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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, July 21st
Problems with that pesky west wind effecting all our fishing areas.

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And thank you very much welcome into another Saturday morning out or she Oakland and you joining us while that a lot of activities going on this morning it. If you're on your way there are participating in the and good luck to use including a free dive rodeo in functional on our friend mark dispenses about it today egg and little with the weather forecast. Also the highway one slam Parikh guy act on it being sponsored by Lafayette guy a club that's called leave bill. And we have bass fisherman in Louisiana sportsman's coalition and that's taking place at the bill republic landing. And we got a big Ducks Unlimited state convention on going in Baton Rouge all weekend and that's just a few of the many things that are on all a little bit of a trip planned. It out and enjoy myself and if you are we've got the the what you need we get official reports coming away with the professionals all across the local stations Teddy were abiding what they're mining on what you chants off catching you finished. Also have a new artificial reef in cal issue late courtesy of the coastal conservation association. And Phillips petroleum will have more details on that for you. I calendar of events when we got plans for a lot of future events and yeah I you can send your game to us to get publicized on radio. Also had a preview what's usual sneak coming up will be a later today on by you while television Rachel there for you. And the program that immediately follows this you know due to how was called moral doors. Hunt fish talked will be up from 78. The by U woman Wendy go ya keep Russian help mail that. We are going to discuss the proposed men check area development. On the first hour second now be talking guns are co host DeVon Burgess and GAAP ancestry. Here especially to view those who view point interest in the AAR line of our homes. That comes on from eight to nine you can listen to a live streaming on my website down the outdoors. Guy do you Y dot com. And while you then you might want to check out a couple of new items we've posted a few. Interested in nice seafood recipes on the net it's in really good at this time of the year. Gotta strip berg Europe there for you on the seafood side of it and we have a new opinion poll. We're asking you this question in this series now. If you could only finish full one type of fishing for the rest of life. Which wouldn't be I your choices a blue water offshore bottom fishing in short salt water. Best vision fresh water fishing. That's not in the best as the Brandon sock away pan fish spear fishing or bolt reaching those choices cast your vote. And that said Don the outdoors guy that now. We also ask you text your messages you comment to question an 8787. Let you know. York and wait you or bringing me on this program would have happened to be driving listening to year. Radio or use Internet device. Also are bad boy feature of the week this time. The case of the pelican. Tell you all about that. If you venturing out again we've got to again in although it hasn't been officially its I haven't heard it. That we are in el Nino is the steady diet of west wind tells me we gotta be in el Nino situation. Today west winds offshore 1015 to put two to four foot seas offshore. Inside those west only five of the ten wins will create a light chop them up tomorrow pretty much the same both days on the whale 10% chance rain. Going to be hot hot hot take all you eat cautions. 2225. Out of the west a moral offshore. I'm pretty much shutting everybody down for fishing talking about six were seized by tomorrow. Inside those winds remain light of Stabile westerly direction about five and moderate chop on the inside lakes. A year average tide ranged not too bad about what. And of course the water temperatures or a rise I would got a couple of text messages coming in our friend you know Lafayette stroke. Yeah act he says good morning he's decided to braved the heat and stroke. I like those two words together heat stroke. He's got to believe Leo he's going to be in at Lafayette kayak fishing boat slam Marie. And hope sufficient will be is not as well well we know the weather will with a machine well it remains to be seen he thinks mother nature. Can beat the ultimate winner he's going to be open for rain well OP it'll bid to cool off. Then we have from Toby toe is a solo this one was Matt told him but he's up for the smaller. He's headed to the riddle is looking for a case to slam. If I can only find them flounder again totally compromised on ago as a nation that's the one finished it. Last couple years been pretty scariest a lot of well. If you get any flounder inflammation of the here for 870870. We're just text away. It will be right back after this quick three minute pause and check in Robbie can upload and it shell beach on what's happening in saint Bernard parish news. Hot sultry Saturday morning on the great Gulf Coast where you'll listening to the outdoors went on to Butte radio network. I haven't got to Robbie camp on just a second but this is the kind of text message love to give it says good morning done Jesse Williams has to lock one in victory club