The Outdoor Show 01-20-18 5am

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, January 20th

Fishing and hunting reports from St, Bernard, Lafitte, Fresh Water ans Grand Isle.


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Marty said you saw bass out there wearing jackets over coats and boots yes yes Clinton needed him believe me. Let's bring in Jeff Berle is reports each week a brought to you by Berkley a division of pure fishing with talking about apps as a live bait you donated got the gulp when it comes in the shrimp. Also outcropping nibbles crickets crabs you name it it's one of those. Best they should use when you live bait is not available also lines of all times floor called him on film and brave all pound its test. Live grip scales and I was lots of fishing accessories it's all done by Berkley a division of pure fishing. The morning Jess. That you got your code already fiery union XT five pin is finally warming up. Now I'm sitting next to about place together as it is littered Cisco's it's amazing how close span. But you know as it is warmup but we had this weekend in the that this is. Yes starts to pick up again. I got a good report from Toledo ultimately captain Jack goes there. And he said that he had cold weather coming up to pattern a bit from. It'll put immense partners in the that you checked you recommend. Disappointing eighteen to 28 feet deep. You know that's typical the amniotic illegitimate people order for protection as those that Sergey think Carol lottery and a certain point it's good because at this monogamy and every point but that when you deeper on appears stick with because he's it is a group there. And then on anger gets it and some won't be spins and dropped shots today that does have reported some dignity that the threat come back on itself in Italy. In pieces yet and there you do regret a preference on edge of the grass I think his patented technique this time of year. But he had a crappy haven't really showed up yet in the game quite like chicken compared to teach bought that he said he should be music this is the coming year that. They start and have the been easy get to thoughts he's gonna cut contact captain Jack is dirty your website on outdoor. The report agents in an email up which in touch with. Very good you know great place to finish up down pleaded analog sound we overlook it it's one of those jewels in the crown of Louisiana. I just opt pearl river in North Shore area. Meal sometimes a goalie has canal can really produced Tony's cold cold times with what's been on that. That Europe got good reports the pearl but it went over there it out to moderate cranked Dayton had to be part of your this time of year. Got a fast react to a little over an open date says just a dig at the bottom that. He said checked laid down it would punching gear rookie got some cover over it and and it to drain with a crank bait and then he should be pretty well this year. Shuffle I basin. Good place to fish under these conditions. Then get used to cost and with north winds pushed the war crowd you know there's some spots and then you run aground you won't be kept them in March but. Did they kept them down in the markets of good reports down there there. The debate and the predators as a woman you can beat Colorado debate. Pretty good around would at some of the pattern that he catches it there. Marcy deluge of red when you fission master collar NL ahead when Jeff believes that it is time he had just on oh you mentioned it twice in your report already tell about the the red on on bassist Tommy. Yet since it's funny yeah they'll go through the year but even in the wondered. January February crank bait trap where like the Berkeley could vote. Our good I think it's just mimic the crop this crop this is gonna come out now. Media PepsiCo awarded to move around a little bit more. Technical reaction by yeah definitely about though is he'll come out. Divided we as a staff and by it and volleys of the red. Really worked knock on sellers you know talk from muddy water there on the Clearwater there is it in to any kind of war that it did all around late to come here protected tricky. Chart yet the moment just. It was a holiday you're in good stringer. In the patent front of this changes to conditions stated Davis Cup year and red color they'd. Did witness advocates. Jeff Martha fish yesterday from a kayak in a place you're very familiar with the rice field canal and rice and her. Said the water was dirty run Martha it was dirty and it was low any suggestions just. You needed to have you there right in the middle of the canal if not that their reward appeal to. That is where actually signed a little bit of activity so I tried to look for deeper water but it was tough. And it just didn't date you'd think it yet it has been injured date that could just ask you some of them is down movements sit. In order column look good luck on the this year. Either right close to the bottom there has been brought up the bottom but they'll come take abate but. But sounded have the year with a total war stability you know I take it upon a cut on the