One on one with Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen

Friday, July 20th
Scoot talks to Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen about his long and storied career and their upcoming performance at the Saenger Theater

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It is a Friday afternoon it is one hot Friday afternoon and it is going to be a very very sultry hot weekend so I hope he can find a way. On to stay cool this weekend. I Cheap Trick is going to be concert to Saturday night at the center Sierra seen them on countless times here last time I saw there was a time at house of blues. And they are fund banner and Connie banned from the seventies and from the eighties. And for those of us who grew up when rock was young. There's something special about these groups and artists that are still kick in today. As a young disc jockey on music stations I remember playing the early hints of a new band called Cheap Trick. Forty years later. I'm doing the same thing. And forty years later Cheap Trick is doing the same thing in Saturday night they'll be on stage at the center theater tickets still on on sale for that. One of the founding members of Cheap Trick is a Phnom. On the Qatar. Pleased to tar player background vocalist primary songwriter for the band and a very animated character. Rick Nielsen joins us on the show Rick logo paid. And I'm greats like you've been touring Red Robin Sanders and and top Peterson for many many years or did you think you'd still be doing this after forty years. Oh court. You know yeah. It would do next week well yet. You know him and we've. We have a notebook scheduling I'm that we just like all out next week in our. Mostly on the plane don't whatever we numbered. Richard Breeden. Tell Cheap Trick is sort of a plans announced it you know you can look out in the audience and see not only people they grew up with your hits but see younger generations as well as opposite field to you. Oh that that cool big debate and cool. You know. No. No oh you know. We won it. Yet. We don't know I I guess it's a I first interviewed you guys in in the late eighties that I met up with you again backstage at house of blues here in New Orleans in the mid nineties. And my lasting memory of being backstage for you guys was Courtney Love sitting on the famous sofa backstage at the house of blues she had a joint hanging out of her mouth and she was not sitting luckily. That's my lasting memory if you backstage. I. Well. Mine yeah I know I know exactly what you're saying and our own like biodiesel get that. Pilot yelled. Yeah okay cool yeah that that. You you guys were awesome that night Alec over to the concert this Saturday night of the I have a picture. Do you. Yeah I didn't. You veto of her yeah I'm okay well. Every week we were amassing them to see the same thing that stands out to be stays there's stands out or you could you couldn't mr. Akashi was like right there on the sofa. You know I'm I'm I'm very aware of the Esperanza cool and we like we've been absolutely. I think that's. Third time we've played that the angered them. Yeah I know I've I. I got to I mentioned it to on the year the other day it the voters arms and I had to some people texting reminding me of the times that you've been at the sang in the times of the Sawyer in New Orleans. I'm your your hits include job I want you to want me surrender at the flame. A cover of the Elvis hits it don't be cruel and a great cover say that a shame originally done by Fats Domino here in New Orleans. Where Bryant will it be special to play eight that a shame Saturday nights in the home Fats Domino. Sure sure well you know and actually in 1979. That as a manager. In our show in Salt Lake City. As steadfast love Bert and eight Aegon game. So much that he gave as good as gold record we have the gold 45 of election. Well that's. And would prevail and we whose cause I'm and whether. Cole that that's great that's a great memory. You know Rick. Rick I've I've talked about the controversy over cultural appropriation and and some people think that when you do a cover song from a minority group you're stealing their identity how do you feel about doing that a shame. Well I don't other people do response a you know obviously. Domino like as an out because it was a lot of records. Jury he made some money do so what do I think about I think. I think songs or shall we interpret per year by by whoever's numbers and certain numbers are better number and aren't quite so that. You're onstage image has always intrigued me I mean at a time when Robin who fit the stereotypical rock star with a long blond hair. You had the image of of a maniac guitar genius and at times you were cartoonish. Was that who you really work. That's who I. I double in the anybody else and no one. Else like. You ought I would look wrong. With India and cucumber rampant in a great goal a man and mothers make an alibi that. It was not wise. And rot you know you love it just you know I care about