bass tournament. Got my oldest son Landon twelve years old with me want to issue is very first argument with the big boys. He cut grass to earn his money for his entry the wish him luck please second in there generation listeners. Jesse you don't ride I wish everyday at alike you know only are you getting him in it is it and now doors yeah actually teach you need to be responsible laden earned its entry fees. But cut grass in his. And get much better and second and third generation of listeners will be celebrating next Saturday twenty years and doing this network. Congratulations yes which we have a lot like Atlanta problem beaches like it. Let's go to Sao Shelby's just talked to Robbie temple he's a lot like his Danny's a lot like his grandma's been passed down generation to generation. Help fishermen catch vision label on the buy you Robby goes. Bill on the court on your dog acrid correct there have been known all oil. Company. All big black Brcko in their life. It was pretty tough boss like to capitalize on. Day. In no comment this the but it was cool. You know to work that you know and and it is big and tough as he was he was that. Are all absolutely. Well. Now well on the west and well when. There's our operation Tuesday. And went they'll go in. You know we we got that red this year and it was but it was limited out. We got. Not that one as to whether it is terrible and now we deal with. You know squalls chow light it and so bored or two via. Were packed it up the game on and I wouldn't want it I've grown a struggle so she did it. It if you can't you know smaller I would say go back but it brick so cool area. You know each of them Xbox wouldn't it stool you know truer to act. But we have developed what went below born here feel like about maybe ten miles an hour yes. It hot. Yeah we're Communists are going to be torture so. Keep hydrated. Bring money Gatorade no water and actually get so. You know locker room and I would say. No war no beer. And a. It definitely noticed McConnell whether Robby went Wes what didn't even do any good. Is just six day so you limited edition are in hot it doesn't evaporate that cold. You know great I'm on prudential in its won't matter walk out to be before grew at a that marked a small but why didn't hot. You know Butler. That they be part helping them get outside today nobody believed that might get a little hope for a little while whether you know what I ask whether. Well look they're just gonna pick up you know he. Progressively worse throughout the day and tomorrow's will be like that or I'll allow west way to open tournament so great the true crazy win. Order his loans more on the run that's bald and he's very carefully at video then but stressed that the he'd vote Tom. Be careful when you get to the other hand it's bowed down ads on it don't do it no critical break in it that. I wanted to get back that I can't she make that wasn't bad that makes catch a red and she said drama picked up a couple Ronald Abbas don't. Our youth mission we fission bottom call it life act or use. Actually eat. Actually yeah we must report all those crucial to the feet come right up against the little broken up grass you know low you know low islands and you know open people going. We first and all of bag of pizza and you know so. We could accord would go to court to limit what we just got ran well I mean you know. And you know I'm going along ordering two owns auto current rates are. Too. Yeah well I left my I left mine in the in the truck is I was in Europe ought. And all men we Gallagher. When on that one might note that. Rob. Lowe would have ended it numbering hindering him out. Oh god I would make a. Always bring it you know it never rains on the Internet want to model and all we've got it's difficult assault you that was. View. But I. I don't know open you know did he cared to be early or. Com you know with. You can get up and archer you know it's a and we do. You know now. Work to. Do. You get it back and where are locked. You know terror for the birds need to go see it. That's right you'd have no matter little. Kyra thank you for her court. You. Leo's. Rob example shield beached samples and coming back we'll talk to the Louisiana man camp until it blew off what he's up to vital link the plane is going out this weekend thanks but cinemanow will fun out. And after his balls on the outdoorsman did you radio. And here is alive and in person isle Louisiana man captain Tokyo Bhuj while laughing is grounded this weekend. Oh man in your hand and right there. Land being moved. And you know we. Doubt the rectory error in the air. Act. And that you're out there that are. It has been all of them actually I'm Natalie began and then. Airmen and it comes in on top regenerate box on top I'll vote count your object that. The recruitment lab not. In one bar there on and be. There right now at Procter and you know maybe the that he. Try to get somebody needed to let you know about some kind of special owning and now. Is when you looked at red dirt and you got a football and you ears and our our round in Paris a spot. We had some bad sellers. Yeah editor of one art. Great it is very. Mature. In a is certainly back on everywhere but it's so just. Wetzel and you'll be better. And a man on north and our inside. In the now doing rate going to moderate it. The past week. David think what people