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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, May 26th
Good fishing continues on the Northshore, The kayakers are doing well, those Bad Boys are still bad and it's good but spotty in Plaquamines Parish.

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And routes again happy Memorial Day weekend on the outdoor show on Don Dubuque without Martha Spezza Martha's got a weakened girls fishing trip going on. I you can't watch other coming up about 630 another 25 minutes this is kind of strange to actually only against obstacles by you while TV program. Is scheduled to air at 6:30 this morning I'm Martha did a really concise explanation of how the red snapper season works with the fishing in shore waters. State waters if you fishing as a charter operator of the recreational private boat it's a little complicated but she certainly made it very honest and we also have a recap of the Turkey season how it went a little discussion with department wallet and fisheries biologists about their justification. For having such a late season this year a lot of people happy about that. I think more people are not happy about not having them voices it. And then just deciding what they wanted to do without regarding the social impacted me after ours that would mean the only criticism of them that issue. We also have a Turkey cooking feature with the apple Tony easy while Turkey and onion looks great taste great. Check it out it's all coming up that's Cox sports TV it's channel 37 most of yield viewing areas. You can check it out on by you while TV dot com or you can go to YouTube. Airs on the Cox sports network it's 6:30 this morning. And if you gonna miss that well tomorrow night 7 PM prime time on each and every Sunday night and Thursday night at seven. Is when you catch by you while. Speaking of that we had a great we went up to a white oak plantation in shots and cooking features which yet John bulls and I'm a lot of lobbying because I hear you tell you how much you love to watch him cook in love his recipes while we did floor on. We have an oyster and girls coming up he shrimp Russo toe. Soft shell crab ala John Fultz and red snapper being LT bills would be some upcoming cooking features you'll enjoy it on by you while team. I take a look at out text messages coming in we got someone who's edited on out of grass cut was stone comes. On this one asking latest reports on parts training Katherine. Finished last Sunday caught nine reds to bass a 21 inch and congratulations on that. Tons of throwback Ritson that seems to be the developing theme this summer along coastal Louisiana just tons and tons of tend to. Fifteen inch or Rick fees being caught up which is a good sign for the future she. Will get Mike gallop to expand and it putts coming Catherine east coming up in about ten minutes also have lost someone who's taking on girlfriend lacy. And seven year old Jack. On again blossoms sock delay in Henderson bestseller TO get those nice callais crop. And then we have the Lafayette yak a listening to a sitting in Texas was imported food and coffee. Is it best to finish one day before what's normal one day after please explain the barometric pressure on a scale break. Thanks for the show Lafayette yak. Obviously it's gonna be better with each one day before it's all because you don't have any residual effects the deal. Depending on the severe it is or. After passes through you'd be dealing with some muddy water conditions and chopped up serve and I have to wait all that the settle back down they re organized. Barometric pressure definitely has an impact on fish as it is falling to finish the more rapidly it's a survival instinct mechanism when they sense that the weather is gonna change in May not be optimal conditions for them to eat. They comic gorge themselves and get ready for that bad weather. And conversely when the barometric pressure is rising in the weather is good they count slowed down on column so. If you want to really get a good story a final point summation about whether impacts to fish. My website down the aisle was guide dot com and search for a story did a lot of extensive research with meteorologist in all time fisherman. It's called whether to finish. And now some really good scientific information about dug up and put in that story can help make you at a fish. I cajun invasion we got the Alaska trip coming up in August and July looking forward to that we also have December 3 through seventh. The bad river hunt cajun invasion of the South Dakota still got a few opening sport if you wanna go up 1000 hunt 1695. Total price it's a form dollar discount for our listeners. Check it out go to my web page down the out there was guys that come right there which is Kate invasion on. It'll take you there it's got all the details atop the Brett wobble of a nice guy operates that logic in the middle of nowhere and you don't have to leave everything. Is done there on talk in about cooking. Don't handling. You name it you don't have to keep traveling anywhere other and get out there shoots Amber's an awful lot of fun. That's coming up December 3 through seventh also lumped in the process opponent to get a coast the Rico offshore fishing trip. If you're interested in getting in on exchanging invasion where we get discount prices for special