banks and they're gonna go down to the middle of the canal and the protections they just. So flat there in the middle of the canal work it's like you normally would easy pick up to pit. Jeff we have a lot of time to start the show up on the calendar what do you got so far for the masters. And I give a quick rundown. There's a protectors February 3 there's got to meet me on the Thursday before an underdog and CP. You know onset of the hour on Malayan Cabela's. That you get a petition productive dot com to the entries and all the rules. February 3 doc team trailed start these girls under two dollars. Entry with thirty. Dollar membership per angler. But the good news out of it happens as though what I do division going on at the same time so your high school what you wanna completion tournament itself about a dollar put. Twenty dollar membership and had a goal all year than it's just this one event the old series there at a high school divisions it. It's great probably young kids come. You can't miss Connie you my remember Jeff Wu op Ed dioxide Marines on grand opening of the new location you know Chan instituted that said he was gonna try to make it a a regular event and that's great gets those high school kids involved in tournament fission. Let's that it might be more I who is this thing has this do you buy yeah and belliard and pleaded kids turn eighteen get what you're like these incidents there's some very good. High school level. And anglers against ought to and that's Saturday Mort there that's another big event over there and they always think about golf so they have. While game could goblet says doctor in the way and holiday that the to get checked out and then down. And over only eat crow 228 they're gonna haven't missed an open term and then when indeed and that there it's one of the oldest tournament series in the year they. The start few weekends in the in the winner and get a win indeed in NAFTA stance saying the didn't start the second Saturday February and have been on the last Sunday in February an idea that a couple of months. And it's not a period and determine that outcome is but to break in the pro river Quintero February 10 that the east period. Pearl river actually got choices just about every week in Airpwn outward duke did. And just tell Miley get that information two years they wanna get there are some publicity for their tolerance outcome. Didn't go to your web site on outdoor the reporters sections of data email link in the range of economic questions. Event but he got them coming up to charity or just how bad karma going to. You know so but information not the port you can't. The defeat active visitors site now so many. And there's one Mario it's a little bit more down the road that's closer to hear that's the city park bass thirtieth a toll in third weekend in mark's oldest bastard in the country. Yeah that's a big event we've been many days I was there. I mean just usually go would do little precision NAFTA that one no it was it's a tough place at that it is and it's. If Dorsey for cleared tomatoes active Lawrence Summers ponds that are and they do. Artists are not come over there and it's also make loans on America's has been some big news footage yeah. Yeah well you do through FEMA doesn't work well and dissidents shot and surveyed over there and taking anti there's some ten down this. In they probably break the record again this year Politico whether it intact Minolta. There's some big fish and has ponds around that park it's amazing. Jeff thanks a report as always we appreciate it we'll see you next time. Grew up and down win beyond these in allied coming back we'll find out how cold it got in grand isle because Darryl carpenter a real scream is not come fish is there. When Johnson talk about it right here on the outdoors when Don Dubuque radio network. Possible fully chat with Darrell downing grandma you got some good sooner reports came in yesterday was. Yeah Venice had a good day yesterday and the lump hasn't really picked up too much yet but haven't seen a couple captains pulling in some medium sized dinner. Detonated burger looks like he picked about seven lightning in the elephant out then yeah about fifty pounders. Good good value that you get on that just to. No week and then it would replace all as well. What does low water weight haven't you you've got to try and low Portugal in the afternoon also load every year. A column mentions it's gotta but a row week I mean everybody everybody ran from the wood with temperatures getting. I mean it's it's it's almost you know and flat on the paper temperature near attempt to sit this one is clear. It's been kind of raw. I don't know many people that hit the war and have heard a whole lot of the inspirational Sutton wrote that what you truck to retreat to you know with the leaderboard. Iran Sutter record this week I am on Wednesday twenty degrees in the metro area record low temperature. Or New Orleans and yet he tackled all the way down. Probably got a lot of broken by Stan because that's a summertime set up plays down and a lot of people prepared for freezes very