wrote Needham to a vote. There really is an area communities that welcome back to. So I was in apparent it was still get it to the people who get their time. But they had that vote Trout with that pain now. You come allotment it spared our experience yet people on the east coat and old Guerrero command I'm. Out now on we have now miserable in the Arctic Arctic. And they've clear things and the actually page yet in the and they may agree it's. A lot. As a dynamic downstream you know people ago fish bit down the plant at. And here you boating O art page note keep it right amount but. Lot of black lot of cheap at a undersized at the biggest thing on this. He is great eject out of the page that he's got to be at urban air you agree with that. That cheer pension you know. Brief moment announcement and you wanna eat you make sixty is that. There are a lot. And yet it lecturing low Gartner fair trade. Back and I will probably because parents so solo bill problem is that a problem. Equipment and let them. Well which did you report. And I may there and we economic. Of course the man is not not much happened on child born. Log out collapsed or would they be and have them out you'll archery actually partly in the notes. This land. But don't in and have a future out paneling and around you are ago. Alain is it bash agent at issue at trial and he wasn't by negating initiate change. In just. A little crate and you know will be Europe. Would pay minimum they keep you on that note lighten up like. There's. It that you generate up that morning. I had gotten into you. Know who that would have been a lot. In amnesty actually. I went. Out. Natalie and you know but it let you know right now that I got. About on the little treatment again he had come it's eat out the wedge out. It blows man. A lot wars tomorrow at two. I. You can advance answers on the phone how do for girls from South Carolina none of them have life is celebrate a birthday party. And up down there at the cage in Vista. Does that happen. They wanted to do and totally different. They they actually in the future you know work more on the beach or a bad thing or are pitched and inept. That's actually trying to focus on and promote it he. They're raising kids they weren't here and the proper and efficient chip chip buddy get bail me he would not have there. You know we should note I think that changed or I get streaky at the apple it brought my youngest 117. As my time now. Just like you know that but when we link and we targeted got our. Issue critics. New way incorporated hitching the movement of march. You know and then they didn't have a group coming reassembling them pick a rot before. You know they hammered in the diapers and you have many man brings you the eighties there in baseball and. At every on of them said the same thing we gonna do this again. Yeah are there. That that music and we can we put in the debate next here. I think it is all of them. You may. That many. Or. You know even the beat and kick that beat it will be. Moved into the right it has. That we. I don't think regrettable step that we did you every day is side appeal and be met that now she. Up air. The great man lots of people and joy urged aren't much as I have been here. As. At that probably. Means that out where. It into them well. That's as far ward in in in what you do you know seal the satisfaction those people on our. Yeah. It well somebody wants to do that have to think in right now the wheels attendance and if you go for an Atlantic island sufficient to Obama reach. I am Adaptec left side we are. That the joke Bible who people want our export or shout. Are ignorant and in Miami Heat though it would be the I expect. Any topic on talk about we just kind of wing it off but yeah you know the extent but there are park whatever. And on that. A channel out I'll. You yet or agent right. He's an at bat channel Qaeda might be potent thank you everything that these. It would be picked up but yet remember we had a week like yesterday. It's in the they. Don't. Art and then yeah. I got multi. Koppel and out of there and moderates aren't you. People on your program that is very yeah like you. A world the world the so much smaller now you know game in an ad. You know the chills live stream in like this tournament TV channel on YouTube is old little girl you know. That length and depth at bank of media. And it. Would be achieved I don't know let some unique different. Well we need to do a captain's wife would you know who we and I want my more popular beaches. Yea your right I'm sure she'll be up sports you have a lot of things to say about captain and I'd rather be like mechanic that. You know he doubted he'd. Get there. Nose cap until field blue Choo wow will be right back. Captain this yeah he finishes what do putt well at all his favorite place I would be back in Austria some of these tech you wanna you wanna it's easy 8787. Me. Back in three minutes on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network. I let me catch up on some about text messages coming in here to 870870. At this went in from just that I'm sure at this is the region Italy just another just. Said he's headed to work listen who has every weekend we thank you for that Justin. And here's one from a fisherman's wife edited Alec grow with the hobby now to catch the bigger finish. It all lately so when husband