Open Lines - NFL debate continues

Newell Normand
Thursday, October 12th

The NFL National Anthem debate continues. Join Newell to find out the latest.


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We're back and we've been talking about bonfire stocks and both sides of the aisle seem to agree on one gun control message. As measure outlawing bonfire stocks she with a more against them. 62% of the respondents say there with them and I promised Henry we would come back to own Howell go to line two mr. Henry your back money air welcome. Are right there are much greater there. What are they gonna tree. Across. All. Got a problem at all. Or. Tree. But I bought the trade. You are all. Did not. Is it. Your color they're. I. And if they're caught caught up. People. Go to now. That's why you have a problem there can't be. Beat the (%expletive) and so my partner out. It can't. Put people away from you gotta. Be. Well I mean I think there's any number of ways of looking at that mr. Henry do I do agree that there are that there we have. Examples are instances. That are potentially. A problem. It's not a perfect system there's no system perfect. You know we focused on outcomes far too much I think we're not focus in on the wide. Why is there the conflict in and there's a whole bunch of different reasons for that. But justice. Is is a process it's not an outcome. And far too often. When we don't get the outcome that we want we say that we got no justice. Will now they might be that the evidence that was presented. Just didn't work out. To the outcome that you desire. And when you put twelve people in the box that are going to be that a gonna judge you and evaluate the evidence. Human frailty is always interjected into this process. And you know and what we do as we end up attacking this system. Because jurors vote a certain way the police had no control over that the defendant had no control of that. The judge had no control of that. The fact of the matter is it is become very much and theater. Of smokes greens this that and a whole lot of acting that goes on that drives it one way or the other. But you know. It's a it's the process. And and aren't they nets. What's offered you know and the weak start blaming in Macon generalizations blaming everybody under the sun. And when you begin to really peel off the layers and you know this is a former policeman you will begin to peel off the layers. Of that onion and you get to them to to the war. More often than not it's not in my view. The police. Causing a lot of these issues. As I tell my I used to tell my guys all the time look one more felony arrests is knocked in Iraq mile world really may 29300. Album last year. To make 29301. It is is not gonna rock my world. So I may go make the arrest the right way. And into one thing the one beautiful thing about the criminal element. Is that they're stupid they're gonna do it again we'll get him tomorrow. Unit that we don't ever have to compromise what we're doing. Is ware in the credibility business we're not into policing business were to credibility business without Europe no value in the has a law enforcement leader. And that's what I used to promote all the time. Because up for a firmly believed it. That that it required credibility each and every day and other I agree though that your right there's a lot of blame to go around in on on all problems. All right a bank do. Thank you mr. Henry earlier appreciated. A wanted to try and and and I wanted to bring up something else on on on a different. Note. On me NFL issue there's been some late developments. As it relates to Roger Goodell issue issuing. His state men and and the reaction of many folks to this and I was reading an article last night that really can't have. Struck me odd. On the NFL players association. Defended the players. Who have decided. To use. Their platform. To peacefully raise awareness. To issues that deserve attention. We should not stifle these discussions and cannot allow our rights our rights to become subservient. To the very opinions. Our constitution. Protects. This is a fine is a little on and kind of therein lies the problem. This where that when they choose to do this tyranny at them. What makes them believe that they own net platform. Their employees. There work and for somebody in this is a point that Levin make an all long. Where they put a whole lot more. Value. To what they want. In net book it's a good for me mentality has got to be good for everybody else. Wouldn't say in their platform that'll have a platform. Their platform is created by the fans. Without the fans know platform without the owners no platform. No stadium the play in they have no platform. I don't know how many times and how many people have to say this before this begins to sink in this realization. And that we should not stifle these discussions and cannot allow our report right what right do you what right do you have I don't have the right. You know when I go to work. Two to go out on the front steps and start fashion management in this and that and everything else. What what right do I have to do that. They don't have that right. They have the right good government. Cannot. Impede. Their right of free expression. Not their employer. Aren't they implored doesn't have to employ you. So once again. And just completely mystified. By how folks get this wrong. And start talking about what their right it is. They don't have any right to be in that stadium. They're drafted they enter into contracts. There's mutual obligations. Pursuant to that contract in in in everything else. And then now they're talking about trying to limit the rights of the owners. As it relates. You know to the players. The site. That this is in incredulous to me I mean what I think everybody would like to have that right to go tell their boss a man I don't have to listen to you. You know like my kid used to say you know at the boss of me. You know I mean come on I don't I don't get that let's go to lies line one Louie and river ridge would say you Louie. I sure they. Just military and went here's that that alleged double. Digit. And probably do so it's all of that was the real we. Are