Operation Airdrop needs help in New Orleans getting relief to Texas

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, September 6th
WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake talk about volunteer pilots and plane owners looking for help in New Orleans.

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You know I'm always amazed by the kindness. That we see after disaster. And even though I know it's coming and I know that we are going to see the best of people in the worst of times. I always learn about some amazing things people are doing. In the aftermath. Of some of the worst periods of times and other people's lives and this is no different as we're watching what's happening in Texas yup. And be attempted recovery from Harvey just getting underway at. Stock into an old old friend last night who's a pilot a private pilot. And he was just getting back from flying for operation air drop. Bringing supplies. To coastal communities. That were hit hard by Harvey and taxes. And he mentioned to me that they have been up there having a problem at Lakefront airport here in New Orleans because they've got supplies. That people are donating. But they want to get to people in Texas sit him down there but they don't have enough pilots employ dogs while there have been a lot of success. Across the south there's been an issue. For this. A volunteer rescue organization composed of general aviation pilots. Assembled to transport supplies to victims of hurricane Harvey to get some help right here in New Orleans so if you. Ari pilot. And if you have a plane at Lakefront airport. They're urging you to please go to operation. New dash air drop dot com. That's operation. Dashed airdrop dot com. Where they are getting all of these pilots organized and together. And they say the real problem right now is trying to reach those harder to get to communities along the Texas Gulf Coast ever hit. They said Houston has been so much of the focus for obvious reasons but there's a lot of other coastal communities. Who needed supplies. Badly. Folks that are in desperate need of some basic materials and they say they're having no problems getting people at this point to donate dumb. Minds and their flying flights out of all over the south in the southeast but they need pilots and planes right here in New Orleans so again if you can help. Operation dash airdrop dot com it's amaze enemy though these guys are doing it now just donating their planes and their time off and they are. Dallas everybody everything to get supplies to people in need so. A very worthy cause and I are great effort and I'm glad to see. That they're doing that but they do need some help particularly here in New Orleans so. There is that.