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Saturday, April 21st

Martha talks with outfitters and guides about area fishing.


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And good morning to you well half of the team is actually taking a very rare day off Don is headed up to Kansas this morning going to chase. The elusive Turkey and hopefully he gets moneys headed up with his buddies there they've got a long commute. So we asked me to step in so they can get up there at a reasonable hour and he'll be out there and got on with the rest of them tomorrow morning. Surat today of course as we always do with the weather and again the curse continues the weekend really not shaping up to agree to looks okay though. We're going to be dealing with warm day rain chances moving in tomorrow so that may affect some of you heading out to fish and hunt tomorrow. Lots going on this weekend we've got the elite red fish turning going on over and hope dale. And there's going to be a lot of boats out there's a few heading up this morning as I saw a few notes on the road early this morning be mindful that they'll be a lot of turn in boats out there. Today again and also did you check out by you while this week it aired. Of course at 7 PM on CST on Thursdays we've got some new pairings of it again airs tomorrow morning at 930 on CST. You can also check it out on YouTube we've been doing lot of stuff with that. Our ninth episode hardly become that are ready. In just about a month so check it out it airs tomorrow morning again I'm CS team Egan and introduce you to use a very very well known name on the pot to train. Deadly deadly ban import and his wife can she is a really big party and influential part of the do that really made their Leuer company successful. So you get to meet her in the captain's wife she really does a great job and she's a sweetheart as well. Also we had back to white oak plantation in teaching how to make a really simple and delicious trial recipe with chef John false. And I'm heads I would Dudley on the lake and they give you an update after the spill waste some encouraging news. From the spillway. After that open he's got some uplifting information about to next year's chat sees that there's a visit should be good thing person got Tex signs open. You can Texas this morning 87870. Let me know what your up CU and again with the rain coming in any inning get out there today are you headed out to the woods are you headed out to the latter what's going on on your weekend or maybe just boiling some profits. There's a whole lot going on this weekend in addition Matta led lead read this series there's a bass tournament agreeing while springs used third annual bass classic that takes place today. One or two man pick apart 1960 dollar entry fee that's in walker. Out at quarter horse lane entry deadline fifteen minutes prior to take off course there's a big fish tournament there are so check that out. Top five pay out. We got updates also on HB 391. Which unfortunately once it made its way forward did not making any further of course it died in the house that's the latest updates on that. And also snapper season a lot of people been wondering when the red snapper season will be opening what are the current standings with. Who is delegating liked and the good news is governed their government Gary graves are congressman has been working really hard. To get the states you have are exempted fishing permit and also to allow the state to govern their state waters. Now there's some interesting stuff going on going to be talking later with Darryl carpenter down in grand isles will be tuning in about this. And letting us know his opinions because. With the red snapper season June 1 officially opening the recreational season that goes all the way until June July 22. That is the federal season so we get about a 51 day season Monday through Friday for recreational boats now was voted this year that. Charter for hire recreational fishing will be excluded from that I was 51 days they will have to stay within the state. Places wires that's nine miles out Andrew you feel about that because a lot of folks you know wanna go offshore they had in and hit up their snapper spots on the way in. Also he wanna get in on the occasion invasion coming up in December. Head up to South Dakota to the bad river hunts camp if you wanna go chase Amber's pheasant hunt there. That river birds in bucks there's a great deal going and that of course don's cajun agent man is December 3 through seven. Three nights at three days four nights all inclusive pheasant hunt so you never know which are gonna get weather wise up there. It can always be snowy windy or to meet in my own Don said they've had everything from teacher or whether to thirteen degrees. That's an information also talked about little bit later the Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries will release initial artificial reef request for industry input. This is important course to some dwindling fishing areas. And just like Don Imus ranks so again text us at 87870. Let us know what you are up to. And one point two talk about this morning we've got be registration opened for the Louisiana 2017 you Connor of the year contest. If you've got somebody a young man or woman that you'd like to cement. You can do that go to the wildlife