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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, May 19th
Fishing reports from the northshore ,the lakes, our kayakers, those Bad Boys and Palquamines Parish.

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Now on these. Mayo gets people watch that a lot of people had enough efficient lot of questions are asking to it's a good question came on a text message board news when grant trash chutes CCA jones'. They want us to ask if you if they catch a fish. Give Toronto a seven year old son. And it happens to be attacked great finish to me he does he get to claim the prize aren't as he out a lot but causing him the rock so. Think that the answer at. EL I don't think in like. I think the seven year old who on the lands of his guess but then again like we have for it for official state records only one person I can handle rock solos I don't know if they have that same rule that's a good question becomes. He'll be with a 6:8 o'clock in Roma or outdoor show in. We're gonna hunt fish talk coming up from 78 with. Went and got my team is CCA is huge prizes I think they do acquired and lie detectors on college drafts and a pretty much it's that random. They don't give a polygraph to everyone but when you sign up you greens that you'll abide by the results of polygraph even if you tell the truth and a polygraph doesn't work sun it will Leavitt says and it got to do that for integrity as you know otherwise. Yeah vehicles giving away. Money it can get like a lot recently there's been some cases and in the history of star. Now it's it's been going on what was it twenty something years was 24 I think is most. You know it's the rodeo yet won his fourth annual and many years you can have a lot of stories in in history about it. It by the way if you're interested in this eat online tracker they have a new prize in new become that's. They let those retail for her pretty pennies if you're interested I act that's one. One of the options that CC with Satan city which divisions. Which. Brand but that's freaks take the boat dropped. It's like I was at that eat yes you know and I think it there before. That's an active part in my family has adopted a prescribes that I need to look at a it is one that I don't think they pay for about inflation component his one thanks to the show and information is from off in the Lafayette doctor yak. He said the recovering from the is easier than the shoulder. You can take it easy you beanie out there was enough everybody keeps telling me that means you. Sony it's a nagging need an initial done and that's not months or so he's added that you don't know what it's like to wake up and have seen so. Monday night made me laugh places he said. Animals better watch how it went even though that is going to be lethal. There from yes sums given die young and when I get back. I'll be able to keep up with those dialogues and track them birds and you know mountain pass patterns you know even parent and with a shoulder Euro zone in Japan as usual it. So does come along and it's gonna take awhile which is strength back at full mobility in the as enough on my health problems. If there we got somebody from Joseph is on his way to work unfortunately that's what we have to do to make for a fishing and interest and short. So get it done Joseph. Real. Nice times I believe that some time but you know yes he wiggles on this. I text number if you wanna get a message into this is 8708. Seven's that would love to hear from tells what you got going on. Which you don't if you got a report of a question something you know lots of people provide us some information. LaMont access to launches in different situations and it is really pays off the people know. That would there's no way we can it'll inflammation so it's great come from some listeners. And right after this agreement applause we will be back with Mike Gallo via a popular Mike Shanahan has morning. We'll see what he's got to talk about right after this on the outdoors with Don did you radio network. The Mike Gallo fishing report present ICE tail offering fuel traps wherever and whenever you need it to aliens 24/7 jumpstart peace of mind knowing rescued just call lake. For only a 170 dollars a year become a member. Call captain Chris at 5043014545. Or go to C dot com. That means we're talking to Mike Allen this morning and you are popular man today. Lot people on and ask you some questions. Dunn is doing as best as he can and saying you know. We hope work a bit better but actual. How about the knee. Right at dinner that well on that point what. Are you know. None are got both I and a shoulder is tight in and I. Early on bag. That was September of now we move them to me. Prepared are often not still around to get debated for a million dollar man. That's. And it seems like it seems like it. Now we have had people want to get your report very anxious to find out about patiently borne Lake Pontchartrain Tressel Larry causeway. I guess that'll mean speckled Trout working details. Well market at work out a little bit earlier in the I'm a Mac idling in late march during right now gotta slow all try. I'm on the court ordered to not win it very lightly and very pleasant. Out there have been compared caught at the track the I have the right now a war criminal on any side. Probably