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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, May 26th
Fishing is good. Reports from St. Bernard, Lafitte, Fresh Water and Grand Isle all good.

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Let me be the first to issue a very happy Memorial Day weekend as we head on into actually kind of kick it off this morning. Fishing in cooking and family gathering that's all part of it but let's not forget the real reason celebrating this one day in the EU we take on our. Servicemen and women who died while serving in the countries on forces so please remember those folks Memorial Day a lot of people confuse it with veterans day. Memorial Day is today strictly remembers the men and women who died while serving on the veterans day celebrates the service of all. US military. Anyway the reason why we are able to do what we do and it's gone fishing Ronald nominee we wanna go pretty much is because we do have the US military. And without that we would not have the freedom to enjoy fishing and hunting and a lot of other outdoor and other activities. And they break that today we kick off the official rodeo agencies and college in a week at a few road yields up until this point but now. On the longest the CCA Louisiana star rodeo is on the way. Hope you remember the kitchen ticket if not get money it time to do it because if you don't. And catch one of those tag red fish when you might little bit disappointed so. One of those CCA start ticket offer good call us. Cool simmering forecast if you had an out what this has been one knows if he weeks and watch and it's normal of their line of Florida. Still not sure where exactly that things added that. I'm gonna take you for the most part this morning is not in effect now whether very much at all means not looking at east winds five to ten. Smooth conditions 70% chance of rain you can count on some wet stuff offshore going to be able to Briscoe east ten to fifteen. As high as four foot season and tomorrow account all goals and goes to pot. Still gonna have 70% chance arraigned at those northeast winds inside get up to fifteen knots. It's gonna make a light chop on the protected waters and lakes. North east winds 25 to thirty in the golf and it could brings in tenth which seized. And I don't know about you and I don't wanna be anywhere around the Gulf of Mexico and vote at tenth which sees some wanna. Cruise liner which you provident fund manager. But as a rule further east you go along the Gulf Coast the worst weather will be looks like Florida perhaps Alabama coast maybe Mississippi and worst of it. Louisiana will certainly get a share average time rains about a foot not too bad. And bought Mississippi River the bottom seems to be falling out and talk to finally have a more about that he would that's gonna mean. In terms of fish. We're also hear from all of our staff of the reports we've got to plan all along the Gulf Coast we get their reports would love to get your report to. How this audience provides a lot of information this program. Most of it comes about weigh about text message board would come right here to the studio. 87087012. Sensible message we can accept photographs that. Any information questions comments we'd love to hear it. Also this is the kind of detail into the safe boating week and it will be lots of agents on the water with safety and sobriety checks. You know while I've been fisheries agents are responsible for wide variety of enforcement activities. They also include littering in today. You're gonna hear about a Louisiana man whose charges of gross littering led to a whole lot more problems but he. It is female sidekick you guessed that there are bad boy and girl on the outdoors. Also got a preview an early entering this morning of the by you while TV show was going to be on Cox sports TV. 9:30 this morning it'll lead jumpstart. My cohost who is not here she's on. A weekend fishing girls' trip Martha Spencer she will simplify the complicated red snapper season that opened yesterday were also revisit that Turkey season. And here from the department of law and fisheries about that controversial late opening in the justification on why they did it. And I've got an easy but it very tasty wild Turkey and bacon recipe you cook it right there on the screen. So we got a lot of talk about between now and then 7 AM so log itself another cup of coffee but the boat trailer up a few Hogue on out it's not. Now participate and join our program will be right back to kick off headed down to shell beach Louisiana where we start every Saturday morning it's a good place to start. Roddy temple at Campbell's we're back with Friday's report after this three minute pause on the outdoorsman downed Libyan radio and I don't forget the issues of little text message got a question comment suggestion or 870 point seven neo cons here in the studio. While the ship which you're doing with our audience this morning a secular Robbie camp believes it can Apple's marina in shell beach. It's fun on competitions in this weekend what lies ahead to this weekend Robbie how we look at on this Memorial Day weekend. Well attended the question revised mine is what happened with this so Stallman oh. And you know that might get tell everybody or the wrong Lott was they go up and down your way you know. The cultural group you know Campbell Earl of lovable. These boats. Look on the media route to tell you is if it goes east of us were going to be fine if it goes west of us. Well