excellent shots. In the bear is stunning but there kitchen is imminent waterfall. I was looking in my pictures. Of the trip then I spotted despair when we currently ending in the seat plane and I thought that was last itsy and he was in the grassy area. So look there's there and he was you know hanging out. And then three hours later we found the same there and watched and swam relaxed and hunt and eat straight at a National Geographic that's what I compared team because we were so close. Through the bear. He didn't mind that we were there aren't close enough to threaten him and he had plenty of food take from some heat is and casually look back at us every five minutes or so but. Probably about four heir apparent thing. Yes must do now is William and massive size of and you can't really do injustices to long while watchable in the video TV while Europe next. I was so excited because we first spotted him when he jumped in the water we thought he was innocent in this island and it changed its mind and it is at 360 elitist CNN really come out of water for about 1015 -- don't get the appreciation for their science and get out the water and then when he got up like a dog who when besides you know deficient the frenzy assembled friends in resurrection bay. That is an excellent segment two and you can almost tell captain that was ruled youth with that because. It was kind of a social trip on the halibut he was a little frustrated he worked really hard to get assaults bit visual enhancements and yes. It was interesting for me we get two trips are off short trips bowl trips at a homer and sooner or a little difficult but the how the play was not very getting out captains can only do so much. But it was weird to be on the other end because I am on the water and not countenance an on water receive CD's this year. It's I don't really ever get to six so being the customer for exchange. You kind of see how the deck against handle it and out captain him the mood of the vote in how to keep the momentum up and it was is different and I manned homer was talent at that weather got nasty. Let's mr. Carson that kind of thing and all it's still to come on one illegally should you just small that. Larry ice very honestly yeah. Well you know the cajun invasion of this one remind people it's open everybody if you wanna go with a passionate and yeah I tell my mom a strike and answered comics it's a great trip tonight you'll find information on fishing lodge in all soma which cited you know it was god that Campbell we don't have. The final figures them I'm a bit pressured Ralph crystal against him because so many people interest and goal this next got a book literally. In this two week Cecile last week in July 4 week in August in Cleveland that's the upped it witnessed here's that you need to know them don't come planets in our in our vacation tell the island. You know girls are on the move via and you Abydos and drive and then a lot of sleep and there's a lot of daylight pitching and catching beautiful fish and we came back on fifty pounds of fish. Which is typical. The weirdest thing to me was when we were driving from Anchorage to Seward. Parceled out and I was seeing the people on the river at 11 o'clock and I dishing 10 o'clock at night. Six people standing in the river. And daylight and like it. Interest all right we come back get to this this they would get captain Mike Gallo stand by earth on which direction he's got the old blue wave point it will do that got more efficient reports for a moment that you and I love the talk about it reset demoted. The key for you text 87870. Come right near the studio we're back after this. And the grapple with captain Mike Gallo has brought you by seat so it's great knowing that seat goes out there and medium and you. Fuel welcome you to jump start. They added advantages to being easy to coast if you're not a cuts actually do a free checking system where. Which do you put your radio channel point seven you speak into the Mike in the system acknowledge you're transmission and place it back to you that way you make sure you've got to wait and accelerated. Rate feature. You wanna become a customer's Ito called captain Chris. You can reach him at Bible for 30145. It before or just simply go to the Tilde. Month we have Mike Gallo on the line here. Might tell us how your week has been. And you probably ran the same thing most people it was a great start earlier in the week in its current April that we get this weekend. No doubt finished Monday Tuesday and Wednesday all had successful bay. Mostly personal and red fish. I did get a couple of reports of some trials being caught in the local area here in March trade. They like. But I mean the western shore line. Probably born as well look at. It accused that structural. Yeah Dawson yeah it was good losers try out. Front and some crowd. Start show up operatives that. We have some salt water a couple of weeks ago make its way over this way and on went in and the key to it is the ground. God knows grants why shoreline. And the like sure hide it and of drought close off. What's nice try out those. There's about Schmoll what you we grow and most of Bart twelve to thirteen and have. Size three additional people loved so that it could eat your. You know off talked to several people out of been making that trip that united last time along mature along lake Bourne and the coincident mix of mass in reds. Martha's got a hand up he was one of them she was out there whacked him on a straight face the other day. I was in an. All I'm saying I am thanks I'm doing aren't so forward we'll try to get a little bit old tattered watch out we're gonna do. Got big bachelor party but school one out and they cracked rivers area. Optic that that was stopped to ask. I think it's the continuation actually