from all William Perry we have no regard I would cracked it's early Alina on the law. So I would approach it. Like it will. Late. Mark early able or. Brick on the rule. Our pull out whatever. You're. Where is Eric. A firm bottom going to be helpful and they're a lot reform. These men who look forward their blue. And move off and there are or have been looking. It happened at the point or coal or. You know it's rampant in our area. Select few and the you know picnic in the art. Would bring out in the cardinal fan and well are there like a little wall in right here quote aware of that archer law. Open areas try your. As far as the platform. Platform. Accurately then do the majority partners in. And they've been productive anywhere from 4040 trotted day New York mainly on the bottom current drop shot read it and at 11 o'clock it might start to break down and that are at the color that you bought it. And that skull would be. Similar catch though. On a variety of little lord. Yesterday. Interest in started out fishing bare the matrix crawfish. And caught five in a couple of our seem like that's what they wanted but in effect in app today. Gallup Tricia with a broad blue and ages eight Boone much better than they did the lack so it was a tale of two different lowered but. Fortunately we forgot what they wanted to make they hate this school and we're able to catch electorate this year. Yeah I'd very good now as far as they'll speckled Trout again. I know you told me picked up some white truck with a little early in a year for the aussies so they still shown on. I did attic captain Matt on a trip for me yesterday. He had been fishing platforms like Bork who we are pretty good weekend. And I told in my power to wipe out hope about capital in that seat channel. And I told my door they are. And they are the morning players on the wind died down a bit you can get three platforms. Or go fishing and it was every trip. And that the channel and got bigger. You can check can be anywhere from the day twelve inches. Probably eight pan but no limit on art but he kept a good number. It you used to thinking what about forty box and him they were caught red. That. Option. We were in coconut tree last week and we actually picked up quite a few in and the captain Nero it said it thought it was a little early for the white cat as well but they were showing up that's I excellence in so just get. I'm like the tide. They aren't at the time it rains today. Is this going to be a week and what you need to do is choke points and you British Open war's going to be strong enough but he needs some help from bottle making areas. I would you know Pardo like we talked about barely catch you. And you want a duplicate that area you know I don't wanna duplicate the practical structure wanna try to duplicate the amount of pride movement. Whether fair or low or somewhere in what we. I would. What did it warms wouldn't think at all that the British. We're gonna try to hide from the side I think the bucket right middle. It'll probably be more problems are there. And they. I would not afraid to try. Aftermath have. At their back aren't we caught in the middle of that channel. By the cap or more role would. Think it is it causes long rule through highlights. All of its domestic go like a vacuum try to reach that level. I bought a bottle but you look at the line it almost there might have beaten when it gets toward the channel so it. It sort poll that. About the CSX railroad bridge. Crossing. Now repaired art all of and I got one report of someone hanging out by the rate of art slowed down and it worked extra blocker and proud that you treat. So how would rule out. Picture to where our adhere AM like Marc train and it comes to a stop. They've had in Wrigley it's still going to be moved because it is a joke. So that you could run. Good elementary age Ankara they bear in what it bite mark and crawl and you can go back to the bridge. Animated feature the right speed at the breakers. He or play boat here. Michael the last questions along I'm going to be asking in now through probably September. Triple tail you didn't mention any so either you haven't been there looking annoy you haven't seen it. But are more critical adulation just they just ask my favorite. Are a number. I was down. Like I was data that is on Thursday pitching in at 822. And a half trip to England I. I tried my hardest acumen that cuts that he was just at least match that she liked him I'll hit it. Might would you favorite recipe. You know aka Merkel and me being questioned how do you like the triple fail Arctic you know it's very personal you could broil it. YouTube debate. NASA because I hit it. It's so good even in one of those fish don't wanna mess up kind of like snapper. Well what we do it once I got away all the way off track that it pride or broil it and apparently left the scale of one critic put it on the grill. Eagle hasn't handles. And bare it all out here and offered any. Lottery as such it where did you find it was an on a cramp flowed on some other structured well. It would actually on PB people cannot more calm. Our customers. Pay at twelve years they're talking about island on outer edge of the march. We'll hear good as straight a goat trying to act and we wish we caught speckled Trout Christian. Our Beatles on a court old fashioned patience