that little problem. But hum. If you feel comfortable on the accused of going you know I mean it's you know it's ten minutes of look at within their deported back it. But for the fishing goes Cain beat it. Around long locked has been. 01 meant. Chris is cant wait been good. Dumb Bateman good you know most of these openly no Wiseman good. Lot of rate patiently born here right owner on you in the actual conflict or this week. You can't get it and is right now on talent it's phenomenal past week. You know what the guys have been born and additional long rocks. There's been times spotty as you know and it makes them proud it's you know it's such a nice when he hit some small. But they're different that an atom and now. And import about it and you know that's what's been going on here everyday for the whole week so you know sufficient to bring glory now. You know I just think it the weatherman economy be scared everybody off today. Yeah I looked at the you know it's bad call here right now and it's I mean you know winning at all. I couldn't tell you what direction coming out of it is no. There's you know outlook the world on radar. More apple phone and I got a remote there app migrate our outlook on it. One little squall made like out in them sound. You know I think it's hoped it could date sort of do. I'm Robbie you know I got to sympathize with human Reno operate as the PG law at the mercy of the weather forecast is right but they've also got a problem to seeing their problem is they don't want. Give everybody's. Going in the green light in him and I'll blow up right at the point ports and if they go out mistake they wanna make no mistake on the side of caution. But at the same time it can be very costly and time and money for people lose out on trips planned. Businesses operate and the only thing passes suggests his. You've just got to become meal count itself with a man watch it riddler how to re re caller from Witten beat whether movements in wind speed and time ranges from. The ground and make your own decision. They're you know we have I think I would had a pretty good packed their things went to record of what may be you know yes 77. Points out it's almost like. Yeah well what whatever we're going to be we're going to be OK with. Title without. You know so. Are you get out there he catches fish early it back and missed it by don't that blows you know he's open happened. You don't dispute back inside you know land in their own you know moving you don't know what to tell you. I think I've been in this and good if you go fiction cope with. I Barack Michelle beaches all changed so much over the years and Ohno was a key is nice to condoning and amp on black he was there. It was a whole different place of the now people mobile you like you mention him by Scott RVs they got wheels are ready at that drop of the hat to come this stuff up. And we've done it enough it's a drill now it's a pretty orderly quick movements so you can't actually wait a little bit longer. Then what you had to go Udinese typical week early and get things cleaned up and picked up the man brought him to act signed their whole camp if. Well you know I. And talent at town. You know with a lot of people want town this weekend more than a week and you know some people maybe this'll have more work of one of you know I have a game plan with the data. You know army. Like it did again and again if you got a RB now yeah well that's all my life when technical analyst at. The Robbins who is who he saw bill crow whatever. It didn't land you know have a right when you look in the future into town next to urge you to. I am I'm not portrait yet so you know permanently and water is still low you know me know whatever. I'm not pull the trigger yet they're gonna open about lot today put the proposed negated or supposed to do and you know. Might I can say is too premature not like been premature but I mean I would buy that caution. You know see you gotta be all right the real thing so. On like that but he can't be efficient right now you've listened to date efficient because of the way out of I think you make no mistake I think he opinion completion work. I agree which agree which are. Roddick thinks are reported to be helpful to keep your phone number posted a moment yeah write it down it's gonna deported in their phone in case they need to get a hold. Right you call circles probable for. 2396377. All you can cause an error code bubble for. 2395165. And he got any questions feel for the call. Good Robbie thanks that report is always has some very good advice from the arena operate. They are good guys in network talk to you. There goes out of camp bow camp blows marina and back after this until they're bullish why he is on the west side of the Mississippi River. On out what he's got plan a little different situation he puts a plane up and amp. It likely do it seven days a week and flied out to the Breton island chain and drop some on foot fisherman the net. Whether that's gonna happen today South Dakota I think the conditions are there any it's not an awful quick things changed. Well thought out what his plans always loved to hate yours 87870s. Not to exploit. We're back right after this timeout with the outdoors went down Dubuque radio network. And he decided to make a living in Louisiana along time ago to much cap Tokyo which laws reports each and every week brought about Campbell outdoors they'll make is that he Russ tackle box is tough pain with an anti rust protection. They can outside the boxes 