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Saturday, January 20th

Hunting and Fishing reports our lakes, what the kayakers, those Bad Boys and Plaquamikes Parish.


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I and our number one is gone nowhere and tower number two if you missed our number one us official reports of various gas martian I was to be expected Marsha Martha only in Marsha from onion no Marcia by the way. That position report logo or few informant tween has to be expected with the cold weather that we had not many people going out does have been around Doug comes out. How we got from ram and only pass settle long. Always had someone asking about a rabbit hunting charter and explain why that's not very common is a lot of reasons why. They are not frequently just all over the place ram and don't vote for today. I did find one place in this came in from mock. Someone who contacted one of a few reporters I missed them harbor Arctic got this information. It's called dream hunts resort on highway one south out of Alexandria now. The panel where you are at center located in the statement could be a little bit of a drive but. I know of none of autism as I mentioned his reasons for people because they don't know who's coming they'll worry about danger. They are protective of their dog so most rabbit hunt Soro prime it but this one does conduct random hunts had the telephone number 318. 25329. Three's doing I'm sure you can Google woman Simon is called dream Hans resorts. Also warm on people be on the look out for these deals we've had some extended global temperatures. And whenever this happens as a possibility that we could damp a specially speckled Trout are vulnerable if you see any. Floating fish or dying fish demolished and fisheries is asking you to report that. And get the specifics if you got GPS coordinates sets is certainly a big help try to get the number of fish the species of the fish that you saw and by all means if you go out collect some of these fish make sure you are licensed fisherman. And you abide by the legal creole and size limits even though these fish should dead and not being caused no mobile circumstances. To have more than limiting your possession is illegal. Martha we got some text messages coming. Yeah and also Reinemund over in the Mississippi Gulf Coast did report that skill I'm amazed that a mile and that was over in tocchet looks. That's well and was not all showing in an impact on backfired and they got trapped against and it couldn't get out to them anymore. We got some friends here that are going on many occasion invasion look closer to recap brother sister and brother love looking at out. Isn't deep sea fishing zip lining and Whitewater rafting it is so much fun of their GD packer and Zachary. That schools that climbing Whitewater raft and in today's a DC efficient in a minute and a half of the matter and is once as us Saturday is our favorite day of the week. When I come through Louisiana listen to the show on the ground and Mary team will as very nicely is saying and we can make your Saturday at work his favorite day of the week we -- we've we feel very you warning about you telling its thank you so much. I come we're gonna begin some more efficient reporter got a panel's report Kona Brendan Bayonne minimalist challenge Monty would you think the weather conditions and legally going to be this morning for those guys and girls. I think. Culpability lies it be nice but the the water might be low but at least you're not out in 32 degree temperatures will be in the fifties and there may be in sixties. Also gonna talk to Mike Gallo and I don't know if Mike got a chance to fishy you probably like a lot of us. You had a cabin fever you know and it is so long horrendously coal and you can't hole up a few days everybody wants to get out as soon as you can yesterday was one of those days may be Mike got to fish. We'll see what his report tells us about Lake Pontchartrain now late born area also fish is there and some of those really good wintertime spots of fish with Mike like the inner coastal waterway. Go Reagan's canal most places can be very productive even though you're some cold temperatures. Also Ryan Lambert would conduct a live Ryan on the season is wrapping up it's approaching very quickly land tomorrow at sunset. And the coastal zone so we gonna try to get them and found out what he's been done he was talking about extreme little times he didn't book any trips this week because. And we response to that out on Wednesday but given the rules you know I actually I apologize for Roma sniffling and cockiness and been sick this week but. Certainly glad island sitting in the pipeline and fifteen degrees. We just got a text and this is a good reminder of thank you for that text that too many people are taking over the limit of reds. On the roadways hold dale Della crow more enforcement please I can tell you I went down into the TV feature on that. And there war game mourns down there there were people who were cited for that. Remember win this stacked up like that it's very easily get carried away limit is five and that the British generally after the first few days of a point cold snap. The big ones get caught out the ones there on the size you have a sixteen inch minimum size one of those can be over 27 and you can only keep five per person so. Please abide by the laws all right is this somebody wants to know is it crap PR crappy thing going disposables time or crop the okay the crop B is CO oral PP nanny that's a kind of a French pronunciation somebody says crop be. It's still