and it on the way. Water temperatures were in the sergeant ray impair the Rose Bowl along the bed and after a while the polls we saw one turned around gated lot of it which would have been about. Easy is it gets. Who Mike thanks for the report folks wanna Klein junior all over my website sketch a picture and everything up there on the of the fishing guides now you'll website AA of LA dot com. And you got a good ol' fashioned land line which is becoming an endangered species give it to. 78 Warren 781 more. And patient in here at Mott is begging for a trip that to happen to get an extra one and two sons does not. Yet they let you. Albert. Get around there you hear it out of Iraq it would mark on a triple X I look. We can target you know which took forgoing any other species has been holding its mission Atlantis is that you know. And are out there are more more right. Sounds good camp might have a break up to appreciate your reports is always our. I'd captain Mike Gallo angling adventures. Coming up next on town for the panel's report and also the volume Google reported at thing gonna go on and not at Barack may evidence of forest. Back with his report right after this time out. In the alto is done to view radio network. And apparently support despite those kayak fishing club presented by Massey outfitters locations in mid city New Orleans. Covington that raise shopping at best panic that she miles from Cody Jackson. And native water craft you can check out on FaceBook. Ormat he's out letters that come here insisted in a boat so. We got captain Eric pop wreck it was a pretty wild event yesterday that happened that by seeing now let's start with that. Art an opportune moment Harry. A lot better than yesterday afternoon. It was a pretty phenomenal it whether believe how micro part is that. You know happen in the storm. In Olympic some of the votes let's stop and it's the wind was anywhere between 5060 mile an hour if not better. Hogan and that they and took tensions store brain on the windshield. And most not anywhere. Ten elective where they had the news in and the beard pop tree and every thing. It's like an industrial and it literally lifted up and twisted. All it it. Reminded me of a lot of Katrina when when it was all said and done the math he's been. Was twisted in a big ball and that tends will be lighter ones pop up. In an election is so or were in everything machines scattered it was just unbelievable hale went I don't know too. Flat that's considered flatly and also. It was on one of the it was just. For those who are up there insisted I even though is still going on today they're gonna work really really hard to get it going unfortunately the Massey tent will not be out there it took too much damage do you know. So Massey was doing a raffle to win a hoagie kayak. Can folks go over to the store in mid city and by those raffle tickets that they will not be out there now. Yes. Gina that anger to believe. To the sort that city believe you'd have to call but I believe that North Shore and Baton Rouge is also is selling tickets so that's. But don't quote me on that I would call or when he's our attendance are British. All but they are gonna be sound and you know we will be pulling that that that wouldn't that ticket for the OB choppers. On Sunday afternoon Agee and great that so and that helped I earns about. Let's that let's talk about fishing where he can sufficiently. Had a couple chances we can of course transitional. Force spartans parish don't know which 13 actually launched out of your cot. I'd have been a Little Rock you know kind of flatten out and you know can hand them parity and non. Deficient just kind of shut there and your really have to work for. And you know we're doing here at and in miniature managed few Trout here and in not polluted talked about it but the reds it's been traveling somewhat easy leaflets saying you know. Or not ever and Angelica. You know. And boards and captain and spoons and he would emirates would grant dressed parts of the. They are very very grassy that's where Coby Packard tie his and I went last week and it was very difficult. There's so much fresh water in there that the grass is really thick and balancing act. Yeah is that that social and finally finished you know it and check and cheeky new and useful and and so broad and things like that that that work on that you wouldn't normally. Eat and the announcement that you know a lot of past slows it courses and knows you know wrong. Well and and just to kind of switched to the other world via. No actually impose church and some real nice view there are in order. Coach and program at orchard there at the current problems patients and their marching. That you can see right across the law and her to court he and then. And you'll know policies. In our minds same store. Tripled and and silver spoons. Our bonds etched. That's the report a referendum on you to court and detached and and our spark which in accordance with people would go in Europe the work group maybe before word you know. Eric was a good place to put in which. Irish aren't you. Humble that there. He's the equipment the aircraft temperature. But Barry out to current bridge yeah or you can launch actually by the board. Highway eleven bridge. Right there and panel in Italy in some background and an arms. Also and if you warrant