Opiod crisis

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, October 18th

Tommy talks to Andrew Kolodny, Executive Director of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing.


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There was AM. An amazing story. On sixty minutes over the weekend about how. Perhaps the congress of the United States with a bill that was numb. Yeah it would push through. I guess is bipartisan but the man though is getting ready to be our that'd been nominated to be president trumps drum. Drug czar. And gonna find out he passed a bill. Our bill was passed that he sponsored that may deal PR crisis. Seemingly a lot worse Andrew Coe Lott's name joins us right now executive director of physicians. For responsible OP Lloyd prescribing good morning senator. The morning did I get chill us limerick. Yet I'm glad. I did you see the sixty minutes report. I so. I just did to me it's a big complicated because you know granted I'm not the sharpest sharpest knife in the drawer but I had to keep pausing Henry winding to understand. What exactly will go on bag you know rewind but to understand exactly. What what was trying to be said there so can you take Andrew that. I guess who's a twenty minute report in kind condense it. As far is how the process works between the people would make the drugs of people at distribute the drugs. And how they get overprescribed. Sure well the reason the state is in the midst of a severe epidemic of opulent addiction and overdose death is because. Restriction or he would have been over prescribed. And there religious groups of people become popular detective in the older group. But overdosing on too old and younger group that which is to heroin after they get addicted. Because they are are getting killed them so to tackle that problem we need to. If there's much more cautious prescribing. What happens. Few years ago that the DEA. And that there were a couple of pharmacies in Florida where millions of pills were disappearing out the back the war. Probably to my people who already addicted and be sold on the black. Mark. Was this league who did this kid the DEA's attention. Because of people dying from mobile ads. Yes because some 2011. We already in the net of this crisis the deep you were trying to do its job. They identified. That. That. Our army is diverting. And a major distributor. A company called Cardinal Health. What supplying these pharmacies will all be killed them. As a DEA registrant cardinal health and a responsibility. To say wait a second there's something wrong here instead of continuing. Just apply the pills to pharmacies. DEA suspended cardinal held Florida State registration. I'm which cardinal well not very happy about and then began working with the lobbyists on the held. To pass the bill that would make it much harder. For the DEA average spend a registration. Again. And they succeeded in the. Member of congress should champions this bill what Tom Marino that same individual. Schools are trumped nominated she's these drugs are and we learned yesterday. Bet Tom Marino has now withdrawn is. Are and withdrawn from consideration so fortunately he will not be the drug our world today. Dad. I can understand. Trump wanting to reward a friend who was an early supporter. I would with a night editions. And that common in politics but this is the wrong position should pay back brand we need someone at the Helm. Oh would be CP we needed drugs are dad can coordinate federal response to an urgent public health crisis. We need somebody qualified for that position not someone whose only experience on mobile as well pushing to a bill that we get that the. What did you organization want to see done and given a sixty minutes report. How do we fix this. Well you know the sixty minutes report focused arm the DEA out here. And the world. Distributors have played. And supply arm achieved until now where. And that pastor we fueled the opulent cracked. But the and what really caused by over push bribing the medical community began Choo UOP went much more aggressively that we had in the path. And at the descriptions without millions of Americans became addicted. And the reason that the medical community started aren't so aggressively. Is that do it in many ways you're responding chewing multi track that it campaign that was launched by pharmaceutical manufacturers. And arms they incurred very aggressive describing it and it wasn't is that we heard directly from a drug companies doctors would have been the last gullible. We were hearing it you know judge terms out perhaps. We were hearing from our national society from state medical boards from hospitals. From every direction we were hearing that it your enlightened compassionate position you'll be different from those in G. Sure chemical doctors at the past. That were under push rod it'll be like you'll understand that addiction occurs very rarely in patient treatment they'll be. And is the right way to treat jet about to complete the pain at the that'll be it. You respond to the campaign in the prescribing went up that led to a public health crisis so. How do we bring that problem under control all the problems that an epidemic popular detection million Americans are now addicted. And if we want you and this epidemic there really cheap things that have to happen. The first thing that have to happen yeah prevent war people from getting addicted. And more than anything else that oil town you cautious prescribing. We have to prescribe more cautiously that our patients don't get addicted and so that we stopped stocking everybody hold. Was highly addictive drug. But we also have to recognize that millions are now. And simply. Prescribing more cautiously isn't gonna do much about the people already addicted want somebody addicted they're not doing it on the. They're doing it could have to keep doing it to avoid feeling awful. And what happens is that the people predicted get active treatment if we don't work only. For example focus on curtailing the over prescribing. We'll just see heroin and sentinel continue to meet the demand for so easily detected. Treatment needs to be easy. Andrew we we had to stop for news Syria some people one man some questions do you have any more time to answer some questions DF to go. I kid I've got a few more bit. We had ten minutes of news so it may not be possible but I hope you join us again soon Malia. Thank you Andrew Gilani executive director of physicians for responsible PO I prescribing.