lot boy it sure looks like. You know did the voice and musicianship that was ever but we were never going to be. You know we get the good look at. Weren't it'll be good all these saying it doesn't matter now that there have been visit musicianship. Cheap Trick always think we're. Visit but as it turned out I mean you guys were very eclectic looking our group on stage. And so. You know while I understand. At so you he went system image changes in the early nineties have mustache and goatee or dark glasses and then one night in 2001. You're at your hometown concert in and Rockford Illinois and and before the encore you go backstage and you shave off your facial hair came out clean chief it was a planned in advance. No well is planned in advance for me. Didn't tell anybody else. But I I'd quit drinking. It felt like I got it and then I I quit drinking well there are displaying. Russian leader. A good idea. It played like great. I don't always agree. So. You know and an effort equipment and doctors and delivers fine thank you might actually more. A separate right now so it. Now that you're not drinking what was that what was the biggest change in your life especially as a performer with without drinking. Ate more sugar that's a I. Good or aliens or whoever called as it and it down there at Portland you know I just. Covered he got a speedy and nervous Narveson and look and got a guy out like I don't see much difference except. Except. And he's going to arrest from a mine are much older app writers. Yeah it. Is so then you got to I read I think. The letter that never drink and it worked there and like. You know like you have a lot of third. Early Adam. And in every part of it's just smoked duo now. Companies as smoke three packs of cigarettes a day. Oh more commanders like quit. We before you start 1970s it. Was like you know I loved every cigarette. Well Rick you're you're you're an example of 11 of those rock stars it like to change some of the bad habits that stated that he had an automatic Carla I thought. Osgood. Yeah I'd I'd right at. So your first success was in Japan and in 77 and then you hit mainstream American couple years later. Why do you think you guys were such an immediate success in Japan. Well number am I in salary a bonus here. Did they let America. And elector song as. And they like. I do they like us. But what we worry. Is they're dirty way he's. Well maybe it. You know we were we were four guys that word. That backers say you know we audit there were individuals also just eight just a group. And they likeness on winter. A couple number one hit songs over their. Weight reporter. Here years before. In the eyes sit him. Nihon gonna Rickie must turn to market its smartest people ever match all right. Nihon addicting Moscow. You know them in. I can't remember anymore. You know Angela you cook it must say honestly Japanese are related you must still look like Japan. Got it going there it's up over. You know supported hammered Cuba and. I just was so recorded earlier had and I'm gonna continue the conversation that Rick was sick traveling during the shorter days so he couldn't do or tell lies so. Up when we come back after the break we'll continue my conversation where's our Rick Nielsen who is just one of the iconic members of founding members of fire chief tricked. And you know I asked him about this song needed to shame. This was relieved that there classic Fats Domino here and they covered this they also covered Elvis Presley the people. And I just asked him he says he's gonna be really special to play this song on stage of the sender Saturday night in the home. That's. I'm scoot my conversation with Rick Nielsen continues on to be a hero. Yeah. I don't get to the conclusion my conversation with Rick Nielsen our founding member of the guitar player and background vocalist and primary songwriter for Cheap Trick. Are coming out here's a Texas says screw one in my early days with my current wife was deceased Cheap Trick on the steamboat president. That a text says psalm FYI Cheap Trick is still rocking and putting out great music. They are rock and roll hall of famers not just a banned from the seventies and eighties. Yeah I mean that's that's true in fact I asked. I ask Rick Perry Nielsen in favor inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. And now 2016. And I asked him on how that felt. On this appeal so so feel good. In 2000. And you. It 2016 the Republican Party and she wanted to play every 100000 dollars to play on the large in concert of the 2016 Republican National Convention and you guys didn't wanna do it. You know but but Robin made an interesting comment he is that we did have second thoughts and if you did except that you've got to put swastika is on your guitars. No we. Somebody and and we are interviewing her. English newspaper about the predictions of and we were talking months some elderly and a. Turned it into his. There's the basement that come maybe going to buy that ought to some English band