well not yet but there'll work or don't so far it will wreck but. And I will be out shortly I'll work target this today is going to be. So we're open to make it over to Biloxi marsh. Got a radio and keep an eye on me looked like a lot of storms go past. We just want to make sure that creep north. Where it actually gets to. It looks like it almost set up like it did yesterday Horry had that you know vertically and a line line of storms just kind of parked themselves. Yeah about it guarantees that that we could do it but my problem. And kept it from. Block and multiple this party to end. Oh yeah by boat or. This must be a big wedding and so that those guys wanted to attack his brother is get married and he brought along fourteen programs. So. Look for big time at the registration has been very consistent. In the job looks more and along the shoreline. Lake Bourne. And it doesn't matter whether it's plastic. You know Warren's. Pork spenders spoon. Ordeal that people were on a court has been very productive. So there are honored that the battery get to them. Well. It's good to hear that this sufficiently surround the press real Lake Pontchartrain maybe will work to its commitment to low World Series Ron you know not too far away from them now. I can remember have a conversation with one of our captains. And I can remember one time. Catching some Trout in the lake park brain in August. And it was a scenario where we a little tropical depression that went towards Alabama. And pushed a little wedge salt water in our area we're actually an apology kids that it would just prior. To going back to school. And I was can Krieger it to two boats go out. And we bounced around the local area hoped to get on some draw mark brokers or anything to keep those kids. Enter crane would. And we dish got out in all the local area in assembled around the greens it's cheap it over there so I'll follow him on trial. Other products at the corner so it's quite a while back. Which is not a normal but. That the crowd and our area auger. I'm certainly glad that you're an ecumenical and wild. Well hope you in the bachelor party crew all have a great trip to new all limit out on the red fish today Mike if somebody wants to put on a party you've got the spots and vastly council lives in new expanded area. So you can take a pretty large group and tell them how to get ahold of you besides funding Oman whips. Very simple way we try to be as visible as possible can look a couple. FaceBook on directly adventures so we can't you could go all captain Mike you know. For the old fashioned council. Which is 9857817811. I'm Michael that weather delay doesn't keep you in not too long and now we'll check in with the next week on YouTube. I am sure it's more beard and catch more fish than your hateful. I'm sure brown Trout fish will be great fit well on the limit on reds is locked that is the limit on Beers on that's gonna happen. Depends on how long mentally and ego. Delegitimize. Our right back. I kept my yellowing in matches Louisiana anyone remind you real quick frank Clinton country club going to be the site of the new to. Washington parish Ducks Unlimited banquet. Going to be Friday coming up August 24 that was opened at six Google's stuff comes up the one in Paris. He edited Chapman equipment and so beat me a participant and always. Love to see people on the do you banquets about the socialization and totally convinced we would not be running dogs anymore on this. Coming back after this so got to have a report stroke report analyst report what you wanna call it if you wanna get a little flat boat. And even a flat boat it's no more and we got you on it and let me say that it really good enjoyed it kayak panel talk more about that too. Coming back after this you listen to the outdoors were done W radio network. The caller's reports. With a bite coast kayak fishing club present by Matt he's outfitters. You can check them out in mid city new lines coming in baton arranged. You get all kinds attacks like Toby Jackson pack and need it water after about mass he's outfitters dot com wore on they spoken by the way. A hoagie folks are thinking about an excuse I acts as. Keep up with Nazis because in the next few months are gonna bodies packs for sale also might be in his early start thinking about Christmas them because all of us. I'm hoping team. We sent our released back in and mentally it's ominous so yours is going to be so what would you mind that green Graham and them at. As I yes but pantry and free that we haven't we had our camera guy and it in the day. And a little sunset panel we went from cute you know folks that buy you adventures in a coma and Jeff and Shannon. What a great trip that is possible short what mama have that'll collect onto trains have seen McCain by use and then run comeback in the dark enough. They're nice guys out a way to relax a wonder if Brendon de yards images gone panel for the funnel want to zones that that is probably always had efficient routes to and. I'm all right Brandon yeah. You feel like it along Amanda well it is yeah early on as well. That that that are open. So how's it been for the battling fishermen. That party. You know a lot of guys down on the coat you know where it. Common pat give credit for a ride the bull coming up next week and so you know there are kind of get their compliment and don't get from the bull it. They're in their body so you know in the air and Ketchum could get some of them you know anywhere from you know the corner bell Amazon. When the time gunman is or underneath the bridge and parents all over there behind the point guards immune blocked Google's spot alone in about. Common not a lot of people who didn't even crack crap. A lot of the look Cranston polo and route via Apache Canada didn't want and flowed underneath