innate but they just announce a different aren't all white twenty exactly sparkling white birch as other names formed to. Property white purge cycle you picnic in whatever name same fish. Taste good revenue Amy column come back after this we are talking to angling adventures of Louisiana what adventure will be on today. Mike yellow tell us right after this three minute balls on the outdoors Madonna did radio network. And mausoleum reporting each week from Mike Gallo on mangling advances of Louisiana which is so presented by seat so Limbaugh that's a very young popular and they think we'll probably very busy and very needed. I if you get stuck in a model old times if you run out of gas if you need it so in 24/7 if you go electrical problems needed jumpstart whatever it is. Seat told will get you back in and then to do at north of that peace of mind 179 bucks W for a whole year it's a membership and you can do it my go on the sea tow. Dot com or you can call him Chris at Bible for 3014540. For a captain Mike did you spend of the deep freeze week. Our date glued to mark. Not a bad choice did you sneak out yesterday was a wonderful bit. Well it's sneak out trademark. Hat or plumbers cap off a whole Atkinson and there aren't a lot. Line that's on that's always fun yeah well that's the way it goes. Not immediately but. You know our random due to me here and push forward. Yeah well that's some of the joys of owning a camp Laura lodged. Mike you have a lot of guys that work for you and we you do any of those guys get down did you get any reports at all it was tough to find this week. Here we had very low water lots of folks here that about people vote we're secure now. To where there was water was one of the problems you couldn't get people live and limit water temperature. Has been in the news all these. Really what you could catch in that type of temperature is pretty pretty restricted as well. I didn't hear anybody go. As stiff that's tough you know and people can't get around in what would you say if you had a trip today and the waters warmed up is gonna come back up a little bit. What would be some of the primaries to check to see if efficient return. I think that was it down towards the wall around that area. Always seems to have water temperatures in the winner about four degrees higher. While he handled locally. So loudly hit them in the area politician. Talks to mental areas were not immediately and car. You know that area has become known for producing a lot of bass which in the past have had in those fish stay more active in reds a trial. Doing those cold temperatures economical some of those up you and I have had some pretty. The frigid trips and non though we spent a lot of time in the inner coastal waterway fission mills alleges. Do you find those ledges and when you do how do you fisherman. Pretty simple farm uses two way that you are a lot of terms preparers. Who looked at crab traps along the way so that's. A visual indicator that used to sort of more importantly it is watching it over in each squad. Any doubt on the social irons drop off all the image. And Jerry Austin is well positioned themselves. Or laws that way that you could. Parallel to work on some actual. Bring your presentation. Two and now on the ledge is where her rural. Pay close attention could do it right hopefully he can put a pattern to year and catch born the same errors or simpler. Anecdotes like these guys. Yet we have to move console. You know it. And so. All the fish in the page temperature dictated. To secure. But it doesn't it pledged to change its ways. Where respect for I wouldn't even attempt to catch a drought in warm temperatures. Much below the Britain should still pretty active stance is still pretty active at several of those species she painting it black girl. Alone there. So the soon to be bothered by the co leaders much. It's the most well he is and species that you can toward. Is it crazy that the water gets so cold in shorts shallow it's. Little different salinity and at the same time a year you can go fifteen miles offshore finds seventy degree water. Yeah it's so well. And those things that we really don't concentrate or much well that's all that's been years it will among all that changed greatly. And they wouldn't put normal climb wandered wandered. So I'm trying to learn techniques and people decision. And apply here. That it does success. Now don't tell in my views so coal onion slowed down so much if we filmed at the by you while you have to run a bank confessed boy it was and so Salome. I. Didn't care about very Smart and she certainly can build that bridge. No easy you're gonna get to see things about me we had to wait till our last night of the trip I listeners I wasn't it got to produce for the show. You know somebody. Somebody asked finally and I haven't told you did is just yet mother somebody asked mis it was really help for his deal was at the TV. I said no that was not acting that was pure raw emotion so. I'm a terrible actor I. Actress activist and that was that was definitely on nerves you know I slept much better the second measured in the. I think it would be enters the Hartmann that you're. You know. That you this gigantic. Global outrage of the night and called beat Colin 911 in the capital. You know it's funny at his side at all these people that we're of these heart rate monitors during the saints' game last week they had reports of people or having heart attacks. Because Halliburton because their heart rates got so high. You know and it's been proven that the deer stand now fairly frequent placed a heart attacks