and fisheries website. Download the registration page entrants must submit their registration form along with a photograph. And a story describing the hunt that's for the 2017 years and it ended Janie at December 31 2017 to all of last year. Just go to Louisiana wildlife and fisheries. All right we're gonna head down was talked to Robbie Campos seem ladies doing their may be a lot of votes down there at the marina. Good morning here outings kind of weird not having none here huh. Yeah right. Spoke on well I actually do exactly bottom. I am answer. All the way home from gains. Don't know waved to each other on an island. I don't know I think I'm gonna I'm going another way of going home through opal what took another route but. He's probably you don't weigh up what they conspiracy Bob I'm not say you're. But this week with a was appear certain not as fast we collapsed. Left Sunday. Everywhere inventory Hamlet we began this. And we had a really really good on Jill from virgin. And now on our way home. How big labor is out there. All of that manner. Anywhere from all twenty pounds to forty bop around I mean some beautiful. Pupil turkeys and zone view works yeah very nominal. Baton. Bastard you have analog or not. Wow well I know that's got got excited his he's really really it's our Elmer. Oh yeah. But anyway well. Efficient are we going. Mediocre I would say. When this week. Talk to some guy. Told me that that was true when this week it was talks. But they've people if mr. bishop from watching more. They'll few days that they did you know there mistrial. Calm on trial or shall open Yale law. Lobby for robbery situation goes. You know we do a lot of forehand. But they've let the law it is it is you know really salute to small objection. If it and all but one that he did you know it is. Well either Lleyton. Album you know you're. It's just a little bit early. Would you ask them there goes on Trent and that would get you know you. It. I think Libya. Strategy entering today. What year anyway. I actually right in auto admin. We've only. Wichita Kansas who is sprint race in. All the way through Oklahoma so we may get rain on the. I rattle our we're gonna take a real quick break stand in line with us we'll jump right back with you got to take a quick commercial break. Back thank you Robbie for stand on the line Henis squeeze in a commercial break every you know already go easy on the road right. Oh no way to go here. How Miguel let it. How much time you hello. Yeah along economy out there and when he when he got to make him. Poll by 5 o'clock treatment allows just sit there are with the GPS. Clock speed and so. All right. We'll take you and I rain out there. There's a lot and I hope deal today there's you know Billy read these series going on in that area and also the bite you coast kayak club has a red Fisher rumble out hope they'll this morning so. Let's just remind folks you know be cautious of those kayak battlers out there. He had. Big Apple does not column MetLife you know I had. You know. Is there there most of you have flags on and vote now what honorable guy acts like this you guys open or open nobody. Great I was being a man headed out there today and my pact later on but then I was reminded by Don that there in the a lot of votes out married and so might just stay a little closer to home. So you said the fishing has been mediocre this week when he recommend people do to get out and get on some finished. Armed if not blowing too hard smaller down would. Howard grabs while trip or you're early and our children long rock. Long rock band there or strep throat. But I I don't know if you don't win and thought they cannot already brought down early. You'll you do or rather the you know some wind to blow. Album auction Bausch if you portable Richard fish. Always trumps. Which is up on all outlook on. March. There's an old Brit is back there. Lot of actions you know what guys go way. It was just a black chrome and so if it is that law. In. Plan B would be legal rights should also. He beat these. More old by tradition and it'd yard. If there is there's one other aspect. Action. Got to move around a little bit right there bottle it was predictable that you got to exactly so. You cheat you spelled out there get some great book or some. Leno you're on the road today but if folks wanna get a hold you're anybody over at the marina they've got any questions had to make and such at the. All that probable or. 2396. Brief. Are arriving we have a safe trip home we'll begin back there and eat some of that delicious Turkey. Are you at bay are very. All right day there are at about. We are back and take a quick break we're gonna talk to be Louisiana man coming up you're listening to the outdoors with Don did you and myself Martha Spencer will be right back. And a Louisiana man report brought to you by planned though outdoors makers of the zero tackle boxes and tough teen years with antivirus protection thinking outside the box since 1947. Lamo outdoors made me USA. Built at this built to last. And of course Louisiana man is Toefield lose by himself then what's up so feel even up to you know the wind's been bad this week. Yeah. That the political. That they negative on the order I. Order them around them that much. I want there. That there walker and her partner in a lot of articles you