that it'll. It turned into and it didn't turn the words. But we. If tiger if you played for. Republicans in the and a certain Democrats. The people. Hate you hear people will grow. We just tried to avoid anything that as you'll like it to him to. Nobody. Well a lot of people appreciate that because one of the big controversies on on my talk show is due date the performers that to bring politics into their show and onto the station people just wanna be entertained. And I totally agree. You know. You know is like going. Going to dinner only caught only like him or old people. You know want. Those slick. And it is here. I don't I'm not very good is big talk with small. Rick I got to ask you about the five neck guitar. I really I mean it did does it really matter that you've got like if you've got three you need two more I mean did as a matter does it make a difference if you play the different next. Well I used to be caller. When that wait a wobbly here you you you our show. What you. Play around five and you menu that you get their body your opinion okay. You sit there are it is fair not lucky so you sell guitars and and you you you want what you what you look. But there's a website if people can go anywhere cited in their guitars right. Well it I don't voice went still them over 500 on I didn't. I'm I'm. I guess what. 3% weeks. I am a collector so. Which is which is one of their guitars that your own literally stands out to throw a specialty. Well I am. 96 retreat Gil Merle Travis. There were 2000 dollars and 1963. It so they'll Seoul Korea. I think missile who mention your performance at the Merle Travis. And late in the second one is the one time ago and the third one as a collection New York. Or 2000. Four months singer Volkswagen Beetle the so I mean nobody ought. 3358. Gibson. Korean explorers they'll let me nineteen votes there and do you enjoy actually playing them who love him. So beat up old shortly. I guess. Of the nine I give less bulky. And it it's actually pretty good shape and play. You know collect since you know been beautiful. Played as a mode. And others and people listening to oiler and a guitars and they can appreciate what you which you appreciate what's the toughest thing about touring over the years with Robin Sanders. Our own. I don't know you know what is. It hit it good in. What. Would he say it what was he saying as the toughest thing about touring review. To me expletives. I don't I did yeah and others have. Yet to hear about it lawyers and you know him as a warmup every day. And it in your voices like it's and it's a finder's instrument you have to. Work. And he can't abuse too much. And Rick thanks to take time to to talk for this and look forward to seeing on stage at center to modernize the. Yeah and Kamal. Triple of the. What do you use that to backstage pass from an obvious right. Parents and talk into an amazing guitars to background vocalist and primary songwriter for the legendary rock band. Cheap Trick Rick Nielsen Rick thanks for any time an associate tomorrow neinsager. Oh. And a gym and I'm gonna Duma also bomb go to river walk and get some fresh stallings because there's a tough place and river walked into makes a province fresh because he says he loves. Op follies for yourself. A British producer first following tampering or torn about backstage. Now trying to get pictures aren't if you enjoys that comment numbers 2601. Blake's run range pioneer Chris Cornell will be remembered in this city where he where is born in Seattle. Chris Cornell as wife announced earlier today that a statue will be erected to out August the 29. At Seattle's museum out pop culture. Our Chris Cornell was 54 personally. Here we talked about it to send news where it happened in May of 2017. The Grammy airborne running to lead vocalist of sound garden and audio slave. Was found dead in his hotel room in Detroit. Hours after a sound garden concert a medical examiner determined that at the age of 52 lead killed himself and there was just one of those. Tragic. Tragic losses and you are used when you hear about it you just wonder. Went to and what has happen is somebody's life to lead them out to that. Object that's a nice Adobe Brian sun statue to him a you've heard the news and I woke up to this this morning and saw that. That duck boats that amphibious duck boats into the Branson Missouri area. That a capsized in seventeen people frowned. And you know we hear about things like they were there were life jackets on the votes but not everybody had to electric a solid. And then there's some questions about whether or not dead duck boat should have gone into the water because there were severe thunderstorms warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings around. And the the airport nearby. I detected a gust of 63 miles an hour. And I saw that the video and how how Rusty Wallace and there was there was an excursion I steamboats on the same lake. High near Branson is Ozarks of Missouri. And people were watching this vote