realism freeze. Behavior here correct problem in this. 45 years ago we haven't been by may be to write to us like praise as a man. But it wasn't it wasn't followed art it was preceded by others continuous. Cope on a typical product would afford nor win. We went from having some of the highest. That we've never had this Omar. To the Communist government much if it was you know vote boat slips boat or just. Market now it is and drop. I mean you gotta seriously that you'd you'd need term. It is time you fishing trip to be commander here right now you've got an affordable place to go nowhere people or Spock or. Because bloat like about man started this morning. Is that we had good drive wanes the last couple weeks. But is you'd you'll find yourself opt out where you try to get back to if you if you if you do it wrong. So that god income and up in the he's been such as which you start getting their rat pack government. That way it's kind of it's Beijing KG do and a and a tight spot. This source packed up and that they girls the people that are brave and order after the side of the roads too good it's been it's been more red fish and Trout. But you know you just. When it's when water gently eases you brought Apollo war and it is that this year. Any reports usage heels down. Not yet you know that landfills now we have what just after Christmas right around Christmas time that was those were reports of a good bit Trout I haven't seen anything yet from different. Observant war warming. And it is coming up quick these incumbent tides. Uh oh with the war warming up you'll probably hear of him later this. Martha we come back maybe talk about the molecule on the yeah and it makes and that that was on don't miss and he's right. Now thanks so report how people can get chipped. I'm on the web at Rupp streamers dot com on your web site or that you. Man 37628. I would try to bring you some water back. They gave itself so low Prague rog you asked the as we all do all right will be back with more hey we have bad body outdoors guy gets busted and possession of a stolen gun while he shoot deer at night from a in a state that's not good also more efficient reports up panel's report check out the minimalist challenge and a whole lot more. Would you here every Saturday morning on the outdoors would Don Dubuque radio network. You know you reach a certain temperature and wind it's just coal. You don't see any uses color you know and that's. Believe it didn't have power outage though you know what don't we go to meet. To do it so yeah young had a big win downs and yes there have been powers to or that was amassed so. I guess there are. Who they'll what they'll. I consider that as I I didn't make it home Tuesday night because every bridge see the North Shore. All around the league has closed so I define a refuge on Tuesday. Hello Mike they're yeah who we you know we don't see this stuff too often felt we never written mum. When it comes blockade when it hits it at all. It's on one last thing Robbie any fish kills reported that you anybody talk to Norman hasn't yet I'll hopefully they won't show up that then it would really surprise me if there was nothing and all and. Yeah well. But to cap and Ellie it still mean on velcro. And so awesome that the actual. But it not. You know not big big number again but they did the couple slow and none are non owner bought Robert Shapiro or you know. Two lead more acting in fear here yeah. Good news I'm Kansas still left for the captain. You're there where I Robinson once you get the fop lodge sick though we'll talk to you again next week. Our thanks for her corner repression Robby can ample reason temples marina in Shelby coming up next. A Louisiana man and we got to congratulate Pocahontas. You know ginger is a Martha had yeah he's finally has succeeded she's reach struggle I think unless you look to somebody there's always on an excellent. We're talking about a big deer. Killed by a vengeful woman who appear to have the this year listening to the outdoors with Donna do you agree. And we will get to your text messages thank you very much you're asking you for comments all by you while models always every week where you all who you all what you got going on Saturday morning Russ he would Toefield usual buzz got going on right after I tell you about those flammable heated vest. We got a lot of use out of those as we moth unaudited mind yet. I didn't use mine this week because letting go anywhere I needed it I was gonna bring that cold. Well we'll tell people if they get one here's a tip. Given extra bat as he got two batters that's all you need because it comes with the and by heaven to you can switch him off to you when it runs out it's gone and then you get communal chilly again and check it out Lambeau. Outdoors on the distributor of those flam ball heated vest and no trophy away as the US to a three of them they don't like it sounded more. Music you write it last week he needed to streaky performance and breaking decree. You know Assad talk. Thomas what do calmed down after she'd kill led Big Ten point but I she just texted me a picture of of