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Saturday, July 21st
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And welcome into our number two got a powerful position talk him will be talking about that too far off it looks. I can daylight most of listening across great cocoa and it'll be long before beginning news efficient shooting and switched on off. With dove season September 1 week it's a cabinet goes in the field it and you know the small game rabbit squirrel. And then we get into the Quayle in the woodcock in the ducks in the keys in the years where you know seasons here and kind of moving in the Turkey season comes in bills also fast offs loft on. Will be keeping an update on as we get into it. That wanna mention to you cal issue lakers getting in fact is getting a new reef as we speak on the bread into reef. Has been expanded upon enough thanks to help at least chemicals to conservation association. And one responses Phillips 66. There's a six acre re frightened now. That is known as the brand names in reef and that is gonna be expanded to another all but. Probably 34 acres that's right adjacent. To the original wreath and that is good news on the streets have become very very successful. That makes a total relief for of them now in that area as wanna turn Tuesday. The big Jack Reed and that's in the southern port issue it and Brent Vinson ruling as to. Two sections of the read this next time we talk to. Current stance with pac run gun in his read on those reached a produce enough vomit some of those recent very very successful. And others may be because aware they will put it in relation to time in. In the depth of the water it just really never produced what they had hoped. So anyway is that we learn more and more each time you read this put them in the it's great to have those on fish reef structure always attracts the age. I not to borrow money about a couple other things we're going to be doing eight will. Faced off next week and thanks to you listeners last week and it should tell me you favorite boot camp places and we we took the top six. And on my way to Texas next week I'm gonna stop at each one. Pick up some samples we coComment Texas and a team associated to become a taste test team next week will announce the best boot nailed them and it's. In new noses one Abraham in Maurice best stop balance Billy and cart Jeter's Eagles Oakland the contestants so. Will be giving results of the best panel a lot of the you know love that Louisiana booed. Speaking of all these bees as booed now how about beyond bullets in base that's my new book that's out it's Kindle book at this point you can purchase it on Amazon. For the outrageous price two dollars and 99 so I priced it to cheat. Maybe that's why people think that to 99 it can't be much well I hope you think it's a lot more than then then that. It's it's a collection of stories that I have written. But Carrick is I have met along the way over the last thirty years some very interesting stories inspirational stories. Motivations some of them are funny some humorous and summit just normally it is read Mike should go to And just put in beyond. Bullets in baits the title of that book is because there really is a lot line. The bullets in the debates in the techniques in the how to nowhere to constantly in fishing has a lot of spin off stories and some relief. Interest in one's and hope you'll join now we're coming out of an audio version as soon as market funds on the produces only took me. About six years to get this Kindle book open run. But if you have a Kindle device that you can get a Kindle app that time you read it. Put in beyond bullets and dates of may be my name as the author Don Dubuque and let me know you can text me back you know think about the book it's not a long book it's a pretty easy read. I'd are also coming up a little bit literally going to be checking in with a special reporter at 650 go unnamed at this point but. Really looking forward to that we also got a couple are regulars might gallows gonna check it was president bay aren't. You know we got the big rod double looming large in the in the Lafayette a kayak club is putting on that slam Berea on highway one. Talk to Brandon about that and of course we got the plastic man. Captain Ryan Atlanta. Updating us on the lack of its shares we still battle our economic in the next hour all and don't forget bad boys in the outdoors they've been all time feature probably will be back with a all of that. Right after this on the outdoors went on to view radio network. As tough proposition proposed captain Mike Gallo angling advances of Louisiana which is brought to you by Zito off the fuel drops whenever wherever you need to tell you in 24/7. Jump start Chiquita electrical problem and always figured unit peace of mind knowing that rescue is just one phone call away you get all that front sedated and box for a year. Become a member. Call captain Chris Bible for. 3014545. Where you can sign up on line and it's Ito dot. Often don't you have seen the latest edition of by you while you may have noticed a scene that aren't subject of our captain's wife feature which is an on going series is and