to our. Because it does it steps up the polls on a lot of other never had that knows somebody that's either us after sitting and I'm old mum general and it was a Malulani clubs and you know what they found him. After he found the deer he got out of the stand walk to the idea same story and collapsed right next to it this was down plaque image parents years ago. Mike enjoyed talking with you wish it was under better conditions and you didn't have to put diplomas hat on today and get them angling events is a Louisiana had back on soon. Yeah it won't be able. I'll be the new boat together in Britain and given those solution or so. And thank you tear wife as well for setting us up with our next star of our second issue. Now right down the gonna bring it back no showing you'll find out all about them when you see the features that we filmed up enough. In Madison Mississippi with a young thirteen year old who not only killed his first duty ended up with a black book in two dear. Voted down I turned out to be you know what do you are are barred my gun and shoot lights out. Hello Mike got a tap on for you just accident kept Mike is also my learned so much from Minnesota week thank you so much impossible that we in Australia you are one of those. Cerebral type fisherman you know. Well we have a saying used to practice martial arts that. Biologists note that it can keep it is. Very good very good for martial arts guy Mike. Submitting Tonya and AA of LA has nothing to do stop and drink and an all or they can call you give us a phone them. Can reach me. One shot at one time friend we'll see you next week ambulance. And take care. I'd coming up next up Brandon our guess where he is Martha. Minimalist challenge. Yeah that kayaks this morning's crime will be back to talk to him and get a fishing report for you palace we do it every week right here on the outdoor Saddam Dubuque. Radio network. And we're back with the caller's report with a bite coast kayak fishing club presented by Nazis outfitters. Locations in mid city New Orleans Metairie. By the way the Metairie store is blending with the mid city store so get in there light can get some good deals. Also in Covington Baton Rouge upping the best practicing models from brands such as Toby. Jackson kayak and native water craft tech Matt and Nazis outfitters dot com or on FaceBook were talking with. Captain Brenden they are this morning in your got to leave they'll tell us what's going on. Mark it down deep. Paddle and out into the great unknown in. Yuma yeah. Yeah it's going to be a couple of. As an important Ben Ali couldn't happen all the a couple of guys that. And and Adam and did you like Buick Open winner. Talk sabathia minimalist challenged and beat the difference this is kind of thing unique yeah. I can you reveal debates at this time since you got them. You know we got we got a diving Green Bay we got a copper to a quarter round currently. We have two big. A kind of trick worm kind of a slugger plastic. And then two. Cattle you know they have outcome of these unusual. Skirt on the front come like built into plastic itself come electrocuted. A back seat you'll. And it is a dog drama. From program via media. And that event is full capped out it battlers this morning. Yet we have a 120. People think it sold out these men in about two weeks quick and pretty typical people like. The format at the shotguns are everybody is the rebate. That kind of leveled the playing field you're. So how are you gonna go about getting out on the day. And I am going to. Battle and you know. Can control and in my opinion is it. We're really cold. I'm gonna make some. It out there and then work my way back to launch. It's amount of my own little area if you call. In and how long kind of wait come on warm beach flat. And really and my partner and content on water. That it just a few degrees warmer than India the main channels which are 44. So how might be. You are gonna it yet electronics this morning deafening and at the upper hand. Yeah I think get a it's only a bad idea. A transducer that accurate lowered down the bottom of the that depth appropriately in the temperature actually below. But up. Necessity is the mother of invention may mean somebody's work and that. Yeah I think that will be Deloitte deal like an anchor retractable producer and check the water temperature up a bomb. Sierra burn some calories out there I I took my my kayak efforts maiden voyage yesterday in a plane let you know. You do you really did get a good work out I think I've probably pattern that Tuesday miles yesterday and I was tired. You know and more. About that later were the only ones yet. I bring about a mile path from the launch. He'll get another mile market account and are. And with that that'll actually could. Hear it. No actually you know pro angler fourteenth put as that a. 600 how we capacity that would really stable and I usually just put in my upon me the mental challenge we don't want to bring my year. You recommend. President a prediction always gonna take the win and what time is a way in the folks wanna stop by and handle the cats. The way and from two to Korea believe the mobile metric up beat beat it beat a lower. And make phone call I forgot to check. But I believe it's going to be a yeah. You know it can be rented stringer and it's going to be too many Trout caught. That might might surprise you. Last year there were so many nice structure is brought in and he's kind of really that it won't. A lot warmer last year in. Well good luck to you Brendan and I gonna keep going longer thanks so much for doing so many things