1947. Amble out stalemate here in the USA where they have built to finish in the bill passed. Captain soul what has this well Albert total weather scare our situation that week and dazed on the U manic etc. all are bad. I just make scheduling and planning sold at. Are there ever met and he knew I had people last week which you know in a book called it economic and go oh man come. Question and not actually the rate because they've become Lebanon. You know at a bank every airplane that went. Try and the they that'd dot com theory out the coming up you know element. A month ago though from a tech to the plaza near them in it means that should be built. Well anyway. As they way they did it that Buddha. Yeah it looked up I mean actually we we get Ukraine on Saturday in the that they vote on and who. That it Margarita greens on. The back at about 10 o'clock. Bill able toilet yet that he we have run out now everywhere by back you'll look over her FaceBook I or the book about maybe Robert B in the green reader. Rotator and your. Tactic just like beautiful. If it and equipment like he was creased page. Yet in nickel out of it in English today that. You. Got there. India and it's pretty cool in the very beginning. In a lot of ways and in Iraq. But that path that happened at about maybe apple mildly that you do. And really what is outage. Legitimacy any little old ladies on bicycles would dogs in Damascus outside on the US. There's to a man and get you know that indeed been outlook. And I don't unite. Hold on though aren't they in the seat here. That did rotate around here you could mean the idea you. Panic on afloat while on the morning though. Out there that deal with it yesterday and now right and boulder is made him privately and McConnell. I mean whether it would be yes they essentially did did you know eleven and a new. Just signed. By there are lots. Of weather. In her. Get to them pattern that we. Nick the discretion some the thing happened that they. The like and easy Libya in the rectory at the indictment and that the group. Deck of the rink at the amount that right here. It really it is and I echo a lot of that out Google though. You know not that big in particular it will get about. That that that output over. But as back up. Let me. And technically back. Who has the bite that. That it is. It it bacteria. In it and then you know the law they're adamant they keep them. The boy. Beat you with go in it you know in a vote. And a moderately low. Go to the they've been shot today and your vote. I note that you're we the date that you change the dilemma comes out. And cover it can Wear them. Like it is. They lamented lions who would be in no mood these these that these schools that these are places do. Yeah it's changing what problem is there. It in water in the above normal I would be coup meaning that and treat it. You're in that position that trek out that we can reward him. No matter you know I have rob stone so little of it was he was strip and never quite known preacher epidemic it. Any of ago you know and whoever command and a what they mean mother nature is it that she'd. And then. He didn't panic and yet that. That today you know. Were you talking about some of the U pitches that you posted did you replace on shelf Mike hos on new guy on grilling Dillon read finished up front and it's. At poppy and in. It looks horrible pilots on. But it may move that Leo that it does. Lou the again. Bigger night of bella in that it would. Being. At the U. At that that. Whose dance that way but it you want that degree of it is that gonna go out there and it means that pocket. They have guidance that we do that it is that they are alive repeated yeah. A bite out in the act pat. Are you. Would go over to Google wintering in that order you know. But tech data out and yeah I would welcome those of you. The popular vote people out or vote givers now it will lose it. You're much unit camp there and done this movable we game. In I'm thinking he might be that in coal at a bar but coal miner. Act but the way. He lived alone in. On this and this is it possible that maybe some on Tennessee and look at that weather that canceled early part of next week's reasonable means for you maybe some local people might want to slip in mind there because those. I am now yeah voted I primetime yet you can actually but it is out or so ago that though. That's not a problem in anybody there. That event like that it what did you think that the that he but it can't. You know that have about it and has opened up the spectacle there weighing who would be great you know. Anyway. What he and Canada I'm out there. In the event and I'd do it again. Creep like the poignant speak. Will be out in about twelve department yet take eighty Nokia expected date that beat. I'm sure you tip you wings at those boats pass. Them and then. And I. Until feel polish lies with which opposition chart is not a new ones will be right back after this. And catch up awesome but text messages an idea that the results are at all not two months long opinion poll. Whether we should increase hunting and fishing license fees the only oval welding majority of these say. Knoll will give you the stats coming back after this on the outdoors with down Dubuque radio network. I get into our text messages that came in this morning this was from up but he Toby what's up big time. He and Gary have the ski hooked up they had itself on a mission on no sleep the president tiger's luck she'll go tigers. What Toby is talking about it is