Jacquelyn Gallo. The wife of captain Mike Mike if you got a chance to deceive the Fijian. I gotta tell you might you lucky man had a wonderful life in plots like Jacqueline don't come along that often everyday and you are fortunate. I'd do it one wide and very fortunate she's my desk. And GT figured she mitigate sketches so you know dollar great couple and one invite people to check that feature on all captains once we go. Behind the scenes and in kind of find out how the wives all involved on in case it Jacqueline. Not so much involved in this class but still there for the moral support I think it was a the great teaching you got a real good keep it there or Mikey efficient this morning you can west wing Kelley got this on on what's on. Yeah the west Linn has sidelined. I'm Omar restore missing in my fish tomorrow and not on I can't tell you that we can. And deal with the west when in all week. And I hit sort of expanded my. A rise in don't know efficient. Wood and hand tomorrow on bill passed it may be with there treated five models are blown past. But on that western shoreline like born. Anywhere from pole can't stand. All the way down towards by UB you have to do. You know I just kind of run national rather slow and look for ball. And Nazis Samoa slowed down all the way down to Arnold. And she policy their concentration. And what do. Patrol boat war break out popping corks in the Lakshmi important. Some sound with plumes of Jewish billions and they do seem to be in lieu schools. And maybe get one picture. In the booze or close to call him as a long term being built. So that's been our pattern. For the majority of this week I still don't have any news forms that trial. However win. To get to our sport for a minute. We ran into problems down to war on PM January. We had pretty much. Call of the day client July. And we've ran back up articles to war when. Cut through like Catherine and I decided. When he pitched this deep on don't pass by the Korean. And we ended up catching 31. I swung try. Conversely the troops for me. Appliance we're happy to have them it was by every camp basically. Thirty feet of water drop punch grade now. Our own problems with the depth finder you know look at that missile. Was able pick out substantial and screen and fortunately work. We keep keep it. So while I honestly do so that's the only trauma to tell you about in the deep war on the tech. Of course this doesn't really apply do you occasional run night trips but a lot of people on a kitchen and usually it's small fish underneath the lights as Tommy year. Which is good for a couple of reasons one yacht at a heated today and the fish tend to congregate under the lights because of the tracks debate there but. You know people need to be conscientious and responsible and efficient around he has that'll lit you know I'm sure most people. Don't mind if someone does but you can't get out on the appears you know. At that would be trespass and and tie up on the appear. But certainly you know if you see lights and you see some break in action there maybe to kind of stay often thank her role more to it. You know you can pick up a few fish like data to really get out officially. That's true. That means. Many years ago was no change out towards Russia. I had never finished worse before so in a couple bodies of non left extremely literally. Maybe now on our hands on course. And legal doctrine Iran right we parched and we feel like. And the season some breaking war breaking down in the recent strike there called. Dozens. That we got to go. Out with an optimist. Russian tool. Blah blah. So anyway we've made the wrong way out Russian Jewish hole and placing them where we can try. Came home with thirteen drought. Column. Less than a mile from the lodge a protest that decision looked into huge on that particular day. And and that's you know part of what you say in the past so it was like two PC some. Some breaking war and they should be active. Yeah it's a great way to finish in a lot of cases is that you got put the time in and night. Oh my god somebody wants to get a hold you in talk about it and some late summit trip so early fall trip I know you book well well in advance tellem all the ways they can find information. Well obviously Khatami on Donyell to. Bottom rips it is way way dot com. We're on FaceBook on the right in the museum. Or you can do that deal essentially. Used to tell. Which is 9857817811. The old fashioned way and it's held at. I think I'll mention. Times actions always good to talk to you my friend have a great weekend and early days. Ago. Thank you very much part and actually see you next week captain Mike Gallo and the adventures of Louisiana. Are we come back after this we tackled some text messages Wigginton and if you wanna send this one it's 87870. Also got a panel report. Brendon de Arctic we do that with these with the by Eackles kayak fishing club will be back right after this. On the outdoor Saddam Dubuque radio. Am my stroke and trip I was gonna do us sunset cattle last week got blown out on whether we got to re scheduled for all of Michigan's CNET own upcoming episode by you while. Also gonna tell you about the on day of full day if you