know. It looked be he is now now and I. Let pack up like that then yeah armed robbery and other bills right now about eight Bono. Does not. Give the feed on smaller place finish. And I can get out the idea. It definitely. Agency you have. I think nine vote patient today it earned net Beijing and not think the seventh they've scored just. It would have been out. A place. You know turn up on shore and then 000. Really you know moment he is and great you know so luckily. You have had not been great today numbing new seek what element the element you're. Experience and luck I'll put them partner right. OPEC as well apparently you know what it is so are out there. There's this condition. You know and you know people from a city that is good our Buick. And the convention mountain zone good and kind. Right now is there's no I think as we speak. You know we I was thinking about that how many weekends and arrow have we had at least one of the day has been completely terrible. Yeah well most levels because the cars and yeah I'm here and rampant Kamal because this. Mark a little high on the way and go awry so the green like a black mark on the line. Everything that you think is that glow when he was the date has been arguably but it. Relative thought the move around my. Aren't in the water you can do so let's go to the detention. Well out of out of oak. That don't have them back. You know means it's. We are due murders he you know now like what have we learned at the total seven mile lap you know there law would have given them you know. Walk into that water is not so easy. Yeah certainly do Ramallah on us and let her or bumbling and still. You tip that he drag this. Gotta have a big breakfast after that. But it hasn't gotten a carpenter is that the people out caught up what four. Nothing big yet. A couple of amendment right come on. You know. Who. Do close them all and I have. To act. On them. With the opportunity critic report they we and that simply. What you are talking yeah I think you'd think five in Nokia of course we're. We knew where are you from the same. Yeah tricky they've. You know you can chat with the burden have years you know heartfelt conversations all morning in the they don't break your apartment block away. Well at reunion and not. And as luck loser dropping back and travel backed up and back this thing can was there on the bank units of the travel a competency and code. And I can be better and actually you know after the open them Olympic Monday. Mississippi goes through the end of April Bacharach. You know vote and then we'll we're pretty I'm from in and manipulate but matter. He are you there's maybe complete. It. No glamour that simpler. Well look I don't know what is he now. Now Madonna is actually headed to Kansas to hunt the Turkey as well yet he he. Gave up after him and his buddies are taken that long fourteen hour Holland there will be up there I think Tuesday or so so. He heard some promising reports coming back from Kansas so I think he's pretty excited he's probably holding her now. Bum you know than they use that dimension and it like. Just about what you have to include border. Are. Well it and Turkey we need to hold I never eat wild Turkey and I've never. I heard it's just so much better so if he gets and I hope we can market treatments and this mean in. Or should be aware of that coup that thing for them ever. Whenever it that. I think he's taken about 33 shows up in his in his three plus echo what appeared ER. He did everything grew yet. Earlier below they Lexington battle armor on the well he thought and you could create. Yeah I am not I'm not locking over him today he's not here so are gonna let him take today off. Don't feel spokeswoman but the chip tuchman inability. Yet that remained outside of error below that epic but it's so the media are hookers you know other than ever Coker who. Six state and that the book a critic who interact. Baker. Yes and yet there's going to be that could have uncle long who want. Subsequent all the Elizabeth. There's an. Got to look at senator yeah I. Wrote. You. I don't feel good those turkeys and hope the fishing gets better play your partner dive team here. Take a quick break gang you're listening to the outdoors and Donna do you come up we'll read some your text Texas 87870. Let us know you're up to this weekend will be right. Good morning T Donny is taking a rare morning off he is heading. Up to Kansas as we speak probably tuning in with his buddies they hit the road about a half hour now expect to go. Get on some birds they're Turkey coming the next couple of days and hopefully they have some luck we hurts and encouraging reports. From Robb camp who's heading back from Kansas this morning. Only a couple weeks left the local Turkey hunting so hopefully if you're heading out of the woods this morning he can get some of those birds to top Tia reminder you can text us our text me I should say. Sitting here at 87870. SUS dollar up to we'll take a look at some mere text right now. Oh heading to Della crow with my son Logan gonna get Sims cages later it's again in kayaks this morning. When you get on his big red in the pact they can pull a big person around it's a lot of fun Gammons you'd be surprised at ten companies can you. When you're in a kayak the by act by U coast kayak fishing club. Has a rented red