treatment. We set aside a couple of weeks or let me know send me an email used contact button. On my website and tell me you know who aren't how many people you may be it in what specifically. Kind of fishing in analogic commendation should be a civilian and hopefully we can get that put together and to our cajun invasion list next. I'd Alabama folk you got a free tuition date next week June 9. You can finish in any out fresh and salt water areas without having to buy a fishing license as part of national fishing and boating week. And it's established by the Alabama legislature courses and be careful to trap they want to give you taste fishing for three. And then as they say no pun intended to get hooked sought by analyzes every year after it works every time. I got back right after this we're gonna check in with captain Mike gallows it which way the blue waves and this morning. On what he's been built on juries have a great week this week and hopefully that weather will not comic messed that up for this Memorial Day weekend back with his report. After you hear these messages from our sponsor. On the outdoors redundant you radio network. This time for a fishing report with captain Mike Gallo it is presented by seat so they offer fuel drops wherever whenever you needed to Owens 24/7 jumpstart. But mostly they sell peace of mind you on knowing that rescue is just a call away and it's all for 179 bucks for a whole year. Become a member call captain Chris viable for real 14545. Points even easier if you sign up on line and that's it's Ito dot com. That the Mike got people texting and calling in wanting to know about the fishing in lake camp in late on to train. You catching Trout the catch and make sketches what's been on all of that way. Well like much rain has slowed down from a production. They Katherine as well lot of small hole. Some written mixed in with the most and ran national small size well at once while in a detention people who whose. I've been doing much better ones that drought that began regionally one and it's. It's different from dated today it seems that one day catch our and then expand the use slip quarks. Jerusalem but yeah those two. And usually the latter part of the week happens to our. Formed two its initial allotment to others which would salute court we'll see what one produces best bench which you. Now the slip or is it the difference in the depth. Or is it going to be one single depth that you can fundamental you have to marry them also depending on the day. It seems to be sentencing. That seems to be what's been more on the all week. Why don't isn't working. On. Hadn't done much involved with the plans. Mean. If partner some guys experienced the intention with this year's. You know do your own thing about it though much assistance from. I may pick up the wrong simplistic and it wouldn't. But they catch him can one. It is really lopsided when it comes from the production. Torture him compared to them or efficient. We pretty much all along Trout all week and the education officials. Argued at trial this week. One trip we we do here to try to cut a couple of finish it took about. Or him. I'll just close immigrants which were on optical. About what you know about what down on the court in right close to address pop in the court to get their attention. Recently. Have you found this year that has been an awful lot of on the size back I'm here and everybody everywhere. You see there. We that's all on retention. Really aggressive in you know those pretty negative. Late this year or next year. No doubt. Mike also has somebody one signal about the the reef the old official reef that's out there between the bridges in Tuesday's sell or heard anything from that area. I had this there ourselves but we have seen an increase in machine to act against wells in. Shall. Re right here like part strange car. Around as well sheep and don't shall ones are at his time as well. And you know this interest that was a cool. You know to keep comparing him. Rise. Tell me how you Reagan you know a lot of sheet that I would think most of our actually caught incidental which some people out there that talk is cheap it if you were gonna specifically target cheap bit. How would you rig up as far as you hooking your day. All of a small. Although relatively low number too much Ed Nixon really salute on. I you don't really things special beyond acting like small book they like Lakshmi apparently small groups. Although small credential more. Than you know in trying to. But around structure what is going to be lots of Oracle's. Then that's what users towards good article could go to Moscow article to a period those. Amateur career. We call them up against with their wells. While we were kitchen for you to export car Troutman who want to bigger. Turnout in the product assortment. She did. Everything else amaze and how strong the those little number two trouble looks thought they can they can take a beaten it'll bend up easy as you well know Dudley uses those the big spackle try to. Like rise on the unity and so it properly that drags on the back up for the Europeans and they should be fine if it was a big screen you were casting. We have the way they. That I might suggest a little heavier tackle. Where you could try to draw him out of pushing the perimeter of the platform close to it but not