haven't heard about that that's another new embassy but. Before we get all of that we'll tell you the bad reports coming up by Eackles kayak fishing club non Brendan they ought one of our reporters. Present about Massey outfit as you can find him in mid city of New Orleans coming in Baton Rouge in the best kayak fishing models like. Colby's Jackson kayak and native watercraft you can check out there website all their models that Massey out it is dot com. Daniel also on them on FaceBook. Brendon de yardages out fishing the Lafayette clubs slam arena today we've been talking about that on we want it legal. He's got a son graves along with a and I can get a little wind in the background already early. Brendan Gaza as a condition them at this morning. You paid in the morning and I think we're going to be heat stroke and today it is. It. Out here but on the island and ran down a little windy the beat should be able calmer and where where. I just have been on a little bit of respect here go tribe there. Tiger is. Bill coming up slightly. A good bill not quite how. Look out computer normal arc. Walk cleared pretty geared and a lot APEC here so welcome rich. At a slam reworked what's destruction. It is today slam tournament so that you they weigh. Beat Pete in aggregate wilder a lot. And it also pride for the big. That it. So the Klan is going to be. Which one do you try to concentrate on first what. I always try to. You know get to try out early. Would have been too liberal on a really good. Or because. It's our Ketchum. You know mr. patient people water. When this the bunker canary thing especially to pitch out. Two pitch out at first light. Try to get in there and do damage or. Get. The pitched it apart in the area and then now going to compete or canal is it that they had an argument you know wow well. Key I think these tournaments you can really get Trout this for flounder and then the trip this. Pitching. Not a good plan you know the problem with kayak tournaments in this economy it's doubly bad for pitcher you're exerting image you paneling casting. Whereas at least an update boat you crank up every now and then and Lofton singled one mile ride. We need to do that like I have got to sweat it out grind them down. Yet we have Gatorade and water. You know not could not pat and you know art I'm. A bit better and and we'll be cool here and I'm a real good but then opened quote Panama. Launch and just yet. Think that'll be most of the contestants plan. Presidency could give us some spots anywhere along the coast that you fund might be better deal with the west wing looks like we got a city guys that the next. I'll wetland I mean. If you go to wet coat you can launch of Politico launched and that is kind of a bit echo there are common but they edit your vision. The big lake area to code at all. Pretty good. Getting closer out this way. You know cut in its march along a big YU's. Lead. Kind of a good bet. Right now and we did do her best friend kind of look for a week. Supplement blocks that win. Come in on the other side. Time. You can't get in these areas along rotors were true shallow lecture them about people ought to question. A little bit cooler water and there should be much bigger tree there and and stop them. I'm not just cops trading on the upon. And you know if you went out of jail. He could probably get into some of the the bigger Bay's. That they haven't been record bank and to some of those kind of banks mr. go to the pretty good. Would never get. The water because they're some like Jason Kabat. Appear that you're going down. You know port sulphur all that. That Levy is not really situated to block a westerly wind coming out. Best of border area. Good advice. Well we got TI FA kayak tour August 5 and in the coming weeks will be talking about the big in the ride the bull. Next time we get John Brennan not likely to me beyond kind of give us a little overview on efficient artificial reefs you know the CCA and some of the sponsors. Have been put those things all along the coast and then all of a thing the comment I'm likely to maybe give us a listing some of them or productive ones for panelist. Yes we certainly utilized. Next time I go on that basically we prison regularly. Yeah. Luck to you and braves and now will be look at or missing in. Their egos paddling off into the sunrise Brendon de yard. One of our report is a guy you know these missions like the batteries run in the kayak. In he's given efficient. That is the perfect exit Campbell multitasking. Feature I guess have a distinct ex governor annual issues one to 87870. Back with those and also. It's bad boy time we got some off fellows at thought it was a good idea to shoot pelicans. Wrong one back with this story after this. That's our show we maintain a text message board directly to studio 87870. It's extinct thanks in this is from offering just in the one engine Tilly he said that other Justin isn't him boxed. He's going to show he's got big east this year in the weeks to come all and you got beat yours just can't wait. Is another Lynette says. Nazis heading up a little red finishing it on islands like most people. And realize strawberry is a scarce supply today