he joke. That's of course what the reds pitcher keying in on. You can't find cracked correct correct and hard to say it couldn't come quicker. You can get them on live white Trout and kind of keep those. I'm big debate that wall lit catfish cabin did you call alarms are my favorite you know program or whole small watcher. Brendan I have my first bad experience at the catfish from my packet today in my. Several years of being Louisiana and finally finally got licked and Anita Ali Al Weyrich had. If you're a whole new appreciation for. I'm confident that if I hate him Brendan I'm sure you've been stuck at this long enough you gonna it's. There was one guy that they're on holiday cheer the chip growth in the kept it all over here. And I'll walk in them appeared and a thousand sandal and finally just ran one right out of my big and it could so. Is the tip of my thumb I couldn't cast for an hour. It was painful. Laden and tendons in your fingers and toes in the also people attend reactions to a militancy. And he'll. Luckily I haven't got the stingray knock on wood so you heard that's even worse. Yeah I can imagine. How hard it is it's a broad cast net from Kyle can you do that or is it I haven't I haven't been that great. Yeah I think he that long does not too big of like you know and you get to a bigger diameter unique kind of almost like a one. You know he I think as long feud you know like a twelve foot or shorter. And I'm impressed the peak or twelve foot from the pack fall in Medina. I got eight. Yeah I mean that antenna. I mean I've been thrown testament for a long long confident and a have a little map that work out wind at all around armed and trying to cut it and I mean just don't want the ropes tying him anywhere and I might not be the best cast but. You know it's sometimes at the really good. Need tickets some code needs. You know in the some of those code hang out underneath bridges and so. Structures so. It's a lot punch pretty duke of Ketchum if you have a caste men eat it up underneath the bridge in this final throw it right next countless sink down. It was a big hand that goes but about. Beach chips from Google crowd. The netting one thing debate and have you ever heard of anybody trawling rang in the crawl the content. Under staff heard a rumor that Gary Harris ponies going to be trawling for shrimp from outcome I. Don't wanna stay away from that. That you play kind of been our main comment to the point is that. You might be other because so much trip in the water but on broad gap meant we. Oh a week ago and a we're just kitchen. Get to crown on the beach and he soared from cap. And he talks on entrance that you know. Probably go into town come up big trip off the. We get the fish forget that yes a ten count and I'll take all you can stand. Brandon gonna be in Colorado boulder actually. I think I am. That it depending on it. That we're having an like football game and just hit it. How about any other events by U Kos guy and a club for. By those. Really operate in the schedule right now the all sizes October's six that's going to be down and I would point three that's a big oh plan term close look at that time. Until that happens so. Right now there batteries every guy's probable and and then. Morgan. BC KFC dot org suggests anyone has any kind of paneling. Joined now on ten and at least go to the website but great wealth of information and fun. Malia there's. There's by quite protections for all the used car could mark go to mount and a lot this tip so there maps of what's and smiled. That the new quote we became out this year. A tree and these are poorly on the problem. They kind of go up and down and so that is your you know drag it over rocks AKA the and the hope you know. You break your country and do her off the bottom of the so. Nice little addition to the new kind. So it on the regular one that I'll be there. I just sold me on the company's Cessna pro stamp like you guys. To give them some feedback on things yes it helps them design the models make improvements. Yeah also I mean you know last year than they came out and I mean every year they have two new improvements in the boat so. You know from the beats a few years ago which were major you know improvements. Lester when they put the warning he drives where you it you know poll. You go backward. To this year with the what they you know transducer mount that goes up and down. So great teppco announce they have four engineers on staff and they just continually try to make those votes better. Funny how we take a low tech from the club makers hi tech is which. Estranged. Important thing with archery equipment same thing Mosul and you name it we start off low deck and we work it back up. Earlier this is it's in on nature Brendon thanks to report so much movement look at typically the couple weeks and good luck on the run double. All right thank you there predict it and in the video on a few reports are coming back after this Martha on the call this the case of the boulder who cried wolf hopefully some bad all the outdoors coming at you right after this falls on the outdoors went down to duke it unit. Them authors of some violist his favorite feature the bad boy that's ahead on decision who was ahead crap violators will be an Alec it would then be on now is on and some people jump seasonal Nat. And then I had another looping grange shooters and for those views going to be with us and 8 to 9 o'clock now more up to a million in an analogue board detail talk about to being green program. I'm bringing them back from near extinction and then these knuckle heads we go out there that decide they want to shoot them but. Found one that is called the case that we've. Gotten a little confused on. What his motive was is decent we'll talk about that run if we Austin seconds. While