take you fishing hunting he's taking you into Mary's special. World in place it is so you really need this showing appreciation because not every man will. Take his wife ago and up to someone's positions spots that's something that's very very precious to. And you laced it. I just want good morning Don headed by U black got caught a nice Massa passes LA yesterday morning very early -- done by eight that's from mail in his body. Thanks for that report yet by U black one of those places that he in the summertime. Produces some good cycle we got to get to Maryland wants and he eats that wanted to go to beaten by axles now. And also could be called a few past. There's another text were gone out fishing today what is the best date for reds right now. We're launching its Seabrook some not sure what way to go late down in coastal. I'm not sure what you and destination is but with that west wind predicted the way it is. And if you were on the lake you gonna be running usual line which is going to be the windswept snot out would definitely go down vehicles though. And all the way down vehicles to be passed and it responds in places like on the banks so. A European richest countries as far as a best base. In a ditch round I mean that is always great mate the red if you want on officials. You know the matrix sheds a hot right now plastics. On Spinner baits that gospel musicals loans in good. And a lot of people start to finish like additional advanced use slider sinker you know kind of Texas rig some little even warms. Reds on not picky you ordered in front of red tees on re immunity not picky about what is. That right after a week pause just ten seconds on local stations can identify themselves and be back. That's some calendar items as a program note for you right after we paused and second for a local stations to identify themselves on the outdoors with Don Dubuque. Radio network. I had a couple of programming notes on the the next couple weeks wrote shows yeah we pack up by the year thanks to technology next week will be broadcasting his show. Off from the campsite that Surfside beach in formula that that is the gulf side of the beach not to east of Galveston Bay in Texas. And in the following Saturday myself Chris Wilcox editor producer and Martha Spencer. Post them by you while TV and when she's not pitch in this show we will be broadcast in his program pencil dot Alaska. It is to stage an invasion time. That he'll feel he's an appeal on that trip. You leave that may be next week he will be that rock anyway will be broadcasting from. Salt dot Alaska the be like 2 o'clock in the morning and have a we've done before it's always a lot of fun and you want the latest is in the comeback laden video speaking of video. By ULT eight. I'll regularly airs on it's Thursday nights and Sunday nights a prime time 7 o'clock on exports TP. We get a bunch of special showings and is going to be a couple this weekend infected noon today. You can catch it on retail channels war. And then they'll also be tomorrow a bonus money at 630 on vision channel five that is on new show. And then Sunday you'll get a repeat of what aired on Thursday if you missed it that's going to be on top exports to me at 7 o'clock. Awesome fishing tips. From. Good friend down at. Impulse visiting we astounding and the large area. Our captain Mike Gallo's wife is that he does the choice of Mike captain's wife featured in what a great feature that turned out to be. And of course our regular ship John Fultz is back with a mouth watering soft she'll cramp recipes so if he can't catch him on any of those channels. What you can do is simply go to YouTube. And anytime anywhere you are as long as you need you to just put in by you while TV. And catch our latest episode you can see Robb DuPont which and then do launch and Jacquelyn Gallo lovely wife of captain Mike and also law Martha John full four ounce soft. I terrible sports news leaks and you know their fishing rodeo is coming up on August 3 fourth and fifth. I'm headquarters east park recreation center and home trade naturally apartment and is thing as long as I've been covered outdoor which is over thirty years. It's one of the oldest in no largest sportsman's leagues in the state it's a great bunch of people. I'll have more information next week but if you wanna get more details I would suggest you call trot on beyond. He's at 9858047504. He has been working net rodeo follow long long. Also next week. Two of the biggest salt water rodeos the oldest in the country grand isle rodeo they call the granddaddy of them all of course that grant now and in the fall pop. That's going to be at Venice marina that's the one with the Calcutta is offering 50000 dollars. Hopefully we'll get some great weather for those two big rodeo so we got four calender out to those later. But right after this time out it's time for a fresh water efficient report we do that would Jeff rural. He's up necks on the outdoors with Don dispute radio network. And that challenge from the vast needs is time to challenge him back in we get Jeff rule how was that reports abrupt in my Berkeley division of pure fishing you know best for the gulps and debates of all time fresh salt water even offshore fishing. Manufactures of those great re evil reels lines of all time with these great model Laura Kolb and a few accessories like that it's