in the best way to go astute to target those it. This one and this is a thinking man that morning if I had to fish only one technique only that's a question on opinion people. It would have to be spear fish. Then you can catch fish from in the lakes to offshore rigs possibilities. And stay cool today folks and am well then and now are few species. That you cannot spear fish but for the most part yet you would now open up. A lot of different species in types habitats which you think. I his someone else that is heading to in a coastal city ripped trees action again. And this one not just tuned in Don did you talk about the duck boat incident don't know much about that kind of vote that is the the story that's made national news dot boat was overturned him in a torrential storm. Sixty mile now wins in the duck boat now when you hear doc ball I think a lot of people thinking. He wrong kayak shallow draft flat all small engine may be getting on that is not will adopt boat is while some you can call that a duck boat. What they're talking about here is actually an amphibious warcraft I think he's. The first on in the late fifties and Berry early sixties it's a military craft. That can travel on both land and water and that's why it's called the duck boat like a duck walks off the bank into the Warren's thoughts women. Then not really seaworthy boats which uses tour boat. Should have been out there I don't know the full details of much warning and when that torrential storm showed up. But it did overturn the capsized the boat several people drowned or some survivors and shoot stories will be continuing to come. I'm right after this quick pause will be back without bad boy feature in the case of the pelicans on its commitment to an accident well local stations. Tell you who they are and where they all along me out doors would down Dubuque radio network. Well documenting that. Coaching is not strictly a southern states thing tickle. In Newton Illinois Ian thanks to some information that was provided by the public similar to our operation game thief. Charges have been filed against him Newton Illinois teenagers in connection. With the illegal shooting of six white pelicans. At the Newton lake state patient while I there. Charges were filed with the state attorney following an investigation that was conducted by the department of natural resources conservation police and the US mission Wallace or S app because juveniles are involved in this case the names of the subject on not being released. But there are two male subjects charged with unlawful tape of migratory water a follow with a rifle. Unlawful discharge of afar on from the public roadway. Unlawful firing a rifle over into the waters of the state. And unlawfully disturbing harassing wild birds. By the use our problem motor vehicle. It's a safe bet that because it juvenile was. Receiving. Now be receiving a light sentence for killing five pelicans and seriously injuring another one. They ought to unnamed new Illinois juveniles. Are bad boys of the outdoors. Well unfortunately I'll bylaw we are not allowed to identify juveniles who are. Charged with crimes and hopefully they have learn that lesson and won't be giving in that anymore. What does that brings up this subject of the warping crying you know if you've been regulars in the show you know over the years now that we've been trying to restore. A viable population of warping cranes packed in to Louisiana virtually after extinction. There's an awful lot of warping green shootings has been to net. In fact it has been 28 in the nation. Actually the number of cases were 28. The number of warping cranes that were killed by gunfire is 38 that is an awful lot you consider this just a handful in the country. And guess who leads the league yep you guessed it low Louisiana actually taxes. We tied at eight and noble one and number oh whipping cream deaths. And they're gonna be taken some steps to create awareness that they actually did some studies really interesting results. And they identify all the perpetrators. That have killed will be cranes will white man. Average age 27 point six years most had prior convictions for like driving under the influence. Many of them and concurrent crimes like vandalism. Shooting other non game. Out of season. And in many cases alcohol was listed as a contributing. Back to. Anyway there are beginning to try to come up with some strategies for alerting the public in making them more known about the world in crying. To me it's it really is a very special bird because this rep isn't so much you know that. Man actually pushed it out into extinction but we brought it back it's a wonderful story ago about how we've restored that in. Document members in one of the last ones most acute in the zoo and then they went away after that for decades and then finally back in the is. Small section. In southwest Louisiana women being. Raised in they actually nesting and breeding in in starting at Rodman when. You hear about these shootings for no reason people don't confuse these may be a couple would confuse but does no other bird. And UN deal like this that you could use for it we're gonna talk lazy on the on the