with him. Like a regular stop on a lot of fishermen way out of the release insulate point isn't to make stop at the CSX railroad bridge in. Fish on the need the bridges. Maybe the time capital strong for this weekend that hasn't been any good results from there. I started seeing more and more votes there as on the lead in or coming back. So I'm suspicious and RC church and there aren't you catching Trout. I don't really try to model for the release their streak reached right at them out wherever it believes victory lake Bourne. Traditional ones one big one in each one item has produced this week. I'll tell you what those like on rigs some years does not as productive and others but I got to believe that's one more under utilized areas. That's good habits and you could pick up some nice finish at those. The end and so you really pursuant to. Congregate concentrate it. And if you can't if used to. Coordinates in your GP where you create and now it. Those hotspots because a lot of people this is. Structure. And there was not mentioned but she opens the law and Mikey taken Father's Day bookings now. Well you that we had you know pretty much booked for myself and we got several captains are we can we can handle it in Austin it was or is it. It'd be nice to stick it time ago that particular weekend that we are flawed as it but it's not just given the certificate nickel when Monday when it. Yeah that's that's pretty common to buy the stupid you'd give it to be and then you can choose what you would like to go my whole issue. Portions of some objection so he could regain it when it works best for him. Can hardly get one of those certificates. Fortunately you can call email me all you don't go to the process it is written. Or get a mailer out. That where you could get here you know that he would call virtual. Networks I ask him who not to burn. Sounds like a plan Mike thanks for the report it's always have a great day on the water on him different. Oh yeah. See you next week captain Mike Gallo angling adventures of Louisiana AA LA dot com. Coming back up Brendon de odds backing country is returning from Sweden along with. Two fellow kayak fisherman Steve Louis art and tie hips. We'll find out how the fishing was in Sweden in his little vehicles that will be right back with Prentice report. Somebody goes kayak fishing club report you hear it every week you know on the out doors would down to be at the radio network. And stroke and fishing its use of a paddle is so popular we have a special report just the palaces in conjunction with a buy you coast kayak fishing club. Present about Massey outfit you and pondimin Mitzi New Orleans coming in Baton Rouge. They've got the best kayak fishing models of winning from brands like Colby Jackson kayak in need of warcraft. Visit their website at Massey outfitters dot com check them out on FaceBook. Joining us now Brendon de ER one a three by U coast kayak fishing club members who qualified to nation hold me. Fishing laurel kayak championships in Sweden. And Brendan I don't expect to have a whole lot of local reports can probably put life back together again but if you would give us some highlights from U three guys trip this week. Oh man what began. We we had a blast that. The pike creation is is who is a wonderful victory over there. We couldn't figure out the hurt so much they were fishing them pretty deep. You know sometimes drop shot in eighty little water and some downs where Christians super shallow that we didn't find out. Did potential urgent to Cairo later in the tournament. It was builder channel and for those BP but Africa for the party I mean. Wonderful victory. We can't allow access station in the read. They had grant they wouldn't you know it and the 68 for the water. They would come up to pummel the surface of the water where you could swim a big. Would be through. The department is contacts I don't know where attack yet out sometime right at almost trenches in the process of by the school works. We caught several pike each day at a black man. Learned about it. How to handle look at where you'd have to grab them you know on Simon now than innovate. You know nick itself a few times them. You know there was several band aid needed this time on the water. Yeah out you know you don't think of Sweden as a fishing destination place but now that you've been in expires and he would you consider it was it worth a trip there how we treated by the people and how's the scenery. Other people were wonderful we a lot of outdoorsman out there a lot of guys from all over the world converge from Sweden. Even even the Cooke bit prepared once every day. For when we got all the water I think one day he was Irvin moose burgers and more like we're kind of you know conversing with them with that kind of broken English and we're like you she doesn't. And he's off the. You know you know I think might hurt you guys in May be some of the other fish nor unfamiliar with those perch now the name was perched. But if bill that deep I don't think in those things more like a lake Trout fish in Canada week we caught a lot of piping to catch them up shall. The castles like shot at eagle really deep in some models lakes and sound like and that's what had to happen with those perch but then you said. Some people found a way or some places where they were eruption I'll. Yeah yeah