the big one that she's still looking for. There are way they say women in and the satisfy as a true model that's. Apple moving again that that what we actually. Kind of focused on right there that these is. Mr. Knight Rider of all year it's beat him on I never yet in its stake at eight times which is crazy about sixteen point. He's navigator that challenge. You know me you know the camera equipment to truly accountable but he got them for all of that you can kind of doubled. Well you know I know how frustrating that is because the one that got away from me was one that was in my writers well and I didn't realize that the first I was sitting with. He was shaken my crazy as a let's go and since the first time I've seen him. A so it's there at about a year yes as a and etiquette that it would what what do. Of the panel. Pack though they've been trying to go port that the it was. And like the culture and yet. They keep that are key so yeah it's offers. But either man this is just couldn't control. Control you know. The other control rate wounded do it because. What that it is in out of it it would be. Splitting it. You know we've Paramount. But honest AKA ginger is adventures this season but we haven't heard much out of you as you can you kill them this year. Acutely this year I a chat where it would with a crossbow that function and Mario. When I am married a man. See reading between the right. And then you yeah. Area and I think you know in the next few of be in this Circuit Court coming actually yesterday we were experts well I. In the front luckily back who has and watch it the now a two week every day. Yet he. So in what is going to be your beer. Export well what we're making a gesture and we went. It's is. So efficient to mr. Provo in the for the plane to what it or whatever but couldn't lock up boring and there and it being there in the you're out and get them the repair shops and work the rest of the speaker and and you'll find every stump. Wouldn't let go check them on almost these are not. Therefore output at. Thank you put so numbers. I would want and is but Marco who run the but they're a big labor what goes. Get some of the bank right now that weeks that would come yet the app and what are coming out of fish might well so. Evocative when he could do a better. But. Vision of the plate but that that the way that they. Actually do that well. Cool and you look at the issues that bigger than that though when it straight and it is and that there now that they were very vocal. You. Well this report if you do that I think it's cool check please go to do it you know kayaks and bring a lot of what you that this should you know they think. They get out there so from feet were not really you know good company vote in this. But it and it comprises. Broke. We're trying to. Everything. He did you know it's going to be at that moment it's. On whatever. I don't I'm not convinced it's over no I don't think we're gonna get as bad as we learned this week that not commence for and the reason ten. And I don't think we're very but for now you know. We're kind of overdue for cold winner here and I think this is it has got to wait to see is the nutria sees his shadow title belt Telesis. Allen put away your heated best is yet. Noon that the teacher at East. Anglia. And which. This report rape it like that but I can't they would do that collapsed. Well or why. The fact that you want it this morning give it now wait the strings and that's cool but the outward bound that content. Tomorrow the last hour. Now we're gonna close around release of coastal zone. Where are they this year we didn't leading index. That's what that and so what kind of messed that we get dispute. Europe this year. Finally tonight you know it is my animals you know you can go out there and it. You look where that got them caught some videos so it to eight point straight and that so. Yet didn't even a lot of entertainment there I mean certainly easier to sit and get those he has an attainment wherever you have to win best and understand it. T is gonna an identity here. But if you had a Turkey does that also. Answer to you now at almost every candidate in Mississippi of him but now when we above the pamphlets hang out with the season on a second. Have you ever seen. A group that Turkey's chasing. A pots awesome. Approximately are you get aggressive in England you know they'd be bought. You know that it hasn't beat uses an that are either if they don't go by. Finally they always run from may Jimenez is a gun they seem. I'm. Integrity. Whatever I don't wanna talk say that the years here at the U you know you know squeal that irritate the vehicle because the the current. We need some but. You know penetrate. The market you know kind of like people pocket has. I got there that Turkey Jason possibly did that was before you fired me is a camera man now. Sorry I was fired my card beat Sophie SIM and a bag. And have these stories that tell. Still still tell people I really I was a good point you brought up the mud book and earliest Jesse's gotten bigger group you got there early need to book Kazaa and open up