component. Talked about some of them missed at stake in it take to try to protect the opening rain I think stiffer sentences. Probably would be at the bit predicted a pretty tough world and some look to what happens if you shoot. Black there because. I anyway will be back right after this talk of the plastic man. Captain rhino member of the witnesses give us an update on the apartment action this time out. On the outdoorsman John W radio network. And the plastic man captain Ryan Lambert joins us now running at a couple personal questions yup where. I you know you've got to keep fresh water fish catch it chain pick oral. I'm yet but. How about a rich in pickle. Robert grow the term that the Marine. Corps recruitment or quote core duo attic of our number eighty. Got a limited off trees and a yeah they are people are so it gets. Oh yeah as a router of well again Arenas the audit reinstate them into Louisiana State reacted with millions of people wanting to have category Plaisted chain typical catches it we used to have it. And I don't lie it was done away with that dispute but it's going to be back about justice and big change pickle. You might want to research the LOW de Louisiana to run association records and find out if you can now place in the top ten. The other question I have for you Vince from where you're from. Grunt of bullet you know this. The remoteness of the effort. Horry. We went Hutton those with your body can't Clyde faults this week that called Rancho rainstorm but had a lot of fun gift that. In regard to. But you need to. Well he'll show on a Sunday that it it's countless signs she got to be able to beat him and recognize which ones are right and good for the otherwise. You know needed to lol it is not right enough yet to get the right ones or arrogant and those partner. Well you know you got a lot of different. People who would not considered good. It doubled in the do things that will limit due to implement the big big. Vehicle flowers they extended turns into the baht and the old process with a logo and the a beautiful fresh water boy. You know he was tell me that the guys at a gone out Armisen as things get about 29 dollars and sack now photos but currently yeah. It out maybe. They look at that there about marriage crop in government you know much pity about. Do they you know what. I mean you could see those little that little black made its view on it. I don't Opel. That's right though that what do you. And woods assaults in the losses full thing you just gotta know what to do how to cook at all do these. So I still Wesley and this week. I hate who actually by. Yeah it would go. A week. Ago and two different groups have been able. And that they would vote. Dismissed it definitely need a bit odd. You know and who didn't vote. So where where that is still in the vegetation because a lot of respect to what we've pushed estados look worse. A couple of one draw. What pulled out about all page on. And got them repeat winner at. Niko Niko did the same thing on the east side is yet but she did bonuses to the letters. I in the animal and they did the war of the bedroom well. You know they. So coaching Sharapova ought model plants and what. You that you know. They. Take it would. And so you can get outside as intro about thing people out so they'll do but they did get to. You admiral close to sit in the river and the club pretty close so. You know what would hope ribbons will be back with the child of I'm an advocate. Of change but about it. Well I guess you could say TG Iowa thank god for reds finished his man. On that the Pickens at really slam you know what flounder or I'd seen one club owner gave orders so you want. It that leave on yeah there's been a few a handful caught people send me pictures of almost like it's an endangered species now but in that. Terrible. Yeah there's a problem with I don't know what. Most of them becoming the look into it in the middle letting him and they watered object change the dirt ball. We're probably in jury in intro. They get completely probably. Again it's on to pick up over that way and it could be related to the BP oil spill. And lengthy. As we have waited or read about. You know a lot of what you followed out toward the roots of the bachelor border guard was there to battle to a competitive in global Rick Perry I Gehrig on the brochure drug that butcher on and then in the streets. Well maybe push it back to. Like a busy man. Oh. What Boulder. County. Well logos of the chart you're eligible red hot water page the actual would be sure it'll be on. And it sounds like fun and now keep your eyes peeled you know that's always the teal season goes on get some signings to what they what any. They won't get there yes yeah. Wow. They've fortieth. Eight. We'll La. No word whether Iran. Oh lord birds McCain insult or wait her yeah is on the models books and it would. Well the much looks just great yeah and if it didn't keep away from those paddles that are used. You know you know that great he'd be great. And he. The big books and Internet said that she in fact that we made virtual cube of vegetation. In those days. And that was it was a ninth in enough sponsors that came into his own and