we would feel monarch that honors everybody was provided with plain equipment so we had a boat with a sponsor. And then you know tuning in the and you would see the day running and then. Unity the purge kind of attack in the bait ball down there in new purge and you were dropped them there at. You know sometimes you retreat people pulled them up and sometimes. You know whatever Heatley wouldn't buy it. And likewise with pike we see peeks schools pipe underneath corruption in the local guides oldest bit. The particle all the big giant paper balls. Beat in the water and no feet maybe once or twice today but it was really a huge target so we started targeting. The party. And the read and on the rocks. On the rocks on outskirts of the bays. On the wind blows inside produce some really nice. The bike up to. A 115. Centimeters which we're really really big. And the most part we caught. In the and McGrath were anywhere from sixty. Ninety centimeters. Brendan how did you guys finish was tie hips Steve Lewis on who has won the world for self and all right time Lee finished fourteenth. Finished Louisiana. Iran partnered fourteen and nineteen beef and warning Berkman. May not kind of a minute last used the team from the close again apple is just yeah there's economic position against the best in the world. Yeah yeah I mean we we feel pretty fortunate they end up or where I think there. I think tiger beat vote both the Swedish people so you know that there's something a well Abbie wanna quit and that's where is it gonna be next year. They usually announce that. I can. This summer. Hopefully they'll have some reports at ruby duke an announcement. You know different beat yes I would I would think somewhere either. In Asia or Brazil possible. I'm sure it was some TV cameras out there will be able gables ceased to. Will be on board ventures TV jewel. There bit. The episode element and a approximately a couple of months. The the YouTube channel as well. There's also a lot of footage and quit and Peco to will be pitching world dot com or in the a lot of you know those that live via that they don't from a on the water each day in a lot of vote. Now that's going to be a lot of people look important will bring in a pistons we get some information on the date. Ot tell us more about something coming up a lot wholesome home DC KFC's trial challenge that's next weekend. Yes that going to be angry and now we're gonna have our old midnight madness starts he can be a position of polite. And then away in the next morning and that's going to be a Cantrell stringer with spots wanders so they're changing it up a little bit. Trying to throw in the lat this. Maybe they think everybody's law practice we. Oh we never slam tournaments system if you caught that may have been what you learn. Well reports. This week it looks like tan and my dispute. Yeah I've been here a lot of great report. You know he can never go wrong patient light at night over there on an island. Anticipate a lot of people BP and Trout and then couldn't flounder which. Have finally go to this is really great down there. If the storm comes through that messed up any thing 22 bad for us here in Louisiana which should be great. I'm on the other hand ability to the beach like loans due this week and I was open to do mine's pensions. In the track where some snapper optional workbook actually. Does the little. Turkey tropical depression comes in and completed by year that hope Leah after concert you'll have a couple of days on detailed in the week. And I don't start calling news Jim canned to Oreo kayak you go years I don't know what. Well good luck help you get a trip and then at banks that report and congratulations on a great season all tree you guys now well represented the state Louisiana product. Greeted they care about it and branded video. The report is on the hole because actress report you mine Nazis. Aren't we come back after this is bad boy and girl time to tell you how someone who started off just littering. And that up a whole lot more trouble back with that story after this on the outdoorsman down did you radio network. I this is up pretty much on related to the alto is unless you flying to your destination but we can help Somalis as long someone is announcing no one's likeness to make this announcement that all the airports lawless airport parking areas surrounding lots awful. At home and take it lift hope we won't miss out flights you might wanna consider. A cab or a lumber you're going to be flying town's Memorial Day weekend in which it is. I'm right after this quick 102 space identification paused a story about a guy who call it that was the key was littering. He got busted for a whole lot more story about bad boy and girl at the outdoors after this pause on the outdoors went on to view. Radio network. Well a couple of weeks ago Louisiana department wallets and and fisheries agents when notified about a lingering site in Lafayette parish doing an investigation. Well some information probably recede some signatures and things that linked Sean and coming and rain. As the suspected stumper. Agents performed a traffic stop on Covington and confirm that he had three warrants for his arrest. And while conducting a pat down. Agents found the bottle of pills containing 37 lowest ebbs and 36 xanax. Agents also learned that a passenger in coming in vehicle. Amanda birds Jerome was a fugitive from Lafayette parish and an active warrants or arrest. Felony fugitive warrant of staff of over 750. Yet under 5000 dollars. Covington inversion on what booked into the Lafayette parish jail where he faces charges of possession of scheduled to narcotics. Possession of schedule for narcotics gross littering. Traffic bench warrant expired license plate. And driving under suspension. Misdemeanor of bench warrant for theft all of that could bring maximum fines of up 101900. Dollars and ten years in prison. And sixteen hours of litter abatement program which is a fancy way of saying working on a trash truck. That's more alleged 43 year old literate extraordinaire. Schoen and Covington. While his partners in trashy behavior. 