go down. I mean this had to be just horrible on horrible thing and so our thoughts and prayers are with with everybody their president trump. Extend his deepest sympathies to those who were affected by the the accident killed. On seventeen people but you know if you don't know how to swim. Wear a life jacket. I don't know fight yeah I'm I'm a good swimmer I don't know if I would one even been a boat a small bought me a corner cruise. But if I don't know how to swim I don't even know if I wanna be and a bolt. Because I mean you know he you never know. And if you don't know how to swim in that life jacket. And then at some I think he was seven years sold some kid frowned near field Pletcher trained what punch train beach. If he'll punch train beach area he don't like party train he he took off his life jacket. And and Kenny Trout. So when people are seeking. To cool lost. In the hot weather you know waters a place a lot of people grow. But if you don't know how to swim that's not always the best place to date. If you don't have to get a it's the radio dot com app we used to be on two and it. Have to end the year tune in web site but now we're only at WW dot com and the radio dot com apt. And web site and then you can line WW a lot of your favorite stations and stream this show and any show from our station or anywhere. On anytime anywhere if you favor Debbie Debbie wells deal hookup with us on Twitter. And on FaceBook. And DOD video of this posted a daily video on FaceBook today is about the the idea that the NFL has now gotten together with the NFL players association. And they are they are now on suspending the rule that was set to go into effect this season suspending the rule that players and teams would be punished. If they came out and did not Neill for the National Anthem. The option wash for them to stay in the locker room. But now all of that is on Paul we've got a couple weeks till there postseason starts so nothing's going to be. And nothing's gonna be it imposed until then so it's really not a big deal at this point but. You know it's interesting that that controversy rages on and I asked a question and leave the video. I ask the question what does a solution. They what do you think the solution is is it is it suspending the players which could mean some key players. Is it leading. The teams in the locker room of the National Anthem is played. That's not gonna stop some people in the stands from protesting if they want to. As some will do that sympathizer with the with the players at an isn't it sad that in all of this what is really gotten lost. What's the cause behind Colin cap for next reason for taking any. It's gotten lost all we hear is this divisive. Political tribal debate. About who's right who's wrong and you should do this or you shouldn't do that that's all we hear and we don't hear enough talk about the problem that exists. That led to the protests in the first place. If you wanna join us from the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Text 87870. OK so there is so on a study out to about how Americans. Try to improve their mood when there aren't a bad mood we'll talk more about this on the show next week but I thought it was interesting that. The number one band that people listen to to relax. The number one man according to the survey. Is The Beatles. Eagles were number two. We'll be back on WL. Meant I I thought this is just the coolest song. Who lumped salon and fairly soon. Hey we welcome the national all. Fraternities. And sororities. In town this weekend last I don't Berber street it was absolutely packed. I mean this city is jam and right now and it you know it didn't always. It didn't always get crowded in the in the summertime. Because it's just so brutally hot but I mean this city is packed. Like going on. Earlier we were talking about how there's a new problem in the workplace and some people are claiming they had been sexually harassed by emotion east. And I know that sounds just ridiculous president but if you think about it it's it's not if you're in the workplace why are you going to put a peeled banana. Or why are either put the nose that some people say looks like male genitalia. Or why are you gonna put the egg plants it's kind of curves and looked rather phallic why are you gonna put that. In your text to a coworker or on an email. And distorted because some are either work with here at the station. I'm just where she was kind of joking because she knows me there she said I hope this she sent me a message and and she sent me an emotionally. Andy and arrows are winning Cora of kiss are harder whatever I didn't take it wrong at all. And she said I hope this isn't sexual harassment. And then I started talking Doerr about that that she started sending meaty stories about sexual harassment in the workplace so I think Kara British on ago mentioned that. Here is a text. That says if you're inside a boat you don't have to put on a life jacket. Well okay you don't have to but if you don't know