you grated multitasking and eyes out as his bought winning. He station a tournament he's given us reports on a Saturday more. I didn't hear that there were some good Trout being caught off the be it. Along the banks so. City you know some of those beeper. You know. Pumping station doubling that that might be going on and it. Sounds good Alexia. Aren't thank god and I talked in a couple weeks Brendan bay are one of a few reporters. But the by U coast kayak fishing club in the panel's report coming back after this so I got a guy in trouble now we talk a mom I got a whole stack of Amir had to pick this one. Happen the day after Christmas when we were celebrating. Guy gets busted you here's story coming up next is the bad boy the outdoors on the outdoors and Don Dubuque radio network. Martha I'm looking at our outdoor opinion polls this month asking what is the favorite offshore fish to eat are you surprised at the results six. What does that 55%. Actually 56% go for tuna. Now I'm nuts but the one there's been nothing for the other and nothing for amber Jack doesn't spread has done those abroad but grouper and Wahoo or tie. Yes the had those serve you know. I've love meals and that I tinker or lines I would take other group are Wahoo watch that. No one who's your favorite causes soak it now a lot of people in them eaten at and I think that may be reason why it's now I don't firing here ram and a tuna are so right now's a good time if you likewise there you're curious it's that kind of different fishing. Now and in fishing you sit on the restaurant menus these. Some of them and some but not eat you know Yeltsin's collier and Brandon Watson coming as you catch him in the summer but their big break now yeah. Beautiful stuff at the loft and hopefully we'll get on some little bit later on. Are we gonna pause here for just 102 solo local stations identify we come back got one of those bad boy details for you right here on the outdoors would. Don Dubuque radio network. Well the day after Christmas department Wallace in fisheries agents from Louisiana arrested 27 year old Logan M Collins of Gonzales Louisiana. The taking deer doing illegal hours from a public highway. And make matters worse in possession of a stolen shotgun. The case started when Louisiana State troopers who worked in a traffic stop on I 49 in saint Landry parish at about 1 AM. They called while I've been fishery agents who arrived and found Collins in possession of two freshly killed deer. Upon questioning Collins admitted to killing the deer off of I 49 in the boils bash. Collins was carrying seven file our homes and all one shotgun which was reported stolen in late Charles. The firearms was seized as war the two deer in the perpetrate it was booked into the saint Landry jail. And now for the honing violations is facing 18100 dollars in fines plus civil restitution you know us to pay back to the state. For the dear valued at 3249. And the big heat up to five years in prison for possession of a stolen firearm. Is 27 year old Logan M Colin is not exactly what you might call an upstanding citizen of Gonzales Louisiana. But he is our bad boy of the outdoors. Also had a bear case to really get to that on pro when I get to there is stacked one on wildlife and fisheries ages have been a busy busy monster season. But you gotta bear isn't enough then home that's. Go up north and in Connecticut where I'm from we DC a lot of payers. You can get tags to hunt them they're not as. Then as they are down here and my. That's my season a lot of their property but never as close as he did this week he had about a 250 catalyst as a juvenile or lack there. Come on to the patio. We're talking ten feet from the house. And start getting into the bird's seat and he video of this whole thing but what is so hilarious about his whole account or is that he's. Yelling at the spare like he's a child stuck with him like he's a puppy. And the Bayer stands up on two legs starts whacking at the bird feeder and said hey not enough and that they're just looked at him. And then turn it way left. Does pretty intimidating. Our kids as young league game in a tone of voice you're gonna listen to him that he he he can do that but it and you hear my step mom coming and saying. Could you please come outside on the front step down. But he left that apparently that's the second time that we keep songs I guess the foods supply and a pretty places like Connecticut New Jersey will they've been they've caused the problem yeah really on New Hampshire you can actually get tags from the wildly mystery agents that there actually had to take care of some but. They get in the property they get in the garage is trash cans house's lead and so they can become pretty destructive. We're here in Louisiana we were pretty much do you void of the Louisiana black bear which has been recognizes sub species until. A black bear management program for with Maria David Somalis in fisheries has actually brought them back and was starting to see some of the same things now they've got such a wide range. Eventually gonna come up in people's yards and am human mayor encounters. Yet and for the most part I don't think they're too aggressive but he definitely steer clear and keep your pets Whitman he do encounter. You know anything about the image and X I'm reading about it right now quite an interesting text news tonight so we have the or text in and says that I don't know if you wanna Davis but it eat rye garlic before your outdoor excursions and cold weather it will increase your blood circulation also. You need a bowl of warm vegetable soup with her