you're not up late last night around midnight they postponed. The LSU Florida game LSU was up on Florida and SEC tourney and enough and in the sixth minute. And then the fog moved in yeah fault could seek. So they've postponed at the restart it pick it up willingly and off at 10 o'clock this morning. An ornament seize houses they'll watch it and do radio show but. Unfortunately law fortunately whales they get some sleep and still going to be able catch that game anyway that's what that's all. And we also have this one not just in the gents Tilly wallet refugee laws by wild and you to is an update on the private land vs public waters. I'm glad you brought that up Justin on that would get a medal hunt fish talk windy in keeping vigil on the a couple of weeks. We wanted to let all the furor died down a lot of emotions when that whole issue went before the legislature. And I've got some information on the task forces can be formed in what the next step is to resolve any issues so. It's not all the by any means you're going to be a lot more about it but it would be more conducive on radio have been on TV but the most spot that is common radio issue. I his question how's the fishing on homers island. I can tell you this based on the early reports I got from grand isle area it's on the front side by the Japanese. It's been phenomenal some big Trout shall not think there's no reason why they're not fun domicile and the but. Will confront that we talked the captain now cropped just a few minutes. On that we have techs who listens to us in the smoky mountains he says there having human bear conflicts. Please let everyone know the signal petting zoo this is their country all on. Yeah it's a very fortunate that we reestablishing. Black male population in areas where they once wore. But as they come back in that we have to share habitat or conflicts at its best it. Study up on it and just remember that though Walt Disney theory of animal behavior. Not very accurate there is aren't real live animals they are not. Outlook in the play Google docs. I guess another on what is the best date catch all scarf issue will hit any electric garbage disposal using cut bait you can do that. Wouldn't waste live bait on him if you want efficiently our officials to key is get hooked in and pony now miles. On they will they'd love Spinner baits and spoons that would mean two notes if you wanna feature initially. Odd that we have this hope coming in saying hopefully Alberto get some of that spill whale water out of lake pot to train. Bring assault level up without causing any hall on. Any southeast Louisiana residents hopefully Alberto can help like pot to train him like well that's the ideal situation open it with your. Let mother nature do nothing it's part of what goes on year after year salt water comes up into estuaries system brings in fresh with a but now we we we remodeled issue we started building. Areas and we got to live when it. I'd that's not tech's board 8787 exotic on it right after we paused and seconds while local stations to identify and run down some rodeos that are on tap you might want to participate in net write your own neat. Outdoors with Don Dubuque radio and I'm happy to tell you ask you to do last week we talked to rent trash director of the Louisiana CCA stark tone that this will be the 24 year hundred tag at issue were released again this year. Offering half a million dollars in prizes in number of categories as 25 divisions in all. And if you become a member and you buy in nominal price ticket in note takers like twenty top 35 books. You could become a big winner or if you don't and you could become a very. Disgruntled and disappointed angry because it happens every year and am expecting it maybe that happened this week and next week and they reporting to you about someone who caught attainment fees but. In by detecting got thick forest can happen the other way. We also have a fishing rodeo over in not to publish walk out weaknesses in feet this would be next Saturday June 2. It's the 23 annual show all alumni association fishing rodeo. And weigh in categories include bass speckled Trout flounder red fish on the 27. Like drama the 27. Largest nation many species most dots moderate fish in fresh water catfish at three cash prizes each finished. One point two nation contact my arron a hole. And you can reach him at final 44502260. And I can promise you when now until October. It just about it efficient wrote deals somewhere along great deal goes someplace. I won last little bit of information it would Ghana and airing a special airing on by you while TBS shielded mark suspense and I holds on. Thursday's at 7 PM Sundays at 7 PM on Cox sports TV we have a 930 airing coming up this morning. And so if you wanna kiss that won't sign is a 63630. This morning barrier yeah. But anyway it's gonna have red snapper. Explanation about the season. Because Turkey season and one month they knew who. While Turkey recipes it's called Tony zinni's while Turkey and onions that's coming up in just a little while 6:30 this morning on Cox sports TP. Channel 37 the check you local listing qualities that time and station airs in your area. And if you can't find it that way like Justin dusk to watch it whenever you want. And you like weight will be right back after this. That's more text message to share with you more efficient reports Jeff rule but tonight some freedom kind of mix sketch. Some information from him if you're headed out into some fresh water fish in his weekend. All