31 year old Amanda birds are wrong both of them from rain Louisiana. Bad boy and girl of the Al. And I'll wildlife and fisheries agency there's so many different and. And don't wanna go to the dump an Olympics the garbage pickups and just take all attraction prop up to at least gate. And roofing shingles plumbing fixtures. So for those of the stuff when it's such horrible shape you can get some good stuff. I know we come back after this we gonna talk the captain Ryan Lambert aging it fishing adventures down in recommends Paris. Fun out of debt speckled Trout run that we've talked about on both sides of team Breton island and all that and foolish on and ran down. Four by U passes all taken place over in black we'll check it out right after this time out on the outdoorsman down to the radio network. Got to tell you this has been one of the best weakened so far this year for the speckled Trout fish and reports continuous talk captain Ryan Lambert about plaque in the Spanish fishing captain Brian how's the Phishing going over in your neck of the woods same as everyone else's report lots drop. Yes yes spring is it kind of weird because they're not the same place every day yet that find him in the you know it'd appeal of of regal suite four. Deep Sharaud you know you've got to go there. Read the watered look at its. Nobody can guard the same place two days and Robles the samba damme. With gets you know not to read to me it's I don't know if it's pretty good record. How much time heals and how much time he'll split between east side west side. And care is the only one there's west side this week bio on east. You know mobile replied corny you noted they did note a legal thing to do it should mean has its almost forgive. Get on a red negro so. In a lot of customers wanted these days cause. This. Up storm signal problems morally it much cancellation. That I am though waited oak. And capital. Athens an awful lot it's a shame to called ball well. Yeah they did it in you know they really started on wave where real and hopefully in any clue when I'm ill and it and it gives you the depth that from your. I'd add that palm trees with two days added his nose in palm trees and tomorrow. Got bag on them. And I'm meg to get back to convey that appears to win in a way that was what was great about. That allowed our shored up in that area. That the president would you want you not like. Try to bring them on the big but I think you know at the cut my everyday yet but. Should it. That we seem as though prompt. It's Q how is how you locating you fission look at the birds lead is seen strikes on water policy slicks all the involved. No you you know really. He strikes on the water in this. You into. From Somalis so. Or throw you know thunderbird now get it yet because again to get issues so they should in those areas. Boredom. I read about Ian. Sidelines and that book and watered and poke these shrimp or what mode so you know every everything they opinion bigot and being around those most schools. Do you find him you know carnal cup along. In the city along beat out and then you get too long ago. Those big lead in that you and I agree. The ball you know his own camera good girl. Let you know following up blinked last week in the ribbon dropped man. Once known as an entity is shown any impact yet. Now they mean it is that it's gonna drop by but it was still that award come matters got rained and so that a lot more coming up about killed two so you know. I'm I'm just glad that this small component in the rooms they'll know much about you know on the boat the boat where you'd get it looks and you get up in the flesh out rightly. Abortion so. You know that don't know the aquatic vegetation and you know you give up salt water on underneath the number of water so. An eight bit blowfish to produce good thing. He changed tactics any have to weekend. Ferrero influx of salt water due to high tides from storms that you know not the ones that are idleness and brings a couple roads and that kind of thing. Just a little light surgeon in the salt water that comes in the changeup which you don't know. No. Actually it makes it easier you know you. Yeah it'll push on the banks and on point and let's let's stop and you know I'd just make it the easier it gets on me not them a very. And do a lot of run like that in Yuba. Those couple days out those stones some that's just the administration's. The book and everywhere and it is you know they called. It is but the margin it makes everything horrible. So it's. This you know the speed for that makes it could mean that brings