fish rumble this morning that's going on out in hope dale good luck to you there. If you're heading out to do large the wind and the cold fronts have been the enemy I think that's been across the boards eight has been scarce notion that didn't seem Trout are scarce on the inside. So they're heading to the rounds with live sham to scope out plenty of action with the red fish you know it seems like when the Trout aren't biting -- can't plan a flounder. The red fish are your good fallback and there are always fun never really get old so you're heading out. Ed sham lives and whatever your got artificial they will go get them so again Texas at. 8787. And a reminder TUR by you while I was actually wrong it's actually airing. This morning so after we get off the air around 930 making new pot of coffee tune into CST. And 9:30 this morning will be airing our senate by a wild Don heads out with deadly deadly then embark. He's a great captain out I'm like -- train and he will tell you an update on this bill way. Well today about a 102 plus for our station IDs on the outdoors with on the well earlier this morning and mentioned that the red snapper. Announcement had been made this week about the federal season which looks good for the Gulf Coast states it's going to be about two months long every day. From June 1 through July 22 Ian about 51 days. But a lot of states and the Gulf Coast are now doing their own thing in state waters and I want to let folks know out in Alabama that they are doing a couple public meetings. The Alabama department of conservation and natural resources. Marine resources division are hosting a couple public meetings on the coast involvement in mobile caddies and a lot faced access in about 2018 red snapper season. So if you wanna get on those and hearing in Alabama the meetings are Monday this coming Monday April 23. Six to 7 PM at the Gulf Shores. Adult activity center Tuesday six to 7 PM at Tillman corner community center and then the following week Monday April 30 six to 7 PM. At the five rivers ten cy theater so that's again for the Alabama coast you wanna get in and talk about red snapper and state. I guess limits for that he can head out there that be good. Thing to do that Tex coming in from the tomato lady she is a faithful listener and good morning. Good morning to you hope you have a wonderful Turkey on Don she says and maybe it turns out a little more beautiful. Another kayak launch going to be munching the kayak in the chipmunk river where isn't that the chipmunk river. Text me back my Mena that sounds like a lot of fun hoping for good day. I think it's gonna be good day we got some rain moving in tonight it's a little chilly this morning and noticed temperatures down around fifty degrees so. A bit cool you're heading out there layer up especially for in the kayaks and you Polly said those layers pretty quick when your paddling around. Get your blood circulating. Some other updates for you the registration for the 25 annual Belichick does youth fishing rodeo and that's going to be happening June 9. And the bill which you know Nash though to a national wildlife. Refuge at a mouthful gives Ford a twelve of you like to sign up registration is now open for that. That and then again on the 28. The 25 April 9. Registration that's open and be happening June 9 so get online and register to that 25 dollars. You can send those to the SE LE refuges complex and highways for thirty for an account where it can register at SWS dot gov. Slash slash refuge think I have a little bit tongue twister morning going on today. The check that out for kids getting out to fish lots going on and a little bit down the road crawfish season and it's going by quick. Our special round now crawfish cook off presented by the rain Jessica brand family that's coming up in a couple weeks on Saturday may twelfth. Rommel is don's on the mater and I've been out to this crawfish boil it is fantastic those guys really really know how to cook some crop this. Think the fact he's got a sexier you know it's funny when you texting and sometimes your phone says something that maybe you didn't mean to say. Chipmunk writ term there's no such thing he meant to fund I see where that Linda -- correct it's kind of hard dispelled until an island say it. The fact that you get out there on the Norris. And hopefully be weather holds out again and it's made Elise who wants to go crabbing this weekend and see what tomorrow holds. Again if you're hit fishing or getting anything out doors tomorrow keep in mind obese and rain around throughout the day and fortunately we continue this streak of just some. Unpleasant weekend weather. Also want to get a shout at you guys heard the past two weeks I was out in Baton Rouge stand springs area. For a long days in my captains course a wanted to give a special thanks to GLC training. They are two man coming in and teaching folks how to get the captain's eyes is for twenty years and captain Bill Owens really taught me a lot and I am proud to say that last Sunday I did take my test and passed. Just getting my paperwork together now for my cap to places. Coming up in just a few months we're gonna talk to Kirk stands at a packed ferry ride in gun he's attic how good she lake. In the head renew me and how did before after this quick break you're listening to the outdoors with