in spring time honing an old you are nosy and whoever. Though the that would protect that web site knows his neck and it that you. You know the earnings coming. He is election FaceBook official page the web in two so so it is 630 that. General. And they're pretty cool. Well old fashioned which is a viable form. People want to sequential. That do. See who it you should try to eat. It. And on FaceBook mutual on the a web site and a different. He is guilty and action. News and. Senate some picks and wanna Synaptics. It. You gotta. Coming up next are you a text messages wanna get one in we got several 87870. Is a way to do that and more of our fishing hunting talk it's what we do on the elbow was when Don Dubuque radio and Martha I got a call late last night from Mike Downey who was a US Fish and Wildlife Service and enforcement chief of the southeast Louisiana refuge system which includes a lot of hunting areas by you survived big branch delta down in the molten river and others. To assure me that even though if the government shut down which they did they did not get the budget does cut back on a lot of services. Those refuges will remain open to the public so there's going to be agents out there and despite the enemy should they going to be paid. But they will be out there it in order to provide access to them last time this happened they shut them down and people often on sold my hat goes off to the US Fisher wallet people. Who are deciding to keep those refuges open. On those places are. We come back we got some text messages to share with you if you got one for us it's 8787 you might have to well local stations identify themselves on the Al doors would down to view radio network. And Martha we got a bunch a text messages coming in this morning host who's out there listening and texting us. How it got quite a few and gentlemen here's said he had pretty good fishing trip went fishing last Friday and yesterday limited out aren't reds. He's using black in shark truce Cagney and those round traps in Lee bill. Only have a limit on specs that's still really did. I'm in winter we can call winter that's pressure. Blues honey lives says they have it did this season with Mallard showing up in big numbers it's a shame it's last weekend but they are now focusing on speckled really east. Couple weeks left in that department so you can check them out there. And they extend an invitation out we got to work on that we got to find some time in the next couple weeks to get out there and do a speckled island it has been a very good season are from Roland Cortez. And he's been doing the same thing lots of speckled LEDs one of my favorite. Lot of folks reporting agreed duck season that's getting it's been tough for fishing so it's good here's what they know is did. Justin says he prays we survived the Arctic blast his wildlife refuge and didn't really start to come back to lighten a lot of people lost their plants. It had to do and I think I'll lost a few that plant's second do without pets and pipes. And I need those. Also today is the leave bill minimalist challenge for kayak yours and got some folks cheering people on down there Toby Cooper and Gary good luck to you. Yet it's finally getting a break with the weather and send a much happier to be fishing and fifty degrees and thirty. Massey Mike Smith kicked in cities have a great duck season and talk to Mike all season Mike is a four I believe time state duck calling champion and now he's won the judges for the world calling championships and others to. Congratulations to you Mikey Hans on an adult crow can Norman Reggio areas. Daniel and sat several sixteen headed out to Della crow their frown. Haney Phil Mississippi get a seat they can get some of that Louisiana trio red specks and that yes this is Seth first time joining the bush isn't calico. And wishing them well on their fish. And we heard from Lafayette jacket and easy down the minimalist challenge yes yes that does not stand candidate or is it legal department should be to well we talked to Brendon de on I'm sure he's down and Morgan and up to them and reporting they got lucky on this weather could reel in Littleton and a couple of days earlier. I continue to send issued taxed 87870. We did a couple of comments somebody while TV some very positive was feeble enjoying the show. And you will get a chance to watch it tomorrow old air at 1030 and then there's twice on Monday and then. The show goes combo hiatus but does last week in February 1 week in March will be back with a regular weekly shows 52 weeks in a row. And hope you'll be there formed by you while TV dot com is waiting final the most about it or. Go to my page down the outdoors guide dot com. We come back we got a fresh one official report on the bass froze really active he saw some active yesterday didn't seal idleness to any myself but I saw some reports and we'll move around and is still alive just ruled elsewhere to find them in the aftermath of the deep freeze without official report brought to abide Berkeley Abu Garcia and you're efficient. Friday on the outdoors would Don Dubuque radio network.