local stations to take you there on him where they all mean outdoors with on the view radio network. Agents made contact with the Coast Guard and told them they went to the vicinity of the distress and could locate anyone in distressed. Well the bad boy who did it might have gotten away what is frank but he just was heaven too much on. So later that the and then another mayday call went out to the coast go on in the same area Nia Oscar. The Coast Guard deployed a search and rescue mission by air wildlife and fisheries and point company sheriff's office went out there with boats to check it out. While at approximately 10 o'clock the agents in the sheriff's deputies made contact with Benjamin. He bet now who was an occupant on the boat on falls river earlier in the day. During questioning back now fessed up and informed the agents in deputies. He had made the distress calls on VHF radio from his boat you gotta be really bored so I had a a criminal mischief and making fake distress calls from radio and facing a 500 dollar fine. And six months in jail is Benjamin team deck now. On Lafayette are bad boy of the outdoors. You know Martha most cities bad boy cases there was some incentive will motive for doing something right they wanted to eat that animal illegally took the pages. What he kicked you get was whispers he's didn't give his age I'm opening was fairly young. Yet it sounds like a teenager prance and here's the thing. It's not funny because you know fight and I find that probably does need scraped the surface of what they spent. Salute you should be a much higher fine and but the seem to be special time deals like that because not only is expense involved suppose somebody reeling in existence and probably a tennis you know. Crazy and we never run out of them bad boys and outdoors like cattle much more commitment to next week two's will be right back after this plastic man time. Rats Bryant Lambert's nickname. Check out what's going on apartments parish. After this on the outdoors for Don Dubuque radio. Let's skip the plastic man in here one captain Ryan Lambert who I don't know if you saw it among the amounts thousand giant global risk. Him and his crew and this week I'm asked that a ticket to bull reds. Yep over and we don't. Yeah of the you get to. Him. And I mentioned red red. Child. To do and I think you know I got to ala bonds is down this week that the media so inaudible this book. Honor men and not used to seeing you know pictures. Yeah. I asked him. I can't. Let you tassel on. Yeah. Like this stimulus. Like it or did he. I would David I need featured mark but this yesterday mr. Wahlberg. He he had the guys but there's another date and I tried that would not at bought the Q a please. Jinx healing you guarantee act that some parity in the my friends argument got it. Don't they are long it would take yacht doesn't get you don't get. That's true we did have abbreviate that they love it. The when you're on you know. This is yet but you know I think what an economic. Factors. Mean art you know what you did that that below you and me in the said he. But in her defense she really didn't do too much wrong cheap put the fly on those just one of those days let me just like the fly fisherman say a refusal. Right right up there and burn. And Ellen color those fancy I think yes these are you that. And a lot of judgment day. You know. It really take on. Like to. Micah right now. It is it is comes at a giant walls and Jai while they came right in the I don't mind. But right. Ali right now vocalize that this big lie at the grand outcome in this way. Decline comes clear. So. You know the widget so go to there is some mobile. App from it's notably who. When you may not agree I think it's a lot of people from here eleven pages you know. If you'll pardon me that's one thing Batman and watch most things it's low on the top water that's that's. Well we've been reported how am I mean it's it's old polar bears is it that I Iran. Oh La Allred around right now. Who they know everything its site. I. I don't want to say is the biggest when he caught some owners. It's. The one. Obama forty that would do that. That's fist up my shoulders. At the big special. Yeah. What are good at it but. You know that the monster. Yeah really. We have been and then when you get the screen which way. I want that wondering don't actually element. Of risk to make. It gets signed agreement like that. I went out against Utah earlier this week is. In I just didn't do well you know because some but not like. The rivers the rivers still coming out or come out of Washington moving toward Japan and not just bought this week to that would on the board. Fanatic on migrated toward the movement toward presently come more so alone. A lot about me caught down there clipped the branch and as well. Chatter bases and drug treatment without the use and it is working well. Please let them make the migration that will be gone on Craig made on the rocks you know that's always on my. Acting get to do something different and that's about right. You know when those bad is it written on the screen based on Iraq up on that. Really want to make it be all right good. Deal is here. We've done a lot of that together. Our last few weeks have been talking about the arrival of the teel also fall which song was alternately big bulls it come down any increase in the amount to deal this week. Not one out Monty this week. So. Do you like those thirteen rat that's optics charity is that one year main sponsors. Yeah they'd they'd do a lot Lugar. I. Try to get on a match you know green real. That I know Indy matches that perfectly. And yeah. A revealed that it not only bush. In Taba. You know. That's something out man you're bag but it it's an incredible. Hit rock. Captain chip on. Switching colors. On all of