how to swim and is starting to get rough why would you draft. I am serious I mean look I'm not question the people who died. But sometimes we don't. Use common sense tennis as people. I mean think about this I just got a text a moment ago about leaving kids and animals in in our cars. I mean it. What is what is missing in your brain. That make you think he you can leave the kids in the car or a tent in the car I mean you can't do it. And if you do in the shall die she may be charged as murder. And then I got a text a moment ago saying we somebody brought up. You know jeez and a sexual harassment as a bicycle and I'm driving behind a pickup truck at a guy's got to that the dangling on seal testicles. From the your dangling from the the time trailer hitch. And I saw you know what that's just immediately assign a fun. Less intelligent and people say we know your profile you know I'm not profiling when somebody takes action. If I looked at a pickup truck is set that person probably doesn't have an IQ a triple digits see that's profile but we you do something like that and your proving to. And are used the analogy again it's kind of like if you see a kid on the street would have gone robbing somebody it's OK to say suspect it's a robber. If he doesn't have the god he's walking down the street you can't say that it's a rough. Because that is the profile in part. Then I got a text this has that they were behind the pick up truck with a testicles dangling from the up upper rich the trailer hitch. And a woman was traumatic. Well I had served. Her choice by Tehran. I don't know I wonder how much say so she has an ounce seems like that's just. On a sign of a very very chauvinistic man. In Greenville, North Carolina. The Arab division of motor vehicles. Has approved a woman's request for specialty license plate. To honor her life. It was initially turned down. The license plate was to read LSD. And now. S and LZ. LA SP and lesbian and S lesbians. In LV in love lesbians in law. And they determined that this was offensive and indecent. If I would've seen the license plate with. LSB. And the SNL. V I would've thought that license plate has got to be so long it's gonna be affecting traffic. But I mean I would have thought lesbians and while I guess sometimes we take things a little too far but anyway it it has been approved so assert it's going through and that's that's good news. Also in the news just a very distressing story from on a steak house in Texas and please do not George everybody in Texas who eat steaks. This way. But the the deal was a 108 dollars. And the the waiter was Khalil. Kyle field. Toward your soul worked at a salt Garrett at the salt grass steakhouse in Odessa Texas. For guesses pretty Texas. Not necessarily beautiful but I mean it's like that's really Texas anyway I'm on that to check. On Khalil is. Check. It he he printed a guy printed. We don't tip terrorists. Really. How do you know the guy's a terrorist. This is. The political terrorism. That is terrorizing our country. We were America. You can write we don't tipped terrorist supporting you you think it's from the Middle East. I'm scoots it's Friday afternoon. You'll find something a little bit lighter to. Talk about her story and their show. Michael Cohen apparently recorded conversations with trump about the Playboy. Tom Clements on pandemic come on. Yemen is its its hide. So are just figure out a way to stay cool I know that there are some people who are going into aren't going into their apartment to our complexes so saunas to cool off. This man I mean it's a mess Nathalie say cool it's. He tried. Will be decorative if you don't. All right it's Friday we are heading into the weekend together it has sound and fun spending the afternoon with you wanna thank Dianne Newman our program director RR show producer Tom Manassas and our studio producer Ian Hoch. Sports talk is coming up next week is pushing Garrick and Bobby a bear with on special guest host Seth stone left all of that is coming up next. Are so I love this text you're gonna get this in. Oscar I heard about the woman who had the testicles hanging from her trailer hitch she got those from her husband as part of the divorce settlement. Archer words were never spoken. It's time to 1000 dollar intercom national cash kinda I love the Saudi special cash contest the code word this hour is jam. Text JAM. To 7281. That's seven to eight point Texan now he's 1000 dollars next tour we're coming up right for the top of the hour news at 5 o'clock this goes on until 6 o'clock. We never charge for text an individual plan Texan that race may apply please. Don't text and drive. Even though we don't always agree I love spending every afternoon with you you are part of the show even if you don't call or text to consider you to be a very important part of our show every afternoon. Try to stay cool try to stay dry over the weekend because it's going to be hot. And sweaty. I'm scoots have a good when we're back Monday. Much in New Orleans.