bogeyed it cheered at the end of October order. You're not yet figured oh great example. The model the option in the marsh which was warm front back and start working on all of us. While pilot next week started the boat usually blunt shape but all of us that it is struggled. Sounds good all right my friend bill give him and now look at chip which is next week. I wrote about it and have a profitable mail away on each of the after the it's. We're gonna get a report from or tomorrow's report has gotten more is coming up next submission information state suit. Also log got a good comment about those duck boats I don't know they use him in Mobile, Alabama for tours of the sitting in the Bagram. That's great book as you you know you have to transfer you customers from the vehicle to a vote at all in 11 shot but. And not the most seaworthy craft around I will be back but more after this time. I tennis and up real quick on some text messages I get this an invitation Della prolonged time fishing at worst ever you. And this winner. This summer's been terrible anybody got the answer. My theory is. Ohio and Mississippi River we have opening of the spillway lottery of water coming around that side Indians some of those outer reaches Abdullah crow. I think that is certainly had an impact on. That this in someone says Rachel and I are on them sock callais in by you pigeon the atop a lot of levels are all good in all the right places thanks for that report. I if you think that Rouse is supermarket sought to soften great treason service an awful lot more efficient reports. Which cut Morris a little late joining us now I have more insight on this morning. One down done great work you culled from. On call from. Dar. Oh God's country what can you tell us about the efficient down around home visit kind of boat picked a tough week to get him to give efficient report is Wes Windiz killers. Here it definitely is done I haven't been down too much in an Albany area. I haven't seen a puppet brocade and we've been hit upon that there can't advancement. Every now and it will get to part but it and so they'll. Has been out. Yeah I'm glad you brought that up that is a good alternative to do alone early in the late fresh water efficient you know because. You write him he'd just it is tough to get out there and what is west wind. Dirty and up the water income from the wrong directions saltwater fish really tough got to concentrate on reds and in drama and maybe she did you know Trout have been almost. Endangered species last several weeks. The content had been growing early morning and really late and a national but we've been happening and that he didn't have a there's been a Credo don't we would think at night like that early in the more they be retro to June vote. Leveling a doorman. Tequila sunrise warm but it's been predominant. There as well trying to beat attribute fish and doing so. Yeah even going late I mean it's staying into the ninety's almost up to talks bombing you really got to stay out there along time. You know get up as late as you can ripe for effect though a couple places out his right that darkness when it really turn on especially for the the brim in the cycle. That's a pretty much reality is that that is well especially right now. April probably the best going to be there at night club owner but. Right now he just got a target right. Got no food plots already bought season parties. And this shipment up and eat. You know I didn't find Mars now. Honors you know it's talks on like get on my mind in this time of year late July and August when should be the furthest thing from your mind. But everybody starts to an intern and her thoughts on we get to this stage of the. Say what you drive up that is obviously everybody calmed down south a column attracted back and forth to Mississippi's target of pot together. You see quite a few of going up there. And looks like it there hadn't Ellis elected in two used ATP sale some pockets of many reasons like an exit is gonna. That's a lot of fun now stand at those camps in Gwinnett town known known better than camaraderie and and placed and join with family in the. Intruder and is buried global. In recent payment terms and a and in doing so. Tonight they got a special forces Rouse is something. I would get quite you'd bring down especially the finish and I kept in right now we have I know you've been alliance carried talking about don't know alliance DeWitt at poll Alaskan sockeye salmon at 79 in and a crown right now. We know well. Yeah 79 dollars. Evans and it's three times that it'll ask. It's a great rise great pride that they. He ignored its money income and out routes that we will deploy all the let him aka him and it's evident in an apparent. Well a couple of coveted item and exclusively to route we have Laurie and preachers are from South Carolina element in a pounding or all compete just producing. Making Vietnam on his side you don't mind. That. Now our way. We got to go to Los. Are there any Apollo we appreciate it much. Ike coming up next it's more outdoors on down on the aisle it was guys that come to was more audio to talk you load you sit next week. On outdoors with Don did you radio network.