you personally agree with what they do the way they do it. I don't think Marie like the paper. Back in the despite. We've fought block what was billed all protect the nets were. To do if we become a state like thought for sure. And what somebody does not like video you'll. Go to prison. I I agree with the but you do it after the game and you go out in the parking lot and you go you go out on. On public property. And you hold the sign and do whatever you wanna do. But it but it but when they're at a gain they're showing up for war. And their war. Their work is to go play the freaking gain. Exactly that's the employer probable that the people. Out of any elected official has the right to help them but they do all. The bought it bought it this is sit there and the best in the air there. Book is that there it was so well in that and I didn't and they wouldn't violate that they could be despair. Well that that. Let me ask you this hour Cher yeah you don't believe that an elected official has a right to express a personal opinion. And an and I think that the weather I don't agree with the way it was expressed but. They have every right to express every aren't nearly but I I keep hearing from folks that got I don't have that and who like their sub. When you become an elected official you don't. Take all your personal rights and draw right out of the window you you still have a personal opinion. Yeah you know you just can't take action is a government actor against them to try and stifle their speed you can express their opinion. They trick play itself all constitution. And a bird that constitution. Gives that person like to do that. You all like yeah no I don't like it is it law are all caught Morley well but it is illegal that's where they get the constitute. All out battle idol they the federal court allowed the bird Larry activists say is this freedom of expression. That's what they're due. And I think a lot of I think a lot of the players gathered at the end of the day and we'll talk more about that when we come back if you're on a line stay on line we got to take a break appreciate your comments. Give us a call 260187. Or tech's 87870. This is an old Lauren endeavor DeVito. We're back we'll go to John online tune Bay Saint Louis was so huge on. Yeah our our army. All talk about aren't able to them you know Jerry. Being what it is that while in a little over. Then. It in what way you in what way you saying you know get respect. In. Hi how we lost John we'll go to Jerry in Mississippi. What's a huge area. Online through am sorry. Yes very welcome. Or. At all. Well I'll. Charge that it detects that the work well while it by. We ought to try accused duke it. The most. Maybe that it that way too so people idea who pollute. Or should be a debate we quote I mean people that it is being hurt them. Can go. Out there too early ought. It's pretty cute. Jerry are you a business owner. I with a bit of property it. And you and you would tolerate your employees get now up from behind the desk and said that they wanna go in the front of your business and and say something derogatory or whatever about you. Iraq sort lone run rate more than it is because that that suits my argument. That derogatory. O. It's not a question that it's derogatory the question as you own a business. You're you you have somebody that decides out on it I'm gonna go protest now. During during work hours. I mean is there any argument about when they're at the game their work and they're being paid out. And don't at all and are the only aspect that the netbook has drawn a bad a much running out and being that the moment. And it worked. Who Wear it that. If that the whole question here is whether or not the owner has the right to tell them their stand and opt in if you stand up. And I agree and down if you kneel down enough play in. Our people out on trading that's the issue. Owner opportunity dude but now blog. Up and bit. Dude well it took them. In a bit that there into it were to agree with that on to view. Don't go away market dot a dignity about it is about the black. And we huge question. Why do what we do it could be shoot. Like huge debt that it was. We we don't think eight. Setting. Is and the. So if you own the A football team. Is it whatever they decide they wanna do maybe it's four green get you know. The environment or this or that you it would mattered you. They could decide whether there was at the end though marred they'd Wear their Sox it puts stickers on their helmet MI where different color shirt. That they can everybody would have the right to do whatever they felt like they needed to do in order to advocate for their call us. I don't. Agree what do you try to put it. What good is that not there is that not the crux of the issue. In order are sure it. People are you know I. What. Are okay if I gave. So you're saying in this limited. Limited view then that's okay. But if there's anything other than yes it's not okay. Are appropriate that step back door I want to Indio. It would be wrong. My name would be wa to. How about this how about when the defense is thought is on and Andrew goes in Andy's got. He he's got sixteen by twenty inch poster boards and he starts right messages on a poster board and stands on the bench. And holds it over his head during the games so that the TV people conceit. And everybody can see you're OK with that. I see now we're starting at all we know he's not. Where he's not on the three year old. It up for. Work work. Work. I thought when you showed up at the build and you work and that's what I thought I must be mistaken and. Well you know. Agree to read these fuel. Not another debate is gonna tell the not none that being disrespectful I'd I'd I'd I'd like to debate the subject I just thought when you show up with the build and that that says work on it. That your work and I mean that that's kind of what I thought I didn't know. That it that once I went to the two to the that a water fountain that I wouldn't work and at that point Tom. There's. No Jerry I gotta get to a break I apologized thanks so much Colin and appreciate your insight. We'll continue this discussion is is you'll Norman on WWL.