right here every Saturday morning from five to seven is the outdoors went down to the radio and. And lateral how long that fish has been singing that tune but he's been bragging about how good he is and how he can best the best finish. We always try to take you on Jeff rules on bass fishing in fresh water view reporting Texans morning. Jeff I guess the operative word for fresh water fishing this weekend is going to be watched the rainfall as things are going to be change. It started being here today may mark ago because next week programs going to be oh and we don't wish going to talk about. And despite interrogated and crows that thought Il North Shore. They've locally decrypt. Other important state ticket and brand campaign is moving in to make debated but that's good news for the best thing is since. When he found it did and it is that he's talking about. But that part of it Simone keep you under court order crop in civil war. But cricket under court order book. And for the best thing in the neat thing at all or purple on. Grim grim pattern is spewed this coming year. You know that the base has been comma shape and apple and it's an awful lot but we don't know what this rain is gonna do what would be the suggestion T going to be fish in that area. Three rain storm and post race. Probably pretty broad. And those problems early in the morning stuff like that or you can pop and probe. The sun comes up you wanna initiate years is that mystery thing like. They're great they've just been great this is rose more muted now immunity. This year India problem of puppetry and he won two years there. Are more at you in this and then. You battles stretch Mike Weir to the music and that is true in the history. We you know yeah my lord of the anti union and that's kind of move in the march. 3 quarter. Itself. About delicate area and heard much them that is an inning going on sooner. There are some good reports and there and maybe you indeed later in the week and a the war money that. Where. Cause for the Landon an editor at them the marchers have been gone for it well looked at all by the dirt. And Rivet then. Other states who work at that advocates and leaders this. The and four. Six stated maybe put yet and the proper war and scratch just worked up over the top of it. Teleport into the room which you can bet yeah anything it's kind of pops along or emergent a little bit. The Vietnam marchers on the year. Jeff we've talked about the brim efficient down along the coastal Aaron I guess she considers prime time. What about north Louisiana lakes and and promises is that prime time their own little bit behind it's it's. That Providence was on both of them can be give it ninety. Begin at the Paramus. On an of that commitment they don't mimic it can be really need to riders. Likes things done recorder and quick report Wrangler. Tell them this style orbit early in the morning and efficient shallow like they grow and proper. And in in the sun com that can also about the beeper dot. It is cypress trees were. Fairly deep water in me that perhaps he crank bait and eat it it is. It is going to be that close to the street news won't kind of wrote them buoyant market crank Bader. Replica bombs direction by. This has been and appeared to. Just like you got a tip forces week. Tim and angered to keep a journal and the paper. They get out and perhaps now that day on that you can. Keep a record what you taught. Me and that poem to do that about two years and then you can have look that record than you'd be in. Have a starting point every year. They may you know what did you make record you know whether they should do in this marriage and yet you view. An idea how to start this month that marked the time this and you monkey but award temperature when and they ever. You thought ma am and it just felt you know over time alarm and it. And for the millennial let me suggest twenty echo dot com you basically take a picture of the fish where you caught it. And all an information age is yet mention all that data is recorded and stored for union phone it is an amazing and I've got a free application on right now so and it's twenty in the number 20 echo. Dot com if you don't wanna bring a paper and pen like some muscles school list there. Jeff upcoming events today I think we got eight and Foundation's mission over in east pearl but again at the. And out that way tomorrow hopefully it will hold up for their lockers and aren't going to be that Crawford landmark the developed. Tickets some pretty guitar you know wait for the in the rivers variety in all in the you know the church opponents of hypocrisy in that age and in. Don't get there maybe next third the weather cleanup being of this plot or the third the entire. 