efforts and natural their rejects I would opt for the soup over the rock Alec but I actually heard that garlic also. Helps keep you healthy. Well follows in a deer blind or enough on with you I would prefer you do vegetables and access to resident called Iraq Alex's and meet you feel. But disarm a gen X somebody knees and try and tell us with his work for you I coming back after this Ryan Lambert my last weekend box seasons comes and goes so quickly. Hopefully we'll get out on him and we'll find out politicians been if there's been any fishing in black and his parish. The plastic man is up next on the outdoor as we Don Dubuque radio network. And plastic man dies he dealing with PVC plastic this weekend not Ronyell many troubled LT. Cagey enough fishing adventures lodge. Brian animals lions thought he was there ever areas. One thing that basically they. We possibly can vote but I'll that's no big them out or. You can bet to say. Have well you know that vegetation then is not used to those damages and like I encourage you guys like southern Florida and California he never freeze. It. What I was a low temperature yell recorded down there. Good luck. And yeah. He dealt with equal it out. That's a good place to bail I'm glad they did you got some water down. Yet it did yesterday. Oh. Well. Well I've been looking over the fly over burn I report from wallets and fisheries and it was done even before this really hard cold weather so on think and is brought even more docs is looking pretty good. This would get water we. All know what it would do little. Below. You'll run out DeMarco. Guess we well we'll follow tomorrow about the ducts and and then the ramped up its already gone now on to believe has come and gone aren't. You know I would order he would exploit well we now rank. Let me out until tomorrow yes you should put men on for him to jail. What should be no problem I had. As I got a good. Well that's you know and bring you details call I'll bring on the whistle lemon you and stereo. Get it and now they built everyday you're. Cute you know it. You know Ryan I'm looking at these totals in here's the thing that jumps out at me Mallard is okay southwest Louisiana has a 174000. In southeast Louisiana's got twelfth. And I am I devastated him down the twelfth of yet won an imbalance. It that Greg Maddux great docs we've got about half blew more than half in southeast to southwest. Lot of around 225000. Southeast. 144000. In the west and it gives us total of 669000. That is the most. Plentiful species we have nothing green winged teal maybe is more let's close mainly deal 623000. A couple of the Greenland and good morning. Kamal. Al. All seemed like what. It's been a great season. My apartment in. Its sixteen. And that is seventh time this year that did not that you know. Most of you don't in the low water willful. Or something like that you know if you get conditions you love them a lot of bird. Items optional. And a great season so they complain and regular. What the deal. Our fog was on an issue this morning that talking about maybe a little worse for tomorrow. Tomorrow notebook out that it water so cold here that this report. Really got to do now what degrees all year to it would just coal and many of them estimate. They could but it doesn't matter railroad secret. I expect a you know Enron and took crap that's for sure. But don't write him back to this mallet thing you know if that's how they based the land to the season is on the success of the melons. And that really is such an income insignificant bird in southeast Louisiana that you know it's a shame that they can't based season went if you have a an outstanding gray duck in and teal population in and entail I wouldn't have any bearing on moment of the season and that's to no unfair. Not only that are not in when you get the negative. We ought to go right through from the beginning all interviews that the negative cut and on it's banners of people the birds are short wasted day. The back edit the book amnesia as nine days that in a couple of negative advocate on negative. You know if you don't know where and you can't keep blind. What won me that ought to do run tied to predictable years and our fans so they know when they set and and if you look at idea management regulations. Column you know microscopic day off from one area to another is certainly would be easy enough to do in the case of one of Larry Reynolds is a guy may moon bring them up tournament. In illegals who worked homeowner files if he sees some Dennis practical and can be done he'll he'll move on where. Your broker. You know you put you on that in jeopardy you know it might want to go to him and they relate like that but there's no food. You know you can't talk about the mean. We've killed without the bird already in. And edit you know lose by Politico play you do not book these would tell us do not book so you. You know you know the we appeared to the end of the eternity so it's not rocket size does. Moron and you just a couple moments away from mom safe line maybe already illegal Hsu and Tom shall we gonna cut you loose to check back with you on next hour and now finally out of. Well we. I'll have a strain of bird but it. Well somebody is text us and says they analyst minorities and they must be now rumors remarks may be that was. That was due to limited distance it up impressed. That's when SMS the same numbers at red fish and Trout off the bank like crazy in the feet at the marina all you want got to limit already some mental toughness and urge you can get this now. Try out this week but if you want to come out