flippers. And scales the late nets you can find it all Berkeley a division of puke vision. Jeff it is hot. We got to west wing. I think the passing even going to be laying on the bank can please off each other today no rain to cool off it's going to be a tough weekend the best. You know that conditions make it really the that. But he and I've heard that it's really tough over there right now Europe followed river coal into the these rulers engage in the middle area. It's just to mix a clean thing to muddy water. Out of the changing condition on the order. And fit in just not given up a lot of the actors right now. But you know typical summer term and look at the west wing and that kind of slows me down you go over the ago was symbolically to properly and he called it punch at this. In the heavy coat dress and they did that beat Tunisia. You know to have an. What always surprises me no matter how tough the conditions as somebody comes through catches a decent finish d.s history they've got them Louisiana. Sportsman's coalition Bastogne at the benefit tournament on the bell Ruble publicly any entity is somebody is gonna find some feast. Oh yeah you could in the of people out there and are among them have them. You know the thing is do you look at that data got a big stringers probably another nine earned their internment in the office and but the Brit by Purdue at Chicago it's an that's a good option is going on tuition. In thinking computers can around the cypress trees from the edges regrets his body. You decide mechanically more of the crickets and you can you. If you're compared with. About the marsh area. You know some Vonn knew of mass produced and is like apparently born and ship some losers. But if he Jupiter last week in it's been you know apartment on bit. Yeah this is smaller rock new kitchen just about all day long. It is in pocket yet in the damn Iraq the the blues you know if you pollute and better breaks and that's part of their tactics. The problem with the way it went into the dropped the war are raw and he's not Italian out of the grass in the conscious. And he. I mean it was intentional evident now we go to it. It is but there's mob you know bring some almighty to departure came like impish. Way he the just keep carefully dollar. Brought it up the bank he can enter code. Just get to make you trip in the pearl. Just you know we we did we do. I was. The proud warning levels are pretty. Eutectic gauge pros are in this week you know and apparently he's next week. The door was it was staying so little money in some areas. So yeah that this weekend is going to be very different. We try to do video cranked rate and we teach it to Europe in a moral crime rate with retirements. But it is it was it. We protocol or keepers all day on the parliament maybe it in well. You know ruining you know our program bite and it mainly it was probably and yesterday in her yet religious. Tumbling. That it should and that there. Yeah you know help this week into the it will better. And that was really an update edition mr. While crank baits and all. I guess that's probably won't most under utilized states around this area for a number of reasons one. Oddly a lot of fishermen too expensive dates of people wanna lose middle of snags hang up. The yeah typically do when you're the bill and angle of the Bhutto's come off the plate oh determine how deep. Then you get there. The body shape with a terminal wobble operation continues you know we sort of like 000. Detected. Really the right he has some doubt continuity director at the alarm early about the that's what you do you know because innovate that is the debates and in order to. Same thing would Euro. Crying. But the that you PP Monday on the structure and some of the seasonal pattern that you mentioned but there Shalit about corporate island. And you would be. Deeper probably maybe my and and scorpio the pew on its way to treat. You kind of don't think rightly or cover and in conditions. He gets about this as quickly as. I'm here you know Jeff I got a release from the department Wallace and issues again rated drawn down and recently co financing Martin parish and they can begin at the first week in August thing in the run down until that it it gets like three feet below would skull pull stage. It's gonna be pretty low and besides being navigational hazards being all like that can efficiently can you fish Wallace on down like that. Pretty treat Unionists visitors of the canals where he keyed in some meters and yeah actually probably it's probably pretty used as a very concentrated that. You know he's sort of a boy. Run around you know exposes a lot of stuff in the lot of cover on the bottom and the heat damage to concrete is the biggest argument that opinion. Yeah it is present them the state in this incident and the base now there. Either permanently you know the Ryder convention. It's not just talk about how that they can spread amity in Guerrero. It's pretty much like an overnight lead in pretty much stick it replaced pretty quickly so they need to be this downtime that prevent it from Kurt in the area. Looking ahead to August any tournaments and site. And the it's an area and they have a group that are on land. Obviously. And in you know anybody has determined let me though they're you're trade down or content in Europe. We get sick in the reporters