Condit. Of course when you hear that music they're headed out far far away from southeast Louisiana to south west Louisiana. Her stance on cabbie Kurt Madonna is on vacation today Mitchell never hear that Carla. Are. Sent fat at the time of the LA and it's. So. Has gone out there again this year. All we're struggling. It's still there's still where it'll fresh water. Well and in this particular opera why. All the issues of you read that a few well. Prouder does not exist. That's tough inner mean it's you are in your money each week. They have been you know we've just we've settled law or weird you know sit. Get back at work and were they strangers. Were caught in salt water coming in the channel about the it's working its way up you know all just rat camera. So it's looking well we know more you know anymore blah that was all right. That apple offers but. There there's just that took the that are broad one up just boring I remember law. Yet last week and as rough we had that is the 23 inches of rain move through severe weather to seem like a broken record this spring. And it's the guy we haven't had won this you know linger bad weekends weekend after weekend release on Monday today. That's what is being and it's been all I ever played O that would. Look like. I would do you know we're on you know get oil not brought you know it's a little wind not terrible but you don't have to. Ball up spot you know you pretty much going to be on the bike and is judicious but it's photograph. Yeah we've been hearing that Don and ours goes ahead add to cook injury earlier this week in the actually rescheduled because the water was so dirty. And the trial or just really tough to find sewn hopefully that's all lateral move in a little faster but with those few reds what is seen have been working for yacht there. Might go there's no I warrior fresh water. Over here or you'd. Get a broker in Chicago in anything you know. And schedule but you know where I front court you know just. You know package. You know it's. It's. It's just been tough from there well. Well it was a week ago about expanding at collaborate in our our. Up by. We call you go out in the pride about you know it was you know peace. According I would get one vote or. If there's. And there are no luck. It has been tapped the US sometimes we gotta stop and remind ourselves here in Louisiana that we have such an incredible history that a lot of times people. West and east of us you know would would. Would be really happy with what we consider mediocre they're around here and you know we are we see people out all the time I need you kind of start to think that's the norm but I'm like you know like anywhere else we have cup days too so we can't get too down about it. We're 00. Law that are. Being as the most actors. And oh. It's a hot issue. And the can keep their and coming out of their book and you know. It's all relative in. When they come here what we consider slowed her good. I think would social media these days a trend of noticed that kind of sometimes hurting s.'s. You see only the good days you know nobody report on bad days. They've backed and a little bit I mean will report that it would go like. Ezra coming you know. That or worse right do they still people a lot beat or you know you know not so true and knoller were busy this morning that seventy boats going out and I. You know everybody had it at bell though it's been slow in that is out here at that level. Exactly it's a lot easier to have a positive mindset going into it being hopeful rather than expecting something in being let them eat yellow happier when you find that one good finish. That's right over there. So we're we're friction can't sculptor about an hour will be back to about 3040 minutes will be hit a lake and law but usually bit. Well hopefully the wind stays down for yet there are nine new you know maybe. If cost goes solar stations sell those Berkeley gulps in a 10200 lately with the champ lecture and. That that go. You know pick but it with a bit by a children but it war. Anything with little stink and at this ten more. And the good thing is read is they're kind of like our trash and actors of the bottom line almost go for anything's. Well look up for yet there at in southwest Louisiana it sounds like I'm gonna have fun morning and the weather's gonna cooperate for a change if folks wanna get doubled you and the charter how can and it's. Our activities whoever told green number of those appeared here today children six to news. RE three more and act very broad. Well. All right captain Kirk thanks so much for airport and hopefully things will be looking up for you when we check in next week. Are. You to have a good lunch well and it isn't done begun vacation this morning you're listening to me Martha Spencer. And we're gonna take a quick break in check and head down to the coast with captain Darryl carpenter will be right back. Welcome back done to be taking the day off he is. En route to Kansas this morning to hunt turkeys so I'm just filling in for an today. Ahead now to grand mound talked to Darryl carpenter over the real screamer is what's going on down on the island this morning. It. Not a whole lot that it on the trial well for. All of creation basically moved rock. And it was more. Puppet got moved on Margaret you can get up front yet stick