it's actually launch which or he suggests using global launch. On our argument about the camps I think it's like five dollars and turned out a little Archie to get you can go purchase all side of the more like after chart here and be wrong. And then there's also you can get onto the reserve. That the game. Being reserved backed it is to prevent some orchards or street at a public there. And aides say is which because there. You know that's a lot of fresh perspective you know and as a guard fish urchins are relaying in France and chief quotes like he did she you know very easily accessible. But like not like skaters back to achieve that it. I have before I rat managed. Let folks know how our boys over in Sweden and doing we have some of these on hubby world competition. We got I hate it local Louisiana or younger the crude sort of spur of fish and is. He's in tenth place as we speak right now. And sort of the big deal you know and to change the direction you're saying stir for about you know lawyer mark that's wrong. Arian. Sucked in air in dire but not in and here place. In and we yard printing needs. In contesting. And being. Thirtieth. And we're on our hundreds of anglers evidence that the big deal in the top ten Thursday. It yeah it's it's actually bought. And leads in the world visit here these are you know special and the world and there again. And on definition of species that they not use sufficient that Louisiana's Eric Burke told me you know fish yet. Somewhere back then as they police nor. Very nervous in deep and clear water and that and them. It's tied down those yellow purge which are apparently that the trickier fish and Nancy at their he's got to north pike Anders about. But the purchase Kiki get on them LB and it shapes up it's exciting to keep up with that we actually did an interview with all three of the news. Louisiana hoagie members that he can catch at 9:30 this morning M byte wild so kind of see what they're into an act. Yeah just give you an idea. The only perch that was. That was an that was waiting on. It was only thirteen urged that won't wait and out of 48 guys so in some of these guys who use decision. Reassured that the union idea how difficult it is to catch those church. In a different than the regular were talking about here. Those guys you fear and that they're old enough your name to Louisiana sports. Coaching her say oh Leo away. Erica somebody needs to get a hold that view and book a trip learn decision on the kind element reaching. Current artery in court she's a partner. War. One theory HER and you can also army on FaceBook that but Louisiana kayak company. And also on agreement that's also at the Louisiana. Louisiana Tech company. But. Anyway. Very moan and she. Didn't get it would actually you can idiot to believe the laces mansi Zanetti beat display. You know that's an erratic it has plan going on boot that we let our actions to happen anyway undertaker. That in the. ABC they knew he did and tied at thereby eventually as he goes on to him about kayaks. What doctor. The united Eric we'll see you next time somebody they aren't out here. As a result. I can say that you know you can't. We'll be right back after this with bed a sand mentality altos feature coming up next. On the alto is done did you radio network. And Martha we're starting a Louisiana safe. Boating week beginning today through the twenties is that so proclamation of notifies safe boating week in Louisiana kind of signifies the beginning of spring and some of boating season. Reminding voters solve all the rules of the water for safety. And one of the most important things that bring up as the use of alcohol because it is one of the leading causes of voting crash incidents. And the tallies on the water and unfortunately we had one of those last weekend. And we will be back to tell you that very sad story right after we left a local stations to you who they are and where they are. Wong helped doors would down to view radio network. And make tragic accident last Saturday morning at twenty foot aluminum boat that was operated by a 53 year old Patrick White of sorrento. With his son Caleb white 27 also sorrento. Hit a ball kid on the Amy river about 9 o'clock at night. Patrick White had minor injuries whereas Kalin sustained fatal injuries and did not make it. According to Patrick White to left to go boating in the morning of returning from the trip when he hit the ball can. It is believed that Caleb why it was rejected from the boat hit the ball can and ricocheted back into the bowl. Very sad even though this is a violation is vehicular homicide. Could be anywhere up to 151000 dollar fine and thirty years in prison. The DWI carries a thousand dollar fine six months in jail. And reckless operation brings a 200 dollar fine all of which he is charged with but. None of that punishment I think would be sufficient. His punishment is to come when something that tragic captaincy than CN it's awful story but a reminder if nothing else that alcohol. And water and boats don't mix well back with a plastic man report was talking about captain Ryan Lambert ride if that is. And we're headed down to plaque humans extra gonna go check in with captain Ryan glamour at the plastic man himself. Fuzzy gone down there and little nearest. That you would it's been owned by that these souls feel