the waters in sight so. You know it'll bring him make that waters martian. Big factor. Is that. Education. Right that ski. I what is that they each unit Opel plant some we know you don't finish with lots that what they did a Google to make it. Right now. Though. The top five in a lat let. Let bait it is urged BP to want. And I take that with a courthouse here at the super glue on on how is it that. And you're good we. It doesn't seem like it does seem like they would like you know on the you know it's enough. The only thing well it is last year of 100 chart appears and mangrove. In the loop and they'd been through. It occupied by. You know you had the Mac goes that who can it will extra bite through. In you know sure they did in this amusement. Europe Opel. I don't clear it would read league short and stereo. You know we've been Mac and out of court atonement and the trip the same. Beg the head because. And get a job this week so it must go through a muted do we can vote those big. Band in the. I'm not. I gonna be around awhile you don't hit it out to many goal her window lasts beyond those exotic media file Lama. Yeah sit by the late race and moving like in the wind blow. That chance or rain manga. So yeah you these are the show. Yeah. I get out okay buddy take care we'll see you next time a summit in these get a hold the fuel in 2000 trip information on the best waited. Yet it you'd go to cage convention that comic check out the web site can handle group. Thirty prod the problem or you Corbett 4559511. Go to. You next week. Ago and they're gonna palm trees if he's got that jungle on trees he can't miss displaced now which one agree. I'll call it does jungle on someone on come back after this will wrap it up today what's coming up on Nam war outdoors immediately following this show. After this time. I catching up on not text messages coming in at the those pop and bugs on the city park lake for the program should be nice. I would also have this went on Joe's second it was a says on his way to work listening love sufficient show you guys these thank you very much Joseph we appreciate that. And we heard from the medical lady and she said the season is coming to an end but she will be back by November at times has the deer camp. And get ready I'll be back with my beautiful tomatoes see nothing in. Giant sets up the Covington farmers market well this time a year but then he heads on up to the deer camp and I mean it's things up then candidate you. At any rate now also remind you all about fishing rodeo in the hope they'll interested in fishing one on Sunday June 10. It is the 24 annual AAS a fishing rodeo. And if you sign up Natalie you visit discounted rate on it you can go to eight as a fishing rodeo. Dot com and explain all the details in all the categories and advocates on them. I also order a minute on this Monday Memorial Day. We're gonna be taping by while we take that more seafood restaurant and oyster bar on the banks to follow the reverend Madison bill right now on the bridge highway 22 what a great little place great food. Sets up really nice that's a great temple for a show on Martha and I will be there this Monday on Memorial Day. Shields with a good chance and it off that day won't buy him launch 1000. Saying alone will talk a little bit of fishing and hunting and you can watch the show on the next airing will be tomorrow night 7 PM. That we have a 630 Tuesday airing. And then eight to thirty afternoon that's kind of unusual time on Wednesday may thirtieth and then the new feature a new and will be on May 31 that's Thursday on at 7 PM. Now of course is on Cox sports television channel 37 in most areas. If you can't get that channel it's always available on the web page at by you while TV dot com article that you gonna see some very special. Videos and some features that you don't seal on the show that she'll own that website. And you can also vote YouTube simply go to YouTube and check it out by you while TP. I'd that's pretty much gonna wrap up those you know and Alabama get ready for use of free fishing weekend next week camps and her from Louisiana and do the same thing. In his forgot to get the information now but Saturday June 9 so we LaMont today. You'll be able to get out there I'm sorry two weeks from today. You'll be able to get up in fish without purchasing licensee can fish fresh or salt water. I coming up next for those who will be joining as you can listen to this on live stream on my website on the outdoors guy dot com. We start off at 7 AM with key flushing he's gonna take the microphone and hall's most efficient report. He's got some special guest as he always does some experts Andy Jones Chris Basie and John -- got to be talking about nor shall fishing. Then at 8 o'clock guy I'm joined by. Gavin century and DeVon Byrd just what we talked guns ought to talk guns all things firearms. Tunis in new welcome to call us we have a special phone number given out and show and news that same text message board and 87087. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and please please please remember the purpose of this holiday to remember. Our servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country so we can enjoy things like the great outdoors we'll see you next week right back here. Another edition of the outdoors which downed Libyan radio network.