around. Did we got muddy water as this week on the greens been replaced Bob Brown the problem. You get up for Goldman and look they're special that out all of that poll. But the whole summer kind scenarios as part setup. So in the pages of rock Getty's if you get to the border control something like that and have a great handle. It's not. It just load up widget for poker on the street social compact because that's there has been a little bit slow the trend toward national. Darryl. You know a lot of folks. Like to drag out there are many don't have a boo boo when the winds up. It just depends on which direction it's wrong. Yes that would have been it was a decent finish we could also if you were if you or in you could also British beach boat. The problem he would it is when their when you get them out well. And it gets too much out there is the roller the late and and so why. That it makes that we can serve machine. The mandated. To improve or something like that that we make about not to auction. Yeah you have outlined almost failed. It's crazy how much especially down on the coast conditions can change so quickly and Tuesday. I went out offshore. In a 22 foot made that anyway. A little it was late of Mexico it was so common so beautiful miles and miles and miles and it didn't change all day. The forecast the next day we had a charter out of Venice. And we doubled the length of the car Bentley were supposed to go about the same distance we did the day before and that morning. That's southwest wind just like you mention made it's so difficult that we actually had to change our plans completely. Because it was so rough and it was just you know a matter of less than 24 hours incredible. Well no probably not light on this what much thought it might cost a lot of it is that the Gulf of Mexico has their boat only. Yeah it's adult wind driven and you get into account we whatsoever. And it just makes it you know that it needed it. If it over to your body here and you know what does it make it. VA it was it was tremendously rough till about one cent and then by the afternoon it was back down one's two's is and I guess you're right I think that's hamster. And it's happening more winter because it changed on on a dime. So we have updates about snapped her for us how do you feel about the first that this state being able to have our own season and then the federal limits and excluding charter guys had what are your thoughts on that. Apart and played on the radio back that up it will pit crew coming. You know the charter boat originally in the city. And you know where it was originated with picks in the past over again about eastern border eagle population just. That we would have been left in the speed we probably somewhere around 88 season yeah. You know but I'll order that laws that are supposed to be. So world the federal government's size of the council many arms that it took out. Now we've got to stay in the several cities and instead of standard two year experiment that would shall we can do it. Via. Once again going back talks this week week Europe and jump and all around and that is torment and them we had some of the shallow rigs coming in. And you don't typically think that it's never going to be that shall we were in 35 feet of water. Trying to catch my anger and it's and cheap head and red snapper were coming up so their everywhere. Yet it still whoa what what we've typically brown was. Was in the in the beginning of the year that would be a child like that the dinner and it got hot is she got in all of war. They were kind of move ball a little bit deeper get normal cool. Yeah. Well. Even though it's been tough what do you recommend folks to use it they're gonna they're trying catch some of those chowder and I'll. Right now I mean everything's got a journal shrimp right now shrimp brought in rural or off on added that yet editors and our guys are Barnard ships full. Com or Paul Montreal if Abner. So just load up which for a let me double whopper. All about. Some people work all. If you if you dig it out just yet he's he he installed looking outside the mobile big people don't always call period bottom. Just wait port Erika Malone what would they catch on the reached out to be patient. They're water vents regarding that they really artsy and it is going to be real patient every few minutes period of what I'm come along and I am. It seems like this spring has been testing anglers around the Asians considerably but I think the folks wanna get out there this morning to probably be a busy morning. Most of them that we got blown this morning a little bit brisk. You better do it. Yeah doesn't it seem like the cooler weather is stuck around a lot longer this year. Talking never met Robert well. A strong statement on the it would audience and about people are not where ledger article. Great great low but since they went wanna get a bloody hat and then. They will go on dot dot com real Kramer's dot com. Or do. 93762. Payday. All right thank you captain Darryl carpenter we'll talk to you next week have a good run. On I appreciate it thank you. Know that. All right we're gonna take a quick break coming up on the 6 o'clock hour we'll get to some your text Texas City 7870. What are you up to this weekend we'll get to some of those reports and talk about some of the stuff coming right up.