21 dollars from bolt. Unusual and figure it was mostly one dollar full. Don't know and that's about what the threat Bradley you have a trash. Now the dollar and but I don't think we discussed that was only not to have that anymore but that's I think that's what 21 dollar was at an angle. All right sounds good Jeff thinks their report one of the better ones we've had just hopefully it'll get too much rain to kind of screw things up and will check in again next. Thank. All right Jeff rule reports brought to you by Berkeley vision of pure fishing. You talk among models products to copy nibbles on the Berkeley gulp base the salt water fresh water. And just about any kind of tackle you'd like to get re evil reals while most popular rails to come down like a long time. The united line it's whether it's models deliberate flora carbon accessories nets kept its flippers and scales they got it you'll find it. Berkeley a division of fuel efficient. And coming back after this simple I got some good reports of some really some of the biggest speckled drop probably going to be called all season down on grand now. What caught this week will that continue. Arrow carpeted jones' next on the outdoors were down Dubuque radio network. Well happy Memorial Day weekend in traditionally this is a big weekend for speckled Trout fishing down round grant dollar and now carpeted joins us now about that. Now I gotta tell you got some pictures it's snatched from rodeo on them and everything from six and a half on down to some pretty steady threes fours. Picked up on those jedi on live bogeys and street sense still continuing down. Don if if I had one way to describe it I would say I actually. Got an hour ago. When we do it anymore some day become as much Troutman would get recruited out of more. The did this week as well I mean everything right there ballistic. Back to school bogeys. The history ultra. Low it brokers. And you know I like my. It was really a place but he. Out they'll be. Although Mercury closer to that the island. You know you're concentrating there that you'd you can consistently yours why they're a little bit bigger. On the days that you know the beach was a little bit well most of the week because putting the ground welcome again these had a party group. Or over Olympic movement but you can do it pitcher out there. We didn't have the right group are residents. You know 9 o'clock in the morning no wonder who's in the that he or is this a Brokeback. I mean the day like this debate multiple wives. On multiple days where it would trial would really like it is. That we had written on and language toward mid morning. Link yet partners operate out. It is just this last week where. It is in great and then went there there. And it bit calmer face on this hour. And is going to be some fish caught today for sure but. You know they wanna Errol masonic caution in doing that a lot of times people you know it'll nervous about it and don't wanna risk it so they pass up some good fishing town and I've got to believe it's going to be good. At one particular list that wanna meet askew but Elmer zeile and I see no reason why efficient shouldn't be good off film is a good long rest of the front. Are. In speech and make it out and make them on when are we popular couple spots. Right now a dollar just pass the ball he hear it we we try to relate to waiters. Because I mean you know sometimes conflict there used market it is also music and later in the but just. Booklet act. Stereo Gilbert is where. On that right here and now my day and yet there's this Albert the water in gorgeous. This week. You know toward the end of the week right here. On the left out of the island is sort of Malia will be better and more round to eat doubles. But that also means that the crucial beach was gorgeous we shall be mom my pond that'll that'll be you know. They've just been all right wrought on the social side of it oh to him earlier that. I mean that the pleasure everywhere they showed. They showed date time and like that it it would this would like which I mean it's. You couldn't do anything wrong. Well Dell somebody here on this this morning and com sack at tomorrow's going to be a little worse from as far as who wins today and you might not be able hang on that front beach in those jetty east. But from what you tell me they would be safe incumbent because they had ample landing and head back in the marsh they're still a lot of Trout and then marched and make it. Don we have we have major on the storm you know arrange again if you would come through here yesterday morning about 93010 o'clock. The guys that range in prior to the you know when it tolerate him and Iranian. Valerie and it DC dished. I know a couple of guys that they ran nor did it witnessed along the coast as wanted to keep it. They're they they ran athlete he just to stay out of bad weather it was due to its trauma that. So I mean yeah there's that router everywhere you you've got cheated on page of Little Rock I think it was Thursday. Thursday morning route wanted to play exert too late by. But but by god that was Monday that you know my folks want to read it so we've we've been a couple of hours trying to get you put you more Trout in the box long. It out of the pack came up a little bit historical or buried vote. But you know we have to. Brit decision about midmorning onward on. The boat to start out with the Trout bay ended up with a decent day later by. So you know something somebody's gonna have a problem. Somebody's gonna Google boxes used it and I would use that now problem but if you stick it out yet the router everywhere right. Well that may know not be a better place suspect competition in grand now when it's at its finest in the sounds like it's air right now. Now we got Joseph mall website. Can find you there real scream is not comment somebody wants to call may be found to got a cancellation when we get out there really doing week next week is schools let out a lot of kids wanna go tellem like it's. Yeah we've we've all we. Can do. 937. They do a date. I'm a friend go get a bunch of bogeys angle camera. I think. It is not a very nice tell us hello. Darryl confident we come back we get more efficient reports stopped and I'd love to talk about coming up next out was done to him radio network.