this is just incredible right now. It's good just it expects you know no ground in those terrible round of the. The Trout all choices red issue like gosh this is really good at. It's cats enough vision. United must have been yes they had been only you know pulled up to a point and probably quicker period don't want points. Lap over. So what do you think is making its. Well right now we weave his bill with a west wind for probably about six days in any time you get a win that's consistent. It makes clear war subway and we have the reversal yet the river is still you know by 1112 foot which is pretty. You know about it was dirty water but it DeWitt is consistent for a while it clean spot. The notes issued to block those spots. It is it makes it you know that it could make it'll do you actually. Dip this year by the skin rebel war with you know you get the window west's plan you know felt anything foot consistency. In it makes good good area in those good areas of fish go to them like we do so it's you know a lot of work it you focus of fish. C catches to become. But right now it's it's pretty good the best stroke is not seen since souls spill without a doubt. And Ronald what what technique you use an accusation that soft plastics and counsel on the bottom fish on the core Goran muses somewhere that's when things. You can use the court but it but you know Omiyale collective punitive side like these don't you know how it's just so you know though demand drug picked. Still throw mud that these. In those two states sort twelve than an hour before would demoralize it works so. That's what I like to totally today's couples looked up as opposed to so all of those those those you know disgruntled or quarter associated. If you find destruction you. You find out where they'll you know it's 607 votes come in obviously not a single Bowe caught a fish. Use and use and everything in the world that I was written order that he's not on the right side you know advocates of so learned to read that water is essential. We you can catch more of court but I'd much rather field a hit did feel it and see their court bowed out. We'll describe how you approach on movement times and tidy efficient from what angle how close do you get to the spot. Yes they would. Dreaming and weird because. They would in front of the time they won it back of the struggle in front of new actively feedings so they were in that occurred deepening his and to turn. So they that they were there you know once circle around it well full circle just like three days ago outlook does but then only. Actual control would get to fish. Nested not leave until official. Staying in what will we hear them. We put put the toppled down we proceed to have nice stroke. Yes that it would be its smaller because the tide was fluent soul or the queen west winds could blow the water out. So when it was coming in it was on the it was Ripken yesterday. And fish were those smaller because of that. You know that they don't. And it decisions that wait they you know it was due to everything plated. It didn't mean it's so much deficient that people noticed in Iraq and guide you restart period. Innate thing on man back about the eco conference. When they get around on the board that the professionals is that kind of those who don't. Is that promised that the goes in the position. Yeah no doubt about it and you know many years of experience pays off and actually legal official with a guy not only is a trip to catch vision bring a box home it's a learning experience. Yeah that's exactly right you know a lot of people become. They get they just want traditional you'd this is your optimism learn from people as. Really got the problem but water is learn to get their brains you know most guys do some bubbles secretive about stuff you know humble well madness. You know I'm not that teach you know what you know how to do it's that you could sit there and I can just take decision did the whacko. And as little. There's nothing more frustrating than now been on both sides of the fence. Well one bowl is in the zone and M might be three or four boats right next to him thrown the same thing rig the same way. And can't catch a fish as in any other boat as his limp intentional limit. It's just amazing how tight in the area those fish and these. That happened with us last week earlier laps hospital is on the bad sign you know what we are on it now. Yeah all right other boats were trying to get analyze this just can't let that slip in the. That they yes that it was like that because the do sit there to retrieve both watched me and we just we catch him pretty pretty consistent about triples. So regular opponent in the wake of some mobile the lake because it was stated bite here but if you packet you know who could do those. They show up they get together in the pocket and probably just leave you know just. Is this like that and you know because would probably help column published on my maker. You know they did make holocaust happened so you know if he's the best thing to do is learn how to read the water don't go to down by the keep fish because you caught these tips for when you catch fish there. You find out why you looked at what happened with the tide duel with the war declared it was debate. It put dead that you may have to learn how to read it in new acted in repeat