whoever. Will come. Come Monday you can fully concentrate. And it will seal a bit. Brian limit Mary goes. I would be back right after this time I'll deny we'll wrap this up also tell you what's coming up on more Al doors. If you know Melissa that we can tell you how to do we got a great program submissions we gonna be talking about the new license system isn't good or bad. That fatality in the NF LW bass tournament two tournaments actually. Because his money in big prizes in Korea is a state encourage risky boating and how I fence signing ethical one no. Martha is become an expert on high fences. Wills what you hear out to a Ryder opinions. That's coming up at 7 o'clock we serve I want to go here so stay where this will be right back after this timeout on the outdoors and Don Dubuque radio network. Jim also got some Tex coming in is it looks like this garlic. As a Thurman gen X is kind of taken on a life of its own someone said so you said he wrong golly did they say how many and how often should you eat it always garlic pills work. Mature of garlic pills as the same impact as the raw stuff. And then we have the garlic dumb person says you can meet both the garlic raw but you have to cut small pieces I was elected and that's regret in the about the size of the capsule started brood can be brought to ask Deon is from Virginia. I'm OK any U Virginia deer hunters opted you know about the garlic evening I is another red fish limit only one cup of coffee come out that will call on a one cup tournament. 58 counts and told him nice. But all sizes and go back of that driver so a here's a question if you hit a deer with you vehicle are you allowed to take it for consumption and if you allow to take it do you have to have a hunting license. That's up to the discretion of the officer if you hit it do you certainly should reported you probably gonna have damaged so you insurance companies gonna wanna know about it so you'll need a police report. What you notify law license issues they won't come out there depending on the circumstances sometimes they won't allow you to take it which might. Mitigate the damage a little bit by going home was some venison now make up for the cost of the damage. But Lotta times it will donated to charity and as far as coming hunting license you really need is for you in your possession but. If you not hunting Ford and it is roadkill. I don't believe you and actually have to have on a license should they allow you to take it but it's up to discretion of the officer that you should always reported. Not to the police for you insurance for a precision Nina. A copy of that and also you've for the action report which also should get a report from Wallace and fisheries of the they will have that information and do the proper. Distribution of that idea itself. All right. By you while TV motto we got done a couple of really good times coming up with people have not seen yet really hope you encourage people watch it and give us some feedback either through. My web side on by you while TV dot com side on FaceBook but we got some good times Ghana. Yeah it's airing again tomorrow morning and also tomorrow evening. To have the specific terms and that I was. It's at 10:30 tomorrow morning on Cox sports TV which in most there's channel 37 to check your system to find out what station. Number it's on then Thursday we have a prime time 7 PM airing as January 25. And then on next Monday not this Monday but next January 29. You'll have I 7 AM airing and also a 7 PM. And a reminder if you don't have Cox sports television can check it out on YouTube it's easy to find a subscribe to the page. You get email updates will impose new videos it's getting a lot of traffic there I think we've got about 600 views on it. It's funny show that at all. And we will beginning to air our regular season nominal star around last week in February 1 week in March not sure the dates yet. And times that you be sure you can find them on the website and will be sure to mention them on the radio. And here's someone that miss listening to me on Friday days I missed a merry monkeys Siri is we have a stop. Come. Rain. About this town again Muppets a it was so fascinating. The chase regret the Anniston doctor marries monkey story it's a very fascinating story in the book model that you enjoy arena packed and you do you stand union and l.'s. Thanks for coming in fighting there in the in the in the the monkeys there would have you guys don't LP give it to me yeah I'm Anna Taylor and that it does knowing prior you know guerrillas stop in Ohio man get undo some duck on the Marin Angela fish in the kayak whenever announce whether strongly warmed up a little bit. I coming up on a more outdoors you can find that on WWL 105 point three FM HD two notes a lot of words. It's much easier to go to my website done the altos guide dot com and you're gonna see eight listen lives just click down on more on for two more hours. He's Russia wanted to billion odd couple of fellow outdoor writer association members join us. And talk about this new license system in Louisiana good bad indifferent also do bass tournaments in rodeos because again big prizes. Would encourage risky boating in your opinion and how about high fence hunt dame ethical are knocked. Good discussion items bull will. Discussed at without fellow authorize or back again here next week another edition of the outdoors would Don did you radio network we say good bye to our affiliate stations we all invited to come back again. We start at 505. Each and every Saturday morning here on the Al doors would down to view. Radio network.