section and to redeem them having more of a run on the radio. Very good Jeff thanks so watcher report we always appreciated. Have a great weekend trying to stay cool see you next time. They're part of the year over year but together than the current audio clue. All right Jeff burrow Larry goes off fresh water and mass fission pew report coming back next we're gonna talk to narrow opportunities on the island of grand now. Who they will be deal with some wind down now we'll see what he's got planned right after the list on the outdoors went down to view radio network. Unless such check in with Darryl carpenter of real scream as dot com he's probably really scream it about this west wing has been Hank Aaron damage to some really. I mean McNamee now Daryl it's on only. We have to get a panic yet I do understand now in in that in March. Also you got to try to get on the day. The good news on it does this mean that there's a hungry and used that adjustable. They're they're gonna bite and eat you discovered this gotten you know it's not a static but but that's kind of the good news is that you know they've they've now start to spread out. Out and that's the that would have been you know all of the crime. Because it's too low someday just can't handle it that. And dark and restore partial in the back on -- Teresa and so forth so. You know the good news. You gotta you gotta tackle Albert you did you do background you put together piece about. How efficient that front side when it gets bumpy like that. Is it just the fact that you gotta be able to have good balance of beneficial it does a lot of dispute dirty internal mall or is it a combination. Vote on the debate you know in the the biggest thing that people realize oh it's only two you know two achieved not by well to put all approaches that beat them into two quick break. It's it's been a few weeks but we had to rescue to vote of the beach because they just didn't know what they would do and they got inside the breaker breaker still vote go on a ball back at. So yeah. Is being able actually physically it. Is the biggest sign because of breaker national vote on only Cairo it is pretty raw but it also. The bird the charities there are about making money. So it it makes it difficult that wages so that nomination vote. What what we try to do. Particularly if it does start as early what you think in light water which is where those fish on most of the time. Then we'll move now need emotional Kimberly here come back implement that and now rock saw what you barges a boxer or anything it's a wait shall use of outweighs right now with an outbreak or its role scratch and could confidently that Mexico you can. Now any reports. Go a little bit to the east of about four by you on that way and I was a little slow that way and improve them. I wondered about the company helped me out from parents become popular. And he visited regularly and I know this past week yet a couple of days where he had bought yours. But he's not efficient usual spot he's got a little Hulk himself like that that he knows where they bishop wrote the usual spot should. I mean it was a late and other sulfur mine that you go you know campsite and all some of these and other this year it's not just not produce in the numbers additionally each. Well this next bit of information is certainly not that tomorrow on eleven west high winds died down and offshore stuff when you hear him. Same thing Don has been a pattern mostly red snapper Matt wrote that the people they're putting the time come back and it's meant grows up right. And then Jacoby is still here and we had those in the preakness has been dominating everything that red snapper mangoes oh. Dallas someone wants information on it out maybe some dates on book and subscription Osama is fast ending here on a lot of kids out of school people of the take decades and it put off. The last minute besides finding our web site what are some of the other ways to. Yet these kids get it back through a lot of holes in the schedule so they can find it roof greatly dot com. All the phone at 2259376. To pay. I'm a friend try to get it done early stay cool man going to be another hot out there and it's going to be an act. Our law or you go to go to guys whose thank you now. Nine will talk to him again next week I won't coming up but after the top of the hour break and caught you know. We have still got another hour ago military about the case of the pelican honest that is not bad boys of the outdoors in on a tea. That's an information about a new program again implement called give vocal about the war opened Corning's it will loop. And we have just had way too many here in Louisiana we really look ban nationwide how many warping cranes we shoe will talk more about that the next couple weeks. I'll also got to tell you about that artificial reef and cap issue lake. We have a new fish category well actually it's a hole and being brought back. Chain pick Harold if you catch chain pick you might be able to get in Louisiana now to a writer association. Record book. Also gonna tell you about a booed at taste off were conducting next week thanks to you listeners and also our trip to I gather some. Grind not blow Laird you know what that is how surprised how many people did not. Back with our number two right after this time out on the outdoors with Don W radio network.