that not not repeat this by the repeated condition. That's most important thing about. All right see you could have a custom moves with you yesterday and then you go back in three weeks and in his own boat and tell look ultimate trial and we don't catch this year. And it totally different mind that if this. Yet because he's thinking about the spies in that ad program. And not a guy gets its same thing well more common go to spots is that that's it no matter and under read the war's most important thing about being successful patient. Remarked that it won yet though we talked to yes and then last month and last week. What a great way to to total log all that data that rhinestone in. Yeah my my mom actually called me after that interviewed said that she was an adult thing and she's l.s gold anglers out and she just found it. In saint she's like that is seeking change apps things the coolest thing ever since he got Tony echinacea ballot check that that's really great. My particular idol. It Ellis an older part well you know roses all been there anyway if they if they remove your brain we seek and there in all the years of its. All right tell people how to get a hold it to agencies and advances they won again on some of that really good action has been and inventiveness in years. No it is great they did go to cajun patient advantages that come. Or they keep on the direct but not today because must Opel I'd list straight. They're not going to be one of the good trip is called all the senate ought to tell the truth you're going to be watching the royal. Yeah it is it. I got adequate elections students two in the big giant equal to a new couple that's on and that's about moderation today. NATO had big ego but 9578. 9833. An epic in the battery market biblical. At the Ryan. At that time with those kids that I did you have a great day and you know what's next. That Ryland cajun fishing events are we come back and take about fishing for free. Those of you listening to a song Alabama affiliate also some cajun invasion news. But you adventures got a lot of stuff going on and look home. And also what's coming up next on hunt finished off will be right back after those standard you can mop dispenser. Where you'll listening to the outdoors we've done to view radio network. I'd those few are listening to us in Alabama argued in Louisiana Mississippi or anywhere else and you'd like to fish for free and Alabama they've got a free Election Day coming up on June the ninth. You can fish for free in public waters including both fresh and salt water part of national fishing and boating week. As Al Michaels tees they give you one shot and hopefully you'll fall in love with fission and you by that license with you want to efficient at here. Got a great deal of them have all Orange Beach and a lot of fishing down around mobile day. And you know of have been net that would mean then you wouldn't have to purchase a license. I'll love gone on it by you would. Mention yet and today a grand Jeff Gannon Jeff they have a new shaft that's over there. The business by it venture up in the home and they're doing some smoked meats and barbecue. Which sounds awesome and I plates Tuesday through Sunday. They balls up we'll crawfish and live profits on Seau got some of those and not a lot but two weekends ago. The check them out they'll have a lot going on rent kayaks at their kitchen bait. It all set up males are really gay craft Beers election there's appear in that. They have quite a variety of they want to do an online panel they they have in my mind pal but they also have a beer tasting going on as well balloon that's going on popping midday today. We have a lot on mount with by a while there's a lot of pairings of our show it aired on Thursday or new episode every Thursday in new episodes but that he missed it. It's running day at 9:30 this morning tomorrow again at 7 PM and then Monday we got another additional airing at 9:30 PM. And then Thursday at five series that we're gonna a lot of episodes out of this to exit on. Sports TV channel 37 bolsters check your local listings but always on YouTube right yet. Subscribe to our UT channel you don't get Cox sports television you can. Watch at any time the full episodes on YouTube mean in by Edith subscribe to our channel that's a lot of extras there as well. We just got a text and somebody wants to know more about twenty act that's the name of the app twenty echo. Check it out. Blogger catches all it is is an uploaded throwing every bit of information Il Mi and also there is a sunset not by enough technical little moonlight. And my family that panel sunsets. Loyalty than the moonlight grade I cajun invasion wanna thank those of you signed up like at some people who only had twenty spots some of those have gone. Go to my web page and look on the bad river hunts were gonna go to South Dakota December 3 through seventh. To some pheasant hunting and a too far away from Alaska. And coming up next from seven to nine is more outdoors and you can cash settlement website live streaming it on the output was guide that I'm. I read trash yeah Mike panels gonna talk about the char rodeo. In a whole lot more with Wendy DeLia and watch state so we say good bye to affiliates will see you next week back here again. Outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network.