I don't yet it's always been key mall well yeah all smooth real existence. And he was joking that that. But this. Product product. That. On base. What you know that there is no friction at all and it really really well. I was shocked. The button you know this whole year so this is pretty good and and you know it Debra. Just quote text message somebody wanted to ask you on these and sell. That's on the east. You've been there way and concentrate. On ask us on the west side you don't you. Not at all that they go on the moment you know the red. And more still and dictating it and rip it and ended up in fish on the each. But would like it should be but that is governed and so it is but in everything comes to mean it is like magic. So those spec because book about the way the that the backboard then yeah now. An aspect of out to be everywhere anymore like used to be. You know since all of bill and I think when money got hurt with the green movement this year. But but. But that we face state they've reproduce nine months of lemonade. So. Is that that everything like we seen in reasons. Bounced back really quick. We just got. Really goes on to bring them back in one place you're not going to freeze and we do wish. So what is. You know I just the way it is instructive quick money tutor who. History shows in on the you've got ups and downs and you know sometimes his reasons and explanations sometimes not that. It's all cyclical and you know just like they went away they'll be back to no question about that but right now as more red fish out there and I can ever remember at. All we got him and you know what we've had a so was bought last year he couldn't spring we call every vote gets infected a hundred. Small fish jumped on him like Janet twelve inch fish. Everybody was scared to let you know hundred so next year you would well yeah and fought and I would imagine. But the sport and come in this year you know ought to be a great spot again this year so. Thing that could go to a red fish but. I you know I like I like the big drought in April we had that there's. A lot of big cities this year though. I think we'll litigant it's a big because by. OK Ryan well hopefully that's Bellwether doesn't delay your trip to long and a note and take a long capsules red zone once again on some good luck on that and will be checked in and we begin next week. Andre I have great weekend and you know knew you'd. Get this phone number so in collier. But I 111. Integrated vision imagined that there are. You still have that gun slinging ring on that phone. Look like it did that out as you go. Let's see you next week and I got to. Harry films captain Ryan Lambert the plastic manual Martha guy like that as long as he's been and his and Ryan is one of them the founders of the fishing. Guy the industry to stay excited as he is an of that excellent. He isn't at c.'s Alex NN metres and I'll find something good about. Coming back after this you know wrapped issue once it was coming apple more outdoors from seven non immediately following this. That's all right you on the outdoors with downed radio network. Martha get a lot of requests from on nonprofit groups and different charity events that go on to give them some don't some publicity and we really go when I'm really glad to see that these high schools you know and they all got football baseball and volleyball teams and gymnast. But to get an efficient. The fishing clubs or really taking off and even with females to do I mean Ali's high school fishing teams was talking with Sammy averaged tags using one of the schools touch and a 131 members. In their fishing so because that they really want to help promote that and on Wednesday September 12 he can head over to sags on veterans boulevard. And from five to 10 PM it's high school fishing team nice appeared affiliated with any high school fishing team parents and friends are welcome. They'll be different sites have reps on site first session mono I was thirteen Lee used and the first hundred people there get a jags fishing team shirt. I have food and drink and just on them in the order promoting Phishing gangs and you're at the kids and he probably get a good deal there will have some some big deal so check that out on September 12. Apologizing to an efficient club out of an absolutely. I also we got coming up on August 31. That's going to be a Friday evening the Joey trailed memorial fishing rodeo it's going to be on it the Sweetwater marina in gullah crow. 200 dollars per angler is actual fishing date is September the first that's one of the way in from 6 AM. 2 PM his family friendly biggest red fish biggest found in Vegas fans three places for each of those. Chicken out Joey trailed memorial fishing rodeo we can fund and on the web. Want to talk too often Dennis Sweetwater marina and shoot I'll give the only information need that. Also been told that coming up this kind of remove that logjam just south of pulls blocked. A lot of our listeners like to go to tolerant and navigational canal be aware they gonna close down in the polls blow up launched from August 28 to October 1. To allow for that work to be done but they hopefully we get it back up and work him before the opening of the archery season. I coming up next some more outdoors from seven and not enough hunt fish stock went to Billy ot keep plus June Jones wouldn't talk about LOW de Louisiana helpful writers association awards. Fish records and and from eight to nine we're gonna talk about why in heck do we kill so many open greens here in the state Louisiana. And at 7 o'clock right now and thirty seconds turn on Cox sports television that you missed this week's episode are persons dominant heat invasion on by he allowed to ask. I will see you next week another edition of the outdoors Saddam Dubuque radio network.